Tyrant’s Key Pillar of Support – THE YOUTH

Teachers and students can become the catalyst for political change and can enlist support of other pillars of support in many societies. [read more]

One thought on “Tyrant’s Key Pillar of Support – THE YOUTH

  1. Assta B. Gettu on

    Old days’ as well as modern days’ dictators have had especial interests in the youths of their countrues. For example, Adolf Hitler used the German youths to spread Nazism all over the world and to empress other people to follow his political propaganda:


    Bonito Mussolini had a youth organization movement to propagate fascism in Italy and beyond:


    In our time, Meles Seitanawi (Zenawi) works hard to enlist the Ethiopian youths to his one party movement, but so far, it seems, he has failed; the Ethiopian youths understand Meles tyrannical rule against the Ethiopian youths’ fathers and mothers better than any body else. Meles may oppress and suppress these Youths’ fathers and mothers, but he would not be able to persuade them to join his evil TPLF movement.

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