A question to Kuma Demeksa and Dula Aba Gemeda

Kuma Demeksa, Dula Aba Gemeda, and Alemayehu Atomsa are the most favorite puppets of Ethiopia’s khat-addicted tyrant Meles Zenawi. They have been appointed by Meles as top officials of Oromo People’s Democratic Organization (OPDO) to represent Oromia Region in his government. Alemayehu Atomsa is the current president of Oromia. The question to these three pigs is: Why is there a famine in the fertile Oromia region, and no food shortage in the dry Tigray region?

The following USAID map shows the current famine in the Horn of Africa that is threatening 10 million people. Most of the famine victims live in Oromia, a region that is rich in natural resources and has several rivers that are now being irrigated for flower farm. Over 1.3 million hectares of fertile land in the Oromia region alone has been sold by Meles to Saudi, Indian and Chinese companies to grow flower and food crops for export.

62 thoughts on “A question to Kuma Demeksa and Dula Aba Gemeda

  1. Shaebiya! on

    I hate this map — it is all a lie. For example I visited Eritrea last month and everything was OK! No famine like those coward USAID illiterate USAID want us believe….. use the one without Eritrea! Retarded people…..

  2. grum on

    one thing woyane has proved during its twenty plus years colonization of the people of Ethiopia is that it is cruel, fascist and inhuman. this is the characteristics of colonialists. we should not be surprised at what woyane is doing. we should fight this regime to free our people. the old British did not leave its colonies willingly nor did the apartheid regime of south Africa. why should we expect any different from the 20th century colonial empire that has been creating havoc on the people of Ethiopia?

  3. wondu on

    Can you see the map and tell me with clean conscious that it is the result of TPLF? Since when is TPLF controlling Kenya and Somalia? Why can’t you be selective in attacking your enemy. There is a fair way of blaming someone and there is unfair way…. You know where this one belongs.
    God bless you

  4. Facts on

    Tigray is not dry. Don’t be ignorant with baseless old myth of the derg government that he used as a scapegoat to his failed leadership. Especially central and western Tigray have very fertile, and agriable soils. As a matter of fact these two areas alone accounts for almost half of the agricultural exports of the country. We have seen in 2010 just the oilseed products of these region exceeding the dollar amount gained from the total coffee exports of the whole coffee growing regions which oromia is known for. Western Tigray is always known for it’s honey, butter, teff and many other products even during the time where there were more Russian bombs raining down from the skies than the natural rain. You should visit shire and have a look on yourself. With a good policy and technology, this golden region can feed the entire Africa without any exaturation.

  5. Balcha Gebeyhue on

    Fellow Ethiopians, we have to stop pretending that we have government being led by a civilized or a normal person. For all practicle reasons, Legesse Zanawi has gone crazy. He has taken every evil road & shaded every citizens blood to stay in power. As of now, he remains the only person in Ethiopian history (in the planet) who has become a billionaire by pimping poverty & famine to the West.

    The sad part is we are left to see our citizens in such a cruel situation. The only choice we have is to speed up the joint unity meetings and coordinate more activities that will keep on sending Zanawi into deep depression so that he will be forced to run away with his stolen goods.

    Let us be proactive and not react to his drams. What we know he is running out palying cards and recycling old tricks. His democracy, economic tiger, rail road to the sea, lakes to desert land, freeways leading to nowhere, high rise buildings vacant, electricity for export…..& three meals a day have not been realized. The only thing he has left is that foul mouth, prophganda and for now western support. Even Tigreans are catching up to his game…making Meles & Co much more crazy than ever.

    God/Allah Bless Ethiopia, please protect our citizens from famine.

  6. NILE on

    Response to #6
    So why do not you guys leave us alone and become independent if you really think
    you can feed yourself ??I

  7. Gemechu on

    Don’t forget you -Eth Review have ALSO commend non participating boycott, hands off policy!! If one participate on the Economy you call him traitor..I tell you if you keep on discouraging people of Ethiopia (while people in Tigray Eritrea keep on heavily participating in Education and investment )the disparity between them and us will be unprecedented -and it will be like third world and developed world- we will be identified the poor part of Ethiopia!! Fellow Ethiopians don’t accept these all round highly unadvisable notion of non participating boycotting etc !!! You don’t need to be henchman for the government to participate in Ethiopia especially the Economy!!! WITH OUT subduing yourself and be loyal to one party or having any political deviation – with silence and consciousness you can strive to have part of Ethiopia- before the opportunity totally slip away from us!!!! those of you out side of Ethiopia Educate yourself invest in Ethiopia have part of Ethiopia in any way you can — akurfo mekemetu— it will hurt us- Encourage the young once to Educating themselves help in their education-educational books DVDS books IN ANY OTHER WAY YOU CAN!!!..Strive to have part of our Ethiopia. Invest in unison and cooperation built yourself residential houses Those who are outside will have better advantage to run business- so get together and have business and investment in Ethiopia …never listen those who advice us to boycott and in the last resort loss our country all the way …People even in the worst type of government don’t forfeit their country like some of our extremist brothers of the diasporas are advising us SAY NO NO…Participate to advance Education Education Education Education.Help others and also yourself to education .!!!Help in their health too
    Invest in unison and in cooperation by all means don’t sit down bemakuref the probability of total revolution to happen in Ethiopia which will totally turn upside down the existing established order –in the coming few decades has equal probability of the earth being hit ONCE AGAIN by the meteor that extinct the dinosaurs! OK WITH LITTLE EXAGGERATION!!!
    I tell you if you belong in the silent majority as I am and would not and is not participating in the program set by the extremists who said being opposition includes raising arm you should think not to lose your country and also remain without having country!!Be smart and strive to have part of your country!!
    But if you have in any way associate yourself to the extremists in any way -forget it –unless of course you make any legal arrangement don’t think about it AT ALL!!! you will land at Kality not to do business but TO do your time!!
    We the majority will be smart and will not remain in silent and in time loss our coutry for that matter be without country!!

  8. betesfa on

    Tinish asteyayet le Mr. Facts Says:

    You said that

    ” We should visit shire and have a look on ourselves. With a good policy and technology, this golden region can feed the entire Africa without any exaturation.”

    If this is really a fact, the False can be a Fact b/s both words start with a letter FFFFFFFFAAAAA. Geographically, SHIRE must have been a part of one of the ten planets so there no doubt that we will go and check THE FACtS.

  9. Morrma Hudha on

    The time is very close for their burial with their slave master, Meles Zenawi including his pigs cadres. The more they stay on power,they kill our people and ofcourse they dig a deep grave for themselves.
    One third of the donation from world community has been directly delivered to Tigray and have been stored for the last 17 years. It includes not only food but various weapons as well

  10. gash Tesfa on



  11. Keya on

    betesfa says:are you mad? I know shire Aweraja,why did you say shire is fertile?you made great mistake.if shire is fertile and feed other people, why did you take grain and teff from gojame , shewa and oromia region? you are stolen many resources from other region of Ethiopia. all Tigray region is dry and drought, you can not feed yourself. do you know that Almeda textil and Mosobo cement factory product are not sold in the Tigray region.because you have not big market in tigray. you know that you can not live with out dependent on Ethiopia.you are parasite for Ethiopian peopl. you are colonized ethiopian. you know all Tigray history is banda history. who killed Tederose? you know it. who did lost the unite of Ethiopia with Eritera.Any ways tigray people are the enemy of Ethiopian.they have not loved about Ethiopia.Melese give Assebe to Eriteria, Melese give the land to Sudan and to Djibuty.You make a blake history about Ethiopia.why did you dislike The unite of Ethiopia? i am sorry to say this,but it is the real black history of your people.

  12. joddiska on

    Ethiopians,make a wish and an effort that you shall have your country back in your caring hands,and fight the enemy to the best of your ability and remove it from the surface of Ethiopia so that the enemy itself and or its kind dwon’t set its foot in Ethiopia.

    Time favoured the enemy and invaded Ethiopia;it then scattered acroos the lands,in Ethiopia moved into cities,towns,villages,and neighbouroods and broke into homes and vandalized the lives of families.Ehtiopians,it is theis sort the enemy that we must crush to its complete defeat and make the enemy kneel down and walk on its weak and aching knees to its final destination,to the court and charge it for the wicked and weired crimes that it has committed on Ethiopians,as we even speak.. fight the enemy to its complete defeat.

  13. amare101 on

    Almost all the sources (coffee, hides & skins, khat, oilseeds) of the foreign exchange comes from Oromia. All Oromia is fertile. Oromia has many rivers. Why is Oromia starving ? While the barren area of Tigray has no problem of starvation. Meles has proved to us beyond doubt that Oromia is a colonial state of Tigray. Meles is sucking the blood the Oromo people. The Oromia leaders are the stooges of Meles.

  14. love on


    Very ligitimate question. Oromos in the past even during hardship has come together with their great Gadaa system to over come. TPLFites know the real heroes of Ethiopa, patriots are in Oromo therefore TPLF has to destroy them by any means. Of course those so called Oromos that left OLF and now working hand and glove with TPLF against the Oromos are prove today that their claim of past oppression by other ethnic groups, particularly “Amara” is baseless when they themselve create the plight of all ethnic groups and particularly Oromos. So the struggle of OLF is mainly for self benefit by dividing Oromos aginast the Amaras. In order to lure other Oromos against Amara and Ethiopia, they use propoganda and borders, restoring languages, etc. yet today we see Ethiopia, Oromo in the worst situation than ever. Changing names because of hate doesn’t bring peace and harmony, development, equality and democracy does.

    So, in normal situation, a government will mobilize food and aid to these regions to avoid starvation. Today, it seems it is deliberate because especially there are no wars in Oromo region so why would be difficult to protect Oromo from famine? Well, I would like to see the so called who have been amassing millions from foreign aid and sitting their butts in Minnesota, Eritrea and other parts of the world, let us see what they have been bluffing about, instead of teaching their children hate against Amara, (no i am not amara or amaranized i am talking common sense) let us see how they “save” their “Oromia”. I am pissed. On 2005 election, OLf could have been involved against TPLF regime but their secret loyalty remained and they said since Kinjit (CUD) was filled with Amara, we won’t be invloved and let Ethiopan people die and yet they claim to be leaders Oromo when in fact Oromos are part of Ethiopia that have been massacared in 2005. God save me from ignorance, narrow mindedness, hate, revenge, jealousy, etc. all these are anti christ behavior that is why no one with this character mounts to anything.

  15. love on

    I hope Dr. Berhanu tell the so called OLf, since their struggle, they have never been the rescue of Oromos as they claim. It is the Ethiopia children from all ethnic groups that are the savior of Oromo because they are one and the same!

  16. wey guud on


    please tell the truth, how many of us have gone to Ethiopia to invest but then were manipulated or threatened by TPLF? Of course TPLF has been saying to come and invest, why do you think that, because they want the money and the idea and once they get these from you then they start to frame you chase you away from the country or imprison you or demoralize you. The idea of investing is a good idea but most of the money is going to tPLF to repress Ethiopians or it will go to Malaysia bank account. So I am not sure what will be the best, starve the beast TPLF to death so that the people can turn against it or invest heavily so much that the people will get empowered to oust TPLF? But what has been tried that many Ethios going back to invest did not materialise TPLF is making sure the people will never benefit from this. It is good however despite the discouragement from tPLF to keep pushing that they can never control development and empowerment. That remains to be seen


    To ask question of fighting the enemy which we still have not learned from is the unity of Oromo and Amara. Its [TPLF]number one threat and fear is the unity of those two ethnic groups. We know it because they have demonstrated the capability and competency during Italian war. OLF and EPPF (Entire ethiopia struggle military) is ironically in Eritrea and I don’t know why I guess no more option to be somewhere. Shaebia is using these factions for itself not merely for Ethiopia, how could it when its cousin TPLF is alredy holding Ethiopia for Shaebia but Shaebia is going to use these factions fore its purpose, either against Ethiopians or destroy them so that there are no strong opposition in Ethiopia. Right now it is falsely cultivating them. Shaebia made sure OLF and EPPF are not together in Eritrea and causing hate one against the other why is that? It is because Shaebia, TPLF fear the most, the unification and leadership of Oromo and Amara by Ethiopians. TPLF and Shaebia will never will against this strong factions if they unite and they know it. That is why they fuel division in Universities, etc.

  17. Sem on

    Why we should expect information about our region from the USA. Are we so ignorant that a stranger has to tell us what is happening in our home? The rulers in Ethiopia and other nearby countries are all stoogees of the western world. Famine is the biggest business to them. More than 50% of the money will be shared between the lord’s and the servants and the rest will be used to controll the people.
    In Eritrea we have worked out in advance our home work. Saved every drop of water from all the raining seasons, prepared our land for irrigation and constructed terrasses to save soil from being washed away. The USA shows their dream of Eritrea in the map, they can not accept a positive result from our philosophy of self reliance. As for us we presently are in a better situation than lot of Africans and marching steadly towards food security. In the following years we will attaing our dream to secure our food security of four years. We will be one of the few African countries to never worry about food availability. Food has to be secured by any means, all other needs will be secondary to this. What are the Weyane leader doing? Contructing bridges, luxetury building, big and extravagant hotels ect… in the big cities for the for themselves and the few surrounding them? What about the 99% Ethiopian people facing difficult to get one meal a day, famine every year?
    So, it is time to work to get rid of the traitors and deal seriously with our problems. You can learn from our experience to depend in self reliance and work tirelesly to secure food for all the people. Other things can be done later. You have to eat to live and when you live you work.
    Look luck my Ethiopian brothers.

  18. Berhane on

    Cheap politics ! A clear sign of a desperation and obviously one would except it from someone who is on Shabiyas payroll.

  19. Tizbt on

    ቴናይስጥልኝ! ይህችን ሽሁፍ እንድሽፍ ያስገደደኝ ተናግሮ አናጋሪው የ ፋክት (6) ትቢት ነው። ፋክት በህልምህ ነው ወይንስ እንደ ዘመዶችህ ውሸት የባህሬህ ስለሆነ ነው የትግራይ መሬት ለም እና ሙሉ አፍሪካን መመገብ የሚችል ነው ያልከው። በውኑ እንኩዋን የአፍሪካን ይቅርና ግማሹን የትግራይ ሕዝብ መምገብ ይችላልን??? የቅባት እህሎች እና ጤፍ ይመረትበታል ያልከው ቦትም ተከዜን ተሻግረህ የምታገኘው የትግራይ ማርክሲዝም/ሌኒኒዝም (ማሌሊት) ስልጣን ሲይዝ ከጎንደር የወሰደው መሬት እንጅ ሽራሮን ዳባጉና አይደለም። በርግጥ የትግራይ ህዝብ በምግብ ራሱን መመገብ የማይችል መሬቱ አሽዋና ድንጋይ መሆኑ ቢታወቅም የኢትዮጵያ ሂዝብ እንደናንተ ጅብ አይደለም። ጥሎአችሁ አይበላም። ብትጠሉትም ይወዳችኋል። የኢትዮጵያ ህዝብ የጠላውና የተፀየፈው እኩይ ስራችሁን እና እኛ ከሞትን ሰርዶ አይብቀል የሚለውን ሞፈከር የሙጥኝ በመያዝ አጥፍታችሁ ለመጥፋት መወሰናችሁን ነው። በእርግጥ ለጊዜው ቢመስላችሁም ለራሳችሁ ይብሳችኋል እንጅ ለኢትዮጵያ ሕዝብስ ማዳን ከላይ ከሚያመልከው አምላክ ይመጣለታል። ድሮ ጫካ እያላችሁ አንድ ቀንም ቢሆን ትግሬ ገዛ መባል አለበት እያላችሁ ወጣቶቻችሁን በማባበል እንዳደርጋችሁትና ከ20 አመት በላይ እንደገዛችሁት አይምሰልህ። ይች የትቢታችሁና የድሎታችሁ ቀን እንደ ሂትለር ጥፋት ድንገት ትደርስባችኋለች! ይልቁንስ ክፉ ስራችሁን አቁማችሁ በንስሃ ታጥባችሁ መልካም ስራ ለመስራት ብትነሱ ይሻላችኋል። ቸሩ መድሃኔአሌም ለንስሃ እድሜ ሰጥቷችኋል። አንድ ቀንም ቢሆን ስልጣን ላይ ለመውጣት ስትሉ ተጋደላችሁ ከ20 አመት በላይ ሰጣችሁ። አልረካቹም። ይልቁንም ሌላው ብሄር ብሄረሰብ በርሃብ ሲጠወልግ እያያችሁ በመዘበት የትግራይ መሬት ይቅር እና የኢትዮጵያን ሕዝብ አፍሪካን መመገብ ይችላል ማለት ጀመራችሁ ታዲያ ማን ከለከላችሁ? ወይንስ ርሃብተግናው የኢትዮጵያ ህዝብ ከትግራይ የመጣ እህል ከመመገብ መሞት ይሻለናል አላችሁ? በእውነት ትልቅ ሃጢአት ነውና ፈጣሪ ዪቅር ይበላችሁ!!! ከተተበተባችሁበት ክፋትም ያላቃችሁ ከማለት በቀር ምን እንላለን?

  20. Getu on

    Woyanne took a large portion of land from the Amhara regions of Gonder and Wello. These areas are fertile but we will get them back to Ethiopia as soon as we eradicate you. Do you understand Mr. Traitor/fact???……


  21. hawmera on

    What we are waiting for? Everybody just talk the hero of internate including me. We don’t do nothing except talk. please all ethiopian citezenes vave to stop talked and stand together and discared those the enemy of Ethiopia. Thank you

  22. Zelan on

    Guys: These three damn Meles’s puppets are like a bottle. They all have abdomen and neck but have no head so let’s forget them and continue the struggle against Woyanne. GOD bless our country!!!

  23. GOD Loves Woyane on

    I think your question should be directed @ GOD Not Kuma/Abadula.
    Why is famine in Oromo not Tigray? Because GOD loves Woyane.

    I think this is the most absured article you have ever written yet. I hope you are not loosing it.

  24. Woineshet on

    Elias please mention that Meles has not sold any land in Tigray. Not even an inch. Most of the land he sold are in Oromia and Gambella. And he is purposely starving the people of Ogaden.

  25. Ethioboy on

    @#6. Facts…you said;” Tigray is more fertile than Oromia ,and can feed Africa”?…hahahahahahahahahaha…! “Esti Lisakew” alech Belaynesh…..everybody knows very well that you are stealing our gold and selling our fertile land to Arab and Indians to fund your farmer and irrigate your dry land…but, I can assure you that YOU and YOUR KID WILL PAY THE PRICE for what you did on Oromia and Oromo people…we have never seen Selfish and greedy that is comparable with you in our history.

  26. Anonymous on

    The people who work and cooperate with a mass murderer that has killed their own country men and women, a dictator that has sold the land of their mother land, a courier thief that has stolen and made himself a billionaire, a mad man that has the blood of hundreds of thousands innocent Ethiopians and heartless man that has thrown countless law-abiding citizens in prison should consider themselves morally corrupted thugs who lack conscience. These are the kinds of people why dictators around the world thrive. The individuals who are mentioned above have the blood of all the innocent Ethiopians who have been massacred by the TPLF regime on their hands possibly directly or indirectly. These selfish individuals probably have been promised to take power after dictator Meles dismantled Ethiopia in small groups so that they can be a wealthy as Meles and his TPLF puppets. SICK! SICK! SICK! to say the least.

  27. thank you Hagos

    OPDO is condom for TPLF.
    Kuma Demeksa condom for meles
    Dula Aba Demeda condom for Berkate
    Alemayehu Atomsa condom for both

  28. brother on

    The Woyannes are here for looting other people’s resources as long as they remain able to rule ethiopia. This medieval truth should not be denied. They have no other business. Talk about a typical black on black colonialism. Do not cheat yourself. Non tigrean ethiopians : you are walking with your head down, you have tplf gun on your back to make sure that you keep on being enslaved. live with it and for how long? are a human being. please ask yourself. For me the answer is no. that is why you are being enslaved.

  29. Yonas on

    Elias I thank you for displaying this map; The current hunger is caused by weyane incompetencey, and perhaps design. Some of the reasons that have contributed for this hunger are weyane’s apartied policy such as war, neglect, poor land policy, spiraling prices. Removal of weyane is crucial for our country to embark in reform and democracy building. Then and then only we can expect to put responsible leaders in office that will be willing to tackle the neglected yet pressing social problems of the nation.

  30. Anonymous on

    The sins of Meles is a never ending matter. Not only in Oromo and Gambela but people shouldn’t forget the thousands and thousands of acres of Gondar land Meles has given to Sudan free and clear for some kind of bribery or pay back and the land Meles has taken from Gondar and Wollo and claimed it to belong to Tigrea province. Meles is a man who is consumed with full of hate that has no mercy for no one but himself. As Hitler and Stalin brought shame to Germans and Russians; Meles also has brought shame to the patriotic Ethiopians from Tigrea area. My deepest sympathy to the true Tigrea Ethiopians.

  31. taw on

    Just folks, Most of you already are aware of it. If you download Google earth and take a birds eye viewing Ethiopia, it reveals the naked truth about where the fertile virgin lands and barren rock lands are. Elias article corraborate the facts the latest technology “Google earth” brings to peoples desktops. But may be off topic, it is more outraging to learn the fact that the few remaining virgin fertile lands in our motherland are handed out to “multinational food growing companies” for $10/ha.

    Still more off topic: Peole who may have time: can you take time and name much more towns, cities and landmarks on Google earth so that in the future it would help those who want (our children, foreigners, tourists…) to take more factual geographical anlysis. For instance can I have the latitud and longutud location for Shire which is claimed to feed the whole of Africa. I may do more reserching on that, beyond the rheotrics.


  32. Concern on

    Thank you Mr. Melese Zenawi. Can you read all these above comments. You as a man and the so-called leader of Ethiopia, is this the least you can do as a person or as a leader? Creat an enemy for Tigray People? Tell me which one is better? To be loved by your people and be worshiped or serve the west to die alone on exile with no relatives and friends?

    Use your mind and manhood. Think of the children who are dying of starvation like your own because wheather you like it or not they are your own children.

  33. Jacob on

    Arschloch!!pimps!! cretins!! ruffians!! If this your poor approach were to be true, Congo and Australia would be the richest and the poorest countries on earth respectively.Your terror groups are responsible in part to these sufferings. But most importantly, lives are not being lost now unlike in the famine of 77 where almost half of the population of the people you hate most(Tigraians)was left to die deliberately by your masters,Derguists.You are alone. You are like an endangered species. Ethiopia is free at last 20 years now.

  34. Ethiopia Lehulum on

    Hi Gemechu,

    You must be one of the so people who came to diaspora
    To convince us to invest in Ethiopia. You raise the same argument
    They raise and of which have a fandamental flaws stating
    The fact that in that country where there is no free speach, judicial freedom,
    Economical freedom,how do you expect us to invest in there
    when your thugs control every aspect of the economy system ,
    Banking, judicial autonomy, tax system, corrupt police.
    How are we going to compete with the thugs which control
    Everything without a plain field for fair play ?
    As a matter of fact, currently woyane is like auctopus , they strangled
    The socioeconomic situation in Ethiopia. If go there ,it’s
    Just to give them a moral ground that everyone is there for himself
    And we would not be any different than them.

    Peace to Ethiopia.

  35. terefe on

    You are another clueless and heartless woyane who cares only for yourself and careless what happens to the rest of Ethiopians. Your so called 20 year freedom is laughable. More Ethiopians have been arrested, killed, robbed, and hundreds of thousands of acres of Ethiopians land have been sold to foreigners under the brutal TPLF government in the last twenty years than ever before in Ethiopian history. Unfortunately, it is impossible for narrow minded people and staunch supporters of the bloody hand evil dictator Meles to recognize and realize the damages that have been done to Ethiopia and Ethiopians in the last twenty one years.

  36. Woyin on

    #29 Woineshet

    Yes most of the land sold are in Gambela, Benishangul Gumuz and Oromia. So why should you care? Most of the land sold is very far away from Addis Abeba near the Sudan border. There is no sign of protest from the people living in these areas, so Meles should be very fast to sell their remaining land. Meles wants to spend some of the money from these income to build tobacco factories in order to supply for the growing demand of cigarettes among the Ethiopian youth [at least three packets of cigarettes a day], and also to plant more Khat trees for for domestic consumption and export.

  37. SHEMSU on

    The cause for the food shortage in Oromiya region can be attributed to the actions of

    1. Mengistu Hailemariam’s Communist Miitary Derg Revolutionary Government – That confisicated the privately owned farm lands within Oromiya and made it the property of the Communist governemnt .
    2. Then few decades later to make matters worse the Meles Zenawi’s Western Supported Guerilla Fighters Capitalist Junta sold these farm lands of Oromiya region to foreign Corporate real estate and farming investors whose primary concern is to make as much profit as possible by using mechanised farming and exporting the farm products to outside markets .
    Unless these two actions mentioned above are reversed Famine is the inevitable destiny of Oromiya .

  38. Facts on

    Why are all the angers and namings on me? I commented to correct the writer who represented Tigray as dry which is not true. And some of you are full of hate replying to me. Do you know me?
    Yes I said more than half of our country’s export hard currency comes out of those Tigray regions and if you don’t want to accept that, it is your right. No one is here to convince you. Why you need to do is take a fraction of the time you wasting on insulting people you don’t even know and search the top Ethiopian exports and the foreign currency gained annually.

    1, Coffee ….. ~ $ 500,000

    2, d/nt oilseeds and pulses….. ~ $ 400,000

    3, Gold ………… ~ $ 400,000

    4, livestock/hides&skins/leather …… ~ $ 300,000

    5, Natural gum /cotton/textile …….. ~ $ 300,000
    Now just from these lists, you will find around 80% of #2, around 90% of #3 ( this is not for the prvt. ones such as midroc, ezana and other foreign owned gold companies but the gold turned in to the national bank by the states, which is collected by the prospecting farmers) , about 15% of #4 and more than 90% of #5 comes from the Tigray region. I don’t know how some of you crying babies get that honey goes from gojam to shire, but I can tell you this: just ask people from Addis-ababa to asmera and they will tell you about where the most expensive quality of honey comes from. It is shire. Shire Teff, honey, and butter are know for their exceptional taste and quality especially in eritrea which is still going illegally on a daily basis by the way. So, try to control your emotions and select facts from delusions search the facts on your own either in person which you will descover even much more since those people will be happy to accomodate and offer you the best of what they have in their houses with respect & dignity which they are also exceptionally know for……or use the internet .
    Either way it is important that you speak a language that me and others understand. Amd since jating, crying etc are not languages, try to avoid them

    this video is about healing dry areas btw and i know the place. However the areas where my uncles live is much more heavily&natuarally forested and always green . So please don’t argue this and that fictional nonsense. Since am talking about my place.


  39. koster on

    What do you expect from HODAMS. They are a lower animal/KEBT. They cannot do anything when Ethiopian resource is looted and their fellow Ethiopians are killed. Terrorizing farmers, and pastoralists by labelling them to be supporters of this or that political group, disrupting agricultural/pastoral activity, using famine as a biological weapon to eliminate or subjugate enemies, to use famine as a source of revenue and the state terrorism going on all over the country contributes to the famine. Famine is not only in Ogaden it is also in Addis Ababa but for the Tigrean gujeles and hodams the future is bright as long as their account triples and quadraples. We in the diaspora also contribute to the problem unless uniting and ending tyrany and poverty once for all we just philosphize and care less for the millions who are languishing under woyane state terrorism.

  40. Bubu on

    #44 Facts!

    You are either day dreaming or you are listing the goods that you stole from the rest of Ethiopia. If you had all these listed goods in your country you would have used your article #39 a long long time ago. If you have seen any of the goods you listed above in your rocky state they are the blood and flesh of the Amharas, Oromos, Gurages, Gambellas, Somales, etc. Let me remind you about one fact, when you and shabia came to power 20 years ago; Eritrea was ranking third in coffee exporting. Where did the coffee come from? you will tell me from Adi Quala! Hahaha.

  41. Legesse Chigeru on

    TPLF agents like #44’s attempts to conceal stomach EFFORT, hand MIDROC and tyranny under endowment fund, private business, and 99.6 to fool all the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time, and also to fool all the people all the time is an offense on Ethiopians. We have seen it live on CNN. We are seeing it live on ESAT. They usually do hold on to their robbery concealments to that moment their last hours as propaganda Minster of Saddam Hussein and TPLF’s predecessor have done it. Mengistu and Meles and Saddam have common behaviors. Their agents even so many are defecting including generals remain ants are as loud in their fooling attempts as their “golden race” masters.

  42. Dessalegn W. on

    My response is to the person listed on #39.

    To provide political cover to Woyane is understandable for Tigrians as a group support Meles Zenawi for all of his deeds. However, to distrot the facts and engage in name calling are lack of ideas and face the truth. The difference between the Woyane regime and that of Col. Mengistu is simple. Woyanes kill, starve, and oppress Ethiopians selectively whereas Derg was an equal opportunity killer. Second, Derg never sold an inch of Ethiopian territory and make the Ethiopian people slave to petro dollar Arab neo-colonialists. Tigrians, 50,000 of them participated in Shabia’s war against our country. This is yesterday. If you go back in history, Tigirans were responsible for the occupation of Asmara by Italians; Tigrians were reponsible for the invastion of the British to destory the regime of Emperor Tewodros, most of the Askaris for Italians in the battle of Adowa were Tigirians, Haile Selassie Gugsa who betrayed Ethiopian in its darkest hour was a Tigrian, Dej. Teklu Meshesha who participated in the capture and execution of Ras Desta Damitew was a Tigrian. He received 20,000 Lire and a medalion from Graziani. Ras Seyoum and his daughter Wolte Israel (first wife of the Crown Prince Assefa Wossen) betrayed the Emperor in Jerusalem and gave in to Italians in return received 40,000 Lire a year for their loyalty to Mussolini. The list of Tigrian betrayal is endless. Today, Tigirians are looting the country as if it is an enemy territory. In all honesty Ethiopian and Ethiopians are better off without some elements of the Tigrian society. Of course I am not foolish to condemn all Tigrians for the crimes being committed by a few, however, truth must be told and that truth is most if not all Tigrians are as a group are clanish, bigots, and petty tribalists who cannot get rid off their cave dwellers mentality. Grow up people!

  43. abbay on

    #44 & #39 We are very happy for your tigray. Use article 39 and leave poor Ethiopia. Why are you still in our land?

  44. wose on

    i am enjoying u guys! no.44 and 6 (FACTs) have got enough for there saying… thanks 46 but i dont think so he is undrestanding what u said.

  45. Anonymous on

    Anonymous 31
    hey hey. You must for sure be an idiotic dog. what the hell are you saying in your writing?

  46. habtamu on

    Desalegn 48,
    Am sorry but are you talking about Eritreans? There are two Tigrigna speaking people if you do not know: Tigreans and Eritreans. The idea you wrote above matches pefectly the Eritrean askaris, not Tigreans.

  47. Tigray forever on

    The so called 3000 years history of Ethiopia is really history of Tigray. Tigray have been at the top of the world during the Axumawit kingdom. You might not like it but Tigray will be at the top again. Tigrayan’s are willing to give everything to develop their state. Sooner or later you will learn that civilzations comes from the mind and work of a human being not from forest and rivers. If one have the right knowledge and technology, it is easy to change your environment. Don’t just show hatered. Try to soleve Ethiopia’s problem using rational analysis that is based on real data.

  48. dembecha on

    response to fact
    wedew aysiku yilu neber wiezero tebletse. don’t worry when all those stolen land and money gets returned to the righful owners you will go back to square one begging. this time every one is awake so your kids will pay it.

  49. wey guud on


    Although, much gratitude for support, I think you are a bit exaggerating regarding Eritrea and and in your eye of course Eritrea and its leaders never do wrong..


    We must investigate what is happening to Ethiopia, but in terms of revenge and anger, that is exactly what TPLF regime and its stooges want us to do, hate like them so that they want to prove it to international community there are ethnic hateful people in Ethiopia and will give them reason to use the “genocide” word. It could also be those comments that may come from Shaebia is also to divide us and to bring hate which we never had before. So let have more wisdom than them, the enemies of Ethiopia. In stead, we should tackle the problem carefully, consciously, with wisdom as our past leaders, Kings used to do especially against outside force. Yes, I am now beginning to believe we are better off back during the kings than today, even back then there was oppression, feudalism but at least the kings would have the excuse to say they were ignorant then, not educated and yet, they have the wisodm. BTW, feudalism is on the way now and it is no different, in fact, worse now than it was before. In the past, prior TPLF regime people of Tigray and Eritrea had amicable relationship with the rest of Ethiopia because I am the living witness as I was in the 80s, today, these people became enemies of the rest of Ethiopia in the name of leadership and Amara. They use past leaders and Amara to become the enemies of Ethiopians the rest. They went extreme than necessary, they could have reformed the inequality and their claim, which I am now beginning to believe as false due to the actions of Tigray and Shaebia today, that Amara oppressed them, I say as non Amara bullshit, because they are doing the worse than Amara and using this to benefit themselves.

    As someone said how Eritrea is better, I say that is not true also, Weyane once again is secrectly transfering the honey, butter, teff, etc to Eritrea while starving Ethiopian people.


    So what if OLF is Oromo, obviously you have no say in the discussion this is how you lack the knowledge of even Oromo and Ethiopia and would want history to repeat itself, called greed.


    Are you kidding me? Your own TPLF members have admitted that TPLF is responsible for starvation in the 80s (Western calendar) by using the food and selling it for arms and withholding the food against Tigrayans unless they support TPLF cause. Despite the war, at least the communist regime (although I detest it) has done something important by removing the affected people to fertile land…

  50. Armachaw Gondere on

    You are a deceiver, not a fact finder or reporter. I know Tigray is a part of Ethiopia,and I am not in here in abad campaign agianst it, but the fact remains that except gum and incense Tigray does not have other exportable items. We may hear innumerable ADEY and LALOYE LAO songs about Tigray however, in the pre weyane Tigray ther was not covering shrub to be seen except perhaps in few places like Shire. Of course, things are different since the weyane suzerainty, Tigrians have transformed their province in to paradise. They even transport red ash and top soil from other regions to make the barren region cultivable land.

    The livestock,hides,skins,leather and oil seeds you are referring comes from the illegally appropriated fertile land of welkaiet Tegede.Why don’t you come up with another trick, after all, this form of lies has been used by weyanes since their arrival, and is not new to us. Beside, at least accept the fact many Ethiopians know all the lies about weyanes already, and you should not take pleasure to come up with another twist in this forum.

    The people of Gondar and Wello will never forget or forgive about what is taken from us. As it is not our way to seek from others, as we will not remove the old land mark from any, likewise, we also will not allow anyone to take an inch of our soil from us let alone a vast territory. We will require, in due time, restitution with full INTEREST from the enemy.

    I make a distinction between weyanes and the people of Tigray.I am especially aware of the patriotism of the elderly Tigrians and some among the Diaspora. Neverthless, I will say the following about the weyane hooligans. Initially, the weyane cabal’s strategy was to steal from Ethiopia everything they can possibly put their hands. If their authority become challenged to administer Ethiopia they thought they can go ahead and declare their independece.They were wrong in that, they were unable to anticipate the ramification of their action. For one no political party can have the monopoly on developing of events indefinately. God stood against their move and the dream of weyane to set up independent state is a bye gone propostion.That is weyane is forced to forsake this dream not willingly but against its will.Two things in a seemingly unrelated fashion working side by side seem to have produced the impossiblity of Independent Tigray.
    First, the silence and patience of the Ethiopian people to long suffer against the weyane hords. As the Ethiopian people continue to hope and cultivate patience towards the weyanes ,the weyanes seem to enjoy the apparent weakness of the Ethiopians.In the process, Weyane lost its mind thinking that the people are afraid wyh not go and invade Somalia.These wrong wrong weyane policies brought about general hatred towards weyane leadership. At the present, it is a fact; weyanes are surrounded by sea of enemies,and it is unlkely this situation will change. It is this that stood against their dream of seeing a home state.Now weyane is laboring hard,with out making any repentance for her crime and wrong policy, to convince Ethiopians it is an Ethiopian entity.Can any one in the right mind believe this,I thinkl not.

  51. Andualem Kostaraw on

    TPLF/EPRDF and its MAIDS/SERVANTS ethnic based groups will face justice one day,no doubt.But why is everybody becoming echos to OLF propaganda?
    None of you talk about the atrocities committed against poor Amharas
    in Gonder who continue to loose land to Sudan and Tigray? Why don’t you
    write about the crimes of Meles in Semien Shewa aginst women who are ordered not to have children under the so called policy of family planning to contain the Amhara population? I don’t see your writings that
    continue to by pass the persecution of Amharas different from Woyanes open hate towards Gonderes and Semien Shewes.If you really want to bring
    change in Ethiopia make a strong case by exposing the Adwa/Mekelle gang’s
    agenda by including the CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY committed in the AMHARA
    provinces as well.

  52. Unity on

    Dear ETHIOPIANS, i don’t care about our ethnics back grounds, if we really love and want to save our land and ourselves from the Devil, we must work hand in hand to confront the graceless enemy before it will destroy Ethiopia and burys us alive. As all of you know, Woyane’s plan is to arm every walking Tigire with a Tank and sophisticated weapon to face any challenge at any time and any place. So in such a situation, the only choice is A STEEL like UNITY which will crush Woyane, otherwise we will be vanished by Woyane’s hunger, jail,disease and bullets.

  53. defa on

    My question to the writter of this article is, Now if TPLF and OPDO leave Oromia, can the Oromos govern themselves ? If yes, with what power and institution since the Oromos do not have their own military and security. Ruling one country needs strong military and political institution. But the Oromos do not have such striking military which will defend the Oromian territoy. They have not done the necessary devout which Oromia wants.

  54. Shemsu on

    The Oromo people seem to be not having strong military and strong political institution with striking military which will defend the Oromian territoy currently is because true sons and daughters of oromo have been geting murdered and imprisoned on a regular basis for the last twenty years by Meles Zenawi’s Woyane-Mujelle .
    If Woyane-Mujele sets the imprisoned Oromos free there is enough strength in the sons and daughters of Oromiya to rule the whole Ethiopia or more for that matter . If the western nations stop the financial aid for Meles Zenawi, Woyane-Mujelle will not last a day after that . Mark my words Woyane-Mujelle will step down from power the minute Woyane-Mujele stops making wealth for themselves in the name of the poor Ethiopian people . Woyane-Mujele have no interest in ruling the country unless they continue to rob the people, all of Woyane-Mujeles including Meles Zenawi are in it just for the money.

  55. Shemsu on

    The Oromo people seem to be not having strong military and strong political institution with striking military which will defend the Oromian territoy currently is because true sons and daughters of oromo have been geting murdered and imprisoned on a regular basis for the last twenty years by Meles Zenawi’s Woyane-Mujelle .
    If Woyane-Mujele sets the imprisoned Oromos free there is enough strength in the sons and daughters of Oromiya to rule the whole Ethiopia or more for that matter . If the western nations stop the financial aid for Meles Zenawi, Woyane-Mujelle will not last a day after that . Mark my words Woyane-Mujelle will step down from power the minute Woyane-Mujele stops making wealth for themselves in the name of the poor Ethiopian people . Woyane-Mujele have no interest in ruling the country unless they continue to rob the people, all of Woyane-Mujeles including Meles Zenawi are in it just for the money.

  56. defa on


    you have to understand that the Oromos situation will be the worst one than the Somalis situation of today. The reasons are, most Oromos are prefering region, religion and even the areas in the region than their blood Oromumaa. Even, today the so called Oromo leaders are divided along their regions and religions. Do you believe that the Oromos will reach any where in such a way ?

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