Joint Ginbot 7, OLF, and Ogaden public meeting in Atlanta

Ginbot 7 chairman Dr Berhanu Nega, OLF Atlanta representative Jemal Gelchu, and Ogaden Atlanta community representative Abdul Hakim will hold a public meeting in Atlanta to discuss current Ethiopian issues.

Date: Saturday, April 23, 2011
Time: 1:30 PM
Place: Dekalb County Library, 215 Sycamore Street, Decatur GA 30030

For more info: Tel 770 880 1757

41 thoughts on “Joint Ginbot 7, OLF, and Ogaden public meeting in Atlanta

  1. birattuu on

    I will be attending along with my friends, family members and some relatives as this is the great opportunity to discuss some major issues with three bigger oppostion groups how to remove the weyane cancer elements from ethiopia once and for last, as I stop to be biazed by other oppostion groups than OLF, as I truly identified my enemy is not the Amhara or ginbot 7 or kinijit but the main formidalbe enemy of Oromos and in general other Ethiopians is the weyane racist cancer group that should be removed as soon as possible.

  2. Tazabi on

    Congratulations that you will get together for one goal. And I wishing you all the best good luck!

  3. Fincilaa on

    Good Timing to Forge an All-Inclusive Alliance for Liberation and Democratization (ALD)

    “…Taking all these facts into consideration, now is the right time for all the opposition forces against the fascist regime to forge an Alliance for Liberation and Democratization (ALD). No question that all these forces do agree on the liberation of all citizens and nations in the empire from tyranny. This move as a first phase does contradict with the political program of none of them. So, no one of them is compelled to change its program in order to foster such an alliance. But, I know the political programs of the three opposition blocs do vary specially on the final types of sovereignty they want to achieve for their respective nations or for the empire during the second phase, the phase of democratization: the unionists want to achieve a union of independent nations in the Horn, the federalists want a union of autonomous nations in the Ethiopian empire, and the unitarists want to achieve a unitary Ethiopia devoid of national autonomy or national independence for each nation in the empire….”:

  4. Tumsa on

    The Suggested All-Inclusive Alliance: Can It Be Different and Make a Difference?

    “…Liberation from fascism and tyranny is with no doubt a common ground for both unionists and unitarists, then establishing democratic institutions, promoting democratization process and living according to the public verdict are what the democrats in both the unionist liberators’ camp and the unitarist patriots’ camp should accept and respect. The future common political community in the region/empire will be at least a union of autonomous nations, and at best a union of independent nations in the Ethiopian/Kas/the Horn/Kush/the Oromian Union. This suggests that they all should try to struggle for both the national autonomy of each nationality and the regional union to keep the territorial integrity of the Horn, despite the move of the unitarists against any sort of national autonomy. Coming to such agreement by the two opposition/rebel camps means taking away the worst instrument of Weyane, i.e. taking away its notorious divide-and-rule method….”:

  5. girma on

    get together for one goal all opposition partis work together to rid off weyane rigem to build a better ethiopia.

  6. Jaleta on

    Needless to say Congratulations – As the saying goes “better late than never”. It is good news and encouraging. I can now see light at the end of the tunnel. WOYANE and Tigre thugs must be removed by all means necessary!!!!

  7. Ambabi on

    That is what I am talking about. Help the movement inside the country and attack weyane from every direction. All Ethiopians need to contribute money for this purpose. That is the only way to topple weyane otherwise no matter how high we shoute we can not dismantle the slave of the west.

  8. Girma on

    This is a good news but I am a member and do not know the pweson you said Atlanta area OLF rep.

  9. Liberty Bell on

    Dear Bro Elias,
    For some reason, u failed to post my previous comment in regard of congratualating those prodemocrat brothers/sisters Londoners for a job well done. I just have no idea whether i’m discriminated for being english-challenged struglling author or unknowingly crossed over sensitive issues (and got to admit for once that this is because of you, ato Elias, for you didn’t put warning protocal writing), or worse who knows, that you might have a tiny soft spot fot the MONTH-TO-MONTH LEASE HOLDERS of the magnificent Menelik Palace (now temporarly reduced to kitfo/fortune palace) tenants. I wish i could figue you out what you are upto, dude. Saying this, one thing is clear: ONE OF THE JUST BEKA MOVEMENT MISSION IS FOR FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION; such as posting average-joe fellas like myself regardless of their comments on this VOICE OF THE VOICELESS ER website which does not mean ofcourse, ER agrees with the commentator by posting it. Isn’t this what it means democracy at its best? i certainly hope so.
    The following opinion about to throw is not new but a merely repeating the unlearned lessons of what our many wise people stated before. for instance, the late Eritrean scholar, Tekie Fsahasion(the once equivalet of the heavy wieght ER intelectual, Prof. Al) cricized the successive Ethiopian leaders in one of his exellent piece titled “Pity The Accursed Land” for resolting only to endless conflicts instead of seeking mutual cooperation for lasting peace and development thruogh the negotiation table. What a missed opportunity! How sad that we, Aficans are allowing selfish regimes the like of the wicked woyanes to make us a loughing stock of the world by playing us diffenrnt tunes/tricks in order to extend thier misrule on our expense! Yes Prof. Tekie, we sure deserve better than those modern colonizers in a crispy suits.
    Lastly, for the honorable Dr. Berhanu Nega with his equally honorable freedom activists colugues, i pray god/alah to bless them with the opposite woyane characterstics for the sake of our future generations.
    Unity & Peace Everywhere!

  10. Zemedkun on

    Wow. . . wow. . . wow . . .Our leaders may God give you wisdom so that you become united and lead us to free Ethiopia and its beautiful people from Tyranny. I Love my Ogadene, Oromiya, Tigrean, Gambela, Gurage, Amhara, Welayta . . . . brothers and sisters as much as I love my mom or dad. God bless Ethiopia!

  11. @ Liberty Bell,

    To be honest, Elias is no better than the woyannes. He had been deleting my comments, I am not sure if this one will pass his filter..If so, just to let u know you wrote a great piece of comment.

  12. pesticide on

    Good and practical step.

    Eritreans will be part of the burial ceremony so our region would enjoy lasting peace and development.

    Way to Go !

  13. Goytom on

    Thanks to God. This was what I have been waiting for so long and longing for- Unity. I am really happy now and God be with you guys. This is what a civilized society do. I do not know what can I say, in short I am happy. Berttu. BEKA!!!

  14. Elias, Please don’t delete my posts. You are saying you are an advocate of Democracy but you keep deleting my posts.

  15. please note that Ogaden clan is a part of wider Somali nation and by no means represent the interest of all Somali people in Ethiopia. Since time memorable the successive regimes in Ethiopia has decided to favour this clan. This has caused serious political, economical and social unrest in the region. The Ogaden, although the minority, used the state machinery to subjugate and advance its narrow agenda of clan-ism. If the pro democracy movement in and outside Ethiopia are really interested in bringing peace and tranquillity it is right to let the Somali people decide their own destiny. We are alienating other Somali in favour of Ogaden clan. This is the old style of divide and rule and the Somali people in Ethiopia would not accept it.

    In current Ethiopia, Ogaden clan of Somali nation is the main collaborator of the WEYNE regime. It also claim to be a part of opposition. I am afraid the same would happen if peace and democracy is brought in Ethiopia in the future. The main purpose of Ogaden organisation is to create a state that is dominated by Ogaden clan when they just inhabit a tiny proportion of the Somali regional state. Currently there is a big movement in Ethiopia that want to establish a Somali state away from the ogaden sub clan. The former derg regime did so by creating the Ogaden autonomous region. The issa, Isaq, Hawiya, dir and shaq hash clan of Somali regional state are fade of the long held policy of favouritism by all regimes in Ethiopia and would not accept any form of division among Somali people.

  16. Sharif on

    @ali don’t you have anything else to offer… Go to somalia and fight for your clan.. When it comes to ogaden you should produce visa..

  17. Beka on


    The statement and arguments you have concocted here are full of factual inaccuracies, you have twisted the facts to support your primitive clan ideology which is at the very center of your reasoning. Its people like you who put clan at the very core of there political leaning that have left Somalia in the stateless abyss it remains.No matter how hard you try to tone down your argument with your convenient and manipulative placement of the word “unity”, your overall message is the mentioned clan is according to your conclusion overrepresented and your clan underrepresented which leads us to “Kilil politics” debunking your attempt at trying to sound like a “Somali patriot”.Your whole argument is filled with this inconsistency.There is a contrast between clan and region when we refer to the Ogaden region, this is a geographic term used Internationally as a point of reference.This is the reality, The Ethiopian government nor the Ogadeen clan have chosen to put this into the mouths of scholars,newspapers,and the wider International community.The derg did not create an “Ogaden autonomous region”, the Ogaden was then part of Hararge and Bale regions.We come to your grand lie of claiming the Ogaden clan has been historically favored by successive Ethiopian regimes.Its the Ogadeni clans which have lead and supported every resistance to Ethiopian governments, this is printed black and white for you in the historical records of the region.The Ogaden clan has suffered immeasurably under successive regimes and continue to suffer, this is an elementary and uncomplicated basic fact.If they were out to profit like yourself from the conflict there is a sweet deal waiting for them in Addis ababa.The nature of conflict has never been clan vs Ethiopia but Somali self determination vs The Ethiopia State.The Kilil system is your primary concern despite your attempt to sugarcoat this in your argument.You think the Ogaden clan cant be in opposition and retain power in the colonial Kilil system? this is down to simple demographics the Ogaden clan represents more than half the population and for the most part political consideration on the side of Meles who wants to divide the Ogadeni clan been the backbone of the struggle.The Kilil State apparatus is used against the Ogaden clan to further suppress them, it does not serve there interest.Its ludicrous that you claim otherwise.The Kilil is controlled by the TPLF take your concerns to them but don’t indict a whole clan.

    The Somali people in the Ogaden are on track to reclaim there inalienable right to determine there fate.They are leading from the front in the effort to overthrow the Woyane regime and lunatics like Ali who bring nonsense which is unintelligible to most people on this forum will have no bearing on the this reality.No one cares about your clan concerns Ali.

  18. Oromai on

    Let’s say Oromai to the System of Domination in Oromia and Ethiopia/the Horn!:

    “……I think the “multinational” forces of freedom and democracy like G-7 starting to cooperate with the national liberation fronts like OLF is the new version of the alliance yet to be fostered similar to the AFD, the alliance which seems to be weak now. The new alliance of the “iilegal” forces of freedom and democracy in addition to the alliance at home will definitely be the beginning of the end for the devil of the Horn. One of the best sentences said by Dr Berihanu Nega until now was: Weyanewoch iyekefafelun yalut, kenesu bilxinet yetenesa sayihon, kenya monyinet yetenesa newu.

    This wise assertion is the call for the alliance of all against tyranny to struggle together having the following two phases of the ongoing struggle for freedom and democracy, which was previously planned by AFD, and now propagated by G-7 and others:

    – first phase to achieve our freedom from tyranny or from the system of domination, i.e. decolonization.
    – second phase to build multinational democracy in the region Ethiopia or the Horn, i.e. democratization……”

  19. Kamal on

    People like Ali make me sick. He knows that in the Ethiopian context Ogaden is not a name used for clan. It is partially a name referenced for the Somali Region of Ethiopia. The Ethiopian people know that the Ogaden somalis specially the Ogden clan had refused to engage Meles Zenawi. They are patriotic people who can not be swayed by favoritism. They are highly justice oriented and their fight is personally against Meles for unleashing his army to rape their girls, destroy their homes, arrest their brethren. While the rest of the Somalis in Ethiopia and Somali proper are collaborating with Meles Zenawi of fear of his power; the Ogadens have vowed to end this regime. The Ethiopian people have seen while people like Ali where filling up the venue for these basters, the Ogaden girls and boys were demonstrating along with their Ethiopian brethren.Regardless of Ali’s hatred against the Ogaden by calling minority, or they are favorites of Meles, that is nonsense. If he is referring to the Durreya who is the Somali regional president, well he is supported by people like Ali who were kissing his ass, and not by the Ogadens. See the websites belonging to all other Somalis from Ethiopia who are don’t belong to the Ogaden clan. They are all for Meles Zenawi. These idiots are talking about garbage while supporting Meles and his tugs, they still have decency to speak negative to those who are opposing this tyrant regime.

  20. Fetu on

    Good news. This will give us the energy to liberate ourselves from the woyane’s yoke. Our disagreements are a good fortune to the woyanes, but our unity is a hardship for them.

  21. berku on

    I am very pleased in the meeting of the three strong political organizations. Unity and having the same conciseness is the first and the basic thing to remove the racist, fascist and dictatorship government from Ethiopia.
    It is Very nice beginning.
    God bless Ethiopia.

  22. Gemechu on

    The alliance forged is long overdue. It is time for OLF and Oromos to play their legitimate role in the dismantling of Woyane and Tigre thugs from Ethiopia. After all Oromos have been and continue the front targets of repression and crime against humanity by Meles and Woyanes.

    According to Dr. Berhanu Nega and even Seye Abraha “Esir betu Oromigna Yinageral” – The phrase would pass for simple ethnic politicking if it was not spoken by a founder and former political bureau member of the Tigrean People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) and a former Defense Minister of the regime now ruling Ethiopia with an iron fist. The phrase is a direct quote of Mr. Seye Abraha who recently got out of prison after serving six years at the Qaliti dungeon on trumped up charges that his accuser Mr. Meles Zenawi could not produce any credible evidence for proof. For human rights groups and many among Ethiopians who follow the human rights condition in Ethiopia, the savagery being committed against the Oromo people by Meles Zenawi’s regime is more than a little dirty secret. I was amazed to see a shockwave and a jolting moment in the packed hall in Virginia on January 5, 2008 when Seye spoke the four word phrase “esir betu Oromogna yinageral”. To the stunned audience Seye added a figure. He said “about 99% of the prisoners in Qaliti are Oromos”. I saw many people shaking their heads in disbelief.

    Seye’s assertions and figures may appear as revenge against his former comrades as the apologists of the crimes of the regime try to tell us. In fact, nearly all people who have been at the Qaliti prison tell us the same thing. As he himself alluded to during his long speech, Seye understands that he shares responsibility and has a lot to answer for as one TPLF leader for the plight of the Oromo people. Many of us know that he has been at the forefront in fighting the Oromo Liberation Front (OLF) out of the political system in Ethiopia in 1992 when they suspected that it has a widespread support, and the subsequent suffering of countless number of Oromos suspected of sympathizing with the OLF or membership in it. Others who have been to the Qualiti prison that I was able to talk to concur with Seye’s assertion. As a friend who recently came from Addis Ababa told me, this is one dirty public secret of Meles Zenawi that everybody in Addis Ababa talks about when the TPLF spies are not around. I think this is a horrifying human rights abuse that must be disquieting to all of us who value our people, the country and the future of every one of us and our children.

  23. shewa on

    great move !! about time to get united and remove these sick dogs…actually, Dog think better than TPLF leaders ..

  24. LUCY on

    This really the greate new for opprressed ethiopians in general. The unity of ethiopians is the beginning of the end of adwa’s criminals who do not have any moral ground to be at the head of the state. The tegeres gujiles are not strong at all, but the criminals have been using our division as their strength. Let us push all parties leaders towards unity. We Thank GINBOT 7 for such a great move and other loke OLF and ONLF for their dicision to stand together for our common goal, to destroy the enemies of our people and our country which we have inherited from our forefathers. Let us stand together and see the out come. the adwa’s criminals camp will soon collapse .

  25. Elsa on

    Even we Eritreans are with you all the way to the same goel.Our common devil are Leggesse evil and we can destroy him toghter in short time.

  26. love on


    Please stop dividing people as “unionist”, Federalist, etc. it is apparent such an ideology is concocted by outside enemies of Ethiopia and Ethiopia is not empire and deeds to be proved before calling out names just because you hate Amara. We know this theory of yours is coming from Professor Shamsaddin of Egypt (See American Chronicle) whose main goal is to break apart Ethiopia using people like you so that Egypt can continue to under develop Ethiopia so that Ethiopia would not question the NIle even though Ethiopia has not been asking development issue on Nile under past Ethiopia’s leaders. Currently the Zenawi boasting is really nothing but false lie to pretend he is pro Ethiopia, on the other hand secrectly to work with Egypt against Ethiopia. After all, OLF,Shaebia and TPLF are pro Egypt and make deals behind Ethiopians and against the interest of Ethiopians as a whole.

    That being said, it is great to negotiate the core of our people Oromos and Ogadens. Dr. Berhanu however needs to be very cautious OlF and ONLF. What needs to bring to question is ask the Ogadenis and Ormomos in Ethiopia if OLF and ONLF represent them, that they are not agents of outside such as Egypt, Arab World, West, Somalia and Shaebia. Eventhough I welcome negotiating, they are bringing the question of non Ethiopia on the table concocted by outside nations so Dr. Berhanu really needs to becareful. It is one thing to fight against the struggle of inequality and oppression, it is another thing to struggle for destroying Ethiopia against the interest of ALL Ethiopians.

  27. love on

    yes and liberty,

    Although ER does a great information bringing us Ethiopian news, there are some sensitive issues that ER does not want us to discuss and I am nto sure what those are and I wish he makes them a list. One issue I am guessing is strong criticism of Eritrea. I am beginning to think that this blog is not totally to service the public but merely bringing the news. It is really frustrating that our hard work great comments such as the above from liberty would not have beeen posted. Good or bad we need to learn from eachother to bring tolerance. ER, you can’t bring tolerance and democracy in Ethiopia if you don’t start here. Nevertheless, I still apprciate the cration of this blog.

  28. love on


    There are some commentors such as your self, everytime you talk about liberation you discuss the HOrn. What do you mean by the horn? What nations are you talking about when you discuss the Horn, I am just curious. We have to discuss bringing Ethiopia with in its borders to democracy rather than getting our hands in other nations. I wonder if you are Shaebia. Isayas talks about having Horn nations rather than countries.

  29. love on

    The number one fear of TPLF is the unity of the strong majority, Ethiopians incluidng Oromos and Ogadenis, That is the night mare for Weyane that is why it has to work twice as hard to divide. Now you watch what the Weyane and its stooges such as Aiga will post to divide us. Weyane now will see this conference as a threat and come up with something now to tell Amarans how the south groups being the dr. Berhanu. Oromos and ogadenis are against the North, Amara and Tigray. This is the type of tactic Weyane plays to divide us amongst us as if it didn’t do the greatest human right violations against all Ethiopians whether Amaras, Oromos, Ogadenis, Gambellas, etc. So I hope these ethnic groups don’t keep playing in the hand of Weyane over and over again. Shaebia also does not want this unification that is why it likes to keep OLF and ONLF like its puppet in Eritrea against Ethiopia not necessarily against Weyane if Weyane does what Shaebia wants.

    Viva Dr. Berhanu and Oromos and Ogadenis (prefer not to call them olf and onlf)

  30. fantu on

    Mr. Love, as you call yourself,

    your comments are the so called ” Mish Mash or ” Wish Wash ” . Headless and legless which sounds like a old drum that is out of date. Today, the militant sons and daughters of Ethiopia have come to their senses to believe that their countrie Ethiopia is not the true Ethiopia without her children ethnics. But some people like you are still beating the old drum of hidding the names of Ethiopian children ethnics. The struggle for UNITY, DEMOCRACY and JUSTICE for all MOTHER ETHIOPIAN CHILDREN ETHNICS will limited on fighting Woyane, also will fight and eradicate the internal MOTHER CHAUVINISM and CHILD NARROWISM as well.

  31. Ittu Aba Farda on

    I am still waiting for Brother Elias’ report card on Ginbot 7 group. Until then such talk shops won’t excite me. But I still encourage them to talk to each other in the hope that one’s harmonious behavior (if any) will help blunt other’s violent narrow nationalist policies. Always, there is nothing wrong in standing united in the fight to get rid of a dictator. Fighting narrow nationalist with another narrow nationalism will not cut the mustard but it would rather add years and even decades to the life of the one who is the ruler now. To me, the main reason why this goon from Dedebit lasted in power so far is the fragmentation of the opposition along nationalist line. You see… Narrow nationalists will never understand that. Because I have seen them at the closest range possible. I was in the middle of them for a while. Some of them have grasped the truth that conducting business as usual along narrow nationalistic ‘doctrine’, if any, will not bring their desired fiefdoms. Hence, they have distanced themselves from their former conspiracy speakeasies. But many others have clung to the same disease that afflicted them for decades and still believe that if that one person , the goon from Dedebit(Meles – I feel I desecrated my computer every time I mention him by name) is toppled, they will meet their objectives. That means, OLF will declare Oromia a separate and sovereign country, ONLF will declare Ogadenia the newest nation in Africa/world. OLF will export agricultural products to Ogadenia below the world market price and ONLF will export badly needed gasoline to Oromia well below the NYMEX benchmark. The Amharas and others will export their men and women to Ogadenia as laborers and for other pleasure needs. It is another Qatar and UAR in the making right after the goon’s so-called GTP!!!!
    So I will wait until I see Brother Elias’ report card. Until then I am entitled to my reservations.

  32. love on


    How about explaining? Can’t help it if my writing is mish mash, it is excitement and love for my country. You and I are actually talking about the same think you just took writing the wrong way. I agree, chauvinism, arrogance of one dominant ethnicity over the other should stop. Of course, all this was caused by many things including past and present leaders to continue to be in power.

  33. Waseraw on

    Above all we need our leaders to look in to these facts ,and plan to work work towards a common goal of forming united front among the Tigrai, Amhara, and Oromo for a united Ethiopia prior calling the people’s uprising for action. This is a crucial step that need not be by passed. There are various forces in the country that are using the event of the uprising to advance their narrow interest,and given the opportunity won,t hesitate to seize the event for their use. For instance, the extremist element of olf has been publishing in the past monthes,over these forums, views and ideas that are in support of independence Oromoia state. Therefore, from our point of view it is important,first, a unified voice emerge among the nationalist wing of Ethiopians of diverse nationalities as a vanguard party or front that will be playing leading role in the ongoing uprising against the regime. However, some Ethiiopian political organizations are only emphasizing unity without making this important distinction. For instance, some are calling a joint participation by all armed and none armed groups alike.
    I don’t believe the strategy of the enemy of my enemy is my friend will work in this case.Beside,those who are in favor of this policy have already tried it with Eretria and it doe’snt work.There is a thin line to walk in this area, but the best option to check sectarian aspiration for independence is to have first a unified vanguard voice among the various nationalities of our citizens who have a common vision of one Ethiopa.It is important that such a national consensus emerge first befor the day of the uprising.

  34. mebrahtu on

    you see people what jaleta says,this is your mistake, you blame the whole people(tigrian’s) do you believe you can live without tigrians? i don’t think! so please comment geniunley!
    yehonk oneg(olf) neger neh!

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