Volcanic ash cloud heading toward Addis Ababa

ADDIS ABABA (AP) – Airlines that travel through East Africa said Monday they are keeping an eye on an ash cloud after a volcano eruption in Eritrea, and U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said the eruption is forcing her to cut short a three-nation African tour.

Clinton was to have spent Monday night in Addis Ababa but will now leave immediately because the ash cloud from Monday’s explosion in Eritrea is heading toward the city.

U.S. officials said the airport at Addis Ababa was to be closed. That meant Clinton faced being stranded if she had proceeded with her planned meetings in Ethiopia on Tuesday.

Spokesman Getachew Tesfa said Ethiopian Airlines is closely watching the cloud with the help of weather experts.

Germany’s Lufthansa airline is also watching. Spokesman Marco Dall’Asta said flights from Frankfurt to the capitals of Ethiopia and Eritrea may be affected by the volcano.

The Volcanic Ash Advisory Center, which advises the aviation industry about volcano eruptions, said Eritrea’s Dubbi volcano began erupting early Monday. Eritrea borders Sudan, Ethiopia and Djibouti. It has a population of about 5 million people.

36 thoughts on “Volcanic ash cloud heading toward Addis Ababa

  1. Sendeq on

    Wrong volcano, it is being reported that it is the Nabro volcano that has erupted. Ash is already falling on Mekelle and Asmara and even Khartoum

  2. Dingo on

    Why is it that Wayane is not quick in claiming that this is the evil work of Shaebia to deny the tplf a scape route, incase? :)

  3. wedi-Mekele on

    This is purposely created by shiabiya, to sabotage Clinton trip, The USA should panish them for that

  4. Smiley on

    This looks like a gift to Hilary from shabialand :). I am sure this has something to do with shabia, I mean think about it…why now? woyane should retaliate with the same volcanic ash.

  5. minnesota on

    hahahahaha i couldn’t stop laughing by your comment. you are really wedi mekele. please try to see a doctor

  6. HAWZIEN on

    Shabiyas, are doing their trick us usuall. They are trying to sabotage our relationship with American.

  7. Degef Sanja on

    It’s interesting to learn that Shaebia has the “supernatural power” of setting-off volcanic eruption “in order to sabotage Clinton’s business tour in Africa.” what a hog-wild story!

  8. Anti USA Vulcan on

    Woyane Inteligence force has found out that Anti Peace elments with shabia in background was behind this Ashes

  9. amaraw on

    Dear similey,wedimekele,dingo and sendeq,

    I could not believe how why the editor of this website allowed you to spew your bitter and twisted venom. Once again, as always you have shown us your very little brain that doesnot think beyound the perceived boundary of “abay-tigray”, the land of the parasites and cocroaches.

    thank you!!!

  10. Weyane on

    Please everyone must talk reality not hearsay. If Shabia knows how to erupt volcano, they will use the know how to destroy Ethiopia.

    Shabia is still living in the 19th century not 21st century and the Eritrean economy in a very bad state.

    Do you know that Eritrean who live in the UK pay tax. The UK government has given the Eritrean Embassy in London a warning that what they are doing illegal and they have been told to stop taxing Eritreans who live in the UK.

    This shows that how desperate the Eritrean government (Shabia) is but I do not think they will have the clue how to make a volcano erupt anyway.

  11. Wedi Ere on

    The losers weyane will not hesitate to blame Eritrea for the Eruption. Shabia made Eruption? Weyane will come up with statment the Asmara regime created the Volcano to cancell the Clinton visit.

  12. Assta B. Gettu on

    The only power left to liberate Ethiopia from Meles Seitanawi (Zenawi) will be a natural disaster like this volcanic ash cloud advancing at a greater speed toward the Menelik Palace in Addis Ababa to separate Meles and his crime family from the ordinary Ethiopian citizens as the Biblical Red Sea cloud separated the terrified and frightened Israelis from the angry old Dictator Pharaoh. When Pharaoh with the horde of his army was thrown into the Red Sea, the cloud was lifted up so that the Israelis could see the miraculous devastations of the Egyptian army. After Meles and his crime family are destroyed by this volcanic ash cloud, then the volcanic ash cloud will dissipate instantly and the citizens of Addis Ababa will hasten to go to the Menelik Palace to see the total destruction of the properties of Meles and his wife Jezebel (Azeb). Will such things really happen in our life time? Who knows!

  13. Shabia forever on

    I just can’t believe the power shabia posses, Shabia has perfected the science and art of causing problems to its neighbors. it now can actually control nature. Mengistu used to have a slogan, tefetroen eneqotateralen, but looks like Shabia has mastered the art. They have even been able to bring earthquake and Volcano on demand,and scare an American official to run for her life before she finished her visit. and send the ashes as far as Adddis and Khartoum, who knows may be next time, they will send space shuttle to Mars and start mining for GOLD.

  14. Bekurri on

    This is just a coincidence. I hope the US secretary of State will come back to Addis, when the dictatorial regime of Woyane is kicked out of power. Then we will celebrate her/his visit in a traditional Ethiopian manner.

  15. Let shabia die forever on

    The dummy Shabia is not capable of causing earthquake on demand, If it could, it should let rain to come so that his impovershed mob becomes Kita.
    First try to feed your people, then talk about adventure. You guys are still boasting of being knowledgeable and powerfull.
    Grow up yourself men!

  16. Vulcan chases Clinton on

    The dedebit inteligence unit has informed Clinton Anti peace elements with the help of shabia was behind it :-)))

  17. Bisrat on

    Its obvious, shabia wanted this. But shabia is not eriteria. Its just a crazy government that needs lots of therapy. I still have hope that the eriterians and ethiopians will be one again. And shabia will just pass like the volcanic ash we saw today.

  18. Wondmu on

    We are going to hear from our PM Meles, “that this volcanic ashes are trained in Eritrea, and released by SHABIA, to disrupt, the hand outs we should to receive from Clinton, Now we are going to respond in similar way to shabians. Shabia says They will transform ‘ADDIS to BAGDAD’. Look that is exactly what I said 2 months ago, Everybody can see in the sky of ADDIS, if it does’t look like BAGDAD with all these ashes? we have to punish them now”.

  19. observer on

    Weyane always blaming Eritrea.
    What will say weyane now for the volcano eruption???

  20. Jabeth on

    shaebia works mystriously!wait you aint seen nothing yet… shaebia self reliance will prevail and we will have a much better world.
    this volcano is just a reminder from shaebia to watch out wn=hat they do and can do.

  21. yeshimebet belete on

    I didn’t know that Shabia has that much power to cause natural volcano or earthquake. I also didn’t know that we are so much scared of them.
    So what should we do to get out of our fear?
    What a shame and it is so sad to be stupid like our leaders.
    As much as we hate the woyanes, why do we use their propaganda to hate Eritrea???? why don’t we have our own?
    shame on us..

  22. weyne press on

    Ministry of Foreign Affairs – Ethiopia

    On its “a week in the horn” issues, The Ethiopian ministry of foreign affairs has issued a strongly worded accusation against Eritrea for deliberately igniting the Dubbi volcano in its southern Red Sea region. The GOE (Ethiopia) strongly believes, it cannot be a coincidence, unless deliberately set off by the regime in Asmara, that Dubbi volcano erupts 150 years later and of all the days, when the US secretary of state pays a visit to Addis Ababa. This is purely sabotage on Ethiopia’s diplomatic frontier and an act of terrorism of the highest order. We regret Clinton cut short of her trip and left the country.

    We have intelligence the same has happened to UN chief Ban ki Moon, in Chile, that same day. We call up on the international community to try to link, whatsoever, these two volcanic incidents with Eritrea.

    The ministry went on to say that it has a pile of intelligence to implicate Eritrea behind proliferation of nuclear bomb with the help of Iran and Qatar. Thanks to the newly acquired unmanned vehicles from Israel, we have motion and still pictures showing an unusual activities of the Eritrean military and its scientists near the Dubbi volcano prior to it eruption on Sunday night.

    We strongly believe that the cause of the volcano is from a possible nuclear bomb test by the Eritrean regime and we urge the international community to refer the matter to the Security Council and IAEA without delay followed by a robust sanction. Uganda has shown interest, as before, to draft the resolution as we have no problem to get the nod from IGAD.

    However, as previous sanction attempts have failed to bring any fruit, we strongly recommend a Libya style NATO bombardment on Eritrea’s nuclear facilities. If it is not much to bother, you do us a favour by introducing a clause on the resoulution to extend NATO’s action on all the gold mines in Eritrea that we believe are the source of all the finances.

    Ministry of Foreign Affairs

  23. leflafi mengedi on

    aahahahahahahahahah…boy i tell ya, reading this blabber by the ministry of affairs is both entertaining and also revealing of their mental and political capacity. it’s like the bear who already has a fresh gazzelle at hand, but also jumping and reaching up to catch a flying birdie due to a selfish and greedy nature risking the already in hand pray…DEAR WOYANE(HYIENA) LEAVE BIRDIE(ERITREA) alone and concentrate on the already sinking ship, gazzelle(ethiopia) you are about to loose loosers.wagging your tails to this crusty old lady ain’t gonna feed your hyiena a$$ or the 80+ thousand victims of your greedy animals.
    p.s. keep yor eyes on that gazzelle. lool lool.

  24. Merebai on

    As an Eritrean, I didn’t know that SHAEBIA has a supernatural power. Woyanes are desperate and as usual pointing an accusing finger at THE MIGHTY SHAEBIA who scared the sh** out of Hilrary. WOW
    Watch out for the next move from SHAEBIA…
    Way to go SHAEBIA…

  25. 2 weyne dremer on

    When the news about volcanoes erupting in Eritrea first broke out, I couldn’t contain my elation at the idea that the vast volcanic ash clouds moving towards Tigray contain particles of Eritrean Gold that will later be mixed with rain and pour down over my hometown in Tigray, a small village called Adiabo, or the TheBo for short. But as I read the following breaking news by the Gold mining company operating in Eritrea, my Tigray heart is broken into pieces, my evil spirit crushed and my hopes are dashed forever!

    TheBo (adiabo) haway, ajoka. You’re not alone. I’m crushed too. I’m crying with you my Tigray brother. I couldn’t sleep or eat since yesterday. My family in Tigray had made all the necessary preparations to gather the rain, only to be told that the rain water won’t contain any Eritrean gold particles. That sucks man.


  26. Shaebya on

    @Weyane of #11……
    19th century?!……. You need to come out of your bubbles. You have a very corrupted way of understanding the very term “economy” or “economic development”…… you’re the only fool standing on this earth who believed that weyane declaration of a decade of double digit GDP growth. U r mistaking it for the growth of the growth of the personal pockets of Meles & his inner circles, including His wife Azeb Golla, the Khat-trading tycoon……
    Unlike the weyane’s aid dependence fake-economy, Eritrea’s economy is a real economy that makes a difference in the lives of its people in terms of basic needs. Remember, Eritrea being the only country on course to fulfill the MDGs by the 2015 deadline that others are far off, being unable to fulfill the millenium Development Goals even by 2030. that spreads an equal opportunity for all to live & aspire. An economy that never forgets the lives of the vast majority the people.
    Unlike the Weyane’s economy that works for the minute minority, the Eritrean economy works for te vast majority by spreading equal opportunity like basic needs so as people can have live in dignity & aspire. Those are the basic human right that Eritrea beleives in while weyane beleives in coercing the poor people of Ethiopia to vote for it in exchange for donated food aid. An idiot like you is usually not expected to understand the difference………your bubbles will, one day, burst & by then, it’d be too late for you & your dillusional weyane puppet.

  27. dream on weyane on

    ignoret and narrow minded WOYANES I feel so sorry for you…..focus on your domestic problems…….

  28. temben on

    breaking news shabiya is planing the biggest tsunami ever to cause havok
    in tigray

  29. Nigusu on

    really sad news from some media like ER , most of the time writes just not reality for due to political interest how can Volcano smoke ash travel to ADDIS ABABA Air Port? and this news is on ER only

  30. archangel58 on

    No the volcanic eruption is for something else finding the gateways of Hell in otherwords the Pit located in the Afar region like the others volcanoes kicking for this cycle starting with grimvotn iceland dante-popocatepelt mexico- taal philippine-dieng indornesia- cordon caulle and after dubbie-nabro then massive sulpher release in azarbaijan area noted on blog observation and i quote ” maybe the gates of Hell opened up and their damned madhi really is on the way back… gates of hell yes madhi on way back so what it was meant for Mikael…reason 10/06/11 subject Taxte soleyman ( throne of solomon) west Azarbaijan link folk legend- that king solomon used to imprison monsters inside the crater Zendan-e Soleyman Prison of Solomon.. Back to Dubbie might be an error but confirmation 1861- was dealing with matter Emperor Tewodros 1868 battle with british general napier who brought the baluchi, punjab and cameroon regiment.Stop did last year 2010 floods pakistan from Khyber down through baluchistan sind punjab.. 2011 Earthquke same are 1861 last eruption Prince Alamayou 1861-79 son of kassa..Nabro new vent but twin caldera 5km and 8km= haile(5) Selassie(8) then 17/06/11 Kamczatka russian volcano erupted- \clinton part of the 13 satanic family note her finger of the horn loss power 8 mins noah one of 8 souls on the Ark 8day male get the cut 8 ogdoad of thoth USA= Jer-usa-lem attack tornadoes memphis – check with the guardian my Lady of Zion soon to do her thing again volcano kicked off bringing up the demons readying to collect wicked men and their nations- back to fire mount carmel elijah bob marley(36-Berhan selassie)one love.. armageddon..dec 2010 L’aquila 2009 check pope celestine v bone exposed then dan brown angels and demons then abuna about the Ark of covenant coming out but benedict 16 last or last but one Judgement…..get my point or reject I have seen the suffering of the people and we are vex the removal of the beloved.HIM 1974 when I joined Paras age 16. many careless ethiopians…shall die.. memphis Dr Martin luther king mountain top speech..coming for them in saudi arabia chase the off the land and out of the north. My words are pure and true old man and the host watching but war helmets false jew them that call themselves jew but are from the… of satan askhenazi gen 10 gog and magog gomer then alexander the great 22 nations- hebrew 22 letters – 22 = Michael be warned be careful for that which sent me plan to put everything back under his feet y call the day of the Lord one of darkness not light……

  31. archangel58 on

    right got Russian plane came down domestic flight RA 65771 44 killed 8 survivors back to my entry above 8mins….Missouri floods threatens neclear reactor plant that is now four since April 18 2011 area had a number of minor earthquakes watched film shooter about ethiopia FBI agent name J memphis…Adul Alhazred the mad arab saana yeman wrote the Necronomicon AD700 film evil dead but said to have visited subterranean scret of memphis main book destoryed by patriarch Michael to do with the dark one yog-sothoth and cthulhu film for that Hellboy rasputin others copied one held in the british museum…Dubbie/nabro also in response to Dhailak Island;the Devils cave Eritrea one way ticket to Hell ( Hell nordic term odin mythology Loki daughter but real time the pit. remember Hitler killed himself on 30/04/1945 better known as the night of the witches major time of the year for nordic satanics and his age 56 pi production of set demon…Hitla 80th of the original 200 fallen ones they say angels but that name come from the tribe better known as Angles who occupy England today ya angle.. also hell’s ambassador for England is mammon better known as Beelzebub and Russia’s is Rimmon ya syria…Remember they that destory the earth shall themselves be destroyed Rev 11v18 KJV… Ya Flashman on the march about the abyssian war of 1869 then Flashman meets the Angel of the Lord about the underground railway for runaway slaves, john brown and american civil war… got today H Tubman- slaves spying for the north….ya my Lady of Zion state the demons want to draw near but not ready as yet but they are active grimvotn volcano noted one particular plumb shape with the hooves yes pan type caesar phillip isreal whom do they say i am…also noted that a rite of the fallen angel was conducted in the chapel of st paul vatican and found the link in american where it was mimic charleston… remember have the 13 satanic family and the mother darkness who using spell to curse the Ark of the covenant that why it is possible that loss of power for clinton because she is connected with these families and i have seen her horn sign and when she ware the witches hat…more trouble on the way daniel 12 chapter… may not be able to use this site again but for the records as things develop- dont worry armies are here probes orange imperial ships keep look out they will start probing the horn if they have not made themselves known already the crown of Thorns T-horns…Old man and the elders are here, he is safe with the war council,as it is said Eqypt are my people assyria have i created with my own hands and Isreal is my inheritance also Lucifer rule the East and have command over the Europeans and Asians that why they are making headways while our enmemies within frustrate to stop the raise the traitors hook is waiting for them.. must stop good luck remember are ye not that the children of the Ethiopian s unto me oh children of Israel..yw Libya medusa and Lamia they will not be successful got what we wanted saudi arabia men of the East cant stop waht has been sent against them….good luck alot of trouble ahead even the earth is in on the act ya plan to chase the arabs out of our lands they can go live the with the barbarians and indo aryans in the Pit why when its over it will deal with them probably give them a roasting for ever then take then beyond the belt beyond pluto they can live happily ever after there and you know that will be worst than the pit….

  32. archangel58 on

    Bingo got tornado attack Nebraska correct same area as stated above same area where the fllods are threatening their Nuclear Reactor Plant that gave NC notification of possible shutdown under unusal events…Further confirmed through native americans that area red gold and green…also area Buffalo county well buffalo soldier 10th Cavelry then back to bob marley (Berhan Selassie) song buffalo soldier had it when found when looking for one love people get ready 16/06/11 below is sxtract from a number of sites remember Eziel 38-39 about certain ethiopian linked to gog and magog but this matter is no joke that why she had to leave quick and lost 8 minutes addressing and being the first US sec of state to address the AU poor things dem..That why was not surprise, but sadden when new ethiopian flag appeared with the venus star inverted…. Guardian will have to stay out of her room when they the demons and Djinns come to show their alligance and venerate her… two sections of the host will be present.. for reasons… the six crown and what i have the between the cherbs (6)…
    as the man said render unto ceasar what belongs to ceasar but render unto God what belong to God.. Then who is ceasar nothing but the Devil.. was interesting to note that the Greeks are ashame of their Ethiopian blood, if they were the true Greeks but they are not just part of the Barbarian hordes of the North/East..For example, heruli, goths vandals then from 479 ostrogoths,bulgars- then from 579 slavs after that the attack from Normans and franks then ottomans then who became rulers of Greece.. so the Greece of today to the Greece of the past when Romulu mixed his seed princess … of Ethiopia is quite different… that is why I laugh…. anyway here is some extracts to establish the facts they are so blatant because they think there is no one to oppose them… but also check the bulding of the senate house capitol hill for example plot it was built on is plot 666 it was own by F. Pope the brother of the first cardinal of Rome to the USA not to mention the sacred geometrics upon which it is founded and in accord to the temple of Jupiter on capitoline hills Rome…it was also called the new temple of Solomon in the new Jerusalem… they wish….

    The Grande Mother Collins dressed in black has an ebony and gold moon shaped throne that she can automatically rotate by pushing a pedal with her foot. Behind her sits the Grand Council with 13 members –this might be or might not be the Grand Druid Council that you will read about further on.

    The boys passed out papers, which had time tables written on them of things that were to happen. A great discussion was carried on about what had happened in the world to bring in Satan’s One-World-Government during the last six months and what was prepared to happen in the near future. Things that had not gone according to plan were discussed. The Ark of the Covenant was discussed, where it was hidden in Africa, and a ritual mocking the Ark of the Covenant was held.

    The Collins family has been kept out of the limelight because they have more occult power than the Rothschilds or the Rockefellers. To make money this Collins family does something financially,

    The next family in our series of articles on the top 13 Illuminati families is the Collins family, The first two have been the Astor family and the Bundy family….

    Hillary Clinton is the wife of Bill Clinton, and is known in occult circles as a very powerful practicing witch! In fact, former Witch, Doc Marquis, informed me quite strongly in November, 1992, just weeks after Bill Clinton had been elected President, that both Bill and Hillary were practicing witches; however, he said that Hillary outranked Bill in the occult – she was a much more powerful Witch than he ever was!

    Did you know that Hillary also admitted being an occult channeler? “Hillary To Jean Houston — Hillary’s Occultism Demonstrated

    Bill and Hillary Clinton are the current occupiers of the White House, and are currently the de facto head of NAFTA. Therefore, we Christians should expect that he will be occultic, deeply so.

    This little incident over Hillary seeking the counsel of a known New Age leader is only proof of what we should have known all along. As close as we are to the New World Order becoming reality, no man will be allowed to serve as President, or even to run for that office, if he were not also occultic, also fully in step with the Plan to stage the appearance of Antichrist

    The funny thing is that I found this on a Republican forum and some of them are like “What’s up with that?” The shit is right in their face and they still can’t connect the dots. It’s also humorous to watch the Democrats on the board pointing out that the stars on the Republican logo are usually upside-down as well

    The upside down stars on the US flag, (as opposed to the official normal side up) are a blatant sign of Satanism. Have a look at this link … http://www.exposingsatanism.org/signsymbols.htm

    In Revelation 17:12-17, we see that God clearly states that the 10 Rulers of these Super Nations, which occur only at the very End of the Age, have developed a Plan that delivers the power of all the nations of the world into their hands. Once they get this unprecedented power, they will immediately turn it over to Antichrist (The First Beast). Therefore, these 10 Rulers will be of the same spiritual persuasion, and practice, as the Antichrist. The Bible clearly foretells that Antichrist will be an Adept in Black Magic Satanism (Daniel 8:23-25; see NEWS1017 for details) and that he will institute this global government in great secrecy and deception (verse 24). This deception is critically important, because people would not knowingly support anyone whom they believe is going to rule over them with the heart of Satan! Therefore, unparalleled deception is absolutely required. Jesus warned about this kind of deception in Matthew 24:24, and Paul says in 1 Thessalonians 5:1-3, that people will accept this global government of Antichrist gladly at first thinking they have finally achieved “Peace and Safety”.

    This is the last time I can use this site….as now on 33 wanted 32 and got reason 32 is the number for beloved …3.6.1958= 32 the sacred nmae amongst the prophet for our lord and saviour the christ ya 3 days to rise 6 to create 19 the centuary and 58 the secret number for operation ZION remember and they have confessed 72 sects of muslims are bound for Hell (3 days and 3 nights= 72 then solomon and the 72 rebellious demons) which is in existence then when asked in 2000 the 73 sect is now in existence which they said will be the ones 73rd will enter paradise with their prophet…laters

  33. sara on

    i was reading all the comment i was sad and some times am loughing am sorry guys you have very thick mind and u are figthing with nature no body can not make that exeplosion that is God nature may be it is time to blow up so u people u are very wrong think about before u make a mistake and read geographi and u will learn the truth and u cant blame each other am so sorry for your comment

  34. archangel58 on

    thanks Sara and you are the wise.. abou Gods nature is it not written i shall destory man with the earth are you ntrying to say sick mind or think mind? ya you woould like it to blow up and take all mankind with you but my argeument is that it is time to take the wicked away… u are the type who have to have rational mind the very mind that go beyond and will take the whole earth down with you then ask christt to rapture u the chosen one it would be better u read geograph and feel sorry for yourself in my case i have two degrees it does not make me a better man but i have a greater understanding.. this is a spiritual matter beyond your own understanding… you sound like some one who fears and would stick your head in the sand or better still do some research …..good luck

  35. archangel58 on

    For your information also there are sometimes when it is natural when volcanoes and other natural events are in order with time and motion other times it is not. Since you want to rely on geograph then check the history channel and wikipedia on the subject gates of Hell which mention a number of location one of which is Ethiopia. Here is Hank campbells observation on a number of location of which the following is one

    Is the Gate to Hell in Africa?

    A Gate to Hell would seem to have some fire, and to ancient people lava oozing from the ground would fit the bill. Erta Ale in Ethiopia is a volcano located in the Afar Region of northeastern Ethiopia, standing some 2000 feet tall and with a lava lake at the top.

    That’s what I’m talking about.

    Erta Ala translated from Afar is ‘smoking mountain’ and it is known locally as “the gateway to hell”.

    Equally, if you look at the sucession of volcanoes that have erupted since may 21 2011 the Grimvotn is not from another location called the Herkla Iceland also referred to as the gates of hell the land of ice and fire and is used in one of the catos of dante inferno and linked to St Patrick and saint Brendan…in the case of the latter’s travel around 900AD in which he emntion travelling to an island with a dog myterious hospitality (no people but food left out) and an Ethiopian devil Brendan wikipedia.Further Mexico popocatepetlvolcano had a small eruption and is linked to the feathered serpent temple where the day before announced found a funeral chamber clsoed for 1800 years but image the tunnel to be a recreation of the underworld of which both temple and the volcano also linked to the underworld is associated with Quetzelcoatl

    Dont you find it a bit ironic that since the japan Nuclear reactor damage from the recent Tsnami/Earthquake there have been another 5 Nuclear reactor plants that had to shut down due to tornadoes hitting the sites,or high radiation levels and more recently two,having to send the Nuclear commission notification of unusal events incase have to close duw to the floodings all of which are situated in the United states. Also, the heat burst recently has america suffers mini heatwaves, fires and drough which is destroying their crops along with breaking floods. Or the heat burst which is rare reported in america at the time of the last mini wave.

    Lastly is it not also ironic that a tornado rip through New Plymouth New Zealand destorying a taranaki race course and its complex with no injury to the 60 horse 19 june 2011 (REPORTED 20/06/11) and then by the 23/06/11 Tornado hits world-famous churchhill Downs racecourse in Kentucky… both locations deal with thoroughbred horses… well here is a tip to both above and it is in the Church of Debre Berhan Selassie, Gondar, ethiopia for hells gate check the fersco Devil in (image id:trd102935 and for the horses the Equestrian saint 17th C image id:trd102931 and 19thC (image id:stf 194458) and where you see five horsemen under the white horse flames and under the one ahead the rider is killing a dragon with a sword…operative here is the horses..

    what I found interesting is that Berhan Selassie is bob marley baptism name in the ethiopian church…although the dreadlocks is strongly associated with the order of the nazarene or nazrite as expressed in numbers 6Ch…. for this exercise try KJV Daniel 12C Matt 24C jsut to mention a few and lastly it is said that Ethiopia shall stretch forth her hand unto God and be received..another source say she shall deliver the power unto God…that would be consistent with Rev 11v18 and God shall take back his powers and reign…nations shall rage.. the dead raised for the last judgement…and them that destory the Earth shall themselves be destroyed….

    I hope you can get your think mind around that… Thanks

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