Beka conference in Toronto

A conference will be held in Toronto, Canada, on May 7, to discuss the current situation in Ethiopia, including the struggle to bring an end to the brutal dictatorship.

Guest speakers

Obang Metho (SMNE Director)
Jawar Mohamed (Activist and Political Analyst)
Abebe Belew (Addis Dimts Radio Host)
Mohamed Hassan (Researcher and Founder of Canadian Center for Ogaden Researcher and
Allo Aydahis (From the Afar community)

Date/Time: Saturday, May 7, at 2:00 PM
Address: 40 Donlands, Toronto

More info: Email

7 thoughts on “Beka conference in Toronto

  1. Queen on

    It is good to deliberate but I hope that we are NOT only talking for the sake of talking as an end in itself. Talks and deliberations are NEEDED but it also needs to be translated in to actions.

    “Take your time to deliberate; but when the time for action arrives, stop thinking and go in.” Napoleon Bonaparte

  2. observer on

    This joint movement should move forward. Different factions of Ethiopians are far from formulating a united goal. So a lot has to be done on that. The final seal of such goal could be an agreed-upon constitutional proposal (by major parties like OLF, ONLF, G7, etc) to be put for a referendum to Ethiopians. More than anything, the parties should work on bringing such unified vision among Ethiopians. Then the youth, with such vision, will finish the job of eradicating the blood-sucker woyanne.

  3. Gudetta on

    Beka should be not only for meles. It should include all the structures of his administration. In the name of kilil, and language heis dividing us to weaken our strength and the progress of the country. Federalism should have a different form than we have now. Beka for Tribal federalism.
    Voice of Wellega.

  4. Beya on

    Dialogue between the various Ethiopian communities must continue to build up consensus on the way forward. The guys on this panel are distinguished Ethiopians who can make a great deal of difference to the debate. This is a chance to discuss and put our points of views on how we can advance the democratic movement.

  5. T. Goshu on

    As the main objective of orgnizing a form for exchange of views and information is one of the steps towards deep and extensive mutual understanding on the very serious general crisis ( economic, political, social, moral etc.), we need to take this Conference seriously.These kinds of timely and inclusive exchange of highly meaningful thoughts will pave the way for the next very important step, i.e. the question of developing feasible and desirable approach that will lead to the realization of the objectives we desperately aspire. It is from this optimistic perspective that the Conference is said to a highly important event. But, we need to be serious enough on the question of how we can make the deliberations of the Conference the material forces for our remarkable objective ( the prevalence of genuine democracy, rule of law, respect for human dignity, a real sense of unity within diversity and so no.)

    Let us not only make it happen but most importantly fruitful!

    Let’s keep going and make ourselves free from a regime that is determined to stay in power by any evil means including curel killing machine .

  6. Ok on

    Better late than never! Twenty long years of deliberation and NO results.

    Loosely organized, motivated and networked young people rose up from NO WHERE sustainably demonstrating for their rights and removed entrenched die hard long ruling super rich dictators within ONLY eighteen extraordinary short days. It is a measure of political movements’ and all kinds of oppositions’ own quantitative and qualitative achievements of acting as effective 21st century change agents.

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