Statement of solidarity with striking taxi drivers in Ethiopia


The Global Civic Movement for Change in Ethiopia welcomes the strike that has just been started by taxi drivers in Addis Ababa. We support it because it reflects the {www:grievance}s of the people of Ethiopia, and it is peaceful. It is part of the resistance against the minority regime that has been in power for 20 years through brute force and {www:fraudulent} elections.

In 1974 the Imperial regime was removed from power through the peaceful protest of all Ethiopians. During the election related crisis of 2005, taxi drivers supported the pro-democracy movement. Today, they are reminding us that change is possible. We, therefore, fully support the strike, the first of its kind since the brutal suppression of mass uprising in 2005 by Zenawi’s security forces. We call upon all Ethiopians to conquer their fear, stand together and support the demands of the taxi drivers. Their demands are as much political as they are economic.

The brutal regime has already started to suppress the peaceful protest. It has confiscated some taxis, and imprisoned drivers. We condemn this lawless act in the strongest possible terms. We call upon all sectors of Ethiopian society, –the youth, students, workers, merchants, civil servants, farmers — to stand in solidarity with the Taxi drivers, wage a sustained and all inclusive civil resistance and withdraw all forms of cooperation from the dictatorial regime of Meles Zenawi.

Freedom, Justice and Democracy for the people of Ethiopia!

Beka! Geye! Yiakel! Bass! Wetandem! Aloni, Diiteh! Gides!

Freedom, justice, equality for the People of Ethiopia! Victory to the people of Ethiopia!

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4 thoughts on “Statement of solidarity with striking taxi drivers in Ethiopia

  1. Joseph on

    Folks around the world,

    Could we create a special fund to help those brave Ethiopians who rose against tyranny defying the ill intent of the regime in Addis with Zenawi at helm of power.

    Melese and co are deafening us with the “Hidassse Dam” (Abay Dam) while planning to milk down Ethiopians in the name of a fabricated national agenda.

    They even calculated that Ethiopians have to contribute money while the nation’s children are starving. They are beating up drums in the same way like the old Derg era of ” Everything to the war front” slogan. We can’t keep quite while they are bleeding the nation.

    The Woyanes are now at work punching every Ethiopian from the ordinary farmers to traders and to government employees.

    We have to rise up and help the movement in every way we can. Let us contribute money creating a special fund to help out these taxi drivers and their families.

  2. Siye on

    The taxi drivers ignited this revolution like they have done it in the past in 1966 E.C.. Behind the seen the Adwa clique is in a state of fear and confusion. Now there is no letup, we will continue our revolution until the TPLF regime is ousted.

    The Ethiopian people will be the champion!

  3. Yohannes on

    We are on the eve of a new era. It is inevitable that the evil Adwa regime will fall soon. Ethiopia will be liberated!

  4. Anon on

    hey guys,
    people from dispora should work hard to help all ethiopians facing the regime at front for the revolution.
    free Ethiopia!

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