Say NO to Woyanne officials visit in north America

Global Civic Movement for Change in Ethiopia

This is a call to all patriotic Ethiopians to say No to the TPLF/EPRDF officials’ visit to North America searching for investment from the Diaspora community. We are not against investing and helping our country and people. On the other hand, we believe we should have a clear understanding of where our money goes and for what purpose it will be used. TPLF/EPRDF officials are asking us to invest under the following circumstances best suited to their perpetuation of their power and not the national interest of Ethiopia.

* Today, all land belongs to the government and we are supposed to lease our own ancestral land. The Ethiopian farmer is at the mercy of TPLF/EPRDF officials in his own land. As a result of these and the overall ill devised policies of the regime, millions of Ethiopians depend on donor food aid; millions of Ethiopians still live in grinding and abject poverty. While the kleptocrats of the ruling regime’s ethnic and political cronies gloat with opulence and decadence.
* Today TPLF/EPRDF officials and EFFORT (Endowment Fund for the Rehabilitation of Tigrai) are the largest owners of the major industries in Ethiopia including Banking, Construction, Agribusiness, Mining, Communication, Insurance and other pillars of the economy that are vital to the well-being and development of the country. Meanwhile, Ethiopian business owners are being pushed out of the market due to a lack of a level playing field. While the regime penalizes these business owners with trumped up charges of tax evasion etc., business owners affiliated with the regime due to their ethnicity or political loyalty are made to thrive and prosper.
* Today TPLF/EPRDF controls the rubber stamping parliament using illegal and bogus elections as we witnessed a few months back “winning” 99.6% of the seats; thus effectively turning Ethiopia into a one-party state. Meles has been in power for 20 years. He has been a cause of death and destruction. He has stolen the election in 2005, and massacred unarmed civilians. He imprisoned close to 50 000 people. At present the brutal regime is imprisoning our people in Gambela, Oromo, Ogaden, Southern Ethiopia and elsewhere.
* Today TPLF/EPRDF controls the military, security service, and the police leaving our people at the mercy of a few sick and selfish individuals. The North Africa and Middle East democratic revolutions are forcing the regime to panic. In desperation it is looking for Diaspora money.
* Today TPLF/EPRDF is selling our land to foreign investors at the expense of Ethiopian farmers and the fragile ecology of these places. Thus transferring this problem for generations to come. Our most fertile land and forest resources are being cleared to feed foreigners without regard to the grave consequences to the people of Ethiopia.
* Today we are made to be by-standers and strangers in our own land with the ruling regime working day and night to create animosity, division, confusion and hatred among Ethiopians based on ethnic background and religious affiliation.

Dear fellow Ethiopians, what we are being asked is to go against our own interest. They want us to invest our hard earned money so that TPLF/EPRDF officials and their families can reinvest it outside of our country by buying properties in Europe and America and on shopping sprees. As you are all aware, we work hard for our money. We left our homeland without anything and through hard work and perseverance we have managed to build a decent living wherever we reside.

TPLF/EPRDF and their cohorts have used and abused our people for the last twenty years. They have committed untold crimes against the people of Ethiopia. Now they want us to be part of their criminal empire. We ask you to look at this situation soberly and choose the welfare of your Motherland and your people over empty promises and shameful acts.

Washington DC, New York, NY, Dallas, TX, Seattle, WA, Las Vegas, NV, Atlanta, GA, San Josea , CA , Los Angeles, CA , Ottawa, Canada, Toronto, Canada, Denver, CO, Minneapolis, MN organizing groups and Taskforces.

It time to say no! Enough is enough! Beka! Geye! Yaekel! Aloni! Wetandem! Gides! Bass! Diiteh!

Freedom, justice, equality for the People of Ethiopia! Victory to the people of Ethiopia!

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12 thoughts on “Say NO to Woyanne officials visit in north America

  1. Samuel on

    I believe they are very worried that is why they are coming here to get support from people Like Solomon Tekalign and others with no brain besides that there is no body with a right mind will support this regime and coming here is not going to change the fact their time is about to end and the damage is beyond a repair no amount of support will save it since the majority of Ethiopians are suffering.

    yes We will go out and say no to them here and back in Ethiopia until they will deliver power to the people of Ethiopia.

  2. True Ethiopian on

    I hope Ethiopians from all walks of life will show up in the thousands and invite non Ethiopians to join them to protest against the TPLF mafia looters and killer machines. Knowing woyanes, they probably have a big plan for members of TPLF to come from all over the world all expenses paid by Ethiopian Tax Payers in support of dictator Meles. Sadly,some thoughtless, witless and foolish Ethiopians who cannot think for themselves probably will join TPLF in support of tyrant Meles as they did at Columbia University. Get well prepared patriotic Ethiopians! Show them what you are made of! This protest should be one of the biggest ones to attract media and expose the crimes of dictator Meles.

  3. Jobilbil on

    Everyday is a worry for Zinaiwans because they are fully convinced that Ethiopians are determined to achieve the goal of removing them for once and for all from the surface of Ethiopia.

    tweny years of systematic discrimination,the atrocities they committed on Ehtiopians, and brutal persicution will be abolished along with the system that Zinawian established and built in Ethiopia.Of course,not only Ethiopians inside and outside the homeland say no to Zinawi and his messangers,they must be chased away.

  4. ALMAAZ on

    No way out to Woyane in our area again.This people have no any moral and they can even inter in your house if you let them to go in.”Mafer Yemibal yemaywoku hizb”Rikashoch..

  5. lima on

    The Tigraie People Liberation Front , TPLF, is an illegitimate organisation incubated and hatched by the shabia that took power in Ethiopia by violence and murder. The EPRDF is a host of puppet organisations created by and serving the TPLF. This violent organisation and its hatchlings have no interest in Ethiopian affairs, consistently stands against Ethiopian interests, have abused its people and violated basic human rights. TPLF has now put Ethiopia on sale on the open market. Millions of acres of ancestral land is being carved up and being sold for a few dollars per hectare to grow food for hungry markets in India, middle east and china. Millions of Ethiopians are being forcefully removed from their land by the TPLF and being damped into what look like concentration camps. It is the ultimate shame and crime the TPLF could do to the proud and tolerant people of Ethiopia.

    Every crime the TPLF and its stooges are committing against this ancient land is ever more astonishing and heart-rending than the one before it. How long can this continue. What is the the maximum abuse level that we as Ethiopians can tolerate, that the TPLF can throw at us. I wonder! it is time to say BEKA!

  6. Dejane on

    The TPLF/EPRDF representatives have no morale and legal authority to talk in behalf of the people of Ethiopia. They have committed many crimes individually and collectively against the people of Ethiopia. TPLF/EPRDF do not belong to public platform in North America but prison in Kerchale for crimes they committed against freedom and democracy loving ethiopians. After a lot of thinking and soul searching, I compiled the following.
    The Crimes committed by TPLF/EPRDF officials and cadres include:-
    1 Murdering of Ethiopians who refused to accept Woyanes policy of dividing the country into regions as far as seceding
    2 Genocide against people of Gambela for resisting exploitation
    3 Burning villages in Ogaden, Gambela, Oromia and other places for harbouring freedom fighters
    4 Raping women and touturing children in Ogaden, Gambela, Oromia and Amhara regions by TPLF Soldiers inorder to divulge information
    5 Corruption by Meles, his wife Azeb, his tribes men, EPRDF officials and friends
    6 Jailing journalists and other citizens for questioning EPRDF policies
    7 Giving away the ethiopian land to foreign countries (Sudan, Eritrea) and foreigners from India, China, Saudi Arabia etc
    8 Stealing elections and using power to silence opposition groups 9 Dividing Ethiopians along tribe,region,language and religion lines
    10 Stealing of Ethiopian natural resources by Meles, Azeb, their family members and associates which includes Sheikh Al-amoudi
    11 Engaging Ethiopia in unnecessary war with Eritrea and Somalia
    12 Sending Ethiopian soldiers to foreign country without ensuring their safe return
    13 Degrading the Ethiopian education system except in Tigrai region
    14 Devaluing the Ethiopian currency for the benefit of TPLF/EPRDF business associates
    15 Setting a side funds to intimidate and harass Ethiopians who are living abroad (Diasporas).
    16 Witholding relif food to people who refused to be members of EPRDF
    17 Nepotism in hiring and promoting employees in government agencies especially in the military
    18 Refusing to provide government services to areas of opposition groups
    19 Kicking out or restricting local and international NGOs from providing humanitarian assistance that include feeding the starved and treating the sick (life saving process)
    20 Allowing Meles and Azeb to steal over 20 million pound of Ethiopian coffee which had been processed for export.

    In their 20 year Iron Hand Rule, this is a minimum crime TPLF/EPRDF and their associates will face in court of law in Ethiopia.

    The Woyane cadres need to think rationally before oppening their big mouth.

  7. anon on

    The arrogance and conceit of TPLF clique that is at the helm of power in Ethiopia ,for the last twenty years, has no boundary. Almost every effort that has been tried to keep weyane responsible governing body has been in vain.Melese Zenawi the only weyane central figure for the last 25 years ,really believe and that he will remin indefinitely unchallenged by any in Ethiopian politics. If he cares at all his is a care about saving face and assurance of his position. This megalomaniac is so wrapped up with his vision to perpetuate his rule he won’t let anything interfere with his plan. Apparently, obsessed by this crave he seem to be married to this craze idea of being in center stage .The man is quite often seen engaged and meditating on his future plan. He being by nature, unwilling to In such a case there is no way predicting what the restless and paranoid P/m is incapable of doing. He being by nature, unwilling to accommodate dissent there is only one method that seem fit to our case-cll a popular uprising to auset him from the center of power. Regime change is the only logical remedy fitting to the weyane boss. To this intent, Ethiopians need to concentrate their time and energy and focus on one object that serves their purpose-regime change in Ethiopia now.

  8. muslim ethiopan on

    on of organization is ethio-american investment group LLC IN ATLANTA G.A [EAIG]

  9. yungETanarchist on

    It has been said in the past that we Anarchists are a rebellious bunch because of our uncompromising antagonism to government. The skeptical approach we employ to investigate forms of political authority, and deem them legitimate or illegitimate, places us in a unique moral position to preach about true Freedom. That our philosophy is considered a threat to ALL slavery (which is what governments are) is something we all are terribly proud of.


    We understand the government of Ethiopia has once again waded blindly into the murky waters of panic-driven propaganda to perpetuate the tyranny it now imposes into infinity.

    We also understand that based on recent empirical evidence from the revolutions being carried out by the peoples of Tunisia, Egypt, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, and Syria, this propaganda tour launched by the government is standard protocol in damage control for tyrants facing revolt. Only a month ago and before events took a drastic turn for pro-democracy revolutionaries in Libya, Khamis Ghadaffi was busy touring/dis-informing the U.S populace as guest of the State Department.

    We recognize that these dictatorship-apologists that have now been sent to us, on a fully-booked tour of disinformation, are funded by currency squeezed on the premise of violence from our hard-working brothers and sisters, whom they seek to further subjugate to their irrationalities.

    We believe these propagandists – like all members of humanity- to be free agents and acting on their own free will, and to that extent will be treated by us, on merit alone, as representatives and promoters of the brutal reality of tribalism which has evolved into a major feature of their government.

    This is our message to you.

    The social contract that allegedly justifies your brand of tyranny is NOT one that is set in stone, contrary to what your puppet-masters in Addis Abeba would have us believe.

    This is our message to you.

    The time for meaningful change has come for the peoples of Ethiopia whether you like it or not. As you probably remember, two long decades ago your masters hijacked the will of the people that chased the tyrant Mengistu away only to erect in its’ place another form of totalitarianism based on the pseudo-science that is ethnic federalism.

    This is our collective and individual message to you.

    We understand ethnic federalism to be a variant (in name only) of the defunct ideology of divide-and-conquer, employed against us by rulers of past, both monarchic and pseudo-communistic. We reject this irrationality because we find it inconsistent with the values of equality we seek to promote. We reject this irrationality because we stand for a social order based on the FREE grouping of individuals for the purpose of producing true social wealth. Furthermore, we hold that mankind – no less the people of Ethiopia – will NOT achieve true and fulfilling freedom as long as the institutional vestiges of tribalism are left intact.

    Take this message back to your leaders.

    In true spirit of solidarity with the oppressed everywhere, we are saying to your leaders in Ethiopia – STOP victimizing defenseless citizens. STOP the senseless arrests of community organizers. STOP harassing journalists. STOP the massacres associated with the forced relocations in Gambella. STOP.

    We know we are right because any rational human being faced with the choices of slavery and freedom would be poorly-served in opting for the ignorance of tribalism/slavery.

    We are not afraid of you. We are everywhere. We are coming.

  10. 1. It is the sport car vs. the 18-wheeler comparassion: the flashy and fast sport car is everywhere, winning and being awarded accolades, basking in the limelight of glory and always in command. TPLF’s size makes it manageable, focused and effective. Had we known better, the viable strategy against TPLF would have been to organize in a smaller groups under bigger umbrella.

    2. Rebels as leaders (Is 1:-) – it is biblical and was foretold; No one can stand against God (Prov) besides. The gross injustice committed during Dergue era and our own offenses, and our own behavior of the last fifty years warranted Mengistu & Meles. We need to look inside ourselves for our share of errors, plead with the creator, and move forward.

    3. Looted or plundered, wealth, weather converted into real property, military power, off-shore community, as pride of gotengna tribe, as knowlege etc. has absolutely no use in the end. Those who loot will be looted and justice will ultimately prevail.

    4. London, England, Memorial Day – 1991 – power was brokered and handed over to Meles Zenawi. Twenty years later, one of his early backers, Libya’s Col. Gaddafi’s fate would likewise be decided in London, bringing the circle of fire to an end.

    ከምህራብ ጎርፍና ማህበል
    ከምስራቅ እሳትና ጭጋግ
    ከሰሜን ነፋስና መሬት መንቀጥቀጥ
    ከደቡብ ጢንዚዛ …. – ል/ኢ

  11. Observer on

    All the want is to screw the Diaspora for giving them all kind of troubles. They want to rub their nose on the Diaspora to let them know that they are smarter than the so called educated Diaspora. They have complex they need to prove and this is one of their way they want to prove the Diaspora by setting up a scam to still money and prove them that they are a bunch of dummies and they are smart. This is a typical illiterate mentality that they need to prove that they are smarter than educated individuals. You don’t have to be educated to be a crook. Educated people don’t have to prove that they are smart.

  12. kastbey on

    Hello and How are you,all Ethiopians:

    Recognize you are one.Venture out to where you meet people,talk to friends,families,and people,re-energize and re-focus on notable victories because your success is the success of Ethiopians in the homeland.Say NO to Meles Zinawi’s distructive activities against Ethiopia.Say NO handshaking with the enemy.2011 will be your most positive memory in your collective history.Ethiopians,you have done it before and you will do it again.

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