NATO air strike kills Gaddafi’s son

Government spokesman Moussa Ibrahim announced that 29-year-old Saif al-Arab Gadhafi and the grandchildren were killed during what he called a direct attempt to assassinate the Libyan leader… [read more]

15 thoughts on “NATO air strike kills Gaddafi’s son

  1. Oromticha on

    The entire family Gaddafi should disappear from the face of earth and Gaddafi has to feel the pain he inflicts on other innocent parents by killing their children. This is a fantastic development. Hopefully Meles will learn something from this recent development!

  2. Yes on

    Very Well done NATO! This is the beginning and the consequence of dictatorship.I wish to hear the Death of Gadafi very soon!

  3. Anonymous on

    Most of often the end result of a narcissist mad brutal dictator’s life ends up in misery. What goes around comes around. I don’t know what the views of the dead son’s were but, a child young or old shouldn’t pay for his/her parents sin. Now the tyrant is going through what he has put other parents through. Or may be not, cold blooded killers like Gaddaffie and Meles have no feelings and remorse for no one but their own. It is a shame that the three little innocent grand children have to die because of the sin of a heartless tyrant. Well, Gaddaffie is a dead man walking, it is a matter of time before we hear the death of evil Gaddaffie–God willing! I wish tyrants like Gaddaffie and Meles that have the blood of countless number of innocent people nothing but DEATH!

  4. Truth on

    Gust 1,

    Yes, Gadaffi is not smart. Like his counterparts,leader of Ivory Coast, Eritrea and Sudan, he refused to accommodate Africom. All those leaders will end up overthrown one after another. Ivory Coast’s leader is already in jail.

  5. sikamu on

    The dictator,Meles Zinawi has children.Today,the dictator,Gadhaffi is in deep shock and mourning the death of his son.The overall cause of the death of Gadhffi’s son is Gadhaffi himself because he refused to step down from power that he snatched out of the hands of Libyans.Readers,do you remember? First,Sadam Husen lost his sons;then,he lost himself.A man by the name Meles Zinawi is responsible and accountable for all the crimes that he committed against Ethiopians for the last twenty years.

    Husen Mubarak removed,Ben Ali removed,Sadam Husen gone;Gadhaffi will go,Gadhaffi’s son gone;so will Meles Zinawi.

  6. Anti-Dictator on

    This is an omonous moment for the Gaddafi family. They shall feel how losing loved one leaves a person. If they do not stop, again all of them will die, one by one. The best solution is for the Gaddafis to surrender and negotiate his way out.

  7. Truth on


    The comments posted here are devoid of common sense and depth. Where has been France and Britain, “civilian protectors” while 5 million people got killed in Congo alone in the last decade?

    I am afraid you may applause for NATO if it decides overthrows Melse using Tomahawk missiles and low grade uranium loaded tank shells.

  8. langano on

    Poor Ghadaffi, even all those African dictators whom he pampered in his palaces and for whom he donated millions of oil dollar turned their backs on him. This is the ultimate fate of a dictator.

  9. Jaisinol on

    Yes,dictators are blind to the reality and facts and always are in denial.Dictators do have families,but most often,put their families in danger.For instnce,Mubarak and his son are in a house arrest on charge of misusing public funds and looting the country’s treasure.Ben Ali ran away with a lot of golds and other valuable assests.

    Sadam Husen too ran into trouble mainly because he looted a lot of wealth and murdered a lot of citizens;in addition to that,he recruited his own sons to fight for himself and the regime he established and used it to suppress and oppress people.

    Dictators,not only use and used the army to kill citizens,they also arm and train their children to fight their own people.Meles Zinawi,just like other dictators such as Sadam Husen and Gadhaffi did arm their own children,Zinawi has trained his daughter and armed her with asault riffel to fight the fight.The world knew that Meles Zinawi ordered the killing of innocent Ethiopians and continued oppressing and suppressing Ethiopians since Woyane took power.

    Today,Zinawi has stationed hitmen and soldiers of his own in different part of Ethiopia armed with heavy weapons and guns to kill Ethiopians.

    We can not say Gadhaffi was or is a responsible father or leader knowing he lost his son and murdering his own people.Sadam Husen gone;so will Gadhaffi.If Zinawi decides to order his solders to kill Ethiopians,Ethiopians will fight back and eventuually,Zinawi will be captured and be tried in both domestic and international criminal court.

    As time is running out for Gadhaffi and as he will face the eventuality,so will Zinawi.

  10. BEKA on

    This is Meles turn now with his Buchula wife Azieb and his doughter Semhal.

  11. Fitihawi on

    Gaddafi got what he deserved and probably its time for him to feel the pain of those their loved ones were massacred by him and his family mercilessly.Dictators are all cowards when it comes to their lives or their loved ones.The capture of Sadam Hussien is a recent memory.It has been reported that Osama Ben Laden used a woman as a shield.
    This should have beeen a lesson for the blood sucker dictators to learn that JUSTICE will be served sooner or later but they don’t until they are cornerd and pushed to the edge of death like Gaddafi.
    The Eritrean blood sucker dictator is next in line and we like to see him and his family pay for the so much innocent blood they spell.We will make sure that every member of his evil team is brought to justice.
    Death to the dictators,
    Justice and Democracy will prevail,

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