Organizing BEKA

A successful nonviolent struggle requires ongoing organizational efforts in the following areas:

▪ Publicizing facts and grievances.
▪ Promoting sympathy.
▪ Recruiting.
▪ Training, incorporating into actions.
Promoting commitment.
▪ Developing leadership skills among the members.
▪ Preparing advance replacements for arrested leaders.
▪ Preparing training manuals.
▪ Preparing participants to act without leaders when necessary.
▪ Maintaining communications. … (read more)

4 thoughts on “Organizing BEKA

  1. Almaz Yehulu on

    Leadership Quality: Emphasis on commitment, selfless sacrifice and
    purpose-driven motivation.

    Wisdom: The application of knowledge and principles in all situations,
    and circumstances.

    High ethical standards:guarantee the benefit and welfare of the masses.

    Rule of law: Protect and uphold the constution and its application especially individual human rights, farmer’s rght of land owner-
    ship and guarantee to enjoy the fruits of his labor. All land is the
    property of the people and not the property of the state. All farmers
    owe their loyalty to their community and therefore, will not be disowned of their property by the state or its agents. Finally, the
    judiciary system should ensure independence and equality before the law.

  2. anan on

    We dont need to wait for leadership sometimes,cause it has been success without leaders in tunisia or egypt.only comitment,beka!

  3. Grazmach on

    we have to fight weyane/tplf. BEKA

    long live ethiopian-eritrean cooperation

  4. ashenafi on

    we have to sweep woyane for once and for all with a united arm of the people…

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