Woyanne N. America tour ending in disaster



Over the weekend, the 20-member Woyanne delegation that is sent by dictator Meles Zenawi for a disinformation campaign tried to hold public meetings in 13 North American cities: Washington DC,
New York, Columbus OH, Dallas, Ottawa, Boston, Minneapolis, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Seattle, Toronto, San Jose, and Denver.

In Washington DC, the hometown of Ethiopians in N. America, the meeting was a public relations disaster as protesters forced it to disperse. The meeting organizers and Howard University, where the meeting was held, face lawsuits from at least one of the peaceful protesters who was attacked by the Woyanne thugs and had to be hospitalized.

In Los Angeles, Woyanne thugs savagely attacked two peaceful protesters who refused to leave the meeting hall. The meeting had to be stopped 2 hours early because of the growing agitation and risk of injuries.

In the other cities, the 20 Woyanne delegates were confronted by thousands of angry Ethiopians who demanded for an end to the Meles dictatorship.

Seattle TV’s station, King 5, reported:

A meeting at Seattle Center prompted a vocal protest outside the Exhibition Hall on Sunday… The demonstrators said thousands of people have died under Ethiopia’s prime minister. “These people are worse than Mubarak, Gadhafi… and they were supported by the United States government and they’re allowed to carry this kind of forum when they’d been killing kids, arresting people and committing genocide,” said Shakespear Feyissa, Ethiopians In Seattle For Justice.

VOA also reportedly extensively about the Woyanne tour and the opposition they faced by Ethiopians in N. America.

It’s estimated that Meles and his Woyanne junta will have spent well over $500,000 for the one-week propaganda stunt in the U.S. and Canada, while children in Ethiopia have no food to eat.

The Woyanne North America disinformation tour is ending in disaster. They have one more meeting in Las Vegas on Wednesday and will head to London. Las Vegas Ethiopians are known for their bitter opposition to Woyanne.


Police told the Woyanne thugs to end their meeting and leave the facility 2 hours early. The meeting was scheduled until 8 PM local time, but it ended at 6 PM.


Shambel Belaineh’s new song, Beka!, is being played by the protesters in Seattle.


Ethiopians in Toronto threw eggs at the Woyanne thugs and their hodam supporters as they concluded their meeting and started to exit the meeting hall. The Toronto Woyanne meeting is now over. It lasted only 2 hours.


Woyanne thugs in Los Angeles attacked some of the Ethiopians who entered the meeting hall. Two of them were seen covered with blood. Ambulance has been called. Police detained and released about 5 protesters.

The Los Angeles meeting has been delayed for over 2 hours. The hall is half empty.

Boston anti-Woyanne protest


San Jose: There are only 60 – 70 attendees, and over 90 percent of them are Woyannes, and most of them came from Sacramento and other cities, and are members of The Union of Tigreans in North America, an affiliate of the ruling Tigray People’s Liberation Front (Woyanne).

Woyanne thugs upset at Atlanta police. They are angry that the police is not forcing the protesters to move farther from the meeting hall.


As usual, Seattle Ethiopians are amazing. They are turning out in large numbers to confront the Woyanne thugs who are trying to hold a disinformation meeting.

Boston anti-Woyanne protest


Toronto police arrested one protester who he refused to leave the meeting hall.

In Seattle, hundreds are holding a protest at the Seattle Center. They are chanting “BEKA to Dictatorship!”


Ethiopians as young as 10-year-old join the Toronto anti-Woyanne protest rally.
Boston anti-Woyanne protest

In Atlanta, Solomon Tekalign, surrounded by security guards, helps his Woyanne bosses identify and kick out of the meeting hall his former friends who are opponents of the tribal junta.


TORONTO: Ethiopians from all ethnic groups stand together in confronting the Woyanne junta.

MINNEAPOLIS: Protesters chant “Leba!” “Leba!” (thief) as the Woyanne thugs and hodams are entering the meeting hall at Hilton Hotel.

DENVER: Similar protests is about to start at the Red Lion Hotel.

Boston anti-Woyanne protest


TORONTO: Hundreds of Ethiopians are currently holding a protest rally at a meeting hall near the University of Toronto carrying BEKA! posters. Oromo, Ogaden and Somali communities are out in force.

Boston anti-Woyanne protest


ATLANTA: Ethiopians in Atlanta are confronting Woyanne thugs and hodams at the Deklb County Technical College. The meeting organizers are allowing only Woyanne members to enter the meeting hall. [more update shortly]

35 comments on “Woyanne N. America tour ending in disaster

  1. Anonymous on

    I am not a violent person, but if someone give me a choice to hurt either Meles or Solomon Tekalegne, I would choose to hurt the #1 traitor Solomon Tekalegne in a second. I don’t know how this fat man sleeps at night knowing woyanes gruesome crimes. This man has sold his country and his people to the butchers. I don’t understand why this idiot is living in US, if he thinks life is great in Ethiopia under Woyanes, why doesn’t go back to Ethiopia and live there.

  2. MELES GO 2 HELL on


  3. Tenesu on

    Fellow Ethiopians I am from Atlanta. I want you two know those people who were in the meeting are the guys who are eating , chtating doing things with us like us. But these are those who are helping Melese and his tugs to suck our peoples blood. They are the ones who we have to spit them out from our Edere and any kind assembly and everything. Please let us do that. Let them be embarassed, humiliated. Let us make feel ashamed. At least let them know we know them. Elias let us put their name out there

  4. megersa on

    As all of us saying “unity is strength”, we have to make real the concept of this slogan as soon as possible. The unity can be confirmed by a sign of one not by having different flag. Lesson you want change in ETHIOPIA let us stick to one FLAG otherwise we all be suffered for long time. Weak up people. I fell touched during the Egyptian demonstration when I see their unity by the sign of one flag. Do not think that between Egyptian there is no any different that is why they have one flag, they have so many thing to divide them but they are enough wise to fix their difference latter time.

  5. Meketa on

    I could not believe the tribal junta and the minority of the Ethiopian dictator divide us. Believe it not they are successful even to think to do a meeting out of the country. I hate next to wyeane those wodam people.

  6. Mekuria on

    I just don’t understand why Meles wastes money sending delegations to the USA and Canada. Facts abound that his delegation has not attracted any new faces. It is the same old, the same old…supporters of his dictatorial regime, which are dominated TPLF members and supporters. These groups of people are regular visitors to Ethiopia. The government agents can meet them in Ethiopia. Actually, they have already met them several times in Addis. They don’t need to cross oceans to meet the same people again unless it’s all about foolhardy pretension.

    If the GTP propaganda is meant to attract new faces in the Diaspora, it ended up a total failure. Literally every where the meetings were held the demonstrators were folds more than the supporters of the regime who entered the meeting halls. All this unfolding under the mission of discussing about the economy underscores the fact that the current regime is the most hated regime in modern history of Ethiopia.

    The government agents will lie and embellish the success they didn’t harvest. But we have observed what unfolds and are witnesses to what ensued. The regime agents failed once again terribly.

  7. Tezebet on

    I have no problem that fighting these thugs every place we see them. My frustration is unless we put this kind of movement right where belong “Ethiopia” Melese stays where he is for long time.

  8. Tezebet on

    The more I think about all this, the whole ordeal could have been a great documentary for PBS, Link TV or on FreespeechTV to show how dictator Meles’s puppets come to US and mistreat Ethiopians.

  9. Melkam on

    Bravo Ethiopian heroes and heroines! You are sustaining our folk memory! Great accomplishment to defeat and bury coward meles and bereket alive! Today, Ethiopians have, once again, proven how ‘UNITY’ does serve as the means to get dignity and freedom back.

  10. Lemma on

    This is the best update I have ever read. Thank you for dedicating your time to give us the update on hourly basis. The best of its kind.

    Ethiopia Tikdem
    Weyane Yewedem

  11. oromia on

    It is really encouraging to see ethiopian flag and OLF’s flag side by side in one protest. Let all ethiopians know that the respect of oromo right does not mean subjugataion of other ethnic groups. I also hope my fellow oromos will take the leadership role to fight for the respect the right and unity of not only all oromo clans and regions but the entire ethiopia and east african region. It is not in our interest to target even those from Tigray although it appears most are supporters of the current regime.

  12. Lema on

    We should kick their ASSES those bastard HODAMOCH. We have to follow them where ever they go. VIVA Ethiopia

    Down with WOYANE and tugs


  13. Thanks for all of y in northamerica y give them a good lesson what i want to see .i think this is the right time woyane to understand if they give as our freedom we wll through away . from addis abeba

  14. Ahun Gebagn on

    What happen to Nazret.com ?am still wondering nothing reported about our big Demonstration in DC and all over N.America ,Now i know Zazret is woyanes wesite & Elias is real Ethiopian,Shame on Nazret & other ethiopian free wesites.

  15. oromia12 on

    GOOD WORK I Think this wayan come her to see that they can make differences but yes they try if they keep trying more will go and it will be no – It is not in our interest to target even those from Tigray although it appears most are supporters of the current regime IN ETHIOPIA .

  16. Mahder on

    Good work every one! Please watch this video. We shouldn’t get confused by every trick the woyane junta to divert attention


    First we remove Meles then we will build our country as well as build our relation ship with our neighbouing countries.

  17. tezibt on

    oromia says:
    “It is not in our interest to target even those from Tigray although it appears most are supporters of the current regime.”

    This is really why we will have difficulty succeeding because in the above comment one can see “bemar yetelewese koso”. Oromia is systematically posting a comment that transmits bigotry and hatred. If you want to say it say it, don’t go around the bush. Man up about your hatred. That way we can find a solution for you. The only way we can succeed is bring out our honest feeling so that we can talk about it.

  18. United on

    I think this is the first ever united front against the thugs in Ethiopia, but but other Ethiopians, specially Amharas must have joined the other Ethiopian. They should not want other nationalities to follow their plan but they must too give hands to other peoples’ plans given that it is not against unity. We expect more than they did yesterday in the rally. It is not let though there are long way to go here outside and in the country. I do not see any reason we suspect each other. The atmosphere now seems different from what is has been a month or so ago. It seems the children of Ethiopia united more than ever now and calling her name without shame to be called my her, the fact which has been before. So let us say BEQA, BAHE, BAS, ALONY, YAKEL together to these bloody thirsty dictators.


  19. Misganaw on

    Such demonstrations are very good for showing the Wayane dictatorial mafia that they cannot ride freely in free and democratic societies with out being challenged to the end. How dare the child killers come and walk all over the same people whom they have dehumanized and forcefully ejected from their homes, communities and country?

    Besides, the united and motivated diaspora demonstrations TEACHES us to act and practice the art of being trustworthy, united and allied viable organized front to challenge inhumanity and brutalities in order to bring about genuine democracy, sustainable development and justice for all.

  20. Bravo Ethiopians! on

    I am thrilled to death that our fellow Ethiopians humiliated and interrupted the team of organized criminal TPLF meetings. Thank you to our Ethiopian brothers and sisters who took time to challenge the brainless, shameless, looters and the senseless killers. Thank you for being the voice for the muzzled Ethiopians…for every Ethiopian who have lost his/her God given rights and to those who are rotting in woyane prison … for the hundreds and thousands parents who lost their children and the children who lost their parents by the hands of TPLF… for millions of Ethiopians who have lost their jobs, properties, businesses and for those whose livelihoods have been robbed by TPLF and over all for your mother land Ethiopia.
    Many thanks to Elias for helping us informed what our Ethiopian brothers and Sisters were doing in various places.
    Ignorant people like Solomon Tekalejne who can’t think for themselves are equally dangerous as TPLF. I wish him and the likes of him nothing but all the misery in the world.

  21. Meseret Dubale on

    Woyanes desperation to pause the dynamic tides from North Africa. It ain’t about investement, ecnomic ventures or some bogus policy of opportunity for the Diaspora. It is this feeling of running out of oxygen for the Woyanes. I felt sorry for those who attended their meetings.They were deluded and entertaining illusions.The Woyanes would go to the Hell Hole. Change is bound to come and is inevitable, why would they waste their time? Saaad!Saaad!Saaad!

  22. freedom on

    DOWN Zenawi freedom to the oppressed people of Ethiopia,
    Ogadenia shall be free

  23. Dawit on

    Elias and all that carry the democratic voice of our beloved country Ethiopia, Don’t give up!
    Our message is loud and clear to Woyane and its blind greedy supporters all over the world. We should have an organized opposition that dismantles Woyane’s support base here in the States.
    I am willing to provide names of the key supporters who have distributed flyers and invitations amongst our Ethiopian Community in Seattle. Let’s post their names and let’s make sure they know who they are supporting – the cruel, corrupt dictator, who is making life hell to millions of our people.
    If they don’t stop their support, they will face similar fate of Ivorian Gbagbo along with Meles.

    Enough is Enough!

  24. Dawit on

    Let’s start listing this greedy supporters of the corrupted leader. Let’s create a chart or a table for each City.

    I can start from Seattle, if you can put it up. There are people I know who distributed the flyers and who are spying in our community from City of Seattle, Boeing , Microsoft, Port of Seattle, etc.

    let’s expose these hodams.

  25. love on

    Megersa and Oromia,

    Very good point. The reason Egypt succeeded is because of their unity although there might be differences among them. Whereas, OLF and ONLF supporters want to prove Woyane is right that with different flags protesting and succeeding is a joke proving to the West that once again we Ethiopians divided are not equipped to rule and only Woyane can do it. When British delegate was being asked on Ethiopia’s issue in 2005, he said to the press, Meles is the true strong leader because the protesters are weak and are not together of course the delegate has seen OLF and ONLF flag not Ethiopian flag. Woyane’s divide and rule plan is being implemented by OLF and ONLF and proving to the West we are not united. Woyane is using this to prove to the West how weak the oppositions are.
    I feel when you speak as a whole Eastern Africa, that tells me you are in support of other countries not that I am opposed to that, but from your writing, your agenda seems Eastern Africa rather than the subjugation of Ethiopia including the Oromos first.

    In terms of Woyane stooges, it is better to really do research who is supporting Woyane and why. Some people in the diaspora must do it due to the threat they are and their family are under Woyane. Whereas, there are some who are being brainwashed by Woyane. Those who are staunch supporters by now, if they don’t get it, and prove it to us why they support Woyane after 20 years of abuse. Of course there are staunch supporters who are Woyane because they are Tigreans. So it is better to find out who is who. Of course these supporters gather info to send to woyane so that woyane can threaten their family and silence those in the diaspora or in fact are forced to support Woyane because of the threat. So, BEKA, we should allow those who must turn from evil and support us, for those staunch supporters because of ethnicity or benefit should be rooted out.

  26. gezachew on

    Hey guys …. enough is enough talk is cheap…do something like tunsia or egypt….

  27. Isist Woyane on

    The ugly face of Woyane is here in US. The US is responsible for installing the Woyane regime in Ethiopia. It is now time to help Ethiopia undo what the US did 20 years ago by giving the greenlight to
    enter Addis Ababa inorder to install a minority government of the racist Woyane. Uncle Sam, ACT NOW.

  28. Gud New on

    This is a litmus test for Meles. He was trying if the Ethiopian people in the diaspora would fell for his propaganda and then he will take his moves to the next step. Like start war with Eritrea or create a drama to fool the people. Hope he learn his lesson and deal with these agry people wisely.

  29. I attended one the meetings, after being shoved,pushed around with the protesters for a while. If photos were being taken for regime’s future
    usage, I looked a protester, being forced off the scene. Infact, I was invited by the Ethiopian Embassy stuff to attend this meeting, which I accepted. My presence was to be there as well as ask healthy question about the 5 year plan, perhaps play part. Before I got to the enterance, I met, an elegant Ethiopian lady asking me if I am a Tigrean?
    To her dismay, I told her, I am not, but became curious, to hear her causes. She told me, that she is from Imperial era, family member, that she has composed a letter to be delivered to His excellecy Prime Minister Zenaw, of Ethiopia. My heart fall out to see her Highness of some Royal family member seeking good sumaritan to convey her message, whatever it was to Current prime minister. I felt so sad to see so many desparate voices protesting whatever their causes it may be. Lamenting
    all, I proceeded to the gate of the hall. I was asked by a Somali national for my invitation letter/ enterance paper. I told him I got e-mail and phone calls. He told me I had to disappear into thin air. I refused, because, I had legit invitation and I am not protesting a thing. No one would hear me any more. Before too long I was whisked out of the door to scene of protesters. Protesters, are pisst at me for attempting to join these meeting, on the other hand those who envited me were no where to be found.

    I was upset and stood my grounds. Minutes later a Tigrean organizer came to my rescue, he promised me a paper soon. He went in and the door shut on me and a few invited who were to eneter. I will continue

  30. SD, thanks for the above post, I was looking for this kind of first hand update on what it looked like to be there, although I appreciate the protesters for showing their resistance against the current government, I disagree with them if they strived to halt people from entering the meeting. Everything can not be done by violence, I admit, there might be a time for it, but not always, let some get in and take part of the meeting, IT DOES NOT MEAN THAT THEY ARE WEYANES, Meles is smart, and we should be as well if we want achieve whatever our aspirations are. Lets ask questions about the 5 year plan, lets understand it, if we need to stand up against it, then we will after we understand it, let them talk, we will and should listen, and will reply.

  31. I agree, violence is not the answer. From my obeservations of one city
    protesters, did not witness violence. Throwing, eggs, tomatoes, verbal is within
    acceptable expressions of feelings, in regards of causes they harbor. Yes,eggs thrown toward me missed me by an inch and landed. I am a ok, I do understand their expression of freedoms. Let alone me an ordinary citizen,even high profile leaders egged, shoe would be thrown at them at
    times. After all we live in democratic nations.

    I did expect such things when I responded to the call I got. Did get called names, thats a ok as well. What we need is to tone down our violences and listen to each other. This culture may take years to get
    to our society.
    I paid visit to Ethiopia about a year ago and did get lost in a city I could walk anywhere. Yes, there are improvements that we can see. This
    let me believe, we are perhaps heading towards growth.

    Yes, there are short comings, the delegate that took the podium did admit it. On the other hand there are fears from both sides. These fears
    may be well founded but how long do we live in fears?

  32. medhanialem ahmed on

    Meles and his regem have to go, there is no question about that issue, however replacing his regem with some one worst than him will be disastrious. there are thousandes of Ethioians across the glbe who wants to see the Meles rigem to disappear, but 90 % of the those people have no idea who is going to take over the leadership of the country. So far in the last Twent years, we have seen hunders of opposition organizations coming and going, a few more to come with no vision or dedication for the people of Ethiopia.
    Writing articles, participating in rallies, expressing anger and frustration while have the evening coffee at Starback, etc… is not going to make any one leader. Leadership required a life time commitment, sacrifice and abunenment.
    We have to ask ourselves how much am I commited to the movement? Will I go beyond the call of duty if my people needs me? What about my family here in the a forgen country, who is going to take care of them? Is my choice of opposition party or organization good enough to lead the contry? Do the organization I am In have support from other contries such as USA ? etc… ALWAYS LET US BE REALISTC.
    I wish goodluck to all the freedom lovers !!!

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