Yemen president starts to negotiate terms for resigning

Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh and the country’s top general are hashing out a political settlement in which both men would resign from their positions within days in favor of a civilian-led transitional government, according to three people familiar with the situation.

The outlines of that peaceful transition emerged amid rising tension over the standoff between the President Saleh and Gen. Ali Mohsen al-Ahmar, who earlier this week broke ranks and declared his support for the array of protesters demanding that the president step down immediately.

Opposing tanks from units loyal to Mr. Saleh and to Gen. Ahmar have faced off in the streets of San’a all week and tens of thousands of anti-government demonstrators continued their vigil in the capital’s Change Square. … [continue reading]

5 thoughts on “Yemen president starts to negotiate terms for resigning

  1. Haile on

    Here we go, the power of the people working in Yemen.
    Slowely but surely the movement is reaching at its destination, Ethiopia. Yes, we will see our people in action soon.
    Brother Meles, wake up, it is getting late for you.

  2. Balcha Gebayhue on

    Mr. Zanawi should learn from his friend Salah and leave the country & spare us from all the drama: such as arresting the so-called opposition parties, attempting to remove his one time mentor Ato Isyas from power; chatting about his monthly salary $363 dollars!!; and perhaps about Berket’s drinking & chat chewing habit in the next few days!.

    The bottom line is the coming storm is real. No amount of life long PR skills and trickery can not buy dictators any time.

  3. George on

    Time to disapear for this dicatator from the face of the earth and join those who left before him. And our own midget dicator will follow him soon. It is unbeleivable, in a short period of time 2 dictators gone; and one is on his way out, and the rest are hanging by the rope until they are swept away by the sunami which is engulfing part of middle east and north Africa.

  4. What is happening in Yemen,Bahrain and Libya not a Democracy Movement but a tribal war fare to gain power.unlike in Egypt,Tunisia and Morocco true democratic movements which transcends their tribal agenda. What can we learn form this people?

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