Meles Zenawi fails to attend Ali Mirah’s funeral

Funeral services for Biwoded Sultan Ali Mirah Hanfere, one of the most prominent Ethiopians, was held on Tuesday in the eastern Ethiopian town of Assaita in the presence of family members, friends and supporters from different parts of the country, religious figures, and political leaders, including the prime minister of Djibouti.

Conspicuously, but not surprisingly, absent from the funeral was the khat-addicted {www:tin-pot dictator} Meles Zenawi.

Although Ali Mirah, 95, is a bitter opponent of Meles Zenawi’s politics, he is more than a politician. He is a spiritual leader of Ethiopia’s Afar community, and held in high esteem by millions of Ethiopians as a great patriot. His influence extends beyond Ethiopia’s borders. That’s why Djibouti’s prime minister came to Assaita to pay his respect.

27 thoughts on “Meles Zenawi fails to attend Ali Mirah’s funeral

  1. Mamo on

    Tyrant Zenawi is not particularly known for having respect for anything outside of his circle kleptocracy. It would be out of character if he showed any respect for the great Sultan Ali Mirah.

  2. koster on

    How do you expect an anti-Ethiopian tyrant like Meles Zenawi attend the funeral service of this Great Ethiopian Bitwoded Sultan All Mirah. Meles will only attend the funeral of tyrants and looters like him not patriots.

  3. pro meles on

    So what? did you think popular uprising is going to start in afar.ahahahaha

  4. Waka on

    May his soul rest in peace this grand Ethiopian hero your name stays always in your mother Ethiopias heart in a golden statue,as for Elias
    it was really degrading and an insult if the tin pot tyrant was in his funeral ceremony like mussolini attends emeye Minilik funeral.

    Once again let your soul rest in peace Negus Ali Mira the grand son of mother Ethiopia

  5. Farewell on

    Well I am not surprised at all. Any Ethiopian patriot that loves his/her country and advocates for the unity of Ethiopians is considered an enemy by the murderer and looter Meles and his puppets. Actually, the presence of Meles would have been an insult to our hero Ethiopian.

    Rest in peace our hero! Rest in peace! You will be awfully missed.

  6. Stoned Peter on

    I am glad the dog was not at the funeral of our hero because of his fear of Ethiopians his security vultures might had ruined the peaceful funeral. More over since he is only working 8 hours if he goes to the funeral he might had charged 2 times of his known payment and millions of times the unknown payment from poor Ethiopians. In addition if he goes to the funeral who is going to work behalf of him to jam VOA DW and ESAT TV etc.

  7. yebbo on

    Zenawi is scared to show up in public among patriotic Ethiopians, paying tribute to the great leader and son of Ethiopia Sultan Ali Mirah. There cannot be other explanation

  8. Bubu on

    MelAss did the right thing. A banda is not needed at a Patriot’s funeral. BEQA.

  9. Ebdoch fromvegas on

    Melee is hiding from Ethiopians not to get shot. He knows those Afars are well trained to hit his bald head.

  10. Truth Told on

    Tyrant Meles knows that he may not have come back if he went to the funeral and he wouldn’t appreciate two funerals at the same time in the same place, one for a Bitweded and the other for “Yematweded.” :)

  11. Taytu on

    For Haile:

    You are right. No wonder that he told you what he was told by his master the “zendo”, (serpent). Muartegnia, yetenkuay lij.

  12. HateMeles on

    ager wodad says:

    “I wonder how many people would show up at Meles’ funeral?”

    I will legaly change my birthday to that day.

  13. Anon on

    Ager wodad, you asked “I wonder how many people would show up at Meles’ funeral”. Your guess is good as mine.

    First of all he is still breathing so raising these questions at the moment might be premature since it presupposes one has to be left behind to witness when Melees leaves the earthly scene. If you want my guess I would think his attendants will be Isayas Afewerki entourage and some of Melese’s half cast bodies such as Lidetu.Either way there won’t b e any fukera or shelela ,but only a mere event for the casting away of his carcass as it is done to the dog.

  14. Al Turabi on

    To the dismay of Ethiopian people..meles will go to the funeral of Sudan’s Al Turabi…

  15. A digrace woyane on

    Either you’re another moron who don’t know the difference between heroes and looters and murderers, or you are one of those African thugs who support murder dictators to get benefit from their looting. We have seen those thugs in Egypt, Tunisia, Libya and Yemen murdering their own fellow citizens in behalf of their bloody hand despicable dictators. Disgraced people who support tyrants that are responsible for the deaths of tens of thousands of innocent people and looting billions of their countries citizens Tax payers money are thieves, hoodlums, heartless, coldblooded Satan worshipers. Shame on you haile!

  16. Molto Suugo on

    #13.ager wodad,

    We may wonder about it but we may predict from the past history of DEAD dictators.

    How many people showed up for the funeral of criminal dictator Mobutu Sese Seko who died in Morocco? How many people showed up for the funeral of Criminal dictator Idi Amin Dada who died in Saudi Arabia? How many people showed up for the funeral of dictator Nikolai Ceausescu, how many people showed up for the funeral of dictator Pol Pot of Cambodia, how many people showed up for the funeral of Adolf Hitler, etc. etc….

    In fact ONLY the ghosts of all those innocent masses of people they have massacred jailed, displaced and starved will show up to haunt them for ever ever to come. ):

  17. Dabtera Iwunetu on


    Absolutely! You might have been talking to Meles’s cadres and tplf agents by your own very choice in order to come up with your misleading opinion which NO one believes at ALL. By the way did you talk to Azeb Mesfin? :)

  18. Abdurahman M.Nur on

    To begin with Why we Expect a mercenary-looter to attend patriotic Ethiopian funeral Ceremony ???

  19. Gelaw on

    Meles always fears attending public gatherings. He thinks he will be shot by someone somewhere. Given the menacingly growing people’s anger and indigination against his 20 years rule, his fear of public gatherings is not surprising!

  20. Eleehab on

    May God rest the soul of the beloved Al Mirah in eternal peace.Amen.The priceless son of Ehtiopia will always live in the hearts and minds of Ehtiopians.Yes,he will.

    The dearest son of Ethiopia,Al Mirah is the Patriot who had been fighting tooth and nail against the previous and the current enemies of Ethiopia and had scored numerious victories for his loving people and country.Many thanks to him and we love him endlessly.

    The enemy entered Ethiopia twenty years ago and declared a war against anything and everything that is Ethiopian;however,Ethiopians picked up the strength from the patriots and continued fighting the enemy until its is disintegrated into tenuous dust.There is no burial for the enemy,but there is eternal death from which it will never come back to Ethiopia.

    The enemy shall be kneeled down chained from its hair strands to the tip of its toes,in alphabetical order,A to Z, in front of millions of Ethiopians and shall be received the first and the last punishment tantamount to all sorts of crimes it committed on the sons and daughters of the beloved Al Mirah.

    On that day,that day,on judgment day,the enemy will definitely acknowledge to itself tacitly that it will condomn itself the day on which it was born and the day on which it set its feet in Ethiopia.

  21. seged on

    The death of Bitwoded Sultan Ali Mirah’s death is sad event to all lovers of Ethiopia. He is a genuine son of Ethiopia, and anti communist. We morn for him.

  22. abatreg on

    I wander why people ask how many people will be in meles’s funeral. First of all there will not be any funeral for him, because he will be caught by the mob of Addis and will be chopped into pieces and be given to the dogs. I don’t mean the Addis people are seveges but situations may creat mob uprisal which can be out of control and things will happen like that.

  23. Azebmesfin on

    Yes! ykulkwal lige never attend patriotic Ethiopian Funeral cermony because he knows his a guilty and anti-ethiopia.

  24. Asnaketch on

    Elias, you get a lot of visitors #1 for the last 5 plus years. You are also a determined Human Being in all Ethiopians eye. One problem, I have with you, why are you not using Youtube Technology? For example, you should put the Four part series of Abune Mekarios.

    Anyways, I just created one in Facebook FAN Page for Abune Mekarios. Please publicize it, for everyone to watch and be a FAN.!/pages/Abune-Mekarios/212519888775596?sk=wall

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