Tinsae Ethiopia launches diplomatic campaign

To counter the ongoing attempt by the Woyanne fascist junta in Ethiopia to label Ethiopian opposition groups, human rights activists and journalists as terrorists, and also to highlight the worsening economic and political crises in the country, Tinsae Ethiopia has launched a new diplomatic campaign. [read more]

5 thoughts on “Tinsae Ethiopia launches diplomatic campaign

  1. mereate on

    Conmen sense tells me, that without land reform and without Ethiopians having a land they called theirs to farm and rip the benefit, the famine problem will not go away. Given the circumstance of no rain and the circumstance of leasing the land to foreigners” for what I don’t know.” It only contributes to worsen famine in the country. Why doesn’t the government facilitate and help its people to allow owing and farming there land rather than selling it to outsiders? Is this a government for the people or a government to sell the peoples land? Long term solution really needs a long term plan. Policy change of how farming is done in Ethiopia is the answer. On top of that, to make things worse, if the money given to Ethiopia is going back to where it came for investment what good does it do to Ethiopia? Transparency of the financial statement, money given for drought is also crucial.

  2. tazabi on


    Could you please, put the article of Alamoudi testimony on the top
    of the Page. People can put comments right away instead drilling down to find the Topice.

    Thank you

  3. Good job on

    Good job tinsae!

    You are not alone. we are with you every step of the way!

  4. Yonas on

    Tinsae’s commitment for civil disobedience against the brutal rule of weyane is commendable. And its decision to send out letters to diplomatic circles is a nice start. Our active involvement is crucial for the ongoing struggle to bring justice and peace in our county. The past twenty years has seen the current government brain washing of the youth through propaganda and misrepresentation of historical facts. In lieu of this fact there is needed to reeducate, those who reside at home, young Ethiopians, about their heritage and history. It is important that EPRP style cell and organization structure be laid out now before calling the public for collective action. In addition, we need to make distinction between weyane and its allies .In other words we need to isolate weyane politburo members from their affilates.We know absolute power in Ethiopia rests in the hand of Melese; he and his party sway power. The rest of the parties march to execute the decision of Melese’s party.it is important we isolate TPLF from its affilates.offering a face saving means to the officials of these parties to distant themselves from any attachment they might had with weyane is one way to erode weyane’s support.

    Oromo People’s Democratic Organization
    Amhara National Democratic Movement
    Southern Ethiopian People’s Democratic Movement
    Southern Ethiopia People’s Democratic Coalition
    Afar Revolutionary Democratic Unity

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