Countering Woyanne Abay propaganda onslaught

In a debate with a Woyanne cadre on VOA, Tamagne Beyene does an effective job of countering Meles Zenawi’s new propaganda campaign that is centered around a plan to build a massive dam along the Nile River. Except for some gullible individuals and {www:fence-sitter}s, most Ethiopians understand that Meles is talking about building a dam not for the good of Ethiopia, but in order to divert the public’s attention from his regime’s 20 years of disastrous rule. Listen the debate below:

23 thoughts on “Countering Woyanne Abay propaganda onslaught

  1. Hailu on

    Mekonnen Kassa is another hodam Amara who lives in Seattle. He sells his own mother for crumb. What a pig!

  2. Anonymous on

    Good discussion. I have some issues to raise. I really appreciate Tamagne’s reciting the FDRE Constitution, and indeed his assesrtion that it’s an Ethiopian constitution.

  3. Anonymous on

    The ‘yeakesum hawelt lewelaytaw menu new’ is simply cut from its entire context. Still, the EFORT case, has also been highly exaggerated. I personaly also believe that the Tigrian people can legitemately claim ownership. Having conceded to the Tigrian domination in the military and intelligence. But it may somehow be reasoned on account of TPLF’s long existence from the very outset.

  4. Beneberu on

    Good job Tamagne! We are all asking TPLF/EPRDF to respect the Ethiopian constitution. Unfortunately Woyanes are big hypocrites talking day and night about the constitution, but they do not respect the basic articles in the constitution.

    Again, I appreciate Tamagnes well articulated arguments.

    People Power !!!!!

  5. Yuhum on

    Good job Tamagne! You were articulate and telling the facts on hand. The TPLF puppet was talking around the bush without knowing exactly about the EFORT or the Constitution, he was talking just for the sake of talking expecting to impress his masters in case they promote him to some posts in the TPLF embassy in the U.S. or to get a bonus check from the looted Ethiopian money. I feel sorry for him for denying the facts. Repeated lies cannot change facts. Any way the sologan is Beka! 2011 is the end for the woyyane junta. Beka! Beka! Beka!

  6. BEKA on

    The TPLF guy is basically saying It’s okay that Oromos and others are oppressed and killed as long as there is a development. This should be held as a BIG evidence. He really exposed the secret agenda of the TPLFs government.


  7. Edossa on

    Tamagne great job, those the so called TPLF( recist) collection will end up like Mubarek and his sons!!!

  8. Asking the wayane Fat bull to give birth to twin calves can not lead to anywhere. All of these bragging about this and that project, this and that high economic growth propaganda are all attention diversion chit chatting and preoccupying the diaspora with petty arguments. If it is a matter of projects after projects even the Nazi leader Adolf Hitler was enough good at it. Shameless thieves! ):

    While inventing project ideas and building them from the front door and making citizens dance in the rain he was at the same time building human slaughter houses and killing factories from behind the back door where he mass killing children, mothers, fathers, the old, the young, etc.

  9. samuel on

    Who is this Guy {Mekonnen}? Is he for real . unless he is blind or stupid he
    was saying EFFORT only contributes 5% what a moron this one is real {HODAM }
    technically Ethiopaian people are under slavery socially and economically with
    this small-minded under educated people.

  10. Mekuria on

    Ato Mekonnen Kasa’s argument about economic development and political freedom (democracy) is not only wrong but also dubious. He totally misrepresented the academic research in the area. There is no study that indicates that economic development should proceed political freedoms. The only debate is that economies may growth under dictatorial regimes. It’s not an either or argument on a priority basis. Moreover, there is a general consensus that economies which have both economic freedoms and political freedoms grow on a sustainable basis.

  11. Mod Domma on


    We all must have been proud of what is like to be an Ethiopian and Ethiopians.It has never been rare for Ethiopia,our motherland to produce fine sons and daughters.This land of the miracle,land of the patriots,land of those of you gentle and cool,and all of us the sons and daughters of Ethiopia are humbly and genuinely indebted to Tamagn Beyene of his ongoing involvement,whether singularly or collectively in standing principled with a common goal to free Ethiopians and Ethiopia from the brutal and cruel rule of the enemy that we have been fighting tooth and nail.we shall end our struggle with victory.

    On the contrary, Meles Zinawi bought Makonnen Kassa for little on a garge sell and dispatched him to Ethiopians to sell lies and propaganda.Alas,our brave and well informed and well articulated,Tamagn Beyene spoke truthes and realities supported by facts,figures,and evidences;as a result,all Ethiopians have become a success.

    Ethiopians,may we say to Tamagn Beyenes this:- Tamagn,your success is our success,and our success is your success.

    Many thanks and kissess to all Ethiopians.Amen,amen,amen.Victory!!!

  12. yibe on

    One cann’t start to build hi/her house in “kiremt-winter”{ethiopian season}whie it is on high due rain and flood.Similarily,MELES’ WOYANE can’t and do not have the right vission to bUIld THE “MILLENIUM DAM”. Because the ethiopian people are under self epotic slavery of-lack of freedom,lack of justice,lack of independece,lack of communication,lack of basic needs for the basic time,lack of transparency in the rule of law of ethiopian constitution,lack of equality,danger of ethnicity,
    high preasure warning of government security onto the civil and any political pary,shuting down of free press etc.. . More over,the EPRDF/TPLF-WOYANE has been in power for 20 years and do not oversaw the importance of the nile river as an ethiopian resource rather he entitled it to the EGYPTIANS without the consent of ethiopians as a whole.Despite the fact that he{MELES)agreed secretly with egypt on the utilization of abay that SOURCES from the TOP HEART of ethiopia,He was not even an ethiopian civil voted or represented man to sign the agreement.He signed it in an attempt getting help from EGYPT dictator to settle his dictatorial rule over ethiopia.Who a hell is he selling the ownership of ethiopians to EGYPT without the ethiopian people.If he was an ethiopian leader{meaning true leader},why couldn’t conset the ethiopian people before he flew his broken wing and dragged tail to cairo to sign an agreement with EGYPT(SCHAME AGREEMENT ON THE USE OF ABAY RIVER).So,to suffice it,it would be fair for Meles and his thugs if they had an ideal sign of just and ideal approch to the people of ethiopia over the “an unanswered basic questions” as the ethiopians are suffering price roar and shortage of daily bread,and necessary items for survival,not for luxury thou,each and every day.There fore,as the same time the ethiopians are well eager to use abay river properly for developement,they make no mistake from now on unless the above mentioned and many more basic issues solved primarily for the sake of the whole nation of ethiopia,they will net lent neither thier money nor thier idea for the fake plan to promote Meles’ survival more golden years in power while ethiopians are in non vented shelter of life and under one none senseful man of ethnicaly based government.SO BEKA! BEKA! BEKA! BEKA!… IN 2011 FOR LAST AND FORMOST CRITICAL CALL.

  13. tata on

    Hat off for tamage’s articulated argument.The hodam Amara woyane Mr kassa was totally in disarray and jabbering here and there as he was short of facts to defend.Go big Tamage.

  14. YES HR-2003 on







  15. Anonymous on

    Dear, beloved Ethiopians
    Why do you give a chance and waste your time and energy to this stupid guy (Mekonnen). If you know him personally like I do, you would feel sorry for him instead.
    Check this out where his sources ideas is coming from
    1/ Because of free land he had received fearing and worrying that they might take it back from him.
    2/ He has left his wife with two children, one child who is disabled and needs 24 hours attention
    3/ Paying his wife alimony and child support (financial limitation for him)
    4/ being a provider to his multiple relationships he had to encounter
    5/ since coming out from a hard life and experiencing better life, is good enough for him because of all of the above and more reasons, he does not see beyond his nose to push for more and hope for the better of Ethiopia. He does not know anything but his ways of survival so please I beg you guys and Tamagne to not to waste your energy. Tamagne please save your energy and keep your peace for those who will understand you and your country need you. Not individuals like Mekonnen

  16. Yefajal on

    Who is this Seattle cat called Mekonnen Kassa? He treis to be more Woyannie than the Woyannies!! This guy is a pathological liar. ሁላችንም አንድ አይነት አስተሳሰብ ለምን አልኖረንም አልልም::ሁላችንም አንድ አይነት አስተሳሰብ ለምን አልኖረንም አልልም:: የአቶ ካሳ ልጅ አስተሳሰብ ግን በአስተሳሰብ መለየት ሳይሆን በውሸት ለመኖር መግተርተር ነው:: First of all, Woyannie should not be compared with other past regimes of Ethiopia. Woyannie should be judged by what Woyannie said and did. Second, if Mekonnen wants to compare Woyannie with Derge, a good base for comparison is the number of people that both killed to stay in power. Third, if Mekonnen wants to compare Woyannie with Emperor Hailesellassie, a good base for comparison is የአገር ፍቀር which Woyannie has nothing. What I would like to tell Mekonnen is that by all measurement, Woyannie is the best manifestation of Kakistoocracy (government by the worst) and Kleptocracy (government by thieves.)!!

  17. Melkam on

    Of course, Tamagne doesn’t want to cover and hide the dangerous games Mr. Melse has beenyou playing for these long years! The funny and amazing thing that all who have been supporting TPLF don’t have any loving heart and humbleness!Mr. Melse is laughing at you as he knows what he has been doing and why he has been doing this way! You foolish and stupid supporters of him and his unwise ideas shouldn’t be a further cause of more suffering and oppression! Let not confuse the Ethiopians for your selfish and greedy causes! Mr. Mokonnen- you are really bad fellowman to all of us who are badly in need of freedom, justice and democracy!Mr. Mokonnen- your opportunity shouldn’t be an obstacle to majority’s aspiration to be free from any oppression and suppression!

  18. So Long on

    Wayane minority (4%) fat elites propaganda lies after lies are currently streaming in to the public for the sheer purpose of dividing and retarding the inevitable earth quake of freedom and liberation from the 80 million Ethiopians languishing under the yoke of brutalities and inhumanities. Their disgraceful cadres are spreading desperate and endless propaganda before the end soon comes to collect them just like in Tunisia and Egypt.



  19. kassa on

    like the guy (#22) said, these people are liers. we eritrean know this popele. ethiopian don’t be fool. you can not trust this guys.

    weyane/tplf worest fear is for ethiopian & eritrean to work together.
    # 1 enemy of ethiopian & eritrean people is weyane/tplf.
    long live
    ethiopian-eritrean cooperation
    end of weyane/tplf is comming

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