Opposition group cut power in western Ethiopia

A large part of western Ethiopia is currently without power after Tinsae Ethiopia Patriots Union has cut electric power lines in Awi Zone last night. Mobile and landline phones have also stopped working due to the power outage. … (read more at Tinsae.org)

41 thoughts on “Opposition group cut power in western Ethiopia

  1. tezibt on

    I can’t see how such a kind of struggle would bring success in toppling woyane. I see that frustration can cause havok but it will anger the population against these groups. I feel like this is a cowardly act. Hospitals and other critical institions need to continue to funtion even when woyane is being toppled. During the whole arab revolt, which inspired the Ethiopian expected revolt, electricity was not cut by the demonestrators or rebels. I guess these dudes are not getting it.

  2. shiro on

    [deleted],this is not a news for ethiopian to selebrate.it is a sad news if it is true at all.

  3. Desta on

    Ato Elias Kifle, please tell us about Tinsae. Who is behind them? I am willing to support them as are not linked to Shabia.

  4. Derbabaw on

    Not just Taxi drivers today, and tomorrow Tinsaye Ethiopian youth. All Ethiopians who believe representative democratic government with a built in check and balance mechanism will accommodate the interests of the rainbow Ethiopian society need to join the struggle in unison. Ethiopians who share a common vision for tomorrow’s Ethiopia need to join hands for this historical event. Separatists and Shabia need not be given any chance to influence the direction or the outcome of this event. The Ethiopian youth who put their life as willing sacrifice will be the legitimate owners of the fruits of their labor. Political compromisers and tribal luckiest hidden within us need to take the back sit, and learn from those who are willing to die for the cause.

    Ethiopia will prevail!
    Doom to Shabia and weyane the enemies of Ethiopia!

  5. Bekele from Minnesota on

    it is good news the dictator will wipe out soon from Ethiopia

  6. lemlem on

    burn woyanne burn. Thank you Elias for sharing with us this great news. Make the country ungovernable for Meles and the Adwa mafia.

  7. Agame on

    I Just called the area not far from Asosa. The phone is disconnected. Normally, I was able to connect any time I wanted to call my family.
    It may have an adverse effect of disconnecting us from our families but if this is going to be part of the concerted action to wipe out the Lice that had invaded the country 20 years ago, the sacrifice of of loosing connection is very minimal.

    Bandits go back to the jungle!

  8. tesfaye on

    This is the kind of civil resistance that will bring down Woyanne with minimum harm to the people. The Meles regime is standing on a weak foundation. Such action will force it to collapse or sue for peace with the opposition.

  9. Zera Yacob on

    D at comment #3, trust me, you ‘re not even man enough to write your name on the internet where is virtually impossible to identify you even if write your name. You are just a sick coward, hodam banda, Elias can take on anyone, God is with him, and we Ethiopians are with him. Your kinds of guys are just Lions in the Web but coward hyenas in real life.

  10. ይበልጣል on

    The glee is ignitting.It needs only a small sparkling to flame the whole nation to cripple the dictator end its authoritarian rule throughout ethiopia.Simply BEQA…BEQA…BEQA.ENOUGH OF WOYANE REGIME AND ALL ITS RUTHLES AND CORRUPT ONES.Those who involved for the last 20 years,particularly,those who looted the ethiopian money and put into foriegn bank account should have been emediately held accountabl.

  11. kidi on

    this type of action is what we need. i hope it progress into burning down anything indians or chinease grow in that country. no country feed their people with the food grown on our land while our people are starving. tensae should also considering business groups that are associated with EFFORT!.

  12. Dabat on

    “We declare our right on this earth…to be a human being, to be respected as a human being, to be given the rights of a human being in this society, on this earth, in this day, which we intend to bring into existence by any means necessary.”

    Malcolm X.

  13. BAMN on

    KATMANDU (Nepal) – STUDENTS stormed an electricity transmission office and shut down power in western Nepal affecting hundreds of thousands of residents in a protest against government imposed power outages.

    Government administrator Kaladhar Deuja said on Wednesday students occupied the Nepal Electricity Authority’s transmission office at Mahendranagar, about 600km west of the Nepalese capital, Katmandu, on Monday, and forced engineers to switch off the power then locked the offices.

    Officials have not returned for fear the students will stage more protests.

    Businesses and schools have had to close because of the protest shutdown, Mr Deuja said. Hospitals were still open but had to rely on their own generators, if they have them, he said.

    For months consumers faced several hours per day of organised blackouts to conserve energy, then the state-run Nepal Electrical Authority announced on Monday they would be increased to 12 hours per day.

    Nepal produces only about half the electricity it needs, in part because of unusually low levels this year in reservoirs that feed the country’s hydroelectric plants. The amount of power that Nepal imports from neighbouring India is not enough to make up the shortfall.

    Nepal’s communist-led government has announced an ‘electricity emergency’ and said it will set up diesel-operated power plants early next year to help meet demand.

    A decade-long communist insurgency that ended in 2006 hampered development work in Nepal, including the building of new power plants. — AP


    PARIS (AFP) — Striking French gas and electricity workers caused hundreds of power cuts as they protested for the withdrawal of government plans to open up state-owned Gaz de France (GDF) and Electricite de France (EDF) to outside capital.

    Police officials said 800 outages were counted across the country, including one at the palace of Versailles outside Paris where 3,500 tourists had to be evacuated during the morning. In the northwestern city of Rouen, 70,000 people were without electricity for an hour.

    Unions representing 145,000 employees called for a day of demonstrations and protest action as the state council — France’s highest administrative court — prepared to examine the proposals to change the nationalised status of the two concerns.

    The management of EDF said around half of company staff were on strike. In Paris unions said some 8,000 took part in a march to the state council offices at the Palais Royal, near the Louvre museum. Other demonstrations took place in Strasbourg, Lyon, Grenoble and Metz.

  14. Brava/o on

    Exactly what we need to do. To remind the public and nudge everyone to wake up against the salient blood suckers.

  15. Teferi on

    This is a classical asymmetrical warfare. I am glad an Ethiopian group has emerged that is creative enough to come up with such a tactic. Those who argue that this action harms the poor people, the same argument is used in all other actions, be it armed struggle, boycott, demonstration, etc. For every action there are armchair critics who argue against it.

    To “D” above, it is your days that are numbered, maggot Woyanne.

  16. Intifada on

    I like this action much better than urging the young people to face Agazi killers in the streets. But Tinsae must be able to do a good public relation job to get the people to participate in the action. Good job.

  17. Selamawit on

    Ye quwatun lawerd bella ye bibitwan Talech. Those screaming shabia shabia can only be trying to deflect the wrath of the Ethiopian people against the Woyanes. They’re either Woyane supporters jelous with envy or die hard old farts. The fact is Shabia and Woyane are like the night and day. One is responsive to its population and the other is trying to devour its own to prolong its stay on power. As they say the proof is in the pudding.

  18. Helen on

    The phone lines are still not working today. Those guys must have done a serious damage on the power lines.

  19. Anonymous on

    Tinsae will be squashed like all the other parties. Only EPRDF has the capability and moral authority to rule Ethiopoia.

  20. wondoson on

    Good job Tinsae Ethiopia. What are the other opposition groups doing? I am tired of their talk but no action.

  21. Shaebia on

    Derbabaw #9…..
    what’s it with your Shaebia obsession. You must be a weyane in sheep’s cloth. Ur US trained coward weyane troops are no match to the formidable shaebia….. U couldn’t even manage to convincingly defeat Somalia with no government & conventional army despite help u received from the US drone bombers & satellite intelligent…..
    Stop blubbering, shaebia has better thing to do than being a puppet like ur weyane.

  22. jimma on

    Derbabaw #9…, is weyane cadre. if some one says sheabia, sheabia , sheabia all time believe he or she is weyane cadre. we ethiopian are comming after you.

    good job guys

  23. Lucy in America on

    well done tensae ethiopian’s patriotic front. Let all the anti ethiopian’s adwa’s odds hang them selves. The stupid weyanes are telling us that shabia is our enemy. But we , ethiopians know very well who are our enemies. 1, The adwa’s odds [ TPLF] and their supporters from UK and USA. The so called british and usa’s ” diplomates] have to put a price for their assocaition with the adwa’s criminals.Let the agamidos face the msucle of ethiopians . each and every adwa;s lootters must give back all what they have been lootting for the last 35 years.LONG LIVE THE RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN ERITREANS AND ETHIOPIANS. DOWN WITH THE ADWA’S ODDS

  24. Derbabaw on

    #28 Shaebia,

    How dare you suggest that I am weyane supporter in sheep’s cloth? The fact of the matter is this, I hold firmly, both shabia and weyane are inseparable enemies of my country.As to your rant “weyane troops are not a much to Shabia’s” my reply to your pejorative statement is this two will not be engaged in war, they need each other. For me they are two faces of the same coin, the border clash of the 2000 proved just this. However, because of your contempt to Ethiopians you would have us believe the two are actual enemies when in fact there is a 100% similarity in purpose, plan and strategy between them. My chief aim in this forum and main interest is to inform our people the danger posed upon Ethiopians by the most secretive twin evils. Never before did I visit or future will I, in the future, visit any Hamasen sits. But why are you here in Ethiopians site? Is it not to because of your desire, if possible, confuse some?hh

  25. tt7 on

    The fascination with Aliens (extraterrestrial life) brought about Illegal Aliens, and Y2K must have inspired 9/11. The Rapture, where all believers are taken away, (incidentally, it has already taken place in Ethiopia as good people have perished or taken away for decades) perhaps a portent of future grim phenomenon – all told, the bible warns against fortelling of events.

    Arab Spring is hardly the model for Tinsae or other form of mass uprising in Ethiopia, but anything that works must be welcomed. Having controlled wealth, power and evrertything in between, the rulling people should just quit and leave instead of living a worrisome times. The writting is clearly on the wall. Who would have noticed the stark similarities between Zenawi and Libya’s Gaddafi, or Zenawi and Omar Hassan Ahmad Al-Bashir of Sudan or Bashar Al-Assad of Syria in all aspects had it not been for Arab Spring?

    The end of the era is around the corner for the Assyrians, wheather in Ethiopia, Sudan, Libya or wherever they might be including Syria itself. It is now clear that Obama was elected president for a reason: perhaps the right person to help facilitate these changes. When they make movies about <Yodit "Esat" Gudit and Woeyane, and choose the themes of darkness, in comparassion of the two and, the fifteen years Grang Ahmed burned Ethiopia, the loser side, the Hezb, was an absolute loser with self-inflicted wounds as well. Who is going to remember Yodit, Woeyane and Grang 45 years from today is the 1-Birr question.

  26. Beka on

    i believe in malcom x’s philosophy: “freedom by any means necessary.” freedom is not free. but its cost must be shared by the whole population, not just the young ones.

  27. Yemane on

    Woyane and Shabia have a common plan. Their plan is to disintegrate Ethiopia and then Tigray and Eritrea to unite and become one country. This plan has been for 35 years. This plan has been delayed because of the disagreements between them on who will control the power. Shabia and Woyane are both led by Adwa clique. The coalition of Shabia and Woyane fought against ELF(Jebha) and eliminated them from Eritrea. The reason behind this was they considered ELF as the main obstacle against their common plan. This plan was first devised by the father of Eritrea and Adwa Ato Woldeab Woldemariam in the 1940’s E.c. To fulfil this plan Shabia and Woyane made an agreement in 1968 E.c. So both of them are Ethiopian enemies, both of them are one piece attached together.
    I appreciate Tinsae Ethiopia Patriots Union for their heroic action.

  28. ይበልጣል on

    REFFERING #28,
    Even though I am not certain to tell about your stand,as for #28-you are right that SHABIYA AND WOYANE will never live alone for thier people sake.They live through stirring propaganada as if they are enemies of eachother;they actually work as hand to glove in order to stay in poewr as long as possible by any means they can.The fact the matter is the shabiya is the spy of ethiopia and the woyane is the servant of shabiya;woyane works for the security of shabiya but titles the prime of ethiopia.It is evident that when meles said,he would do any thing if eritrea is going to be at the helm of any danger.He seemed on that speech as if he was the general of eritrea.My point here is not objecting if a neighbor need help not to give hand,rather it is to say that how a blatant enemy of one can say he/she is on one’s side to help while they are having eminent differnces unsettled b/n them.Meaning how two rivals can be friends to defend oneanother from foreign intruders before they come up to a remadial friendship chapter to benefit mutually?
    So we don’t need shabiya to fool us for our demand for what we are seeking now.We can deal with woyane without the clandestine help of shabiya.However,if shabiya want to start a new chapter ahead of time,as eritreans were our brothers/sisters before the ill injection to separation from by the italian colonialism and later of our own only enemy TPLF/EPRDF,we can embrace if are all of eritreans with polished mind sets.
    The bottom line,no mistake that woyane and shabiya work together for the betterment of thier prolonged stay in power.Thier dream is infinitesimal but of evil and numbured.
    To suffix,#31 your stand seems is in the sheerline of undecided support despite the fact that you are against shabiya as a cover agenda;you can come up with your clear side to be jugded fairly,as your choice is your right to aside to any political belife but better off for the truth and that ever coming soon chage which is under heavy demand for years passed.

  29. Ahadu on




  30. true history on

    resposnse to # 34
    The fact is more than half of ELF combat force joined shaebia under the leadership of ato Zemhrey and ato Totil that enabled shaebia never to took back at its fox whole trenches anymore. This shows the importance of unity in toppling dictatorship to build democratic nation. I think this true side of history is not well recognised by the wide public. Most of the time all we hear is the bragging of shaebia and woyane about how they kicked out the old feudal leadership jebha/elf to Sudan together.

  31. Wedi-metahit on

    # 37

    Brother you are mistaken.
    – Majority of jebha did not join Shaebia
    – Jebha had socialist ideology not a feudal system
    All the Jebhas should abandon associating with the Woyane. Woyane and Shaebia have links. One day in future they will end up in prison. They should learn to what happened to Haile Woldeselassie and Taklai Aden. Woyane is watching them day and night.

  32. Adanesh on

    #37 true history

    The reality is most of the ELF fighters crossed to Sudan, some of them gave themselves up to the Derg and the rest joined the EPLF. The issue raised is what was the main reason for the TPLF leadership to agree with the EPLF to deploy more than 63% of their fighters against the ELF? As the result of this war thousands of Tigreans lost their lives. For what reason? EPLF/TPLF Adwa clique had the concept of Tigrai Tigrini. I don’t think this plan will work because it will raise strong opposition from both the Eritrean and Tigrean people (of course except Adwa). Whether you like it or not Eritrea is under a mercenary regime. Those who have the real power have Adwa connection. The Adwas are the masters in Eritrea. Those genuine Eritreans former senior government officials who have the support of the Eritrean people and who had a suspicion of Isayas’s leadership are languishing in jail.

  33. Minelik from toronto on

    The hero American soldiers hunt and killed their terrorist enemy ,Osama Bin-Laden .It is time for we Ethiopian heros to hunt down terrorist Melese and shoot him on the head.We all know no power on earth will save him becaause we ,his enemies are spread all over the world and no place is left for him to hide.

    may 25,2011

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