German parliamentarian speaks out on repression in Ethiopia

A member of Germany’s parliament, the Bundestag, Mr Thilo Hoppe, has asked his government to review its policy toward Ethiopia. The following is the statement he released:

Development cooperation with Ethiopia should be reviewed

Thilo Hoppe, Member of the German Bundestag, has issued the following statement on the human-
rights situation in Ethiopia:

It is not only in the Arab world that the voices of those who are no longer willing to accept a lack of democracy and a disregard for human rights are growing louder; this is also happening in Ethiopia.

The German Bundestag’s Committee on Economic Cooperation and Development met with opposition politicians and human-rights activists from Ethiopia, who reported on the suppression of protests in Addis Ababa and the imprisonment of journalists, politicians and NGO representatives critical of the regime.

The Federal Government should follow up on these reports and also raise the critical human-rights situation in negotiations with Ethiopia on development cooperation.

Development cooperation with the government of Prime Minister Meles Zenawi should be reviewed.

The review must examine what kind of assistance reaches the poorest of the poor and fosters sustainable development – and what forms of cooperation may be misused by the government and may even hinder democratic development. It must be made clear to the Ethiopian government that, in Germany’s view, development cooperation cannot be separated from the realization of human rights.

Thilo Hoppe
Mitglied des Deutschen Bundestages
Stv. Vorsitzender des Ausschusses für wirtschaftliche
Zusammenarbeit und Entwicklung

8 thoughts on “German parliamentarian speaks out on repression in Ethiopia

  1. ALMAZZ on

    Thanks atlast Germany.You give big aid to Woyane gang but the money is always in their hand and killing people by your aid.

  2. Kumlacew on

    It is a good start and way overdue. Zenawi is like a green snake which is hard to indicate in bundle of grass. It takes an intense look to see his true nature. He mislead the Ethiopian people, his former bed fellows like the Shabians, and he also mislead the West. In fact not only he deceived them but also he milked them in day light on behalf of Ethiopia. But, as the saying goes “If You fool me once shame on YOU, and you fool me twice shame on ME”. This is exactly where it is when it comes to the relationship between the west and Zenawi. In this historic awakening time for all oppressed people around the world, the US and other western nations need to be at the people’s side. The era of supporting tricky dictators to succeed few political and economic points must come to end and all nations around the globe need to start the dialogue to conduct honest business based on mutual benefit and respect among their people not necessarily among their governments. If this comes first, there is no need to worry for Western countries loosing of the kind of economic, political and military ties that they were able to achieve with despised dictators like Zenawi

  3. lima on

    Years of tireless campaigning by democratic forces is starting to bear fruit. For years the German gvt and EU have turned a blind eye to the sufferings of the Ethiopian people by the ethno-fascist woyane thugs. this a small but a significant move by the german parlamentarian AND WILL PAVE THE WAY FOR reforms of the aid policy.

    The ethnicist woyane use aid money and food for their own purposes. the majority of the population is not benefiting from the aid pouring into the country. The aid money and food is used to groom woyane supporters, food delivered as aid is being sold by the woyane thugs on the open market to the poor people to whom it was sent. People are being told either to support the fascist woyane and get food aid or to die in hunger.

    The campaign must continue abroad and at home to expose the crimes of the woyane against the people of Ethiopia.

    The woyane are a cancer to our society, divisive, hateful and violent thugs.

  4. Garoma on

    This shows the beginning of the END of the TPLF regime in Ethiopia. Today the German Parliament, and
    tomorrow the European Union and the United States will denounce the Meles Zenawi dictatorial regime.

  5. Shaebia on

    There is no such a thing as free lunch…..
    For every €1 aid, given to the poorly governed “poor” nations, there is a minimum of 32 folds return. It doesn’t need a rocket scientist to figure it out……
    Forget the western owned flower business in Rwanda, Kenya & Ethiopia….. The Qoqa tannery alone who is owned by a very very associate & alumni of Tony Blair pays Her Majesty’s government almost a billion ££ in tax revenue. The aid Britain gives to ethiopia is only a fraction of that…..
    We are not meant to see the bigger picture & business goes on as usual. The question raised should be ….. Why not we get access to their markets as much as they get access to our resources and flood our market with their subsidized consummable goods, thereby destroying the local Market and get the rural people to flee their rural life and become a cheap day labourers for these extortionist foreign firms. The misery ain’t stop there as these western firms, working in cahoots with the puppet they are handling, encroach into the rural occupying large swathes of farm lands of the dispossessed & displaced natives. The misery doesn’t stop there….. as they destroy environment in order to cut cost & maximize profit, something they cannot do in the environmentally strict European union. The environmental restrictions, labour cost, working conditions & pay conditions such as holiday pay and pensions makes it unsustainable to run their manufacturing sectors inside Europe. According to the EU policy makers, China as the manufacturing hub of the world can only mitigated or balanced by western manufacturings cutting costs & laws by outsourcing their firms to countries of puppet led regimes……
    Meles has told them once on BBC hard talk programme when asked why he thinks the West has to subsidize 78% of Weyane’s economy to the tune of $2 Billion a year, puppet Meles didn’t surprise me with his answer when he told hard talk…. “It’s your money & you can do whatever you like with it”…… He is Absolutely right….. The Hard Talk interviewer got stuck & quickly changed subject. The West know very well that the money they give in Aid is for the security & sustainability of their own business that creates thousands of tax paying jobs in their own countries but they always try to appear that they are compassionate & helpful to the needy & hungry ones elsewhere in poorer countries. But the fact is the other way round that the west, in fact, fuels its economy like that while the media deadens our ears with a never ending propaganda. It’s as simple as ABC…..
    It’s right in your faces yet you fail to see it.



    It will be a cold day in hell before the United States turn on Meles. He is their only dog in the fight agaisnt the so called extremists on the Horn. He has the biggest army and he is in bed with the Chinese as well. If their is going to be a revolution its going to have to come from within Ethiopia and lets face it, Ethiopians consider themselves to well matter to stand up agaisnt the powers that be, they prefer to judge everybody elese.

  7. Danke Deutschland on

    Thank you for thinking about thousands and thousands people suffering under the regime of Ethiopia.

    1. Ethiopian government must review it’s policy and release all political prisoners unconditionally.

    2. Form immediately transitional government and mandate its power for TRUE election.

    3.Free medial to all political parities.

    4.Stop killing thousands and thousands people.

    God Bless Ethiopia

    Thank you Germany. If Ethiopian need HELP, the precondition will be RESPECT HUMAN RIGHTS.

  8. Selamu Yibejal on

    This is a good start!
    Hope other countries follow suit and stop giving a blank check to Woyane in the name of aid.
    Thanks Elias for posting this information.

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