Al Amoudi testifies about his daughter Sarah

Woyanne/Saudi businessman Mohammed Al Amoudi, who is looting and plundering Ethiopia, has submitted a testimony for his lawsuit against Ethiopian Review editor. His testimony is full of real funny stuff such as he doesn’t fund terrorists and that he keeps his personal life private. Read the full text of his 8-page testimony here.

Al Amoudi’s primary witness against Ethiopian Review is Yalew Kebede, an official of the Woyanne-occupied Ethiopian Embassy in London. Read his testimony here.

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    Sheikh Mohammed Al Amoudi is TPLF’s money launderer and back bone -Him and EFFORT/TPLF work hand and glove to loot Ethiopia as if there is no tomorrow

  2. Un known on

    Salah 80,
    I salute you. These people need some one of your caliber to tell them to shut their faces off. You are right and we all know that It is Islam that came to Ethiopia and not the otherway round. So no one has a right to tell any Ethiopian to deny his or her citizenship. After all citizenshi has nothing to do with religion. Forexample I do not care about religion am athiest. Does that mean I am not Ethiopian? Are all non Orthodox Ethiopian, non Ethiopian? Please brother feel free to write your comment. What we need today is strong Ethiopia and not one strong religion. I have, however, one critics on you that you have not mentioned king Menelik on your short essay.

  3. Gragn Ahmed on

    I wrote to you and Assta as anonymous nick name. I already said that
    Arabs themselves are ruled by west influenced Arab leaders. This is changing. Other than that I hate to say that “Slavery and Christianity and oppression are one face of the religion of Paul. Master and Slave are words that are used frequently in the Bible. No such words are referred to in Quraan. In the event of our religion the famous Bilal ibn Rabah a slave who refused to recant his Islam religion was abused by his master christian Arab who refused to let him free. So Bilal was freed finally after the victory of Islam.

    Quraan is the only book to emanicipate slaves in history. Africa was instead christianized then colonized and then abused by the master Italians British and French. And recently the American slaves victimized the Muslim free West Africans. The first Muslim slave to escape from a ship docked in the coast of New york was destined to be sent to Brazil. His name was Mohammed and he run like a wild animal out of excessive happiness on the streets of Manhattan near ground zero where the new New york Mosque was to be built.

    Now, Saudi is trying to ship Ethiopian christians for they want to help but as they do so it will be disaster as people like Assta will ask for a church in Saudi. I think it is a bad idea for Saudi Arabia because people like Assta will never thank an Arab.

    As to the abuse of Ethiopian maids it is the christian Lebanon ( who are not Arabs by blood but they speak Arabic) are the most cruel of Arabs. No Arab missionary will do slavery but west missionaries are targeting Africans for slavery and don’t even regard them as human beings.

    Christianity lacks moral superiority to preach freedom to African as it is caused by it.

  4. rany on

    I wish all ethiopian work hard like al amudi for the development instead of insuling him

  5. Genene on

    Elias, I posted an article and you blocked it from being posted because it talks about your hidden agenda. And you tell me you are fighting for frredom of expression. It was my mistake to start discussion with useless people. Do not even know why I opened this website. Continue to blow your propoganda.

  6. Anonymous on

    #106 & 107,
    Please go away! Stop showing up like uninvited flies. 80 million Ethiopians despise selfish, shameless, looters, torturers and killer woyane thugs. You are senseless individuals that takes pride on the miseries you have caused on Ethiopian people and the country itself by selling its land to foreigners and left the country landlocked. You’re a DISGRACE.

  7. Assta B. Gettu on

    Dear Elias Kifle, Editor in Chief,

    As Gragn Ahmed testifies on #103, he has changed his screen name to Anonymous and some times to Un Known; therefore, it is Gragn Ahmed #106 who wished you to disappear. He is changing his screen name by minutes. […] I have no idea how you are going to stop Gragn Ahmed from deceiving the Ethiopian Review readers.

  8. Assta B. Gettu on

    Love never gets old!

    In the picture, the rich man is old. The girl in the rich man’s hand is very young. No one is around except the two lovers – the rich man and the young girl. At the corner of the room there is a dim light purposely put in that way, not to disturb by its brightness the love affairs of the two. Even though, the wise man says there is time for every thing, however, for the rich man and the little girl love is timeless; love is eternal.

    One can have love lying on a waterbed, on a common bed, on a carpeted or uncarpeted floor, on the sofa, in the kitchen, in the bathroom, taking a shower, or just standing in the middle of the living room as the two lovers are supposedly doing.

    Love can be achieved in different forms: A person can achieve love by sleeping with his girlfriend; he can achieve love by touching and fondling her breast, by kissing any part of her body, especially her lips, her foreheads, her stomach, her hair, her ears, her neck, her back, her thighs, her hands, he legs, her toes, or by simply whispering to her in her ears some flattering words.

    In this case, the rich man is achieving love by holding in his steely arm a charming and a fragile young girl and by squeezing her to his old body. He is in a white, clean, and wide gown, showing his hairy chest to his victim, the little girl fallen into his net as a tinny animal falls into a spider’s web. She cannot get out until she fulfills his sexual appetites.

    From her mood and posture, the little girl shows no remorse or regret why she is in the hands of this old rich man. In fact, she looks relaxed and very happy, listening very carefully to what he is telling her, and all her attention doesn’t look toward having sex with this 70 or 80 years old rich man, which is not a great surprise at all if this rich man has sex with this 17 or 18 years old girl because the Prophet Muhammad had sex when he was 54 years old with a nine-year-old girl, Aisha.

    If the attention of this little girl in the hands of the rich man is not toward having sex with him, what is she focusing at? The rich man is reading her, perhaps, a-two-page paper but an exciting one, full of promises like the Quran promises the Jihadists wine, honey, virgin girls, and a comfortable life in paradise. Therefore, the rich man is probably reading to the young and very innocent girl how much money she is going to get if she fulfills his wishes – to spend one night with him. The rich man is indeed very, very, rich, and he doesn’t care how he spends his money; he is probably telling the girl in his arm he is going to pay her from $500 to $900 for a night. He is also telling her he would take her with him to any place in the world except to the United States of America.

    Mesmerized and lost by his generous gifts, the girl in his arm calculates how much money she will get if she spends seven nights with him. She knows he is an old man; he is not going to let her, like some energetic young people, sleepless the whole night. Once he has sex with her for one minute, he is finished for the whole night; therefore, the young girl in his arm decides to go with him and get rich in seven nights. She will be the envy of many hopeless Ethiopian beautiful girls when she comes back to Ethiopia from touring parts of the world with her old and generous lover – the rich man.

  9. Stoned Peter on

    #110 Assta Gettu,
    What is your point? Stop lusting! We know Almoudi is a shameless pervert and money worshiper, period!

  10. Anonymous on

    #110. Assta B Getu
    I think you lost it all and sorry for that. We all know sooner or later you would start walking down the street naked unless you stop attacking Islam. Who created ‘wushima’ ask the priests and they would tell you. Oh! and you can have as many as 10 ‘wushimas’ as long as the wife doesn’t know.

  11. Genene on

    # 108

    You and Elias are the sons of feudal Hailesilissie and dictator mengistu who are in pain because some poor and unknown people are taking power in Ethiopia. I know the system you want to bring back- one religion(orthodox), one language (amaharic) and one flag. This government is terrible but it at least allows people to speak their language, develop their culture, and govern their areas. Do you know there are goiing to be 150,000 students going to universities this year in Ethiopia? This figure was 4000 durung the Derge. Most of these are poor and not elites like you and Elias. Those are the people who will change Ethiopia,not refugees like you. You talk about unity but you do not appreciate the fact that Ethiopia has 80 DIFERNET ethnics groups who who have little in common. Bringing unity in Ethiopia only comes from accepting and celebrating the differeces. I am touching the core of your idology so enjoy crying and keep on dreaming in Europe or the US. I know am arguing with stones but its ok.

  12. Assta B. Gettu on

    My dear Stoned Peter #111,

    I am just figuring out what might have been going on between the two unmatched lovers by looking at their pictures. I will never allow lust to govern me, and if someone asks me to explain the picture, that is the way I will explain it. I learned this type of analyzing pictures and people when I was at kine’ school, just for the sake of understanding the art of imaginative thinking and writing.

    Thank you for your advice my friend.

  13. Assta B. Gettu on

    Anonymous or Gragn Ahmed #112,

    It is your people, the Arab Muslims who taught the innocent Ethiopians infidelity by putting harems in their sanctums or private rooms and thereby creating ውሽማ, and you see me fighting the Arab Muslims’ bad practices – having many wives and millions of children that the country is tottering from the heavy weight she is carrying: the unwanted multitude of the Arab-Muslims children.

  14. Assta B. Gettu on

    Anonymous or Gragn Ahmed #112,

    It is your people, the Arab Muslims who taught the innocent Ethiopians infidelity by putting harems in their sanctums or private rooms and thereby creating ውሽማ, and you see me fighting the Arab Muslims’ bad practices – having many wives and millions of children that the country is tottering from the heavy weight she is carrying: the unwanted multitude of the Arab-Muslims children.

  15. Stoned Peter on

    I have not wrote number 111 I think Alamudi or his lover Gragh Ahimad is writing using my name so Getu please do not think it is me thank you.

  16. Stoned Peter on

    Again Assta B. Gettu I tell you I have enjoyed your discription so I was not the one who wrote on #111 so please understand me it was not really me so I think it was Alamudi himself or his lover Gragh Ahmad were the one who used my name these spineless muscle head people. You see how they ar a chicken and gutless they are it is a shame.

  17. Anonymous on

    #113 Genene,
    You’re simply nauseating and an idiot at best. You repeat the same thing again and again like you’ve a great point. Do yourself a favor: keep quiet and and don’t show your ignorance. The TPLF regime that you seem so abscessed about is a criminal illegitimate government. For the last 21 years, Ethiopians from East to West and from North to South have been tortured, robbed, killed and their lands have been taken away from them and given to some foreign billionaires from around the world. The TPLF have helped Eritreans to separate and left Ethiopia port-less. Only your kinds who are benefiting from the labor of 80 million Ethiopians think that Ethiopia have changed for the better. Let me tell you something moron: if it is possible, Ethiopians would do anything to bring back the mixed Ethiopian Emperor back than having the monkey face criminal looter in the palace.

  18. Assta B. Gettu on

    My dear Stoned Peter #118,

    I am glad you enjoyed my description of the Rich Man and the Little Girl in his arm. I understand Gragn Ahmed, who is changing his screen name to Anonymous to create confusions, is indeed the one who wrote comment #111.

  19. Stoned Peter on

    My friend Assta B. Gettu I am glad you read my truethful reply however there is a sad thing here which is the main idea is why he chose to use someone’s identity? does he not believe his reply to you was right. because it was unnecessary to use someone’s name or identity my name is for me to represent my view, so why he needs some unknown individual’s identity to explain himself actually if he put his own name I am sure he might have got more and additional explaination from you. In short this person’s action shows he is a grown man in a child’s body I was really sad because I thought you may not read my reply and he would get what he thought was good for him and develop his sad and lie life in the future.

  20. Assta B. Gettu on

    My dear Stoned Peter #121,

    Don’t forget the famous word in the world of Gragn Ahmed, “taqiyyah.”

  21. Petros on


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