Aiming at the Tyrant’s Power

The state’s power is heavily dependent on the cooperation of certain key institutions and organizations. We call these supporting organizations {www:pillars of support} because they support the power structure in society… [read more]

2 thoughts on “Aiming at the Tyrant’s Power

  1. Aba Biya Aba Gobbu on

    I think the patriots fronts should all available means, cutting power lines, blowing bridges, attacking the junta military convoys, bombing the junta affiliated organizations, busniness and political including the teletafi bandas. All types of bombcan be used without affecting the innocent civilians, nervgaz against the military under juntas.

    The tplf cadres should be included in the attack.Timing is running out.Intesify the action and the support will come after the action results.

    Good Luck, Ethiopia Prevails.

  2. Germa on

    Aba Biya said it all,Nothing should be left,Woyane should be destroyed without a trace and close this mistake of nature forever.

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