Woyanne accuses jailed journalists of terror plot – CPJ

CPJ — The Ethiopian government Woyanne regime today publicly accused an editor and a columnist of involvement in a terrorism {www:plot}, according to news reports and local journalists. Woubshet Taye, deputy editor of the leading Awramba Times newspaper and Reeyot Alemu, columnist for the weekly Feteh, have been held {www:incommunicado} under Ethiopia’s far-reaching anti-terrorism law since last week.


The anti-terrorism law criminalizes writing the government regime deems favorable to groups and causes it labels as “terrorists,” including banned political opposition party Ginbot 7. This is the first use of the law against journalists.

Today, government Woyanne spokesman Shimelis Kemal announced in a press conference in the capital, Addis Ababa, that Taye and Alemu were among nine people arrested on suspicion of organizing a terrorist network. The group was also accused of planning attacks on {www:infrastructure}, telecommunications, and power lines in the country, according to news reports. Kemal accused the nine of having links with an unnamed international terrorist group and Ethiopia’s neighbor, Eritrea, according to news reports. Neither journalist has yet been charged, pending investigations, according to Kemal.

“These accusations against Woubshet Taye and Reeyot Alemu must be viewed in light of the Ethiopian Woyanne administration’s longstanding practice of using trumped-up charges to silence and jail critical independent journalists,” said CPJ Africa Advocacy Coordinator Mohamed Keita. “It is outrageous that a government spokesman should publicly accuse journalists of terrorism when they have not been charged with any crime and are unable to respond because they are in detention. They should be freed immediately.”

In an interview with Bloomberg News, Kemal said the arrests of the two journalists had “nothing to do with viewpoints they have published.” Alemu had recently criticized the ruling party’s public fundraising method for a major dam project on the Nile, and Taye has critically covered local politics as the deputy editor of his newspaper.

Last week, Kemal told CPJ no journalists were incarcerated in Ethiopia, which is not true, according to CPJ research. Six journalists are currently behind bars in Ethiopia, two on vague criminal charges and four on vague terrorism accusations, including Taye and Alemu, according to CPJ research. Ethiopia is the second leading African jailer of journalists, behind Eritrea.

40 thoughts on “Woyanne accuses jailed journalists of terror plot – CPJ

  1. geremew on

    hey ur name was mentioned there don’t you think you have to say something

  2. Hawi on

    Elias we will hunt you down even if we have to send a special commando unit to Asmara to get you. You will not escape.


    Breaking News: Journalists detained with alleged terrorism

    Wednesday, 29 June 2011 17:49

    The Deputy Editor-in-Chief of Awramba Times weekly newspaper, Wubishet Taye and the political columnist of Fitih and Addis Press weekly newspapers, Riyot Alemu, who were detained last week, is because of alleged terrorist act, government officials said.

    According to Shimelis Kemal, deputy head of the Office for Government Communications Affairs and Demelash Gebremichael, vice commissioner at the Federal Police Commission, Crime Investigation Directorate, the two individuals have been allegedly linked with Elias Kifle, a member of Ginbot 7, who currently resides in Asmara and has been sentenced to death by the Federal High Court. A total of 9 individuals including the two journalists have been detained with the same offense.

  3. hahha on

    I didn’t know Elias lives in Asmara? Is this another lie of woyane or true cuz I didnt think shabialand has internet services?

  4. TIME on

    The Narrow racist TPLF is accusing Ethiopians who are struggling to bring peace and prosperity in Ethiopia as Terrorist. Meles and his stooges know that their doom day is coming and they have no clue when where and at what speed it coming to knock them out. Here is what is coming – you can loot, kill and do all the crime you want, but time will catches up with you and fails you miserably. Even those boot lickers would abandoned you in drove and they would be the first to hung upside down like Mussolini.

  5. Shiro on

    Elias we will catch u inside tiny eritrea,we will piss on u,and stamp on ur empty head.u have no where 2 run when we realy mean it…

  6. Kidi on

    It is so sad to see Ethiopia get to this point. I do not know what needs to happen for people to realize these blood sukers needs to be removed from power. they are distroying the country and our people. these journalist were a few with gut to say what they see is wrong. we need to follow their foot step and do our part to eliminate these kemalamoch for good. AND TO THOSE HODAM GERMEW AND HAWI GO TO HELL! YOUR DAYS ARE NEAR AND WE WILL HUNT YOU DOWN AND CUT YOUR TOUNG AND FINGER SO YOU NEVER TALK AND WRITE ANYTHING CONCERNING ETHIOPIA.

  7. ELIAS how come you didn’t put in your grand idea on why this guys are in jail. hmm does it have anything to do with you being the money man wow you couldn’t just let it go?well i can;t wait to hear what you have to say now.

  8. joro on

    Elias Kifle!!!! aren’t you so proud!! “Enatu Yeweledwchew Wend” is you!!

  9. ManoMano on

    Shimeles Qimal, as always clueless. I feel sorry for him sometimes. The poor SOB is not part of the TPLF CC, so he is always behind the news and the propaganda agenda. He consistently makes a blunder.

    Everybody remembers when Shimeles Qimal stated the VOA was not jammed only to be contradicted by the tyrant the next day.

    What a sad job for Shimeles Qimal,

    to be a clueless spokesperson, always behind his TPLF masters on the next agenda. Poor SHimeles Qimal. Poor Pooh.

  10. Agire on

    Elias, The Adwa mafia only barks but would never follow upon their talk. One thing is for sure: either begulbet or beheg (not dedebit style court but a real one) bring it on.

  11. Minilik on

    Congratulations Ethiopian Review on your 20th anniversary!!! You are now #1 enemy of TPLF. Infornation Is power keep up with the noble work you are doung.

  12. A Derib on

    Hmmmm, Elias you are on the fishhook. What the hell are you doing in Asmara? I thought your birth cord is buried in Ethiopia. Say something and defend yourself. Silence is not golden anymore in the 21st Century. Good luck .

  13. girmaw on

    hawi and shiro dedeb woyanes ! howlong is your coward legese zenawi going to hide inside the Minilik palace basement and inside the bullet proof box?? Now you can witness and see how a diaspora power can shake up the woyane system. ethiopian review is doing a great job and the vast majoroty of diaspora support and finance elias ! Elias ayzoh! you ar etough and we are behind you if you could scare meles like this. Shimelis Kemal a woyane man who will face justice some day. This is the same man who charged former Kinijit leaders to death. Do not forget that the kionjit leaders were released from jail by struggle of ethiopian Diaspora.! BERTU, We never stop to fight until ethiopia is free from TPLF.

  14. gebre said on

    shemelis kema grew up where i grew up kefitegna 3 KEBEL 44. he is opportunity. he was informant to derg. some eprp members who grew up with him went to jail. some got killed. here we go again. with woyane korfada he is abusing innocent people. shame on you sucker.

  15. Hello on

    I don’t think the editor of Ethiopian Review, Elias Kifle has nothing to do with the plot as he has no gut. It appears, though same resemblance.

  16. Anonymous on

    Elias Please do not say anything for this matter at all, because let’s not talk the thing that Woyane give to us. Let’s start talking about our agenda how we make them to respond our atack on them. Do not answer anything plssssss for this idiots. ( Elias You are better than them )
    Ignore them like Ebed. they should be in Amanuel Hospital ( they sick)

  17. George on

    weyane is being squeezed from inside and outside, so it is desperately trying to do every trick possible to stay in power by all means possible. This is a normal reaction by any dictatorial regeme on the last days of it’s life caused by uncontrollable fear of the unknown. It could get worse than this, because this regeme will not go down quietly. It has a deep seated hatred for the country and it’s people, so it will try to inflict as much damage as possible. Never in the history of mankind, a country is being ruled by a group of thugs who hate their own country so much.

  18. Balcha Gebeyhue on

    We all have learned from history that dictators act strange when they realize their days are numbered. Hence, they jump up and down and look for any one to blame for their miserable failure. Journalists, on the other hand, report what they see in the ground and inform the public about any events.

    The few Journalists left serve as the eyes and ears for the public who remain /are voiceless thanks to the mini tyrant Meles. He still thinks he has a few more years left to hide at the arat kilo bunker, despite all the indicators that show he is doomed to follow his mentors such as Sadam Hussen, Ali, Mubark and the good-old Kadaffi!

    The only thing the Meles & co can do these days are to lie and manfucture more lies through his recently acquired & appointed to lie men from the South since others have left for good. Did you watch the one time TPLF boss said of of Zanawi? Dr. Aregawi Brehe said, with big smile in his face, that Meles was never wounded at the battle field, as he claims now. He explained how Meles was out for only two small campaign and both times he had to run for his life leaving others to do the fighting for him……& for that he had to do kitchen duties as penality! The point is there will be more lies and drama to continue as long as the Meles & Co continue to rule.
    Let us stay focus & find more options to end dictatorship in Ethiopia.

    God/Allah Bless Ethiopia…..please protect the journalists who are suffering for the silent citizens!

  19. assab on

    to shiro and hawi,
    You said ” we will hut you down inside tiny eritrea” the only time you will come to eritrea is for you to beg and your sister to prostitute.

  20. Ezana from Toronto on

    Oh let me see, Elias lives in Asmara? I thought he does in L.A., Well, there is a posibility that L.A. too could be in Asmara:-)

  21. Stoned Peter on

    Elias please use this situation to bring to justice Demelash Gebremikael and Shimelis Kemal as well as Meles Zenawi and his spy agents since you are in free country USA can’t you bring suit if you have not taken part as TPLF accuses you and them can you ask Ethiopian lawyers if it is possible. remember using your name people have been jailed, abused who knows they might have been tortured also using your name falsely. In addition I have heard Doctor Berhanu talking on ESAT Tv that TPLF spy agents have sent them narcotic which is Chat to Ginbot 7 people and Doctor Berhanu said this is known by FBI people so why he does not accuse TPLF for drag dealing?. I think some times TPLF is smarter than us please let us stop this madness. Remember Elias you were accused many times by tplf and its agents like Alamudi so use this chance please also contact doctor Berhanu why he does not take to justce the agents or the people who sent him the Chat. Please Elias let us know soon give us your answer please.

  22. abyssiniangirl4life on

    All you woyane dedebits,

    Please do us a favor and stick to your agame names. Don’t hide under ethiopian screen names. There is nothing that disgusts me more than an agame pretending to be Ethiopian. You have done enough damage to Ethiopia, admitting you are agame is the least you can do.

  23. Freedom on

    I don’t believe Elias lives in Eritrea.I think any ethiopian who lives in Eritrea and who disagrees with TPLF gov…his name or her name could end up on TPLF terrist list.I Think most of VOA amhric program reporters are allready on TPLF’s terrist list.Guys belive me you don’t want to live in Eritrea kkkkkkkkkkkkkk.

  24. peacelover on

    It should be noted that the new Eritrean generations are not like my generations. For instance, when i joined shaebia(though i have no potetical leaning rite now)dropping out of high school, i did so not b/c of having full knowlege of the Eritrean revolution but rather to be honest following the foot steps of my elder siblings. However, the present warsay generations are well concious what it means to them Eritrea that sucrified many of their loved ones: when woyane intetionally refer Eritrea by the true home grown African doughters and sons of the shaebia leadership, they are perfectly aware of that he is messing with them & so do regarding other allegations of labels.
    Therefore, simply b/c Eritreans are silent in words, woyane should not entertain like “Eritreans are currently weary of everything bout their country….” is another misguided undertaking of huge mistake. Frankly speaking, i sincerly prefer our fellow Africans to follow Eritrea’s many posetive examples of nation building, hurmonious societies…..

  25. peacelove on

    …..The sad thing is as if decades of man-made destructions and natural drought is not enough punishment; instead of seeking mutual cooperation, woyane under new management is threatening to wipe out its former suporvisur, shaebia. For gods sake, aren’t we talking about two poor nations that hardly affords feeding thier own empty belly populations let alone keep on wedging endless conflicts? Well, in our unfortunate region, it’s a tradition some thing never to change unless of course cooler heads miracliouly prevails. It’s just like a lazy struggling student who settles every semister for a low expectation by bailing out oneself with the I-word(incomplete course)…..

  26. AHADU on

    Geremew and hawi the two dedeb animals or sub humans how dare you dream of hunting the great son of Ethiopia by jungle shiftas like you
    as the most world wide wanted criminal is hiding in minilik palace at your backyard that i can assure you he will face justice in the near feuture and for the cocroaches like you we will build an Ethiopian civilized court for truth and only truth that no one of the low life cadres get out unpunished

  27. peacelover on

    …..Neverthless, the warmongering elite Tgreans should not cry for shaebia. If need be, abagobie exactly knows the necesity of engaging them such as even at the newly renovated sahel trenches; MLLT’s former kindergarden preschool, probably using their own weapons. As a certain American comentator stated that there should not be now a turning point withdrowing prematurely after billions of expenses. Likewise, it should be clear handing over ultimately the fate of Eritrea to woyane and puppets that disabled and swallowed countless lives would not be an option at all…..

  28. Hi to all Elias is wanted by Ethiopin government and he lives in the USA not in Asmara any more. I know he livs in my state.
    His is enemy of Ethiopia and he is a friend of Asmara.
    I watch him he may not know me.

    One day, I may go and catch him if he do’nt stopp helping terrorists.
    From: ET

    Elias please post my post.
    Thank you.

  29. peacelover on

    …..woyane’s parasite divisive card(arebia fully loaded with toxicans) got to be checked well this time rounds so our future generations may enjoy the persuits of happiness, equal opportunity, responsible eventual unity(hopefully in our whole region/beyond) minus using AK47, the anti-development which end up feuling more hatreds. Yes, history is full of evidence that the genuine Mass Revolution Train is unstoppable finally reaching the its promised land, challenging all obstacles. After all said and done, the important question then is: would the crazy lessons of backwardness and exploitation of the millions downtroddens finaly be sunk in for the common good? We, the majority peaceloving voice certainly hope thinking so…..


    Crime Minister of Ethiopia!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How long are going to play this kind of game ?????!!!! Ante yeken Gibe !!!!!!

  31. peacelover on

    …..Time to direct the humble compass to those sincere prodemocrats who are advocating for all human rights and the rule of law against injustice dictatorships everywhere by turning off thee torch of constant misery for good and replacing it with the bright hope of lasting peace no matter what ever it takes. May god/alah bless them with fairness wisdom and unity. PEACE&LOVE!

    NB: Happy 20 yrs ER universaly, bro Elias!

  32. Makelawi Torture on

    Woyane is trying to breathe an air of life with its drama. But now Woyane knows that the drama being acted and plotted now to work after 3 months is drying up and losing its luster. It is not as it was in the good old days. They think that that have to dust off PLAN B in case things get worse sooner. Now everyone in the Diaspora except Ben of Ethiopiafirst has been charged. I guess EPRDF shall provide a list of those who have been charged in the Kangaroo court in a new MelesCourtLiks.com so that we know how many charges we have in the courts. The travesty of justice is one thing but the mockery of judges and police is totally funny. What do we expect from a court and a country that is run by a one man show as in Eritrea and Ethiopia.

  33. YAY on

    The Reporter from Addis Ababa reported that the EPRDF gov’t of Ethiopia has named Elias Kifle as a suspect collaborating from Asmara,Eritrea with “terrorists” in Ethiopia .

    ሰበር ዜና ፡ የታሰሩት ሁለት ጋዜጠኞች በአሸባሪነት ወንጀል ተጠርጥረው መሆኑ ተገለጸ .

    Wednesday, 29 June 2011 20:41 Tamiru Tsige Hits: 4165 .

    የአውራምባ ታይምስ ጋዜጣ ምክትል ዋና አዘጋጅ ውብሸት ታዬና ፤ አዲስ ፕሬስና ፍትህ ጋዜጦች ላይ የፖለቲካ አምደኛ የሆነችው ወይዘሪት ርዕዮት አለሙ የታሰሩት በአሸባሪነት ወንጀል ተጠርጥረው መሆኑን መንግስት አስታወቀ፡፡

    የኢትዮጵያ ብሔራዊ ዲሞክራሲያዊ ፓርቲ (ኢብዴፓ) ሊቀ መንበር አቶ ዘሪሁን ገ/እግዚአብሔር ፣ የፓርቲዉ አባል አቶ ደጀኔ ተፈራና እንዲሁም ሌሎች አምስት ግለሰቦች በአሸባሪነት ተጠርጥረው በቁጥጥር ስር መዋላቸውን የፌደራል ፖሊስ አስታውቋል፡፡

    መግለጫውን የሰጡት የመንግስት ኮምዩኒኬሽን ጉዳዮች ጽሕፈት ቤት ምክትል ኃላፊ አቶ ሽመልስ ከማልና በፌደራል ፖሊስ ወንጀል ምርመራ ዳይሬክቶሬት ዳይሬክተር ምክትል ኮሚሽነር ደመላሽ ገ/ሚካኤል ናቸው፡፡

    ተጠርጣሪዎቹን አስመራ ላይ ሆኖ ሲረዳቸው የነበረው አቶ ኤሊያስ ክፍሌ መሆኑን በመግለጫው ተገልጿል፡፡ አቶ ኤሊያስ ከግንቦት 7 ተጠርጣሪዎች ብርጋዲየር ጄኔራል ተፈራ ማሞ ጋር ክስ ተመስርቶበት በሌለበት በሞት እንዲቀጣ መወሰኑ ይታወሳል፡፡ ለተጠርጣርሪዎቹ አቶ ኤሊያስ የፋይናንስና የተለያዩ ዕርዳታዎች እንደሚያደርግ ከመግለጫው ለማወቅ ተችሏል፡፡ ሁለት ጋዜጠኞች ባለፈው ሳምንት በማዕከላዊ እስር ቤት መታሰራቸው ይታወሳል፡፡

    በታምሩ ጽጌ

  34. Anonymous on

    My god! no wonder why Ethiopia is really in a deep mess. its government is supported by so many airheaded people like shiro, germew hawi.

  35. Telemet on

    The weyane regime is taking extreme measures against innocent journalists because it senses its position is getting precarious by the day. It has lost popularity long ago; the general public views weyane as dangerous, and reckless group without any vision for the future of Ethiopia. Their attitude towards Ethiopians is us against them. This time weyane is pushing the public to the edge and begging for civil war and anarchy to prevail in the country.
    Unless weyane is persuaded to drop the unreasonable charge of terror against the innocent journalists and agree to release political prisoners and prepare the way for sweeping political reform by accommodating opposing political parties in the political process, the likely wood of civil war and chaos is imminent. This time the public realized they are confronted with two choices either to stand up in unison and defend themselves or wait for the regime to eliminate them one at a time. This is the choice the people are left with.

    No matter what some are fears full of the weyane regime’s capacity for violence, in the end when soldiers are forced to take orders from higher up to commit heinous crime against innocent unarmed civilians they have to make that decision on individual bases? Under such circumstances, in this information age every atrocity will be brought into light, the likely hood of crack among the ranks of weyane is there. We have seen this in Libia, Yemen, and even, towards the end; in Egypt-Ethiopia is not exception not all members of the police army and air force are from one ethnic group. Beside, the many Ethiopian previous weyane soldiers who resign because of dissatisfaction with the regime can be available .Still, Ethiopians to patient but they are resilient and can act, if the situation calls for it with great determination. They will not sit by and get murdered. Perhaps the only way to overcome fear to say the enemy no you are not to take me down one by one. The likely hood of these considerations this will force the regime to have some form of fissure within it.


    Now TPLF become a laughing Stock to the world -they have a nerve to call all the pro-democracy opposition groups as terrorists,and journalists who happen to have differed idea than that of TPLF is labelled as terrorist .I GUESS NOW WE MUST REDEFINE THE WORD TERRORIST DIFFERENTLY -WHO EVER OPPOSE AFRICAN RUTHLESS DICTATORS IS -_TERRORIST -Wow TPLF NEVER ENDING DRAMA -TO THE WORLD TO LAUGH ONE MORE RUTHLESS DICTATOR AND HIS DRAMA TO STAY IN POWER AS LONG AS POSSIBLE


    you see how this ruthless TPLF cadres tried to make the Topic “Elias Kifle” Instead of them and their heinous crime against Ethiopia and Ethiopian people -I’m just surprised how the dictators and their foot Soldiers operates -It sure is a sad and laughable experience—HOW DICTATORS TRY TO SURVIVE LIES AND WITH MORE LIES -TPLF IS THE GOOD EXAMPLE

  38. Tegamino on

    Elias, you can’t deny the fact that you were in favor of destroying power lines, internet infrastructure etc… you did post stories like that on your own website, calling it a movement by Tinsae. If you are brave like your shaebian friends then own your words. When it is time woyanes will take you back home and hang you at Meskel Square, until then ‘ende wonde lij’ nur. Die for what you believe in. Lets see how long you can last…

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