Growing unease in Ethiopia – VOA

A sign of the government’s growing unease has been a partial resumption of jamming of VOA language service broadcasts to Ethiopia. The broadcasts are often jammed before Ethiopia’s elections, but the jamming stops after the voting. … [continue reading]

7 thoughts on “Growing unease in Ethiopia – VOA

  1. goitom on

    Preventing Media I think it’s too late. Instead of Jamming any kind of broadcast they need to find a quick economic solution to make the population happy somehow either way is too late Ethiopians are well aware of the situation already. they
    actually don’t need VOA or any other media to make this revolution but for this
    regime recovery is unthinkable.

  2. Ayalew on

    weyane is collapsing especially if they start war with Eritrea. Eritrea is much strong than weyane at this time, so we have be ready for everything.

  3. observer on

    Meles worried to much & knows he is the next in line… .He will be the next dictator to Go! Enough is Enough BEKA!

  4. JIMMA on

    WE are ready. ‘BEQA’ is in full swing. call your family/friends and tell them to be a part of history. For once and for all let`s STOP dictatorship in Ethiopia. Let`s show the world yesterday is history and we are the people of the future. WE MAKE SURE THAT NO ONE THAT HAS HURT OUR GENERATION AND STEAL ALL RESOURCES WHILE THE PEOPLE STARVE AND DIE escape justice. There will be no save heaven for these thugs called Meles/Azeb/Bereket/Sibehat and so on. Let`s tell the world that either you are with us, the people of Ethiopia or with the thives and thugs called Meles and associates. WE WILL DO IT! Mesqel square get READY!

  5. Birhane on

    why is weyane beating the drums of war when they have internal problems they should just sign a peace treaty with Eritrea so both countries can live in peace. We know meles risks his people’s life by sending them to unnecessary wars,the Ethopian youth should turn against him “enough is enough!”.

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