Sugar and cooking oil disappearing in Ethiopia

Residents in Addis Ababa and other Ethiopian cities have to wait over 8 hours in line to buy sugar, cooking oil and other food items, according to Ethiopian Review sources. The photos below show a sugar line at a store on Tewodros Street in Addis Ababa yesterday, March 21, 2011. Meanwhile, it is reported that dictator Meles Zenawi and wife Azeb Mesfin have began construction of their 80 million birr house at the Menelik II Palace compound, and the ruling party TPLF is spending millions of dollars to celebrate it’s 20th anniversary in power next May, 2011.

Sugar line in Ethiopia

Sugar line in Ethiopia

9 thoughts on “Sugar and cooking oil disappearing in Ethiopia

  1. Gellaw on

    Elias this kind of pictures are the woyanee supporters don’t want you to show to public since they are claiming 11% economy growth for our beloved country.

  2. Bekele Lemma on

    These are signs for a revolution. Time has reached the treshhold of no return. It’s either now or never, the fight between Ethiopians against Woyane is about to start. We will know who is our friend or enemy.

  3. Unity First on

    The $80 mil. house for Azeb would have constructed oil factory for Addis residents. But, who cares for the people? the people will revolt when they could not face this saddening situations. Until then, please let Azeb and the people enjoy the 11% economic growth!

    Only Unity will change the 80mill. house to oil factory!!!

  4. Mekuria on

    This is an embarrassing moment for the government that talks about growth and transformation plan (GTP) 24/7. GTP cannot be realized in an economy that cannot even provide basic necessities like sugar and cooking oil for the consumers who have purchasing power. The problem is a supply issue. Absence of basic necessities mark the weakness of and brewing crisis in the economy. GTP seems to be just an empty slogan like the Green Revolution of the Dergue era.

  5. Ittu Aba Farda on

    Sugar does not make it to be a necessity ingredient . It can be categorized as something rather an add-on or leisurely. It is one of those modern time discoveries that turned out to be a havoc to the health of a modern man. So they can live without it.
    But when it comes to oil is a different story. The lack or scarcity of oil may turn the people to using animal fat for cooking and that is very harmful to the human heart. In a society where life expectancy is the low 40’s, diet high in animal fat can be devastating. Then there is another by-product of such scarcity of cooking ingredient. It will be followed by a flourishing illegal ‘oil’ pressing industry as a carbon copy of Indian or Chinese shadowy manufacturing empire. That is the scariest of all. Most of the products produced at such underground ‘factories’ can be deadly poisonous. What a predicament!!! What unfortunate people!!! This just breaks my heart!!!!

  6. Jobilbil on

    What is going on in Ethiopia is nothging but persecution act.The reality is that Ethiopians are deepley frustrated with the system that put their lovelihood in jeopardy.

    From coffee to sugar,teff to edible oil,fruits to vegetables have all became scarce;as a result the markets have become empty stomach,and citizens’ livelihood is on edge.

    Today,everything and anything that is available below and above the lands,in Ethiopia is owned,controlled,and run by Zinawianrobbers.Zinawianrobbers are sevice providers,manugacturers,transportations owners,Bank and Insurance owners;most of all,they manipulate,controll,and melt the markedt as they want and whenever they want.

    The deeply worried Zinawi is close to becoming insane because the weeping wind of revolutions is moving forward to scoupe and damp him in prision.

  7. Gemeda on

    Don’t forget that Abay Tsahay has been appointed by the tyrant as a ‘minister of sugar’ a few months ago to export all sugar and supply foreign currency to the woyane’s company effort. Similarly, coffee export is aslo controlled by woyane business men with the pretext of ‘commodity market’ by Elene g.Gorgis. Thus, it is not unexpected and a surprise that these commodities disappeared from the market in Ethiopia. I think woyanes are clear with mission in making exploiting all resources in Ethiopia and accumulate wealth by making life a hell the rest of the people in the country. Woyanes never hide their hatred and disrespect for Ethiopia and Ethiopians. It is our problem that we cannot fight for our freedom this Apartheid like regime. Woyanes fought hard because they had no means of survival on their parched land. Now things have been changed and the rest of Ethiopian can not survive because of extreme greediness. Thus, now it is our turn to fight for our survival, not democracy, justice and freedom as these will come later after we secure our survival from woyanes all rounded war. For our own sake, let us avoid bickering each other with minor and unimportant things like ethnicity. It is time to stand up together and remove the blood sucker woyanes for once and all. It is a matter of life and death, no less.

  8. Gingilcha on

    Like many revolutions in the world, that came for different reasons, we have to revolt for cooking OIL! The Oil Revolution is a necessity now.

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