Emperor Tewodros and Ato Meles

By Yilma Bekele

I watched a video of an interview Ato Meles gave to a woman journalist. The edited version on You Tube and our Independent Diaspora sites starts without introduction and ends abruptly. We have no idea who the questioner is and why she is granted a one to one interview. The role she took in the video is that of a question reader not an inquisitive reporter.

Her questions were very profound and far-reaching and she settles for the explanation her host offers without a follow up question or probe further to get insight into the startling conclusions by The Leader. I figured the questions asked and the explanations given are meant to inform the faithful regarding the line of thought currently being favored by headquarters. That is the normal workings of a totalitarian system. The Leader telegraphs his wishes in various ways. The Soviets were good at using pictures to show who is ascending based on proximity to the boss. In the old East Europe when the Party paper bloat your picture from old files the game is over.

In this interview Ato Meles was deflecting responsibility from the approaching famine and he was giving the opposition some things to chew on since he believes they ‘hate’ him intensely no matter what. I was saddened to see that he was discussing such profound issues as the origin of our old Country the wisdom and heroism our forefathers and the recurring famine as if he was discussing some mundane issue say like climate change. There is no life in his monologue.

This was a very important and far reaching discussion. It is true they say action speak louder than words. When it comes to Ato Meles his action and his words go together. In this “interview” he manages to tell us in his own words where the justification for those actions originate from. We cannot ask for a better interview how ever distasteful it might be.

It took him all thirty seconds into the interview to get into the ring and toss our early leaders around like a beach ball. Here is the profound question that led into this incredible answer.

Question: When we think of the past generation they have left bad fingerprints specially during the final moments of the Millennium we had dangers of disintegration so what do you think the causes are?

Ato Meles: Generally for the last thousand years or so our economic and political system has been backpedaling. Several attempts were made. For example if we start with Atse Tewodros during his perioed the Japanese were embarking on centralization. Japan’s atttempt succedded and while Atse Tewodros did not. Tewodros choose conquest to unite the country and he died running one end to the other bare footed. He did not succed. Without fully understanding the source and foundation of our unity and waiting too long without a solution we were faced with disintegration. While the Japanese learnt from the westerners and concentrated on development. Wheras on our part our develompmetal efforts were full of ups and downs, not successful and wrong. When we take Atse Tewodros his plan to create Ethiopia was by conquest. Thus he even thought it civilized to manufacture weapons and succed in makeing an artillery gun. This direction did not work. After that if we take Atse Minilk he did instead of making foreign technology into ours he took the direction of relying on foreign professionals. Without the fedual nature of the society he just gave it some modern face thus the poverty acclerated and that is the other cause of the danger of our disintegration.

I am not a historian by profession. I hate to disagree but I find Ato Meles’s interpretation of my history regarding my leaders and their place in our past to be a little puzzling. I did not feel insulted. I was not upset. How could I? Thinking of Atse Tewodros like that is beyond my capacity. My humble love, great respect and gratitude forever knows no bounds when it comes to Emperor Tewodros II. He is our collective pride.

Putting that aside there is one issue that has been bugging me since I watched the video. I was trying to come up with an incident where leaders have dismissed their past so casually. I am still looking. Nations are very fragile things. Their egos have to be massaged constantly. Successful leaders know how to do that. They make their people move mountains. Even the most powerful, richest of nations wave their flags and play their national anthems constantly.

You would never hear President Obama discussing the slave ownership of Washington or Jefferson. That would be considered disrespectful. The Indian Prime Minster will never disparage Mahatma Gandhi and live to tell about it. President Zuma does not look down in condensation at the great Kingdoms of the Zulus or the father of his country Nelson Mandela. Historians can theorize all what they fancy but leaders create myth and accentuate the positive legacy. How could you doubt the strength of your foundation while you are trying to build a whole house on top of it? That is my problem.

Ato Meles as usual is standing things head down. Comparing Ethiopia to Japan is wrong and Japanese history is not like that. Japan is a homogenous Nation. It is an Island. Ethiopia is made up of several Nationalities and ethnic groups. Ethiopia is not an Island but surrounded by both friends and enemies. When Tewodros ruled Ethiopia Japan have a weak Emperor and the Shogun ruled in his name. I believe there was one Japan.

When it comes to Emperor Tewodros, I his humble subject is not learned enough to defend him. I am not worthy of that honor. But I cannot sit by when my Emperor’s vision is questioned. I am happy to take the blows however soft. To start with Emperor Tewodros succeeded in his vision of great Ethiopia. Ato Meles is my first exhibit. He is sitting in Arat Kilo because my Emperor laid the foundation one hundred fifty years ago. Now about the business of the Cannon gun, in my opinion it was a brilliant move. The British were approaching from the North, the West and the South. The Italians were sniffing at the Red Sea Coast and the French were probing from the East. The contention between Christianity and Islam was still not settled around us.

Emperor Tewodros understood having a big gun is a good deterrence. He also needed more weapons to extend the reach of his Empire. Surely you don’t expect him to Fed Ex his intentions to King Tona or poke King Aba Jifar to be friends on Facebook. Those days you sent an army and subdue. That is how Nations are forged. It is not unique to us. In fact isn’t that why we are famous? They say with envy you guys have never been colonized and we nod with swollen chest. That is a special gift from our forefathers.

One thing about Emperor Tewodros, he loved his country so much. When he lost to the British he did not shoot the hostages and he was not going to be taken prisoner to give the British a trophy. They have their people he was dead and there was no reason to stay. They burned our churches and ransacked the palace. They stole valuable items like Kibre Negest that they display in their museums and some are sold to collectors. When Ethiopia rises we will bring it all back to Magdella.

Again I am not worthy of defending Emperor Menelik. The whole world knows the true Lion of Adwa. If it was not for Menelik and his multi National army today, we will be speaking Italian and dining on spaghetti. I don’t see any reason why I should say more do you?

What was the reason of all this negative venting by The Leader? I have a theory. I am glad you knew that. My theory is based on the psychological concept developed by Sigmund Freud that stated ‘people use psychological projection to reduce their own stress or feelings of guilt.’ Simply stated Psychological projection is a form of defense mechanism in which someone attributes thoughts, feelings, and ideas which are perceived as undesirable to someone else.’ Ato Meles is projecting his own failure onto our old Emperors. I will attempt to show how.

When Emperor Tewodros appeared on the scene that was a period known as Zemene Mesafint or the Age of the Princes. The Agaws, Amharas, Tigreans, and the Oromo were in the process of creating mini kingdoms. That is what Tewodros conquered. Now what did Ato Meles do? He created the Zemene Warlords. Kilil is reversing the vision of Emperor Tewodros. Projection number 1.

Emperor Menelik was fascinated with technology. Menelik started a banking system, a postal system and signed the agreement with the French to build the one and only railway system. He defended our honor at Adwa and made black people all over the planet very proud. On the other hand during the reign of The Leader he fought with Eritrea and lost, fought with Somali Warlords and lost and is witnessing the starvation of millions of our people. We lost five thousand people at Adwa and over eighty thousand at Badme. Projection #2

When asked about famine being synonymous for Ethiopia The Leader said, “I feel ashamed, it is disgraceful but these things can are not the mistakes of certain individuals” A very curious statement. That is what he wanted to convey all along. That is why the questioner brought it out of the blue. It is interesting. President Obama inherited a country on the verge of a meltdown. That was two years ago. Today folks are mad at him because he has not fixed the problem yet. His re election depends on him making the economy right.

Ato Meles came to power twenty years ago. That is ten times Mr. Obama’s reign. Ato Meles has been blaming the Derg since day one. That was not enough, now he is going back in time. By the next interview he might include Negest Saba. All this to avoid taking responsibility for failed policies. Instead of remorse and shame he comes with excuses. He was given a task and he failed to perform. No one is responsible except him. Not Tewodros, not Menelik, not Mengistu but the person in who is charge now is the owner of the debacle. No need to shift responsibility.

It is wrong for Ato Meles to use the power of his office and the total control of the media to subject our country to such distorted interpretation of our glorious history. It is not all right to discuss imaginary disintegration of our country so lightly. For a lot of us in the Diaspora our country is the one thing that keeps us going when things get tough. Mother Ethiopia is the source of our pride. It is a shame to stand on the shoulders of such giants and deny their achievements.

64 thoughts on “Emperor Tewodros and Ato Meles

  1. Bisrat on

    @#2-Tarik Yifred, gragn Ahmed…. Ethiopian history is not a myth bro! It is a proud history of the entire black race! You can pursue whatever crooked political objectives that you might have, but conspiring against the white man who murdered and sabotaged your brothers for centuries and to say that the history of such a glorious nation as Ethiopia is a myth is completely sick. Superficial knowledge is dangerous, so please, stop echoing the white man’s voice and start reading and using your own brain!

  2. Ewunetu on

    Mamo, based on your points, it is clear that you hate Islam and Muslim Ethiopians so much. People like you, who are the victims of a myth perpetuated by Orthodox Church, are the major obstacle for the creation of perfect unity. When you hurled you rage, you could have thought that Muslim Ethiopians can also claim the same against Portuguese and other Europeans who has done so much to help Christian Ethiopia in order to undermine Muslim Ethiopia. As far as I am concerned, all religions are myth, and therefore I do not promote any. Nevertheless, I am all for religious freedom, equality, and tolerance. Believe me when you become religion free, you free yourself free from blind hate and start to see things rationally. Speaking of religious hate, it suffices to mention hundreds of millions of people murdered in cold blood in the name of religion.

    Returning back to your point, it is true that Egypt and Turkey had tried to keep Christian North from any outside contacts. But I can’t stand the false account like yours that considers the clashes between Christian North and Muslim South as a war between Ethiopia and foreign Muslims.

    In my previous comment, I mentioned about very important cultural value that we Ethiopian lack: discipline. When you decided to share your point, you could have commented with out attacking anyone’s comment. My comment may not be perfect or true. But it is my thoughts which has nothing to do with you. You can’t force me to believe what you believe like what Tewdros II used to do. So leave me alone and try to focus on the topic, which is Meles’s comments about Tewdros II.

  3. Eden1 on

    Inform me. That is what matters. Wisdom is ageless and no one is a baby here.

  4. Mamo on

    Dear Ewnetu:

    I will try again. Now with real History as an introduction, enjoy:-

    Sennar, which was a Christian state sent its messangers to Atse Libne Dingel for help so that it could defend itself against invasion from the North. Sennar is what is now “North Sudan” and they were invaded by muslim Egypt. Libne Dingel, who was not particularly wise in his decision refused to send hlep and North Sudan was ravaged, massacred, genocided, etc and became Muslim from 1520s onward. Soon enough Libne Dingel had to fight the forces of Adal combined with Turks.

    By this time the central Ethiopia was encircled from all sides: all the lowland areas have succumbed to Islam. Somalia – islam. Adeya – Islam. Afar-Islam. Sudan-Islam. Yemen-Islam. Saudi Arabia-Islam. Use ur useless brain to imagine the geo-political hell Ethiopia was in. It was completely surrounded by violent forces who were waging war from all directions to inflict the final blow.

    Huge civilisation, such as India, Afghanistan, Pakistan, you name it, fell and became muslim during this time under similiar situation. (btw: India was majority muslim country until recently) Ethiopia was in the very same situation, but it stood firm.

    Ethiopia not only survived but it instituted Religious tolerance and managed to have PEACEFUL RELATIONSHIOP between Muslims and Christians since the time of Atse Minelik. Even during derg times, religious tolerance was paramount and you hear no war based on it.

    As in everything else in Ethiopia, during The Tyrant Midget’s time we are sensing the backsliding of even this issue to the times we want to forget. The Religious intolerance we have overcome for about a century now is slowly coming back thanks to the monkey-faced midget tyrant. It has now become common to hear “Jimma Christians are massacared”, “Christians are murdered in Dedesa”, “Muslim mosques are set on fire in Anjaro” etc etc. The funny part is all these violences occur ONLY when the Tyrant is particulary challenged, for example during the Arab uprsing:) The particulary backward and primitive ethnic tensions also occur ONLY when the Tyrant senses he is about to loose his grip.

  5. Wahid on

    Amazing this tiny chimp is trying to tell us our history after he has looted our country for so long as if history is made in his kitchen with his miss piggy Azeb mesfin.

  6. We're The Children/World on

    well said #20
    It’s quite interesting to note that we’re unfortunately living in a wierd world that has a taste for controlling and exploiting the weak; a heartless world that dislikes majority rule whom have real interest of the marginalized societs at heart. For example, if the peaceloving blameless soul doesn’t oblige according to her toxic way for the sake of his peaple, she invents too many obstacles to trap him into slavery of no return door. The funny thing is she acuses later the blameless her own making messes and presents herself to fix it pretending as innocent caring mother Tressa. If she got invited to do so, the rest is history…..
    To put it simply, all the hot matterial love she reserve is only for her minority self-serving dictators and elite opportunists; the corrupt warlords of endless misery brewers. She showers them with her sweet words praise and iresitable reward of lots carrots so the wicked ilegit puppets can feel confident and ready for service while those responsible defendant of unity, equality and justice for all who boldy questions the wisdowm of her conditional aid gets served with unproven defemations and undeserved sticks.
    What unjust, unfair and outright racist our planet earth can be some times! Aren’t all your chilren are created equal?

  7. Ewnetu on

    Mamo, I feel very uncomfortable for using this forum to reply for your innuendo and vitriol. In your last rejoinder, you wrote:

    “…. Use ur useless brain to imagine the geo-political hell Ethiopia was in…..”

    By looking at this garbage, any one can see that you are very uncivil and unrefined which I think is one of the major reasons why Ethiopia is so poor and backward.

    History is always written by winners and therefore it is full of bias and prejudice. I do not have any problem with your interpretation of Ethiopian history. You are entitled to it, and where I live it is called freedom of opinion. Regarding your point, I also I mentioned about the massacre of innocent lives and distractions committed by both Christian expansionists and Muslim jihadists. In my opinion, blaming Jihadists solely for the failures of emperors of Northern Ethiopia is not fair. Besides their crime, chauvinism & prejudice against south, too much debauchery, incompetence, and internal feuding are major reasons for their failure.

    This will be my final reply to you. I always choose peace and love over chaos and hate! የመቻቻልና የመከባበር ባህል እናዳብር!

  8. Mona on

    Meles is one of the arrogant old fashion leader, however he is right on the money about the so called Ethiopian leaders. Meles is also kind and been a gentleman describing those public enemies, so sorry chauvinists and ego-centrists, but it is truuuuuue

  9. fix on

    Meles Meles Meles I am better than Zemene mesafint and Fudalism Look at me
    I am the best My friend wake up you are in the twenty century where people are equial who ever they are we need LOVE not hate I am sorry may be that
    banda father of yours teach you the rong thing please donot psss it to your kids when Isee your daughter carrying klishincov I knew you are a wirdo……

  10. Wahid on

    Hagos it seems that you know woyannes better than we do,after some observation of the jungle boys (woyannes)that they are still in their caves except looting Ethiopian resources

    Meles didn’t just come out of the blue and set up an interview to ridiculously comment on Tewodros. Their is a nice new book out on Atse Tewodros LeEthiopia , Tinantim Zarew Negem, By Amare Afele Bshaw. This book is giving the woyane regime a huge head ache

  11. Selam on

    Dear Yilma; you gave a detailed and rational analysis in relation to the funny interview. I really would like to read more of your writings! Keep going man!

  12. ታሪኩ on

    አንድ ትውልድ ያለፈውን ታሪክ እንደ ፍፁም ቅዱስ ወይንም በተቃራኒው እንደ ፍፁም ሰይጣን አድርጎ የመሳል እይታ ካለ ያ ትውልድ ካለፈው ትውልድ የባሰ የስነ-ልቦናና የግንዛቤ ችግር ያለበት ነው ማለት ነው፡፡ያለፈውን ታሪካችንን የምናምነው ወይንም የምንቀበለው ስለወደድነው ወይንም ስለጠላነው ሊሆን አይገባም፡፡በቃ ታሪክ ከሆነ ታሪክ ነውና የግድ ቢመረንም ሆነ ቢጣፍጠንም የግድ መቀበል አለብን፡፡
    ይህ ትውልድ በፈረንጅኛ አካሄድ ባለ ትንሽ ፊደል መቁጠሩንና መሰልጠኑን ለጥሩ ሳይሆን ለመጥፎ እየተጠቀመበት ያለ ይመስለኛል፡፡እንዴ ሰው እኮ የተሻለ ማሰብ ሲጀምርና የተሻለ መሰልጠን ሲጀምር እንዲያውም ያለፈውን ሀጢያት ወይንም የሌሎችን ሀጢያት ከማውራት ይልቅ የጎደለውን ሞልቶ የጎበጠውን አቃንቶ የተበላሸውን አስተካክሎ ነገሮችን ወደተሻለ መስመር እንዲያመራ ያደርጋል፡፡
    አሁን በስልጣኔ መስመር ላይ እየተጓዘ ያለው አውሮፓና ሌላውም ያደረገው ይህንኑ ነው፡፡
    ለምሳሌ አሁን የምናያቸው እንደ መኪና አውሮፕላን ቴሌቪዥን ወዘተ ያሉ የተለያዩ የሳይንስና የቴክኖሎጂ ውጤቶች እኮ ድንገት ባንድ ጊዜ አይደለም እዚህ ደረጃ የደረሱት፡፡አንዱ ባለፈው ላይ አንድ እርምጃ አንድ ነገር እየጨመረና እያሻሻለ ነው እዚህ ደረጃ የተደረሰው፡፡በእርግጥ ይህ ወደፊትም ይቀጥላል፡፡ከዚህ በመነጨም ያሁኑን መኪና ወይንም አውሮፕላን ወይንም ቴሌቪዥን የሚሰራ ኢንጂነር ወይንም ሳይንቲስት ያለፈውን ተመሳሳይ ባለሙያ ከማመስገንና ከማድነቅ ውጪ ያን ያህል በመጥፎ አይተችም፡፡ምክንያቱም ላሁኑ የተሻለው ስራውና ፈጠራው መሰረቱ ያለፈው ነውና፡፡ይመስለኛል የዘመኑ ትውልድ ስልጣኔያችን መማራችንና እውቀታችን መሰረት የሌለው እንዲያው የለበጣና ላይ ላዩን ግልብ የሆነ እንዳይሆን እፈራለሁ፡፡
    ብዙዎቻችን የሰለጠነውን አለም ውጣ ውረድና ታሪክ በደንብ ጠንቅቀን የምናውቅ አይመስለኝም፡፡እንዲያው በቴሌቭዥን መስኮት የምናየው አይን የሚማርክ ነገር ሁሉ በአንድ ጀንበር ያለድካምና ፈተና እንዲሁ በተአምር የተፈጠር ነው የሚመስለን፡፡በተለይም አዲሱ የተማረው ወጣት ትውልድ እጅግ ግራ የተጋባ ነው የሚመስለኝ፡፡ነገሮች ሁሉ አልጋ ባልጋ ሆነው እንዲቀርቡለት ነው የሚፈልገው፡፡ስለዚህም ያለፉትን አባቶቹና እናቶቹ የሰሩትን መልካም ነገር ከማውራት ይልቅ ሀጢያታቸውን ማውራት ይቀለዋል፡፡ይህም የሆነው ይመስለኛል እንደ አቶ መለስ ትውልዱም ካለፈው ተምሮ ያለፈውን አስተካክሎና አርሞ የራሱን ወቅታዊ የቤት ስራ በስርዓት ለመስራት ስላልቻለ ይመስለኛል፡፡እንዲያውም ሰዎች የተሻለ ሊቅ ጎበዝ ቅዱስና ንፁህ ሲሆኑ እንዲያውም የሌሎችን ሀጢያትና ድክመት ከማውራት ይልቅ መሸፈንና ማስተካከልን ነው የሚመርጡት፡፡
    እናቶቻችንና አባቶቻችን ሞፈር ቀንበር ከበሬ አጣምደው መሬትን አርሰው ጤፍን ዘርተው እንጀራ አድርገው በርበሬን ወጥ አድረገው እንደ ምግብ ጠላንንና አረቄን እንደመጠጥ አድርገው አውርሰውናል፡፡እኛ ዛሬም ያንን ኋላ ቀር እያልን ከመውቀስ ውጪ ያን ያህልም ትርጉም ያለው የራሳችንን አዲስ ነገር ያን ያህል መፍጠር አልቻልንም፡፡ብዙዎቹ ያነጋገር ዘይቤዎች እንኳን ከነሱው የተወረሱ ናቸው፡፡በዘመነ መለስ ትውልዱ እናትክን እንዲህ ልበል የሚል ነውረኛ አባባል ከማለት ወጪ የፈጠረው አዲስ የአነጋገር ዘይቤ እንኳን የለም፡፡
    ያለፉትን አባቶቻችን የሰሩት ጥሩም መጥፎም ታረክ አለን፡፡ከመጥፎው ልንማርበት ዳግም በቀናነት እናንሳው በጥሩው ላይም የራሳችንን መልካም ነገር ጨምረን እንገንባበት፡፡ከዚህ ውጪ አጉል ፊደል ቆጠርን ተማርን ሰለጠንን ብለን ፀጉር እየሰነጠቁ እንደዚህ አይነት እርባና ቢስ መካሰስና ዘለፋ ውስጥ መግባት በራሱ የሚያሳየው ምን ያህል ካለፉት ከምንወቅሳቸው ያን ያህል ያልተሻልን መሆናችንን ነው፡፡የሰለጠነውን አለም የሳይንስና የቴክኖሎጂ ውጤቶች አሁን እኛ መጠቀማችንን በራሱ እንደ የራሳችን ትልቅ ስኬትና ድል ቆጥረነው ያለፉትን አባቶቻችንንና እናቶቻችንን ታሪክና ማንነት በንቀትና በዘለፋ ያለርህራሄ እንድንወቅስ የይለፍ ፈቃድ የሚያሰጠን ሊሆን አይችልም፡፡ጥንት መላው አፍሪካ በድቅድቅ ጨለማና ባርነት ወስጥ ባለበት ዘመን አፄ ምኒልክ የስልክ ቴክኖሎጂን ከመቶ አመት በፊት አስገቡልን፡፡በዘመነ መለስ የተንቀሳቃሽ ስልክ ብዙው አፍሪካ ካገኘ በኋላ እኛም አገኘን፡፡ነገር ግን በአቶ መለስ ዘመን እንደ ቴሌኮሙኒኪሽን ያሉ ትልቅ የህዝብና የሀገር ሀብት ተቋማት በኢትዮጵያውያን ይመራ የነበረ በሙስናና በችሎታ ማነስ ምክንያት በስርዓት መተዳደር ስላልቻለ ተመልሶ ዳግም የውጪ ዜጎች እንዲመሩትና እንዲያስተዳድሩት ሆነ፡፡ሌሎች ተጨንቀው ተጠበው የፈጠሩትን ቴክኖሎጂ እኛ በስርዓት ኦፐሬት ማድረግና መምራት አቃተን፡፡ይህ በራሱ ምን ያህል ውድቀት ውስጥ እናዳለን የሚያሳይ ነው፡፡ነገር ግን እውነታው ይህ ሆኖ እያለ አሁን ስልጣን ላይ ያለው አገዛዝ ድሮ በአጤ ምኒልክ ያለው የመገናኛ ቴክኖሎጂ ይህ ነበር አሁን ግን ያለው ይህ ነው እያለ ልክ እራሱ በችሎታው ፈጥሮ እንዳመጣው ሊያስመሰል ይዳዳዋል፡፡ስልጣኔያችንንና እድገታችንን የምነምመዝንበት መስፈርትና እይታ ጥርት ያላለና በራሱ ትንሽ የተምታታና ግራ የሚያጋባ ነው፡፡በተለይም በአሁኑ በዘመነ መለስ አገዛዝ ስልጣኔያችንንና እድገታችን እየተመዘነ የሚነገረን በዋነኝነት ካለፉት ስርዓቶች አንፃር እንጂ ከሌላው አለምና እኩዮቻችን አንፃር አይደለም፡፡መናልባት አቶ መለስ አንዳንድ ጊዜ አፄ ምኒልክንም ሆነ አፄ ዮሀንስን ወይንም አፄ ምኒልክን እሳቸው አቀላጥፈው በሚናገሩት እንግሊዘኛ ቋንቋ ወይንም አሳምረው በሚለብሱት ያማረ ሱፋቸውና በሌላውም እይታ እያነፃፀሩ ያለፉትን ዝቅ አድርገው ለማየትና ለማጣጣል ሊደፋፈሩ ይችሉ እንደሆነ አላውቅም፡፡
    አሁን ያለው የሰለጠነው አለም ያለፈውን ታሪኩን ቢመረውም ሆነ ቢጣፍጠው ቢወደውም ሆነ ቢጠላው የማንነቱ መሰረት ታሪክ ነውና በታሪክነቱ ያከበረዋል፡፡እራስን ወደተሻለ ደረጃ ማስተካከልና መለወጥ የሚቻለው በመጀመሪያ ደረጃ እራስን ከነ እንከንም ቢሆን በመቀበል በማክበርና በመውደድ እንጂ በተቃራኒው እራስን በመካድ በመናቅና በመጥላት ሊሆን አይችልም፡፡ያለበለዚያ የማንነት ቀውስ ሊመጣ ይችላል፡፡መሰልጠን ማለት አንዱ የራስን ስብእና ማንነትና ታሪክ ማክበርና መቀበል ማለት ነው፡፡አንድ ሰው አውቆ ተምሮና ሰልጥኖ የፈለገውን አይነት የዘመናችንን የስልጣኔ ቴክኖሎጂ ሊጠቀም ወይንም ሊሰራ ይችላል፡፡ነገር ግን ይህ ከላይ የገለፅኩትን መሰረታዊ ማንነቱን እንዲክድ ሊያደርገው አይገባም፡፡ብዙዎቹ ያለፉትን አባቶቻችንን ታሪክ ያለ ርህራሄ በጥላቻና በመጥፎ ስሜት የሚተቹ የዘመናችን ሀገር በቀል ምሁራን የማንነት ችግር ያለባቸው ይመስለኛል፡፡እንዴ አንዳንዶቹ እኮ ታሪክን በደንብ ካለማወቃቸው የተነሳ አሁን የሰለጠነው አለም ሀገራት ሁሉ ያለምንም ጦርነትና ውጣውረድ እንዲያው በዲሞክራሲና በምርጫ የተመሰረቱና የተፈጠሩ የሚመስላቸውም አሉ እኮ፡፡ጥራዝ ነጠቅ እውቀት ትምህርትና ስልጣኔ ያለፈ ታሪክን እስከመጥላትና እስከመካድ ሊያደርስ ይችላል፡፡ይህ ደግሞ ከወጡበት ህብረተሰብና በስተመጨረሻም ከራስ ማንነት ጋር መጋጨትና መጣላት ያደርስና የማንነት ቀውስ ውስጥ ይጨምራል ማለት ነው፡፡አንዳንድ ጊዜ ነገሩ በሀገራችን ያሉ ወጣቶች ስለ አውሮፓ ሀገር ክለቦች የእግር ኳስ ጨዋታ ከተገቢው መስመር ወጥተው በደጋፊነት ብቻ እርስ በርስ የሚነታረኩበትንና እንዲያም ሲል የሚጣሉበትና የሚደባደቡበት ነገር ትዝ ይለኛል፡፡ዋናዎቹ ተጨዋቾችና ደጋፊዎች እንኳን ይህንን ያህል እሰጥ አገባና ጠብ ውስጥ አይገቡም እኮ፡፡
    አንደዚሁም በወቅቱ የነበሩት የድሮዎቹ አባቶቻችን እናቶቻችን በዚያ በኋላ ቀር ጊዜ በመካከላቸው ያለውን የተለያየ አለመግባባትና ልዩነት ወይንም ግጭት ያስተናገዱበት እይታና አካሄድና እኛ በተቃራኒው ያንን ያለፈ ታሪክ ተመስርተን አሁን ያለንበትንም ሆነ ያለፈውን ታሪካችንን አጠቃላይ ሁኔታ እያስተናገድንበት ያለው እይታና አካሄድ በጣሙን ያልተግባባና የተምታታ ነው፡፡
    ትልቁ ችግር ይመስለኛል አቶ መለስ ለኢትየጵያዊነትና ለኢትዮጵያውያን ክብርና ፍቅር ያላቸው ልበ ቀና ሰው አይደሉም፡፡መማር ማወቅና መሰልጠንም ከፈሪሃ እግዚአብሄርና ከልበ ቀናነት ውጪ ከሆነም ዘለቄታው አያምርም፡፡ንጉስ ዳዊትስ ፈጣሪዬ ሆይ ቀና ልብ ስጠኝ አይደለም ያለውን፡፡
    አቶ መለስም የሚያወሩትን ያህል በተግባር ያን ያህል ሊሳካላቸው ያልቻሉትም ፈሪሃ እግዚአብሄር ያላቸው ልበ ቀና ሰው ስላለሆኑ ነው፡፡ቢያንስ የድሮ ነገስታት ወቅቱ ከፈቀደላቸው ሁኔታ እንፃር ሲታዩ ልበቀና ብልህና ፈሪሃ እግዚአብሄር ያደረባቸው ናቸው፡፡ያሁኖቹ ደግሞ ከብልህነትና ከልበቀናነት ይልቅ የአጉል ብልጣብልጥነት የእብሪትና የልበ ጠማማነት ጋኔን የሰፈረባቸው ይመስላሉ፡፡ስለዚህም ያለፈውን ስህተትና ችግር ባመዛኙ በወቅቱ ካለው ካለማወቅና ከግንዛቤ ማነስ እንደሆነ በቀናነት ከማሰብና ከመተርጎም ይልቅ በጠማማነት መንፈስ እየተመሩ ነገር እየጠመዘዙና ፀጉር እየሰነጠቁ ባብዛኛው ክፉ ክፉውን ብቻ መርጠው ማውራትና መርገም ይቀላቸዋል፡፡ከዚህ በመነጨም ችግሮችን በቀናነት ከማረምና ከማስተካካል ይልቅ ልባቸውና አእምሯቸው ጭራሽ ለቂምና ለበቀል ዘወትር የባዘነ ነው፡፡አንዱ ባንዱ ላይ ጦር ማዝምት መውረርና ሌላም ሌላም ክስተት ኢትዮጵያና የኢትዮጵያ ህዝብ ብቻ ያለፈበት ታሪክ ሳይሆን መላው የሰለጠነው አውሮፓና ሌላውም ያለፈበት ታሪክ ነው፡፡ለምሳሌ በቅርቡ የእንግሊዝ ንግስት ኤልሳቤጥ ታሪካዊ የአየርላንድ ጉብኝት ያለፈውን የታሪክ ቁርሾ ለመፈወስና ለመፋቅ ታልሞ የተደረገ ነገር ነበር፡፡ማለትም እንግሊዝና አየርላንድ ዛሬ እንዲህ በሰላም ቢኖሩም ከዚህ በፊት ለብዙ አመታት በመካከላቸው ከፍተኛ የሆነ አለመግባባት ጦርነትና ግጭት ነበራቸው ማለት ነው፡፡ያለፉት ነገስታትና አባቶቻችን ላሁኑ ማንነታችን ጥሩም ይሁን መጥፎ የራሳቸውን አሻራ ጥለውበት አልፈዋል፡፡እነሱ ከመቃብር ተነስተው ያሁኑን ሁኔታ መቀየር አይችሉም፡፡እኛ አሁን ያለነው ትውልድ ግን አሁን በእጃችን ቁጥጥር ስር ያለውን ነገር የማቃናትና የማስተካከልም ሆነ የማጣመምና የማበላሸት እድሉ በእጃችን ስር ነው፡፡ትልቁ ወሳኝ ፋይዳ ያለው እውነታ ይህ ነው፡፡ከዚህ ውጪ ያለው ቀና ያልሆነ የተጣመመ እይታና አካሄድ ግን ያን ያህል ብዙ መንገድ የማያስኬድ ከንቱ ድካምና ጥፋት ነው የሚሆነው፡፡ስለዚህም ትውልዱ ያለፉትን ከመርገምና ከመውቀስ ባለፈና የውጪውን ባእድ ነገር እያየ ብቻ አጉል ያልሆነውን ሆኖ ለይምሰል ለመታየት ከመሞከር ይልቅ እራሱን ቆም ብሎ አደብ ገዝቶ እራሱን ወደ ውስጥ እኔ ማነኝ ብሎ በጥሞና ቢጠይቅና ቢመረምር የተሻለ ነው የሚሆነው፡፡

  13. Wahid on

    Ewnetu (wanted to be intellectual based on lies) there is no land of extremes in Ethiopia except in yours and the other cult members mind all the way from your jungle time on wards that the Ethiopians has prooved your theory wrong during election 97 with one voice and it was the time where you started using your iron fist primitive act either you are with us or with the truth if you are on the other side the we show you who we are killing trying to make Addis oromia capital over night throwing judge Bertukan to jail and a slow tactical killing of generations and and and which will make about 1000 books after woyannes toppling.

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