Tinsae Ethiopia cut off power in northern Addis Ababa

Members of Tinsae Ethiopia Patriots Union have cut off electrical power lines in Sululta area yesterday and today, causing power outage in some parts of northern Addis Ababa. [read more at Tinsae.org]

37 thoughts on “Tinsae Ethiopia cut off power in northern Addis Ababa

  1. Hawi on

    This is the work of Shaebia. I think the Ethiopian government must send commandos to cut off Asmara’s power line. This is unacceptable!

  2. Sara on

    Chigaram Woyanne must be hit hard. I like this strategy of attacking its economic infrastructure.

  3. wendesen on

    Because woyane doesn’t understand the language of democracy through the voting box, i think this is the right baby step teaching him a lesson about the result of failing to respet the rule of law. after all, we are deaing with a trany that spends millions of poor nation’s resource more than any sectors to protect his decaying dictatorial regime. so, such kind of actions is the way to wear him down slowly but surely.Otherwise, expecting quick victory would only result the sad 2005 incident and enbolden the evil woyane by shooting the prodemocay activists on the open spot.

  4. Anonymous on

    I am afraid that these people seem to be determined true Ethiopians who may soon cut off the tyrannical minority system’s head just like in Tunisia and Egypt. The tyrant and his frightened criminal human rights violating cadres are already screaming and blaming the victims as well as none existent fabricated foreign involvements just like Tyrant gaddafi blaming hallucinated and drugged youth as well as Al Qaeda of his imagined creations.

    Change is what the impoverished Ethiopians need. YES WE CAN! :)

  5. Misirak on

    I am afraid that these people seem to be determined true Ethiopians who may soon cut off the tyrannical minority system’s head just like in Tunisia and Egypt. The tyrant and his frightened criminal human rights violating cadres are already screaming and blaming the victims as well as none existent fabricated foreign involvements just like Tyrant gaddafi blaming hallucinated and drugged youth as well as Al Qaeda of his imagined creations.

    Change is what the impoverished Ethiopians need. YES WE CAN! :)

  6. Move On on


    Please, please understand that cutting off power is only a means to an end. It really makes the end to come faster since the tyrants will be in in the dark and in great panic as not to be able to massacre the poor people who are asking only their god given natural rights. What is wrong in cutting tyranny’s tails piece by piece until you reach the main body part after you have got rid of all the extruding long wavy tail? Let them run for their sweet hedonist lives while the sun is still shining and electricity still functioning. Zimbabwe, South Africa, or Bolivia? :)

  7. Vous on

    I was beginning to lose hope until I read this news. This is the right step in the right direction. Attack Woyanne with every thing we have.

  8. Aragaw on

    hey Tinsae i like this strategy more than asking young kids to face agazi bullets. this is the best strategy i have seen from any opposition group yet.

  9. Anonymous on

    Hawi, #2 don’t be brainless, your commandos are only good in the street of Addis Abeba,to scare off innocent people.

    Sometimes I really I wonder the way how some of the Ethiopians brothers and sisters think. Anything that is badly happen to the Ethiopian oppositions or the so call government, they all have to point their finger toward Shaebia. Without knowing or not knowing, you guys are giving shaebia too much credit, and we thank you for that but the question is do those people, those who blame sheabia for everything, believe Ethiopians are not good enough to do bad or good by themselves? Can this be misleading or naivety?

  10. Minnesota on

    try to say some thing good, eritrea, shabia bla bla bla maferiyawoch and try to encourage your opposition party Tinsae

  11. Daniboy on

    High price in Addis “Shaebya”
    Bomb In Addis “Shaebia”
    Battle in Oremia “Shaebya”
    Battle in Ogaden “Shaebya”
    Demonstration in Mekele “Shaebya”
    Electric cut “Shaebya”
    Abay Dam effect “Shaebya”
    Ethio-Egypt Issue “Shaebya”
    Elias “Shaebya”
    Shaebya, Shaebya,Shaebya. This comment also “Shaebya”.

  12. Maruf on

    I’m an Eritrean who has neutral political standing so far. Acording to my partial observation, from outside only Isayas looks the most hardcore shaebia; however, the fact on the ground is totally different. The youth who runs shaebias’ sensitive institutions are as hardcore shaebian as Isayas himself even some of them are worse than him. These are overwhelmingly the children of Sahel veterans or diehard supporters from all walks of life who consider Eritrea is like thier parents’ private state inheritance. It seems expecting such youths to revolt against shaebia is like handling a loaded gun to a son to shoot his own beloved mother.
    But numerically, Tgreans are not that many not do they have enough manpower to run any Ethiopian instintutions effectively. Moreover, just like all Eritreans do not support shaebia so do Tgreans, too. Needless to say, woyane must have support base followers out of the Tgray region. Whether this support stems out of conviction or only financial necessity remains to be seen.,

  13. Peacelover on

    Although most of the Eritrean youth who claims are running away from the shaebia dictatorialship, they’re miserably failing to put in action once thier asylum applications granted. This shows you they are being less truthful in thier immigration papers and still remain shaebia @ heart in foreign lands as well. To complicate things further, they can’t even wait to go back Eritrea and spend vacation there, probably hunting young konjo/shkorinatat chices. One makes suspicious whether their goal was only chasing the irresistible juicy humbergers like most immigrants before them to begin with. I just wish them to have as much love & respect to their second adaptive home, too.
    Regarding our cousins across the tekeze river, even if they left Tgray all of them in search of becoming kitfo immigrants in the rest of Ethiopia and run all the institutions themselves, they would still end up short of manpower such as tending the friend of the downtrodden, arebias. It’s like how regardless a person gets rich and powerful just can’t buy an extra heights. In such situations everywhere, if the prodemocrats rose up(hopefully nonviolently), there is no better alternatives other than honoring the voices of the majorities.

  14. Yohannes on

    We need this kind of struggle to dawn fall the Adwa regime. The people that assume this is the work of Shabia are wrong. Woyane and Shabia have the same root ( the Adwa clique), they will never topple each other. Under the Woyane regime –
    – more than 63% of the Ethiopian army are people of Tigrean origin who warship the the tyrant regime.
    – in Ethiopian politics the Woyanes are themselves the players and the referees.
    – Commodity prices are rocketed sky high. The Ethiopian people are struggling to survive.
    – Woyane deliberately weakened the opposition parties through different tactics. This enabled the Woyane Prime Minister to be elected unchallenged. If we don’t do something this trick will continue in future.
    – Woyane could also able to mislead the international community. Specially the United Nations over looked the real political problems in Ethiopia.

    So the strategy chosen by the Tinsae Ethiopia Patriots Union is the correct strategy to struggle against the regime.

  15. Ahadu on


    Buchilla woyannes even your pen names tell too much as if you wake up right now from long sleep and being raised by the midjet in 4 kilo
    you are following this lier of all liers in Ethiopian history or born decive nothing more and nothing less,having said that no matter the world support would save woyanne and the pillars from paying the price
    for the comiited crime against Ethiopian peoples since his gorilla times means 20+17 years by this son of traitor like his father during the Italian invasion is like a son being supported by different institutions with a long time hidden agenda of Ethiopian destruction
    and they find the right slave for their evil plan in the midjet who is now hiding in minilik palace that could not achieve much as expected by the bravery of the peoples which comes out in 2005 in addis and through out the nation and again by the advice of the same institutions to change to an iron fist system as we are witnsyying since then,had the youth movement starts on the after math of the rejection woyanne would hane been long history and the kuncho would have been prosecuted by the ICC, as the saying better late than never
    that woulld be only short if we reach inside the country

  16. Kumlacew on

    Yesterday, I wrote criticizing this kind of tactic in fighting the regime. Apparently, ER didn’t like my comment and never bothered to post it. It shows how you people are incapable of handling any kind of dissent voice even if it comes from people who have similar stand with you for the most part. I think this is a huge weakness on your side & needs to be corrected sooner rather than later.

  17. Sam on


    When you guys bombed our bridges with Shabia in the 70’s and 80’s, you didn’t have any problem. Please SHUT UP!!

  18. siwar on


    Tinsae is the reminants of the Derg and it’s supporters who are still hidding among their dormant sypthizers. There is no matter since they are under the maginfying glases.

  19. Heartbreaking on

    It is heart breaking to see this cycle all over again. Woyanes had 20 plus years to put in place a functioning democracy in place, but chose brutality and dictatorship instead. The result is another cycle of destruction. We have no choice but keep on trying until we get it right. Good luck,Tinsae. God be with you!

  20. Azalech on

    Tinsae is on the right track. I wish the other so-called opposition group also wake up from their hibernation and do some thing for change.

  21. Bisrat on

    This is a great idea. I volunteer to go to Ethiopia to cut some of wires. It is like cutting Woyanne’s arteries.

  22. Mr. Insane on

    Mr. Elias please stop this non sense. Ok you win you are the King of “Gossip”. You will make Enquirer Magazine look like a children story book. Stop my friend you are becoming really insane. You need medical help.

  23. ALMAAZ on

    Danny Boy,Ruth,Hawi and Hazin;
    Hi folk,Your tiny Tigria will destroy soon by Tensea Le Ethiopia on short time.You were and still Shabia dogs and Shabia had and have nothing to do with you more.Shabia stay out from this and we are msters in our Ethiopia.You,are with us or without us?Ke Shabia hone La Amara ke Amara hone Le Eritrea Geze Alfowal.Buchula hulu geze Buchula new!!

  24. Azene on

    Just go to work and take the action by kiking woyanne’s ass. comments can not do anything.

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