20 years Beka (music video)

A new hip hop music video calls for an end to Meles Zenawi’s 20-year dictatorship in Ethiopia. Watch below:

22 thoughts on “20 years Beka (music video)

  1. Lula on

    BEKA !!
    BEKA !!
    BEKA !! All Ethiopian people say for last time BEKA Meles you are DONE.

  2. Fatuma on

    A very good creativity! yes we say beqa to the devil woyanes !!! This is a call for Ethiopians and Ethiopian Lovers to stand together and eradicate the traibalist woyanes! Beqa,Beqa!

  3. Wedi Hager on

    I call to all my fellow Eritreans where ever you are: Support the Beka movement, because Woyanne is not only the enemy of the people of Ethiopia but ours too. As long as the Woyanne Regime is in power WE will never live in peace. We are well aware of the consequences of war. Peace is the only way to Development and Prosperity of our nations.

    Long live the friendship of the people of Eritrea & Ethipia.Solidarity forever.

  4. Almazzea on

    This was very refreshing to listen to. If you listen closely you can feel the anguish of the Ethiopian majority on the background of his voice tattooed. As far as ABAY is concerned, the Ethiopian people are not going to benefit drastically from only one dam. Meles’s excuse on the Nile issue is to sell power, which is nothing but a big empty excuse. Which country will buy all the power produced there? All those countries around Ethiopia are either poor or already have enough to light up their homes.

    Besides, that region is infested with rebels, and they will destroy anything of that magnitude. Is Meles going to keep military on every killometer? Abay’s dam could only benefit Ethiopians if there is an international company with deep pocket willing to open a large factory that needs all the power generated there and employe over 15,000 people. Other than that the money to be spent building the dam is not well worth the benefit to be gained. After all, the farm lands are already sold and the money from them has already been stashed in Meles’s offshore account.

  5. Beka on

    Enante atrebum. why do you not allow different opinions on your page? Your level of confidence clearly shows here – it is second to none.

  6. afro on

    20 years for nothing. beka. beka. please do it with different languge like oromo,tigergna etc…..

  7. BOQBAQA on

    20 years for nothing. beka. beka. please do it with different languge like oromo,tigergna etc ALSO IT WILL BE HELP FULL FOR AS !!!!

  8. Walqabna on

    Where are the students from the Ethiopian nationalists’ camp, while Oromian students are revolting? The following short take is a response to the recent Gadaa.com’s editorial ( http://gadaa.com/oduu/8995/2011/04/19/adios-oromai-zenawis-ethiopia/ ):
    The fact that Oromo students are fighting against the ruling tormentors in the name of all the victimized Ethiopians is a very fair move expected from a rational Oromo activists. This reflected a conciliatory and moderate move or view of the Oromo people. Oromo politicians as ethno-nationalists did their best to make the necessary compromise to struggle together with Ethiopian nationalists. I think the mistrust and the resistance against the necessary compromise is stronger in the Ethiopian nationlaists’ camp, not in the Oromian nationalists’ camp. The fact that Oromo students are now sacrificing their life to start the REVOLUTION against the tyrant regime, with little (NO) support from the students of the Ethiopian nationalists’ camp, is the proof on the ground! I think it is necessary that Oromo people be more self-reliant and push the struggle being united among ourselves. When we are strong enough, the Ethiopian nationalists’ camp will be obliged to seek the compromise position.

    That is why OLF should be inclusive of both the Oromo independist nationals & the Oromo unionist nationals, so that it be a stronger Oromo national liberation movement! I don’t think that any liberation front to that matter, OLF specifically, can be purely independist, but there is always the unionist wing in them. It was so in SPLM of South Sudan (where John Garang was a unionist), the same was true in EPLF of Eritrea; and even TPLF of Tigrai had both wings (independists and unionists). We know that till the TPLF leaders were sure to have power in Finfinne, the independist wing was strong; now as long as they are in power, the unionist wing (the de facto colonialist wing) marchs in a fore front. If these liberation fronts, representing the nations who are demographical minority and geographical periphery, do have such unionist parts, we can imagine how the unionist wing in OLF can be stronger than theirs, because Oromo nation is neither a minority nor a periphery in the Ethiopian empire!

    So, it is already programmed that OLF can have members from both wings (independists and unionists). I think these two wings in OLF do have now a common agenda, i.e FREEDOM from Abyssinian colony and tyranny; after this freedom phase, the two wings can compete in a very peaceful way to get the majority vote for their respective lasting solution (Oromian independence or Ethiopian union) during the second phase of sovereignity, where the Oromo popular will can be excercised per referendum! That is why fighting on this issue now (during the first phase of the struggle for freedom from colony/domination/fascism) is a futile excercise for Oromo nationalists.

    Only the fool liberation fronts do want to be a purist (exclusively either independist or unionist) organization! The smart ones are so INCLUSIVE of both the independist and unionist nationals, as long as both national groups are struggling for freedom from colony/domination/exploitation/slavery/oppression/suppression/tyranny! I don’t know why OLF should be such a fool to be exclusive of one group in favour of the other, instead of being so inclusive, stronger and integrative national liberation movement!

  9. gagi on

    The headline on Ethiomedia has this news:

    “Eritrean refugees in Ethiopia say ‘enough’; demand regime change
    By Peter Heinlein, VOA | April 21, 2011”

    Sounds familiar, Isn’t it?

    You all remember how the name “Kinijit” which used to send shiver to the TPLF camp was snatched from the party that was truly Kinijit and given to Ayele Chamiso so that it disappears from the public’s consciousness, and it did!

    Here we go again – “enough” “Beka” the motto chosen to mobilise the Ethiopian public is now allocated to Eritrean “refugees” to use and abuse it so that the Ethiopian public gets confused and abondon it, eventually!!

  10. mulatu on

    Yes beka bus should not be only by slogan, we should stand up together. say Beka beka.


    WOW ITS A VERY GOOD KEEP IT UP WE NEED MORE MUSIC BEKA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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