Confrontation breaks out among Woyanne delegates

Two weeks ago, Ethiopia’s khat-addicted tyrant Meles Zenawi sent a 35-member high level delegation to North America to promote his new gimmick, “Growth and Transformation Plan” “Grand Theft Plan” (GTP). The dictator who cannot stay one week in power without foreign aid has spent close to a million dollars for the 14-city tour in the U.S. and Canada involving 35 government officials and the 10 “journalists” who accompanied. In every city they visited, the delegates were confronted by protesters, and in Washington DC and Los Angeles, they were forced to cancel their meetings. The tour was a major public relations disaster for the decayed regime.

The two senior TPLF members, Berhane Gebrekirstos and Arkebe Equbai, who led the delegation were particularly shaken by the intensity of the protests and accused Girma Birru and other non-TPLF diplomats of not doing enough preparations. It is now rumored that Girma’s days as Woyanne ambassador to the U.S. are numbered.

Girma and the other puppet diplomats are in a quandary since they have little say to begin with. It is the TPLF cadres at the embassies who are the decision makers. In Girma’s case, he reports to Wahde Belay, a TPLF cadre whose official position is head of public relations, but in reality he is the real ambassador who gives orders to Girma and every one at the embassy.

47 thoughts on “Confrontation breaks out among Woyanne delegates

  1. koster on

    Please help GIRMA BIRRU and other hodam OPDO/ANDM/S.. slaves to be liberated from their Masters. Slavery is not allowed in the century we live in.

  2. Tecle on

    Great reportage. The TPLF is never tired of fooling everybody. It is something that is just second nature to them. For example Foreign Minister and Deputy Prime minister HaileMariam Desalegn is a minister by name but his real bosses are Birhane G/kirstos and Meles Zenawi respectively. They made HaileMsriam a foreign minister only because G7 revealed the TPLF kleptocracy and ethnocracy for all to see. They thought they would fool everyone by setting up the strings and puppet dolls for everybody else’s consumption.

    Here in America the case of Girma Birru and the chimpanzee that goes by the name of Nigguse Woldemariam (whose trainer is the feminine Dr. Belay HabteYesus), show what I am talking about correctly.

  3. Haile on

    Girma Biru’s day at the embassy is numbered. I don’t know how a man like him live like a slave under TPLF. I feel bad for him.

  4. Last Days of Weyane on

    People who have been here in the US for over 20 years remember that the Derg regime during its last fews months sent a deligation of “Hizb Lehizb” that included well known Ethiopian arts, the delegation was meet with confrontation from Ethiopians all over USA. The recent Woyane delegation reminded me of the Derg’s last few months. This is a clear indication that Woyane has only few months remaing to stay in power. Let’s watch now, they will try to steal as much as they can before they leave power.

  5. Esayas on

    A minor correction.
    Only the DC meeting was canceled. The Los Angeles meeting was disrupted, was delayed and shortened. As in all meetings, they have their resolutions probably written in Addis read as if it was the resolution reached by consensus . This was a typical extreme leftist MO. The regime never cared for the opinion of the people in attendance nor it wanted to listen to what they had to say. Nor did it plead with the audience to buy the so called bonds.All it wanted was a propaganda clip to broadcast in Ethiopia. In that I think they were partially successful.

  6. Anonymous on

    Girma Birru and the likes,
    Here is a little brotherly advice:
    Please have some respect and dignity for yourself and resign before the African Hitler Meles fires your ass. It is about time that you stop working for the torturers, the looters and the killers of countless number of innocent Ethiopians. Start today to live with guilt free conscience and let your family, your children and your fellow Ethiopians be proud of you. It is time for you to come clean and ask forgiveness and join your Ethiopian brothers, sisters who are fighting to stop the genocide, the looting and stop dictator Meles from selling most of our fertile land to foreigners. Right now your hands are covered with the blood of innocent Ethiopians, IT IS TIME TO WASH YOUR HANDS CLEAN AND DISTANCE YOURSELVES FROM THE TPLF CRIMINAL MAFIA GROUP.

  7. T. K on

    That is true, embassy people was saying ‘if you are not coming do not worry we have Ethiopian lovers from all over places’. Now we know welfare Somalian Somali were their tar-gate. I don’t think this is ambassadors Idea; this was Meles’s so called ‘smart plan’. Now he is running all over to shut down social Medias.

  8. TONY SOTO on


  9. Girma Biru has a heart of prostitute or a slave. He has no self-respect, no self-pride.

  10. Eritreawi on

    This tribal junta is exposing its true colors with each passing day, they hire non-Tigrayan mercenaries to appease Ethiopians to make their tribal rule palatable and when things go wrong the mercenaries pay the price. Just like they jailed their mercenaries in the Oromo region when they outlived their usefulness they will discard their in name only ambassador in DC when his mercenary services are not needed anymore. Fool me once shame on me, fool me twice shame on you.

  11. Anonymous on

    Shame at you Girmaa Birriu even out side the country wayane cadre give you all order,
    The give position that you can not lead. Pleace live been popet and stand up with your brothers agnest the killer wayane.

  12. khat on


  13. eritrawi on

    good job ethiopian.
    lets finish this weyane/tplf ants.
    6 feet under
    good job guys

    long live ethiopian-eritrean cooperation.
    death to weyane

  14. oromia on


    Plaese stop acting against us. I will give you a very god Job in DC.
    You can earn more than you get from TPLF.


  15. Liberty Bell on

    I sent the following joke to ER a while ago and now with some modification, i hope it would make it thru the screening process. I read it in the Sagem Magazine when i was a young tegadalay/soldier of the 80s in the field. By the way, the sagem/march on) magazine was named in honor of the ELF group who joined later the shaebia front. If i remembered and translated it correctly, it goes like this:

    The ever demanding House-Hold Dictator husband was constantly calling to his Ander-Appreciated House-Wife by shouting out “You monkey! where the hell is my lunch…!”You monkey! hand me the damn rope…!” He never has the courtery to reffer her once by her precious name. forget the L-(love) word. it’s as far as light year distance to ever mentioned in this arranged-marriage set up strictly For-Profit Family.

    Finally, the Demonized-Wife have had it to call it ENOUGH/BEKA! to her 20 years full of abusive dictatorship marriage. She just uprose one day to reclaim her Below-Freezing human dignity and confront her termentor by boldly saying on his greedy face “Isn’t mrs. Monkey a respected wife of the unrespectful husband mr. Gurella as well?!”

  16. chebsi on

    We khat addicted persons are never crueland morder like Meles may be more kind than non adicted

  17. Almazea on

    This is a good thing for all Ethiopians to watch. Girma Biru will soon be kicked out of the Woyanne “cram pickers camp,” he knows it too, he just does not know the exact day. A while ago, some TPLF electronic media were dessiminating a lie to keep Oromos hopeful, they were saying Girma Biru was to become Prime Minister in 2010 election. TPLF media knows how to keep the Oromo population blinded, then after a while they changed the lie to Meles will win it and transfer the power to Girma Biru, Oromos still believed at some point Girma Biru would become Ethiopia’s PM. Well, after Meles Zenawi purged Aba-Dula Gemedda out of the Cram Pickers group, the Oromo people began to see clearer. Meles Zenawi is a street smart, he knows how to play peple, and it looks like he has plenty of Oromo boys to play with.

    According to a reliable information coming, Meles Zenawi is collecting this Millennium dam fund to give it a dash. Just like Mengistu did twenty years ago May 1991. What a pathetic joke this has turned out to be, Ethiopia has fallen in the hands of idiots. The funny thing is she is exchanged from one idiot to another, and we are always willing to look away, deliberately tricked. I guess if it happens more than once the proper term is NOT trick, but WILLINGLY SWAYED.

    In the case of Meles and TPLF, Tigryans are the main instruments for making the swaying possible and all those non-Tigryans are willing to be swayed. First, it was Nagasso Gidada, then Aba-Dula Gemeda, and now Girma Biru are all active participants in this pathetic game of circus finally they all blame it on others after serving their purpose and get thrown out, much like used condoms. They are only there to be used to help their Oromo people get ….

  18. Woletu on

    Meles is ready to resign provided that the diaspora would let him live in the US in peace. His wife is also willing to accompany him
    provided that she is not charged for the millions of dollars she has so
    far siphoned into foreign banks.
    On my part, it would be advisable to negotiate the terms of their exile
    once the US confirms their request for assylum.

  19. anonymous say's on

    HEY!!5 years Transformation plan!! Frank-ly!! I don’t Care!!and i don’t gave a damn!!Booooooooooooooo!! Beka, Beka Beka!!!thank’s.

  20. Herods on

    Girma Beru hell out of you these inferrior subhumans use you like a robbot why have you sold your diginity for the rats days are for sure numbered and there after you will suffer in your old days and inherits shame for your kids to be called the son of a traitor it is time for you to say bekaaa woyanne ,look what was happening to minase (Aba dula by his woyanne name)they will lrt him go like a rabbit as his effectivness doesnot satisfy them even thou the dumb has done too many harm against Ethiopian peoples.

  21. Simon on

    Wayane achieved its goal by deliberately giving the diaspora useless issues and useless people so that we forget the crime king and the crime queen and bicker about his running dogs instead of discussing, planning and implementing the Beka, Ga’ee, etc. pressing agenda.

  22. Iteya on

    Girima Biru, please stop being a disgrace for proud Ethiopian oromos like myself !! We never had a slave mentality nor being banda in our history, come to your sence and join the fight to dismantle the narrow nationalist robers from Ethiopia !!


  23. Mekuria on

    Ato Girma Birru does not look healthy. His face looks like a terminally ill person. With the pressure from his bosses, not only his ambassadorial position but his very life may also be numbered.

  24. Zalanbesa on

    Ato Girma biru is not after all an Oromo. He happens to be an oromic speaking SODO Guragie.

  25. Mamo on

    ግርማ ማለት እኮ ለመጣ ሁሉ አጨብጭብቦና አጐንብሶ የሚኖር ነው።ተቀዳም እንዲሁ።ሁለት ሆዳሞች።ከአማራና ከኦሮሞ።እነዚህ አህዮች የሚበሊትን የሚጠጡትን ካገኙ ሌላ ምንም አይፈልጉም።ማንም እንደጎማ ሊያሽከረክራቸው ይችላል።እነርሱ መጡም አልመጡም የሚጠቅሙት ነገር የለም። ነገ አንዱ አሸንፎ ስልጣን ቢይዝ ላገልግል ብለው ብቅ ማለታቸው አይቀርም።እነዚህ ሁሉቱ በደርግ ግዜ ነበሩ።በወያኔም እዚያው አሉ።ነገም መለስ ዜናዊ ቢሄድ እነርሱ ምን ገዷቸው ይቀጥላሉ።ሆዳቸው እስከ ሞላ ድረስ።

    የማያፍሩ ጉዶች እኮ ናቸው።የሆዳሞች መልካም ምሳሌዎች።አሳፋሪ ትውልዶች።ለልጆቻቸው አፈርኩላቸው።

  26. tezibt on

    I think what I see is not desperate woyanes but confused opposition. Lets get focused and be serious. Meles knows what his delegates would face. This was one of his wicked strategies to divert attention and test the waters. I think he scored. I think he is a step ahead always. We need to sprint to catch up or pass him. That is what I see and feel. Sorry if any one gets offended.

  27. Zulu on

    Guys, sorry , Hailemariam Desalegne/Minster of forein Afairs is “Tigre under cover”, he is born in wolaita but he is the son of Tigrean Migrant to south long time ago. For more information Pls ask the southerners/someone from wolaita region, or consult Ethiopian History intelectuals.
    Mot lewoyane!

  28. mehari on

    As a tigrean I feel ashemed for those non-tigreans who are serving zenawi and a few tplf members while they can do nothing but completing the tasks that is given to them from zenawi, and yet it is a shame for someone who lives in the minds of others but still die as same as others, what is the meaning of life if someone doesnt use his brain, shame on servant girma and other tplf servants including the bandit tigreans who serves the intersts of zenawi and commiting many crimes in the name of tigreans

  29. DEMEFELAT on

    We will never forget the words from Meles Naziawi…”ye Axum hawilt le welyataw minu new?”.

    Now I ask this vampire weyane the following:
    Ye Abay wenz le weyane minu new?

    More interesting than any news about satanic TPLF’s “Growth and Transformation Plan” would be a communiqué that a small bag of rice fell over somewhere in China yesterday.

    It is becoming quite funny listening to weyanes talking about Ethiopia. One can’t claim the citizenship of a country that one is trying to eliminate from the face of the planet.

    We hate tribalist TPLF and all village minded ethnomaniacs. We only long for the day they will be flashed out from our motherland.

    Nobody should be able to separate us from the love of a One and United ETHIOPIA.

    God Bless ETHIOPIA!


  30. Anonymous on

    #30 & the likes of you,
    Does it really matter if the disgraced Ethiopian ambassador that is serving the dictator is an Amhara, Guragae, Oromo or Sidamo? Why do you guys go around divide Ethiopians by mentioning Oromo as a single country? I read an article on Ethiomedia and Nazret that mentioned the recent protesters against Woyanes around US, Canada and London as Ethiopians, Oromos and Ogadens. Why in God’s name Oromos and Ogadens are singled out as non-Ethiopians? Isn’t this giving in to the separatists groups and to what tyrant Meles and his cousin Isayas worked all their lives for? It is indeed sad that Woyanes play Ethiopians like a fiddle. Unless Ethiopians united as one to topple the TPLF regime that have robbed, tortured and killed their fellow Ethiopians, Meles and his cronies will be in power for many more years to come continuing their criminal activities and at the end, Melese will do what the other mad man Gaddaffi is doing currently to his people–kill, kill and kill without any regards for human life.

  31. Pajaero on

    Girma takes order from Wahid and Tsehaye as well.

    Tsehaye Debaleke is a woyanne Cadre at the Woyanne Embassy. He is a running dog with many faces, a one time Derg Cadre who was wearing a blue khaki like Mengistu who siphoned a lot to prision while working at the Ministry of Information; a one time Woyanne Cadre at the DC Woyanne Embassy, later on claimed Asylum and became a US Citzen and now still works under the guise of a PR but a Chief Cadre at the Embassy.

    I pity Girma

  32. love on


    YOu are khat yourself telling ER not to call Zenawi Khat-addict. Dear, why are you comparing other Ethiopians with the “leader of Ethiopia” who should be focused, sober to lead than be dependent on drug, khat? That is why he cannot reason, ration and is blind that is also what khat contributes. so don’t compare others who are not leading a country to the so called leader leading a nation under the influence. It is not his fault, we Ethiopians inside and outside made our nation a joke, to be laughed at as we let a drug addicted person lead us. Now we can’t seem to undo this once he spread his tentacles around us.


    Very good insight! That is why I like reading from comments like yours, observation from different perspective. It is us Ehtiopians whatever ethnicity making Weyanes thrive for long. At some point these instruments helping Weyane and blundering Ethiopia should some how say like Dr. Berhanu, Beka! For longest, I wanted Girma Biru to lead Ethiopia however, he has gotten his dirty hand with Weyane for too long and now he maybe leaving tplf in disgrace, what a shame a grand son of Balcha Aba Nefso, does anyone know of the story how Balcha died? Some bandas told Italians during occupation of Ethiopia in WWII the Ethiopain leader that Italians should fear is Balcha Aba Nefso and the banda Ethiopians lead the Italians to where Balcha was fighting. As Italians approached him, he had sword in his hands and he said to the Italians: “I heard you are looking for me”, Italians said, “Enough fighting, give up your hand”, he said to them ” I will kill one and die”, without giving them a chance, he striked with his word killing an Italian before the Italians shot him to death. When will we sear brave Oromos fighing for Ethiopia and their people? Not the fake OLF who are agents of Arabs and Egypt and Shaebia. To make the long story short, I am embarssed of Girma Biru whose ancestors came from the bravest people of Oromos is becoming the slave of Weyane. Girma, make Ethiopians proud like Balcha Aba Nefso (by the way, why weren’t such great stories of Balcha written at all by Ethiopians? History will never die no matter the past or present or future regimes try to hide the brave acts that come from Oromos especially and other Ethiopians), Girma, join Dr. Berhanu, you will be a good instrument to lead Ginbot to weaken Weyane and empower Oromos. We need you!

    Long live Ethiopia!

    BTW, despite how much Girma Biru works for the TPLF, of course they will not trust him, that is why non tigrayans are being singled out and being accused because the suspicion that non tigrayans will never be loyal to TPLF. Will this is showing more evidence that how TPLF is being narrow minded and delusional to think that without participation of other Ethnicities only Tigryans will lead. Of course they can’t, that is why they are now extending their hand to Shabia that Eritrean agents are fully supporting Weyane regime. In that case the joining hands of Weyane and Shaebia can easily control Ethiopans despite opposition because of military and strong loyalty to their own ethnicity. That is how Hitler ruled remember, if you unite your own kind with absolute no friction because you are of the same pure race then it is possible.

  33. Yelekal on

    Come on people Girma is a real banda who sold his people to fill up his greed. he need to pay back what he did to his people by taking side with his boss Melse. His hand is full of inocent Ethipian blood. He was working with derge as a banda here he is now with woyane. Shame on him. His wife is the same like him they are a good banda family. Oromo people are a very proud people I don’t think he is a true Oromo. May be he grow up in the oromo country. He is a disgrace for the Oromo. Pls don’t call him oromo. Mot for all bandas.

  34. Worknesh on

    Girma Birru is a wonderful man who has put his heart and soul for his country. He is a man of principles and vision and respected by everybody. The problem is that we, the opposition, have no real alternative to offer to our country. We missed our chance 6 years ago becasue we were not organized and we continue to act as a bunch of desperates without any concrete proposals for a real change! We just complain within our own circle…. going in circle ….

  35. toto on

    The cadres of the Tigrei People liberation Front, TPLF, control all aspects of embassy life in the USA and all the other embassies abroad, as they do inside Ethiopia. OPDO, ANDM, OLLN, OPDC are just some of the puppet organisations the TPLF use to advance their ethnocentric policy under the guise of ethnic liberation.

    ANDM is led by shabia agents like Bereket Simeon What does that tell you. The TPLF have no shame, even the puppet organisations they set up in the name of other ethnic groups are led by members of Tigre Liberation Fronf and the shabia

  36. Anonymous on

    Worknesh #40, are you well?
    A wonderful man you said? What is worse than a human being that keeps his mouth and eyes shut and serve a ruthless dictator that has stolen the elections twice—controlling the entire government of a multi-ethnic country Ethiopia by only his ethnic group…a dictator who stripped Ethiopians form their God given rights of free speech and free press…given orders Ethiopians to be gunned down…tens of thousands innocent Ethiopians from all walks of life to be locked up in jail and tortured…Ethiopians to be chased away from their thousands of years of culture and given their land to foreigners to be owned for up to 100 years…the Gold, coffee and other Ethiopian natural resources to be controlled by a few Wyanes, mostly by uneducated and inexperienced wife of Meles…Meles, Azeb and the rest of Woyans gotten disgustingly wealthy in lass than ten years after taking office by robbing the poorest country in the world where millions of poor Ethiopians are expected to die for a lack of cup of water and a piece of bread a day… etc.
    Only a TRAITOR serves a tyrant who has committed the things I mentioned above and a dictator that has been accused of violations of human rights and genocide by Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International.

  37. yona on

    i don’t understand that, how these people(like Girma Biru) at this level live with TPLF leaders in this way? i don’t know what they are demanding for, to sell their dignity and identity. do these people do not have other alternative to live ? what “Werada” people they are. dam!

  38. Yadergewal on

    This is a greate embarrassment to the Woyane regime, so Meles Zenawi will unlikely transfer his power to his deputy Hailemariam Desalegn. For the woyane leadership this is a very difficult topic, and they are already in a dilemma. The reason for this is they don’t trust anyone who is not of adwa/or Tigrean origin. The woyane fear is if Hailemariam Desalegn becomes a prime minister of Ethiopia then in case a dispute erupts between him and his adwa masters, he may ask political asylum when he gets a chance to make a state vist abroad. If this happens there will be strong international condemnation againest them. And encoraged by this tens of millions of Ethiopians will come out to the streets to protest againest their rule, and eventually lose their power. So the reality is Meles Zenawi may stay in power indefinitly, or one member from his adwa clique may replace him.

  39. Worknesh #40,

    Did you say “We” in the opposition? KKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK

  40. I see on

    Now it all makes sense. There are about three dams that are completed but not functional. Yet meles talks about building more with money he does not have. It definitely must be the Khat he is eating. Addicts do strange things.

  41. Eritrawi on

    good job ethiopians
    weyane/tplf will pay big time.
    6 feet under
    end of weyane is comming

    long-live ethiopian-eritrean cooperation

  42. Anonymous on

    Worknesh says:
    Girma Birru is a wonderful man who has put his heart and soul for his country. He is a man of principles and vision and respected by everybody. The problem is that we, the opposition, have no real alternative to offer to our country. We missed our chance 6 years ago becasue we were not organized and we continue to act as a bunch of desperates without any concrete proposals for a real change! We just complain within our own circle…. going in circle ….

    April 21st, 2011 at 11:43 AM

    A vey wise Advice.

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