Internet lines to eastern Ethiopia are down

Woyanne telecom minister and TPLF politburo member DebreTsion GebreMichael was shocked to learn today that an unknown group has cut off the {www:fiber optics} Internet lines that connect the ruling junta to its military and government agencies in eastern Ethiopia up to Jijiga.

The regime is now using satellite service for Internet connection in eastern Ethiopia, which has a limited capacity.

Broadband Internet connection through the fiber optics lines are available only to the Woyanne regime and businesses that are affiliated with the ruling junta. Broadband service is not available to average citizens.

Last Friday, Tinsae Ethiopia Patriots Union cut off power lines in Western Ethiopia causing power and telephone {www:outage} in several towns for four days.

Only 13 percent of Ethiopians have access to electricity, according to the World Bank.

17 thoughts on “Internet lines to eastern Ethiopia are down

  1. samson on

    bravo guys
    good job guys.
    we will get all weyane/tplf cadre too.
    cut all weyane tools.
    we, ethiopian will cut you weyane off the earth.

  2. weyanekiller on

    bravo guys
    good job guys.
    we will get all weyane/tplf cadre too.
    cut all weyane tools.
    we, ethiopian will cut you weyane off the earth.

  3. Tsehay Bogale on

    This case is good when it targets the exclusive privileges of the ruling junta and its various apparatuses of power and domination as its top individual political figures. Down right arrogant chest pumping tplf tyrants will soon feel the pressure as the screw slowly but surely keep tightening around the neck of its 20 years old monopoly power.


  4. Balcha Gebeyhau on

    The time has come for TPLF & its minor associates to turn themselves in to the will & wishes of the Ethiopian citizens. Look at the recent development: ETHIOPIANS are putting together demands in a single VOICE. It took us 20 yrs!

    TPLF no longer sets the agenda for any discussion……the Abay dam hoopla is dead on arrival…folks in Ethiopia say why buy bond…from TPLF……why not use the stolen Effort $$$$$$$$$!

    Finally, all the opposition forces, political & civic organizations, etc are united for a single goal….. & are saying loudly…BEKA…Meles & Company must go now. Ethiopian citizens will form a transitional government leading to a government by the people and for the people. Divide and rule will have no place….democracy and the rule of law will shine from East to West and from South to North …& a dictatorship of one man, or one ethnic group will be placed in the history book

    Zanawi’s family & his associates, & not the average people of Tigray are targeted for investigation for unknown level of corruption and unlawful international agreement, be for land or for gold, for personal profit.

    The so-called chamber of Parliment & all its members, including our past retirement age president in name, are requested to find a productive employment in the “private sector”…..or leave town on foot…or join Zanawi… China.

    Folks it is a new day & let us work for the UNITY to bring forth a formidable action.

    God/Allah Bless Ethiopia & may the new found unity shorten the life span of Zanawi’s eveil regime!

  5. Abdurahman A.Nur on


  6. koster on

    Every possible means should be used to end up state terrorism in Ethiopia. It is very unfortunate it is economically damaging but there is no alternative except to fight looting and killing going on in Ethiopia by Woyanne gujeles and hodams who are very greedy and does not care about their people or Ethiopia.

  7. gaya on

    Ay Elias moron. I will kill two oxen and feed the poor the day I hear your death, Elias. It is imminent.

  8. thomas on

    Nice job elias !Beka is apply to all dictators as well as to all Monkeys all over the world.your beloved country is calling you and it is time for you to show your support.!let’s stand together !

  9. Anonymous on

    The Woyane lotters in the west must be identifed. keep the record of the looters for judgement day.

    Woyane buchillas do not cry with our money in your pockets. If Woyane is good for you carry it on your shoulder all the way to mars.

    By the Way why is it the Woyanes afried? didn’t they sat ethiopians love Woyane 99.96%? Leban leba selut…

  10. Ahadu on

    Every Ethiopian has to contribute its share as an individual or group
    opposition be it challenging the woyanne paid cadres and exposing the woyanne killers home, and the where abouts of the stolen 8,2 billion by
    these shiftas ,a very fraction of it for example the bying of 2 houses
    by kindibu (aka Solomon tekalegn) the five million luxury villa around Wasington by woyanne affiliated Azeb Zenawi companero by the name Samuel from no where.Having said that we have been talking about zenawis looting, lies, killing, crimes,all the way for twenty years means killing two generations and the nations move back for 20 years that needs about 40 years to recover if we could wipe out woyanne today and if we let go he will achieve his long time plan of giving Ethiopians 100 years homework so it is time to to send woyanne back to its rat hole and its officials either to den hague or civilized and true Ethiopian court to pay back for their crimes,it is time for each and every individual to ask him self after sun down what have i done to day for my god given freedom that is taken by terrorists with the help of some foreign institutions and Ethiopian enemies and helped him with billions and billions and advice and has never asked for transpa-
    rency they donated by the name of development for the nation in other ways they were paying him for destruction and to keep on as a motivation, fact is after 2005 election the Bushs turning blind eye
    on the Ethiopian peoples out cry for freedom as he was a big donner is part of it ,so my fellow Ethiopians our fate is only on our hands like Tunisia and Egypt and to turn the woyanne network to ashes like our ancestors by mellese zenawi ancestors who were traitors through and through

  11. Death to TPLF! on

    Hallelujah! Bravo! Bravo! to the brave Ethiopians. I am for everything that affects the ruthless TPLF regime that have brought miseries to Ethiopia and Ethiopian families in every part of Ethiopia. It is about time the Ethiopian jegnas start doing something that handicapped the looters, killers TPLF mafia group.

  12. Weyane on

    All of you will live in a dream land far far away from Ethiopia for many years to come. TPLF will rule Ethiopia whether you like it or not until you come to your senses that Ethiopia belongs to all of us.

    You must recognise that it was TPLF who got rid of the Derg (Mengitsu) while you have been enjoying life in luxury in Europe and North America and most of you have already renounced your Ethiopian Citizen anyway.

  13. Hakim on

    Ay Gaya you are moron. I will kill two hundred oxen and feed the poor the day I heard Zenawe’s and your death. It is imminent.

  14. Anonymous on

    Ethiopia will be free with our blood and that is writeen and it shal be done!

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