Woyanne soccer team’s defeat brings joy to Addis residents

Ethiopia’s capital Addis Ababa residents had some thing to be cheerful about Saturday after Buna defeated the Woyanne-affiliated football team Dedebit 2-1.

In a typical Woyanne fashion, the game was full of controversy and intrigue, but Buna were able to overpower the better financed and trained Dedebit to victory. The stadium was full of Buna supporters and the game felt like it was a match between a foreign team vs. an Ethiopian national team, according one spectator.


45 thoughts on “Woyanne soccer team’s defeat brings joy to Addis residents

  1. Lucy in America on


  2. Minnesota on

    Good job buna. i am proud of you. dedebit is always dedeboch, keep going the good work and tell the dedebitoch to go back to dedebit to get more training. if you go to dedebit again they will be good
    from Minnesota

  3. Haile on

    This is sport, nothing to do with politics……please don’t integrate ur hate politics with neutral sport… Get rid of it… Hate,hate,hate,…always hate… Uuuuuufe… Hopelessness…

  4. Kumsaa on

    “the game felt like it was a match between a foreign team vs. an Ethiopian national team”

    Well, it it indeed a game between two neighbouring countries: Tigray and its colony, Ethiopia!

  5. minnesota on

    all the comments and the blogger are racist, it’s 21st century ppl oh God what is going on with some folks

  6. Anonymous on

    Here you go again you are spreading your venom .What do I expect from a worthless despoted person????

  7. Teferi on

    Dedebt is where Ethiopian demise was conspired. I am glad that TPLF lost the game. TPLF has never won anything including all national and local elections. But I am also very much worried what would happen to Bunna players and supporters?

  8. Always Hate TPLF on

    Don’t worry! When all TPLF idiots are cleaned up from Ethiopia, there won’t be any soccor team called ” De’De’Beet- An origin of morans and idiots.or yededeboch meowleja bota”

  9. dedebit on

    If that is a cause for jubilation, then enjoy. Dedebit is an Ethiopian team and has so many fan base. You guys are pathetic and I see your future very bleak. Most of these players are not even from Tigray. What a sham.

  10. Garii on

    It is a spectacular victory for Buna against The club hated by numberless Ethiopian foot ball fans.The defeat of Dedebit heralds the demise of those burning the two ends of our candles just to cling on power to destroy our values and hidtorical institution and of our Ethiopia.Go big buna.Let othe clubs (excluding woyane funded )simulate the courageous spirt of buna club and traunce all woyane club and get them out of the competition.It is time for genuine Ethiopian players to defect and join other Ethiopian clubs.Dont sell out your conscience for a dime .

  11. Garii on

    For the donkey’s mind, everything is, as ever, about Tigre! Zeregna Ahya!

  12. yeah on

    Saint George is owned by Al Amoudi,
    What do you have to say? Your anti Tigre, anti Oromo, anti dentite…

  13. Anonymous on

    We shall triumph not only in soccerbut in taking power from the hands of people’s enemy sooner or later.

  14. dedeb Dedebitoch on

    woyane will jail all Buna player for beating the so called ” gold Players from the Golden People”.

    Down with Woyane !

  15. tezibt on

    Good job! Let’s keep on dividing the people. Actually that will help catalize the process of real federalism. I am sure woyanne won’t be disappointed with this one.

  16. Ethiopie on

    Have you heard the report closely? It is full of errors. where are the reporters coming from ? civil service too? The game was won by coffee, but the reporter said dedebit 2-coffee 1, the points are now 55 and 52 and he reported 24 and 25. So what was reported?……Sport results should be reported true atleast, or everything has to be reported opposit?…..

  17. Buna on

    hey, This isn’t the game. This was in the first round Premier league. It is well known that Buna has the largest supporters in Addis….

    Anyways, Alias u r pathetic…don’t connect every silly thing 2 politics. Ethiopians have always shown how much they are tired of this regime in appropriate ways. However, they also know that there was no one trustworthy and good enough to take over in the public eyes.

    All Ethiopian politicians in all sides are shits!

  18. Haile on

    Guys, let us not go down that much, they are all Ethiopians. Politicizing everything will not help but organizing our people to challenge the dictatorship of Meles.

  19. below on

    u are the only stubit guy think that way.not the addis peaple. it is long way to achieve your dream bone head mr Elias.long live the new Ethiopia with out thick head peaple like you.

  20. Eyocy on

    Buna congradulation,,,Dedebit look how they hate u cause of TPLF dis is foot ball u guys r looks like Foriehn country Meles have not a time 2 c dis game other wise every body is going 2 jail except those

  21. xanadu on

    If I am not wrong for some reason, this video clips is not from yesterday’s game between Ethiopia Buna and Dedebit. Yes, the final score is Buna 2 and Dedebit 1. But the goal scorers, the way goals scored and overall game atmosphere was not from yesterday’s game.

    In yesterday’s game the first goal was scored (over heading) by Dedebit player getaneh Kebede. And the first and second goal for Buna was scored by Mulualem Tilahun and Dawit Estifanos.

    But in this video clip, it was shown that the first Dedebit goal was scored by Dawit Fekadu. And the first goal for Buna was scored by Guna player Adamu Mohamed (in his own goal). And the second goal scored over penality kick by Sisay Demessie.

    In addition to this wrong video clip, the reporters were making so many mistakes in their report. Seid Kiyare for example was confusing to call the winner of the game as Guna and then miscalling the name of Fiker Yilkal. Fiker Yilekal, on the other hand, was challenging the Referee’s judgment capacity. His report in this regard seems inconsistent. In one instance, he was unhappy with referee’s judgment for denying penalty for Buna but later against it when penalty was given for Buna for a similar mistake repeated by Dedebit. His opinion about the referee’s decision on fouls was also inconsistent. For detail you can watch this video I got from diretube.com http://www.diretube.com/ethio-sport/ethiopia-buna-2-1-dedebit-fc-and-sport-highlights-june-19-2011-video_024ddf29f.html.

    Overall, there is something fishy in this sport report. My theory is that the woyane conspiracy theory is being applied in this game as it is usually happening in all Ethiopian economy and politics….. .
    What do think guys?

  22. menelik on

    you guys it’s shame on you .you llook like you forget the meaning of sport.

  23. debub on

    This is only football. some anti ethiopian and sport haters tried to enjoy about the result. for your information this is not the end of the game. dedebit is the young teame in ethiopian football history.
    the result is encouraging very much.next time you will see the result. and you will cry much more than ever. the plyaer of the dedebit are 50% from the southern ethiopia.

  24. amlak aman on

    I want to be a woyanne when I grow up , They must have some thing special that drives some of the people in this page and no body can never take away what the WOYANNES have .
    Viva Woyanne , viva Dedebit and VIVA Ethiopia .

  25. Le`Nesanet on

    Folks, many of the players who play for Dedebit are not TPLF affiliated. Let us agree on few things, at least in foot ball. I accept we may have to disagree on many political issues. We are one family of Ethiopians there must be things where least we can build a common ground. I love Ethiopia and the people of my country.

  26. thomas on

    Good job buna. I am proud of you.!!!!!!!!!! this not only sport dedebit is created by wayanne and alamudi that why they’re heated Buna and Buna fans Dedebt must be back Dedebt.thank for sharing us Elias.
    Good bless Ethiopia!
    down with Woyane !

  27. Arbegha on

    Dedebit,Sahel An insult to our people, motherland they deserve to be humiliated long live Ethiopia we shall win!!!

  28. mimi on

    bravo buna,

    i dont know why some weyane stupid racist supporters and thier idiot servants are barking like a rabid dog while the victimized ethiopians who have been killed, raped, tourtured, harassed, jailed are more calm, anyway, dedebit is a team created by tplf few criminal racist & idiot groups that has nothing to do with the innocent non tplf tigreans, as a result the defeat of dedebit is the same as the defeat of weyane criminal groups among million ethiopians, and when ethiopians show no to dedebit team that is a direct message to NO TO WEYANE, period, it’s now only a matter of time that ethiopians will come out and get rid of the weyane criminal groups and celebrate thier real victory. Where as the stupid weyane supporters and some stupid and naive Ethiopians are giving irrelevant and non sense comment, anyhow, the defeat of weyane by every corner is a satisfaction for ethiopians who are fed up of the weyane criminal aparthied rule for over 20 years, yet let the weyane stupid dog criminal members await for thier final days.

  29. Anonymous on

    12 of the players of Dedebit are less that 22 years old. Few of the are Tigrayans and their coach is a former Dergue Colonel.
    If you are trying to associate the football team Dedebit with the Lions of Dedebit it is a futile attempt. You are just exposing yourself to the new generation whom yor are expecting to die for you so that Elias Kifle becomes information ministser in the “United *Republic of Oromia”
    EThiopia will prevail despite your hate propoganda.

  30. Anonymous on

    I have no idea who are the Buna and the Dedebit players are, but if the Dedebit team consists of a bunch of woyanes, I am delighted that they lost the game. I hate everything that is related to the butchers and looters of Ethiopians = TPLF. Inquan yebuna quas techawchoch dese alachuhe::

  31. FANO on

    DEDEBIT belo soccer team. I bet their name stinks just like they way they play. BUNA, all the way. Ye hager walta.

  32. Yes on

    #27 u say viva dedebit viva Ethiopia do not mixup terrorist nam with big Ethiopia u know what dedebit the same like Somali alshebab:

  33. Bubu on

    Thank you Le’Nesanet for saying the right thing about Dedebit. And thank you Elias for atleast not screening comment #28 and letting a view that completely contradicts what you said go through. And for once poletikawun wedegon adergen eski beEthiopian Premeir League lay eyetefetere yalewum fuKeker enadneQ. Letemeleketew it was an awesome game and in my view free from poletics.

  34. Atakilt on


    With your kind of behavior and utter hate of victorious people of Tigray, you will never able to set your feet anywhere in Ethiopia. You will die stuck at some joint in your own hood be it in the West or your master’s stinking Asmara. You are one heck of hapless loser. We freed you from fascist Mengistu with so much human blood and sweat and you still hate us. You have a sick mind. I bet you that you will not let this comment shown on your website. Because you are one miserable coward.

  35. Kumlacew on

    Comment # 27 said, “I want to be a woyanne when I grow up…”

    Well, if that is your ultimate, dude … you have no space or capacity to grow up, then plan for your own funeral before it gets too late. I am not sure if you are aware of this little dude … the idea of Woyaneism is an expired philosophy struggling to survive in modern era, … so if your future plan is to live in the past, you will be better off to stay with out planning.

  36. kirr on

    I am in addis and though i was not in the stadium the city was transformed on Bunna win. If the match was with any other team than dedebit the match would not be that important. For Ethiopians who are not affiliated with TPLF and where there is no possibility of expressing once dissatisfaction this has provided a window of opportunity. Before and during the match I drove around the stadium and the area was completely occupied and it was difficult for traffic to move. After the win those who were in the stadium returned singing and chanting a victory song and those who were at home received them as heroes. All the roads in addis were blocked by crowds and it sure looked like a win over a mortal enemy than a mere football team. It took me more than 3 hours to drive from qera through Lideta to mesalemia. We did not see so much crowed and celebration even when the national team beat Nigeria.
    If there is any one who thinks this is nothing but a football match they are kidding themselves and they are welcome to do so. It is clearly a political statement by the people and it is showing everywhere where there is a public gathering and TPLF cadres has no control over. Watch out church and mosque gatherings.
    I predict the football match, church or mosque gatherings are where the revolution will start. And especially where Dedebit plays any other team is a potential ground zero.
    In the last match if Bunna had lost in a usually unfair match with dedebit as in previous matches such as Giorgis there would be a riot. And that possibility always will be there where ever Dedebit plays in the future.

  37. Feredebin on

    This is the most disgraceful article ever written. This isnt even news.

  38. DEMFELAT on

    Weyanes are angry because they are marginalized by all other Ethiopians. TPLF vampires better get used to it because they know the tons of crimes they committed against Ethiopia.

    Now we MUST maintain the status quo and plan to enter the next phase which is the TOTOL BOYCOTT OF WEYANES. No compassion allowed!
    Everybody or everything that is affiliated with weyane must be subject to immediate rejection.
    This is the minimum we can do as Ethiopian citizens after what we witnessed or heard in the past 20 years TPLF tyranny. Thanks to TPLF, we are living in times where the promotion of an idea for one Ethiopia is considered a grave crime.
    Let’s therefore never forget the plot TPLF is has in mind since day one. It hates the beautiful name Ethiopia and has only a single plan in mind; to get rid of it when it sees the moment is appropriate to do so.
    Until then for Meles Naziawi, Qimalawit Azaba Mesfin and their fellow village minded ethno maniacs, Ethiopia is just the cow they will never feed but milk until it dies.

    Let us not be weyane appeasers.
    Once again no compassion allowed!
    Boycott Weyanes with an unwavering commitment!

    Egziabeher Amlak Ethiopian ena Ethiopiawianochen Yebark!


  39. tazabiw on

    If woyane give up the power tomorrow ,the hate that has been reflected towards a certain ethnic group and posted on this website based on this article show us the chaoes that is going to happen in our beloved country.With all the knowingly and unknowingly mistake that was done by Woyane on this country I would prefer them to to stay in power than transfer it to the hate monger extreme daispora.I am glad that these people live outside the country so that they will not have any influnce in poisoning the innocent people reside in the mother land.
    I am a non woyane Tazabi.

  40. To Dedebit@#10 on

    You said some of the dedebit’s players ain’t from
    Tigray….. That’s not the point. Even some of the Hodams serving in the brutal Weyane’s tyranny ain’t from
    Tigray either. But the Dedebit players ain’t necessarily hodamoch.
    Buna is starbucks as it owns the coffee farms in Ethiopia.
    Dedebit is Weyane as it’s bankrolled by Malelit TPLF
    & my own St George now belongs to the Weyane loyalist Tujar, Alamoudi.
    I didn’t know monsters tend to like football.

  41. anon on


    I am sure many people including Mr.Tazabiw,You said,
    “I would prefer them to to stay in power than transfer it to the hate monger extreme daispora.I am glad that these people live outside the country so that they will not have any influnce in poisoning the innocent people reside in the mother land.”

    You hope this form of rationalizatiaon will prolong the duration of weyane rule in Ethiopia.What has allways worked best for any nation,that will likely be productive at all time and all places is the desire to engage the public through peaceful dialogue. In our case dialogue with the entire people of Ethiopia.Weyane has no taste to realistically debate with differing parties,to begin with,weyane doesn’t trust the people of Ethiopa.Weyane usually misinterprets ,and approch other Ethiopians with guarded suspicion.We against them type of perception.One thing I know it is extremely impossible to make such group under extreme fear-they have caved in. Weyane leders exihibit psychological nurosis.Bear in mind the Ethiopian people patiently endured weyane recklessness and bulling for twenty years.At the moment matters are at a far werst state than they were twenty years ago.Who is to be blamed for this.The regime has all the opportunity to live peacefully with Ethiopians,by accomodating the divergent views and opinions.

  42. Feredebin on

    #39 kirr NICE TRY but your very stupid. If your in Addis and you attended the game how can you access this page if its banned in Ethiopia? I know for a fact that the same 2 or 3 ethiopianreview employees are posting and reposting as different commentators but were stupid enough to include #39. This is just funny. Hilarious.

    This is yet another article showing how ethiopianreview and its editor elias kifle are only associated with disgusting grocery store paparazzi articles like this one. This crude excuse for an article tried to twist pure sport into dirty politics. This shows how mr kifle has completely lost touch with the ppl back home. I talked on facebook with plenty present at the game and nobody was talking about a woyane team or something. In shame i am sure this post will be deleted to cover up the evident racism and targetism of this site.

    Piece of advice Elias, stick to covering your sad EPPF and GINBOT 7. You suck at sport stories.

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