Saudi billionaire wins libel action against Ethiopian editor

(BBC) An Ethiopian-born billionaire has won £175,000 in libel damages over allegations he had hunted his daughter down so she could be stoned to death.

Mohammed Hussein Al-Amoudi was born in Ethiopia, but now spends his time at homes in central London, Surrey and Saudi Arabia.

The article was published on the online news website Ethiopian Review.

Judge Richard Parkes QC said it was difficult to imagine more serious allegations.

The site’s publisher and editor-in-chief, Elias Kifle, had denied liability.

The judge said that instead of apologising Mr Kifle had repeated the libel and abused Mr al-Amoudi and his lawyers.

The High Court in London heard Mr Kifle’s response to the initial complaint was: “Here is my formal statement: Screw yourself”.

The court heard Mr Kifle then went on to describe Mr al-Amoudi as a “scumbag bloodsucker” who was “funding al-Qaeda”.

Mr al-Amoudi, 65, gave evidence during the libel trial that he was completely opposed to all forms of terrorism.

The judge said the site alleged that Mr al-Amoudi had “disgracefully and callously” married off his daughter Sarah, then 13, to an elderly member of the Saudi royal family as a gift.
‘Wholly untrue’

The article went on to claim that Mr al-Amoudi was probably responsible for murdering his daughter’s lover in Iraq and had hunted his daughter and granddaughter across London in an attempt to ensure they were stoned to death in Saudi Arabia.

Mr al-Amoudi told the court he was horrified by the “wholly untrue” article which could be seen by visitors to the website between January and August 2010, when it was finally taken down.

Mr al-Amoudi, who has a son and seven daughters, said he had a normal relationship with Sarah, who was not married.

He said she had completed a business administration degree in the UK.

Assessing damages, the judge said: “The claimant is not, I judge, a man who wears his heart on his sleeve.

“But his distress as he described the effect of the article on himself and on his family was evident to me, and the more so because, as it seemed to me, he was doing his best to preserve his composure.”

Mr al-Amoudi, who was in the top 50 of Forbes magazine’s 2009 rich list, is believed to have made his money in construction, oil refineries and mining.

Mr al-Amoudi, who is of mixed Ethiopian and Arab heritage, is sometimes described as the world’s richest black man.

He was recently reported to be financing the building of Saudi Arabia’s first car factory.

209 thoughts on “Saudi billionaire wins libel action against Ethiopian editor

  1. mamo on


    Keep up the good job. We are all behind you. The billionaire must have gone out of his mind.

  2. Eritreawi on

    Money can buy you justice in the west, it has always been that way, like Al Amudi needed more money the English judge is awarding him more money. This judge will definitely be rewarded upon his retirement, mark my words, in the west the rich own politicians, journalists, academics and of course their stock brokers and judges.

    Now somehow the English will try to enforce their judgement over Mr. Elias in the US, they will some obscure rule to scare Mr. Elias and muzzle him.

  3. Agamino on

    i told you, money talk!

    aye elias lunatic, now where u gonna get that amout of money?

  4. abebe on

    You know Elias this may be a good signal to you not to disrespect human beings.
    what ever you become mad of anyone you have no right to disrespect anyone, actually this is very simple to you, your best man president Esayas can pay it.
    So still it is not late to learn how the law works.Take care.By the way you are late to bring the news by about 4 to 5 hours.I think you had a dilemma how to deliver the news, i still wait for your comment.As usual this will be a good excuse to beg money.

    your usual custemer Abebe.

    • Detchisa on

      Yor name is not Abebe it should be woslataw.You go ahead respect Almoudin all you want!!! you are anti Ethiopian hiding in the arm pit of Almoudin it sounds like you are very comfortable with it.Yes Elias is sharp like a knife straight to the point it hurts so is the truth; you might try to buy justice but when the money is gone emptiness is all you will be left.So a true Ethiopian does not want your shallow demanted philosophy.Respectfully BUZZ OFF!

  5. babush on

    Hi Elli,

    This is easy. we will be your right hand, was imprisonment the possibility?

  6. Algawerash on

    This is a whole lot of B.S that Alamoudis Public Relations people put together. If he really has a baisis to sue you in court why doesnt he do it in DC where you reside and where it really matters? Judgments like these are a waste of the courts time and tax payers money because they can never be implemented- if you are unable to pay the court will put you on a payment plan and Mr. Alamoudi can recieve his $5.00 per month payment for the next 110 and years lolololol

  7. SOLOMON on

    Thats what you get when you f**k with the world’s richest black man you journalist wannabe p***t.

  8. Tibebu on

    Was this court an international court or English? What jurisdiction does the court has over www? I think we should bring those reporters who are in the business of dehumanizing and lying about Africa and its people. We should set up a court in Africa to deal with such cases.

  9. Katanga on

    My hats off and kudos to you, brother Elias! I really apreciate your steadfasteness and integrity. You’re such an exemplary fighter. I realy admire your tenacity.What ever they try to muzzle you, just Keep up the good work!

  10. Atnafu on

    Here comes the doom of Elias, the lunatic. It was to people like that our forefathers/mothers coined the saying: “Be-af yitefu belefelefu” Are you now going to beg for money, Elias? Lets see what you will do…

  11. Alex from Dc on

    Elias,This is your chance to work for Ethiopian billionaire Mr al-Amoudi.Contributions from current affairs room wont make you free out this crisis.Just have a gut and apologize!!

  12. Legece on

    Where ever you are, EHADEG with the true Ethiopians are the winners. And by the way you deserve to pay the fine.

  13. Jawisaw on

    Mr Alamudin did not won anything att all because Ethiopian Review is based in USA not in London . but if Mr Alamudin take the case to USA court then he will not won the case and he will be expose to the crime he has commited against the Ethiopian peopple .

  14. Redaw on

    Hi every body. Lets pay this damage and move on. I say to Elias, please post your account and we will contribute not only to clear this damage but also for the struggle. Never lose hope.

  15. Ye gondere lij on

    Elias kifle, dont worry try to appeal the case if you win you win if not just ignore the curt verdict :)

  16. Anonymous on


    Well, for your falsifications this is small price to pay. You lie -big time. I never ever seen a man like you so irresponsible.

  17. Eden1 on

    Hello Elias,
    Every single day there are plaintives and defendants; this is not an exceptional case. For the most part, you have provided political journalistic and human right activism and managed your magazine and later this web site totaling 20 years. Congratulation!

    One legal defeat and some few articles does not neccessarily justify the right of obervers to depreciate your worth. I hope you will take a second look at the entire case and find other constructiveo ways to send a message without setting up your self as an easy target. The fact that you posted this article is very courageous. I hope you consult competant attorneys and appeal the case and also try to have your attorney channel your view on the outcome on BBC. You should know better the power of especially intenational media.

    Best wishes

  18. Anonymous on

    The Bible tells us that, “The roots of all evil is money”
    Disheartening to say the least, money talks and walks around the world. It is a shame that Almoudi who is one of the closest friends of Dictator Meles, chose to harass and drag our brother Elias to court. Almoudi might have money, but Elias you have millions of Ethiopians on your side. Any decent person prefer to have guilt free conscience, loyal loving family and friends that love you for who you are not for your money, a kind heart, wisdom and a fighting spirit for justice for oppressed people and the less fortunate among us…and Elias, you are that person!
    It is unfortunate that it seems lately, love of money has taken a hold of people in Ethiopia and around the world and where justice is trampled on. As we witnessed recently in NY about that Hotel Made, people with money can go free and buy justice wherever they go. Some despicable judges and lawyers around the world do sell their souls for love of money in a New York minute.
    Elias, don’t forget that tens of millions Ethiopians and God are on your side!

  19. Abu Anja on

    Elli-the last five years has been very tough for you.It is time for you to go back to your calling. You are an apparent air-head when you chose Issias Afowork “Man of the year”. What is even worse you do not have integrity.I prefer Meles and Issias than you. Becasue one knows where one stand with this two buthers.

  20. tes on

    The Title ought read like,
    2, The billionaire and MODERN DAY Leba
    3, Wins, definitely the baboon is a big time Loser of it all.
    If the Content by ER weren”t true he would have not gone this far to defend himself and hire some sou less habesh to testify for him. The truth stings bad. Mr. Eliase you got this hodam where it hurts. Tell him and his cronies to Screw themselves, No chance in hell he can touch, Cheers bro!

  21. Gebre on

    Elias Kifle,

    Good journalists do not publish article that disrespects the human dignity and violate family privacy. You should have showed an exemplary by publishing your honest journalism than publishing articles to smear a single person and his family unethically the way you describe Mr Al-Amoudi and his daughter. You are totally insane on this occasion the way you behaved before/during/after the libel trail.

    You behaved very badly towards Mr Al-Amoudi especially towards his daughter who is innocent on your vile and revulsion article to paint the situation as it was happened which you knew very well it was untrue. It was a personal vendetta to Mr Al-Amoudi and his daughter.

    As a family man I could imagine how you put them to a totally despair and stress by your irresponsible behaviour and bad taste the way you had been persistently pursue Mr Al-Amoudi and his daughter mudding their characters and violating their privacy in an imaginable way. Mr Al-Amoudi showed you as man of principle using the law how an ethical you were/are. You are still in denial and you think the English law is corrupt but you must be careful that the law still may catch up with you further.

    You (Elias) don’t call yourself a journalist from now on. You should be ashamed yourself to put a young girl into this callus situation. No parents would wish like this.

    Thankfully, the law has caught you at last. No one is beyond the law wherever you live. This is a big lesson for you and your fellow colleagues. You must all learn from this judgement and report/write article bears truth “nothing but the truth” otherwise you will be the lowest of the lowest (scam bag on earth) in the eye of many including the law of the country you live in.

    You must respect your host country law, uphold the truth and practice good journalism.

  22. tezibt on

    I don’t believe in insulting anyone and particularly when the story is fishy and has to do with one’s children. I wouldn’t mind if Elias tears Al amoudi apart. The issue here is irrelevant to the struggle. Children have to be out of this kind of game. Any ways, what really is funny is the fact that all these chickens that used to post garbage are calming down on the issue. Looks like every body is toning down. Still, I like the rebellious character of Elias. The talking about one’s children will wane as Elias starts raising his own kids.

  23. kidi on

    What do you expect from English Judge? aren’t they the one who fund the masscar of our people. don’t they give many to meles to continue tourturing our what do you expect?

    Alamudin know he is hated by most ethiopian with concious. we hate his gut and we hope he burn in hell. DO NOT PAY ANYTHING! WHAT HE STOLE FROM ETHIOPIA IS ENOUGH AND YOU SHOULD NOT ALLOW HIM TO GET A PENNY FROM YOU.

  24. Interpol is activated on

    Elias Boolshit,

    You do the crime you pay the time.It is called accountability.
    Let your muster issayas Afeworki pay your bill,or else you would be spending some time in UK jail. You know USA and UK has extradition treaty.The Interpol is know activated.

  25. addis hiot on

    Mr Kifle, would you let me know how I can support ER with small amount of money from where here

  26. Truth on

    I think Elias is bogus thick-minded man who simply play an old-fashioned game of terrorist link. How he can claim that Al-Amudi fund the al-Qaeda? This is another lie that would result in lawsuit.

    No Elias I advice you…take my advice. Beg the diaspora to contribute the fine…too huge to be paid by one very poor man!!!

  27. Assta B. Gettu on

    Dear Elias Kifle, Editor in Chief,

    Victory is ours, not the Rich Man’s. He has been always for the money, but you have been for justice and for the rule of law. We are behind you, and we will pay him the money immediately, and I hope he will not be starved to death until we pay him the money.

    In Pakistan, criticizing Muhammad, the rich man of Mecca, is punishable by death; however, in England, criticizing a rich man is punishable by few hundred thousand dollars. All in all, rich people in England are, I think, immune from criticism.

  28. Aboma on

    I am just curious how the British judge can enforce British law on somebody who lives in the United States. I think they forget that U.S is not British colony. I am sure there is no way they can collect this money. No worry. Howe ever, I am eager to hear what lawyers think about this. Please ask good lawyers and post their responses. I eager to learn about this case

  29. Aster_84 on

    The moral of this story. If you gossip, make sure you have $240000 in your wallet :). QQQQ

  30. Tobia on


    Elias the untouchable,why are you silent now ? You loose the game now but, hey no worries your Issyas will pay for you. I was waiting these days to come, and I thank God, you pay the price. you are one of the most disgraced humanbeing by all standards, and glad that Mr. Alamoudi wins !!!

  31. Yohannes on

    Why didn’t almoodi sue you in the U.S. where you live. becausde he would be laughed out of court.. ha ha ha when was the last time almoodi came to the US? Now almoodi cal take his judgment and “screw” himself. ha ha ha hu hu hu hee hee hee

  32. true is always true on

    I believe Elias has a base when he wrote the article. Dont be so fast guys. Unless the judge is just like the judges in kangaroo weyanes. Elias stick to the truth and stick you toung to the shameless kangaroo purchased by money

  33. Google on


    have courage and do not flinch an inch. as some suggested above consult legal experts. you should never ever pay him a single penny. let us see if any british policeman would come to america and arrest you. that will never happen.

  34. Dante on

    It is not about money.
    You can’t just say bad things about ppl specially when it is not true.
    I hope you learned Eliasu Lij.

  35. dani on

    NIGGA CONGRATULATIO THIS IS GOOD NEWS IT IS BIG Adventism Ethiopian Review your website in world news now u will get alot of visitor IN YOUR WEBSITE and u will pay soon all the money keep doing your thing DN’T GIVE UP

  36. Eden1 on

    I admit that most of the time I find your comments on this web site and ( whenever I get the chance to read ) balaced and you get to the point.

    In this case, although I get drawn to the rebelious side as you do and/activist/reselient/persistent and energetic side of Elias,you have made a humanistic observation. How Al Amoudi’s story linked to his daughter started, from what I remember, the daughter’s’own picure and story posted on European media unfavourably and the rest is history.

    Family relations/victimization by association is an issue on its own.

    It is sweet of you to think Elias will be understanding when he has his children. I believe he does from info on line. I don’t believe one’s profession will ALL THE TIME be considerate based on their own offspring. Some times, they are completly in different compartments especially depending on the ages of the parents/children and other factors.

    I think Elias/Ethiopian Review might have to get a list of supporters, post the entire A to Z of what took place to the said supporters through e-mails etc, have them be the jury, finalize decision and suggestion; and if he must pay the money, put in their discretionary contribution. It is about US $260,000.00.

  37. thoma on

    First of all I applause you for posting the news on your website, that is a good gesture that you may have learned something here. The fact is Mr Elias has not even denied the charge and provided any evidence of his sources so I do not understand all the fuss about it. He is guilty and he knows about it. I support you with your struggle against the dictatorial government in our country but I also despise your blind venomic hate against anything that our poor country have or does.

  38. Salah on

    #30 Assta B.Getu

    You could be happy that you managed to drag my fingers to write on this page eventhough I promised not to. I condratulate you on that! and you know why. First thing is first you are not victorious. You lost and Elias have lost the bout already.

    Elias has got to pay $260,000. How on earth does this make him a winner? If he was, he would have won $260,000 for himself wouldn’t he? Thus, he was not for justice and rule of law. But now I am afraid, he has to cough it up through his nose. If you help him pay, fine. But do so quitely. You see, the British justice mill grinds slowly, but surely!!! You need to watch and learn.

    Mr. Assta, you wouldn’t need to go to as far as Mecca and Medina to the grave of prophet Mohammed(s.a.w) to substanciate your point. What has got Elias case to do with the prophet Mohammed? Is Elias fighting for the spiritual causes of Christinity? or the material world we live?

    Please don’t you contradict yourself Mr. moron and give every one a breathing space. One time you talk about Elias and Al-Amoudin, the other, about prophet Mohammed(s.a.w). There is no one except you who try to use religion as a pretext for your political consumption, not even Elias for that matter.

    Are you realy an Ethiopian? if you really are, how dare you trying to get the two most respected big religions in our country to fight against each other? It can only be in your dream and be rest assured that muslim and Christian Ethiopian are happy to live ever after. They are not going to buy your out of date theocratic nightmare.

    If you can make political views you are well come and we shall deal with you accordingly. Otherwise, do not meddle in to the business of us Ethiopian, who are happen to be multi-national, multi-lingual people with many different religions living in peace and harmony. So leave us alone and go to where you belong, Eritrea.

  39. tesf on

    Alamudine is not a family man, he is pervert.Eliase is doing his family a favor by letting them know the child molester side of him. Some seem to be happy by the verdict reasoning ER violated a family privacy, lol. I bet they belong to the blood sucking junta,Woyane. True Ethiopians like to see him, Hodam Alamudi, buried alive along with his pimp Meles. That is the litmus paper test for being Ethiopian. Cheers!

  40. abbay on

    NO GUT NO GLORY……don’t give up we r behind u post ur account # we will contribute to free Ethiopia. keep up the good work

  41. Sskin on


    I’m glad finally they gut your ass. You really deserve this you sob!

  42. Belew on

    Brother Elias, this is the highlight of your achievement. You will be judge by the people the history and of Ethiopia; not by British. British judge might read the billionaire’s case not the whole history behind it.

    We love and respect you all the way

  43. Yager Lige on

    Shake Alamudin and melese are not true ethiopians(they are outsiders). don’t worry we are always with you and fight them until our country is liberated. all ethiopians know that they are sucking our blood.

  44. Daily Mirror on

    One of the world’s richest men has won six-figure libel damages after a news website claimed he wanted his daughter stoned to death.

    It also said Mohammed Hussein Al-Amoudi, 65, funded terrorism and married off his daughter, 13, to a Saudi royal as a “gift”.

    Elias Kifle published the Ethiopian Review article in 2010 – but when confronted by lawyers, he told the dad-of-eight: “S***w yourself.”

    He later called the tycoon, who has homes in central London and Surrey, a “scumbag bloodsucker”.

    Billionaire Mr Al-Amoudi, a top-50 entrant in Forbes’s 2009 rich list, declared the insults “wholly untrue”. The High Court in London agreed and awarded him £175,000.

  45. Haji on

    Elias, let us know if there is any plan for fund raising event I will be happy to contribute my share.

  46. taddy on

    it is good news .i hope u gonne learn same thing .i hope they will sentences u for long .pls stop laying to peoples .thanks shek alamudin

  47. Alarf yalech Tat min tenkula tewetalech
    Meret Tekedo beWatehe
    Enatehe hode weste beGebahe
    Ahun Nefes Gebi nefse Wechi.

    I feel sorry for the wife and the kids involved. You took them down the drain with you. You thought that you were untouchable. Hope next is your editor in chief Al Mariam.

    NO body, No body is above the Law……

  48. BRO ! on

    What kind of calculation did the judge use to come up with this amount of money? How did they evaluate the damage? There are some things that don’t make any sense, also you can appeal the case and bring your evidence but if you don’t have anything, I am advising you ,you need to contact a lawyers in this matter .they (medroc)have lawyers in state and they will come after you . Just brotherly advice !!

  49. Anonymous on

    At this time Evil is on the throne.Alamudin is evil who sucks the blood of poor people in Ethiopia.Evil will not stay on the throne for ever.

    Time will come, and the good will take the throne.At that time Alamudin will pay the price.

    As long as Alamudin is working with Melese Zenawi, he is the enemy of the people of Ethiopia.We will do our level to bring the racist killer regime down.

    Then,I would say to Alamudin down down with Melese Zenawi.

    Elias,you are brave and the only journalist who has got a gut.Thank you and God bless you.

  50. Eshete on

    Alamudi is a man with his words ” i am eprdf “.People we are living in western world and we have a right to write and speech and protest those Diktators and his eggs .so did ethiopian review.

  51. Gezaee H. on

    I do not know about the case. I will not like to be the judge now. Reason: Simple, I do not know what Mr. Elias has done because I did not read at all.

    But one things, whatever the case is, Mr. Elias does not live in London. A judge in england has no right to handle Mr. Elias’ case. Reason: Simple, Mr. Elias is not the legal jurisdiction of the judge in UK. This is absurd. I am not talking about the case. Why Mr. Alamouldi laid a charge in UK where Mr. Elias does not live? How are they going to make him pay now? Are they going to order the Americans?

    I suggest Mr. Elias you consult the law society of your area; they will help you. In the first place, what forced you to accept the charge in another country? This does not make sense. Whatsoever I do, I must be charged in my area of domicile, not in a foreign country? you need to consult legal experts on the technicalities. The legal technicality should be wrong. UK court is not an international court? I never heard of this type of legal proceedings. If this is the case, why Almouldi did not do from the Ethiopian court in addis? why from London?

    You are not the subject of England or UK. You are in the Unite states, not in england.

    Almouldi, if that is the case, do not pay the money, just lay a charge to Almouldi for taking land from Indigenous people and using it for commercial purpose. I will tell you what to do where to go to do this. You will get a big support on this case. Lay a charge against Almouldi in Washington charging him:

    1. Displacing indegenous people

    2. Taking their land
    3. Deforesting their land,
    3. Destorying thier tradition mode of life and subjecting
    indigenous people to work for him as slaves.

    You will get a huge support on this. The Botwana governemnt did similar thing by taking land drom the indigenoues people. The indigenous people won the case. They got their land back. If that is the case, do that and he will not only pay compensation, he will be judged to vacate from the land of the people.

  52. WEDI ERE on

    Mr.Elias was posting in your website any thing with out make any premedition of it’s consequence,i hope this will be good lesson for all those unschoolled and unskilled auto-called ”journalist ”.If they donot want learn profesional etic, they will be other Elias Kifles……

  53. Anonymous on

    There are many issues I disagree with Elias’s stance,but at this time I stand with Elias, and if I have to choose between Elias and Alamoudi who is Ethiopia”s enemy I will choose Elias. Alamoudi is an agent of medivial, religious zealots of Saudi Arabia. Alamoudi is DELALA with some Ethiopian who sold their souls in dismanteling our identity,culture,and religion. Can anyone explain to me why Alamodi is marrying Christians while there are many Moslem women of his faith.Does anyone anyone understand why Saudi Arabia wants 25,000 Ethiopian maids from Ethiopia? Thanks to the DELALA ALamodi. Elias has not caused that kind of damage that Alamoudi has caused.I heard very recently a street in Woldiya named by Alamoudi.Historical eroision.All Ethiopians fight the dismanteling of Ethiopia.

  54. Noah on

    I would not expect anything less from the f**g British Judges.

    aren’t the British behind the death of ‘king Tewodros’? yes they are
    aren’t the British who stood on the side of Egypt during Nile agreement? yes they are
    aren’t the British who do not like the Unity of Great Ethiopia? yes they are
    aren’t the British who do support intentionally tyrant legesse zenawi for genocide? yes they are

    So, for me this verdict does not come to me as a surprise, and i know before hand that this is going to happen and Mr. Elias, i know that you did have some sort of source that will support your argument and stick with it, we are right behind you a 150%. Forget those comments from ‘hodam woyanes’… i am always surprised that there is still people who are on legesse zenawi side (i know for sure that the people behind woyane are the sick one’s who are illiterate, does not have guts to stand for the truth because they are ‘hodam’ and their means of surviving is by being ‘ጀሮ ጠቢ’)…so don’t expect anything less from these Lazy people….

    You have been serving our beloved country for 20 years for justice to come without seeking money and one day the truth will prevail and believe me Mr. Elias we will be full of joy and happiness and this day is not too far. I can see it that day just right on the other side of the river and we are still on this side of the river and we are almost at the end phase of the bridge that will take us to that place and when that happens, that justice you are fighting for will be given for all unconditionally.

    God Bless Ethiopia!! Amen

  55. The Truth1 on

    Elias you are such a retarded idiot you always reportinaccurate information to satisfy some hate groups. I am glad that the court has taken such a verdict on the case. Anyway for a desperate poor and idiot like you its gona be hard to understand the consequences. I am sure there will be more to come.
    I am writing to tell you that, you are the most hate filled coward who try to destroy the image of succesfull individuals in business, politics, sport etc.
    I am not writing it expecting it to be published by the way, I know you wouldnt publish such things, you are wasting your life attending trials in London, and other places, remember you are a convicted criminal in Ethiopia too. This will make you more wild..I am glad to see the court in London taking such a posetive step to descipline fake-journalists like you.

  56. Alex on

    Long live melles,

    Long live Shaikh Al Amoudi,

    God Bless Ethiopia, Shame for the followers of this trush magazine.

  57. The Patriot on

    I am not sure if some of you have read about the justice given to the cause of Mau Mau freedom fighters of Kenya who had been colonized, physically abused, and their sexuality castrated, none at all. Why? Because they are poor, have no lobby and do not have the power of money to corrupt the justice system. In the same token, a perverse that makes a hobby of abusing our young daughters of poor parents his sport gets “justice.” Hey, I am not a friend of Elias but fair is fair. My question to all those ass leakers is what do you say to Al Amoudi’s deeds and conducts towards our poor daughters, sisters, cousins whom he has been victimizing with his sexual perverted adventures. We know all those dogs and pimps running behind Al Amoudi selling their sisters and cousins to him for the sake of getting their wedding festivity in the finest hotels around the globe organized and financed from such amoral monster. In this case, more power to you Elias! Keep it up with your openness and distance yourself from Isayas. Elias you are at least honest enough to tell those bigots to screw themselves. Al Amoudin hands off from our daughters you son of a bitch!

  58. Ping on

    Every British media is covering the news.

    Tycoon wins libel payout over claims

    Published on Saturday 30 July 2011 01:00

    One of the richest men in the world today won £175,000 libel damages over a claim that he had been hunting his daughter down so she could be stoned to death.

    Judge Richard Parkes QC said at London’s High Court that it was one of those rare cases where the lawyers’ customary hyperbole – that it was difficult to imagine more serious allegations – might perhaps be justified.

    The sum was awarded to billionaire international businessman Mohammed Hussein Al-Amoudi against Elias Kifle, publisher and editor-in-chief of the online news site Ethiopian Review.

    Ethiopian-born Mr Al-Amoudi, who has homes in central London and Surrey, said he was horrified and angered by the “wholly untrue” article which alleged that:

    Mr Al-Amoudi had married off his 13-year-old daughter Sarah to an elderly and disabled senior member of the Saudi royal family as a gift;

    That he had knowingly financed international terrorism;

    That he was probably responsible for the March 2004 revenge murder in Iraq of his daughter’s supposed long-term lover;

    That he was and had been hunting his daughter and supposed grand-daughter across London in order to ensure their execution in Saudi Arabia by flogging or stoning.

    Mr Al-Amoudi said his relationship with Sarah, who was unmarried, was the kind of normal one any father had.

    She had just completed a business administration degree in the UK, was a normal student and did not cover her hair or face.

    Mr Al-Amoudi, one of 50 richest men in the world, obtained judgment by default against Mr Kifle in January this year.

    Mr Kifle was not present or represented at the hearing to assess damages.

  59. Gizew on

    Elias, tell the uk Judge to screw himself again.

    I personally will be on your side and willing to pay anything
    required from me to help you and to screw the
    UK judge and Al Amoudi once again

    God Bless free press and free spech.

    Down with money talks

  60. wow on

    Elias lough out loud brother U are a huge winner. Trust me even monye talk work in the west U still a big winner. U should selaberate this. God beless U. we with U keep it up.

  61. Seife Michael on

    Dear Arbegnaw Elias,
    The battle-line has been drawn in the sand. It is beyond David and Goliadth. It’s the battle Royal- between Good and Evil. By all accounts you have won the battle hands down since the Luciferian judges and their ilks are running scared looking for subterfuge in European courts! Money or family etiquette is not the issue here since so-called billionaires don’t give a squat either. You have nothing to worry in the land of the free and the home of the brave in the Good Old USA where you can exercise your consciousness at will.
    This is a test – test test test. Test of will. I know you brother as you’ve been steeled in the past you will never yield nor stoop to the sychophants and infantile voices who don’t know any better than being door mats to the power that be
    Sooner or later the “Dragon – serpent -worshipers – in Addis Sheraton will meet the laser beam sword of Seife Michael!!!

  62. tenkirr on

    Look at the head line: it says ‘saudi billionaire’. I thought Alamoodin was Ethiopian. At least that is what he is telling Ethiopians when he is in Ethiopia, sitting with his 16 year old concubines.

  63. Hailemariam on

    The Alchol trader Soudi Arabian[not Ethiopian] businessman Sheik Alamodi should stand trial at Soudi court for not obeying Soudi Sharia law. Those Ethiopians who have received a gift of money or anything else from Alamodi should know that they will face court action in future as these money is robbed from Ethiopia and belongs to the Ethiopian people.

  64. antiterrorist on

    You are the most despicable excuse of a human being. The appropriate sentence should have been to deport you back to Ethiopia where you have been sentenced already. Ethiopians would have enjoyed seeing you hang!!

  65. samson on

    Elias, God bless you. Those who are writting against you are some Tplf criminal thugs supportes. Alamoodin is enemy nr 2 after fascist Meles Zenawi. so ethiopian people donot forgate his ugly collaboration with Weyane regime. We are with u & you have the right to appeal to higher court again. At the end justce will definetly prevail any time soon. Keep a good job. We shall will over evil Tplf.

  66. Nitricc on

    Why are some people saying Elias is a winner. The guy was asked to £175,000 for simply writing an article. What has Elias gained by writing the article,nothing instead he is going to pay big price, £175,000!. Brother Elias I hope you learn a big lesson.

  67. Wedi Ere on

    Now we know if we pay 175.000 we can say or write anything about Al Amudi ..that is a price of one Black rich man. How much should I pay if I write something about the white queen and how much it cost me the PM of England or The Black president of America. How much had to cost me the white president of America Mr.Bush. How much did the British Empire paid or suppose to pay for the injustice you made in the whole world. In India , Pakistan, Palstine , in Africa, Asia , middle east. How much does it cost dehumnizing a person during colony era. Do we have to multiply 175.000 x 800,000 in India 175,00 x 4 ,000, 000 in Palstine or 250,000,00 x 175,00 in Kenya, Uganda, Zimbabwe , Nigeria, Ghana etc. Typical British..

    Elias, You don’t post my comment most of the time…you should also respect other oppinion. Keep doing your job. don’t give a dam to the Britsch court as they don’t have moral ground to judje any one in the world if they go back and see their history.

  68. Balcha on

    Testifying in court the pig was horrified……….. Really ,seriously…. 99.9 percent of Ethiopian people in the country & abroad will testify if we get our chance in fair and balanced court how we are people without a country,voiceless,murdered / jailed in daylight,traumatized,terrified,angry,threatened,scrutinized,,hostages,………….the list will go on. This idiot thinks he has done his homework silencing and paralyzing Ethiopians in ethiopia once and for all. It looks like his next project is to silence Ethiopians abroad. Bring it on. THIS IS THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA .THE RICHEST CONTINENT IN THE WORLD.

    …… believed to have made his money in construction………really, seriously………NOT SO SURE……YEAH……

    We know how bill gates and others made their fortune. It is public information. This pig will disclose how he made his forge fortune in fair and balance court.

    ER will always stand up for the voiceless. God bless Elias kifle

  69. Ferede Gemdele on

    Britain, Long a Libel Mecca, Reviews Laws

    Published: December 10, 2009

    LONDON — England has long been a mecca for aggrieved people from around the world who want to sue for libel. Russian oligarchs, Saudi businessmen, multinational corporations, American celebrities — all have made their way to London’s courts, where jurisdiction is easy to obtain and libel laws are heavily weighted in favor of complainants.
    Enlarge This Image
    Kristinn Ingvarsson/Kronimages

    Hannes Gissurarson, a professor at the University of Iceland, was sued over remarks that he posted on the university’s Web site.
    Times Topics: Libel and Slander

    Embarrassed by London’s reputation as “a town called sue” and by unusually stinging criticisms in American courts and legislatures, British lawmakers are seriously considering rewriting England’s 19th-century libel laws.

    A member of the House of Lords is preparing a bill that would, among other things, require foreigners to demonstrate that they have suffered actual harm in England before they can sue here.

    English libel law is the opposite of America’s in many ways. In the United States, the plaintiff, or accuser, must prove that the statement in question was false; public officials must also prove that it was made maliciously, with “reckless disregard” for the truth. Read more at:

  70. True on

    You see, how justice is practiced! You are living in a developed world not in Africa. If you again open your mouth with such an imaginable false accusation you will get your death/life venality. Be careful! Educate yourself first!

  71. Class-Action Law Suite on

    Well Elias and others,
    There is a “Solution”.. If the Rich are using their power to buy justice and the justice is ready to be sold for money “£”.. Simple! we the PEOPLE in US have one more good OPTION, we know US has high calibre lawyers (BLACKS) not Colonialist like UK. Means, we will have a good chance as a PEOPLE. Our voice will be heard nice and clear. Today what happened to ELIAS can happen to any of us at any time any day. So we need to stop the action “buying justice by money”. That is an old colonial tradition. Here PEOPLE come first. Freedom of speech comes first. Not money. My offer is this, if Mohammed Hussein Al-Amoudi can not apologize the PEOPLE “us” we will sue him as Class Action law suite in US court. Now, I will personally start collecting signatures if Mohammed Hussein Al-Amoudi does not drop this fraud case and apologize ASAP

    We will sue him Billion Dollar

  72. NAHOME on


  73. FANO on

    “abebe says:

    You know Elias this may be a good signal to you not to disrespect human beings.”

    #4, Elias did not disrespect “human beings” Just those who sell Ethiopia and children of Ethiopia to the rest of the world. Who said Melse, Azeb Al Amudi and the rest of Mafia family are human beings? You may belong to the same category.

  74. Anonymous on

    Ethiopian billionaire wins libel action in UK

    An Ethiopian-born billionaire has won £175,000 in libel damages over allegations he had hunted his daughter down so she could be stoned to death.

  75. Gize on

    $260,000 = 260,000 Ethiopians . Will throw $1 each to this scum. Case closed.

  76. Anonymous on

    Well, it is not a surprise that Woyanes are out of the woods to celebrate Almoudi’s small victory and against their own Ethiopian brother who is fighting for freedom, justice and equality for all Ethiopians. The money the British Justice awarded to a the Saudi billionaire Almoudi is a pocket change for him and an insult by itself. They just want him to go away and close this weak case.
    Elias, please post it again if you can the story of the Saudi billionaire Almoudi’s daughter Sara herself said about her father and her family would do to her and how she was frightened of them if the British government deported her back to Saudi Arabia. If I’m not mistaken, Sara was the one who said everything that Almoudi accused you for. Almoudi should drag his own daughter to court for slandering his family name instead of you. This is just a case Almoudi trying to show his solidarity with the TPLF regime that way he can control the Ethiopian Gold, mining business and other Ethiopian natural resources and our beautiful young poor girls. What a total shame for our country and our people that the country our grand parents died for is taken by money hungry people destroying the Ethiopian territory, culture and religion as we knew it. Death to Woyane TRAITORS!

  77. Dagi on

    hey, Elias good job you get attention all over the world. BBC news and so on . this is free speech if you have some evidence .

    good job, you get good advantage to advertise your self by pressing this issues.




  78. Almaz on

    Where was the allegation committed? If the allegation was committed in the US why did it go to the Uk? It is all a matter of jurisdictiob. Therefore, the judgment is u\invalid. The court in UK has no jurisdiction over the matter. Elias Kifle is a freeman.

  79. Fekru on

    This is a good news….My dear wonnbe journalist at large may force himself to go back to school to learn Journalism 101.

  80. mussa on

    sorry elias I told you so many times to be fair on the news you post.We ethiopian need person like al amoudi than you elias.lets do the job on mother land ethiopia not on the web.It is time to respect hard workers.shame on you elias……….

  81. adam on

    Very soon you gone be out of business… how are you going to survive. Your supporters are tired of being pathetic lies.

  82. Le' Netsanet on

    United kingdom is too far. Alamudin the money-goliad you are too far away. come closer to where david is. Alamudin you are a drunkard sucker, get screwed with your daughter and please take to me to a uk court for this also. I love the whole drama. it is fiction.

  83. Anonymous on

    Elia a big liar. why do you lie at your age..are you teaching a good ethics to your kids if you have any…You are always loser..shame on you..when are you starting to behave like adult and normal person..probably that is how you are created with such are a big problem man..I stopped visiting your review long time ago I just drop by to let you know that you are number one lier and you don’t learn from your mistake..shame on you Man

  84. mussa on

    Next time you deserv three to five years of jail time. After that four years of study of journalism and start all over ok..Then you will nevr catch up with our country.

  85. Ethiopiawi on

    Almouldi is not an Ethiopian by the way. He is an Arab. He is funded by Arab Wahabism to spread islam in Ethiopia. He has built 1000s of new mosques. He is an islam missionary like the protestant European missionary in Ethiopian. He has nothing to do with Ethiopia. Those of you who took money from him by charity, give him back. you are using a devils money. Almouldi is a devil in Ethiopia. The Europeans are selfish and crazy with money. But Almouldi will bury them alive. They are fools. Is Almouldi going to tell them he supports terrorism? Almouldi said he opposes all terrorism? This is a joke. This is just like saying Al-queda is only Osa ma bin laden. Elias, ignore this hodam Brittons. Almouldi will bury them alive one day. European are always after money. They are destroying themselves. Arabs are occupying Europe and they are multiplying like rabbits and the future is a loom to Europeans. Europeans have an ever low birth rate, high single life less lesbian, gay family base, and Arabs reproducing like cocckroaches, Europe will be a history. Arabs will not bomb them or invade them by military. They will go into their country and take over it by over reproduction. This is happening. The reason they are taking Ethiopian girls 15 years old is for reproduction and for islamization of Ethiopia. They even say Bilal the Ethiopian first muslim was a slave black man. They do not even accept muslims from other races. For instance, Somalians has refused to go to Saudi Arabia because they do not see Somalians as Muslims. Almouldi is the friend and kinsmen of those Arab fanatics. Who would expect Almouldi to declare he supports terrorism? Leave alone Almouldi, would even Osa ma agree he is a terrorist? Wait, the Americans, Brittons,… will pay a price. We will see if Islam or Arabs like Almouldi will spare them when they get chance.

  86. mussa on


  87. Amare on

    He is the real and hero journalist for Ethiopian ,All woyane (Tigerian) writors about Eliase, I am sorry about your comment. You are the killer and one day you will get your price with always lie. do you know this cottation,” Ashewa Yezera Azemera Ayesebesebem” OK, Keep it and you will get your price. You all of you woyane killer here is also the best cottation ” Metefo Tota bezemede mote tiseqalech” endemebalew newe.We never forget what are you doing on Ethiopian people.hundrad thousands of Ethiopian killed and jailed . God bless them and you will adewose one suponent time. Banda Yebanda LEJE

  88. Zendo on

    My name is Z. Zendo. I reside in the royal suites of Addis Sheraton. Not long ago I came to the fabled land of Ethiopia to be worhiped instead of the great religions of Chritianiy and Islam. This is a fact and wholly true.let me tell you another fact. Everybody who hates Elias is a BS. Yes a blood sucker including me,the court of London and even good old Blair who enjoyed sucking fresh blood in Bishoftu right afterhis heart surgery. He would prefer the Ethiopian blood over the Iraqis No one can sue me for revealing such facts because I’m The Zendo all BS blood suckers worship. The other gilgel Z the Prime Menace is gloating with the blood he sucked with his collaborators the last 20 yrs. BTW it was London who baptized him and enthroned him in Addis in 1991. His foot soldiers a.k.a. AgNazies in 2005 slaughtered 193 souls just as they did to the 434 Anjuakis in the Gambela region where the Big Business suckers are planting cash crops like flowers to decorate the dinner tables of Europeans while millions starve to death in their native land. Where is the law suit and the libel judgement against those perpetrators???
    Journalists are true enemies of Z and my BS army. So far I’ve been roaming all over the world with impunity. The mojo game the Z power had is gone. Elias is one who is speaking Truth to Power and the Gilgel- Mujelees hate him for that!The Force is with him. I am done. Finished. This is desperate time for us all BSuckers. Even London in whose empire the sun never set is losing it to lawlessness! Europe in general is an old lady with a new dress who the decadent Saudis would enjoy stoning to death. Is there a way I can change the sex of Elias to female so we can stone him to death? That is what we BSuckers like to do whereever we are . But this brave Elias who wears his father’s pants is the male of all males – yewondoch wondu – the valiant who never fear of death once,
    unlike the coward and sychophants who fear of death many times before their death. Elias is now riding high in his Chariots of Fire unstoppable.
    Playing fire with fire is not my game. I am Zendo and I am from hell . My enemy is Truth and Light – like Jesus . Wow did I mention His name here. I’m finished- done. I tried burning all journalists too but failed.
    The Charits of Fire are chasing me all over in my 11th hour – chasing me out from my hiding places – the palaces ,banks, courts, all battlefields and of course from Addis Sheraton too!
    I’m done! Beqaaa !!!!!!!!!!

    Ethiopia Taberseh Edewiha Habe Egziab hare!
    Psalms 68

  89. Lucy in America on

    No matter what the British judge decided, that arab can dance with the woyanne gujiles. Once the woyanne ‘s gujiles will be kicked out from menelik’s palace and sent to qality , all the arabs’ properties will be transferred to the ethiopia’s people and at the same time our hero Elias kifle will get his 175,000 pounds with full interest after we sell sheraton addis. people like yalew mammo will pay the price for his crime against our hero.

  90. Redaw on

    Hi Guys, do not forget there is legal cost too on top of the damage. I guess it is more than the damage itself. But don’t worry be happy because 50 lomi leand sew shekm le 50 ge’t now. let’s contribute one dollar each and make Elias happy again. Elias make your account available so that we can start helping you.

  91. Thugs lack conscience on

    #102 Tizu,
    I urge Ethiopians not to visit the tigraionline as Tizu suggests. Why do you even visit woyane websites and give them traffic? It is a given that they will be against everything Ethiopians stand for and support the brutal TPLF regime that have robbed, killed innocent Ethiopians and sold Ethiopians land. Simply nauseating!

  92. shibabaw on

    Elis keep up the hard work,and always stand for truth trust me it will hunt him anyways.God will be with you and be strong Bro..

  93. Anonymous on

    All those Al-Amudie supporters here, he really owes you something, at the minimum go nil in front of him and beg for your share of his lollipop.

  94. Nigiste Saba on

    Please gather documents about the forests Almouldi has destroyed. The land he has taken. About the number of people he has displaced. The day pay he pay them. Where the indigeneous people Gambela live now. How they live now. Docoment all these and lay charge against Sheik Alamouldi:

    1. Environmental crime for destroying forests: Polluting the soil,
    the air, the water
    2. Cultural crime for destroying indigenous people culture, way of
    life and indigenoue social structure, custom

    These can be charged in an international court protecting indigenous people.Almouldi is digging a burial place for his business and his future in Ethiopia. Some EPRDF or TPLF may be happy with Al. but it is going to backfire on Almouldi himself. No Ethiopian is going to be happy about this. I am not a Pro Elias Kifle but he is my citizen. I will never sell him out to foreigners for money. If Elias insulted Almouldi based on national grievances, … then the question, is Almouldi listening that we are not happy the way our country and our people being exploited by him? He must understand, the day will come against him. Almouldi can marry 1000 14 year old Ethiopians girls and make making them muslims and he can destroy forests, water bodys, and he can displace people? he can pay 0.035 cents per day to his Ethiopians slaves? He can go free? Elias who did not nothing except talking words have to pay all these money? Is Alamouldi willing to compensate the indigenous people for the damage he has done? Almouldi and his TPLF cadres may ululate now, but take my words, this will trigger a big case against Almouldi right now. Please gather about the land Almouldi has taken from the indigenous people? We will charge Alamoudi to pay 1 Trillion pounds to the millions of people he is abusing and for the environmnetal crime he has committed in Gambela. If that is the case? by the way, if there is law against crime in UK? Why are ONLF criminals who admitted massacring 75 innocent Ethiopians and 7 Chinese experts roaming in London free? Why is that? The British eat potatoes and think they are the only clever people and the rest of us are just bunnch of monkeys who do not know anything? We have to charge the British Government for harbouring ONLF which has massacred our 75 citizen and 7 Chinese experts. Please gather documentation about this and lay a case againsst the house of commons in Washington and we charge the House of Commons to pay Quillions which is 10^24 pounds because the lives of 82 innocent Ethiopians and Chinese is cannot be equated to any amount of money.
    ELias case will trigger many many outstanding cases against Almouldi and agaisnt the British government. Ethiopians citizens are waking up everywhere in the world. Beware, we can stand against all odds together and we will win like our ancestors.

  95. Haile on

    What surprises me most here is not the hatred against Elias but the unlikely bond I am seeing between Almoudi & Tigrayans, I am half Tigre for the record and its sickening to see fellow Tigrayans looking at their selves just as Tigres not Ethiopians, and this bond with this pervert Arab is not what Tigrayan ancestors did, just because he is a supporter of a Tigrayan regime, it does not make Al Amoudi, friend of Ethiopia. In fact, i don’t see Meles and Co as real Tigrayans, real Tigre loves his country, prospers his country, protects his religion and sacrifice his life for his country, Meles and co are nothing close to that. Elias Kifle is just a whistle blower and an activist who is after Meles, Al Amoudi and traitors, and as many of you suggested here, Elias is not Eritrean, his father confirmed that on the video he posted, I believe he belongs to the Menz sect of Amhara but from what I heard, he is half Tigre and half Amhara, I don’t know from which side though, but his father sounded very much Amhara. Anyways, Al Amoudi, if it matters for you, congradulations but i could have respected you more if you have built atleast few orphanages and nursing homes for the elderly instead of flaunting your money for your friends to ran after beautiful women in a country where young girls do anything for money to support their family, it hurts to see your hodam friends messing around with your money. I am not saying this out of envy, I make a good living for myself and my family working in corporate America ran by people much richer than you are, it actually is a pleasure to see an Ethiopian blood being one of richest individuals in the world but please act like it and discipline your friends who drool after beautiful Ethiopian women. There are many fathers like me who might shoot on the head if they see one of your gigolos or yourself trying to corrupt his daughter. The karma decided to act against your daughter when you messed with daughters of others. May God forgive you.

  96. Anonymous on

    @#63 Noah

    The British are the one who helped Ethiopia defeat the Italian army. ( Don’t forget to give them credit for that)

  97. jessy on

    where has Alamoudin gone with his billions that he robbed from the Ethiopian people, whilst millions are dying of famine in Ethiopia. Has he got any shame that he calls himself a billionaire and an Ethiopian. (at least he calls himself Ethiopian to the guys at the ETHiopian sports federation in the US and also wears EPRDF/TPLF scarf). Instead he is chasing more money from Elias to stuff his bank balance.

  98. DEMFELAT on

    Listen Al-Amoudi you half baked Weyane and half fried Wahabist!
    Here is also my formal statement:
    Screw yourself!!!


  99. MULUALEM on


  100. Isaiah on

    Let us do what we suppose to do. Really it is time to show how 80,000,000 people hate them. So please let us make the talk short and show the action by donating Elias….it is how we defend the press and show how we really tired of banda and weyanes.
    God bless Ethiopia!!

  101. Gezaee H. on

    Dear Ethiopians,

    If we hate or condemn Elias Kifle for :

    1. Speaking against Almouldi
    2. For allying with Issayas Afeworki

    Then what should the Ethiopians do with Meles TPLF:
    1. For landlocking Ethiopia by allying with Egypt?
    2. For charging poor Ethiopians to pay forced levy of 2 billion each year for Kenya, Djibouti, Sudan,… for port services while our ports are sitting idle and our people starving to death and our little girls selling their body to buy bread?
    3. For betraying 100 000 Ethiopians souls in the war between Shabia and Ethiopian?

    4. For selling land

    5. For selling teenages girls for slavery to Arabs

    6. For selling babies for adoption?
    7. For conscripting teenage Tigreans as young as 10 years old during the 17 years war in name of liberation of Tigray, TPLF took many innocent teenage Tigreans and sacrificed them in karura and Nakfa to save Shabia?

    8. If there are Tigreans who condemn Elias, then they better condemmn Meles Zenawi for betraying their sons and daughters during the 17 years and during the war with Shabia and for landlocking them and isolating them before condemning Issayas. The bible says, ” you will be measured by the measure your measured.”

    Yes, Elias has allied with Issayas, but he did not do more crime than TPLF. He just repeated the mistake of TPLF? Why do Meles supporters think they can go away with everything they do ? But they wish others to die? Aiga wishes Elias Kifle to die? Then let us be honest? Why do some Tigreans thing they are above the law and they can say and do everything they want, but others Ethiopians have to accept and say amen to the crimes they commit? If Elias has to be punished for speaking, then why is not Meles Zenawi even hanged for many national crimes he has committed? Something is fishy and smelly? Elias, be assured we love you like the rest of our citizens. you are not perfect like everyone of us and like even the cursed TPLF leaders like Meles Zenawi. Did you read what Meles did? He bragged of chasing and humiliating his generals to Negaso Gidada? Meles even killed his General Hayelom, and executed his intelligence Minister in broadday light? Tigreans did not say anything for killing their own sons and daughters. Do not expect anything different. They cannot speak. But rest assured, Tigraionline and Aiga does not represent Tigreans, otherwise, it would be like saying Abraha Belay also represent Tigreans.

    Let us unite and say no to injustice because truth prevails. When Almouldi burn our forests, displace our people, he can go way, but when our people speaks out to express their grievanes,they are charged for libel in England? This will never serve Ethiopians interest. Leave alone Ethiopians interest, this even will not benefit Almouldi himself because it will backfire on him. Ethiopia is not Meles Zenawi or Almouldi, Ethiopia has 90 million people. If Almouldi do take money from Elias, he will be planting a bomb under his bed. He may not realize it now. But it will come back to him later.

    I have visited Tigraionline and I have read the comments. The commentators are supporters of Almouldi. But Elias be assured, Tigraionline does not represent Tigrean. Tigray is made of 6 million people. You cannot say Tigrean are ejaculating orgasm because they are overwhelmed by the happiness of the punishment of Elias. Elias, rest assured, leave alone Tigraionline, TPLF does not represent Tigreans. I Advice people to stay away from this gemla or whole sale politics of accusing 6 million people of because of one website. Most Tigreans do not even know the existence of Tigraionline and aiga website because they do not have access to internet like other Ethiopians.

    The people who use the ethnic name are those who are on power. They use the ethnic name to protect themselves that is the only they can survive. They know conscious Ethiopians hate them.

    Elias, I have to be honest with you. I am not your fan, not because I hate you, but I do not agree with your way of struggle. But that is still okay with me because you are human being and it is natural you can choose your way. My ideology is I can only convince people by reasoning, specially my citizen. You have done one mistake, but TPLF did 100s of mistakes and still repeating them. Why would you to be perfect then? Do you have to be perfect because you do not support TPLFF?

    My personal advice to you, do not interact with the people whom you do not like or whom you oppose. And be wise, for instance, the screw yourself statement was wrong. You have treat even your enemies with dignity. That is the only way you can better than the other. If you do what they do? Then your are like them.

    The other things: As I already suggested, UK court has no jurisdiction over you. They cannot do anything to you. United state is not a colony of UK. You did not commit serious crime and they cannot ask extradition. Know your constitutional rights from your council. I did not the story. Where did you get the story? If there is a story and I am sure there must be a source for it. If you did not make it up? Put it up and let even the other Ethiopian websites post it and the wolrld know it.

    The other thing: When he laid charge against you in England, you were also supposed to lay charge against him in Washington. It could have been tit for tat and we could drop it when he knew it will cost him too. Never allow people to ride on you. Know your rights and please respect people even your enemies and focus on the problem.

    And stay out of ethnic politics.

  102. Abba Meskel on

    Besme Ab we Wold we Menfes Qedus.
    Yehkideke detractor seytanawit zeregnas and Banda wahabists who are messengers of evil worshippers from the four corners of the world trying to destroy the new Jerusalem – Ethiopia and it’s good daughters and sons! Stop sending 28000 of our sisters and daughters to Saudi wolfs as gift. The evil-doers can’t face my Meskel since they dematerialize and blow away in the dust. Where lawlessness rules there is no court of law. My foot London court. Give me a break Did Haile S. filed any law suit when he was being called by all kinds of names by gujilees and gilgel Mujelees? The even dared to call HIM Qorit. Shame shame and shame. Ethiopia has to detoxify all the body system by purging wahibists and woyane-Mujelees. Too toxic and their collaborators are venoms to all Africans since they are called Aids – true cancerous cells like the zeregnss, hodams and simply God foresaken ignorant fools who don’t even know the hole from the ass!
    Screw them all. Ethiopia shall triumph! The battle has just began.

  103. UK£ 175 000 = 287 525 U.S. dollars on

    The fact that no one ever sued Al Amoudi proves that the real suckers have all along been Al Amoudi himself and his likes who have been plundering the country for 20 years. It would be nice to see someone give the sucker a one-two punch, an upper cut, a kick and a jab and watch his shocked reaction. For twenty years, these people have not seen one single reaction to their incredible action. The day the attacking starts from the other side, the game and days are numbered for the fat snakes.

  104. Setegn Mereko on

    Habesha people Shintam hula!!! Eliyass has balls! the only one who stand upto big boys, nobody in media world has courage to say a word against Almudi. whatever you think of Eliyas, at times you should thank him for opposing Melez and almudi evil deeds in Ethiopia in a country journalism disappeared for good. whether you like or not Eliyas Ethiopia-review is famous in Ethiopia and diaspora. Elyias is nightmare to leadership in ethiopia even well known billionaire go up and down court to discredit ethiopian review and the editor. I say it again Mr bloodsucker Almudi and your servants SCREW YOURSELF!

  105. Hawassa on

    Why did the plaintiff lied. Why did he say he has only one son? Amazing. What a judge, corrupted.

  106. soulieman on

    it is wrong to say or write false words about any body or thing . when it comes to chilldren they are offlmite and to telling the truth allways better than making things up on some comment they are bashing islam or arabs one has nothing to do to other it is not christian or muslim to say hatefull thing about any one learn learn god be with you all. peace.

  107. Getachew on

    To HaILE #108: No one needs to know you’re half tigrian and half gurage it is all beautiful. However, You sound like more of half cast of a mule and a donkey.

  108. Tell us your account Nr on

    Hi Brother Elias,

    tell us your account Nr. and we will pay. You have done it in the name of ethiopioans , so true ethiopian will pay.

  109. Freedom on

    Like they said in the movies”Money Talks Bullshit Walks” time for you to stand up Elia.If I were You I’ll bring back and publish the articale right on ER and keep it here everyday.Here in the west money talks if you have money you can buy the best lawers and everything.Some of us who can’t afford lawers we can buy guns.If I were you I’ll not pay one dollar to asshole….I’ll pay after I’m dead… will be over my dead body.I hope the asshole will not pay millions to host company that hosts “ER” anything can happen in these days and age… i said money talks bullshit walks.

  110. Ali abagaro on

    Alamudi is a criminal partner of Meles Zenawi. He is responsible for the uprooting of millions of Oromos from their original home land. He has helped TPLF for the massacre of thousands of Oromos . He has acquired a lot property illegally in Oromia. The victory of the Oromo people against Alamudi and TPLF is very soon.

  111. Gragn Ahmed on

    You have about 100 loyal visitors. So charge them 175000/100
    1750 pounds or 2000 dollars each. Then you walk away as free man. But next time you do this it will be 0 contribution.

  112. teklu on

    That, I am trying to recall*******If I am wrong please correct me.

    1- Al-Amoudi’s name first appeared on American paper as one of financier of a terrorist. He have not been in USA ever since.
    It was not on Ethiopian Review.

    2- Al-amoudi’s name mentioned as a terror financier again on a book written by some one.
    It was not on Ethiopian Review.

    3- Al-Amoudi daughter name Sarah’s story first was published by other paper not by Ethiopian Review.

    4- Al-Amoudi is a well known womanizer in Ethiopia which is not a public secret at all.

    5- Ethiopian Review posted those articles on its website to let Ethiopians informed.

    6- Al-Amoudi might think money can buy him any thing and every thing but, he is wrong. He can’t buy LOVE for all the money he have. “Ethiopians do not like him”

    The British court should have investigated if Al-Amoudi is really a terror supporter or not, instead of Elias kifle who exercises his freedom of medium.

  113. Gashe T on

    Ato Elias,
    Finally you became like mad dog who cries on the street… It sounds like the Billionaire refused for your money begging and then you went to court for fabricated allegation…
    You are the big sucker..

  114. beliyu on

    Setegn Mereko,
    I can see your in and out indignation and frustration. All of you will be caught one by one and hanged at meskel adebabay. You in fact the devil son of the devil Isayas the old jackal.

  115. Astatike on

    Oh shit ! What’s Mr. Kifle gonna do ? You shouldn’t have posted the article as long as the veracity of the allegation was not corroborated independently or the other way even if this guy has been for the last 20 years a Wayyanee stooge to sabotage the very existence of our people . ….It is British court , it’s in Britain where the court receives a verdict order from the Downing street no 10 ! I was not surprised when I saw the news that you’ve been found guilty of the so called defamatory statements made against the bullshit sheik of marrying his daughter off to the Saudi royal family .

    Advice to Elias : You can practice your careers boundlessly as long as you abide to the laws and regulations of the USA,,,,,but try to moderate your Amhara Chauvinistic and fundamentalist behavior

  116. teklu on

    Interesting Story
    “Miss Al-Amoudi, who was not at the hearing, is seeking to set aside the judgment at Central London County Court. Mystery surrounds the background of Miss Al-Amoudi. In the past, she has claimed to be the daughter of one of the richest men in the world, Saudi-Ethiopian businessman Mohammed Hussein Al-Amoudi.

    Yesterday, the billionaire’s London-based spokesman said that she was not his daughter. Miss Al-Amoudi also claimed that Saudi businessman Mohammed bin Aboud Al-Amoudi – who owns the InterContinental Hotel in Jeddah – was her father.”


    Read one of the news Elias posted, the whole story…….


    Sara Al-Amoudi fails to gag Mail on Sunday over her £12m property debt
    By Abul Taher

    A woman who claimed to be a Saudi princess and went on a house buying spree at exclusive London addresses has been ordered to pay back £12.5 million after a judge ruled against her in a dispute with a property tycoon.

    Sara Al-Amoudi, who says that she has dated Hollywood actor Colin Farrell, has now been banned from selling the 15 properties she purchased.

    Miss Al-Amoudi – who has attracted the nickname the Vamp in the Veil – tried to gag The Mail on Sunday from reporting details of the court case.

    Her solicitors were seeking an injunction to stop her being named. But at 1.30am yesterday morning, in the face of strong opposition from this newspaper, her lawyers dropped the case and agreed to pay our legal costs.

    Miss Al-Amoudi, 28, owns 13 apartments in exclusive London areas including Knightsbridge and Chelsea. The most expensive apartment is behind Harrods and cost £2 million when she bought it in 2008.

    She also owns a country house in Billingshurst in West Sussex, near Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich’s £18 million estate, and a large property in Truro, Cornwall.

    Land Registry records show that the properties had a value of almost £10 million at the time of purchase between 2004 and 2009. They are now estimated to be worth well over £12 million.

    Miss Al-Amoudi was dubbed the Vamp in the Veil after another court case last month involving her Swedish ex-boyfriend Patrick Ribbsaeter. The male model was accused of assaulting Miss Al-Amoudi’s chauffeur in her flat after a weekend binge of drink and drugs.

    He was acquitted at London’s Southwark Crown Court. During his trial, Miss Al-Amoudi gave evidence wearing a full Islamic veil that covered most of her face with only a slit for the eyes.

    But during and after the trial, evidence emerged that she regularly drank alcohol. Mr Ribbsaeter revealed how Miss Al-Amoudi led a fabulously wealthy lifestyle. He told the court she was driven round London in a Rolls-Royce Phantom VI. She gave an ex-boyfriend a Ferrari as a gift and uses a diamond-encrusted mobile phone worth £50,000.

    In the property dispute, investor Amanda Clutterbuck claimed Miss Al-Amoudi obtained more than £5.5 million from her company through unauthorised money transfers. Ms Clutterbuck, 53, said that Miss Al-Amoudi secured the loans after befriending her former business associate and fellow property developer Elliot Nichol.

    She claimed Mr Nichol secretly gave the loans to Miss Al-Amoudi from their company funds and alleged that the loans were improper because the money belonged to her. Ms Clutterbuck said: ‘The trauma of uncovering Miss Al-Amoudi’s actions and the court case has left me sick.

    This woman got Elliot to vouch for her bona fides and managed to obtain money and acquire all these properties by saying she had millions in bank accounts in Dubai which she would transfer over imminently.

    ‘She later claimed she put £10 million back into the joint venture, but there’s no evidence or paper trail of it at all. She claims to be a Saudi princess with millions, but I see no evidence of it.’

    Miss Al-Amoudi, who was not at the hearing, is seeking to set aside the judgment at Central London County Court. Mystery surrounds the background of Miss Al-Amoudi. In the past, she has claimed to be the daughter of one of the richest men in the world, Saudi-Ethiopian businessman Mohammed Hussein Al-Amoudi.

    Yesterday, the billionaire’s London-based spokesman said that she was not his daughter. Miss Al-Amoudi also claimed that Saudi businessman Mohammed bin Aboud Al-Amoudi – who owns the InterContinental Hotel in Jeddah – was her father.

    An official in his company denied this. Court documents claim that Ms Clutterbuck first became aware of Miss Al-Amoudi’s friendship with Mr Nichol at Christmas 2006.

    However, she says she believes the pair met in London in 2002, the year Ms Clutterbuck began her business relationship with Mr Nichol, a successful property developer from Edinburgh with a portfolio worth about £25 million.

    He also had a long-term partner and son. Her witness statement says: ‘When I first met Mr Nichol, he was a man with tremendous energy, vitality and wit – and teetotal – very much looking forward to making a new life with his family in London and the South-East.

    Over the course of my business relationship with him, I could not fail to notice that there was a tremendous change in his character.’ Mr Nichol died aged 50 in December 2009 from alcohol poisoning.

    He owned properties in expensive areas of Central and West London. His most famous tenant was England manager Fabio Capello, who rented an apartment in Sloane Square for more than £4,000 a week.

    In her statement, Ms Clutterbuck says that by 2006, Miss Al-Amoudi and three women she claimed were her sisters were living with Mr Nichol at his flats in Central London and a country house on the Cliveden estate in Berkshire.

    ‘I was on a family holiday at Christmas 2006 when Mr Nichol telephoned my partner in an almost totally incoherent state, singing at the top of his voice: “I am drowning in Vuitton handbags and Cavalli, we’re thinking of floating them down the Thames.” ’

    Ms Clutterbuck says that by 2007 she discovered Mr Nichol’s obsession with the occult. Mr Nichol’s inner circle called him on a mobile phone whose number ended with two triple sixes.

    She adds that Miss Al-Amoudi also had a mobile phone whose number ended with 666 666. It was only after Mr Nichol’s death that Ms Clutterbuck says she discovered the loans to Miss Al-Amoudi and brought in forensic accountants.

    Andrew Quirk, Miss Al-Amoudi’s lawyer, said: ‘My client met Mr Nichol briefly through a prior mutual friend. They weren’t friends, there were no loans from Mr Nichol as claimed.

    This claim that the client has taken £5.5 million is completely untrue. The allegations are being vigorously denied and are nonsense.’ Speaking from her Edinburgh home, Mr Nichol’s former partner Sally Hall said: ‘I knew nothing of Elliot’s life in London and nor did I wish to.

    ‘We separated two years before he died. I am here with my son and I know nothing and I have nothing to say.’

    Source : The Daily Mail


  117. Wedi Ere on

    * 111 Anonymous says:
    @#63 Noah

    The British are the one who helped Ethiopia defeat the Italian army. ( Don’t forget to give them credit for that)

    Littel knowledge is very bad.. If they did things forsure they do it for their best interest and you know what they said when the kicked out the Italians ..some people said thank you to the brits and they replied I didn’t do it for you Michaela Wrong’S book. Negger I didn’t do it for you.

  118. Anonymous on

    Activist and wannabe blogger Elias got the medicine he had long needed. Elias made a name for himself as a notorious peddler of lies because of his complete idiocy and blatant disregard for accepted norms and standards of practice in writing for a public audience. Now the law is coming down on him like a tone of bricks.
    Clearly if other people bullied by him followed suit to drag him to court, we could find him in exactly the same if not worse position over and over again.

    I say thank Goodness for the rule of law.

    There is no other way Elias could learn to behave like a civilised human being.

    By the way, where is Al Mariam who is the associate editor on this ? He must have seen this coming long long ago having worked with him hand in gloves. Wasn’t he an attorney of some sort or be it a politically driven one ?

    Its just incredible .

  119. serts on

    i don’t understand why you Alias are doing this rubbish and has created a problem on yourself, if your history is true why don’t you counter rather asking for US Court? that for me is ridicules.

  120. serts on

    please talk genuinely and talk peace, Tilacha lemanim ayitkimim. Elias is doing what Esayas has told him to do. Please fellow Ethiopians stop and think about what Shabiya is doing.

  121. Asmelash on

    Dear Elias,

    If you decide to pay the money, I am ready to contribute(a small amount). I am sure TRUE Ethiopians will do the same to cover all the money.

    Be strong ma man, you are writing history…

  122. Asmelash on

    Elias Kifle has been behaving like a wild dog for decades, he has been busy trying to defame lots of popular individuals in Ethiopia. He targeted successfull politicians, business people , army generals and sports personalities.

    All of them decided to ignore the unfounded allegation by Elias Kifle and Ethiopian Review. Now a brave ethiopian has had enough of such allegations and decided to take him to court. Now Elias Kifle has been order to pay 175,000 pounds in libel damages to Sheik Mohammed Alamudi.

    Elias Kifle, Prof Alemayehu Alemariam and all the toxic diasporas have been targeting ethiopians who are making huge contribution to the social economic and political development of Ethiopia. Alamudi and Midroc Ethiopia employ close to one hundred thousands of people in Ethiopia. The change which we all are witnessing in Ethiopia is seen as a threat to the survival of Eritrean regime and its surrogate kids like Elias Kifle.

    In 2009 Elias Kifle’s EthiopianReview nominated Isaias Afeworki as man of the year, in them days The EPPF and Elias Kifle had a cosy relationship. Ethiopian Reviews Elias Kifle even went to Asmara to interview the president of Eritrea. The EPPF an extremist organisation which attempts to restore amhara domination has been fighting Ethiopia based in Asmara. Since end of 2010 the group seemed to be disentegrated, some leaders of the group who befriended Elias Kifle have been killed by Eritrean regime, some have disappeared. These actions of the Eritrean regime has forced Elias kifle to keep his distance from shaebiya.

    Now, another blow has come to EthiopianReview, it has been ordered to pay 175,000 Pound in libel damages to Alamudi.

    I hope this court case will pass a lesson to those extremist groups in cyber world, the internet is not a place to hide and spread venom against individuals and groups of people. We should all join hands and take similar action on those cyber facists who are encouraging ethnic conflict and war targeting certain ethiopian groups. Alamudi has opened the road for us, we should not sitback and watch our people being harrassed and intimidated by cyber warriors. The same goes to those toxic paltalkers who spread hate campaign against the people of Tigray. Its time to collect audio evidences and expose them, if naming and shaming them is not going to work we need to take them to courts.

    Welldone Alamudi

  123. Anonymous on

    Elias you were right about AL Amadi but needed some proof. Please read the book by Mr. ROHAN GUNARATNA CALLED “ INSIDE AL QAEDA. PAGE 85 the author talks about Hussien Al Amadi involvement. I quote from the book page 85. “ AT A GLOBAL LEVEL, AL QAEDA FUNDS WERE MANAGED BY AN EXILEDD SAUDI BUSINESS IN ETHIOPIA, SHEIKA MUHAMMAD HUSSEIN AL-ALMADI; “
    MR. ROHAN GUNARATNA , was the uthor ever accused oflibel? This guy have done his homework and must got his fact from a good sourc. Elias write to him, he probably will share his resource with you. The rest of idiot please shut up.

  124. Ambaye on

    The chicken have come home to roost!I hope Elias will learn from this expensive lesson. You hate Alamoudi because he supports EPRDF? I am not their supporter,but I respect any body’s choice of supporting whom ever they want. Guys, you live in a democratic world & yet deny others to exercise their democratic rights?
    Hey,grow up & think rationally-As for Elias ‘Belefelefu Baf…’

  125. Anonymous on

    WOW …this is outrageous. is there anything we can do for you Brother elias !!!!!

  126. Lucy in America on

    Why are all weyanes dogs barking against Elias.? we are proud of our brothers. that idiot arab is a well known criminal who used to sleep with under age girls. That arab borned and grew from a very poor parents in wollo who had a very small kiosk to manage their life. his father from yemen and his mother from tegeray. Now the kangror court in london told us that arab had an oil refineries and mining. but the question here for the court and that arogant arab, where is the original financial resources? what is his profession and what was his amount of salary to before he became the owner of oil refineries and mining companies. He has been lootting our country and hidding our gold and other wealthies in UK’s bank. when the terrorists group TPLf will be eradicated , the arab will be eradicated together and all his properies will transfere to our ppl and our brother elias will get his money back .

  127. For the love of money on

    Al-Moudi failed to disclose the British court about the number of wives, children he has and his love of young Ethiopian girls that are young enough to be his grand children. Also he failed to disclose the reasons why he is not allowed to enter United States if that is true. Al-Moudi bragged about how much money he has and how much money he contributes to British financial markets to show that he is more valuable to Britain than an immigrant Ethiopian that lives in the United States. Al-Moudi will never know for sure the women and some of the people around the world that worshiped him are for real or their love and their admiration for him is conditioned due to his wealth. In the other hand, Elias knows with out a shadow of a doubt that the people that love him and admire him are real and unconditional.

  128. abeba on

    elias may god be with you as we ethiopians are very proud of you and we should be on your side to help you out by any thing possible as this is a target not to silence elias personally but this is a target that weyane wants to silence the vast majority of ethiopians even in diaspora, therefore I urge ethiopians to be on the side of elias kifle by any means possible, lets show our practical support to elias where we show the weyane evil group how strong we are and how much we are tired of thier injustice along with thier non stop crime, as we should show them we are ready not only to stand with elias but to get rid of weyane by any means possible

  129. Sewit on

    Final Tribute – Addios Woyanes & false Sheiks!
    For everything there is a season!
    The so-called Arabs had their Spring Revs
    The Ethiopians have their endless Summers
    It took 20 yrs to purge the Mujelees out!
    Now that the playboy pseudo sheik wants to play the billionair’s game we shall turn the table and sue him in court for al the crimes he and the woyanes did against the Ethiopian peoples.
    Instead he the notorious sheik and his collaborators should pay the gallant Elias 3X the settlement amount. That is all as far as the case is concerned – screw judge Patrick too. He is just a hired gun for the decadent rich who doesn’t have a common sense let alone any knowledge jurisprudence. He is sitting in the lawless land of Europe who slaughtered Africans during colonial times at will and still doing it. Hello hello can we say how about the slaughter in Oslo? Like it or not thiis case is beyond Elias and ER. As to the evidences and further discovery of the case #132 Teklu has said it all and rested the case at 7/31 5:18 am. Wow where was he writing that early from -Alaslka, Australia or even Aratkilo from from the parliamentarians sheep barn or the door steps of the gujelees residence? Where ever you are God bless you and you have rested your case.

    1. My simple request is can we save Ethiopia ? if not the hungry at least our sisters, daughters and future mothers 28000 of them – from being given to the ruthless hungry Saudi wolves as gifts? The decadent – pseudo religious drug and alcohol addicted Saudis who are paying revenge since they think the Ethiopians had once enslaved them and can’t stop at nothing before they disintegerate Ethiopia.Al amoudi is the conduit for their master plan along with the illegitimate woyanes – certified bandas and their ilks.

    2. If the so-called richest black man in the world thinks as a real black man would have created a job for the 28000 women in their own homeland instead of acting like a pimp and a conduit for corruption and child molestation. Right here is good enough case to convict him in international court.

    3. As for the hate mongers who passionately hate patriotic Ethiopians what I can say is look for cover the wind is blowing hard in your directions. The infantile dupped ignorant fools notwithstanding, let’s name names and call them waltas(also known as washitas) Tigray online and Igaforum-prove with no uncertain terms – to us if you haven’t or never ever received a copper penny from the psuedo sheik al Amoudi and illegally received even one Ethiopian birr from the gugilee! Nobody is going to visit your site or agrandise you since you are not advancing true journalism nor standing along with others defending other innocent journalists in jail who are being tortured by your boss the gujilee you worship .

    4. As for the rest of the story Elias is having the last laugh while his ER site is getting a record number of hits while the other sites are serving tyrants and counting Al a Moody’s orgasms with their ears plugged to his hotel suits… Shame shame if you know any shame. Now after all is said and done it is time to prepare how to burry the mujalee the refused to be purged from the die hard system for the last 20 yrs. Be prepared – use the right sharp incision (know-how ) so we deliver the right justice to the Ethiopian people!


  130. Shame on you all! on

    Asmelash #138,
    Why don’t you Evil worshipers shut the Hell up! You and the likes of you lebas love and worship a dictator who is responsible for the deaths of countless number of Ethiopians, a tyrant who locked up tens of thousands innocent Ethiopians in jail, a monster that has given Ethiopia’s precious land to foreign billionaires, a professional looter that has robbed Ethiopians blind and gotten extremely wealthy while leading one of the poorest country in the world… All these show how totally heartless and hateful people you all are. People like you who are selfish that stand for injustice, human misery and tyranny hate every Ethiopian that stands for Democracy, Peace, Freedom and Liberty for all Ethiopians. For the last twenty years, you people have proven yourselves that your purpose of taking power is to loot, torture, kill, and sell Ethiopia piece by piece. Your horrific crimes is recorded by Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International. And someday, God willing, you people also be humiliated like Mubarak, the Tunisian, Yemeni leaders and Gaddafi.

  131. dan on

    True ethiopian stand with u eli.What u said to that moron English judge true if this hodam child molester alamoudin {ops i hope ala is not going to sue me} eli some said money talks we can do that to but we not going pay to that scumbag blood sucker.

  132. Anonymous on

    ELi….congratulations on your great achivement! It is a well desrved great prize and worldwide fame. Please continue the good job …. we will applaud whenever we hear your sucess.

  133. saginu on

    Just post your account #, I will contribute. I never agreed with you on many issues,but I surely will help you out. This so – called billionnaire will be very sorry the day he ever tampered with Ethiopians!

  134. tezibt on


    Thanks for the observation. I always try to post what I believe to be constructive and refreshing comments.

  135. serts on

    Elias try to be realistic and don’t provoke with unjustifiable history and mislead the public which you think you are serving.

  136. attack on

    Weyaness and their thugs have been using the method “ATTACK IS THE BEST DEFENSE”. They have been attacking the true Ethiopian for many decades and we still seem defenseless while we could do a lot. So I recommend we use the same tactic against weyanes and their thugs wherever they are. “ATTACK IS THE BEST DEFENSE”.

  137. Helen on

    Now is has been proved that finally you are out of the game and you should join the loosers camp withh ISAIAS AFEWERKI and ALI ABDU and go to Eritrea as asylem seeker than living in the civilized world like the USA and lying for nothing. You are really denkoro and ignorant who can not learn from his past mistakes. Dedeb

  138. እንግሊዝ ማፈሪያ on

    ከሁሉም የገረመኝ የእንግሊዝ ሀገር የህግ ስረአት ነው!እነዚህ ነጫጭባዎች ሁሌም ቢሆን የኢትዮጵያ ህዝብ ታሪካዊ ጠላቶች ናቸው። እናም የፍርዱ ውጤት አያስደንቅም፡ ኤሊያስ ወንድማችን ቀለል አድርገህ እየው!እንዴውም እድለኛ ነህ እናት ሀገር ኢትዮጵያችንን ደሟን እየመጠጠ ካለ ከአንድ የሰይጣን ውላጅ ጋር እንድትፋለም ተመርጣሀል!!ያንተ መሸነፍ የኛም ነውና ሚሊየን የማማ ኢትዮጵያ ለጆች ከጎንህ ነን!! ቅንጣት ታህል አትጠራጠር ድል የኛ ይሆናል። ሌላው ደግሞ የገረመኝ ደግሞ እዚህ መጥታችሁ ደስታችሁን እየገለጻችህ ያላችሁ ሰዎች ናችሁ። ስሙ እናንተ ለሆዳችሁ ያደራችሁ የወያኔና የአላሙዲ ጭፍሮች፤ ግዜያችሁ እያለቀ መሆኑን አስተውሉ! እናንተ ጡት ነካሾች፣የእፍኝት ልጆች፣ እማማ ቁስል ላይ ስንጥር የምትሰዱ ቧልተኞች፣የታሪክ አተሎች፣ እማማ ቀና ብላ እውነትን እንዳታይ ቆልምማችሁ የያዛችሁ እባጮች ዎዮላችሁ! የኢትዮጵያ አምላክ ሊፋረዳችሁ ከብር ላይ ነው! ኤሊያስ ያንተ ሞክሸ ነብዩ ኤልያስ ባንድ ወቅት ከበልዓም ነብዮች ጋር የተወራረደውን ውርርድ አስታውስ፡ አንተም በኢትዮጵያ አምላክ ስም ይህን የኤልዛቤል መንፈስ የሰፈረበትን በክት አላሙዲንን ተዎራረደው! የኛ አምላክ ከሱ እደሚበልጥ አሳየው! ስማ አንተ አላሙዲ የኤልዛቤል ነብይ! እግዚሃብሄር እንዲህ ይልሀል ” እንሆ ከላይ ሁኘ የህዝቤን የኢትዮጵያን ሰቆቃ አየሁ፣ምን ያህል በህዝቤ ላይ በደላችሁ እንደበዛም አስትዋልኩ፣እንሆ አሁንም ድረስ በከንቱ ያፈሰሳችሁት የልጆቸ ንጹህ ደም ወደኔ ያለምቋረጥ ይቃትታል!እናም በክፉዎች በናንተ ላይ ልፈርድ ወረድኩ!” ይላል የሰራዊት ጌታ እግዚሐብሄር! ጌታ ሆይ ፍርድህን አፍጥን!

  139. Alemayehu on

    Did you hear a recent story about an Eritrean con-man who cheated over 4.5 million birr out of thousends of poor Ethiopias? If Germany can extradite a criminal to an African country, I can’t see how a poor criminal like Elias will scape justice within a well-connected western world..unless he goes in hiding with his terorist cousins in Asmara…Good luck any ways, but perhaps you went too far to the far end of a wrong world.

  140. Gezaeee H. on


    Elias is safe; he will not pay anything to Al Amouldi. If Al-Alamouldi takes money from Elias, he will lose more. I personally think Al-Amouldi has no way of getting money from Elias even if he wants. Thus the Elias and Al-Amouldi vibe is now over. Elias, our brothe will something if he has done anything wrong. I am sure he will not say,” Here is my formal statement: Screw yourself.” I am not sure if Elias said that. I only read it. But these days I do not take into my heart whatever I read because there are many many Ethiopians or non-Ethiopians who are out to defame, infame, blasmpheme, malign, attack, … others.

    Now the hot issue:

    Ethiopians are being shipped to Arab countries by Ethiopians airlines to Suadi Arabia. Those who are already arrived in Saudi Arabia are in highly depressed and in distress now. As many of you might I have read what Nebiyu has posted. There is a big problem of Ethiopians in Suadi Arabia right now. Nibeyu is handling an Ethiopian crisis in Saudi Arabia. He is an invididual like everyone of us but he is dealing with a crisis the Meles regime has created at home. Meles is exporting Ethiopians even outside the country.

    My opinion, put aside all tribal, ethnic, faction fiction, … differences and join hand in hand and mobilize the whole nation for national disobedience. The national disobedience should be conducted for the following demands:

    1. To immediately stop shipping Ethiopian girls to Saudi Arabia

    2. TO immediately stop land sell and stop displacing people from their ancestral land.

    3. Mr. to resign immediately.

    We want change guys. One person ruling Ethiopia 25 years is a crime. Ethiopia’s development is not conditional on the sitting of Meles Arat Kilo until Jesus comes. Meles has become Emperor Haileslassie now. He will not leave office until people bury him under the palace like Hailesllassie.

    My personal opinion, there are no even promising figures whom we can rely on. So we need to unite, mobilize from north to south, from east to west and rally together demanding the above and more demands.

    Let me tell you, what is happening in Ethiopia has happened during the colonial time. The South Africans whites settled in Africa and gathered the black people and put them in camps and took their land. Then they gave them free alcohol to drink in the camp. The indigeneous peope ended up drinking and becoming useless and aimless. Those who can think, they became slave workers in the large scale commercial farms for free or for Mehala as they call it and they give them their petty salar every week end , on Friday. On friday the blacks drink that money and Monday go to work with no food even to eat and life goes on like that.

    The bushmen in South Africa are know for being the wisest people in Southern Africa. But they were considered primitive because they do nto wear suits, and do not drive cars or they do not adopt easily European life style.

    The same was done in Australia, Newzealand,…

    The difference with one in Ethiopia, Ethiopians land is being sold by people call themsleves Ethiopian and they are selling the land for small money and uprooting the people from their land and home. They are putting them in camps because they think they are backward because they do not wear copy, cut and paste lifesytle. Life has given me the opportunity to live with bared and naked Ethiopians. you will wonder how smart they are. They know the weather , climate,…. and to call them backward and uncivilized because they do not wear clothe is totally worng. All human being are created bare and naked. When we die, we go naked. This artificial clothe must not give us a free ride right on others.

    My point, I have no problem with Meles wanted to develop Ethiopia by building hydropower, and even displacing people. What I am opposing is that Meles is has not given them a replacement land. He is giving or has given the land to Indians, Arabs, Malasians, Indonosians, Italians, Turkeys, Egyptians, British, Americans,… the list goes on. This is honest craziness. Such thing never happened in the history of humankind on earth. You cannot develop a country by selling its assets 100%.

    As we know all political parties are now almost dead. I have no hope there is any now.Even those who exists, they cannot do anything because they do not have ideology, principle and guides lines which they follow. Ethiopia is politics is arbirary ( bezefekede ). No planning, no ideals and vision. It is politics about Meles, his wife, and his tribe,…. things like that. Such politics has only helped Meles Zenawi than the poor Ethiopians.

    I have lived a great deal outside Ethiopia and I have seen Ethiopians selling the bodies to other Africans, Indians, Arabs,Pakistanis,… and when I read what Nebiyu has posted. What is really happening to Ethiopians in Suadi Arabia is what really happens to Ethiopians all over the world.

    For how long are we going to live like this? I am tired guys. I am tired of reading of horror. I have seen horror myself and Ethiopians are living in horror. We think we are alive, but we are a nation in death throe.

    Do you think giving land to foreigners will develop Ethiopia? I do not think so. Guys, I am not opposing a healthy investment where the nation can benefit. I am opposing selling out national assets. Burning forest is a crime. Forests, you can not replace them.

    Above the forests, there are the invesisble microfaunas, and microflora which are small organisms which live in the soil. Eg like bacteria, fungi,… which are in the soil which harvest free Nitrogen from the air and make nitrates and other chemical in the soil. Foreign farmers do not care about the soil, all they need high profit and at high chemcial imput. The microfauna and microflora will be destroyed forever. you cannot recover them. They are gone forever. After if one try to use the land, the land is waste land.

    We need new civil movement that is all inclusive and that bring change peacefully. I am myself I am interested in policy change. The policy TPLF has been forcing on the Ethiopia and Ethiopians is antiEthioia. Reason: I do not know.

    Why are 90 million supposed to follow the blind of policy Meles Zenawi? The man even never tried to work with citizens any time in point.

    Ethiopians, please think yourself as civil individuals and think how you can mobilize people without any factions and without regarding ethnic oromo or tigre or amhara. Those of you who think you are political figures, think again, and lower yourself and be civil citizens who can harldy do anything without working with the people in the country.

    Think how you can mobilize the civil than wasting time on paltalks talking about tigreans, oromos, amhara or ogaden. We are all human and our needs are the same. I personally do not need anything from my tribe or from any tribe. I wanted to be treated like human and I do not need support from anyone except from God. There are people who helped in my life from every tribe or non-ethiopian citizens. I have Europeans whom I trust and even can give my life for them. They are not related to me by any blood or tribe or place of birht or natinality. There are non-Ethiopians whom I can call them more than brothers and even sisters. Because their love to me is unconditional. Why do I need then my tribe or ethnic if every human treat me with dignity?

    My point , we need to start a new history where every Ethiopian lives with human dignity. I have to admit there is racism in Ethiopia than anywhere else on the earth now. Even South Africa has changed now alot. Ethiopia is the only place where people black Ethiopians think they are whites? haha, this is real.

    So now, time for civil movement, mobilize the your communities without talking about OLF, ONLF, TPLF, EPLF, G7, EPPF, EPRP,… we are tired of them all. We need life now. We cannot keep on on destructive path.

    Take my message serioulsy, if you do not do anything and if you do not do anything and if you do not change and if you do not change the way we do things, Ethiopia will remain a national humiliated beggary, famien, prostitution,… Meles has brought nothing new than exporting babies adoption and trafficking girls for sex trade.

    A man who export citizens with no contract, with no life isurance, with labour contract, with security for his citizen? with medical insurance? Wha is the leader for then?

    Change, but for change to come, we have to change the way we treat each other and we do things. Otherwise, we will be in the same situation even after 30 years from now. Then we will be gone and too old to do anything.

    Time to change thinking direction than keeping on driving on the same way.

  141. Ethiopian on

    No133 Wedi Ere, you are hopelessly arrogant, how can you say the British helped Ethiopia to get rid of the Italians and because of that they deserve a credit? How stupid are you? Ethiopia’s war with Italy could have never happened if there was no country called Britain. They planted the seed of poison in the entire world that they are the most deeply hated people in the world, tell me one country that doesn’t blame the British for a black spot in their nation’s history, including the USA. Britain is a country responsible for the pain and deaths of millions if not billions throughout history just for the simple reason of accumulating wealth. Go and learn history before you try to say something. If you are Eritrean, let me tell you something, you will be one of the enslaved people colonized by whites if you consider Eritrea as your nation but if you consider Eritrea as a province, you will be a proud black man, proud Ethiopian who was never colonized but crashed the military might of the west.

  142. Rorissa on

    This is not about Alamudin vs is about Ethiopiawinet vs Alamoudin and his wayene thugs.The question and the solution is how and when we can implement the uprising Egypian style and get rid of these dictators and terrorists from Ethiopan land.Our peaceful land and our value will not free until we die for it .I can assure you falks there is no free freedom.How many are we reeady to go to addis and sacrify to start the uprising. Forget the rest, lets be united and prepare for uprising.

  143. From reading this article and if posted all over on international news, it is actually bad for Alamoudi. You know, the rich like to be discreet and they won’t like it one bit when their name is public and in fact this could be more trouble for Alamoudi because other international journalists will pay attention and dig more information and will find crimes being committed in Ethiopia to innocent people in Ethiopia.

    The answer from Gezahee and Nigist Saba is very productive and unemotional. Ato Elias, I sometimes feel he has like split personality or something that he is not consistent and also should learn to be consistent to improve his journalism and also to post people’s comments. If he doesn’t post then he should explain why he is not posting people’s comments as a good journal. This is my criticism to him. That being said, I say Elias could actually grow into Ethiopia’s hero for the struggle of Ethiopia next to our past kings, warriors, etc. Ethiopia does indeed need a hero today. Of course without scaring anybody, we know heroes will be endangered, so I advice Elias to really look after himself because Weyane and their stooges will not hesitate to doing something of course, their strength is growing here in the diaspora by the minute.

    Eventhough we can sometimes get carried away with reading everything and believing, we cannot be away from the truth that Alamoudi could be the contributor of Ethiopia’s plight under TPLF, it is studied that the wealth of a nation or an individual is directly proportional to dirt poverty of another nation or individual. ER is now going to be a famous blog and we should heed attention to what we post such as insults, etc, that could be detrimental to Ethiopians. TPLF and Alamoudi may not reach Elias but since they are that low that they will continue their revenge on the poor Ethiopian people.

    You may have a good case such as: land grabbing, involvement in the diaspora’s Soccer federation, exploitation of our resources with TPLF by taking 5 fold, etc. I think approaching this through wisdom, cautiously, well thought out must be and also getting others involved such as international and Ethiopan journalists, can anyone come forward against Alamoudi to make the case stronger, etc.. If the article posted is true then Elias has nothing to do with it, therfore should win. It seems he has won because he made Alamdoudi public. I bet to settle this, Alamoudi might approch quietly to settle this. Those Ethiopians swayed by Alamoudi are short sighted and after money as long as they have the money, they don’t see the big picture of what is happening to Ethiopia. I beleive who could be corrupting Alamoudi could be TPLF. Stil Alamoudi’s intentions in Ethiopia is vague but is very much being seen the damage that is causing to Ethipia.

    According to the verdict, it is time people to admit that this is not about terrorism, etc, it is about the rich vs poor. The West is no longer going to work for what is right, since the economic debacle, what that indicates for us is that there is going to be war between the rich vs the rest of people. That is why, when a country like Ethiopia is kneeling, the West is punching her down again by funding TPLF. Of course, TPLF will be involved indirectly to support Alamoudi in U.S. TPLF and Alamoudi’s money will very much work in U.S by some groups such as Piper law firms that has been helping alamoudi against Elias and these firms such as Dick Armey has many friends in congress. Alamoudi won in UK because it might be the same case like here in U.S.


    You are cracking me up hahaha, your writing is amazing a good message and lesson for anti Ethiopians.

  144. Chala on

    What a great news. Here we go another blow to the extremist diaspora. Elias you better be schooled to be ethical and not mix up family matter. It looks like this is not the best time for both you and your boss Esayas as the latter also is gonna face additional sanction based on the UN report. Now Al Mariam has to use his potential (if he has one) to free you from imprisonment.

    Well-done Billionari, you gave him a great lesson.

  145. We're The Children/World on

    The beaty i admire about ER and its selfless editor is, it happly welcomes everyone w/a wide smiling open hand at its home to have thier democratic says: whether the shaebia discreditors, the secret woyane romatizers or the english-challenged average fellas as myself who are none of the above but an advocates of peace, justice and universal human rights such as the dear owner of this website: a firm believer in nonviolence, give&take civilized solutions, just to describe a few posetive points about him. What a wonderful trait, a merciless blowing rocky-head message indeed, for those who crave getting quick-rich on the expense of creating endless choas to the innocents.
    Back to you mama earth, if you believe (as usually do on papers/words)on the above lofty ideals as well, which encludes respecting mojority vote, will you then honor your own words by giving a fair shot at justice (w/a reasonable doubt, ofcours)to the voice of the voicless, brother Elias and setting him free of all potetically motivated unsubstiated accusations?
    What the heck! i would like to present you also a win-win proposation that hopefully you can’t refuse: If you are interested to reconnet and reclaim me as your lost, estranged, ran away(shfta) child; hands-off refraining yourself by declaring the downtrodden trash-feedrs defender guilt as charged! w/out a doubt he is one of the genuine prodemocrat cooler heads this ancientland, the birth of weizero/mis Lusy has ever producced.
    If you just did that, i promise you (betsmti swat/in the name of the martryed for a good causes such as the unfortunate 2005 stolen election cruelly massacared patriots)to reciepicot generously on my side by forgetting and forgiving you; waiving partially the outstanding erears child-support you rightly owe me since birth as a dead-beat, loveless looser, unfit for motherhood; markiing it”BALANCE SATISFIED IN FULL”. Next, i’ll walk, sileintly disappearing into the flowing crowd to hunt any potecial honest job as long as it does not enrich me etploiting my fellow mankind…..

  146. Boja on

    No matter what the truth is, when children comes to picture it is a matter of tradition to save them.
    otherwise Al-amudi = Simple business man,he does business smart and at any cost including direct and indirect corruptions.

    Anyways, take it easy. I have always got discomfort by very extreem people like Elias and too moderate like Abrha Kahasay.

  147. Assta B. Gettu on

    Dear Azeb,

    After I have read the comments about Elias Kifle on, I was very angry at most of the commentators, and I wrote the following comment on But I have no idea whether will post it or not.

    I left this web site ( long time ago for good, but when I read the invalid, unbalanced, and unethical comments by the moon-god worshipers, I thought they would deserve my critical response to their unsubstantiated and uncalled-for insults against one individual person – Elias Kifle, a distinguished journalist who has been on journalism business over twenty years and whom I admire and his tireless efforts to liberate Ethiopia.

    All of you who knowingly or unwittingly ptyalise your entire contumelies on the chief editor of the Ethiopian Review are ignominies to that Christian land of Ethiopia and your shameless behaviors should not go unchallenged if not unpunished.

    For your bigoted motives, hidden agenda, nebulous views, and future worldly benefits, you are overjoyed, overfed, overdrunk, oversmoked, overchatted, overdrugged, overlusted, oversexed, and overslept because your spiritual and physical father or mentor, Al Amoudi, has won the case against Elias Kifle. O yes, continue dancing wherever you are residing, continue laughing until you are short of harvesting tears from your lusty eyes, continue listening to the music your daddy Al Amoudi, half Ethiopian and half Saudi, is playing. Clap your bloody hands and let your Arab-Muslim sisters and mothers ululate until their throats are shut down for the benefits of their unconcerned neighbors about the whole affairs of this rich man, Al Amoudi.

    For sure, Al Amoudi will get the money and with that money he will build not schools, not hospitals but extra thousands of Mosques all over the Oromo regions, and that is a double victory for all of you who believe in Al Amoudi’s hidden agenda – to convert Ethiopia to Islam and join the community of Islam; however, you cannot get a single dime from Al Amoudi’s extra money. Al Amoudi is not used to throw his easily-gained money to the dogs like you who are earnestly waiting for some left over to fall from Al Amoudi’s table. First he has to feed the mothers of his children, then his concubines, then those unfortunate sex objects, the Ethiopian girls and perhaps many other girls from the Arab-Muslim world.

    This meretricious world is the only world Al Amoudi and you, his disciples, know, and there is no heaven or paradise for you after you and your money are gone. How true the word of Jesus is when he told his disciples: “Indeed, it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God” (Luke 18:25). You are praising Al Amoudi not because he has won the case but because he is a bilinear, and you are ridiculing Elias Kifle not because he has lost the case but because of this case Elias Kifle has become a world celebrity, a famous journalist, and a true advocate of democracy and human rights.

    It is unholy thing to vaunt over Al Amoudi’s fugacious triumph without first thinking what will come next after Judge Richard Parkes’ unfortunate verdict in London. Judge Richard Parkes may not know the entire life history of Al Amoudi; for example, why is Al Amoudi prohibited from entering the United States soil and doing business in America? Therefore, the case between Elias and Al Amoudi may not be over yet, but in the mean time, let the rats invade every web site until we get a cat that catches each one of them, puts its sharp nail on the rat’s neck, plays with it for a while, kills it, and finally eats it up, nails, ears, and feet.

    Shame on all of you who are feeding on Elias body and drinking his precious blood, forgetting he is one of your country men and at that an indigenous Ethiopian better than most of you who have contributed nothing to Ethiopia.

  148. ATTACK # 2 on

    Yes indeed – attack like a bee and float like a butterfly!
    Pump up the music and attack – no retreat! Woyanees and all enemies of mama EthiopIa are bleeding profusely!
    Victory is in the air! This is our Summer our Beqa and our Renaissance !

  149. ethio on

    this is not african law where corruption is common law. if you present case like this, you should have concret witness and evidence for the court. I believe you made huge mistake whether the case is true or not. learn from mistakes

  150. teklu on

    Please stop the hate and be realistic. We know Elias do not like woyane, we know he is not ethnocentric and we know he love Ethiopia which is not a crime in my view.

    I have one question for you all. “What makes Elias guilty in this case, what is his crime? Please convince me.”

    We are talking about Ethiopian Elias kifle and Al-amoudi an Ethiopian Yemeni who is buying Ethiopia and”Owns Ethiopia”. I really do not care what a British judge said or not.

    All I hear from woyanes supporters is, as if Elias is some kind of criminal. Is it a crime to love his country? Is it a crime to re post someones article? I want to hear from all of you why? with facts not BS.
    If you can’t bring any fact, all your rage is out of hate and remember haters will self destruct soon or later just like Mussolini and Hitler.

  151. Mark on

    Is UK becoming a rogue regime serving business hypocrites? Has the UK court become a money laundering business. Elias may be arrested if he enters UK because of this court ruling. It is shame for Great Britain to allow such things to happen. Afterall UK is not supposed to look at this allegation as Elias is not a resident of UK. The incident did not take place in the UK. It is a very corrupt thing for the UK to act in this manner.

  152. Gragn Ahmed on

    Go to Sawa along with Assta where you will find your life style: thugship.

  153. Times on

    I do actually believe the verdict given that Elias to be charged all that money is deliberately designed to destroy Al-mouldi indirectly. The British the most insideous people on earth. They way they do things is very sophisticated. Many people think this is done to hurt Elias, but this verdict benefit neither Al-mouldi nor Elias. It would be actually a seed of strong hatred against Almouldi from now on. They know Elias, his sympathizers and even Europeans Mercenary journalists will keep an eye on the details of Al-mouldi. Al-mouldi is not wise to tell you the truth. He is trapped now in the British trap.
    If Almouldi is wise, we would just call Elias and talk to him and tell him he will not charge him. If he is wise he will do that. Not only that, Al-mouldi is now on the spotline, … not a good picture among Ethiopians. […]

  154. un known on

    Before even try to write a sentence, you need to think twice. “The incident did not take place in the US”, “Elias is not a resident of UK” But did you ask the same question when it comes to the operative system of Ethiopian review? Does it stay in the US only? Is Elias claim himself as a profesional journalist? do you think? If you do ask him or read what a profesional journalist is all about? when you answer these questions, you can see clearly why Elias held liable for his action. I do advice you to read more or go back to school. Elias is using the international ciber space upon which he has no control. All he can control is himself and his journalistic ethics. Now you have a good time.

  155. For the love of money on

    How can we expect any less from the kinds of thugs who are totally clueless about justice and Human Rights? Those who are rejoicing the result of AlMoudi’s lawsuit are the same people who support the bloody hand Woyane tyrant who is responsible for the deaths of countless number of innocent Ethiopians, robbing Ethiopia’s money and land. The same Woyanes dance and celebrate their Ethiopian Hitler throws innocent Ethiopians in prison for life…when he gives orders Ethiopians to be abused, tortured and killed by his inhumane Agazi army…they admire and support the heartless dictator even when he chased Ethiopians from their land and gives the Ethiopian most fertile land to foreign billionaires and slaughtered young Ethiopians, even children as young as fourteen years old on the streets of Addis in 2005…We have seen the same kinds of thugs that support dictators who have violated their own country men rights, looted their own country and given orders innocent people even children to be gunned down in Egypt, Tunisia, Libya, Syria and Yemen and now in our own country. These kinds of staunch supporters of narcissistic, coldblooded dictators; lack the true meaning of Democracy and Human Decency.
    So I say, let’s not expect any less form woyanes who lack BASIC HUMAN DECENCY. Those who hate Elias also hate 80 million non-woyane Ethiopians, period!

  156. Anonymous on

    The majority of the time, I don’t agree with Assta’s views, but after I read Assta’s comment about, I visited and out of 55 comments that was made so far on Almouddi’s court case, 98% of the comments came from Almouddi’s and Meles’s supporters. Well, obviously, is swarmed by woyanes and have become woyanes’ mouths piece. If is not banned in Ethiopia like most patriotic Ethiopian websites, now I have an idea why not. For me, I will never visit that website again and have removed it from my bookmarks.

  157. Assta B. Gettu on

    Addis Zemen gave the following comment on

    Comment from: addis zemen [Visitor]
    Assa Be Qittu,..

    “The thief (elias kifle & co) does not come except to steal, and to kill, and to destroy. I have come that they may have life, and that they may have it more abundatly.
    I am the good shepherd. The good shepherd gives his life for the sheep. But hireling (bandas almaria & elias kifle etc.) he who is not the shepherd, one who does not own the sheep (coward diaspora oppos),sees the wolf coming, and leaves the sheep and flees. And the wolf (opportunists, enemys) catches the sheep and scatters them. (Disentigration of Ethiopia). The hireling (bandas elias & almaria) flees because he is a hireling (coward qitregna banda) and does not care about the sheep.
    I am the shepherd; and I know my sheep, and am known by my own.” Jhon 10: 10-14.

    Assa be qittu, stay in your eritrean review website with your idol elias kifle. The US will extradite the terrorist elias kifle soon to Ethiopia. And he will be sent to MAEKELAWI, where he wiil be given a well deserved attention he is craving.
    08/02/11 @ 09:23

    The following comment is my response to Addis Zemen’s comment:

    Addis zemen, የበሰበሰ አሮጌ ዘመን ጨናዊ semen and ጽምው ገብር (Visitor),

    Let me teach you how to spell my name. My name is Assta B. Gettu, not Assa Be Qittu. Because you are a ቂጥ አጣቢ ሸማኔ, you would like to mention the word ቂጥ now and then. Is it time for you to perform your hourly salah? If it is, do first your ablution, and then get a piece of prayer rugs. If you cannot afford one, ask the Rich Man; he will offer you one free.

    Where do you see Elias Kifle stealing money? Where do you see him killing a human being? Where do you see him destroying someone’s property? Elias Kifle is not Al Amoudi, the great swindler; Elias Kifle is not Meles Seitanawi, the great killer and robber. You have been defending the swindler and the killer for a number of years, and for this reason the Holy Scripture advises you this way: “Do not set foot on the path of the wicked or walk in the way of evil men” (Proverbs 4:14). Everybody knows the wicked and the evil men here in our time are Meles Seitanawi (Zenawi), Jezebel (Azeb Mesfin) Al Amoudi, and you, አሮጌ ዘመን or ጨናዊ semen.

    You have been neighing to get something from Jezebel (Azeb Mesfin) or from one of Al Amoudi’s concubines but since you are an ugly looking person, they all ignored you, and you have failed to get their attentions. In the same way, believe me you will fail to get Elias Kifle’s and millions’ of his readers’ attentions.

    For sure you are a cursed person from your mother Fatima’s womb, and that is why you are walking with the enemies of the Ethiopian people. David is right when he said long time ago the following words: “Blessed is the man who does not walk in the counsel of the wicked or stand in the way of sinners or sit in the seat of mockers” (Psalm 1:1). Since you are walking in the counsel of Meles the wicked and Al Amoudi the villainous, you are not a blessed man, Mr. nefarious addis zemen or አሮጌ ዘመን or ጨናዊ semen. You are indeed a wicked, detestable, and doomed person who has no hope to see the brightest future of Ethiopia when she gets rid of her oppressive and ruthless leaders and their followers like you who are exploiting the Ethiopian peasants and confusing them as if your master Meles Seitanawi (Zenawi) were the legitimate leader of the country.

    Do you think Meles Seitanawi is “The good Shepherd” who can give his life for the Ethiopian people? If Meles were a good shepherd who cares about his sheep – the Ethiopian people – why did he then give one of the Ethiopian seaports to Isaiah the wolf? If he were indeed a good shepherd, why is it so many Ethiopians are starving to death while he and Al Amoudi are amassing billions of dollars from the Ethiopian tax payers? Can you answer my questions Mr. defender of Meles the thief and Al Amoudi the culprit?

    Do really your sheep, the Ethiopian people, know you, you are their real shepherd? If you were their real shepherd why did you slaughter them on May 2005 and ate their flesh and drank their blood? Why many of them are now in exile scattered throughout the world? A good shepherd is supposed to take care of his ship as it is written in the Book of Isaiah the great prophet: “He tends his flock like a shepherd: He gathers the lambs in his arms and carries them close to his heart; he gently leads those that have young” (Isaiah 40:11).

    Where are most of the young Ethiopians now if Meles is taking care of them? I will tell you exactly where they are: Some of the Ethiopian young boys are either in MAEKELAWI Jail or in Kaliti Jail. Some of them have been killed by your master Meles Seitanawi (Zenawi), and some of them are refugees in Sudan, Yemen, Libya, and in the Muslim-Arab world. Many of the Ethiopian young girls are being abused, misused, and sexually assaulted by Al Amoudi Arab friends in the Arab world. The very young ones, the toddlers, are sold to human traffickers. Do you see the difference between Meles Seitanawi (Zenawi) and the good shepherd who “gently leads those that have young” and who “carries them close to his heart” and who “gathers the lamb in his arms…” Have you ever seen Meles gathering those in the diaspora? Not at all! He in fact wants them to be deported to Ethiopia to be slaughtered by his criminal cadres. No one wants to go to Ethiopia as far as Dictator Meles is in power illegally.

    You have already warned us that if we go back to Ethiopia that we will be sent to MAEKELAWI. The truth is we will go back to our country when you, the blood-sucker, and your lord Meles Seitanawi (Zenawi) are removed from power and sent to the gallop they have erected for all of us, the democracy lovers.

  158. Gezaee H. on

    Dear Teklu,

    Sometimes love for our country is not enough. We have to know how to realize it on the ground. The fact that TPLF Meles now are calling other Ethiopians Shabia is very weird.

    Brother Elias, he did not have any strategy in the past 20 years except calling woyane woyane. Elias failed miserably to work, mobilize, unite the people in the past 20 years.

    I can tell you honestly, I did not even spend one day with the intention of removing TPLF. The reason: I have been prioritizing my personal goals instead. But I can tell you if I was to work like Elias Kilfe full time, I would remove Meles Zenawi not in one year or 20 years, but in one week.

  159. Mark on

    #175 unknown alkelaki of blood sucker meles-almudi gang.

    Learn first yourself the world did not appoint the UK court as the guardian of the cyberspace. Almudi is not a UK citizen, a UK court has no jurisdiction what so ever to look in to such unfounded allegation. If Almudi is a saudi arabian why not go to saudi arabia or even ethiopian court to file his allegation. Why on earth on the uk where he launders ethiopioan people money and stores in uk banks. The UK banks are the recipients of laundered money through so called gold sale and endowment funds and sheer stolen money from the poor ethiopian people throat. I for one never give an ounce of respect to these looters, bloody parasites.

  160. love on

    There are many who inspire me in their writing on Ethiopian blogs. Some no longer do not write comments but some are new and some still there. One thing you can tell about true leaders are how they carefully craft in the discussion of finding solutions to problems therefore. If I may comment, the people that need to be encouraged to comment more, get involved in Ethiopia’s issue, to be even one day soon to be part of the leadership are the following people both on and ER blogs: So far I found the following: Gezahee (comments mostly on and now recently started on ER), Nigis Saba is new, Omo is from These people need to be carefully encouraged in ideas, solving problems, they seem to know more about Ethiopia, how to tackle problems, etc. This I am saying not to isolate others, others are also greatly and visibly struggling for Ethiopia such as the great Elias from ER.

    ER, since you are working on organizing to save Ethiopia, perhaps researching and finding such rational people as above who comment throughout Ethiopian blogs need to be identified and have them participate directly to the struggle. What do you think?

  161. Ajaibu on

    People please worry about yourself and not for Al-Amoudi, he is an international business who has invested in billions of $$$. You see when you invest to that level, you have got to have international business insurance and some top class solicitors who work round the clock. It is not a jock or a laughing matter to falsely accuse a persona of Sheik Muhammed Al-Amoudin and get away with impunity. He has every right to use his wealth to protect himself, his family as well as his assets.

    Most importantly, his family. I believe every father would have done the same. Who wouldn’t? The sheik is currently investing almost 35-40 percent of his wealth in his birth country of Ethiopia. He has employed
    close to 100,1000 Ethiopians. Next to the government, he is the main employer force in Ethiopia. He is doing the same in many countries, like Sweden, Saudi Arabia, Moroco to say the least. In Sweden, He was awarded the country’s top medals in recognition of his contribution through investment in the country.

    If you ask many Ethiopians back home, they would tell you that he is doing the right thing for Ethiopia too.
    He is planning to invest extra two billions of US dollars only on Agriculture in the following two years time. His political view and private life should remain private. After all, who are we to judge?

  162. Anonymous on

    #181(real name: mr. Gezae H. Berhe) is a hard core meles/woyane suporter/agent from the eritean opposition parties who go for meeting in Adis. He came from asmara through s/africa to canada. for ur info, i don’t give a shit as far as i’m corcerned (after all, he has a right for free speech), just to let know guys the prodemocrats at ER who u’re dealing with in case u don’t know about him yet. Just judge for yourself at He is a regular colomusnit there under the tile of ‘kind citizen’. god bless as all.

  163. We're The Children/World on

    If i’m allowed having my layman say, unlike bro Elias, Almoudi is a vested investor in the British economy and i don’t think it requires a rocket scientist filling out the rest of the blank space what exactly this means. The point is, as much as the elites would not like admiting, whether we like it or not, the world revolves according to the fattest wallet/purse holders where they can buy justice by retaining aproximately $1000 per hr washington’s hot shot k-street lawyers to easly bury the average joe alive just for the hell of satisfying thier stubborn egos.
    Although one might get strong case against them and get judgement award, they can simply frustrate and burn the defendant/accuser slowly thru atrition/appeals after appeals until the matter get settled for thier favor. Ofcourse, i’m not law expert nor do i in the legal system. This is just my personal general obsevation basing from my elective poletical 101 cousrse back in my university yrs. As a matter of fact, i could site many instances but ER might not find it suitable fit for posting.
    By the way, speaking of posting, how come ER, the voice of the voicless, failed posting my innocent final conclusion comment regarding MAMA EARTH that i submitted yesterday? Where is the beef of FREE SPEECH AND RESPECT FOR DEMOCRATIC OPINION regardless poletical different standing, ato Elias?
    The good prof. Al, advised us as usual on his latest educative piece concernig dictators anti-free expression that if they can’t stand the heat, should get out of the kichen. I wish this super true wisdom should applys to some our genuine prodemocrat freedom lover activists as well, doc!

  164. Assta B. Gettu on

    Gezaee H #181,

    You wrote in a highly spirited or selfish motive: “But I can tell you if I was to work like Elias Kilfe [Kifle] full time, I would remove Meles Zenawi not in one year or 20 years, but in one week.”

    We have many preposterous people like you on this and other web sites who just do the bragging but not the tangible work. How true the Amharic saying is: “ከበሮ በሰው እጅ ሲያዩት ቀላል ይመስላል.” It seems you are in a campaigning business and you are saying “Give me Elias’ job and I can change Ethiopia in one day.” Tell us briefly, if you were Elias Kifle, how could you have done better than what Elias has been doing all these years? Carrying every day a death sentence on his head and ignoring that death sentence, Elias Kifle has been preparing the Ethiopian people through his excellent reporting for that great day – a day of mass movement in Ethiopia that would happen sooner or later. And that great day is the last day for Meles Seitanawi (Zenawi) and his criminal families. Yet that great day will never come unless we all work hard like Elias Kifle. I am not condemning you for criticizing Elias Kifle; Elias Kifle has always been open to constructive criticism, but yours doesn’t look appropriate while Elias has been working tirelessly for his country. We must encourage him instead of disqualifying his twenty years work.

  165. Anonymous on

    #181 Gezaee,
    You are one full of hot air and full of bull s**t, nothing less nothing more. Take #183 Love with you to and rant as usual praising the mass murderer and looter tyrant that is also dismantling and selling Ethiopia to foreigners. The main reason tyrants like Melese stay in power in various countries around the world, to loot and kill innocent law abiding and God fearing people, is because of narrow minded, blood thirsty thugs.
    Haven’t we heard enough from these thugs? Please send them back where they came from, to

  166. Gezaee H. on

    Dear Assta,

    I am not going to start mud-sliding now. I know we Ethiopians have problem listening to other people except listening to our own echos which I believe is the core problem of Ethiopia.

    The fact that the country is going in circles for half a century is not for no reason. There is a good reason. The good reason is that the majority of us do not have the gut to work with other people. We do not recognize any other Ethiopians as citizen. We just want them to follow us blindly?

    I do not want to delve into counter offensive now. But I do believe Ethioia has a long way to go. And I am the abusers will go on abusing our people because our politicians engaged in petty politics that does not get us anywhere.

    I am sure Assasta would written alot of compliments if I was to say Mr. Elias our hero and the winner,… I must tell you now Mr. Elias may be your hero? He is not my hero. I am sure you will condemn for this. But I do not care what name you will give me. you can give me any name you want. I am hero yet. But I did not comment with an intent of disrespecting anyone, be it Elias or somebody else.

    I guess it is better to quit visiting Ethiopian forums. Better live, enjoy my hard gotten freedom than soiling in the despotic Ethiopian web forums who do not even allow people to think in their own.

  167. Stoned Peter on

    Elias I have posted few times my view nevertheless it was not posted it might be from your side or Meles’s donkey Bereket might have eaten my posting so let me retry again what I feel about this situation. Elias first of all I think you are the winner of this drama first of all he should not get a penny from you because you do not reside in UK so his fake judgement was a symbolic for this idiot bastard I know he never had a good news with in the last few years after he proclaimed he is a proud TPLF member I know from this situation he lost and you earn a huge publicity I think this is the starting of his unfortunate days it is funny when TPLF started the voice of America situation they thought they had the upper hand so TPLF through its cadres like Doctor Belanesh and Hodam Nigusse Woldemariam were beating hard their drum now they are quiet as a drowning rat right now their drumming does not create a sound it is so low even for them even their rat’s ears can not hear it they are frastrated badly. They always start unplanned in rush but when they fail it is too bad even they get shocked when we laugh hard they cry for weeks. For instance let us count few of their failures they went to Somalia like a lion roaring however they run away fast just like a frightened rat hissing then they said Abay thing then VOA then you so watch these uneducated idiot herd how they hasten their own downfall sooner than we can guess it. As i said your side of result was a huge chance of publicity with out spending a penny he put you on the spotlight. You see how TPLF and its idiots are thoughtless baboons are. If you go to Europe make sure from the British corrupted legal enforcement please use this publicity gift to bring our Ethiopian review to the rest of the world, do you know how much people pay to get this big publicity. The idiot billioner Saudi bastard tiff have don a big favor for puting you and our beloved Ethiopian review on the world’s spotlight you must be assured Ethiopian review is loved by all true Ethiopians at the same time it is hated by greedy and tiff Muhammad Alamudi as well as TPLF dogs. Again please find every publicity avenue do not wait until they call you you just call them and ask then say do you want to hear what happened to me and to my bastard baboon billioner Muhammad Alamudi the one I got as a gift for being a smart and tough from number one fatty baboon Meles Zenawi. By the way people did you listen last Monday VOA Adanech Fisihaye’s Africa program I heard Profesor Ayele Beleker is now teaching in university of Mekeley he was her permanent guest every week now he is in TPLF’s hand working as a hand and glove if you have heard his interview in the past he was a wishy-washy answerer so she used her TPLF membership to hookup him with her TPLF friends spcially Meles and Azeb his slut as you know it by now Adanech Fisihaye is the best TPLF representative in north America than the TPLF embassy in DC she plays a bigger role than her skill permits her in VOA replacing Mimi Sibihatu. If you listen during her program production days she filters or censors with no shame.

  168. Assta B. Gettu on

    Dear Gezaee H. #189,

    I have a reason when I say Elias is my hero: Elias has never stopped fighting for Ethiopia, and you remember how he travelled across the Atlantic Ocean, risking his life, to talk to Isaiah Afewerki about the possibilities of bringing the two countries, Ethiopia and Eritrea, together. And I am sure you recall the words Isaiah Afewerki used: “The sky is the limit.” Which means the two countries can work together burying down their differences, and for this noble goal, Elias Kifle endeavored selflessly. Elias Kifle has never been afraid of denouncing the nightly and the daily looters of the Ethiopian scarce resources, and for such heroic actions of his, Elias is indeed my hero.

    Because of my harsh comment against you, I don’t want you to quit commenting on this web site any time you want. We all Ethiopians are one family, and sometimes there can be noisy arguments, name callings, and even fist fighting in a family, but at the end of the day we all are the same brothers and sisters.

    God bless Ethiopia!

  169. Aman on

    Well Well Well, Elias we need you bro. While i am a fun, i have to admit you went a little too far especially on such news where it is questionable as to whether the alleged events that you claim about his daughter really took place. This kind of allegation could undermined your true motive which it to fight for what is right.

    My suggestion to you is that you live that man along and focus on Melese and his regime as he is the head of the sneak.

    Take care my brother and let us know if we can help in any way.

    God bless you

  170. A girl on

    I just finished watching a 2008 movie titled “taken” produced by Luc Besson, starring Liam Neeson, Maggie Grace, and Famke Janssen. The Sheikh named Raman in the movie reminds me of a colorful individual. who is that person?
    The prize will be 175,000 pound, a Monopoly game money.

  171. Ajaibu on

    Does that include muslim Ethiopian? The number of er readers are dwindling by the day because of an increased name calling and insult towards commentators on this site. The standard is way to low.

  172. Gezaee H. on

    Dear Assta B.

    You are fully entitled to call Elias Kifle as your Hero. I have no problem with that. It is you right. But I do not expect you to think he is the hero of everyone.

    Mr. Elias is Yewahe ( ger ); but Issayas Afeworki is not Yewah or ger. The fact Mr. Elias even did such endeavour is not bad if he really meant it.

    But I personaly find it too hard how can Issayas say,” The sky is the limit?” Issayas A. dined, wined, danced, celebrated with Meles Zenawi for 17 years. He even used Tigrean teenagers to save himself from Mengistu Hailemariam’s striking spectre. Meles demanded the whole world Ethiopia has to be landlocked and demanded Eritrea to be recongized as an independent nation with all the coastal line. Meles Zenawi did all that. He was given the whole coastal line with no question. But he was not contented enough and wanted more land from Ethiopia. He invaded Ethiopia. He was begged for one year to vacate from badme. He refused. He bombed the whole Tigray in one week which angered the whole Ethiopia and caused the death of 100 000 Ethiopian souls and he was marching to addis ababa to eat his breakfast at Shebele hotel. Mr. Elias turn around and wanted unity? hmmmmmmmmm?

    How come Mr. Issayas A. decided to work for unity? if that was the case, why did he spend 30 years in Nakfa? I know Elias is Yewah, but Issayas is not Yewah; he was taking Mr. Elias for another ride like he did take and fooled and used the whole TPLF and threw it like a condom. Mr.Elias could have done better if he could have relied on his own people than falling into the trap of Shabia. How many Ethiopians perished because of Shabia? who created TPLF, ONLF,…? Is not shabia the mother of all the FFs?

    But I do understand what you are trying to say anyway. If we could have peace, it would have benefitted us all including everyone. But Eritreans (slavery name ) would love mr. Elias over Meles Zenawi is just imaginary that cannot be true. Meles Zenawi who is their committed and selfless servant, but they do not like him. What is the magic Shabians fell in love with Mr. Elias? Is it because Mr. Elias is an amhara? Assta, I do love even the Shabians like every Ethiopians. But you do not know my friend their deep seated hatred to Ethiopia and Ethiopians. Whether you agree with me or not, they were taking Mr. Elias for another ride they could have killed Mr. Elias after finishing thier business like they did to Hayelom whom they feared so much.

    But in general, I see some Ethiopians in this blog, they jump on people and call names like woyanes,… bla bla… how is really one going to bring change in Ethiopia by calling names and scaring people like this? What is really Ethiopia for them? If they are robbing the dignity of people right here, how are they going to give freedom to the average Ethiopians? Who is really Ethiopian if we are not Ethiopian? There are these people who give and take Ethiopian citizenship as if they are the only Ethiopians? Is there any Ethiopian who has the absolute power to take away my Ethiopianness? if who is that? This type of people will not bring freedom in Ethiopia but they can really delay bringing freedom to Ethiopia? Aweken teblo, send them to this woyane? It make me sick to come across such people honestly.

    But for sure, I know why Ethiopia is not able to solve its chronic problem because there are those who are consider themselves more Ethiopian than any Ethiopian and who are always self-righteous. It is this type of people who are delaying freedom and development in Ethiopia. It is this type of people who give more or longer life for Meles Zenawi. I sometimes think to work with other Ethiopians, but when I come across these type of people I ask myself how is it that I can work with this type of people?

    Anyways, I hope Ethiopia will find fresh minded people soon, specially who accept every Ethiopians and respect every Ethiopians, not the type of those who give and take away Ethiopian citizenship as they wish as if Ethiopian citizenship is their own citizenship asset.

    Thank Assta for being civil. That is the way to go. We need to respect each other otherwise, we will keep on nailing each other forever which will not get Ethiopia anywhere.

  173. Farook on

    There are persons for whom you will be prepared to die. Persons with integrity and selfless sacrifice. Persons who never flinch from their principled position. Persons who speak the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Elias is one such Ethiopian. When i first visited ethiopian blogs, i was suprised to find out Ethiopian Review speaks the blatant truth in no uncertain terms about TPLF’s cockroach politics. I first thought if the owner of this ER was an erritrean because eritreans know the inside out of woyane and are the ones who created them, baby sitted them, fed them and showed them how to fight. But i found out that this is not the case. There is a woyane dedebit proverb which says: “do not kill an ethiopian. kill the hero in him”. So this allegation is an attempt to smear genuine patriotic ethiopians like Elias. The late professor Asrat was taken to court. Dr. birhanu nega, birtukan Mideksa, the entire kinijit, tamirat laynes, seye abraha, taye woldesemayat, all taken to court on tramped up charges. That is the dedebit proverb: kill the hero in an ethiopian. This UFO-financed, money launderer bastard holding the name Almudi is a paid agent of so many clandestine mysterious organisations with mafiotic intentions. The only connection that he has with ethiopia is that he came out of an ethiopian womb, nothing else. But one thing is sure. As long as this imposter gold digger remains in ethiopia he is sure to grind our country to extinction. The only thing he does is dig gold export it abroad and fill the coffer of meles-azeb mafia family after taking a share for himself. Otherwise he is taking land and erecting fence on it. Nothing else. Even his tesfaye zegeye building is not finished after how many 10 or 15 years standing beside the stadium. The sheraton hotel is a redlight hotel of adultery where the likes of abinet and alamudi dance half naked and filrt with married women and high class prostitutes. That is the legacy of Almudi in ethiopia.

  174. teklu on

    #181 Gezaee H.
    You have failed the question bro. My question was can you prove if Elias guilty by re-posting an article some one already posted regarding Al-Amoudy or not?

    One thing I agree with you is, yes you can remove Meles from power in one week than Elias in Twenty years. I am sure you know what I am talking about lol.

  175. Assta B. Gettu on

    Ajaibu #194,

    As usual, you are telling a lie: the number of Ethiopian Review readers is, in fact, growing up not decreasing. Get out of this web site; we don’t need an omen telling person like you, and Elias Kifle is not going to change his principles because you are offended by some comments against you.

  176. shaebia on

    There is no ending to the shame of the English justice system where it caters for the rich and powerful while the rest of us stand no chance.
    SCREW YOURSELF!!! is also my opinion. British law has no jurisdiction over people outside the island. Even people supposedly judged in the English justice system usually take their case over to the European court of human right which over-rides that of the English ones. WERADOCH!!!

  177. Nigste Saba on

    There is a meeting at Hilton Hotel. The meeting is about Pencil charity? kkkkkk, wey Gud, Meles Zenawi he cannot even make pencil for children? He is attending a meeting of Pencil charity from Canadawit Hana? shame, notthing to be proud of this. Begging food, medicine, money, technology, pencil, pen, paper, … what is that Meles is capable of doing? Begging?

  178. wey guud on

    Dear great commentors who are not extremists, Gezahee

    I for myself is even emotional, who is not emotional when it comes to our beloved Ethiopia? Gezahee et al, I do feel your emotions when you even write sometimes but your focus, problem solving take presedence. That is why we see people opposing you. We at crossroads, there are many different types of people on this blog and don’t fall and become sensitive about this. I think I can sense your sensitivity. We all have our weakeness. That being said, there are many types of people on this blog that MAYBE:the love of their country burns them that any input from others that seems to include the TPLF mafia makes them to be quickly defensive therefore making the process of saving Ethiopia difficult. Rememeber, the West has been successful for many years because they are able to play with their enemies in positive terms sometimes for example, Sadam Hussein. There are also blinded- by anger people who commnent and when one clearly condemns TPLF/Weyane, etc they still come back and accuse you of Weyane/TPLF supporter, there are also people who oppose you even though you condemn TPLF/Weyane because of your ethnicity, they mistrust and oppose you. I do have the same situation where I am experiencing not to trust a Tigray because of some who are staunch loyal to Weyane/TPLF so, in a way that is not our fault. There are those who comment seemingly they care for Ethiopia etc, example Annanymous, the commentator who accused of being pro Weyane, it is because he is pro Weyane or Shaebia himself but he is afraid of the type of idea you could give Elias to dismantle TPLF/Alamoudi so he has to make us believe that you are pro Weyane that no one should heed attention to you.

    Elias should gather a group of really intelligent and consciencious people who can judge not because of anger, emotion, Weyane’s misleadings etc, but who understand who is who on this blog. Learning from past mistake also Elias always seek other people’s advice you truly trust before reaching decisions. To decide by own self on things that concerns a serious situation such as this and Ethiopia obviously requires consensus and democracy so you should also reach right judgement along with others and do not be persuaded by people like Ananymous.

  179. Assta B. Gettu on

    Dear Gezaee H. #195,

    I always believe Eritreans are Ethiopians, and after the two dictators have faced the fate of Hussein Mubarak, the Egyptian President, Ethiopia and Eritrea will be one under a democratically elected person, and this person can be either from Amhara or Oromo or Eritrea or Tigray or Wollo or from any other Ethiopian tribes. It is on this belief I have supported my friend Elias Kifle’s mission to Asmara, and I don’t think Elias Kifle has a hidden agenda different from the one I have been dreaming for the two countries.

    When the two countries become one, Ethiopia will become one of the strongest, the prosperous, and the peace-loving country in the continent of Africa. When this happens, our three neighboring countries, Somalia, Djibouti, and South Sudan will join Ethiopia. Isn’t that an encouraging and ennobling vision? What do you think? Because I have that kind of vision, my detractors call me Shaabia or Isaiah’s servant, and, not only that, they call Ethiopian Review an

    It seems you don’t support Elias mission to Asmara because of the foxiness of the Asmara leader, and I don’t blame you. Who likes an oppressive dictator like him who is running his country with a single party? In fact, my hatred toward Isaiah Afewerki has gone beyond my control after he has slaughtered many Ethiopian Amhara Freedom Fighters in Asmara without any trial.

    You think Elias Kifle is የዋህ or ገር; he might be, but he is a very wise person who has a vision for Ethiopia without losing his የዋህነት or ገርነት. For leaving Washington and going to Asmara and interviewing that tyrant leader and getting his ideas about the two countries, Elias Kifle, I can say, is also ብልጥ and smart.

    However manipulative Isaiah Afeworki is, however tricky and evil he is, and however Machiavellian or አለቃ ገብረ ሐና or Aesop he is, Elias Kifle will never be outsmarted and cheated by Isaiah Afeworki. He will never sell Ethiopia for the power-hungry Isaiah Afewerki. I am 100% sure on that!

    I think you are a little bit concerned about those special groups of people who enjoy on name callings and on denigrating someone’s reputation purposely for the sake of name callings. Let me tell you the fact; all of us have no good reputation until we have removed our enemy and the enemy of the Ethiopian people, and that enemy of ours is Meles Seitanawi (Zenawi). Then we will have a good reputation, and we are entitled to fight those idlers for defaming our precious names. Right now I don’t feel I have any status, or right, or honor, or respect as far as my people back home are being kicked and hit every day by the Woyanne gang squad; therefore, ignore those unfortunate Ethiopians who are here to make troubles for most of us who are trying to find some solutions to our country’s problem.

  180. Katanga on

    Elias : we stand with you !!!! you always doing great job . just keep working hard , Alamudi and Tplf are anti Ethiopia and killers !!!

  181. Gezaee H. on

    Dear Wuy gude,

    I hear what you are saying. I do honestly thank you for spending time to write this positive outlook. I have to be honest and I am honest, but not perfect because I am human too. My perception of Ethiopians in general is very bad, be it oromo, tigrie, amhara, gurage,… Eritrean( to be honestly I hate to call our brothers and sisters in the North to call them Eritrean which is slave name, they should at least have their own name ).

    You go to aiga, they call you extremist, you go tigraionline, they call you extremist and shabia. You go Abbay Media, they call you woyane. You go to, they call you woyane, Nephtegnea. It is shame that all the Ethiopian websites never allow people to think. To have my comment accepted at aiga, I have to think like the aiga editor or EPRDF. For my comment to be accepted at Tigraionlne, I have to think like the editor or TPLF. For my comment to be accepted at I have to think like OLF? For my comment to be accepted at Ethiopian review, I have to think like Elias Kifle?

    Wuygude, you may not agree with me, but something wrong with Ethiopian in general. The majority of Ethiopians do not have the gut to listen to their citizens. All of them they want to be boss and to tell you what to do, but you are not allowed to think, invent or create. You must follow them with looking anywhere at any angle. This was the reason Mengistu was killing everyone and Meles has been killing, imprisoniong, chasing everyone who has different idea from him. The majority of Ethiopians share these characteristics.

    There is no ideology, principle, discipline, respect,recognition for citizen. You are obliged to think according to all these despotics all over. I think web hosting companies has to price hick all the website and deny Africans despots to own websites and deny them internet access. They cannot even patch their torn out trousers, but by renting websites from developed world they abusing Technology.

    But wuygude: websites, olf, tplf, eplf, onlf, … may think they will chase me, they do not know me. Actually I am the kind of person who get motivated when I see people standing against truth. Even if I disappear from Aiga, tigraionline,, ER,… it will be for good. I will come with another bomb shell that can shake their assess. That is my dream now. Taking words to action and until the all the parasites who feed on the poor Ethiopians set the people free.

    I do understand there are Meles TPLF here; shabia, olf, onfl, … I know. I understand. But trust me, I am not discouraged by them, it is just I think such stupidity is completely destroying the country now. you have Ethiopians selling their pussy everywhere in Arab countries? That is the biggest shame for me. I do not care who is in Arat kilo. I do not worship any tribe. If I could I wish I could bury the tribal name under the ground. They take away my tribal name if they want it. I do not need it. I live on this planet very short life what I am going to do with the Tigrie or oromo or amhara name? what is it for ?

    The biggest shame is that as I speak right now, Ethiopians women are huddle like sheeps in the Saudi Arabia airport. They are not even alllowed to talk to Ethiopians. They are shipped in and whisked to Arab slave masters? No medical insurance, no legal insurance, no life insurance, no labour contract,… just 21 century slavery administered by Meles Zenawi. For me this is the biggest shame. You can tell me you are building dams, what what,… even Mussoloni has built all the good bridges, telecoms, water systems, … not in 20 years, but in 5 years. So even fascists can build dams and bridges. Meles is a fascist Arab who counts his descency from Saudi Arabia. Meles is a Tigrignea speaking Arab who himslef confessed to Gadaffi he is Yemeni. That is not a lie; Meles and Almouldi are related by blood. Meles is an Arab by his mother and father who trace his family tree to Saudi Arabia. Where did Meles get Almouldi then? how did they get together?

    Anyways, my advices are, Elias needs ideology, principle, disciplinary exercise that can convince every Ethiopian that he is working for Ethiopia. The fact Mr. Elias has not succeeded in the past 20 years is due to lack of binding and guiding ideology. Mr. Elias may not agree with me now, but most of the things he does benefits Meles TPLF. Why? he insult Ethiopian, and scare them. If you are for Ethiopia, then you must able to convince even the EPRDF members themselves. You cannot be revolutionary by chasing people and by intimidating, scaring people. I am more likely to come to you if you are tolerant and respectful. If you call woyane Everyone, then you are scaring people and they will turn away from you.

    Anyway, wuy gude, I am with you and agree with all what you said.

    Dear Assta:

    For me, as a person, TPLF = Shabia, take out the tigrean people, bahrenegashian people ( Eritrean, slave name ) people from these cursed. TPLF = Shabia = Meles = Issayas. Mr. Elias meeting with Issayas Afeworki is the same meeting with Meles because Meles = Issayas = evil + evil = 2 evils. This is my understanding. I would never ever think of making an alliance with the person who has dragged my country into the half century bloodshed and still put my country and my people into perpetual war. If I can I would catch him and bring him to Addis Ababa Meskel square and making him confess his crime and even making him walk along chercher godena naked with shame of crime.

    Even now, landlocked my country and who bombed my people in one week raid. If he had the abilility he would not even hesitate effacing Ethiopia from the face of the earth. I do not even believe in working with together with Shabia and TPLF. These evils you cannot change them. Until the end comes. They will never change. Any Ethiopian who make alliance with these evils is wrong. An evil TPLF who denied dying Tigreans food aid donated by the west and bought bullets to kill people. An evil TPLF which conscripted teenage Tigreans to die in Karura, and Nakfa? no ways, alliance with such evil human creature on earth? TPLF = Shabia = are zombies, vampires who have human face only. What type of Ethiopian would ask the world to landlock his country? What type of Ethiopian would sign alger’s agreement?

    Here is my stand: No alliance with TPLF, OLF, ONLF, EPLF,… all these has to be dismantled by an ideological war without blood. Nothing more nothing less. No alliance with tribalists of the 21 century. No alliances with tribalists who despise Ethiopian written history and who try to rewrite the written history. Ethiopia does not belong to any tribe.

    The other thing, Assta, you recognize Eritrea( slave name ) as a country? I do not recognize that as country? if you do that you will recongnize tomorrow Ogaden, Oromia, Benshangul, Tigray, amhara,… no recognition. Eritrea , real name Bahri Negash is a province, not a country at all. All these are provinces. I do not recognize any tribal regions. If you recognize that, tomorrow you will divide Tigray to Shao, Afar, kunama, Jeberti,… you will divide oromo to hundreds of tribes and oromia will become another 100 countries? this is crazy. Would not that be a nightmare to live? Even now it has become a nightmare because people are deported from Oromia to amhara and from Afar to addis Ababa,… did you hear that? I know people who got deported from Afar to Addis? that is crazy.

    So Assta, you cannot repair Shabia and TPLF. They are old and you can not upgrade them. It is good Mr. Elias is safe and survived from Shabia. I have never been with them but I know Shabia and TPLF are socked with blood of innocent people.

    My view on Mr. Elias is not based on hatred or biase. I know every person has limited capacity including myself. Individuals can be agent of change if and only if they rally people behind them. I mean all Ethiopians. Mr. Elias lacks that ability, no matter how passionate he is about Ethiopia, if he can not draw ordinary people, he cannot do it all alone. One of the big problem among us Ethiopians including myself is that we think we know better than other fellows and insulate ourselves from exploiting brilliant ideas and keep people away from us. That is the problem there is no Ethiopian spring now.

    Anyways, it is not still late. we can start from scratch:

    Here is a guide line:

    1. Indentify problem variables
    2. Make assumptions
    3. Express your assumptions in terms of your variables
    4. Solve it
    5. Compare you theoretical resulst with the real problem in Ethiopia.
    6. Does results agree? yes, plan, plan, plan, plan, plan, plan, plan, plan, plan, do it.
    7. if results do not agree? study problem variables again, examine your assumptions, add more variables, add or change assuptions, redo 1- 6.

    It is the same as planning for soccer game or following a procedure to cook a nice food. Without knowing what the problem are or who the problems are, and without plan how to do them, we cannot solve problems.

    There is away to solve any problem, but it requires thinking, reasoning, and planning, not insulting, scaring, intimidating people. No one would join an intimidator or someone who insult and scare people.

    If we really need change, we need to change too. We cannot bring change without changing the way we do. My personal advise is let us not waste time on useless people like Meles Zenawi. We must show them by bombshell action in real time. You can see Mubarak, he is dead almost, he does not look he has life in him. Meles will look even worse, with his Afe Megudi he will look like a dead donkey.

    Assta, you have many good points, but alliance with wrong men and women is not good. You are also yewahe the fact you think shabia has good intention. You do not know the deep deep hatred within Shabia to amhara. He may talk you nice, but shabia leave alone to ally with amhara, if he has the ability, he would not allow amhara to breathe. But I see now how Yehawoch endehonachu. Shabians could not even make a lasting alliance with Meles leave alone with you. Issayas = Mr.Elias alliance was wrong from the beginning. It was an alliance of repeat of TPLF = Shabia alliance which has almost destroyed Ethiopia. If the alliance between mr. Elias and shabia could have been realized. Ethiopia would have been destroyed completely and Mr. Elias would have been assassinated. We know the inside of Shabia and TPLF they are filled with hatred against Ethiopia. The Meles TPLF just wanted to use the poor Ethiopian as his personal income capital asset for him to send his kids to Oxford. What an idiot of leader would send to oxford his kids from a nation its people die of hunger everyday?

    Anyway, change is good. We all need to learn and change otherwise, we keep on begging and even our people keep on selling thiey pussy to Arab, Indian, white man, … that is very shameful for the people like me who call ourselves Ethiopians. It is better to die than to see Ethiopian trafficking teenages girls for sex and sending babies for adoption like pets. This is a wicked leadership which believe and even preach prostitution is job creation and growth. I have read such comments from a man called Addis Zemen an Eprdf diplomat? diplot of prostitution advocacy? The most wicked generation Ethiopia has ever seen. Who would in his right mind think TPLF become end up the most wicked and harlot organisation in Ethiopia?

  182. The Patriot on

    Everyone has the right to say his/her opinion regarding Al Amoudin or Elias. However to see the irrationality of those who are trying to defend Dr. Al Amoudin goes too far and ends up as an application statement with the hope to be the next beneficiary of Dr’s “generosity.” Listen there are many who say the Sheikh has done this and that to benefit Ethiopia and the Ethiopian people. Please make a list of his positive activities to show the great “BLACK” billionaire’s good will towards our country.
    One thing is very true that our Dr. has a very tricky and effective publicity and populist way of deceiving people. His main popularity mechanism is the famous sponsored tourism of some sick people to some Asian countries like Thailand, South Africa, or Kenya. My question to all those Al Amoudin’s ass-leaker is does not Ethiopia have a hospital or qualified Drs to treat things like diabetes? Then again, is that some kind of a very hip and manipulative popularity campaign with the simplest and cheap trick? What about building proper hospitals and training facilities to our young medicine students and drs to facilitate them with the needed technologies and know how so that no body needs to have to kneel down and beg to have the chance to get his/her al amoudin green card to fly to some foreign country for a diabetic treatment. Is that development for those Al Amoudin’s fans? Is that not an insult to our medical doctors and our national pride? Is that not publicity game, a hype from Al Amoudins side towards the Ethiopian people? Why do not he invest some of the profits he gained from our national gold mines in the health system where all Ethiopians could benefit rather than to go build the newest car industry in Saudi Arabia? Have you Ass leakers thought Al Amoudin’s robbery of our wealth from this angle? If he really had love and respect to our people and Intelligencia, would he send people for a shopping, and diabetic treatment tour and wedding celebrations around the globe? Has he not castrated our pride by prostituting young girls to his perverted sexual fantasies? Isn’t our gold mining our national treasure, which should have been inviolable and sacrosanct? What do you say about the land grabbing going on under his direction and his dogs protections? It is our country and it is our people, which are being raped, robbed, and insulted by such manipulative mercenaries. Are you proud of that or you are only worried about you hodam and assama interest? You know Al amoudin uses you to a point and drop you the moment he has sucked you out as if you were an old beaten up and stinking sock. Wake up ass-leakers it will not do you any good to sell your soul and pride to a pig like amoudin and his dogs! Elias, regarding the fine what those bigots hang on you take it as an honorary medallion for a bravoes job! Those dogs who are filled with malicious joy and glee of the “fine” the bigots hang on you are wicked and opportunists who are victims of begging addiction. To be honest the supposed fine is to little for such a great job you did. The exposure, your courage and the fight you did deserves millions so the $200000 sounds as an insult. Ethiopia is priceless. Moreover, it is not a fine on Elias but a fine on all Ethiopian loving people.
    Long live Ethiopia!! We have survived all kind calamities has fought against all kind of enemies in the past and present but finally Ethiopia and its people shall overcome!
    By the way listen to bbc’s A joint undercover investigation by BBC Newsnight and the Bureau of Investigative Journalism has uncovered evidence that the Ethiopian government is using billions of dollars of development aid as a tool for political oppression.

  183. Anonymous on

    #206 The Patriot,
    Well said. Certain people like Assta B. Getu should take lessons from you not to criticize Almoudi’s religion but should take a look at the over all pictures what this man is doing to our country.

  184. Gezaee H. on

    Mr. Al Amouldi:

    He is just robbing the country like everybody else. He is Ethiopian is fake. He did not even build one school or one clinc except donating charities to bribe and corrupt leaders and individuals. He does not even act like Muslims. I have grown up with muslim I never saw Muslim drinking alcohol. They said this man drink and get drunk and dance with teenage girls in his Sheraton ball room. He may have money, but he is wrotten with lack of moral like his party TPLF. TPLF now believes prostitution is job creation and contributes to economic growth? What would say if a government is exporting teenage girls as old as 14 years to Arab men for sex slave? with no medical insurance? with no life insurance? with no legal insurance? with no ilo labour contract ? A 14 year old girl is supposed be in school to be an engineer or doctor? but TPLF is sending this teenage girls to serve as sex slaves for Arabs? This is on top of giving them the land ? We know what happens to maids leave alone in Arab country even in our own country? A maid hardly go away without being raped in Ethiopia? What would the Arab man do to 14 year old? They rape them and then they accuse them committing adultery and stone them to death?

    The bible says, ‘ man cannot leave by bread alone.” Who is going to take care of the 14 years old girls social need, sexual, human needs? men, money is after dignity, money without dignity is vanity.

    He should leave our country and our people and do his somewhere else. We do not need his grant or his charity if he want he can give it to somebody else. I did not like Al mouldi from the beginning because as soon as he set his feet in addis ababa he started throwing money to artists and individuals, socccer players. That is what Coca cola companines doe. They do not care about communities, socieities,… but they sponsor soccer games, environmental clubs to look like they are philanttropitists. That is called business mission. It is customer management or marketing strategy or exploiting strategy. That is how even NGOS make money out of people by putting wearing starving human face

  185. Abesha on

    Dear Assta B. Gettu and Gezaee H.

    I agree with your both comment concerning Al Amoudi, Woyanne and Shabia. Al Amoudi is enemy with hidden agenda. We Ethiopian should carefully follow every move he made. His relation with Woyanne is a part of his mission to destroy Ethiopia. He work undercover as Saudi agent and his main mission is to spread Whabism and Islamisation of Ethiopia. That is why he finance the building of a lot of mosques than schools and clinics for poor Ethiopians including his native Wollo relatives.

    Dear Assat in this hostile environment don’t suggest Ethiopia making confederation with other muslim countries like Djbouti and Somalia. We have enough trouble with Ethiopian muslim extermist who want to double thier population size and destroy Ethiopian Christain with demographic pressure just like they did with Lebanon Christians. We should be brave enough and fight the Muslim exterimist like Israel. The Israeli are ready to help us and share thier experience in fight aganist the Muslim exterimist like Palestanian terrorist Hamas and Lebanon Hezbolla.

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