Al Amoudi testifies about his daughter Sarah

Woyanne/Saudi businessman Mohammed Al Amoudi, who is looting and plundering Ethiopia, has submitted a testimony for his lawsuit against Ethiopian Review editor. His testimony is full of real funny stuff such as he doesn’t fund terrorists and that he keeps his personal life private. Read the full text of his 8-page testimony here.

Al Amoudi’s primary witness against Ethiopian Review is Yalew Kebede, an official of the Woyanne-occupied Ethiopian Embassy in London. Read his testimony here.

124 thoughts on “Al Amoudi testifies about his daughter Sarah

  1. antiwoyane on

    Elias you should post the Al Amudi picture with the 18 years old girlfriend. We all Ethiopian must stand with Elias.Diaspora Ethiopian must speak in one voice, No more woyane and hodam. Also we need to help Elias for lawyer .

    Al Amoudi and 16-year-old girl friend

  2. Stoned Peter on

    I think instead of calling this idiot person Alamudi, let us call him Attamudi. He thinks the Ethiopian people like him is he a stupid person?. If he is serious let him try to prove us by walking with out bodyguard in Addis Ababa just for 1 mile distance.

  3. Stoned Peter on

    Well I personally do not know mister yalew-kebede however I have found 2 people who knows mister yalew-kebede they said mister yalew-kebede has been an opportunist since his early school days one of them said mister yalew-kebede even he would not back up from selling his own mother if he can get benefit. He is an Hodam Amhara he was born on the border of Gojam and Gonder. Both people told him they stoped talking to him along time ago because of his opportunist nature. One of them said yalew-kebede has no true friend people talk on him behind his back by calling him in Amharic Kerso or Kersam, which means who eats to much. Actually one of them said some of the Tigreans in London call yalew-kebede our loudest toothless barking dog in London.

  4. Behailu on

    Why are scarred now Ato Elias? You are paying the price. He is great man that he is going to the court and that you will dance on the court.

    • Alula on

      Behailu need to learn how to write in English , how to spell , and how to make sentences first before start commenting!

  5. Ethiopie on

    Good Job Elias. You have made all the dogs bark from their cages. I would really be surprised if this gilgel woyane, yalew new ‘Endwush nur Yalew’,be your supporter as a journalist rather than as a wittness.Negeru be civil servise bekul yehede min tena alew? These kind of people do not have minds at all; they live like and die like pigs. Ye Gash Almudin enkuwan abetuta askognal, ahun esu endih aynet testimony sitsif tayegn eko! Addis Abeba yalu hisanatin man yablgilet. Esu demo tiliku asama new but yemitsedadawum beafu silhone like any woyanes he is ‘GOMARE’. I miss the day what these animals speak when our country frees from these ‘day beasts’…….Yalew gele ere yalew gelel yalew gelel bejerbah tengalel…I think you will read it tomorrow morning at the woyane embassy in London. lela min sir aleh legetochih wore likem enji ‘ensisa’. Try to live like a human.

  6. ermias on

    Al Amoudi, get your facts straight. Do you think Ethiopian likes you ??
    You must be smoking shit.
    Elias, thank you for every thing. we love you!!!

  7. abbay on

    Elias u the man keep up the good work. May jah continue to bless you fight for the voice less * 82 million ppl.

  8. Feyisa on

    Elias – it is time to initiate around the clock surveillance on this criminal enterprise. It is time to go after evidences of a long suspected child molestation cases in Ethiopia. If one can provide credible evidence to this kind of crime, it is easy to expose him to the world for what he is – a criminal who can get away with anything using the power of his money. In addition exposing AlAmoudi is also exposing the Woyane criminal enterprise and crime against humanity.

  9. Anonymous on

    According to a reliable source, Al-Amoudi is a Tigreyan on his mother side, and his father is either a Yemeni or certain middle eastern. Because the Tigriyans aren’t pro-moslem, his mother was forced to leave Tigray and settle in Wello, which has a considerable moslem population. Contrary to this fact, a lot of Welloans think that Al-Amoudi is one of their own. Not true. It also explains why, despite his background, he is allowed to become the richest person in Ethiopia. Another possible reason for his exclusive success is that he’d more likely financed TPLF in their early days. Al-Amoudi: Saudi Agent and a Woeyane – most dangerous.

  10. agamino on

    i can’t wait to see Al Amoudi choking your neck soon! money talks! he will definitely send you to hell soon!

  11. gragn ahmed on

    first stop insulting people it is not a healthy sign. people are out of ideas bark on others. Second as an Ethiopian and many like me support Al Amoudin although I was not like that before. Name calling will take you to jail and ruin your career and your life. Please learn a lesson and apologize if you are a real man. Otherwise you can hide in the lawless neighborhood of d.c. for now. He is not Wolloye Al moudin openly said he is Tirgay but he grew upin Wollo so he owes Wollo.

    From now on I love Al Amoudin.

  12. Chiqa on

    Al Amoudi is the front-man for Meles and Azeb’s money laundering scheme. He gives out his name for the Meles and Azeb gold looting business. People innocently belive that the Shakiso and the West Ethiopia gold excavation is AlAmoudi’s, but it is Meles’s and Azeb’s. Al Amoudi might have the skills to make money, but he is a decadent and soulless man who is defensive about his corruption and ties with the Killer Meles only beccause the only thing he can do is buy respect from the courts which he lost in the court of public opinion. You can’t buy respect and love, you earn them with your morality, purity, uprightness and discociation from the evil deeds of Meles and Azeb.

  13. Anonymous on

    Mr.Almadi ,I do not like you.You are one of the enemy of Ethiopian.You never been friend to us.Go to hell with all your money.You are not investing in Ethiopia rather you are drinking our bloods & eat our flesh.

    You do not know that you are one of the most hated person among Ethiopians ? I tell you you are our enemy.

    NO one likes you except the vampire Melese Zenawi who is killing us one by one,the one who denies our freedom,the one who steal 8.5 billion dollars from the poor Ethiopians and keep in a bank out of the country while 12million people starved.

    You are friends of those Mafia groups in Addis led by Melese Zenawi.You are not our friend,and I do not know you and I do like you.Go to hell with your money.

    Finally,Ellias God bless you as long as you have the truth you will win the case.You did great job man,and I would like to say thank you for bringing this vampire to this level.

  14. Hagere on

    Mr.Amoudi,feel sorry about you.You are a liar by saying that “Ethiopians love you”.The truth is majority of Ethiopians see you as enemy. You are one of the most hated man among Ethiopians.I do not like you neither.

    If some one who likes you ,he should be one of the TPLF gangs.Your reputation among Ethiopians is below zero.Negative negative negative.

    If you really believe that Ethiopians likes you why do not you go and walk in the stadium while Ethiopians are watching soccer.You will feel the love right there.Please try and prove what you said.

    You lied.Most Ethiopians do not like you.You should know this fact.Off course,you are liked by those mafia groups led by Melese Zenawi who has been robbing the country for the last 20 years.Yes Meles zenawi likes you.He is the enemy of freedom,democracy,justice and all good values of governance.He likes you,since you are his business partner.He & his group stole 8.5 billion dollars from poor Ethiopians and hide in the banks out of the country.This man likes you,but we do not.
    Finally,Ellias thank you,and God bless you.You are hero.Thanks

  15. freman on

    Good Job Elias. May God bless you and Ethiopia.
    You did the job of all us Ethiopians and you have the respect of all Ethiopians.
    I promise to keep on reading ER and distributing to all my connection in Ethiopia as usual. That is the support I have to you.

  16. ethiopiawe on

    We Ethiopians’ are very polite I do not know you people saying bad staff for older people
    As a person we need to respect each others we do not have to say he is like that or like this ……. If we are talking bad like we are doing now we are the same like any bad person who does badly, let us be very carful for what we talk and what we do you know
    The young generation needs to learn some thing go positive, but if you just cursing and talking like what you’re doing now you won’t go far. You do good in life and teach people to do good if you just keep doing what you are doing right now you are not ethiopiawee, let us at list for once face the reality, for those people who are helping Ethiopia were she is right now, let us work hard in any way we can and be together and work together, let a politician take care the politics, respect older people, all Ethiopian who’s doing business did wrong and got profit in anyway they can this is the truth if you think all business person are honest you are wrong big time , again let face the truth and work and work and be nice to each other if we do not do that Ethiopia will be for those people who is working for her will be successful, but the rest you will be barking like dog and will die with out doing nothing, so please I beg you stop talking bad and do right if not you are not going far you will be dyeing talking bad for the rest of your life while the bad one is making more money and be successful .

  17. Fikre on


  18. Bekelle on

    You are in deep trouble mate. We shall see how the hell you are going to get out of the shit you have put your self in. […]

  19. melat on

    elias good job brother, and may god be with you all the time as you are our hero who always stand for truth in defending justice, freedom & democracy. Unlike to what alamudi wrote on his testimony most ethiopians dont like him as he associates him self with the worst criminal current ethiopian regime (tplf) as tplf has been committing a number of crimes against humanity including genocide, mass killing, torture, jailing and other abuses let alone tplf has been looting ethiopians money and resources for the last 20 years along alamudi. Therefore irresepective of what alamdi tries to silence eilas, the truth will come out and it wont be long that tplf criminals will be removed from power and dragged to face justice along alamudi who is a partner of thier corruption.

    god bless elias!

  20. Ali on

    Shame on you Almouddi for trying to intimidate Ethiopians! What a disgrace that you go after an Ethiopian man that is fighting to get rid off a tyrant that has been ruling Ethiopian people with iron fist and terrorizing Ethiopians and selling our country’s land dirty cheap to foreigners for the last twenty years. Al Mouddi, you have forgotten to mention that you have more than one Wives and that you have been accused by the US govt. to have some kind of relations with terrorists and not allowed to enter United States. What is worse than being accused of having relations with terrorists? The well informed Ethiopians are well aware that you have close ties with the number one terrorist of Ethiopia by the name of tyrant Melese that has the blood of countless number of Ethiopians, Muslim Somalis and Eritreans. For this reason alone I hate you fat greedy money worshiper. Almouddi, if you are worth 12 billion dollar by literally controlling the Ethiopian coffee, gold and other mining businesses—how in the world you sit and watch Ethiopian children and Muslim Somalis drop dead like flies and at the same time brag about your wealth? May God teach you arrogant fat-man a lesson or two. You are a disgrace!

  21. Bubu on

    Mr. Pedophile, did you say “Ethiopians love me”?
    May be you are talking about your WUSHIMAS like Arawit, Abenet, Yosef, Sebsebe, Negussie, Ayaya and others that give their black where ever they see money. And this are low class animals. Ethiopian dogs have more pride than this pigs.

  22. wolloyew on

    hi admin!
    almoudi is meles supportor ,meles is ethiopian enenmy so
    meles =ethiopian enenmy

  23. Anonymous on

    Yalew Kebede has never been a lecturer at SOAS. Maybe he worked as a teaching assistant or some such. So legally he lied, and so goes the case for the prosecution.

  24. Anonymous on

    I read both the witness reports what intrigued me is the opportunist yalew kebede’s especially about his work in SOAS I am sure he selected the well known university to show and pretend how much intellectual he is. The reality is that a man who is thinking with his belly can not be hiding where he was working which was an off-licence at Kilburn London next to Abyssinia restaurant which has its history by itself and yelew is a good customer; for a reason of course. hope people will understand me( the writer of this piece) as am respecting any kind of job as far as it pays’ despite the yalews hiding from what he actually does.

  25. Kebede on

    Al Moudi is an idiot who does not understand what a damage means….he only can make money if he stays in Ethiopia, a country ruled by a government of thieves for thieves.

    Ethiopians across the globe and within are telling him to Disappear, like Bin Laden.

  26. Assta B. Gettu on

    Enough is enough about the Rich Man and Lazarus! Lazarus is with Abraham! The Rich Man is in hell with the devil!

    Let us help our brother Elias Kifle, one of the Ethiopian heroes, in his legal expenses, and let us search vigorously about the Rich Man’s entire life history from Wollo to Addis Ababa to Oromia to Jidda, Saudi Arabia, to London, England, and back to the gold mining region, Wollega, Ethiopia. Let us give to the Elias Kifle defense team the evidences we have found so far about the Rich Man and his daughter.

  27. bimm on

    If he was living in Europe or America Alamoudin would have been locked up in prison a long time ago for he is paedophile, who has ruined the lives of many young girls.

  28. sara on

    I Hope and I’m actually sure that the court will find the lair Elias guilty with defamation and charge him with a big fine. This is one of the many big lies by Elias and he knows too. If anyone doubts this is a lie by Elias, watch his on interview on ESAT. It was clear on the interview that he has no base or defense for his article about the abuse he claim Al Amoudi made on his daughter.

  29. Ethiopia on

    Alamudi is prostituting our daughters. People wake up, Ehtiopians should kill Alamudi, somebody should shoot his ass.

    Woyane Yiwdem
    Alamudi Yiwdem!!

    Ehtiopia Tikdem!!

  30. USA on

    “The Ethiopian National Consensus Forum (a registered chariry) was established to enable Ethiopian Nationals and people of Ethiopian origin to come together to promote peace and national interests, irrespective of one’s political affiliation. It promotes tolerance, accountability and responsibility.”….. “I read it soon after it was posted. I was in my office at the embassy when I read it.”

    Can he use the Ethiopian Embassy as his office for his personal radio program and “charity”? We can tell that these people are destroying our beloved country, Ethiopia. There are millions of people starving in Ethiopia but this so called “Sheikh” and his hyenas playing with people’s money.

    May GOD bless Ethiopia!
    Death for the dictators.

  31. Lingo on

    Why Alamoudi is Bluffing about his wealth?
    The Judge do not care about your money.
    Learn from wikleakes. A journalist should not be scared from powerfull…..

    You can buy Yalew Kebede but not the Justice system in U.K.

    Shame on you Yalew, you read about wikleakes too,a larger issue than Alamoud’s are you going to testify??????

    Yalew you do not have journalist ethics,

  32. Langanno on

    That picture, Alamuddin with that teenager girl, is the single most damaging thing Elias has done to this Arab F*g. Kudos to you Elias, no idea how you get that picture. How you manage to got that picture, Elias?

    To all concerned(“true”) Ethiopians, please type in google search “SHEIKH MOHAMMED HUSSEIN ALI AL AMOUDI, THE PEDOPHILE” you have no idea what google will do then…please do that it is simple. Just copy it and put in google search.

  33. doro on

    just go to Wello and to the South of the
    country, this guy owned all the fertile land and
    the gold by him self. This time I am with
    Elias kifle side. Al Amoudi is part of EPDRF machine
    contribute for the lack of freedom in the
    Ethiopia. Al Amoudi !! do you know how many people
    are in prison or lost their livelyhood because of
    your so called investment? Good Luck AL

  34. Ali on

    Yalew Kebede,
    You are a rotten sob that have no soul and would do anything for a dollar. It is because of people like you why Ethiopia is still under a brutal dictator who tortures, kills and robes the citizens of Ethiopia. People like you have no sense of morality, conscience and shame. People like you are not any different than foreign enemies who careless if Ethiopians have freedom, live or die. You’re the kind of Ethiopian that make other Ethiopians nauseous. What you’ve done to Elias will never be forgotten — you’ve spit on the majority of Ethiopians. You’re a TRAITOR. May you rot in Hell for eternity. You make me SICK!

  35. beles on

    I can’t help but i think this rather funny. The letters or testimonies sound like written to a 3 year old kid by a 4 year old huge boy complaining about a 2 year old tiny bully. I did not know the British judges are so retarded that you have to talk to them like a 3 year old.
    And he big bully Alamudi crying heard all the way from soudi arabia to London. Don use your hair cover to wipe your nose Alamudi. Bad boy!!! And i can’t help but the noughty tiny Elias standing between the Huge British legal system and Alamudi getting on their nerves. They are trying to catch him but they only mange to ridicule themselves and only help the legend of Elias the Peter Pan of Ethiopia. Ha Ha!!!

  36. Anonymous on

    who is Alamudi?

    Anyone who is business partner of Woyane, in selling Ethiopia to the highest bidder. This could be land lease to Saudi Arabia or any
    international bidder.
    The international business broker is now working to raise funds
    for the bankrupt failing Woyane Government. The claim that Alamudin is
    a patriotic Ethiopian of Wollo has gone down the drain. He is merely promoting his business interest in collusion with the Woyane thugs and
    chaat chewing addict Meles Zenawi.

  37. King Yohannes on


    Thank you for creating this uproar by the weyane dollar man. We stand with you, Elias. Al Amoudi needs to be restrained; the UK or the US is not Ethiopia, where he is used to attacking whomever he dislikes. The fact that the said daughter lives in the UK makes the original story more believable. After all, Al Amoudi has been sleeping with and raping under age girls besides to promoting prostitution in Ethiopia and other countries.

  38. chafu bekale on

    alamoudi u know all muslim hate u cause ur money is sin
    and u r taken advantedge of my poor beutiful sisters !!
    u gona have heart attak soon u r a looter how much money did u borowe from Ethiopia commericial Bank ?
    leba yemeles wshma !!
    Elias God Bless u and ur family u are the true ETHIOPIAN SON !
    Keep expose this blood sucker !!!!

  39. Anon on

    I can’t believe the comment of some Muslims, as in gragn mohamed, in this forum who seem to be concerned only why Alhamudi is being criticized than examining the moral character of this brute. Real Moslems need to be concerned of what is becoming of Alhamudi and his walk in life as professing Moslem.Many people believe that he sleeps with underage childreen, that he made much of his money through illegally running prostitution ring, he participates in money laundering ,and that he is tplf front man.Now, why does Gragn and others see it strange to expose the behavior of this sick individual? If these individuals are unwilling to criticize any wrong doing of a prominent Billioner, then it becomes apparent their reason for doing so could be themselves are beneficiaries and partakers of the left over loot of the Alhamudi and the weyane financial empires. Death to opportunists and religious fanatics. Be real Gragn Mohamed to me you are a pretender who often call for destruction and chaos.

  40. please read on
    google or yahoo
    – Retractions (USA Today, Boston Herald, CounterPunch, etc)

    – Support for the repressive regime of Ethiopia

    – Monopolizing the nascent Ethiopian private sector

    – Suspicion of spreading Wahhabi Islamic influence in Ethiopia

    – Charges by the US of financing Islamic welfare organizations suspected of terrorist links

    – Buying influence at the highest levels of Western governments (high powered lobbyists, etc)

    – Suppression of free speech under guise of figthing libel (Ethiopian Review, Ethiopiawinet Radio, etc)

    – Boycott of Pepsi products manufactured by Al Amoudi companies following the controversial 2005 Ethiopian election

    – Reputation tainted and checkered by entanglements arising from the momentus events of 9/11 and the uprecedented May 2005 Ethiopian election

  41. Assta B. Gettu on

    Chafu bekale #47,

    You wrote: “alamoudi u know all muslim hate u….” But gragn ahmed #13, a Muslim, wrote: “From now on I love Al Amoudin.” In this case, there are some dogs that bark to protect their master Al Amoudi.

  42. Stoned Peter on

    I have a news for you number 11 Anonymous it is not a rumor that Alamudi’s or Atamudi’s mother Tigrean origin it is an old fact that is told by himself Alamudi or Atamudi has said in the past during TPLF meeting his mother is from Tigrea and he is proud of it, so it is a true it is not anymore a rumor.

  43. Stoned Peter on

    I think number 13 gragn ahmed is in love with Alamudi or Atamudi if you are in love with Alamudi why dont you marry him or why don’t you take him as your husband if you have not done yet especially if you are Yalew-kebede.

  44. Hagere on

    To Yalew Kebede ,

    Are you really a lecturer ? Oh may God !!I am so sorry for the students who are thought by you.

    Have you seen how poor your English is ?? How come a person who claim journalism as a profession use poor wording to express self ??

    Shame on you for standing to the man who is denying my freedom.Robbing my country,and killing millions of fellow citizens in Ethiopia.

    Shame on you !! Shame on you !!

    GO to hell with blood sucker friends.

    Finally,Elias God bless you !!!!

  45. Genene on

    Elias and this website have become very irrelevant and are doomed to disapear. Alamoudin is a business person who is in ethiopia to make profit, but any one who travelled to Ethiopia knows that he is also contributing to development (Recruiting more than 10,000 ethiopians in his companies). Elias and the clicks on this website want to bring back the days of the Amahara colonial era where we have one religion, one language and one flag. Rest asssured – you will die dreaming in London. you talk about democracy and human right in ethiopia but when i read between the lines, i can see all of you engaged on this website are the children of the ‘feudals’ who want to bring back such system. you are out of touch with the developments in ethiopia. the people of ethiopia have already accepted that we are different people with language, culture, religion etc but we can live together as far as we respct each other. difference is respected. Your website is full of negative story so i am sure you are witnessing a decline in the number of readers. Be realistic and face the reality in ethiopia. Do not oppose all development projects in ethiopia while you enjoy your life in London. You are thinking only about your return to power, not about the poor people in Ethiopia. my comments is general and not just for the above topic. Shalom

  46. tes on

    This fool shiek is making it worse for himself, he is an idiot, if i were him i will pay Eliase to leaave me alone. How in the world is he going to win the court with this nonsense. The response from Ethiopians is a good defence for Eliase , just print all this and send it to the judge, it will shut him up. What ever happen to you,Eliase, you already won. Bravo.

  47. Damtew on

    This is a joke! Yallew Kebede well known Shokaka Akatari in London. He is welfare scammer never had proper job all day gossiping in pubs, cafes and restaurants. If a new restaurant opened ask Yallew he has been there already he will tell you all about it. He hasn’t got deep knowledge about politics itself except AlubalTa third hand information that he gets from Mesheta Bett. He was not part of Weyane package he got there through ass licking and he is good at it. His job at embassy nothing more than Joro-Tebi Agent, and his other job is Delala buy him drink Enjera-Ba-wot he will link you to big bribe at the top, and of course linking young girls to his pervert old masters.

  48. Anonymous on

    When this is over i mean when all this over and Woyane get kicked out from mother land. Alamoudi will be ” Beheaded” just like his for father Gragn Mohammed.

  49. asfaw on

    Ala amoudi what a very bad english. you can not even pay someone to write for you better English? you repeat the same thing about “my friends in London” bla bla bla. I can not beleive how such person can be one of the richest in the world. ;)) you boast so much that you are so much money. ” i am owner of Swedish petroleum. i am shareholder of svensaka. “i am one of the first 100 richest people in thr world.. etc…..who cares?? do you thing you are permitted to work with repressive regime who murders children because you are super rich? Elias is a very small man who has been sentenced to death by meles regime because he exposed woyane atrocities. your reputation has been bad since you stood with meles who lost election in 1997 and murdered 193 ethiopians in day light. you work with meles zenawi’s regime closely. you are the only person in ethiopia who owns Gold mines which exports TONS of golds. You compete with small business man to undercut prices and buy everything. you said you keep your private life and dont mix in politics. you also lied. you are the right hand for meles the murderer. you rally for his campaigns and contribute to the repressive regime. did you forget? shame on you! even your own workers at Sheraton said they dont love you. Most people say you came to ethiopia to loot ethiopia. you are not free in ethiopia. Meles gave you gold mines in ethiopia and your workers are underpaid. After 1997 election, you live in hiding like meles because ethiopians dont love you anymore. The main issue is not about your daughter. The main issue issue that your finance a repressive regime which promotes ethnic cleansing and has incarcerated thousands of political prisoners. No Free speech in ethiopia. No free media in ethiopia. No demonstration allowed. No meetings allowed. Ethiopia is a police state. Just ask yourself why all this happen to you? The spirit of Kinjit never dies!! we don’t forget.!

  50. Anonymous on


  51. Abesha on

    Elias keep the good job of exposing this most hated Woyane front man. Alamoudi should know that the first day we overthrow the Woyane regime and bring democracy in Ethiopia he has no future. He will be prosecuted with all the Woyane related corruption and suspected child molestation. Alamoudin we Ethiopian don’t like you. Even Ethiopian community in London don’t like you and they know your are one of Woyane front man. So you can go to hell with your blood money.

  52. Alem on

    agamino ,
    You like Almudi? You must be a homosexual (just from your tone).A lots of guys who love him are. If you are over 40, you will be in charge of recruiting underage girls or boys for him.

  53. Kuraz on

    Yalew Kebede is shameless stinky old man, he claimed to be a lecturer lol that is a fantasy! he must had given company to the lecturer at ethio restaurant that is close enough to be a lecturer to him. He used to work Indian shop close to Abyssinia restaurant selling cigarette while claiming welfare, don’t take this guy too serious full of bullshit, his belly ahead of his head.

  54. Ahadu on

    This primitive arab tujar is woyannes financial wing who travels to Ethiopia only to pretend as an investor and to soften the peoples anger specially gealing with the prominent Ethiopians as to make himself familiar with the country first and to enrich himself like we
    witness the 2 billion capital which is now around ten times after
    exploiting the resources

  55. King Yohannes on


    You are the true son of the TPLF tiabialist feudals. No one is craving for the old feudal system; in fact, the fathers of the current tplf tribal feudals were protagonists of the old feudal system.

    You cannot continue to dread the Ethiopian people with the same old Amhara phobia. Your hate of Amhars is so much that you killed 2.4 million Amharas over the last 10 or so years. Don’t fool yourself with feudal talk. You are feudal, tribalist, traitor and misery of the country. One day, we will, God willing, burn and bury the source of all evils and misery, TPLF weyane.

    This darkness that has engulfed Ethiopia will surely be removed. We will breathe a sigh of relief and freedom when that happens. Until then, the likes of Genene will continue to open their ugly and poisonous mouth, which will be punished when a just system comes.

  56. Anonymous on

    Al-Amoudi knows that the CIA and others know something about his connections with an outlawed organization, Al-Quida. Back in 1999, USA Today, the national U.S newspaper, ran a story about Al-Amoudi’s connection to one or more of the five richest non-royal Saudis and how money was being directly and secretly funneled through agent like him to Al-Queda. Al-Amoudi sued of course through DLA Piper, the now infamous Washington, D.C. based law firm, and won; the newspaper admitted mistake and recanted the story, and the writer was fired. The fact that the newspaper admitting guilt does not necessarily mean the story was not true. The newspaper did not want to spend fortune defending a resourceful plaintiff and pay million for libel over a story that is hard to back up in court. There are a lot of things that we do not know about his activities. So far he has managed smooth existence through his resources. He may be smart in avoiding but in the end his many activities, mostly wrong or evil, would do him in.

  57. Besmiam Yager Lijoch. on

    All I hear is individuals passing judgement for unknown reason. Please let’s be more mature and respectfull to others.

  58. Anonymous on

    King Yohannes

    Please note – I am in no way a tplf supporter. i am just someone with good will trying to educate ignorant people like you about the reality in ethiopia. your argumetn is self defeating. I know you are sick of ethnic federalism because you want Amaharic to be the national language that everybody should speak fluently ( other wise be insulted for not been able to do so)and attend orthodox church. Trust me, ethiopia has moved on and the world has changed – you will never have a strong united ethiopia unless you have people who respect diversity (which should be refelcted through people learning using their native languages, work in offices with their language, governed by people from their constituency, develop their culture). If not, ethiopia will be back 50 years because all the 80 ethnic groups with raise arms and ethiopia will be worse than Somalia. The cause of the civil war in the past that overthrew you was reppression of groups, which means that any soluation to ethiopian problem should include respect for group rights, which means ethnic federalism. Try to understand the dynamics. Do not fabricate statistics – you will never prove that 2.5 Amaharas died in the past years – that is tantamount to ethnic cleansing. those sweeping floor, driving taxi and giving security service abroad – just do your job, do not dream of bringing old order. Please land and face the reality on the ground. Please note again i am not tplf – there are now millions of ordinary people like me who think like me.

  59. Gragn Ahmed on

    Where is Ethiopian’s and Ethiopia’s problem?

    The root cause is those fake coptic rulers like Meles and Yohannes and their Gasha Ajagres who are bribed for money and ruin the life of Ethiopians by pretending to benefit the Church but by really hurting the image of Muslims of Ethiopia. I tell you that Muslims of Ethiopia are not aware of what is being done under their name if there is any thing which I doubt. Jusdging by the name of Al -amoudin he is an Arab and he may be a Muslim. But this is an assumption is my own and I am be wrong. The only one who can tell us about his religion is himslef. Mohammed Ahmed the famous singer used to call himself but finally decided to call himself an orthodox and I saw myself to my amusement singing the church song as if he was a different peroson. Please people don’t be deceived by names or where they come from. Judge them by what they call themselves. If Al-Amoudin thinks he is a Muslim then I can not call him any thing else because only the Almighty Allah will know his hurt. If he repents he will be a good man. Since I don’t know the personal life of Al Amoudin I can not call him bad name as my religion also prohibits very personal issues unless it is true. Now, Ato Kifle thinks he knows the truth. But after having read his articles over more than two years he is not a professional commentator and takes his issues to low levels like using “yeset adare” words unexpected of any rational minded person worth of giving attention. But if that is what he wants people will eventaually value him and he will go down or up in his career. To me he crosses red line of many people’s personal life and goes dirty and mogers hate. This is not the character of a responsible man. I don’t know why most Ethiopian copts like him while he is doing this bad things or at least show him some manners unless they act the same way themselves.



  60. Hamza on

    Dear Gragn Ahmed, I agree with some of your points like there are no may be not enough higher muslims officials either in the Ethiopian Govt. or in the business empire of sheik Al-Alamudin. That is for sure. As I am a man doing numbers, the statistics are very much simplier to deal with. And therefore, what percentage of Ethiopian are Muslims and what percent of the population of the country are considered to be Christians? What percent of the Muslims are employed and what percent of the christians are unemployed? What percentage of the Ethiopian Parliament is Muslims? and What percent of other religions are represented in the Parlament? Is there proportional representation in the parliament or are they picked ,elected or selected by the dominant party(EPRDF)? What is the political system the country pursuing? Does the system allow religious group to form religious/political parties? How was the Census conducted? were there religious representatives involved? Are all the 80 minorities represented in all areas of the govt? Are resources shared fairly and squarely among each minorities according to their numbers of populations? Much , much could be asked. So dear Gragn Ahmed, eventhough I do not believe that the govt. of Ethiopia is sectarian, I do not believe that they have taken enough measures or considerations when they do their selection either for government higher positions or some business like areas which requires good judgement and decition making. You may also add Sheik Al- Amudin’s private business for that matter. We haven’t seen significant representation of muslims in most areas that I mentioned. Sorry but let me get personal and bring the question back to you dear Gran Ahmed, would you consider a position if offered to you either by Ethio.govt. or Sheik Al-Amudin? If not why? Are muslims ready to join the Ethiopian Parliament do you think? Ready to involve in to politics? I mean it is not because of lack of knowledge or education but the fact that we muslims do not seem to be bothered about politics of our country. Correct me if I am wrong but that is how I thought about it. Lastly I would advise you to be more positive towards all Ethiopians regardless of their religion. I believe that we should respect one another, should we not? Ethiopia is our common denominator to us all. Therefore let us trade carefully. I wouldn’t expect you to be have like that of ASSTA B. Getu who insult peoples and call all sorts of names where at the same time trying to act a respected priest. I would not expect a devoted religious person to be have in the way he does. Sorry brother but correct me if I am wrong, we need to think big and large. Long live Ethiopia.

  61. Serawit on

    Hi Elias, Keep up the good job and keep up to expose all Hodams and Ethiopian enemies!!

  62. Assta B. Gettu on

    Gragn Ahmed #69,

    You have been out from this well-respected and well-red web site for a while for good. What brought you back, the love of Al Amoudi or the love of his lovely daughter? You have already told us: “From now on I love Al Amoudin!” (#13)

    If you don’t know the personal life of Al Amoudi, why are you in love with him, a married person? The reason Al Amoudi hires many Ethiopian Christians is simply to exploit them and finally convert them to his religion – Islam. You are in doubt about his religion, whether he is a Muslim or a Christian. Does his religion matter for you since you are already in love with him?

    You called the Ethiopian Christian rulers fake. If they were fake, they couldn’t have accepted your Muslim refugees from Mecca to settle in the holy land of Ethiopia; if they were fake, they couldn’t have defeated your evil ancestor Gragn Muhammad and his Turkish mercenary armies; if they were fake, they couldn’t have conquered the Italian army at Adwa; if they were fake, the couldn’t have kept Ethiopia united for centuries. You further said the Ethiopian Christian rulers “…are hurting the images of Muslims of Ethiopia.” Tell me what kinds of images do you have? But any Ethiopian Christian can tell you what kinds of images you have: he or she can tell you, you have the horrifying images of that heinous person, Gragn Muhammad, the images of the Turkish army, and the images of the Egyptian Mahdi; it is with these frightening images we Ethiopian Christians visualize the image of Islam in our bedroom, in our Church, and in our daily lives. Your images of Islam are disfigured, starting from Mecca until now and that is why the citizens of Mecca tried hard to run away from these disfigured images of Islam, and Islam remains disfigured forever and ever. It has no shape; it has no form, and it has no beauty. Of course, the beauty of Islam is Al Amoudi, the rich man, and the Arabian Peninsula Al Qaida is another beauty of Islam.

    You advise us to judge people by what they call themselves; let me tell you the fact we Christians don’t judge people by what they call themselves, by what they eat, by what kind of car they drive or by what kind of dress they wear: we judge people by what they do, by what kind of language they use, and by how many criminal records they have. For example, you call Elias Kifle unprofessional and you further said that he uses የሴት አዳሪ language, and at the same time you profess: “…my religion also prohibits very personal issues [from discussing] unless it is true.” So you think it is true Elias Kifle is unprofessional and that is why you are telling us his personal life publicly against the rule of your religion. Elias Kifle has been an accomplished journalism for over twenty years and has engaged himself in various issues that concern the lives of all Ethiopians. What have you done for Ethiopia? Nothing! What have you done for Al Amoudi? Perhaps, many good things officially and unofficially!

    You stated: “OUR RELIGION CAME FROM MIDDLE EAST BUT WE ARE ETHIOPIANS.” No one asked you about the origin of your religion; every Ethiopian knows Islam is a foreign religion, the religion of the Arabs, the Berbers – the slave traders. The reason the South Sudanese split from the Arab Muslim Sudanese is because the Northerner Arab Muslims had been selling them as their properties, so they left them and rejected their Sharia law. They are free now! Shame to the Sudanese Janjawits Arab Muslims!

    You also said: “ISLAM AND ETHIOPIA ARE LINKED BY HISTORY.” The only history that connects Ethiopia with Islam is the war the Ethiopian Christian kingdom has been facing in every single generation with Islam. That is the bad part! The good part that connects Islam with the Christian Ethiopia is the weaving of cloths the Ethiopian Muslims used to do in their houses for the Ethiopian Christians and for themselves. I don’t think there is any good history that links Al Amoudi with the Ethiopian Christian history. My friend, Gragn Muhammad, you have nothing that connects you with the rest of the Ethiopian people. I am sorry for you!

    One of your unsubstantiated statements is: “…PEOPLE LIKE ASSTA ARE THINKING THAT BY ATTACKING AL AMOUDIN THEY SUCCEED IN WEAKENNING MUSLIMS.” I will assure you any attack on one insignificant Muslim person will not enervate the rest of the Muslims. Muslims have burned many Churches, attacked many Christians, and confiscated many Christian properties; however, by the grace of God, those Christians whose Churches were burned down are back to their place, and they are on business again. I wish my attack on Al Amoudi for the noble cause will weaken Islam from spreading in Ethiopia.

    My friend, if you want Islam to have a good image like Christianity, don’t attack the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahido Church; don’t attack the establishment of the Ethiopian Christian kingdom; don’t attack Elias Kifle, the shining star in our country and abroad; don’t burn down the Christian Churches, and refrain from any terrorist activities.

  63. The Patriot on

    (#1 Al Amudi picture with the 18 years old girlfriend.) Please correct the age of the young girl to 13 – 15 instead of as you assumed 18years old. For this perverse Assama alamudin, an 18 Year old is too old and too wise for him to compensate his inferiority and perverse attitudes. He feels more superior when hodam Assama looking pimps and young blooded naïve and innocent virgin girls surround him.. Shame on you Dr. Perverse!

  64. Genu on

    Elias, Although I appreciete the fact that you stand up against those dogs, I wonder why you allow them to have the bullet to kill you by writing”screw you”? If it is true,it is a written evidence. They will certainly use it to cruxifay you.I hope you have a good lawyer.As to that fat dog Alamoudin and company,the day will come … who told him Ethiopians like him?? May be in his dream. Yemilushin besemash,gebya balwetash. Unfortunatly for us,they are still in power and they will continue to shit on our head. It is us who allowed them to do so. We couldn’t rise up to fight for our rights. Elias, bravo, keep it up. We will always be on your side.

  65. Another pathetic woyane! on

    You are clueless and delusional at best! No Ethiopian leader in the history of Ethiopia have ever been as cruel and disrespectful to its citizens as tyrant Meles has been. Only ruthless looter woyanes like you believe things are better for Ethiopians under the brutal TPLF regime that have robbed Ethiopia blind and slaughtered hundreds of thousands since TPLF have taken power. You came blaming Amharas to divide and rule and still after 20 years, you still blame Amharas to creat division among Ethiopians. You can only fool a few HODAM idiots who cannot think and decide for themselves to make sound judgment. You are so blinded with arrogance that you people don’t realize how much you are hated by at least 80 million Ethiopians. You have looted, tortured, killed and have sold Ethiopia’s fertile land. To put it simply, TPLF have proven to be worse than the other blood sucker Mengestu and even fascist Mussolini. The blood of Ethiopians you have spilled will never be forgotten. The mixed race Ethiopian–the late Haile Selassie have fought to keep Ethiopian territories all his life. As poor as Ethiopia was, Haile Selassie had tried to bring quality education by bringing well educated teachers from India and other places. By the way after almost forty years of Haile Selassie’s death Ethiopia is desperately poor and still millions die of starvation. How pathetic!

  66. Yaletemare(uneducated) on

    I just want to know why Alamoudi not filing the case againts Elias in Ethiopia or USA?

    Why, UK?? .Please, educate us for those we do not have any clue about laws.

    Thank you in advance
    Gera ye Gebawee

  67. The Copt on

    No 69, gragn Ahmed,

    I like your name a lot Gragn Ahmed because it tells me what kind hypocrite you are and that’s why I chose the name Copt to comment here. Because of Muslims like you, real good Muslims’ name is racked around the world, you are a disgrace to your religion, I am an ardent and strict conservative Orthodox Christian, and I do have respect to my Muslim brothers and sisters, I, as a matter of fact have many Muslim friends who respect my religion and me as a person. Whatever you try, If extremist Muslims ever try to rise up and wage war against Christians as you wish, the first offensive encounter you will face won’t be from the Christians but rather from real Muslims who respect Prophet Mohammed’s words not to touch Ethiopian Christians. Because no Muslim is a Muslim if he/she denies the words of the prophet. And no Christian is a Christian if he/she disrespects others’ religion and judge others because of what others believe. I can only be a Christian if I can love others the way Jesus loved everybody unconditionally.
    May God Bless Ethiopia

  68. Assta B. Gettu on

    Hamaza or Hamas #70,

    Since Ethiopia has been a Christian country, it belongs to the Christians; therefore, one cannot ask how many Muslims are hired by the Christian government of Ethiopia or how many Muslims are in the parliament. Such nonsense questions should be directed to the Saudi Muslim Kingdom that would take care of the employed and the unemployed Muslim throng all over the world. Can one ask in Saudi Arabia how many Christians are hired or unemployed? It is not the business of the Saudi government to hire Christians or to bother about the unemployment of the Christian population who live there under hiding and in a constant fear.

    The Ethiopian Muslims are the luckiest ones in the whole Muslim world: they can marry an Ethiopian Christian girl; they can get an employment by the Christian government; they can be one of the members of the parliament; they can be an army general; they can be an ambassador to any foreign country; they can build Mosques anywhere they want but in Axum, the Ethiopian Christian holy city, and they can travel freely. No other country has ever been more generous to the Ethiopian Muslims than the Ethiopian Christian kingdom. While such great generosities are flowing freely, like the Kaza River, toward the Ethiopian Muslims, only a fool and a malicious person like Hamza wants to know how many Muslims are in the parliament and how many of them are in the highest government position? Who are you to ask such questions in the land of Christianity since the Ethiopian Christians have never discriminated you because of your foreign religion or your reliance to a Muslim rule and to a Sharia law?

    Your insidious heart has crafted the following deceptive sentence: “Ethiopia is our common denominator to us all. Therefore let us trade carefully.” As a Muslim, you are telling your other Muslim fellow to trade the Christian land, to trade the Christian girl, and to trade the Christian gold quietly and very carefully until you have outnumbered the Christians; then you will take everything into your own hand. We know you are here not for anything else but for trade, and this trade must be done very carefully, and the profits that come from this type of trade must be shipped out of the country like Al Amoudi’s Ethiopian money. Because of your strong and absolute faith in the power of your Muslim TAQIYYAH, you will continue to deceive not only the Ethiopian Christians but the entire universe.

  69. Salah on

    #79 Assta be Getu

    You know I am envy of your knowledge! where did you aquire it from. As you are the most educated person in the planet I will ask you the following questions;

    1. You claimed Ethiopian muslims were well looked after through out the history of Ethiopia. It is not all true except during EPRDF and Mengistu era. As for Haileselase? he used to call Ethiopia the island of christianity. He had killed many Tigrian and Eritrian muslims. He is also responsible for the week political handling of Eritrea, do you know that? He did not have a clue what federalism or Confederation was/is about. Yet again, you chant ga! yastesereya! you even managed to confuse the young Tedy Afro. However, he was a good diplomat with that I agree. I strongly advice you to read Zewde Reta’s book entitled, ‘Ye Eritrea Gudaye’. Do not just be emotional.

    You know who built the first grand mosque of Addis Ababa?It is the Italians and not your Hailesellese who claimed himself sent through divine intervention. In this you can only fool the Ras Teferains and not Ethiopians. In your gibs about Gran Ahmed, perhaps in your previous post,( not as you wrote Gran Mohammed though); Yes he was killed in the war front, like a hero. Unlike you I hate to boss about But did you know how many christians he killed? did you know how many Porguse were killed by him? including Generals? How many time did the Portugese came to Ethiopia and why? How about Yohannes, do you know why our forefathers used to indicate “Ye Kurebu Gize” ( forced babtize)? What do you think of the names of most Wolo populations? like fore example Kebede Assta Mohammed, Alemayehu ali, etc. What can you teach us from these Mr. eloquent.

    What was the teaching of History 101 at the Addis Ababa University about Ahmed Gran? Was it not a demographic pressure rather than religious quest? or you never been to University at all. I bet even though you study theology, you should come across Ethiopian History,101? I would like to here from you. If it was crap intellectuality like you, Ethiopia would have no true history at all. Is this how you teach your children to the histroy of Ethiopia. I teach my children that Islam came to Ethiopia 1400 years ago. The king at the time gave muslims refugee status. Ever since muslim Ethiopians have lived in their country, Ethiopia. So where else do you think is our country? Do you know about white South Africans? Where do they belong you think? I hope it is a head ache to you. but tough, you got to face it mate. That is our country.

    Most imbecil, you said muslims have not contributed any thing towards our country development. And yet again you admit that we are only good for trade. This can not be a brain age of an adult, I argue with you. Is trade not a contribution? can it not be considered as an economic contribution? did you not see muslim doctors? lecturers? nurses? teachers? accountants? economists? physicians? soliders?…. please come down to planet Earth Mr. who knows it all!

    I always read your stuff but couldn’t be bothered to reply to your crap, cos it is only motivated by hatered. I just do not have time. Even in future, I wouldn’t bother to lift my finger to write you a reply. As this post of mine is the first, so shall it be the last. I just want to let you know that I hold no grudge towards any one of you and your anscestors. They had done what they could have done and it is just history. The victims are majority of Ethiopians. So that is where I would like to leave it. I could have paid you in your own coins, however, there is no need for that. But I want you to know that do not ever think muslims are thick and shallow like yourself. I wish I could meet you in person, not to fight you though, but instead to shake your hand and engage with some intellectual discourse.

  70. Amensisa on

    #80 Salah

    You did not answer to why the moslims marry upto 4 women. And also why the Ethiopian moslim man marry christean women and convert them and their children to Moslim faith. Is it many moslim man cannot get a moslim woman to marry them because they are not enough for all? Of course it is not difficult to answer this – if some of them can marry upto 4 moslim women then the rest could not find any and have to look for a christean women. Things can not go like these because the christean population in Ethiopia is shrinking whereas the moslim population is exploding. This is not fair we should stop this quickly.

  71. Anonymous on

    As usual, here is another inflammatory comment from this man called Assta B. Getu. This man is a trouble maker, possibly a woyane that goes around to different websites to divide Ethiopians in religion and ethnicity.
    OMG! Elias, please do something about this man who is adding fuel to the fire! At this critical time in Ethiopian history, Ethiopia needs intelligent group of Ethiopians to unite her children to get rid off the woyane regime that is destroying her and her children, not a trouble maker who is full of hate. Ethiopia is a mother for all of us, regardless some of us have a Christian or Muslim father.

  72. Tedy on

    Mr,Al AMoudi is one of the most heartless cruel person,who has only got dollars on his eyes and kill Ethiopian country and Ethiopian people indirectly ,by supporting dictators in Ethiopia.

  73. Geremew on

    My fellow ETHIOPIANS please wake up!!! How long are we Ethiopians allowing this molester to rape our kids??? I know very well that Al Amoudi will never allow this to happen on his own children (80 years old man to sleep with 18 years old). Al Amoudi will be tried, convicted and hunged with Meles Zenawi very soon for the crimes he committed against the Ethiopian people. Death for Al Amoudi and Meles Zenawi!!!

  74. Action on


    Great job!

    PLEASE post a bank account where we can deposit
    money for your and Ethiopians Defence!!

    The Pedophile Al Almoudi is just hurt and
    a bluffing messenger for the Woyanes to silence
    you and the rest of Ethiopians!

    Since this outdated UK law seems to account the
    UK readers of the article, the British Ethiopians
    should keep writing letters, blog comments and
    conducting supporting demonstrations in support
    of Elias and the oppressed Ethiopian people out
    side the Court.

    At the same time, it will be great to challenge
    Al Almoudi to show the claims he made that the
    Ethiopians in UK respect and love me. He might find
    two or three hodams, but nothing that can substantiate
    letters or people in his support.

    Keep alive exposing the Pedophile…

    I wish the legal experts, the likes of Prof. Al, bring this
    issue at forefront of US and UK media.
    Prof Al, to disappointment of many of us, you were defending
    the criminal Meles to speak @ Colombia University based
    on “Free Speech” principle. Wouldn’t you then come in
    defence of Elias.

    At least challenge the flaws of the
    “Libel Tourism”, the claims of Al Almoudi that Ethiopians
    loved him, invested in Ethiopia (that’s looting), the biased
    nature of the hodam witness (Yalew Kebede) and so forth.
    Sure Elias has a lawyers who can defend on all issues, but a challenge
    of Ethiopian legal experts is a moral support to Elias and
    Ethiopian people. Plus, it can/will reveal a more in-depth historical,
    political, business embezzlement, religious expansion via Saudi
    financed Wahhabi and corruption analysis of the Sheik.

    “The problem has become so extreme that some US states have passed specific laws to prevent “unreasonable” libel rulings made in British courts infringing on their own freedom of speech “

  75. A must read on

    Elias, every one..this article explains why the Sheik
    went to UK and soon this loop hole to silence
    free speech will be over!! Come Ethiopians in UK
    and show the court this Sheik has no moral or
    reputation to protect.

    A must read article…

    New rules to discourage ‘libel tourism’ in Britain.

    Wealthy “libel tourists” will be prevented from using British courts to stifle free speech, under reforms to be announced by the Government this week.

    The new rules will block celebrities and businessmen from bringing libel cases in this country unless they can prove that publication caused them “substantial harm” in England and Wales, it is understood.

    Lord McNally, the Liberal Democrat Justice minister, said the changes would be “radical” and would be bad news for “corporate bullies, rich bullies”.

    Investigative journalists, academics and scientific writers have increasingly been hit by the heavy-handed use of the libel laws by powerful firms and individuals, often based overseas, in what has been dubbed “libel tourism”.

    The Daily Telegraph understands that new reforms will force foreign litigants to sue in the country where most of the damage was done, rather than to use the English courts.

    Minsters want to bring an end to the practice of “forum shopping” where foreign claimants bring libel actions in the UK, despite most of the reputational damage being inflicted overseas.

    Related Articles
    Libel tourism an ’embarrassment’ to Britain’s reputation
    23 Feb 2010

    Sources said claimants would have to demonstrate that they were damaged more in Britain than overseas before judges would accept a libel action.

    The draft Defamation Bill is also expected to propose a new defence of “honest opinion” to replace the existing overly complex defence of fair comment.

    There will also be proposals to reform libel rules on the internet, so that articles are not repeatedly published on the web every time someone clicks on them.

    The plans are based around well-received proposals drawn up by another Lib Dem peer Lord Lester last year and are expected to be unveiled this week.

    Lord McNally told The Daily Telegraph that the changes could be made law by next year, if the Government could find enough legislative time.

    He described the changes as “a radical reform of libel law” and the end of the road for “corporate bullies, big rich bullies”.

    He said: “It is to stop this shopping around for the best regime and to stop us being the regime of choice. I think the whole package will be very much what people have been looking for.”

    John Kampfner, chief executive of Index on Censorship said: “The government’s draft bill will be welcome news for anyone concerned about protections for free speech.

    “By halting the flow of libel tourists to our High Court, our law will no longer silence journalists, scientists or writers overseas. We do need to see action on the costs involved in a libel action as shown by the case of a local Mayor last week who paid £3,000 in damages for a tweet but is faced with an additional £50,000 in lawyers’ fees. This simply isn’t proportionate.”

    Last year MPs warned that Britain’s international reputation as a haven of free speech is being damaged by the “embarrassing” spread of libel tourism.

    The problem has become so extreme that some US states have passed specific laws to prevent “unreasonable” libel rulings made in British courts infringing on their own freedom of speech

    The phrase “libel tourism” was first coined 10 years ago after a string of Hollywood stars used the British courts to sue fellow Americans.

    Arnold Schwarzenegger was one of the first, in 1990, when he sued the American author Wendy Leigh for material contained in an unauthorised biography which was published in the UK, among other countries.

    In many cases, British courts accepted jurisdiction over cases which were not even actionable in the countries where the main publication occurred.

    In May last year, an Indian holy man who tried to sue a British journalist over claims he was an impostor had his libel action halted by the High Court.

    His Holiness Sant Baba Jeet Singh Ji Maharaj attempted to sue Hardeep Singh through the British courts, even though it is believed he has never set foot in the country.

    Cameron Diaz also sued the National Enquirer for wrongly alleging that she was unfaithful with a married man.

    Another case involved a Greek citizen who sued The New York Times and International Herald Tribune, which both have minimal distribution in Britain, arguing that they had claimed he had spread false rumours that may have led to the break-up of the Beatles.

    The Polish-born film director Roman Polanski used the High Court to sue the American magazine Vanity Fair in 2005 over an article which claimed he had tried to seduce a woman while he was on his way to his wife’s funeral in 1969.

  76. Hayelom on

    We have to expel Alamudi Jebeli from our country. His main objective is to spread Islam. We have a duty to protect our culture and to pass it to the next generation.

  77. Assta B. Gettu on

    Salah #80,

    Everybody knows flattering is part of a Muslim man’s deceptions, and you know in your heart of hearts I have never bragged I am one of the best educated persons on this earth. As a Muslim you are telling a lie on this web site because your religion allows you to tell a lie: “Muhammad bin Maslamah said, ‘O Messenger, we shall have to tell lies.’ ‘Say what you like,’ Muhammad replied. ‘You are absolved, free to say whatever you must'” (Ishaq:365; Tabari VII:94). Therefore, according to your religion, you can say Atse Yohannes was a bad king; King Haile Selassie was a bad king, and all Ethiopian Christians are Muslim oppressors. All these are totally lies! But it is one of your religious duties to tell a lie, and it is through this type of deception and lie you are able to manage to survive for 1400 years.

    As one of the weakest persons who know nothing about the true history of the Christian land of Ethiopia, you have asked me 22 questions, and here they are:

    1. Do you know that Haile Selassie used to call Ethiopia the island of Christianity?
    2. Do you know who built the first grand Mosque of Addis Ababa?
    3. Did you know how many Ethiopian Christians that brave Muslim, Gragn Muhammad, kill?
    4. Did you know how many Portuguese Gragn Muhammad kill?
    5. Did you know how many Portuguese generals Gragn Muhammad kill?
    6. Do you know why our forefathers used to indicate ‘kurebu Gize’ (forced baptism)?
    7. What do you think of the names of most Wollo population?
    8. What was the teaching of History 101 at the Addis Ababa University about Ahmed Gragn?
    9. Was it not a demographic pressure rather than religious quest?
    10. Where else do you think is our country?
    11. Do you know about white South Africans?
    12. Where do they belong you think?
    13. Is trade not a contribution?
    14. Can it not be considered as an economic contribution?
    15. Did you not see Muslim doctors?
    16. Did you not see Muslim lecturers?
    17. Did you not see Muslim nurses?
    18. Did you not see Muslim teachers?
    19. Did you not see Muslim accountants?
    20. Did you not see Muslim economists?
    21. Did you not see Muslim physicians?
    22. Did you not see Muslim soldiers…?

    I am reminding my readers when Salah is asking me 22 questions, he is breaking his own rule, Muhammad’s rule that says: “I heard the Prophet say, ‘Allah hates for you for asking too many questions'” (Bukhari: V2B24N555). Salah, you are a hated person by your god, Allah for asking too many questions. You better see one of your Imams if he can remit your sins; however, since you are asking a Christian man to answer your questions based on deceptions, you are not committing any sins at all. It is just like a Muslim man raping a Christian girl, which is not considered sin, but if a Muslim man rapes a Muslim girl, he is committing a great crime.

    Indeed His Majesty Emperor Haile Selassie used to call Ethiopia an island of Christianity surrounded by hordes of Muslims, Ezekiel’s Gog Magog. No one can doubt that Ethiopia has been an island of Christianity; it is today, it will remain the same forever and ever. We know the Sudanese Muslims, the Somali Muslims, the Egyptian Muslims, the Saudis, the Turkish Muslims, and especially the Ethiopian Muslims want to erase those factual and historical words. They want to call Ethiopia an island of Islam, but it will never happen. Ethiopian Muslims want to bury their dead in the holy land of Axum, but it will never be materialized as far as the Ethiopian Christians are alive.

    The Italians may have built the first grand Mosque in Addis Ababa for the best services the Ethiopian Muslims offered Graziani when Italy was tormenting the Ethiopian Christians who were defending their country despite the nerve gas the Italian army was pouring upon their heads. You have betrayed the Christian land of Ethiopia during Gragn Muhammad’s war, during Atse Yohannes time, during Haile Selassie time, and even now in our time, siding with the Egyptian and Saudi Muslims clandestinely.

    I am not going to make you happy by telling you the exact number of the fallen Christian soldiers, fighting your right-hand man, Gragn Muhammad, but what I would like to tell you is what those fallen Christian soldiers had accomplished: they totally destroyed Gragn Muhammad, his Ethiopian Muslim supporters, and hundreds of the Turkish soldiers. They saved Ethiopia from becoming an island of Islam, and of course Ethiopia owes great gratitude to our Christian Portuguese generals who offered us help.

    It is not secret Atse Yohannes had persuaded the Wollo Muslims to accept Christianity, and many of them did. Those who refused to join Christianity had lived in peace, and nothing had happened to them. Even King Haile Selassie did not retaliate against the Wollo Muslim traitors who fought Emperor Haile Selassie’s retreating Christian army from the Fascist nerve gas.

    Many of the Wollo Muslims still have a Muslim name, and some of them have an Amhara name like the rest of the Ethiopian people. The Wollo Muslim population is still growing, and this shows King Yohannes had never slaughtered the Wollo Muslims despite their secret correspondence with his enemies, the Egyptian Mahdists.

    Whether it is at Addis Ababa University or Oromia University, the teaching of Gragn Muhammad is the same: Gragn Muhammad was a Jihadist Muslim who destroyed many magnificent Ethiopian Christian monasteries, Churches, and who burned thousands of indispensable Christian documents, aided by Ethiopian Muslims and by the Turkish mercenary army. If you want to hear a fake history that glorifies Gragn Muhammad, you may go to some of the Muslims’ colleges and universities. Gragn Muhammad was a coward man who destroyed everything that stood against him. I am elated he was disgraced, humiliated, and finally killed.

    Demography and religion are two important factors the Ethiopian Muslims are dreaming to achieve. If they continue marrying multiple wives, they can easily change the demography of Christian Ethiopia without waging any war against the indigenous Ethiopian Christians. When this happens, Ethiopia prays to God for his divine intervention, and he will intervene and drive out the enemies of the Ethiopian Christians.

    You already know where your country is: you came from Mecca, and you belong to Mecca, but we have allowed you to live peacefully and have given you many privileges that you my not have gotten them in any Arab Muslim countries. If you believe Ethiopia is your country, then don’t betray the Ethiopian Christians whenever a war starts between the Ethiopian Christians and the Sudanese or the Egyptian Muslims.

    Originally, South Africa belongs to the Black South Africans; however, some years ago, the Africannes came from various parts of Europe such as England, France, Germany, Dutch, and settled in South Africa and tormented the Blacks under their apartheid rule. If Ethiopian Muslims take power in Ethiopia, they will instate the apartheid rule, which is not different from the Sharia law.

    Trade is not bad per se, but there is something that comes with trade, i.e. deception: the Ethiopian Muslims have been traders and merchants and have enriched themselves at the expense of the innocent Ethiopian Christians through their techniques – cheating and deceiving. Where do you think Muslim Al Amoudi got all this wealth? Didn’t he get it by trading the Ethiopian fertile land with the other Arab Muslims without paying a good compensation to the farmer? Command your rusty brain to think a little bit deeper! If Ethiopian Muslims trade honestly, then we can say their trading is a great contribution, but if they trade the way Al Amoudi does, then their trade is a great exploitation, not a contribution.

    Even though many Ethiopian Muslims are still very backward people, some have succeeded in various fields, but that is not enough when one compares their contribution to Ethiopia with the contribution of the Ethiopian Christians. Their lack of great contribution to their community is due to their religion that disparages the learning of technology and other areas.

    I am glad you always read my comments, and I encourage you to say anything you want on what I post, and your response to my comment should not be the last.

  78. King Yohannes on

    Genene & #68,

    I am not a dictator like your tplf. If the Ethiopian peope choose to have ethnic federalism, so be it even if I don’t like it. I don’t impose my wish on the people like you and your tplf tribalists are doing. Let the people make the choice democraticaly. Unfortunately, your tplf tribalist imposed it on the people as it had envisioned it while in the bush. What I need is that system that treats me equal with the rest and affords me freedom (of speech, political choice, economic right, etc…). FYI, you can speak animal language leave alone an Ethiopian language; I don’t bother whether you speak Amharic or not. I don’t get any royalty when your speak the amharic language. Since you are denkoro, you always talk irrelevant stuff.

    Don’t assume that you can continue to confuse people and sustain your power with the amhara scare. See the following video for the tplf’s systematic genocide of the amhara people.TPLF was born hating amhara; grew up hating amhara; lives now with amhara hatred that has brought the gonocide it has committed. TPLF has committed genocide against not ony Amharas, but also Gmbellas, Oromos, Ogadens, Sidamas, Welaytas, etc… TPLF and you will account for it when the time comes.

  79. take it with love on

    Elias I know your heart is in the right place but please watch your words. The things you say will have a lasting affect on us all. Just because they are not acting in the best interest of Ethiopia (Ethiopians) chose to sell out doesn’t mean you/we have too.

  80. Abesha on

    To Assta B. Gettu

    I was angry in your comment posted in other article about OLF, ONLF and Ginbot 7. I thought you are one of those Woyanne who poisoned our struggle for unity by hair splitting the excellence of Amharic language in this crucial time our struggle. But here I am with you for your reply to those hate filled Muslim extermists like Gragn Ahmed (# 13 & # 69)), Hamza (# 70) and Salah (# 79). These Muslim hypocrytes they didn’t speak a single word where both Ethiopian and Eritrean orthodox christians refuges brutalised in Arab countries like Libya, Egypt, Yemen and Saudi Arabia. But here they shade thier corocodile tears about Muslim right in Ethiopia. If they are men enough they should call thier beloved Arab countries leaders to respect the freedom of religion for Ethiopian and Eritrean Christians and start campaign to be allowed the building of churches in the Ethiopian and Eritrean communities of these arab countries. If they start doing this then we start consider their muslim right in Ethiopia. Otherwise we have every right to fight for our christian identity. God bless Ethiopia and protect from its enemy.

  81. Assta B. Gettu on

    Dear Abesha #93,

    I have never been for Woyanne regime; I am always for the Ethiopian unity and democracy. Please, don’t be angry about my comment in regard to the misuse of the Amharic language by some of those three Ethiopian doctors. I should have known better not all Ethiopians, educated or uneducated, speak the Amharic language fluently, and they don’t have to as far as they can communicate their ideas with their audiences fairly.

    Our Christian forefathers fought hard against our Muslim enemies in all directions and protected our Christian identity, and that is why many historians call Ethiopia “an island of Christianity,” but Muslims and Arabs don’t want to hear those historical words. It is true Muslims in Ethiopia have more rights than the Ethiopian and Eritrean refugee Christians in the Arab-Muslim world. In fact, when our Ethiopian and Eritrean Christian sisters go to the Arab-Muslim world for work, they have to wear a Muslim dress, adapt to a Muslim culture, Muslim food, and Islam. And that is why some of our sisters commit suicide in the Arab-Muslim world.

    The Muslims here in Ethiopia are pestering the Ethiopian officials why they don’t have a Muslim burial place in the holy city of Axum and why their Imams are not treated like the bishops of the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahido Church. They are asking more and more rights every day as their Muslim population grows faster than the Christians population. After few years, they will ask to have a caliphate in Addis Ababa or Asmara, and they will impose their Sharia law upon all of us. All Muslims in the whole world have one common goal, and that is to dominate the entire world. They could have achieved their selfish goal long time ago if it were not for the ingenuity of the Christian world.

  82. Anonymous on

    Unfortunately, the Eritreans and Tigreans and the Haderes got their either troublesome, rebellious, treacherous and painful sides from the the Arabs and particularly the Islam influence. In the commentary of the Psalms, it is clear that God deliberately settled Israel (Hezb) with the descendants of Hesau (Ahzab) namely, the Mohamedians, so that whenever Israel is found lawless and Godless, the Ahezabs are there to inflict punishment. In the last twenty years, however, our cousins, the Ishmaelites/Hesaus, have inadvertently stood on our side as they took on the West. In all too precarious scenario, you have the powerful West, Islam and the Heathen to deal with all the time. Because we do not know our history, we failed to appreciate the expansive peaceful era that belonged to us and now are on the verge of losing it to the other side one after another.

  83. Tolossa on

    Just to share my pennies worth about the so called “Assta B. Gettu” This person is a very dangerous, pathetic, ignorant and arrogant A**Hole who, sooner or later, has to be dealt with….

  84. Anonymous on

    ASSTA G.

    Who tought you this kind of Ethiopic mythology I really can not figure it out. Which school did you go to? I am thinking as has been said by experts before Orthodox christianity in particular preaches hate against Islam as can be witnessed in Greece, Kosovo, Russia, Chechnia, Armenia, Macedonia, Egypt,and Turkey minority. Their hate is so much so that they are willing to kill any Muslim. I wonder what makes this religion so fanatic. My own hypothesis is the belief that they are the bearers of ancient script which is purely again with unsabstiantiated claim. No wonder all orhtodox countries are the most backward of all the christian world. However, I used to have a lot of respect for some of my orthodox christianity for their love of education but when it comes to their religion all of them think same way. As I outlined many times the idea that orthodox believed that it is their own country never came to my attention as we always talked about our relgious differences in very indirect ways al though sometimes when our debates are heated they would call us names and say : don’t be an Arab or be used by an Arab. I would then quit the discussion because that will take us to another level. I never heard them say we are Arabs in personal discussion. Of course, Amhara coptic culture is as we know it full of stereotyping people and like Assta I would hear derogative terms not unusual such as “kutit betash” , “kit atabe” etc.

    Now, what I wonna say is we lived in somewhat sometimes hostile and unfreindly Amhara christian culture but nevertheless we were okay on social lives. But in rare occasion some obsessed Priest will claim he saw the truth and would encourage his congregation usually on streets to join him in preaching bible. I am used to that. What I am not used to is to see a person of some knowledge of English grammar and some kind of knowledge in some local affairs of Ethiopia fails to write a logical, rational, an impartial, positive statement.

    I really do feel sad for Ethiopian church if it true that Assta is one of their best products. He indeed shows their gross failure in producing more accomodating scholars. I don’t know when this obsession started but I am not sure it was not during the time of Ezana or Ashama. Those Kings were more welcoming. I believe that Geeze is mine as is Amaric or any other language. I know think that sunday school churchs must revise their curriculum and lessons to be more open.

    Haveing said that I am glad more Muslim (educated ones) are now coming to predominantly christian run websites and air their ideas. I applaud you for your involvement to show people like Assta that you are real Ethiopians and he is not. Hamaza and Salah are good Ethiopian who havwe no hate for any one but they love to work and see people get real Ethiopian history Education. The days of less educated Muslims are gone. Even if they were business men they were smart enough to make money because business is not for dummy people who don’t know how to count or do some math. They are born to be smart. So Assta’s allegation that Muslims never contributed to our civilization and income is out of line. Not enough is good argument but things are changing fast. By the way ‘ a new amhraric keyboard came to the market’ through innovation of our Muslim kids. This is our land and our heritage. More will come. But what I knew more about christian scholars is their blind hate to others who are not like them al though we don’t openly see it. It is sad negative effect of Church background.

    I urge all Ethiopian Muslims to show solidasrity with all Ethiopians. We aew both Ethiopian and Muslim The next change should empower all Ethiopians including Muslim Axums and Christians.

    We don’t live in fear we live in freedom and hope. The future is bright. Ethiopia will never be Somalia nor Rwanda. We are at least a proud nation. We have respect for dignity and pursuit of happiness. If there is an animal in this room it will be “Assta G. and Stoned Peter”.

    This time Ethiopia shall become a cosmo of all of its people. Ethiopia is the land of “lucy”. I hope orthodox scholars will come to their senses and watch as new Ethiopia is about to be born after years of agony and elation. Muslims like their christian freinds are determined to be part of this rare moment and they are working hard. Gone are the old bad days.


  85. Too many Momo Qiloes on

    May be some of you are the notrious woyanes, if not, why do some of you take the focus off from dictator Meles and his TPLF puppets that are responsible for killing Christian and Muslim Ethiopians? Why do you people intentionally fall in Woyanes’ trap? Please try to be part of the solution instead of creating ethnic division.

  86. Stoned Peter on

    It is my pleasure brother Assta B. Gettu. I have posted few more links on post number 81 so if you have time look at them I mainly posted to Graghn and I think number 80 Salah. Especially one of the links has a lecture on how Arabs inslaved blacks for 1400 years. I think it is in the Arab as well as Alamudi blood to be a senseless cruel. We see on the 21st century many Ethiopian house workers of these evil people exploited for years such as our sisters with no pay abused and used mentally and physically crippled some times those innocent Ethiopians could be murdered by those evil cold blooded Arab murderers.


    Sheikh Mohammed Al Amoudi is TPLF’s money launderer and back bone -Him and EFFORT/TPLF work hand and glove to loot Ethiopia as if there is no tomorrow

  88. Un known on

    Salah 80,
    I salute you. These people need some one of your caliber to tell them to shut their faces off. You are right and we all know that It is Islam that came to Ethiopia and not the otherway round. So no one has a right to tell any Ethiopian to deny his or her citizenship. After all citizenshi has nothing to do with religion. Forexample I do not care about religion am athiest. Does that mean I am not Ethiopian? Are all non Orthodox Ethiopian, non Ethiopian? Please brother feel free to write your comment. What we need today is strong Ethiopia and not one strong religion. I have, however, one critics on you that you have not mentioned king Menelik on your short essay.

  89. Gragn Ahmed on

    I wrote to you and Assta as anonymous nick name. I already said that
    Arabs themselves are ruled by west influenced Arab leaders. This is changing. Other than that I hate to say that “Slavery and Christianity and oppression are one face of the religion of Paul. Master and Slave are words that are used frequently in the Bible. No such words are referred to in Quraan. In the event of our religion the famous Bilal ibn Rabah a slave who refused to recant his Islam religion was abused by his master christian Arab who refused to let him free. So Bilal was freed finally after the victory of Islam.

    Quraan is the only book to emanicipate slaves in history. Africa was instead christianized then colonized and then abused by the master Italians British and French. And recently the American slaves victimized the Muslim free West Africans. The first Muslim slave to escape from a ship docked in the coast of New york was destined to be sent to Brazil. His name was Mohammed and he run like a wild animal out of excessive happiness on the streets of Manhattan near ground zero where the new New york Mosque was to be built.

    Now, Saudi is trying to ship Ethiopian christians for they want to help but as they do so it will be disaster as people like Assta will ask for a church in Saudi. I think it is a bad idea for Saudi Arabia because people like Assta will never thank an Arab.

    As to the abuse of Ethiopian maids it is the christian Lebanon ( who are not Arabs by blood but they speak Arabic) are the most cruel of Arabs. No Arab missionary will do slavery but west missionaries are targeting Africans for slavery and don’t even regard them as human beings.

    Christianity lacks moral superiority to preach freedom to African as it is caused by it.

  90. rany on

    I wish all ethiopian work hard like al amudi for the development instead of insuling him

  91. Genene on

    Elias, I posted an article and you blocked it from being posted because it talks about your hidden agenda. And you tell me you are fighting for frredom of expression. It was my mistake to start discussion with useless people. Do not even know why I opened this website. Continue to blow your propoganda.

  92. Anonymous on

    #106 & 107,
    Please go away! Stop showing up like uninvited flies. 80 million Ethiopians despise selfish, shameless, looters, torturers and killer woyane thugs. You are senseless individuals that takes pride on the miseries you have caused on Ethiopian people and the country itself by selling its land to foreigners and left the country landlocked. You’re a DISGRACE.

  93. Assta B. Gettu on

    Dear Elias Kifle, Editor in Chief,

    As Gragn Ahmed testifies on #103, he has changed his screen name to Anonymous and some times to Un Known; therefore, it is Gragn Ahmed #106 who wished you to disappear. He is changing his screen name by minutes. […] I have no idea how you are going to stop Gragn Ahmed from deceiving the Ethiopian Review readers.

  94. Assta B. Gettu on

    Love never gets old!

    In the picture, the rich man is old. The girl in the rich man’s hand is very young. No one is around except the two lovers – the rich man and the young girl. At the corner of the room there is a dim light purposely put in that way, not to disturb by its brightness the love affairs of the two. Even though, the wise man says there is time for every thing, however, for the rich man and the little girl love is timeless; love is eternal.

    One can have love lying on a waterbed, on a common bed, on a carpeted or uncarpeted floor, on the sofa, in the kitchen, in the bathroom, taking a shower, or just standing in the middle of the living room as the two lovers are supposedly doing.

    Love can be achieved in different forms: A person can achieve love by sleeping with his girlfriend; he can achieve love by touching and fondling her breast, by kissing any part of her body, especially her lips, her foreheads, her stomach, her hair, her ears, her neck, her back, her thighs, her hands, he legs, her toes, or by simply whispering to her in her ears some flattering words.

    In this case, the rich man is achieving love by holding in his steely arm a charming and a fragile young girl and by squeezing her to his old body. He is in a white, clean, and wide gown, showing his hairy chest to his victim, the little girl fallen into his net as a tinny animal falls into a spider’s web. She cannot get out until she fulfills his sexual appetites.

    From her mood and posture, the little girl shows no remorse or regret why she is in the hands of this old rich man. In fact, she looks relaxed and very happy, listening very carefully to what he is telling her, and all her attention doesn’t look toward having sex with this 70 or 80 years old rich man, which is not a great surprise at all if this rich man has sex with this 17 or 18 years old girl because the Prophet Muhammad had sex when he was 54 years old with a nine-year-old girl, Aisha.

    If the attention of this little girl in the hands of the rich man is not toward having sex with him, what is she focusing at? The rich man is reading her, perhaps, a-two-page paper but an exciting one, full of promises like the Quran promises the Jihadists wine, honey, virgin girls, and a comfortable life in paradise. Therefore, the rich man is probably reading to the young and very innocent girl how much money she is going to get if she fulfills his wishes – to spend one night with him. The rich man is indeed very, very, rich, and he doesn’t care how he spends his money; he is probably telling the girl in his arm he is going to pay her from $500 to $900 for a night. He is also telling her he would take her with him to any place in the world except to the United States of America.

    Mesmerized and lost by his generous gifts, the girl in his arm calculates how much money she will get if she spends seven nights with him. She knows he is an old man; he is not going to let her, like some energetic young people, sleepless the whole night. Once he has sex with her for one minute, he is finished for the whole night; therefore, the young girl in his arm decides to go with him and get rich in seven nights. She will be the envy of many hopeless Ethiopian beautiful girls when she comes back to Ethiopia from touring parts of the world with her old and generous lover – the rich man.

  95. Stoned Peter on

    #110 Assta Gettu,
    What is your point? Stop lusting! We know Almoudi is a shameless pervert and money worshiper, period!

  96. Anonymous on

    #110. Assta B Getu
    I think you lost it all and sorry for that. We all know sooner or later you would start walking down the street naked unless you stop attacking Islam. Who created ‘wushima’ ask the priests and they would tell you. Oh! and you can have as many as 10 ‘wushimas’ as long as the wife doesn’t know.

  97. Genene on

    # 108

    You and Elias are the sons of feudal Hailesilissie and dictator mengistu who are in pain because some poor and unknown people are taking power in Ethiopia. I know the system you want to bring back- one religion(orthodox), one language (amaharic) and one flag. This government is terrible but it at least allows people to speak their language, develop their culture, and govern their areas. Do you know there are goiing to be 150,000 students going to universities this year in Ethiopia? This figure was 4000 durung the Derge. Most of these are poor and not elites like you and Elias. Those are the people who will change Ethiopia,not refugees like you. You talk about unity but you do not appreciate the fact that Ethiopia has 80 DIFERNET ethnics groups who who have little in common. Bringing unity in Ethiopia only comes from accepting and celebrating the differeces. I am touching the core of your idology so enjoy crying and keep on dreaming in Europe or the US. I know am arguing with stones but its ok.

  98. Assta B. Gettu on

    My dear Stoned Peter #111,

    I am just figuring out what might have been going on between the two unmatched lovers by looking at their pictures. I will never allow lust to govern me, and if someone asks me to explain the picture, that is the way I will explain it. I learned this type of analyzing pictures and people when I was at kine’ school, just for the sake of understanding the art of imaginative thinking and writing.

    Thank you for your advice my friend.

  99. Assta B. Gettu on

    Anonymous or Gragn Ahmed #112,

    It is your people, the Arab Muslims who taught the innocent Ethiopians infidelity by putting harems in their sanctums or private rooms and thereby creating ውሽማ, and you see me fighting the Arab Muslims’ bad practices – having many wives and millions of children that the country is tottering from the heavy weight she is carrying: the unwanted multitude of the Arab-Muslims children.

  100. Assta B. Gettu on

    Anonymous or Gragn Ahmed #112,

    It is your people, the Arab Muslims who taught the innocent Ethiopians infidelity by putting harems in their sanctums or private rooms and thereby creating ውሽማ, and you see me fighting the Arab Muslims’ bad practices – having many wives and millions of children that the country is tottering from the heavy weight she is carrying: the unwanted multitude of the Arab-Muslims children.

  101. Stoned Peter on

    I have not wrote number 111 I think Alamudi or his lover Gragh Ahimad is writing using my name so Getu please do not think it is me thank you.

  102. Stoned Peter on

    Again Assta B. Gettu I tell you I have enjoyed your discription so I was not the one who wrote on #111 so please understand me it was not really me so I think it was Alamudi himself or his lover Gragh Ahmad were the one who used my name these spineless muscle head people. You see how they ar a chicken and gutless they are it is a shame.

  103. Anonymous on

    #113 Genene,
    You’re simply nauseating and an idiot at best. You repeat the same thing again and again like you’ve a great point. Do yourself a favor: keep quiet and and don’t show your ignorance. The TPLF regime that you seem so abscessed about is a criminal illegitimate government. For the last 21 years, Ethiopians from East to West and from North to South have been tortured, robbed, killed and their lands have been taken away from them and given to some foreign billionaires from around the world. The TPLF have helped Eritreans to separate and left Ethiopia port-less. Only your kinds who are benefiting from the labor of 80 million Ethiopians think that Ethiopia have changed for the better. Let me tell you something moron: if it is possible, Ethiopians would do anything to bring back the mixed Ethiopian Emperor back than having the monkey face criminal looter in the palace.

  104. Assta B. Gettu on

    My dear Stoned Peter #118,

    I am glad you enjoyed my description of the Rich Man and the Little Girl in his arm. I understand Gragn Ahmed, who is changing his screen name to Anonymous to create confusions, is indeed the one who wrote comment #111.

  105. Stoned Peter on

    My friend Assta B. Gettu I am glad you read my truethful reply however there is a sad thing here which is the main idea is why he chose to use someone’s identity? does he not believe his reply to you was right. because it was unnecessary to use someone’s name or identity my name is for me to represent my view, so why he needs some unknown individual’s identity to explain himself actually if he put his own name I am sure he might have got more and additional explaination from you. In short this person’s action shows he is a grown man in a child’s body I was really sad because I thought you may not read my reply and he would get what he thought was good for him and develop his sad and lie life in the future.

  106. Assta B. Gettu on

    My dear Stoned Peter #121,

    Don’t forget the famous word in the world of Gragn Ahmed, “taqiyyah.”

  107. Petros on


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