Only 29 percent of Ethiopian women can read and write – World Economic Forum

Ethiopian under the Woyanne junta continues to rank at the bottom among other nations in every development scale. Most Ethiopians live under obscene poverty where children in the capital city scavenge for food in trash dumps. In this information age, only 1 percent of Ethiopians have access to computer, and Ethiopia ranks 135th out of 138 countries in Internet usage, 129th in freedom of the press, 138th in mobile phone subscription, 132nd in electricity production, and 133rd in adult literacy rate, according to a 2013 report by the World Economic Forum (read the report here). In literacy, Ethiopia ranks 129th place.  Shockingly, only 29 percent of Ethiopian women can read and write, according to the report. Only 11 percent of Ethiopian women and 17 percent of men are enrolled in secondary education. The enrollment rate in higher education is even worse: 5 percent of Ethiopian women and 11 percent of Ethiopian men have access to higher education.



16 thoughts on “Only 29 percent of Ethiopian women can read and write – World Economic Forum

  1. Netsanet Betigil on

    I know, it is a big NEWS for U.
    Congratulations, Elias…it is really an excellent NEWS for u. Still Ethiopia is doing better than your country Egypt!!!

  2. Elsa on

    These loser Woyane foot soliders (#1 and 2) as anchers for looter days are numbered. It won’t be long before they would be deported from our motherland back to their “greater” Thugray lala land.

  3. Teklu on

    China has been providing Ethiopia with Jamming equipment to suppress our voice. All Ethiopians must know the Chinese are doing more than building roads. They are building Communism too in our country.

  4. Justice on

    To materialise ‘Beka’ in practice, the aformentioned socio-economic and technological platforms are extremely essential. So, as to me it is premature to claim the ‘Beka’ will result in any fruitful outcome.

  5. Dejenie on

    You are wrong!

    There are lots of ways to communicate for us for our BEKA Movement. We have Edir, Church, Gebeya/market place,Schools,office, cafes,football fields etc. While we can meet face to face and work together, we do not necessary need the virtual connection.
    We can meet phyiscally and discuus and organize ourselves for our freedom war. Ethiopians, The people will rise and no one can stop that flood.

  6. BEkA on

    REspond to #1&2

    Why you guys are jumping on Elias, “It is what it is” Tell your unelected prime minster to leave the country to the professionals. I think the General Winget graduate knowledge is not enough to lead our country there are many educated economists, engineers,teachers etc who can build our country instead of your tplf mercenary.

  7. What happend y who live abroad who support EPRDF! atleast y have to admit that eprdf suppres the freedom of ethiopian.In addis there r peoples just like y who sales their brother and sisters for 30 birr.oh God.

  8. Anonymous on

    I am not sure if we should underestimate Meles Zenawi academically. He was a very outstanding student. He had done very well in High School Matriculation. In fact I heard that he had received a golden watch for his extraordinary scores when he took the final exit in 1972. He had done very well after 1991. You can see what is behind the façade when he talks to the journalists. Melese is not a nonsense person or leader. He knows what he speaks and what he acts and orders accurately and exactly.

    He was also an excellent student when he was a freshman and sophomore in Art Kilo Science Faculty. I have not got any doubt about his caliber. He is also well read. Most probably he is one of the best bibliophiles in the nation. I do admire him for such inclinations since his young age. I will also want to invite his class mates and peers who knew him very well to say something tangible than what I am saying. But I assure you and give you good advice
    do not undermine The Prime Minister. He must be an intelligent man who enabled himself to rank above most of us. I accept his achievements truly with sincere respect. The dictator has a brain and something good matter is pilled above his shoulder. But he is not using it for the benefit of democracy and freedom of our people.

    Also do not blame him for not doing very well in the current technological growth of the country. He has a very big burden to overcome that is his attentions only to one section of the country. That is his worst enemy. Because every thing depends on his perspectives about the country. I am saying perspectives about securing power and the new status quo. Number one priority in the country for the last 80 years in the Empire has been military build ups. It sucked every thing. Therefore what do you excepect. The two rulers were from Shawa and Prime Minister is from Tigray and all went and cared about their powers not our poor people.

    I remember reading The Prince. And Legese Zenawi is The Prince as well as an astute advisor Niccolo Machiavelli for himself. Machiavelli used to advise the Italian prince to be good and virtuous as well as protective. Melese has been advising himself to be too foxy. When you act as a leader to be merciless you may not have time to develop the country technologically. I admire him for what has been doing with such a bad drawbacks and shortcoming. His real redemptions is abandoning power to where it belongs. 20 years is too long and the leaders that he adores such as Stalin and Enver Hoxha (1944–1985) of Albania might have been tuning in their graves for the mistakes they had committed against their respective nations and feeling what Melese doing may rock them at their underground world,. I advise Melese not to be revisionists mimicking the well known dictators and killers from Europe. Machiavelli balanced good and evil but Melese chose to be non virtuous. History and the people of Ethiopia will judge him forever as a bad leader that is a bad d legacy-I think he realizes that. Our Machiavelli and Prince from Adwa is truly in a quagmire. Stalin and Enver Hoxha will condemn him right now.

  9. king_ezana on

    I grew up hearing a proverb that I think goes very well with what is being said here. It goes like thais: yefukikir bet sayzega yaderal. I will leave the english translation to you.

    I believe that the goverment in Ethiopia has failed in its five, ten, fifteen, twenty years economy plan to feed Ethiopia from one time to three time a day, or whatever has been said. However, I also believe we, be it in or out the oppostion parties, have failed to do somthing about our people. Let’s be honest and ask ourselve what we have done for our people? I seen many foreigners doing a lot to improve the life our Ethiopian both at home and the diasspora.

    When was the last time we send a dollar to help our countrymen, that is if we ever sent one. When was the last time we have done anything whatsoever to make a difference in the country we claime to love? Or is it that we cannot do anything about Ethiopians back home unless we posses political power in Ethiopia? The two may be related, yet one doesn’t need political power to uplift his or her countrymen.

    We all are as responsible as the government is….


  10. banjaw on

    shame on you at #1 and #2 …it is not elias who said or who wrote this report….u got to swallow the fact…

  11. ALEM on


  12. Asrat on

    Finally, we have to come to a grasp that being a “WOYANE” is not a political matter, that as any other view or opinion can be settled by political means or for this matter,through tense confrontation and heated argument, rather it is a very serious mental illness which requires a professional intervention.It is a puzzle to us to understand what made these unfortunate demons to think this way and to have this much hatred against the country, their ancestors played a great role to create ,build and defend?

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