Internet is down through out Ethiopia – update

UPDATE (7:00 PM Addis Ababa time)

Internet is now working in Ethiopia. Broadband connection to eastern Ethiopia is still down.


This morning Internet seems to be down all over Ethiopia.

Ethiopian Review has tried to communicate with its contacts in several cities and all of them have confirmed that they are unable to access their emails or read web sites. It is not clear who or what caused the shut down.

Banks and other organization that depend and Internet are also closed today, according to an Ethiopian Review correspondent in Addis Ababa.

Heavily armed troops and machine gun-mounted truck are patrolling the city.

Yesterday we have reported that an unknown group has sabotaged fiber optics lines to eastern Ethiopia shutting down broadband internet connection to government offices and Woyanne-affiliated companies.

Next Saturday, May 28, the ruling Woyanne junta will celebrate its 20th years of misrule. On the same day, the junta is preparing for a large rally at the Addis Ababa Stadium in support of its Nile Dam scheme. Students and government workers have been ordered to show up at the rally.

Less than 2 percent of Ethiopians have access to the Internet (see here). This was done purposely by the Meles regime to keep the people of Ethiopia in the dark age.