Woyanne calls economic sabotage report a ‘hoax”

Bloombeg has reported today that Shimeles Kemal, the communication state minister for Ethiopia’s ruling tribal junta, said that Tinsae Ethiopia Patriots Union’s report on attacking Woyanne’s infrastructure is a hoax and that “we have not heard of such group.” Shimeles (aka Shiwushet) is a certified {www:liar} who says that Woyanne won the last election with 99 percent of the votes in a free and fair election. Read the full report here at Tinsae.org

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  1. Mamo on

    Shimeles Qimal is a GERED of Woyane, literally. He really has no idea what his masters are doing. He only knows what his masters choose to divulge to him.

    Just recently, in the 2010 ‘election’ the Reuters asked him if his government is jamming VOA. He emphatically told the interviewer his government does NOT do any such things. Just a day later Meles Zenawi was interviewed by associated press if his government is jamming the VOA. The dictator said he was.

    Shimeles Qimal has no idea what he is doing except what his masters tell him to do.

    I know several incidents like this that indicate to me Shimeles Qimal is an outsider to the TPLF clique and he is not privy to any of the informations his masters know.

  2. Towkizu on

    Shimeles Kamal has one and only one distinct feature;that is,before he begins to lie,his eyes pop up,then he spits out a barage of lies.

    This man,has been created and recreated by masters he serves them today and was molded into shapes of all kinds that fit him into the behavour and character of the ones who can easly break him when they want or toss him ayway when his expiration day arrives.He is getting the look and the shape of Grima w/georgis that before he says something he has to masticate what he swallowed in for the last twenty years of his being loyal to those criminals.Sure enough,he has no a real world outside the narrow world that his masters created for him because this useless chap is too fresh to grasp what is like free and being right and doing the right thing for the right purpuse.

  3. shigute on

    First of all, the fact that woyane was forced to make a statement indicates that the economic sabotage has taken place and they know the existence of the tinsae. secondly, woyane speaks the opposite of the truth. when something happen, they lie about it. their denial is a confirmation of the fact that tinsae is doing a wonderful job and it is worrying woyane to hell.

  4. Abraham on

    Shimeles Kemal, the regime’s communications state minister, is the least informed person in Ethiopia. Our great brother, one prominent Ethiopian Scholar, once said the right thing: “they [the weyane culprits’] often seem to pick people from the bottom of the barrel”. He is absolutely right! Meles and his cronies, deliberately, assign people who are not knowledgeable and experienced. Simply put, what they need is a yes man/woman, or to put it rightly, a slave. And what they hate is intelligent persons and lovers’ of Ethiopia, because intelligent and nationalist citizens cannot blindly serve quislings. God save our beloved Ethiopia. Wish you all an enjoyable weekend. Cheers!

  5. Stoned Peter on

    Firstof all Elias really thank for everything you do. I thought if I repost it might be important so I say again for Tinsae or any anti TPLF organizations, I have a great advice to share with you I have never used to prove it however it seems a better idea for today’s TPLF controled for that matter it can be said TPLF owned Ethiopia the next idea might help you and for other pro Ethiopia organizations how to finance the struggle against TPLF you can get the money for your struggle from the nex sources #1. from Shek Alamudis business places #2. from EFORT businesses like from its buses banks, and other business places etc. #3. from TPLF supporters through out Ethiopia like from their Addis Ababa as well as other parts of Ethiopia gold stores or shops and many more different businesses like shops, hotels, TPLF member owned and supporters owned businesses such as restaurants, cafes, groceries, night clubs, even from their houses, transportation services like buses and taxies as well as many more TPLF or their supporters and member owned properties can be an income resource for Tinsae and other opposition group organizations. So do not underestimate this use it remember TPLF had use this tactic during its Dedebit struggle against Ethiopia and her people still when TPLF needs money it use elegal means to get money, such as it sells Chat and alcohol, it Steals gold from the Ethiopian national bank, or it steals in a day light 1,0000 tones or 100,00 quintaals of coffee from secured or guarded storages, if all that was not enough TPLF sells 3 millions of acres of poor farmers land to out side fake investers. If necessary the TPLF Mafia people even they sell young Ethiopian girls and babies an an source of money, if all that is not enough they beg their wite masters or they will promise for their masters to fight behalf of them as they did in Somalia etc. to earn money they even can sell their own mothers wives and daughters in order to get money to finance their evil anti Ethiopia work. So for the anti TPLF struggle use their own money from the start it was not their money rather it was an Ethiopian money. Just like the West and USA idea or thinking to finance the Anti Gadafi struggle by using his own stolen money we Ethiopians also have to use by taking from TPLF and its members and supporters their stolen money and cars to use against TPLF.

  6. ALMAAZ on

    His turn are soon like Dawit Yohannes,Solome Taddese and the others.This Hodam Kebte big lier.Ignore him

  7. tatu on

    How about Ethio Media editors, they dennied, lied and creat new story based of their story. Their were denying the exesistant of EppF for far too long, and now it seems they are in the verg of accepting that EPPF is well and alive. Last time they brought a video clip they got from arbegnoch ginbar redio enterviewing the newly joined teacher from Godjam who traveled to EPPF treaning camp. Even that is not conviensingly honest assesment to me, their story is spoiled with if and but, but a bit better than denial.
    I know one day they will get it right, untill that we need to know that who is telling what.

  8. Ethio Justice on

    (Source:The Ethiopian Law and Justice Society, http://www.ethiojusticeinfo.blogspot.com)

    Private sector frustrated and scared as government showed interest in corruption in the sector.

    Let us closely see what the Ethiopian Federal Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission (EFECC) wants to take to the private sector and how its adventure will affect politics, democracy, the economy and government revenue.

    Just last week, EFECC officially admitted that it has over 20% case loss in courts. It also officially admitted that it charges innocent people. What it has not admitted is the fear of judges of FECC prosecutors and their “cooperation” to convict and sentence. FECC prosecutors have reached a stage where judges give them what they ask after a series of accusations and intimidations of judges before judicial administration organs and in political forums. With an arrest power available to them, nobody including judges dare to mess around FECC prosecutors. Add to this wrongful investigation, charge, conviction and sentence which are considerable in the country. This brings the conviction rate to less than 50% in corruption cases.

    Constitutional and criminal law principles require that prosecutors do not charge if there is no enough evidence to obtain conviction. It is better to let loose a suspect than to charge him/her in doubtful cases when conviction cannot be obtained. If, after a lengthy, excruciating trial the charged is found innocent, a great deal of harm is inflicted on his/her life and liberty. This is particularly so in Ethiopia since there is no apology and compensation to come from the government and its officials. EFECC is notorious for its defiance in these issues. Taking its own admission of 20% loss of cases in court, does it apologize and compensate for these cases? Does it admit it has trampling on life and liberty? The answer is a resounding “no”.

    EFECC prosecutors do not worry about rights of people they take to court. Whether conviction is possible or not, the guy has to be charged and it is for the judge to rule. The truth is, they are under tremendous pressure to charge than ask further investigation or simply close the case even if the possibility of conviction is zero. In doing that, they will not be accused of corruption themselves and keep their jobs. And there is no consequence to individual prosecutor for losing cases in court. No one determines if the case should not have gone to court in the first place.

    It was face saving effort. EFECC is created to show to the world the country is doing something about corruption. Though the fight is declared over a decade ago, the position Ethiopia holds among the family of nations in matters of corruption has not changed in a significant way. How can it change when the institution is political, the problem is not dealt with head on and its officials beat around the bush? To give additional power to an institution with 50% or less conviction rate will simply kill the private sector

    This is not to suggest private sector does not affects public interests and private sector corruption is a private affair. But which countries focus on private sector corruption and for what reasons are always central questions. First, countries like Singapore, Indonesia and Malaysia that are dependent on trade and investment than natural resources focus on corruption in the private sector. The private sector is the primary economic force in their countries. To attract investment, they have to ensure that business cost is low and corruption whether in the private or public sector increases business cost. Until recently, private sector corruption was high in these countries suggesting, given their growth, it was a blessing in disguise. Second, countries where the bulk of government functions are passed to the private sector closely watch the sector for corruption. In our case, the public sector is still the key pillar of the economy that drives the national economic growth. Not many government functions are outsourced to the private sector. The deal is largely public sector to public sector. Private companies have not reached a stage where they can perform functions that are performed by the government. The resources available to them do not make them a match to the government. There are no major strategic functions that the private sector does right now to worry about corruption. Our priority is a clean public sector for foreign businesses to work with us and invest in our country.

    The reason to unleash corruption accusation on the private sector and charge entrepreneurs with all sorts of crimes has subtle objective that easily pass the common man. It is all about politics and staying in power. We all know that EFECC was and still is used to intimidate public sector employees. EFECC categorizes ministries, commissions, agencies and authorities into corrupt, less corrupt, least corrupt, etc. without giving specifics, and yet leaving people in positions and ordinary employees to consider themselves corrupt. Just to get protection from an impending arrests, charge and loss of jobs due to generalized accusations of corruption, they usually engage themselves in accusations of one another in the name of “gimgama” or self – evaluation. Eventually, the ultimate cover will be sough from and provided by TPLF/ EPRPDF – as members. The result, among others, is allowing the government to have full control over public sector employees and obtain their votes in times of elections. A combination of intimidation, accusation and fear at work for political gain.

    Stretching the hands of EEFCC to the private sector will add more leverage to the government to control the sector and enable TPLF/EPRDF to recruit more scared souls, or at least neutralize opposition that usually comes from the sector and seal any deal that may result from it. As was the case with employees in the public sector, employees in the private sector, sooner than later, will be under full government and ruling party control and mobilized for their support to enable the ruling party stay in power forever. There is no greater sabotage to democracy than this. It will ensure a long term one party rule in the country by further weakening the legal opposition. This, in turn, will strengthen the armed and unarmed illegal opposition taking them closer to bring the existence of the country to an end.

    In a greedy attempt to obtain political returns, the government will lose revenue from taxes and duties as some businesses from the private sector will, thanks to the intimidation by EFECC, shut down or cut their economic activities. Furthermore, the economy which the government boasts about to show double digit growth will plummet. International organizations have already predicted around 7% growth for next year partly due to the government’s refusal to open the financial sector for foreign investment. The primary target of FECC’s clean up adventure in the private sector are banks and insurance companies. The sub sector is about ten years old which turned out to be lucrative and thriving business. While still the government has absolute monopoly in the sector, its interest to unleash war against it in the name of corruption is a suspect. In response to the attack, the sector will retreat and the government will only know the damage once its coffers begin to drain.

    Once the legislation EFECC needs to deal with the private sector is adopted, its people will rush themselves to the sector. A poorly paid prosecutor with no house and car of his own but with enormous power such as power to arrest will simply walk in a private business and tell them he suspects corruption. He might be offered some gift if he walks away. If he refuses, panic will bring the business to a halt; if not to a halt, to work at less capacity. A deeply feared institution, EFECC will surely have such effect. And this will affect business, government revenue and the economy.

    It is clear why EFECC suddenly showed interest in corruption in the private sector while it has miserably failed in the pubic sector. Corruption in the public sector is about a government institution acting against government officials and functionaries, ruling party members and their families which has become self -destructive. Abba Dulla Gamada and other OPDO corruption suspects are examples here. The government wants an additional tool to control the private sector and intimidate its main actors with arrest and detention and loss of their property. Eventually, corruption accusations will enhance the economic status of TPLF endowment companies which are neither public nor private.

    The private sector is not free from corruption. Given what the FECC is, corruption in the private sector is better dealt with by the regular police and prosecutors.

  9. Ahadu on

    Shimeles Kemal is like you put it a certified lier who was trained false witnesses against our leaders that was supposed to send the gujille back to where it belongs (dedebit),This guy is is not worth even to be mentioned had he not operates like a city pirate in a this beautful country that the dumb doesnot even deserve to be called an Ethiopian as he only trases the nation like all woyannes.

  10. Siye on

    We have 35 years of experience to this kind of TPLF’s lie. No one can stop us from toppling the regime by any means we can. What we see in Yemen and other people’s uprising will reach Ethiopia.

  11. Sara on

    Tinsae Ethiopia Patriots Union or whatever you call it will be shortly eradicated!

  12. Bubu on

    This remindes me of DERG time. Dictatores are all the same. They lie and lie until the last second before they run away. Let him lie, because he knows he earns his ambasha by lieing to the people. But nobody gives a sh*t to his lie.

  13. Shaebia on

    The murderer Barnabas Gebreab of the inner weyane clique Blamed Shaebia in a press conference for the genocide of the Anuak people In Gambella. But soon after that, the truth started to come out including the minutes of the meeting in criminal Meles’ office on planning the massacre prior to the atrocities. How calculating and callous can that be. It ain’t the first time nor will it be fir the last time we would be hearing the chicken head weyane moaning & groaning about Shaebia this, Shaebia that……
    They know fully well that if there is a force that can easily dessimate the Weyane, it needs only less than a tenth of shaebia’s force to totally route out the weyane from the face of our region.

  14. HILUF05 on

    @Stoned Peter

    Are u proposing ANARCHISM to flourish on mama ethiopia?
    R u really Ethiopian? stupid ,,,,looser leftover dergist,,,,,ppls from the failed tiny country in the east of africa n some looser so called dergist can think such short sighted visions,,

    Elias,,,,,alememarih min yahil endebedelek ahun new yegebagn,,,,,
    mr stone head,,,,,ur plan doesnt hold water,,,,,,,lebinet ,,
    LOOK,,u mororn ppl,,,,,ananrchism has exactly the reverse result,,,,that is prolonging the life of the exisiting regim,,,,,,,
    Any ways keep crying our toys,,,,,

    Toys never bring changes::

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