Interview with Prof. Getachew Begashaw (video)

ESAT interviews prominent economist Prof. Getachew Begashaw on Ethiopian economy. Watch below:

Part I

Part II

Part III

Part IV

6 thoughts on “Interview with Prof. Getachew Begashaw (video)

  1. Abebe on

    Thank you ! for speaking the truth . The next interview should be , what to do about it .

  2. Haqq on

    Definitely right, the growth that Woyane preach us is empty rhetoric. In the first place there is no real economic growth where the land owned by government, especially when the economy of the country depends on agriculture. Secondly there is no real development where every economic aspect owned and controlled by government.

    Road constriction, high rise buildings, dam constriction….etc it just a joke. Let us take the road construction for example, in a construction of certain segment of the road, before the end of constriction of whole segment the constructed road begins cracking from where it begun, no quality cheap material (ENE TOLTOLO BET GIRGIDAW..). High rise building, number of power dams the same, just a receipt for donor to grab more money.

    God the almighty bless Ethiopia

  3. gobez on

    ethiopia has become a colony of the woyane (duries) by the help of the western donners.

  4. Anonymous on

    good job Prof. Getachew Begashaw

    ethiopia has become the colony of weyane with the help of western government.
    we have to fight weyane/tplf. BEKA

    long live ethiopian-eritrean cooperation

  5. Selamawit on

    It’s clear that the Woyanes only care about prolonging their hold on power and have demonstrated on many occasions that nothing is sacred and everything is up for grabbs if its deemed as helpful in securing the power base. For all practical purposes, in the eyes of the Woyanes Ethiopia is nothing more than a cow to be milked only to be slaughtered at the end.

  6. Galxy on

    surely your sustainance grant must be phasing out. Better raise funds through other means. This won’t take you no where.
    Your talk is full of cheap fruitless rehtoric. I suggest you try a lottery in America or join the old homes. I am sure your wife and your wise children are laughing behind your back.

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