Protest march in Mekele (photos)

MEKELE, ETHIOPIA — Hundreds of residents in the northern Ethiopian city of Mekele (Tigray Province) held a protest march yesterday, April 20, to voice their opposition to the order by the city administration to vacate their homes, according to Ethiopian Review Intelligence Unit sources.
protest in Mekele, northern Ethiopia
The residents built their homes on the land that the City allocated to them four years ago. Now the City wants the land back.

As the residents peacefully marched to the office of Abay Wolde, President of Tigray, they were intercepted by the Federal Police who ordered them to disperse. After a brief {www:standoff}, the police asked the protesters to send their representatives to meet with Abay Woldu. They dispersed after Abay told the representatives that he will let them know his decision on Friday.
protest in Mekele, northern Ethiopia

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  1. yismaene on

    I have always believed that the very nature of EPRDF will one day be disclosed no matter how sophisticated it might look when compared to “Derg”. Neverthles, I still see many confused Tigrians and “hodam Amara” who seem to continue to believe in this totalitarian “Govt.” even after what has been done to the peaceful and innocent Mekelle resident. After all this is the people who suffered most by sacrificing his children during the struggle.

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