The Oromo contribution to building the Ethiopian nation

As part of its Greater Tigray agenda, the Woyanne apartheid junta has been systematically attempting to weaken Ethiopian nationalism by turning one ethnic group against another. The Woyanne propaganda machine has commissioned papers and books, for example, audaciously bringing into question the Oromo people’s contribution to building Ethiopia as a nation. Unfortunately, the Woyanne propaganda is having an impact on the new generation of Ethiopians who know little about Ethiopian history. To help counter such attacks on Ethiopiawinet, poet and distinguished Ethiopian scholar Dr Fikre Tolossa has authored an article in 1992 titled: Nobles of Oromo descent who ruled Ethiopia. It’s an insightful and highly informative article. Click here to read it.

181 thoughts on “The Oromo contribution to building the Ethiopian nation

  1. Berhanu Bogale on

    Thank you for bringing out something positive and something constructive for building democracy and justice for all. Truth must also be told in order to develop trust and unity within diversity and then convert mother Ethiopia in to the resurgent GARDEN OF EDEN for all.

    But please don’t tell this “top secret” information to parochial power hungry hidden and potential angry and bitter few tyrant elite circles like መቶ አለቃ Ayal-sew Dessye who is deeply terrorized for fear of Ethiopians demonstrating for their rights like in Egypt, Tunisia, etc. and correctly demand democracy and freedom during this new 21st century era for the coming new Ethiopia with out the old fossil medieval tyrannical soldier’s (መቶ አለቃ)permission who is potentially even much more worse than that of tyrant Meles in case he manages to grab power. NO HE CAN NOT. YES WE CAN! BEKA!

  2. Assta B. Gettu on

    Was Queen Sheba from Oromo too? Was Menelik I from Oromo also? What about Ezana? Caleb? Zerayakob? Lalibela? Tewodros II? Atse Yohannes and the rest?

    I will assure you most Ethiopians believe the Oromos are Ethiopians, and some Oromos, such as OLF, believe Oromos are not Ethiopians; therefore, they say Oromos must secede from the rest of the Ethiopian provinces. Which side are you, Dr. Tolossa?

    Let me digress a little bit from the main issue here for clarity and objectivity. During the 7th century, to make himself as one of the legitimate prophets, Mohammad declared Deuteronomy 18:15 as a reference that he was indeed the one Deuteronomy 18:15 is talking about. Deuteronomy 18:15 says: “The Lord your God will raise up for you a prophet like me from among your own brothers.” Even though no one sees the name Muhammad mentioned here, the Muslims still insist Deuteronomy 18:15 is talking about Muhammad. Later on Muhammad went on plagiarizing the Scriptures both the Old and the New testaments to substantiate his Quran as a holy book equal with the Jewish Torah and the Christian New Testament.

    In the same way, Dr. Tolossa’s article has some hidden agenda by relating the Oromos to the Amharas royal families in order to declare Oromia as an independent nation that has a history of governing itself and governing other Ethiopian provinces; therefore, Oromia must go free. That is the message the author is trying to convey to all of us by linking the genealogy of the Oromo people to the royal families of the Amharas.

    I can see clearly Dr. Tolossa has spent several times in writing this article to boost the morale of some of the Oromo people by telling them they are the sons and daughters of the Ethiopian kings and queens. He also asserts the Oromo language was once the national language of the Ethiopian people: “This was the third time in Ethiopian history when the Oromos and their language dominated the court of an Ethiopian emperor.” This means, if the Oromo language was the language spoken by an Ethiopian emperor, it must be also spoken by all the emperor’s subjects, by all the Ethiopians.

    I have indeed heard Emperor Haile Selassie was fluent in French, but I have never heard, as the author confirms, he was fluent in Oromo language: “Teferi Mekonen was reputed for being fluent in the Oromo language….”

    What the author is trying to say is that the Oromo language had been the language of Ethiopian kings and princes; therefore, the Amharic language must be demoted, and the Oromo language must be revived and be the national language of Ethiopia.

    The author’s most hypocritical statements are the following: “Emperor Iyoas appointed Oromos to higher positions like Emperors Susenyos and Iyasu did. He preferred his Oromo kinsmen from Wollo to the Gondere relatives of his grandmother, Empress Mentewab.” If this is the case in the old Oromos’ administration in hiring only kinsmen to higher positions regardless of qualifications, then why the Oromos denounce the Woyanne government for hiring only the Tegaru for high positions?

    How can you, Dr. Tolossa, assure the Ethiopian people that you will not follow Emperor Iyoas’ practice of hiring only one’s own kinsmen to high positions if the Ethiopian people appoint you as their prime minister?

    I doubt Menelik II went to war to fight the Italians because his wife told him so; it is better to say his ministers told him so. The author says: “…it was she (Taitu)who encouraged Menelik to fight the Battle of Adwa against the Italians, in order to save Ethiopia from European colonization and humiliation.” No one wages a war just by the advice of his wife without consulting his war generals and ministers. Menelik II might have consulted the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahido Church whether to go to war or not, and I am sure the Church had given him her blessings, and that was why the St. George Tabot was carried to Adwa to help the king in his fight against the foreign invaders.

    Why is the highly educated Oromos, according to the author’s statements, oppose to the unity of Ethiopia unless they want the disintegration of Ethiopia? The author said some educated Oromos do not want to hear the name of Ras Gobena because he fought for the unity of Ethiopia. That is the big problem I still have with OLF who are ready to destroy Ethiopia.

    Dr. Tolossa, You have listed a number of people whom you believe were Oromos, but what are your resources? Is the elderly lady whom you have interviewed your only resource? What was her name?

    Finally I will say this: The Amhara blood in the Oromo people ruled Ethiopia, not the Oromo blood in the Amhara people that ruled Ethiopia. Whatever history the article tells us in confusing genealogies, the fact remains the Amharic language is the national language and the Amhara Christian dynasty governs Ethiopia for eternity.

  3. Bonsa on

    It is good to be reminded but not surprises. let alone the history, Take a look since Wayane came to power by the help of OLF, how many Oromo students, businessmen, intellectuals rooted out from their home, school,and from their family.
    even more today how many Oromos are taking chance for change.
    I also wonder why the rest of Ethiopian people shay away to fight back wayane as Oromo people mainly youth do? do they think they will share power or even take power when this government go? those days are over my friends who paid the ultimate price will collect the fruits at the end. if the rest of Ethiopian people to continue stand by and watch the suffering of Oromo, believe me the outcome will shock the current observers and those who think the fight is not theirs at this time and propaganda is their take. think again, I am not opposing to propaganda, I just arguing the rest are not doing enough to fight back.

  4. Freedom on

    It’s funny I was just talking with someone who knows everything about Oromos who holded power in Ethiopia the good old days.The person I was talking to was very upset that “Lucy” the 3.2 million years old bones that was found in Awash Valley in Ethiopia is here somewhere in U.S.The person that I was talking thinks that Meles is not just selling lands or babies but also “Lucy” 3.2 million years old history that can not be replace.The person thinks “Lucy” is sold to some U.S based museum and he doesn’t know which state in U.S has “Lucy”.The person also thinks “Lucy” bones could belong to Oromo person.Is Meles really Ethiopian? Does Meles really care about the future of his wife,children,and Tigrea people at large? For sure I know Meles doesn’t care about Tigrea people at all…hey don’t take my words for it go see Tigrea with your own eyes or ask anyone who just came from area.

  5. tezibt on

    History could be written in many different ways. Stop bickering about the past. Good hard working generation makes its own history. Stop wasting precious time over the past. Make history like those who built axum, lalibela and so on. The current welfare prone Ethiopian Elite is good for nothing. That is why they are wasting time over the past. Smart people make history and lazy people kill their time talking about the smart people. Whether they were Oromo, Tigre, Kembata or Amhara they made history and now nonsense and lazy elites waste time looking back endlessly. I would never waste serious time over which tribe led Ethiopia. I would read it for entertainment puropse but I could only use it to divide and conquor if I was evil.
    I don’t have any idea what your children would be thinking about your filth. As much as I love my country and you people, you really make me sick to the bone. Your laziness is acidic. Look at some of this OLF leaders, TPLF leaders and so on. Their diaspora supporters are welfare recipient jobless hoodlems who are educated enough to run big companies but waste time because of their lazy minds. It doesn’t mind which tribe you come from, do you know how I know that you are all from Ethiopia ? it is because no matter how educated you all have the same genetic defect that makes you lazy, jeolous, cruel, insensitive, vengeful, treacherous, hypoctite, chauvinist, masogynist, ethnicist, selfish. You end up wasting your life hating and bickering. You are the living dead. You don’t love or live life. Hopefully when you are all gone we may live happily and never waste our time about your history and about the things you should have done. I hope we make history and never argue about the past. The lord give you mercy.

  6. Mulugheta (from Germany) on

    Please read on what Meles and his TPLF-comrades in corruption are working.

    TPLF’s Confidential Document

    Indian Ocean Newsletter N° 1211 31/03/2007

    According to information obtained in Addis Ababa by The Indian Ocean Newsletter, the Ethiopian Prime Minister Meles Zenawi has written a 22 page document entitled Tigray in the new Millenium calling for a strengthening of the construction of a Tigray Regional State which is in a position to “survive on its own means if necessary”.

    This text was approved by Seyoum Mesfin, Abay Tsehaye and Sebhat Nega and is now circulating in the executive circles of the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF, hard core of the Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Democratic Front in power in Addis Ababa) as a confidential document.

    According to our sources, it lists the various infrastructure projects already completed in Tigray, laying special emphasis on the Tekezie hydro-electric dam for its role in the electrification of the country, calls for the expansion of other sectors of activity in this region in the North of Ethiopia and praises the close relations between the Tigray Regional State and China.

    This text also considers that the Tigrayan Diaspora abroad should be “educated and mobilised to invest” in this regional state. Finally, it stresses the need to establish close relations with certain Eritrean opponents. This theoretical assemblage is similar to the thesis in favour of creating an independent state, coupling Ethiopian Tigrayans and Christian Eritreans from the high plateaux. The idea of such a Tigray-Tigrigni State was favoured two decades ago by certain Ethiopian Tigrayan and Eritrean nationalists.

    Source: Indian Ocean Newsletter N° 1211 31/03/2007

  7. Gerewew Isaatuu on

    Asta all your assertions defeat your purposes. You want one Ethiopia but
    you deny to acknowledge people who had done that for years. By the way you can only write history and narrate it as you like it. But I am sure no any scholar or historian predicts the out comes of historical events accurately. Who thought Melese becomes a prime minister? Who imagined an illegitimate great grand son of Minilik II- Mengistu Haile Mariam becomes a president of Ethiopia?

    I say; you irritate people with your old status quo and yet history will run its courses. In my own life time I had seen quite a bit. Time marches and history will have her unexpected anecdotes and man will pass away and we keep making love and rear our next generations.

    Who knows to night in the biggest city that was built most probably hundreds years ago my beautiful Africans have been dating and romancing without even knowing whether they are Menzens from Tegulet or Oromos from Boran and they just throw the dices in making love and lives are generated and generations will continue. By the mere mathematical probabilities we Oromo men and women will have greater chances to produce Oromo children and one day those children will rule the Empire. Haile Sellassie was that child and Mengistu is that child and
    go and hang yourself for history did not and does not and will not favor your wishful thoughts.

    What about the venerated heroine becomes a princess and she is from Tigray and Oromia by blood. What would you like to call her? She is the outcome of that romantic dice game and war of sexes in Addis Ababa.

    Be careful and reread an article “ What a name has to do with it.”

    I do not want to argue with you and you are way out of the topic. The person was writing about the contributions and you are predicting about power in the future. You guys are too poor to keep power in the hands of the old ruling families from central Ethiopia. You may consult with queens and princes from Britain. They have power and real power and are worth more than 100 billions. What do the people from your favorite area have except themselves. Money, politics and military makes power and you have none of them.

  8. true on


    I say well done OLF and its collaboration with Eritrea and TPLF. It is now helping to question the Ethiopians the role of Oromos in Ethiopia. They are the main drive for independence from colonization. Without ORomo we would have been colonized for sure. So OLF bring your act together and unify Ethiopians and Oromos. Stop collaborating to the ethnic agenda of TPLF and Shaebia!

  9. Terengo on

    The is one of the most enlightening and exciting piece of writing I read about Ethiopia in a long time. Thank you Dr Fikre. Shame on those who are trying to dishonor the proud Oromo history.

  10. yirga on

    Assta B. Gettu

    when ever any article which bears an Oromo name appears, you start barking from your hidding place. I believe, either you are allergic to Oromos or you have an identity complex which is forcing you to act hypocritically. Explaining another peoples story is very easy, and specially with modern technics. You are bearing a barren or arid fruitless mind which is not only harming Oromos, but also poisoning and spoiling the whole Ethiopia. You don’t have to tell the Ethiopians about the past rulers of Ethiopia, since they know it before your birth. Every Ethiopian rulers have acted and ruled the country according to that time’s conditions. But you are living in 21st century with your mentality of 19th century. You are like a bird which repeats the words of others or which sits on other bird’s nest. So please try to come out with your own ideas or solutions for today’s Ethiopia.

  11. Mezgebu Tammirat on


    You cursed us collectively and tried to banish us to the edge of the universe. “…it is because no matter how educated you all have the same genetic defect that makes you lazy, jeolous, cruel, insensitive, vengeful, treacherous, hypoctite, chauvinist, masogynist, ethnicist, selfish. You end up wasting your life hating and bickering. You are the living dead.” You wrote

    That is too much but I must forgive you for chastising us collectively because you have also said, “The lord give you mercy.” We also really need mercy and buy time for getting ready slowly but surely do away with tyranny and criminal dictatorship. True, better fast than slowly as you correctly indicated but better slowly than never I also see it. Together, in unity within diversity we can still make miracles.

    I agree with you that we need not concentrate on the past ALONE even though looking back will hep us understand the present and build the new future.

    Mind you also the fact that all of these MASTER DIVISIVE SINS you have outlined and characterized as common “genetic defect?” are in fact NOT AT ALL GENETIC DEFECTS but consciously constructed and cleverly developed ruling elite evil instruments of division, exclusion, discrimination, subjugation, exploitation and dictatorship of the few over the clear majority, that is to say, policies that brought mother Ethiopia to its death bed and reduced the good Ethiopians to the shameful global symbol of eternal beggarmanship.

    Now that mother Ethiopian is on its death bed, the Ethiopian people keep starving to death, begging international feeding hands like always while the tyrannical dictatorial criminal junta following long standing ruling elite traditions still using all the tricks of the previous Ethiopian ruling juntas/elites which you, out of frustration wrongly described as “genetic defects” that is to say, quoting you,”lazy, jeolous, cruel, insensitive, vengeful, treacherous, hypoctite, chauvinist, masogynist, ethnicist, selfish. You end up wasting your life hating and bickering. You are the living dead.”

    It also seems to me that you are also consciously and or unconsciously being socialized perhaps out of frustration in to the so called and wrongly defined “genetic defect” theory” because you blame criminal elite instruments of subjugation as some of sort traits and genetic defects that applies to all Ethiopians across the board. In addition you equally and wrongly blame both the defensive victims(OLF) and the offensive victimizes (tplf).

    If we are equally blaming a community of hungry cruel wolves and a community of innocent herd of sheep, that already explains as to in which group we are grazing and socializing. :)

    But the current 21st century burning issue is to do justice for all by constructing and consciously promoting genuine and egalitarian representative democracy, empowerment, popular participation from the ground up and enable the Ethiopia of all, NOT ONLY the old Ethiopia of few rodent elite wolves many of these old chauvinists are angrily bragging day and night with their hearts in their mouth for no viable results other than keeping tyrant criminal tplf in power.
    Let the Lord give us mercy and help us to do the right thing!

  12. Bonsa#3, the ethiopian ppl know that oromos are not the only who are victims of weyane, all ethnic groups are victims including tigrais.

  13. Anonymous on

    Dr Tolosa
    I would call you the way your relatives call you, though your true name is Tolasa. Look what you friend told you, though you still cry for their Ethiopia. Read from the Assta comments above. He/She said
    “The Amhara blood in the Oromo people ruled Ethiopia, not the Oromo blood in the Amhara people that ruled Ethiopia.” This is what all oromos are saying actually except you DR. Tolosa. Sorry for you, you gona be lost if you do not come back sooner, which we all brothers and sisters hope. We truely love,

  14. wuroye on

    Astta has apparently anointed himself(or herself)as the advocate of the Amhara people and Ethiopian orthodox church whereby he constantly blabbers and squawks against everything that promotes multi-religious and multi-ethnic Ethiopia. He sees and portrays our history differently, ignoring the fact that the Ethiopian people are more wise and pluralistic than his twisted views. Dr Tolossa did nothing but put together facts that are well documented in history books and have been always taught in schools. Yes, the Ethiopian royalties were at times of multi-racial heritage in the same fashion as the North Africans and Syrians became part of the Roman Emperorship. We will definitely see more leadership role by non-amhara people in the future as we recently witnessed with the presidency. That is fine as far as I am concerned, but it is obviously hard to comprehend for a medieval lunatic religious savage who still believes that there is an inherent difference in people’s traits. This is racism in its purest form as seen from the perspective of an ideologue. In fact, he is not only a rigid ideologue who is afraid of others but also a dangerous psycho who is unknowingly fermenting an Ethiopian Ku klux Klan.

  15. Freedom on

    To Assta B.gettu….I feel sorry for someone like you.Assta I heard there was a Oromo man who ruled Gondr or Gojam for 70 years.What do you think of that?If Oromo people said we are not Ethiopians why would that bother you? Why do you care if Oromos say we don’t want to be called Ethiopians? If a Amara man tells me he’s not Ethiopian he’s an Amara it doesn’t bother me at all.If a TPLF member tells me he’s not Ethiopian he’s a tigrai I have no problem with that you have my bless to pack your bags go live in north.Assta Oromo people are not out to do harm to anybody who said they are Ethiopians or whatever.

  16. tezibt on

    12. Mezgebu Tammirat,

    I really like your civil critic on my comment. Not to be argumentative, but I stand by what I said. Yes I will recant on putting every Ethiopian Elite in one box but since there has been no scientific study done on them, I stand by most of my comment.

  17. Katanga on


    MANY TIMES IN THE ETHIOPIAN HISTORY OROMOS FAILED TO DEFINE IT SELF FOR OBVIOUS REASONS AND AMAHARAS DEFINED THEM IN THE MOST INHUMAN WAY. NOW OROMOS STAND FOR IT SELF AND ARE REDEFINING IT SELF IN THE MOST CORRECT WAY. Whether you like it or not you will accept the current well thought and well defined orommuma. Your century onld defination of oromos are long gone and will never be relevant in our history. You terribley failed your self by a word of your mouth. In todays ethiopia oromos are well educated and well equipped to govern itself for better or worse. The day you arrogant and ignorant amhara elites decide our destiny has eroded and will never come back again. You either suck it up and move on or committ socide.

  18. hikka on


    You terribley failed in comperhending the fact on the ground. In todays ethiopia oromos are not acknowledging the amhara’s defination of oromumma. In the past amharas portrayed oromos as savage and inhuman. That discription went on for too long. The reason why that happened was obvious. Oromos were never allowed to define it self. Those who shared power or promoted to the higher positions in the society were forced to asimilate. They hidden their identity for fear of the ramification. Whether you like it or not you just have to accept the new reality and move on. There will never be teklaigizate or kiflegizate. If the unity of the ethiopia is a must it should allow all the nations and nationalities to have their say. No nations or nationalities rules over any body. There will be democracy and equal freedom and justice. My way or no way will just lead to the fragmentation of the country in to many pieces.

  19. uneofascism on

    Assta asked the author quite correctly, “Dr. Tolossa, You have listed a number of people whom you believe were Oromos, but what are your resources? Is the elderly lady whom you have interviewed your only resource? What was her name?”.
    I asked and you deleted it, “Teret and teret from a dean a iniversity faculty. What are the sources or refernces? Ah!HIM haile Sellasie website?”.

    Hate. Would you be brave enough to admit hate is your motivation?

  20. Assta B. Gettu on

    Yirga #11,

    You have been repeating and rehearsing your logos – OLF- for 30 years, and finally you have come with the genealogies of the Oromo people as if we do not know their origins and their backgrounds. Were I you, I would never go to the jungle and stay there for three decays for the purpose of understanding the origins of the Oromo people. When you couldn’t find any thing especial that tells the genealogies of the Oromo people, you worked very hard to find a link between the Amharas and the Oromos through certain Ethiopian individuals. I have been telling you for many times Oromos are Ethiopians, and if they are Ethiopians, they are Amharas because Amharas are Ethiopians. Therefore, you don’t need to study the genealogies of the Oromos once you know the genealogies of the Amhara people. You don’t need to study the DNA of the Oromo people for all Ethiopians have the same DNA, and that DNA is the Amharas’ DNA. If you want to have a DNA different from the Amharas’ DNA, then you are looking after a monkey’s DNA.

  21. adeba garbi on

    Assta B. Gettu:

    you are self sytled Ethiopian judge who wants to promote the handfull Amhara radicals ( If you find any ) and defame the rest of Ethiopia, specially the Oromos. The bargler who have entered the home does not respect the owner rather than humilating him.Your way of acting is the act of ” My way or NO way “, or one against ten. But we Oromos do not care for such a recless out dated propagand. We believe in democracy and harmony than your hatred and milicous idea. Before the disintegration of Ethiopia, which you preach around the clock, we Oromos prefer to work hand in hand with all, equality, unity and brotherhood loving Ethiopians rather than being second-class citizen and servants as you wish it for yourself. And shortly and concretely, if that will fail, NO power on this earth will hinder the Oromos to choose their own destiny.

  22. Assta B. Gettu on

    Abeba #5,

    The word “stupid” always remains the same with a meaning “obtuse,” just as OLF remains always OLF, with no change at all.

  23. Assta B. Gettu on

    Gerewew Isaatuu #8,

    If the author of the article is talking about the contributions of the Oromo people to Ethiopia, why doesn’t he say so, instead of telling us Susenyos was an Oromo; Empress Wabi was an Orom; Emperor Iyasu was an Oromo; Gugssa was an Oromo; Alula was an Oromo; Empress Taitu was an Oromo; King Mikael was an Ormo; Wizero Shewarega was an Oromo; Itege Menen was an Oromo. Was Belay Zeleke an Oromo too? Was Ayalew Biru an Oromo? If he wants to tell the contribution of Alula, for example, he can simply say Alula helped Ethiopia to defeat the Italian army at Adwa; therefore, he was one of the great Ethiopian heroes. That is what he has to say.

    I always want one Ethiopia, but the OLF people don’t want the unity of Ethiopia: they call Ethiopia Abyssinia, and they call Oromia Ethiopia for the purpose of dividing the country and confusing the Ethiopian people including the Oromos.

    You wrote innocently without realizing the power and beauty of history: “By the way you can only write history and narrate it as you like it. But I am sure no any scholar or historian predicts the out comes of historical events accurately.” If one writes history as he wants, then that is not history: it is fiction or novel. You can create fiction, but you cannot create history. True history has chronology, date, location, scene, evidence, primary sources such as eye witnesses, court documents, and so on.

    Yes, it is possible to predict future events using past and present history: many Ethiopians predicted what would happen to Ethiopia after the death of Emperor Haile Selassie. I heard some of them say that it would not be a pleasant one because the king had stayed too long on the throne until he became very old. Had he given power to one of his children when he was 65 or 69, Ethiopia would have been saved from the Red Terror of Mengistu Haile Mariam and from the Death Squad of Meles Seitanawi (Zenawi).

    Some economists in the United States had predicted the collapse of many businesses, housing markets, big companies, many banks, and the stock markets, but no one listened to them. Today, they are also telling us: “Could the world economy be headed for a depression in 2011? As inconceivable as that may seem to a lot of people, the truth is that top economists and governmental authorities all over the globe say that the economic warning signs are there and that we need to start paying attention to them” (THE ECONOMIC, Market Crash on 8/31/11).

    As far as I am telling the truth, I don’t care whether some people get uneasy or irritated; we know truth is not always pleasant or sweet; it can be bitter.

  24. Bonsa on

    Your egocentric shows here. many people already told you where Oromo stands and what Ormos are up to so i do need to repeat that. it is the free world and you can write as much you want your unspecified self-centered thoughts. Oromo has been defined itself for centuries but we had Gobanas and we still do that but those are changed and as Meles said if you get under the skin all oromos support oromoma. Chauvinistic thinking and wishful thinking is the astray of brain and go ahead live the past as for oromo, oromuma is real and here to stay.

  25. Assta B. Gettu on

    Hikka #18,

    The Amharas did not give the name Oromia to the Oromos. The OLF did that for its own hidden agenda. The correct name for the Oromia was Galla, and why OLF preferred Oromia to the historical Galla is beyond my comprehension.

    The Amharas’ past and correct descriptions of the Oromos stand unchallenged: the Amharas had spent a lot of time to civilize and tame the Oromos, and that is why the Oromos got the Amhara blood. As a result of this blend, some Oromos became kings and princes, thanks to the Amharas’ mentorship of such wild and truculent creatures.

  26. Zera Yacob on

    #2 Comment by Assta, Dear Assta, I have always liked your comments that you give in Ethiopian Review’s article comments, specially when it comes to religion as I, myself am an ardent Tewahido Christian but your today’s comment was something I have to disagree with, specially reading it and believing it was from you caught me with a great surprise, don’t get me wrong here, I am Amhara myself, to be specific, from Menz and Gonder but their ‘re realities we can never escape from, one is, as much as the Amhara’s dominated the golden years of Ethiopia’s superiority and self dignity through out her history, many Tigrian Kings also did the same if not more, almost all Axumite Emperors were from Tigray till Mara Teklehaimanot took over, the preceding emperors contributed immensely to the ancient civilization of Ethiopia matched by any countries in the old world, so in my view, our Tigrean brothers are nothing but equal to us Amharas. These stupid woyannes can never represent the people of Tigray as the current Oromos can never represent the Oromos who served our country crushing their bones and shedding their blood, Ethiopia is indebted to the contributions of the Oromos. Tell me one Ethiopian general in thousands of years of our history who can equal Fitawrari HabteGiorgis or Balcha Safo. Even during Gragn Ahmed’s invasion against our Christian Empire, Emperor Gelawdios’ best bow artillery division belonged entirely to the Oromo clan who successfully dismantled one faction of Muslim Invaders and they stood by the side of the Christian Emperor till the end of the war costing them many of their elders. So my point is, today’s political ambition of the oromos and Tigres is just to capitalize on the laziness and fear of our generation but that should not discredit their ancestors, real oromos and Tigres respect the Amarigna language as a national language since it was declared by the great Emperor and Saint Kidus Lalibela. Yet again, both of them real ones love and respect and even defend the Tewahido faith as well as submit to the Ethiopian Lion of Judah flag and our unique and blessed Alphabet.
    May the most Blessed, the Most High, the Holy Trinity bless Ethiopia and her people. Amen

  27. Assta B. Gettu on

    Bonsa #25,

    No one denies Oromia is one of the provinces of Ethiopia, and I know Oromos stand for Ethiopia and Ethiopia stands for them. If they prefer to stay with Ethiopia as one of its provinces, they are welcome to stay; however, if they want to separate from Ethiopia, then they are incurring immense damages.

  28. Assta B. Gettu on

    Adeba garbi $22,

    It is not true as what you have said about Amharas. You cannot say there are some radical Amharas: All Amharas by nature are gentle, noble, rational, brave, self-confident, princely, kingly, charming, humorous, friendly, and spiritual.

    Oromos have never been second class citizens because they are Amharas’ blood: a second class citizen cannot be a king or a prince or a princess, but some of them have been to the highest echelon in the government jobs.

    Ethiopia is the one that decides the destinies of its provinces; no province is allowed to go its own way without the blessings of the mother land – Ethiopia.

  29. Hard liner on

    Asta, you are an idiot. The Oromos have every right to name themselves. Their will needs to be respected regardless of what. It is 21st century. The author is reminding Oromos their ownership of the country. Do not forget, they are the majority.

  30. Assta B. Gettu on

    My dear Zera Yacob #27,

    I’m with you and never deny there had been good Oromos who gave their lives for Ethiopia, and it is a historical fact; however, I don’t trust the OLF because OLF has its own new agenda to disintegrate Ethiopia by taking away Oromia from Ethiopia, and I am always against the disintegrations of our country. We have historical enemies around us, and I don’t want to have another independent Oromia with a big Muslim population within Ethiopia. I don’t object to having a prime minister either from Oromia or from any other Ethiopian provinces as far as that prime minister keeps the Ethiopian Christian cultures as they are without changing an iota. My fight has always been with Islam, and I don’t care as far as the Christian kingdom continues in Ethiopia. I have been told OLF is a Muslim movement ready to destroy the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahido Church and establish a Sharia law in the Oromo zone.

    It is a great joy to hear you are a true follower of the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahido Church, and I am glad you like my other comments about religion. I will assure you I don’t hate my Oromo brothers and sisters; what I hate is the OLF that has refused to change its name and its evil goal.

    Thank you for your excellent comment and brotherly advice!

  31. love on


    Normally, there are few Amaras who speak out on behalf of Amara and if they do, it is rational. That is why I speak out mostly on the narrow mindedness of TPLF and OLF because of their believe for pro ethnic rule leaving out other ethnic groups who reside in Ethiopia. You are then one of the few ignoramus, probably from Gonder and Gojam who are fanatics. Remember, you are speaking only of the Amara rule just because they managed to dominate that is all. It is funny also you ruled out Tigryans who were once very much part of the dominance. Although leadership in Ethiopia occured mostly in the North history shows it is not just Amara. In fact, go back in history a little what of Queen of Sheba, etc, are you going to say she was specificly an Amara? Common sense tells us she is a combination of many probably Nubian, Arab and Cushite, Norther region of Ethiopia, etc… Remember, most Oromos even have to change their name to be part of the Amara leadership. It is people like you who are denying the fact and flaming the peaceful of other ethnic groups. Amara systematically ruled through stereotyping other ethnic groups, favoring most Amaras in the better position. Heck, Haile Selassie has to hide his Oromo and Gurage side to claim the crown from his Amara side. Obviously he has shun speaking ORomo. IT is possible that he spoke Oromo only his relatives if they tell the truth can testify that. In fact, he made sure also his mother and where she came from remained secret, rumor has it every household that have his mother’s picture was ordered to burn the picture.

    By your logic, if you say that the past kings were not Oromos, and you are trying to prove that to Dr. Tolossa, then isn’t that the main reason for their struggle to equality and leadership today although I personally do not support OLF? Are you then suggesting that it is okay for continuance of Amara domination because in history they have ruled? If that is you are suggesting, I am so sorry for you that other ethnic groups, including Ormos have already said enough is enough. My belief is that we can still preserve our history of innovation, languages, etc but it is time to bring democracy and equality with all ethnic groups and this maybe achieve under a very moderate Oromo in one Ethiopia. If you don’t want then good luck in your already experienced loss of power under TPLF.

    Long live Ethiopia!

  32. love on


    Well said,

    Mulugeta from Germany,

    Ocean News Letter is a legitimate News and I don’t know, if this doesn’t wake up Ethiopians as a whole, I don’t know what will. We always think TPLF maybe mobilizing by buying Tanks, etc but in fact it is to annhilate Ethiopians if we attempt any resistance. ER, I suggest you circulate and in fact there should be immediate emergency meeting regarding the Ethiopian people. Otherwise we will find ourselves naked in the very near future. There should be Emergency meeting for entire Ethiopians all over the world and discuss this issue. I have always thought with the help of Shaebia they can achieve the greater TPLF. Eritreans really do not want to be called Eritrea as it is given to them by colonist. They also hate Ethiopia, the only pride they get is from Greater Tigray, as if they struggled along with Tigrayans to form the Greater Tigray therefore their own empire. I do have a feeling two things could happen:
    1, The greater Tigray may include by expanding all the way to Wollo. With strong Tigrayns and Shaebian army they will quickly annex them because they need the fertile land. The rest of Ethiopia that is left will be lead by OLF, which OLF will very much agree happily to this since its dream of Oromya.
    2. The other option could be the Amara region could be part of Oromiya while Greater Tigray is formed. As for the muslims in Eritrea will be quickly dominated by the two christians so there won’t be a problem.

    3, ONLF will gladly take its land.

    This is very much doable people as the ball is in their court. In addition, Shaebia and TPLF can easily influence Egypt and Sudan against any resistance mostly by Ethiopians from Amara, Souther peoples and some Oromos.

    Time to wake up.

    The issue is how many Ethiopians of all ethnic groups will be willing to give up Ethiopia, Ethiopia with its name in the Bible and Quran. How many will give up ETHIOPIA that made history? How many will give up Ethiopoia for the benefit of the few ethno fascists and outside? Those for Ethiopia not just have to mobilize as quickly as possible but also bring this hard evidence of Ethiopia in the Bible and Quran mobilize the people of the world to preserve ETHIOPIA! As for OLF and TPLF of course like the European colonialist they are going to cut and paste Ethiopia’s land as they please to finally wither Ethiopia away but if they want secession it is their choice to form Oromia and Tigray, but there are also many who want to live in the ancient nation of Ethiopia and we need to preserve this. Of course I am assuming if Oromia and TPLF would leave in peace which I doubt so unless we Ethiopians become strong, OLF and TPLF will make sure we don’t exist and the Ethiopians will be cut and be pasted either in Oromia or Tigray. Over all, my hats off to the genious work of Shaebia who orchestraged all this for its independent. In order for Eritrea to achieve its indpendence, it has to mobilize OLF and TPLF. Wow! Is all I can say.

  33. love on

    I have a feeling as I always have Assta is here commenting to incite hatred between Amaras, Oromos and Muslims, Christians that unites Ethiopia. Obviously he/she must be TPLF/Shaebia/outsiders like the Egyptian who calls himself Professor Shamssadin on American Chronicle against Ethiopia. The OLF lame excuse one of the main reason is even more about stereotyping of Amaras on Oromos. Oromos should know better and desensitize themselves as it is just words. Now, the best way to attack Oromos as Assta is doing is through this stereotype and insulting words to annoy ORomos. If ORomos are sensitive enough, that is very easy then to get to get to them. However Oromos should be enlightened and talk about main issues of inequality rather than feeling like childish and being sensitive to every word thrown to them. They should remember, the Gurages have been more stereotyped by Amaras than Oromos so disregard their sensitivity and focus on peacefule and democratic solutious for all for Ethiopia.

  34. love on


    Please disregard Assta, especially his comment in #21 very much makes me suspicous of him that he is Amara. He must be Egyptian Prof. Shamssadin of American Chronicle who is against Ethiopia and insites hate among the NOrthern and Southern Ethiopians so that Egypt can control Nile, or he must be TPLF since TPLF feeds on Ethiopians divisions or he must be Shaebian who also wants Ethiopians division and weakness to preserve Eritrea. When Assta especially speaks of defending Amara and Amara’s domination, I have never heard any Amara especially today talking this way as they know the danger so since Amara is the uniting factor of Ethiopia, Assta wants the people to comment and be against Amara. This is a calculated comment he is making. So ignore him, he will wither away or he will come back changing names like Gragn Mohammed or something. Look even though I am very moderate Oromo, he made me very upset as you can tell from my comments, this is exactly what he wants and we should know better. As he is aware of the sensitivity of Oromos towards stereotyping he is playing that game and so that as usual the OLF will say this is why we want to secede from Ethiopia, when they should say, we will reform people like Assta. IF he is Amara which I doubt is problaby from Gonder and Gojam that tend to be fanatic. Every region where few other ethnic groups live and interact is where you find racism, it is common fact, look in the South part of America they tend to be more racists. So every region in Ethiopia has this tendency. Unfortunately the people in power, TPLF and OLF it is those type of people that have power in them where they have no knowledge of thier lives with other ethnic groups as the melting pot Addis Ababa, that is why they favor pro ethnicity as supposed to inclusiveness.

  35. Kassa on

    I respect Dr Fikre Tolosa, he is a ture Ethiopian too! Anyway, here are my comment on the issue, part of it was in the International website sometimes ago. Here, what I would like to advise the readers of this commentary form the outset is that, I would say, the Oromo history in this commentary is almost consulted & quoted from “M. Abir, ETHIOPIA AND THE RED SEA, 1980, Frank Cass And Company Limited.” This intensive and credible research on Ethiopian history on such details has got paramount role in assisting to envisage and assert the true history of Oromo migration in Ethiopian statehood. What is more interesting is that, there are plenty of tangible resources such as: (Pereira, F. M. E; Beccari, Vol. X; Budge, Vol. II; and Rossini, Sarsa Dengel, and many more), for those who seeks to know how the Oromo clans migrated to Ethiopia in the 16th century.

    Meanwhile, when I encouraged others to consult these pieces of historical documents it is only from historical perspectives, otherwise, we don’t forget a bit what the true proud Oromo society in Ethiopia had contributed in the creation of our common Ethiopia. Their fate is now indispensable and interwoven with ours. We are the people of one Nation, “ETHIOPIA”. For that matter, although, our current struggle’s result are not seen yet, I believe, without achieving and realizing the equality and justice of each and every society in Ethiopia including Oromo’s, we have no peace to rest and mission not yet accomplished. Moreover, it is a bare fact that the Oromo society like any other of the Ethiopian societies has been under suppression by the then backward and feudal administrative systems as well as now by racist TPLF.

    To begin with, I quote some points “… According to Galla ritual, members of the second class of the gada could not be initiated into the next class unless they killed a warrior (or a dangerous animal) and fought an enemy which had not been previously attacked. Such a system gave rises to endemic raids and the constant extension of the radius of Galla penetration. . . . By the middle of the sixteenth century, moreover, the population growth and substantial increase of Galla cattle, accompanied by a few years of drought, undoubtedly influenced the pattern of Galla migration” [Abir, p. 136, 1980]

    We can see how the gada system was devised as means to wage war against the innocent Ethiopians within their homeland.

    “…the Savannah and the semi-desert which they inhabited to the south of Bali could no longer support their growing numbers and their herds and Galla began to move into the southeastern peripheries of the Ethiopian plateau. The struggle between Gran and Christian Ethiopia undoubtedly facilitated the Galla migration into the highlands. But this expansion was later curbed by Gran’s armies and by Gelawdewos…” [Abir, pp. 136-7, 1980]

    Nevertheless, the confrontation between Gelawdewos and Nur Mujahid, [Gran’ armies general], Gelawdewos and the Adal after Gran’s death and the chaos within Adal, gave the chance for the Baraytuma group to migrate deep into Chercher-Harar peripheries and into different other directions.

    “…Thus, exploiting the absences of Nur and the bulk of the Muslim army, the Galla overran most of Harar’s territories and threatened the town proper. It was in this period, during the cycle of luba ‘Mesle’, (1556-1564), that the pattern of the Baraytuma’s expansion changed dramatically and became a full-scale migration.” [Abir, p. 137, 1980]

    “Nur ‘the Just and Pious’ is even more glorified by Harari traditions that Gran ‘the Conquerer’ because he saved Harar from the Galla and dedicated himself to its protection. Nur’s armies continued to hold most of Waj and Fatagar even after 1560, when they were reported to have been defeated by Hamalmal. But rather than carrying on the traditional war against Ethiopia, from 1559 to the time of his death in 1567, Nur gave his undivided attention to the growing pressure of the Galla. Although Nur was unable to dislodge the Galla from the parts of the Chercher-Harar plateau which they had overrun and settled, his tireless campaigning and the wall which, according to tradition, he had built around the town, temporarily curbed the advance of the Baraytuma and saved Harar. ” [Abir, p. 137, 1980].

    The Baraytuma Galla, especially the Ittu, Humbana and Karayu tribes, renewed their advance in the Chercher-Harar plateau [Abir, p. 138, 1980].

    “. . . the Baraytuma swept the area and destroyed many hamlets and villages as fas as the hirterland of Zayla. The town of Harar itself was besieged for a time and had it not been for the timely arrival of reinforcements from the coast it might also have fallen to the Galla. . . .” [Abir, p. 139, 1980].

    “. . . Harar, however, gradually declined because its economy was adversely affected by the occupation of most of its lands by the Galla . . . “the fortunes of Zayla were always closely connected to those of Harar. It was, therefore, badly affected by Harar’s decline and the deterioration of law and order in the whole region”” [Abir, p. 140, 1980].

    “As the Baraytuma began their advance into the Harar-Chercher plateau and along the verges of the eastern escarpments in the 1550s they gradually vacated Bali with its excellent grazing lands and left it to their Borana brethren.” [Abir, p. 150, 1980].

    Hamalmal was the powerful military figure of Gelawdewos and later to Minas. When Gelawdewos died in battle with Adal in 1559, Minas (r. 1559-1563) the third son of Queen Mother Sebla Wengel of Gojjam was crowned in Gojjam to succeed Gelawdewos. And the cousin of the young king Hamalmal was given more power in the southeast and its peripheries. His confrontation with Nur gave the Galla an ample chance to spread around Harar and its peripheries.

    On the other part, Bahr Negaash Ishaq who was appointed by Gelawdewos was carefully watching the activities of the Turks and their allies, the Egyptians and the Yemen, in the peripheries of the Kingdom. But as he was not consulted about the crowned Minas, the most influential Ishaq protested against the young King. But Minas chased Ishaq from Tigray to the coast. Nevertheless, the influential Ishaq collaborated with Uzdamir, the Pasha of Turk in Egypt, had fought with Minas. As Minas was at the sometime fighting with the Adal and Nur, the Oromo got the chances to raid most areas of the southeast and its peripheries.

    Enthroned Mina’s son, Serse Dingils’ (r. 1563-1597) was also preoccupied with defending the Turks’ enforcements from the Pash of Egypt and Yemen in the northern and eastern part of Ethiopia and with Oromo migration forms the south into different parts of Ethiopia.

    Apparently, when the monarch left the area, the Oromo migration was more frustrating. “With the rise to power of a new luba in 1571/2 and the rituals related to the initiation into a new gada, the Galla, exploiting Serse Dingil’s unwise policy, began to invade Ethiopia proper from several directions. The Baraytuma increased the momentum of their migration and the Marawa, followed by the powerful Karayu tribe, raided westwards through Amhara as far as Begemder, Gojjam, and northern Showa. The Borana were quick to exploit the power vacuum created by Serse Dingil’s activities in the south. . . .Thus, while the ruler was in Dambiya, the Borana Galla in Bali and Dawaro crossed the Rift valley into Sidama –populated southern Ethiopia – sending raiding parties as far as Showa.” [Abir, p. 151, 1980].

    “… the Borana renewed their westward migration immediately after the monarch left the area. However, they prudently adopted thereafter the tactics which had proved successful in the Baraytuma encounters with the Ethiopians along the eastern escarpments. Refraining from presenting the enemy with a ‘hard’ target, a raiding party accomplished its limited objectives and quickly retreated to a pre-prepared forward base or to a rear base, where the majority of the tribe and its cattle were located. The terrorised population conditioned throughout centuries to leave fighting to the professionals, rather preferred to escape to sheltered places than face the Galla.” [Abir, p. 151-2, 1980].

    The problem here was that, once the inhabitancies were forced to evacuate their area because of Oromo raids, the professionals were neither able to get military logistic nor food, water and shelter to stay there and defend the Galla raids. As a result, the Oromo got an ample condition to replace the then vacate villages.

    Besides, one of the terrible political mistakes committed by Serse Dingil was, his decision to dismantle the Chewa army to build a royal army in 1564-1567 for two reasons. “Serse Dingil’s decision to dismantle the Chewa defence infrastructure in critical provinces just at the time when the Borana and Baraytuma clans simultaneously erupted into Ethiopia. This disastrous decision was the outcome of the king’s mistaken sequence of priorities and distorted perception of the Galla migration …” [Abir, pp. 152-3, 1980].

    As the Borana Galla migration was intensified, “…Supreme efforts were needed in Serse Dingil’s last years, therefore, to maintain the road between Gojjam, Damot and the southwest open and to protect Gojjam against Galla attacks.” [Abir, p. 163, 1980].

    “By 1570, exploiting the topography of Amhara and the character of its government and population, the Baraytuma began to raid westwards into Ethiopia’s heartlands, as far as Gojjam and Dembiya. In the 1570s and 1580s, using Angot and Amhara (where the Wollo group began to settle) as their main bases they (mainly the Karayu-Azebu) pillaged Tigre, Begemder, northern Showa and parts of Gojjam. The Borana renewed their westward advance immediately after the departure of Serse Dingil in 1572. No longer hampered by the network of Chewa and the presence of royal army, they submerged the southern provinces and by 1576/7 penetrated Showa. In the coming years the numerous clans of the Mecha group moved west of Showa and began to raid Damot and nearby territories. Concurrently, their Tulama brothers began to settle in western and norhwestern Showa and to raid Gojjam across the Abbay. During the 1580s, while the Abitchu penetrated southern Showa, the Mecha and related groups occupied Bizamo and overran a large part of Damot. From there or from Showa their Sadetcha clans continued to expand towards the Omo-Gibe basin while, at the same time, their Afra-Gudru clans reached the Abbay from the south and increased their pressure northwards on Gojjam and westward on Damot.” [Abir, p.164, 1980].

    Historically, Damot was a very big and strong region around what we call it now Ambo, Ginche and its peripheries which that was eventually overran by the new comers and amalgamated into Oromo clans; it was one of the main strong hold of the Amhara society. During that time the near by region was called Sidama, there was no any region called Welega until very recently.

    After Serse Dingil death 1597, there was a power struggle between claimers. Yaeqob of the seven-year-old was crowned and the Zadingil, exiled to Lake Tana island, but latter he, Zaselassie, and Susinyos confronted until Susinyos crowned in Gojjam in 1607 in Adiete, near Bahir Dar. Susinyos (r. 1607-1632) crowned in Gojjam and to legitimize his coronation he want to Tigre in 1609 to be himself crowned in Axum by Abuna Simeon with all the pomp and according to all the ancient tradition of Ethiopia. At this time, the Galla got other opportunities to raid new areas.

    The war between Spain and British in 1584 and the British attack of the Portuguese shipping line in the Atlantic and the Indian Ocean to avenge Spain, as Portuguese was under Spain control, were a setback to the then Ethiopian Kings who were badly seeking Spain’s/Portuguese’s help in their war with the Galla raids. “Despite his faith in Catholicism it is curious that Susinyos decided to commit himself fully to the Roman faith at a time when he had given up hope of receiving aid from Spain and when he realised that Catholicism divided rather than united Ethiopia.” [Abir, p. 221, 1980].

    Eventually, Susinyos shift his military command from Gojjam to Dembiya, which he named it later Gondar and nominated his son Fasilidas in 1624 to replace him in the future. During his time, i.e., after 1632 Fasilidas, consequently, changed/moved the seats of the national monks (including the 44 church and the Eteges/Queens and their families) form Deberlibanos to Azezo, and unlike previous king of kings Fasilidas used to spent most of his time with his wives chasing love, eventually this angered the Showa and the Gojjam nobles that results the event of warlord’s era. Unfortunately, during this era Ethiopian influence and territorial integrity that was starching to the Indian Ocean in the Southeaster and Medhine in the West to, now in proper Sudan, weakened much more than expected until the courageous and mythical throne-name Tewodros, attempted to re-establish it again in 1860th.

    So the most intensified migration period of the Oromo is mainly between the year 1540 – 1640, Libna Dingil (r.1508-1540) to Susinyos 1632, latter Fasilidas and during the Warlords era.

  36. Let us be serious on

    I bet, Meles and his puppets are laughing their heads off and doing what they do best–looting, killing and selling Ethiopia while Ethiopians have chosen to take their eyes and attentions off from TPLF to argue with each other. Ethiopians shame on you all, you have handed what Meles and his gangs always want. I wonder, what the Amhara and Oromo Ethiopians who are rotting in Woyane prisons think if they have the luxury to read all your comments? Very disappointing in deed.

  37. Annonymous on

    Please get the clue that the majority of Ethiopians don’t agree with your irrational and always inflammatory views.

  38. abc-hahu on

    Yene Assta,

    Just gone through your posts. Boy, without realizing you are same old Assta that is determined to kill Ethiopiawinet. Believe it or not the old days are gone for good except in your dreams, even you best allies are realizing and accepting the fact.

    Cheers & Salam

  39. Yosef on

    Mentally living and thinking in the 19th century, cunning fox Assta B. Gettu tirelessly tries to divide and conquer back the Oromos for the second time. Good luck Lucifer!

  40. Mogodi Lobengula on


    I would call you the way your relatives call you, though your true name is Tolasa…” ‘He/She said’
    “The Amhara blood in the Oromo people ruled Ethiopia, not the Oromo blood in the Amhara people that ruled Ethiopia.” you quoted.

    The way I see it clearly, there is NO reason for Dr. Tolasa or people in his good category to be choosing this or that side based on his/her ethnic blood composition. That composition is always a blessing and a bridge between two rivers that connects two fertile green cultural value farmlands. Rather, what is necessary is siding with the historically and currently victimized and promoting justice for all.

    Everyone of us can be ourselves, nothing but ONLY OURSELVES. First and foremost respecting ourselves, our rights, our identities then it naturally follows that we stand to respect others and others rights too. When two people who respect themselves and respect others come together everything works harmoniously.

    What the provocative vocal remnants of the 19th century black Nazis propagate has no value in this 21st century era of enlightenment other than acting as an attention diversion from the main issues and ongoing agendas. But if they try to resurrect their old mythologies wrapped up with their poisonous theologies in order to impose on others their usual killing orgies, one only needs to get organized and stand to the challenges on the ground. What is the big deal!

    What is important is promoting equality, inclusiveness, justice for all,etc., through supporting genuine democratic changes will benefit all parties regardless of ethnicity, region, religion, gender, etc. Genuine democratic change is what we Ethiopians want. YES WE CAN!

  41. Ethiopia on

    We are so sad you guys the way talking about two or three ethnic groups by the name of Ethiopia. So the other ethnic are not Ethiopian. but you call them what?

  42. Assta B. Gettu on

    love #32,

    Fortunately, Gondar and Gojam have produced millions of highly educated Ethiopians, but a nescient person like you never comprehends the religious, political, historical, and social sophistications of these two provinces, Gojam and Gondar; therefore, there are no ignorant people either in Gojam or Gondar as you boldly assert.

    When I am speaking about the glorious Amhara rules, I am talking about the Axumite rules, about the Oromos’ rules, and the rules of other Ethiopians. The Amharas represent all the other Ethiopian tribes. In the same way, the Oromos represent all the other Ethiopian tribes, and the same is true with the rest of the Ethiopian tribes. Especially, you cannot separate the Tegaru from the Amharas: they both have the same culture, the same tradition, the same history, and the same religion. It is your naivety to say I have ignored the Axumites’ ancient history that had opened the window of civilizations for all Ethiopians. Law, order, art, Christianity, and spirituality emanate from the Axumite Christian kingdom; therefore, Axum is the cradle of Ethiopian civilization, and I am proud of the Axumite civilization as I am proud of the Amhara Christian kingdom.

    You wrote blindly: “Amara systematically ruled through stereotyping other ethnic groups, favoring most Amaras in the better position.” You are absolutely wrong, and you have no clue about the natures of the Amharas. They have had the correct and equal representations of all ethnics. Some may have favored their own relatives in offering some jobs, and no one is free from such kind of behavior. In fact, the author of the article have pointed out that Emperor Iyoas preferred his Oromo kinsmen in offering them higher positions. So no one is free from doing some favor for one’s own friend or relative.

    I am glad you do not support OLF, but I have never said the Oromos had never ruled Ethiopia, some for 3 years, some for few days, and some, perhaps, for a longer period. I am not talking here about the duration of their rules, nor am I talking about their genealogies. What I am talking here is that the Amharas have ruled Ethiopia gloriously and still they are her legitimate rulers. You said, “…the Oromos have already said enough is enough.” They have been saying that over one hundred hears, and if they are saying enough is enough to the Meles rule, why don’t they rise up, overthrow the Woyanne government, and be the rulers of Ethiopia, instead of telling us their genealogies? They claim they are the majorities, if so, why do they need the help of the Amharas? You think the Amharas have lost power; they have never lost power. Who do you think is ruling Ethiopia now? The Tigreans are ruling Ethiopia, and I have explained to you already Tigreans and Amharas are the same; one cannot differentiate between the two, and if the Oromos were the rulers, I can still say to you the Amharas are the rulers because the Amharas are in the Oromo’s blood.


  43. Glee on


    The oromos have been denied to speak their language, to write in their language, to translate even the bible in to their language, to worship their god, to own their land, natural and human resources, so that their history must not be written by themselves but by the most cruel and brutal conquerors and their foreign midwives.

    And what you are conveniently puling out of your crime cave wardrobe and displaying in front of us as an evidence of Oromos none ingeniousness is a fake and self serving folk story written by the equally or even more fake folk story line of king of kings court and their foreign midwife scribes manicuring and pedicuring their cruel ugly faces of conquest and occupation.

    If you want Oromo history please ask from the Oromo historians themselves otherwise even your own history can also be conveniently told by the Oromos just in the same way that your freely take the privilege of writing Oromo history from your own perspective and for your own agendas like always.

    Overall, eager manufacturing of folktales and fox bells helps no one at the moment other than diverting attention from the cruelty of the tplf dictatorship unless you are actually that very cruel tplf tyrant cunning fox dressed in sheep skins and spreading divisions before the uprisings that are raging around you may come to swallow you for ever. What a shameless cunning fox! ):

  44. Yonas on

    Assta must be with alterior motive in this forum once again.I have always thought you as a lone ranger who want to popularize a view point of 1860s.You are a typical Lalibela based extrimst Amhara. Any type of extrimism is very dangerous for Ethiopia:extrimist OLFits as well as TPLFits won’t have any space to influence political events one way or the other in future Ethiopia.Assta,you need to know the Ethiopian people are too wise to be mislead by any extrimist zelout or to sponser apolitical view that is detrimental to their very survival. They know no matter what the ellits of each tribe is contempleting,they know they have lived side by side for centuryies,and are not to fall for any entrapment. No matter what the extrimists and the anarcists may be say they won’t prevail.
    Just as we are witnesing in the U.S, age old hate and animocity between races is being recounciled through acceptance ,tolerance,trust,I believe Ethiopians also will follow similar path of peace to resolve the social problem.In the end I tend to believe Love and sex will prevail over hate and separation. The young generation of Ethiopians will play a positive and constractive role in our soicity.They appear to be comfortable to mingle outside their influence.And may be may be the across mairage,and relationship experimented by the rising generation will bring healing to that country.

  45. shame on

    why do we still talk about our long time history and ethnics while a ruthless scavenger, Melese, is eating us alive???

  46. adeba garbi on

    Assta B. Gettu,

    as you are considering yourself and acting, if you are really historian and know the history, you are not an Ethiopian as you call yourself, but an Abyssian who is hidding under the cover of Ethiopian curtain and promote your and your likes interests. The true Ethiopians are all the Kushtic peoples of east Africa except the Abyssians who have crossed to African continent from Yemen. The criminal Abyssian rulers have destroyed the Agaw dynasty, Yaju dynasty all Oromo kingdoms, Sidama kingdom and the others and have defamed the peoples of Ethiopia by calling them ” Shankiloch “, ” Bariyawoch “, ” Galloch “, and etc. These are your grand fathers dirty back ground history, but the Oromos and the young generation Ethiopians are not tied to histroy as the slaves. Therefore, we leave the past for history and work for the future of today’s Ethiopia without paying attention to advanturist like you. I believe that the new generation of Abyssia does not care for your conflict mongering narration except some few stubborn old Debteras.

  47. Fasilades on

    let as work for united ethiopia. there is no peace in ethiopia with out oromo wedednem telanim no oromo no ethiopia. ewnatu from Japan

  48. Assta B. Gettu on

    Kassa #36,

    Thank you for exposing the historical pugnacious behaviors of the nomadic, opportunist, and invading Oromos who have occupied parts of the Ethiopian lands through savagery and plundering invasions. Following their ancestors’ steps, the OLF has attempted many times to take the South by burning houses and by damaging the crops of the innocent peasants. […]

  49. Assta B. Gettu on

    love #34 & 35,

    I don’t think you mean it from your heart when you pretend you are for the unity of Ethiopia. Realistically, what is in your heart is the emancipation of the Amhara land – Oromia – you have invaded in the 16th century, and you are still occupying it as your own. Your immediate problem is how to get there and how to take away that beautiful land of the Amhara and be her illegitimate ruler. To achieve that goal, you are deluding those gentle Amharas to join you in your cowardly straggle to liberate Oromia. Once Oromia is free, then you will betray the Amharas as you betrayed the Ethiopian Amhara Freedom Fighters in Asmara and brought them to their destructions by allying yourself with the Eritrean government. The Amharas know better than your shenanigans and will never trust you any more. Once you got Oromia, then you would say to the few Amharas in Oromia to pack up their belongings and leave the region and go either to Gondar or Gojam; if not, you would threaten that you would kill them. I know what is going on right now in Oromia between the Amharas and the Oromos, but I don’t want to exacerbate the problem by revealing it here.

    I know my comment has offended you to a great extent that you are advertising to the world that I am not an Ethiopian, but the problem is you do not know how to advertise your point. This is how to do it:

    Warning! Warning! Warning!

    The main targets: The Amharas!

    The following Oromo-born person by the name love or Mulugeta from Germany has been propagating the demise of Ethiopia by conspiring against the unity of Ethiopia. Himself a fool, and yet he wants to fool the gentle Amharas to help him succeed in his conspiracy. Give a deaf ear to his endless blubbering, carping, and whimpering.

  50. Assta B. Gettu on

    Dear Yosef #40,

    The Oromos have never been out of my hand, so I don’t have to go to war to get them back. As they have never been out of my hand, I have never been out of their hands either.

  51. Assta B. Gettu on

    abeba garbi #47,

    It is common everywhere in this world to give derogatory names to some groups of people; for example, in America Jews are called “Kike” or “Yid.” Filipinos are called “Asian nigger.” The Irish are called “Bog.” The Japanese are called “Jap.” In the South, African Americans are called “Blue gum.” Therefore, if some tribes in Ethiopia are given pejorative names such as “ሻንቅላ ባርያ ጋላ ውላጅ,” it is not out of the norm of a society.

    You must learn the true history of your roots from worldly renowned Amhara historians rather than from OLF fiction writers. If you stick with the OLF people, you will bring something bad, not something beneficial to the society at all. There is a good Amharic saying: “ከአሕያ ጋራ አብራ ያዋለች ጊደር ፈስ ተምራ መጣች.” Therefore, don’t associate yourself with 0LF.

  52. #2Assta B. Gettu

    I really didn’t see how you relate two completely unrelated issues just to show how thick-headed you are. Not more than this.

    By the way can you name me the name of a prophet that is foretold the verse you mentioned! Don’t tell me he is Jesus(peace be up on him) because you do not believe Jesus is prophet…do not also tell me he is John the Baptist, because he is not the one mentioned there.

    Tell me the name please.

    Second…you said Muhammad (peace be up on him) palagirised ‘old testament’ and ‘new testament’! But some other time you claim that Muhammad (peace be up on) could not write and read. So how came you think one can do that without those abilities?

    I know that you nothing about Bible it self. Just read ( not mere reading but with meaningful thoughts)it for yourself then put it on balance…see how it can even relate to any other religions book.

    I wish I could avoid writing this comment but you forced me unneccessarily.

  53. Anonymous on

    Assta B. Gettu
    people like you spread poison none but for your lack of civility and it is embarrassing to respond to such nonsense,aimless, and baseless thinking.I have good friends from tegre, Amhara, Gurage, Eritrea, and other ethnic groups as human and I can be like you in million years and i refused to level down myself with you, as to the reality mark my word you will see it in your life time.

  54. walteji on

    Assta B. Gettu #50,

    you have said ” I know what is going on right now in Oromia between the Amharas and Oromos “, it is true that some so called ” Neftegnas ” offsprings are instead of living peacefull with Oromos among whom they have born, but collaborating with TPLF and againsting the indiginous Oromos in their home land. Such misguided persons are the supporters of century old Neftegna Systems in Oromia like you yourself. The Oromos are doing and will do what ever necessary to defend themselves on their own land Oromia. Those who come to live and work in Oromia must respect the Oromo culture, customs and norms of living.

  55. love on

    Hey Assta,

    You are making me laugh so hard because I sense fear in your comment. You are about to mekzen on your pants. Apparently you have so much bad conclusion about me and I don’t believe it because your fear is leading you to extreme and I suggest step back and see the whole picture before you inflame others. I used to like very small part of your comments before. From your extreme views about other ethnic groups especially towards Oromos, from now on I decide not to take you seriously and you are probably so frustrated about what is going on in Ethiopia, sitting behind your computer is making you delusional. Come back and take a little deep breathing. I don’t see you any different than OLF and TPLF. For the first time as an Amara, you are experiencing your extremism, heck every ethnic group should have one shouldn’t we all have extremism like the Liberation Fronts and no one sensible will be on Ethioipa’s land and let Ethiopia burn into flames (sarcasm)
    you said,
    I know my comment has offended you to a great extent that you are advertising to the world that I am not an Ethiopian, but the problem is you do not know how to advertise your point. This is how to do it” your comment is more like fowl mouth like typical of some Amaras. Notice I said some Amaras not all. I don’t generalize like you do to Oromos, all Amaras are bad. You are also very confused that one minute you generalize on Oromos and all of the sudden you say, you didn’t say Oromos are this and that. Make up your mind. If you are confused then maybe you are using the wrong choice to explain in regards to Amara and Oromos. I sense however, your bias is coming out unintentionally, be careful you maybe moving to extremism that is what I am trying to say. Extremism and racism is I believe when one feels superior over other groups not based on merit but based on blood, race, religion, etc. When I say merit, certain group of people may have the gene, talent, gift that maybe enlightened to almost higher consciousness that lead people towards progress, peace, democracy, development etc, where they can lead society towards harmonious and peace instead of racism, hate, resentment, war, division and so on, more like they are doing god’s work. That is the type of people I wish for Ethiopia. It could happen that these people could be from Amara, Oromo, tigray, or mix of group of people etc… for me that is fine by me. In reality though it didn’t work and it is not working one way or the other, when one group of peole lead there is a tendency for bias in any society. The goal is how to transcend that bring entire society to harmony.

    At the end, I know you are provoking people for your own agenda, as I said maybe Weyane/Shaebia/Arab therefore, you obviously want attention and will not give you one from now on. I also don’t have to prove to you who I am as my comments in the past clearly shows who I am.

    Long live ancient Ethiopia!

  56. To Assta B. Gettu,

    You are just a big frigging joke. I cant’t beleieve what you wrote here. More or so, your subsequent attemptted denials on your later posts when you recieve backlash “from the group you purport to represent – genuine Ethiopians” – using OLF as a scapegoat. Someone has mentioned it in here. You are a person planted in ER to go undercover as “ultra chuvanist Orthodox christian Amhara”, whereas you are never any of these. I bet, as I have now come to realize, this is your paid job. But if you are contrary to my assertion, you are big time giving a service to Meles and other radicals (like OLF) to their destructive agenda to create an un-united Ethiopia. You are playing the role what Meles day in / out is claiming his predecessors mental blueprint looks like, for him a justification towards the treachourous path he is taking the country into. Any sane human being gives a big tick of approval to Meles’s way, rather than to your #%$&# purported manifesto and elitist agenda.

    Having said that, be reminded that Ethiopians are much much wiser than what you, and your cronny “who you admire secretly” Meles, want them to be. Dr. Tolossa’s article is an instance of this, he is so courteus in his writing to show what the real Ethiopia has been, i.e. diverse and colourful that gave every ethinic group a sense of a stake holder in their past, and hence in their future. He wrote an archival piece of work that is worthy of looking into, also constructive.

    My 5 cent to you. It is a simple rule. Don’t dictate or suffocate any country, culture, ethnic group, religion, or for that matter any social setting to what you want them or they should be; rather embrace and work within them if you want to see the outcome you want. Otherwise, if you choke them with your nonsenses you are awakening the giant within them (even the any mamals have the fight-or-flight tendency to stress test) that may destroy you and any goodwill you may have. It is the 21st century, you are soo portraying a 19th century mentality, typical Feudal.

    wake up

  57. Tola on

    Dr. Fikre want boost our Morale/probably his morale, and claim the Solomonic dynasty , convince us that we the Oromos are the traditional Imperial House of Ethiopia …so we are citizenery to live the life we want with unshakable confidence …. and sing and keep on singing “Ethiopia Hagree Memekiye Kibree…..hmmmmmmmmm… .” That’s isnot relevent now but might be in the 1990’s when blood was the sole toolkit for polics….Dr. Fikre was too late to suggest a correction on Ethiopian History even then.

    Now, even though Dr. Fire’s article has truth to tell, for now the issue is a bit past the political history of genealogy. It sounds like it will not be the toolkit anymore. The current one rather says the Oromo’s and other Ethiopian subjects are coward herds to service their master as needed and required…. So we should question ourselves?

    Note 1 to “Assta B. Gettu and your likes…”: You better had drown yourself to the Atlantic Ocean and die silent suffocated. You are useless and you donot have anything to contribute as Ethiopian to Ethiopia….you organs are already dead…!

    Note 2 to Dr.Fikre…Its not the blood that is a problem but the spirit…There are so many Amhara and Tigres who were scarified for the just cause of the oppressed…

    Note 3 to Meles: You better think twice and Make Ethiopia where your kids can live freely and not being slaughtered like Gaddafi’s kids or live ashamed like Mubark’s kids or live in exile for generation like Mengistu’s and HaileSelassie’s kids.

    One Love!

  58. Zera Yacob on

    Dear Assta,

    Thanks for understanding my point of view discussed on comment #27, like I said, even though I belong to the Amhara tribe, my Tigrean and Oromo as well as other ethnic groups are without any doubt my brothers and sisters and fellow Ethiopians, since we agreed on that, I do have a big doubt to the extent of being convinced that the OLF is just another evil in veil and no doubt that they have a secret (if they call it secret) agenda to destroy EOTC and dismantle Ethiopia’s unity. I rather have those blood sucking woyannes than having OLF in power. Then, what we would have is not going to be the gun totting Aba Paulos but a sheikh in priest garment. And its a fact that Ethiopia can never be Ethiopia as we used to know her if she falls under the hands of the extremist muslims because if that happens, all the good muslims we tend to call as examples of peaces and harmony between Christianity and Islam will for sure turn their backs on us so we rather have them as friends while we are in power than them in power. That’s the reality of the world of Islam, never to take friends from Christians and Jews when they control government, we don’t say that but the Quran says that quite clearly. Whatever it is, having extremist thoughts against Islam is something I oppose since its against our faith and something avoid in our generation but I equally if not ardently oppose the expansion and controlling status of Islam in Ethiopia. What perplexes me most is as why the woyanne government which is mainly and importantly composed of Tigrean descent fails to understand this since Tigreans are no strangers to what Muslims are capable of plus their ancestors being one one of the biggest defenders of the Tewahido faith. I wonder how the bones of their ancestors is crushing in sorrows under the ground when their descendants work hard to disintegrate and shame the very country they died for and the very faith they shaded their blood for. I wonder WHY. May the Most Blessed the Holy Trinity Bless our beloved country Ethiopia.

  59. Hatful woyanne on

    Love#56, listen woyanne:
    It is obvious that you are ready to insult, fire and put all the blames on Amharas every opportunity you get at any given moment. Think about it, so far in the history of Ethiopia not one leader have caused more harm to Ethiopia and Ethiopians than Meles and members of TPLF. And yet, Ethiopians have been very careful not to generalize and insult the entire Tigrea race, even though, Meles and his TPLF cronies have committed atrocities on Ethiopian people and have looted and sold Ethiopian precious land to foreign billionaires. On the other, here you are, without good valid reason, you start belittling and insulting the entire Amharah race because of one misguided, not deep thinker and unstable man has written on Ethiopian Review. You are not any different than Asta Getu.

  60. yonnas on

    It is funny to see that we Ethiopians still busy talking about silly things such as about who speak who’s language rather talking about things that change our life and the create a better future to our children. We are the last in very thing but what we argue about is
    the hate and who is better than who. Hate doesn’t change our life. We need to wake up from this silliness and think how we can live together and change our life. God gave us a beautiful country with rivers flowing
    on four corners of the country. What a waste? The good people of Ethiopia need to take in charge and take back the country and stop our country from going over the cliff.

  61. Maqdalla on

    Ethiopia has been a melting pot for millenia. There is no pure amahara or Tigre King. Most emperors and kings of Ethiopia marry and intermarry with all tribes. The common people do also the same thing. I think it is the strenght of the Ethiopian Nation that we do not prefer this or that tribe but relate to one another as long as we are ethiopians.

    The amhara noblity has riled Ethiopia for about 600 years. There were some interruptions from Tigray. As to Aksumites, we are not sure which tribe dominated the political life. Probably Tigreans were the domonant figures during the Aksumite Era. No wonder there could have been also Amharas ruling or participating in all decision making process in Aksum at the height of it’s zenith. Aksum is not Tigray in political sense. Aksum is the capital city of Ethiopia. tigray is not a tribe. It is a geographical denomination, where important rulers and learned have come out. Kaleb, St. Yared, Ezana to name a few.

    The Oromos have integrated into politics and culuture of Ethiopia. They are migrants and pastoralists. The Oromos have no defined territory. We could safely the Arisi area is Oromo. The present territory of the Oromos is really artificial

    The future of Ethiopia is unity. we should encourage equality to forge unity. The Oromos are ethiopians so are the rest of us. We have no influence of what happened in the past. But we can shape our future under the banner of Ethiopianism on the foundation of aksum and not Lali bella or Gondar. We are all aksumites.

  62. Tola,

    I just wanted to say that Mubarak’s politically over active kids are currently in a cage in Egyptian jail with their ex-long ruling dictator father Mubarak.

    Ex-Iraqi dictator, Sadam Hussein’s politically over active sons were chased and publicly executed by firing squad in Iraq after the start of the Iraqi war and fall of Saddam’s regime. The father, Saddam Hussein, was publicly hanged under the direct view of television cameras with the Iraqi public rejoicing and dancing the hanging ceremony.

    But of course you are forewarning tyrant Meles to watch his dictatorial criminal ruler ship and quickly change course before the sun sets and dark descends on earth and on his palace as well as well as also not to face that ultimate and similar fate like the above tyrants in question. In reality most dictators have ONLY a ONE WAY TICKET. They have neither a reverse gear in their car nor a return ticket from their flights, metaphorically speaking.

    The return tickets and the reverse gears are in the hands of a united opposition who may need to make the final decision about the fate of a dictator’s journey’s end point whether it resembles that of Saddam Hussein and his sons or that of Mubarak and his sons. :)

    ከሰላምታ ጋር

    ዲ ነኝ

  63. Blaten geta on


    Why do you waste your time beating about the bush since all the bushes in which you use to live are razed to the ground.

  64. Assta B. Gettu on

    But #53, or Gragn Ahmed, masquerading as But.

    To remove the inferiorities some Oromos, such as the OLF, have and to lift up their broken spirits and fill them with the Amhara spirits, Dr. Fikre has forced himself to find some similarities between the Oromos and the Amharas through genealogies. In the same way, the prophet Muhammad worked hard to validate his fictitious Quran as a holy book by stealing some verses from the Old Testament and some verses from the New Testament; therefore, Muhammad’s fake Quran is the same with Dr. Fikre’s deluded genealogies. If Dr. Fikre wants to help those sulky and broken-spirit Oromos (OLF), he must teach them the wisdom of that great king, His Majesty, Emperor Haile Selassie, who used to say to his people whom he loved deeply: “ራስን ከሥራ መውለድ እንጂ
    ከትልቅ ሰው ተወልጄ አለሁ ማለት አይረባም.”

    If you still fail to see the nexus between Dr. Fikre’s genealogies and Muhammad’s attempt to bring up his Quran to the level of the Holy Bible, then you have a problem. You need some help from some Amhara experts who can teach you the values of comparison and contrast.

    Indeed, Moses was talking about Jesus Christ when he said: “The LORD your God will raise up for you a prophet like me from among your own brothers. You must listen to him” (Deuteronomy 18:15). It cannot be Muhammad because Moses was talking to the twelve tribes – the Israelites – and the twelve tribes are not Muhammad’s brothers and sisters: they are Moses’ brothers and sisters, and the one that comes out of these brothers and sisters is Jesus Christ, the great prophet, the Son of the Living God. On Deuteronomy 18:18, Moses says again: God says to Moses: “I will raise up for them a prophet like you from among their brothers; I will put my words in his mouth.” The key words here are “from among their brothers,” which means among the twelve tribes, not among the Edomites (Esau). Muhammad belongs to the Edomites, not to the twelve tribes. Jesus genealogy is from the 12 tribes (Matthew 1:1-16; Luke 3:23-38).

    The Apostle Peter confirms to the people of Israel (the twelve tribes) in Jerusalem: “For Moses said, ‘The Lord your God will raise up for you a prophet like me from among your own people; you must listen to everything he tells you’” (Acts 3:22). The word “people” here refers to the twelve tribes of the Israelites; it has nothing to do with Muhammad at all. John testifies to the people of Israel: “I baptize with water, but among you stands one you do not know. He is the one who comes after me, the thongs of whose sandals I am not worthy to untie” (John 1:26-27). John did not mention Jesus by name as Moses in Deuteronomy 18:15, 18 did not mention Jesus’ name; however, when John saw Jesus coming to him on the next day, John said: “Look, the Lamb of God, who takes away the sin of the world! This is the one I meant when I said, ‘A man who comes after me has surpassed me because he was before me’” (John 1:29-30). Was John the Baptist talking about Muhammad here? Not at all! He is talking about Jesus Christ. Jesus is the one who takes away the sin of the world, not Muhammad.

    All Christians believe Jesus is a great prophet: “Sir,” the women said to Jesus Christ, “I can see you are a prophet” (John 4:19). Two people on their way to Emmaus in Judea were talking about Jesus Christ who was crucified and was risen up on the third day. Jesus joined them, but they didn’t know it was Jesus. They told Jesus: “He was a prophet, powerful in word and deed before God and all the people” (John 24:19).

    Amazed by the miracle Jesus performed, especially after he brought to life a widow’s only son,, the people who testified about one of his wonders were speechless and finally said: “A great prophet has appeared among us…” (Luke 7:16). When Jesus continued working miracles after miracles, people began to say: “Surely this is the Prophet who is to come into the world” (John 6:14).

    As a great Prophet, as a perfect God, and as the only Son of God, Jesus knew Muhammad would come. Jesus said: “I have come in My Father’s name, and you do not receive Me; if
    another comes in his own name, you will receive him” (John 5:43). Jesus is right, when the false prophet Muhammad appeared, declaring himself as a prophet, millions of people accepted his satanic message.

    No true prophet had ever been mesmerized or bewitched by magic, or sorcery, but Muhammad had been: “Magic was worked on Allah’s Apostle (Muhammad) and he was bewitched so that he began to imagine doing things which in fact, he had not done” (Bukhari: V7B71N661).

    Satan had indeed misled Muhammad: “Those two phrases which Satan had cast on Muhammad’s tongue were in the mouth of every polytheist. The Messenger (Muhammad) said, ‘I have fabricated things against Allah and have imputed to Him words which He has not spoken’” (Tabari VI: 110).

    A true prophet never fabricates words not sent to him from God; a true prophet never admires the perfectness of magic. He must know magic is false; however, Bukhari says: “Allah’s Apostle (Muhammad) said, ‘some eloquent speech is as effective as magic” (Bukhari: V6B60N662). Therefore, all Muhammad’s words, by his own admission, are fabrications, not words from God the Almighty.

    For misleading billions of people and leading them to their final destruction, Muhammad the prophet must be put in trial and be sentenced to death in absentia even though he is already dead.

  65. Assta B. Gettu on

    Hatful Woyanne #60,

    Who are you, a cursed, uncircumcised, illiterate, and backward troglodyte to criticize love #56, who has never said he is Woyanne? Who gave you the authority to judge a person, whether he is a deep thinker or as green as grass like you? Go back to school and learn how to use the word “different” in a proper way.

  66. stand alone on

    Just like most black Americans the Oromo people tend to do more talking than real action. I say they should open their owen art school and paint green.

  67. Assta B. Gettu on

    My dear Zera Yacob #59,

    You are absolutely right: we all Ethiopians are brothers and sisters, but there is no doubt in my mind that the first thing the OLF People will do if they have the power is to destroy the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahido Church. They will galvanize the Ethiopian Muslims and let them burn down all the Ethiopian Orthodox Churches, starting from Axum to Lalibela to Gondar to Gojam to Wollo to Shewa and to the rest of the Ethiopian provinces. Then they will start beheading the prominent and highly educated Amhara scholars. They immediately change the name Addis Ababa to their Finfinne; they will demote the Amharic language and declare Orominga as the Official language of Ethiopia. They will replace Christianity with Islam or paganism that allows an Oromo person to distinguish himself and become a first class person by slaughtering a human being or something else. They will tear down the old Ethiopian flag and put their own Bandera. They will rewrite the Ethiopian history glorifying their paganism and plunders. They will completely burn down the Chronicles of the Ethiopian Kings and Queens and designate the past Ethiopian kings and queens as the descendants of the Oromo people. What is more? They will hunt those Amharas living abroad, bring them back to Ethiopia, send them to jail, and let them die there. The Woyanne government cares only for its survival. Meles wants to have a weak and powerless Ethiopian Orthodox Church than a vibrant one, and because of negligence toward the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahido Church, the Tigrean and the Amhara Christians hate him deeply, but they don’t want to express their animosities against him because they fear that he may empower the Ethiopian Muslims to bring more harm to the Orthodox Church.

    My dear Zera Yacob, we are stuck! We have to pray hard day and night to God to get us out of the mess Mengistu Haile Mariam and Meles Seitanawi (Zenawi) have created.

    I, too, prefer to live under Meles ruthless leadership to the pugnacious OLF leadership.

  68. Assta B. Gettu on

    Tola #58,

    As an active member of the Jihadist OLF, tell me what do you, Tola, Galla, have contributed to the Oromo people in your 30 years of service to the OLF except interrupting the Oromos’ children from their schools and taking them to the jungle to be perished there in hunger and thirst? You have deprived the Oromo mothers and fathers of their beloved sons and daughters by kidnapping them and taking them to the bushes to be the food of the wild animals. Not satisfied with your endless deceptions against the Oromo young boys and girls, you are now trying to persuade the Amhara boys and girls to join you in your final chicaneries. Your hidden retaliation against the Amhara people has become clearer than ever before. Your days are over before you achieve your evil desire to dominate the Amhara people and to kill their language, culture, religion, and history. Go back to your pagan ritual and sacrifice one of your children to your አድባር ቆሌ or to the spirit of አባ ጅፋር.

  69. Super man on

    Please mr.Getu give us a break. You see! I am in awatchfull and close proximity with articles and opinions posted in the ethiopian web sites.especially live the oromos alone if in case’ endemeqabir yetekefetewin afihin zegteh’ to work with oromos to auster weyane/weyuma. Of course you may or may not be from amhara ethinic group. If in case you are from amhara you are propagating feudalist view which is shared among few adharian like your cousin ‘milion aleqa’ Ayalsew Desse , ‘Dr.’ Ermias and the likes.Paradoxically i do have agreat honour and appriciation to Dr. Getachew, Dr. Birhanu and ato Andargachew and the rest who devoted them selves to adress the root cause of immense problem of the country and to save fragile politics in the country. We all aware about what ‘agalla geday dirijit sponsured and orchestrated by weyane’ by individuals of your people. Really i do have alot to talk. please leave us alone brother. I am waiting ahigh time to drow my spritual sward from my segeba. selam

  70. Assta B. Gettu on

    taw #57,

    All Ethiopians are, indeed, real Ethiopians but the OLF people including you, feeble-minded, fake, faithless, godless, tasteless, and rotten person. Sooner or later, I will get rid of you, using not weapons but my precious and purposely documented words. Instead of mimicking what the other person have said about me, bring your own fighting words and fight me, you sissy, purposeless, rootless, and lazy son of a mendicant father and a slut mother.

    It is true; Ethiopians, especially the Amharas, are more intelligent than your fiendish OLF that have no lives of their own, that they don’t exist by themselves without a life support, and their life support are the Amharas.

    taw, I wish you an eternal sleep not in heaven but in hell!

    You say “wake up.” I will say go back to the 1st century man and learn his discreetness, you ugly and untouchable creature!

  71. Assta B. Gettu on

    Anonymous #54,

    I will assure you, you will never be like me, and I don’t want you to be like me: Just be yourself and mind your own business if you have one; if not, I shall be glad to offer you one.

  72. yewalashet on

    Assta B. Gettu,

    your frustration and identitiy complex is rapidly making you uncontrolleable monster. Even the tyranny Weyane does not use the hatred and insults words which you are spitting out on fellow Ethiopians today. If you have bad private experiences with the OLF cadres, you can go and talk with them privately. Otherwise don’t mess with Oromos and Amharas people who are the parts and parcel of our society. You are motivated and controlled by your immotionality and spontaneity rather than your mind which is based on rationality. Whethere the Oromos or Amharas peoples, they don’t want peremission or allowance from you to work together to give the country which they have built together a new demoratic face. By working together they will build a new peacefull, prosperous, stabil and democratic Ethiopia on your sulchy and hatred idea grave.

    God save us from the disasterous Assta !
    God bless Ethiopia and it’s peoples !

  73. Kasebaw on


    specially the Oromos who are being attacked again and again by the so called Assta B. Gettu, i advice you just to consider as if this guy is not existing and go on with your UNITY work. But if you know him personally, please help and take him to the nearst hospital. Otherwise please don’t try to tear down his glutton stomach which is making him unhuman.

  74. Shaebia on

    An Advice to Ethiopians from an Eritrean,
    Ethiopians should cease this opportunity to unite themselves. Weyane, its haste desire to loot the countries resources, has been employing an ethnic-based divide and rule system that it hoped to use for a century. Ethiopians have to rise above this cheap trick and affirm their unity both in practice and in declaration. That would finish weyane off.
    Any other avenue will only elongate the life-cycle of this monster.

  75. Assta B. Gettu on

    Dear Super man #70,

    Of course, I didn’t give you a five-minute break; instead, I gave you a 30-year break, and now you want me to give you another 30-year break. Alas, I am fed up with your indolence and daily complaints! This time though, I am going to scourge your damn ass not with whips you are used to but with scorpions. I say strongly, NO MORE BREAK for you! Time is up! Go to work and don’t complain too much.

    My ethnicity should not be the main factor for you to say to me: “እንደ መቃብር የተከፈተው አፍህን ዝጋ.” I live in the west, and I am free to open my mouth at any time and talk about any subject I like. If you are living in Ethiopia, then clothe your dirty mouth and shut up. If you want to open your mouth and say something, you must first ask permission from your master Meles Seitanawi (Zenawi) and say only what he wants you to say. The beauty of the west is I can say anything I want, and I can write anything I want to write.

    I have never met the few personalities you mentioned in your comment, and I don’t understand why you mentioned their names here. Are you telling me those people are Amharas, and you think I am Amhara too? Continue guessing!

    It seems you want to know the root causes of Ethiopia’s problems; I will tell you what caused all these turmoil in the country except in some areas in the Tigre province such as in Mekelle. The first main cause of the Ethiopians problem is the death of His Majesty Emperor Haile Selassie by the hands of the number one killer – Mengistu Haile Mariam. The second cause of the problem of our country is the other killer – the OLF – who has betrayed the Amhara Freedom Fighters in Asmara. These two causes have created further causes of the Ethiopians’ problems, and these are the seizers of power by a poor, hungry, and greedy Meles Seitanawi (Zenawi), who had never seen a dime before, but when he came to power he saw all doors to the Ethiopian resources were opened, and he started looting the wealth of Ethiopia until he became a bilinear; then his cabinet ministers who saw the looting, started looting as the Amharic saying has it: “እንደ ንጉሡ ያጐነብሱ.”

    First, you do not know who my people are, and my people never created “ጋላ ገዳይ ድርጅት.” In fact, the OLF has killed many Amharas; therefore the OLF must have an “ኣማራ ገዳይ ድርጅት” or “ነፍጠኛ ገዳይ ድርጅት.”

    I refuse to leave you alone until you tell me voluntarily your motives in creating the OLF movement, and if you have something to say, say it; don’t hold it back. You see, the good aspect of the Ethiopian Review is it allows its readers to say anything they want, and this kind of freedom the Ethiopian Review offers its readers makes it unique from the other web sites. You better use this web site, but don’t abuse it before it closes its door.

    You are talking about spiritual sword and segeba: You may draw your sword from its segeba, but from where are you going to draw your spirituality? Yes, sword goes with segeba, and spirituality goes with what? Something that matches with spirituality is missing here. I advise you to go to kine school and learn parallel writing.

    እሁየ: ሰላም ለከ ወሰላም ለሰብአ ቤትከ!

  76. super man on

    MR. GETU I have read alot of your articles on jewish religion and christianity and others including your opinion in different websites. Mr. yewalashet pin pointed to you if you do have problems with the organization called OLF you can talk to them in the way you like but i will tell you ‘kezih yewahina gerager ye oromo canqa lay ileminihalew wured’ leave alone the leaders of any freedom fighters but i do have a great respect for those who fight in the front line from any organizations in the jungle fighting for human and democratic right and equality. I can assure you with 100% that eventhough OLF perished the problem of the subject people remains on the air and needs to be correctly addressed. I oncce again suspect that you are agent of devil/weyane or adharian. If in case you are extrimist amhara fuction please get off from the shoulder of this gerager, yewah, bechigar geze metegia, yemiabela yemiateta hizb, bicha bizu bizu tew atnekakun’ asfelagi hono ketegenge ye oromian midir beissa meqiter yichalal.For the rest of peace full amharans please fight this garbage idea to live for the future in mutal respect. ITt is nice for you mr, gettu to vomit you heart ache but the objective reality wil never ever and ever like as you think. Really let us live and you will notice what will happen in ethiopia in the near future. That is all about. ende lalibela afihin atkifet muya belib new. Yeante dinfata yegomen terara new ishee yene extrimist. Think for the majority of innocent amharans. Selam.

  77. Hateful Woyane on

    LOL! this trouble maker woyannee called Asta Gettu is going crazier by the minute. Ethiopians need to be aware that Assta is one of those snakes in the grass who are working for TPLF to divide Ethiopians by ethnic groups. Asta, please do yourself and the rest of us a favor, go away for a while and give us all a break.

  78. Selam on

    Mr’Super man you wrote

    “few adharian like your cousin ‘milion aleqa’ Ayalsew Desse , ‘Dr.’ Ermias and the likes.Paradoxically i do have agreat honour and appriciation to Dr. Getachew, Dr. Birhanu and
    ato Andargachew”
    Look sir I am Ethiopia first and then what ever.Lately i have becopme extremely uncomfortable with the views of some Ethiopian intellectuals who are pursuing distractive policy of what they call engagment with Shabia and Lfits.I am not for fudalism,not for secissionism,I stand to promote democracy,tolerance,the spirit of accommodation to see Ethiopia advance forward.If you think the firist group above are against you because they refuse to embrace your political agenda;while the second group are in bed with you it is your own proregative to assert that.But Ethiopia is so big a nation we need not to box individuals and groups by saing if they fail to support my plan then they ar my enemies;if they support my aim they are my friends.This I think is a wrong political dicotomy;beside consider where this one will lead: nowhere.Face the facts the,the OLF does not the backing of the entire oromo people.But Ethiopia is inhabited by Amharas ,Tigrians, Oromos Sidamas,Somalias Afars,Gurages etc.It has been correctly stated the problem of Africa in general and Ethiopia in particular is hunger,illitracey,poverty disease.These are our common enemies that are haunting our people.It make no sense to ignore this fact and to think tangetally if some people severe ties with their Mother lamnd then they will be better of.Wrong !I tend to believe no individual or segment of asocity will transend above the nation it is a part of to construct a super smart super man nation.If it is allowed it will more likely will be a nation ruled by super calan elites for their own specified purpose.You seeEthiopians lived side by side with different ligustic groups for millioniums,and they wont fall in to the entapments of Lfits to murder each other.No no no Lfits are the enemy of future Ethiopia.If you think thows of us who dont support Olf are your enemies so be it.Let Brihanu,Getachew,and Andargachew join you.I tell they have already lost the support of the Amharas of Wello,Gondar,Gojam and I will say even Shewa and the support other Ethiopians who invision a united Ethiopia.

  79. Assta B. Gettu on

    Yewalashet #73

    Where do you get the notion the Amharas and the Oromos are parts of your societies? To which society do you belong? I don’t think you know it; however, the Amharas are not like the Oromos part of the society: they are the whole – the whole pie, not part of the pie. The Oromos are part of the Amharas but not the whole pie. The Amharas are the whole pizza, and parts of that pizza are the Oromos and the other tribes. The Amharas have never been part of anything; they have always been the whole, the sum, the total. One cannot see the Amharas through the Oromos’eyes, but one can see the Oromos through the Amharas’ eyes. This means you cannot understand the Oromos through the Oromos, but you can easily understand the Oromos through the Amharas. Did you get it?

  80. Tilahun on

    You the isolated crazy Assta B. Gettu, you are the sun of bustard who was born in OROMIA and identically unknown radical X-EPRP member. So that is why you are accusing the Oromos and their well respected front the OLF as the cause of your identity complex. You were born, grown and educated in OROMIA by nourishing in it. You don’t have any right to open your shoe-stinking mouth to comment on any Oromos Organizations. We do not expect from Oromos super-enemy like you any positive thing. You are not only anti-Oromos, but also anti-Ethiopian Peoples Unity. But i will assure you that the time is not far away when you will be draged out from your present clandstine place for what you are doing now. The whole Ethipians do not have a place either for parasites or for hyperparasites.

  81. yewalashet on

    Assta #80,

    you see ? That is why many Ethiopians including me say you are out of your mind, or you are alcholist. You say that the Oromos can not see you, except you the Amhara can see them. Really this is childish and crazyness. 100% i believe that you are either alcholist or junky who is sarounded by empty and full bottles, and drugs. Help yourself my brother. This is the West culture which you admire. We Ethiopians we love each other and stand united.

  82. Assta B. Gettu on

    Hateful Woyanne #78,

    I am glad you know I am a snake or “temen.” In fact, I am more than a snake: I am a “mendel.” I can bite and paralyze you for your entire life. Don’t mess with a snake unless you know snake-charming technique by playing a hypnotizing music in front of the snake.

    You are pestering me to leave you alone and go somewhere else for a while; I am not going anywhere until I baptize you by fire and bring you back to the family of God – the Ethiopian Christians.

  83. Enough is Enough on

    I wonder why you tolerate Asta this much? I have my suspicion, but isn’t Asta standing against everything what you and your association stand for? How can you bring Ethiopians together to get rid off the slaughter of Amharas, Oromos, Gurages, Kembatas, Gambelas and even our Tigrea brothers and sisters, if you let people like Asta belittling one’s ethnic group or religion all day long?

  84. Assta B. Gettu on

    My dear Tilahun #81,

    I am surrounded by multitude of people and heavenly hosts; therefore, I am an outspoken, healthy, vivacious, humorous, and down-to-earth person, not an insane like one of the OLF members. OLF never has the respect of the Oromo people or the respect of the Amhara people. It doesn’t even have the respect of its own members. They are always fighting among themselves for power in case Meles is forced out from power. They don’t think there are other Ethiopians who can qualify for that power. They are counting on their majority to be the only rulers of Ethiopia.

    Oh yes, I like the milk, the honey, the meat, the coffee, and the gold Oromia offers to its inhabitants, and that is why I am fighting hard not to give away Oromia to the worthless people – the OLF. I know when I go back, I don’t expect I will find all those natural products my Oromia has been producing. They all will be gone to India or to Saudi Arabia. It is too bad to find that fertile land of Oromia has been stripped of all its resources, all its tress, all its wild animals, all its lash grass, all its caws, horses, sheep, goats, and all its rivers are poisoned by the chemicals from the Indian factories in Oromia. The children of Oromia will have a hard time to concentrate on their studies because their brains are affected by the poisonous lead from the water they drink. The Indians care only about their prophets, not about the health of the Oromo children. The OLF, instead of fighting the Indian companies that is polluting the water, the air and everything Oromia has been famous for, are fighting the neftegna. So when I go back to Oromia, I will find a barren land, polluted water, polluted air, and millions of sick children.

    It is true; Ethiopians will not have a place for the traitor OLF; let it rote in foreign country, but Ethiopia belongs to me and I to her. She has a respected place for me and for those who are like me.

    My dear Tilahun, where do you go from here? Where will be your destination? Perhaps, Qaliti jail! Are you ready for that? Ready or not, you will have no choice except to be perished with those of your likes who are destined to perish.

  85. super man on

    To Mr. getu and your cousins,
    First and foremost i am aperson who search reality.Ofcourse,being born from oromo i do have 1000% to support OLF or others.My point is oromos have long standing questions to be resolved.Please dont speak on behalf of oromo people do your business in which you are engaged in. Please! please! PLEASE! dont indiscriminatly insult the entire ethinic group as awhole.ene inkwan endante balege aydelehum inji bezu yeminageribet alegn take it as atip ( lemehonu manew Abay wenz lay doro ,fiyel,lam bere yemiyardew? manew qumtawn zor adrgo yemitsedadaw iski yenegeta wede Bahir dar biq belina kemishitu 12 seat lay hizbu min endemisera temelket). Sele ginbot 7 ameraroch yalachihu neger ale. Surprisingly, i sware to god i am not olf member nor supporter. But your vomit makes me to think twice.When the issue of olf raised why your hair stands/your temp. boils.Again and again i tell you and warn you unless you check up your nazist thinking( arian race style) you will grab nothing for the future. Yeweyane qulf beije ale. Through out time i was wondering what was in your heart but knowingly or unknowingly you vomited your extreme hatrage towards oromos and southerners. I will add only one thing God has approched you through ginbot 7 and other important personalities to embarass you but you didnt want the mercy of GOD AS ARESULT YOU WILL TEST THE FIRE. In the near future you will see who is the looser. selam tena yistilign!

  86. Assta B. Gettu on

    Enough is enough #84,

    Elias stands for freedom of speech, for the love of his country men and women – for all the Ethiopians: the Christians, the Jews, the Muslims, and for many other people. So, what do you want Elias to do for you? Do you want him to bar those whom you don’t like because their views are against yours? You must remember where Elias is living; he is not living in a dictator’s land where everyone’s mouth is muzzled, every private newspaper is censured, and every journalist who criticizes the government is picked up from his home or from the street and sent to jail. But here in the west, every person has the right to criticize the president, the Church, the pastor, the imam, the rabbi, the Constitution, the Sharia law, the Bible, the Quran, and the world. If you don’t like constructive criticism, don’t post any comment, sit back, and read the comments you like. You have no right to force Elias, the Chief Editor, to prevent other people from commenting and posting their views. Be a man! Don’t cry like a new born baby! You are not on milk; you are on solid food. Don’t tell a lie; I am not purposely disparaging anyone: yes, it is true; I challenge any religious denomination, any political organization, and any issues I deem unacceptable. What is wrong with that? I got a lot of emails and telephone calls from several people who love my comments and encourage me to continue commenting. But people like you who have never been exposed to new ideas get shocked and say to Elias: “Enough is enough.” That is the only thing they know, and there is nothing they can do about it.

  87. Assta B. Gettu on

    Yewalashet #80,

    I am neither an alcoholic nor a druggist. I am a normal human being who is fascinated by sound commentators and inspired by those who boldly criticize and denounce the OLF as an enemy’s tool to divide Ethiopia and create animosities among her citizens. I like people who tell the truth, but you are a lair when you said, “We Ethiopians love each other and stand united.” I see you fighting every day for a piece of bread, for a piece of land, and for a glass of water. I see you neighing after someone’ wife; I see you stealing someone’s property. A person who loves his brother does not steal his brother’s money; a person who loves his brother does not violate his brother’s wife, and a person who loves his brother does not wish bad luck for his brother.

    I see you telling a lie in your comment; you said at the end of your comment, “my brother….” How can a person who calls his brother an alcoholic and a druggist say to him my brother? And let me tell you the truth. You are not my brother, and I am not your brother. Don’t pretend you are my brother, because you are not.

  88. Hafeful Woyanne on

    Due to one’s circumstances and where one went to school, English language doesn’t come easy to some of us. Using the word “different” instead of “difference” and not using proper punctuation is not the same as not having commonsense, reasoning and wisdom. In the long run, writing in proper English grammar can be learned and improved with practice and reading. But I’m afraid, no matter how one master the English language, the lack of “COMMONSENSE” and “WISDOM” can’t be learned and those individuals always be a headache for others like Woyanne thugs. Asta, why do you become like a high school bully when people disagree with you? You seem to be very angry, short-fused and unstable. The majority of people have spoken against you, please get the clue that your views are backward, extreme and highly offensive.

  89. Anonymous on

    So far out of the 88 comments that have been made, about 27 of them are made by Asta and the other 37 came from who oppose and despise Asta. And about 25 or so gave their independent views on Dr. Tolosa’s article.
    Because of undercover woyanes like Assta Getu, it is unfortunate that, important information that came from #7Mulugheta(from Germany) gets ignored.
    Elias, please follow up on what #7 is talking about.

    Thank you Mulugheat from Germany for sharing this disturbing and yet very important news with us. I hope the opposition leaders and various Ethiopian Associations follow up on the story.

  90. Anonymous 2011 on

    Listen Assta B. Gettu: Have you seen your psychiatrist recently? I am sure he/she has told you that you are psychotic or psychopathic? Do you know the difference? If you are Amahara, as you claim, even you ancestor in the 15th century haven’t had such view/opinion. Do you think you have learning disability? i.e. R U an imbecile?.

  91. Geremew isaatuu on

    My friend Assta

    I am not sure if you have understood my statement. I said you may predict but not always accurately. History written in Ethiopia is of the Amhara Dynasties and it had never included the contributions of any other people. Take Tekel Tasdik Mekuria. Or Zewde.
    For example they would not say Haile Selassie Murderd Zewditu instead the say she was instantly passed away. But another European historian said it as it is. She was killed and thrown outof her legitemate thron and Haile Sellase became a reigning prince. He overthrew her govenement by military force.

    Look at the true contribution of Germame Nuway and Mengistu Nuway. Both are Oromos from Shewa. You guys took them as your own. When you distort history and teach people false history; you design it to make people believe you and accept your dominance. You are propogating the same lines of thoughts. I have been told millions time lies and you keep propogating lies. In hisory if the elements of true are missing for sure the system that propogates the falshood will perish.

    For example they were telling us about the Solomonic Dynasty and it had been there for centuries and will continue so but it never happened and it never continued. You guys and girls statred scrathing you heads because the people realise what was written was trurly, squarely, inaccurately false.

    Tolosa was not saying all people in the History of the Empire Oromos; he said some of them were Oromos and contributed toward the formation of the current Empire.

    Assta, really if you want to be truthful to yourself stop such line of argument that One Ethiopia before anybody. It will not serve your political startagies at all. Bring people together and tell them they are the ones who could decide whatever they want to do about their fate. At this junction of our historical moment people are well aware of their situations and they accurately know what they want and what is better for them. When you say One Ethiopia you may tell people as Old conservative were advocating and all people in the Empire should speak one language only your Amharic. I do not mind speaking it and learning it but I do not want someone to push his wishes and cutlture forceful while killing my language and culture. That is not just and justice denied in any system means a revolution and you had it two times within three decades and another big one is coming because the people of Oromia, Ogaden, Tigray, Sidama, including the Amharas have been denied justic, freedom and liberity. That is always true. Watch it is coming and I can surely sense it from your frgightened emotionally charge arguments. When united truly our people will stop you and your history and falsehood propoganda will dry like a small pond in Afar during winter.

    Good luck my friend your dream will never become true if you continue your baseless assertions.

    Why do you not advocate to unite our people and save them from hunger and death rather than dividing them to make them victim unjust rules?

  92. Stoned Peter on

    First of all I think Assta B. Gettu is misunderstood by many of us so I think some of us are just guessing his words with our preconceived feeble views. Some of you attack him based on your religious background I am sure many of you are the children of Luther the creater of Protestantism and some of you like Grign the mad dog are a radical Moslim you hate him. You can not stand him his deep knoledge of religion makes you little it drives you in to the wall of impenetrable ignorance. So some of you the truth makes you sick, so why d’not you live with it or die because of the hard truth in front of your ugly face. From the start you should not start to bite more than you can chew. I am sure the majority of you with big mouth who insult Assta B. Gettu are feeble minded children of Luther. You look like unhappy lazy elementary students with their smart teacher’s tough homework. Do not act childish please so do not change your name to insult Assta B. Gettu keep your name then say whatever you think vased on the reality and the fact do not insult him. Please keep your insanity do not jump from the cliff. Please before we say it let us try to digest what it says I have never read in the past Assta B. Gettu saying unnecessary things unless someone is saying directly or indirectly anti-Ethiopia or his beloved Ethiopian Orthodox church. By the way I also admire our beloved doctor Tolosa he is one of our hero to Ethiopia’s unity he has fought with so many of her enemies. So I smell rat Number 84 Enough is Enough I think you might be the old Gragn, Are you asking Elias to use censorship just like Meles to keep your weak feeling do not hope Elias will not use censorship in order to keep some individuals’ feeling like you let Assta B. Gettu say whatever he thinks if you do not have a thick skin I think you should not read his postings Assta B. Gettu has added more matterial to read on this sight than most of us here so are you trying to make this web sight dead just like pro TPLF web sights? such as Ethiopia first if you go and look Ethiopia First now days beside Ben himself nobody visits that cursed web sight. So do not censor Assta B. Gettu. Assta B. Gettu has contributed for this web sight I think more than his share so let us keep the avenue of openness wide for everyone to say whatever in our mind.

  93. Stoned Peter on

    Number 92 Geremew isaatuu I think you are a man in a body of 60 years old with a 10 years old child brain. You are an idiot of course without doubt. Mengistu and Girmame were taken as ours because they are Ethiopians you should know Ethiopianism does not trace from which trive someone belongs or comes like you do. You muscle head do you know the different Oromo identities in the 21st century there are many such as in religion, wealth, geographic and linguistic etc. Oromos are different among each other from other Oromos just like any other Ethiopian tribes so beside language why don’t you see the different Oromo aspects why do you insist only on language. For instance for an Oromo Moslim he or she might want to be with an Amhara or Gurage etc. Muslim than an Oromo protestant person. If you ask me my personal liking I might choose to be with any Ethiopian Orthodox person than being associate than my own ethnic background individual protestant or Muslim person. however I would also choose an Ethiopian Protestant or Muslim than other countries’ Christians.Because of our Ethiopian background ties us unless you are an enemy of Ethiopia just like TPLF members and its supporters. We must see each other as brothers and sisters so do not have a myopic view expand your small horizon do not give sense only to language attachment alone. So click on other links to open the remaining or other attachments. There are many links you have never seen in front of your eyes with your miserable 60+ years you idiot wild horse. Why do you sense to language alone you zany childish man. rather true Ethiopianism traces who we are from our common Ethiopian heritage. What kind of animal are you? you bone head jackass.

  94. Assta B. Gettu on

    My dear Stoned Peter #93 & 94,

    I am glad to hear from you again, and I thank you so much for defending me against hordes of Gog Magog with their filthy mouths and uncircumcised hearts.

    If God had not sent you today to defend me, they could have chewed me, swallowed me, and satisfied their wicked souls with my flesh, bones, and blood. I am very thankful to God for sending you to me. It was the prophet Isaiah who once said: “Unless the Lord Almighty had left us descendants, we would have become like Sodom, we would have been like Gomorrah” (Isaiah 1:9).

    May God bless you, my friend!

  95. Geremew Isaatuu on

    Stoned Peter
    You do not even understand the meaning of your pen name truly.
    He was stoned for his revolutionary believe that wanted to avoid all baseless warships but one God. He was a good disciples of Jesus and was a good student. A dedicated teacher and follower of Christ. He got stoned and was denied himself when he was hanged not to be put on scaffold like Jesus was hang up right. He was hang with his body up side down.

    He was a man from Middle East who advocated the equality of men and women under the eyes of God and you as human being say you are above the rest of us in the Ethiopian empire. You know the 12 Disciples were borderless and they preached to all humans but you curse whine instead of saying what you are supposed to say. Unite under my name!! United in one sprit of freedom and liberty to see a truly heavenly social system among the trodden and wrenched of the Ethiopian empire.

    I will be glad to be a 10 year old baby or a 60 years wise man and both of them are people who were given a gift of nature their brains. It is not the age that matters it is the idea that you suggest that matters more than any thing. As a 10 year old child I do not understand you because you are scaring me with your notorious riotous statements. As a 60 years old man; I do not see any wisdom and patience in your statements. You may not come across words that say listen and dialogue. The time has passed where you may become belligerent in your words and deeds; people will not let you do it even if you want. By the way why do you think my statements are not valid? I want to see your challenges to refute my reasoning instead of getting angry. I have given my reasons and refute them. Instead of getting irritated. Keep reading books of history and religion or other materials that may help you understand most of us. I can specifically say you luck some kind of basic information about humanity and human rights violations. Without knowing it you
    are getting violent verbally.

    I can see you have never touched pages of the Holly Bible or you never understood its meanings if you had gone through it. For me it is one of the best books that carries the message of our God and I respect all ten commandments and specially the one that says, “Do not lie.” In Amharic, “Attiiwashuu, atiktefu” you are a lying Peter stoned. So Assata. Ask for forgiveness from our God/Allah for lying to the people of the Empire for your material Earthly profits. ” O God give Stoned Peter your mercies , he is so ignorant about your true words,” justice in the Ethiopian Empire. Amen

  96. Assta B. Gettu on

    Dear Geremew Isaatuu #92,

    You are arguing about some famous Ethiopian individuals whom you think were Oromos; for example, you said ገርማሜ ንዋይ and መንግሥቱ ንዋይ were from Oromia. What about ኰሎኔል ወርቅነህ ገበዬሁ? Was he also from Oromia? I know him where he was from. He was born at መገንዲ ጊዮርጊስ about 10 miles from ደብረ ታቦር. You can claim him if you want too. It doesn’t matter whether these people belonged to Oromia or Tigray; they were all Ethiopians; therefore they were Amharas or Oromos or Tigryans.

    Your claim reminds me about some worldly Church groups whom St. Paul denounced: “What, after all, is Apollos? And what is Paul? Only servants, through whom you came to believe –as the Lord has assigned to each his task” (1st Corinthians 3:5).

    I will ask you the same question St. Paul asked some Church members in his time. What was ገርማሜ ንዋይ? What was መንግሥቱ ንዋይ? And what was ኰሎኔል ወርቅነህ ገበዬሁ? All of these individuals had been servants of the Ethiopian people in their times, and they are gone now. They are not any more with us, so what do you want from them? You want their heritages to be the heritages of the Oromo people. Go ahead and claim their heritages as your own heritages if their genuine history allows you to do so.

    My friend Stoned Peter has answered the rest of your questions appropriately; go and read #94.

    Have a pleasant day!

    • Anonymous on

      Germame neway is mixed, oromo father and amara mother. Many know that but if you want to make sure just go and look how amara historian introduce him. His mother and grandfather (from mother side) is glorified. Do I care who he is no, HIM is also a mixed but grown up in conservative orthodox environment to undertsand the nations and nationalties. Although he is mixed with more of oromo blood he worked against Oromia. I dont like when people say they are mixed but work on glorify one section and degrade the other, That is the problem with Ethiopia upto now which should stop for good otherwise you cant see Ethiopia in the near future. For me free Oromia will solve that. I dont think we have any hope after the TPLF exploited the system and used the last chance that could have kept us together .

      For those of you who still think oromos can not free themselves,the same is said for Ertrea. It only needs a leadership with enough gut who resist the outside infulence. The people are ready long ago. My worries is when you wanna keep the status and cant even deal with the most moderate oromo, like the current OLF leaders, you will get the worse who works only for independece. I know it cost many life but better than living in himulation for life. It can come, If Jabaha gave birth to EPLF and we dont know what Ethiopian lover OLF will give birth too. OLF is not sucessful because it preaches Ethiopian unity from inside although it says selfdetermination outside. If it stands only for independence, the money and man power would flow to it. If the empre prison speaks afaan Oromo, I would have thought long ago there is a problem and transformation. It only needs a

  97. Selam on

    Mr.Geremew Issatu you have raised some questions conserning Ethiopian past history.I thought i like to give responses to your questions.Among aother things you claimed the following.

    “History written in Ethiopia is of the Amhara Dynasties and it had never included the contributions of any other people. ”
    I like to think this statment is a slip of a tounge;if not I dispute your claim. O it is not true at all! The written history of Ethiopia begins to cronicle events begning from its foundation Axsum.There fore until the Zagwei Dynasty the personages that dominated the history page apper to be from that area.Then the scene moved a little East of Axsum to Lalibela area.Here the history focuses on the people of Agaw who were dominant at the time.Then scene moved to Shewa and from 1200 AD to 1974 most of the people who ruled Ethiopia have Amhara -Tigray background,the majority of them from Amhara.In the light of what I said what do you say to your assertion.

    Second,You stated Autor Tekletsaduk Mekuria some how failled to accurtely state the circumstamces of Queen Zewditus death .For instance,you said foreign autors reported the ccause of her death as murder,while Teklesadik said she instantly pssed out.i remember reding his books about Ethiopian history ,however I cnt recal what how he reported this even at the moment.Let me accept your statment as true for our argment.Personally I dont think any one has the exact fcts at what happend at that time.This is true both to Ethiopian and foreign autors.We can infer various writers that she died from court intrigue,in todays terms we might say politcally motivated murder,which was a common factior in Ethiopian politics of that fudal era. Remember, history in general does not give definitive answer for every issue.Historians of the many events selectively report about important events and personalities that may have played in shaping events.This is generally true in the history of any nation though it may differ from autor to autor in some cases.Tekelesadik is reporting that event some where in the 1950 and is using perhaps evidence from eye witnesses as well as written account.In this case all I can say is there has to be room for disagreement among writers on the question of how she died.I have said she died of intrigue,by what means no one can be dogmatic,you have to draw your own conclusion form various authors.

  98. Stoned Peter on

    First of all I do not claim to have a deep knoledge on the bible I am acctually an ignorant. However number 96 Geremew Isaatuu, mister wise man I think if I am not wrong if I am found wrong, I am ready to be corrected that Peter was not a revolutionary rather he was true dissciple of Christ. If you want to know who was a revolutionary you can call Marxwith socialism and communism, Darwin on evolution and an ex catholic monk Luther from German the creator of the rotestant religion in the 16th century etc. those above I mentioned and other unmentioned individuals can be called revolutionaries I do not think Peter can be called a revolutionary since neither he did reduce nor increase from his lord’s or Christ’s teaching by the way it was Christ who taught about fairness, and love, helping the weak etc. then Peter and the rest continued with Christ’s work as himself did while he was on earth. So you can not call Peter a revolutionary I hope Assta B. Gettu will say something on this topic. Geremew Isaatuu it is funny since you know what is on the bible as I have inferred from your words why do you hate Ethiopia as you can read the bible it was god himself and godly individuals who called Ethiopia. I do not think Oromia is in the bible yet unless you made your own bible. I do not think you can get the word Oromo or Oromia in any book older than half of your age so why do you act against your god mind you as you know the word Oromia or Oromo is as old as your first grand child’s age. So if you like it or not the name Ethiopia is here to stay for good because of God’s wish and promise. By the way I support 100% the word Oromo to be used if the people want to be called. So let us stop bickering because we do not need to give a free ride to Meles and his Mafia group I am sure Meles and Bereket are happy right now because they are not the topic of our talk so I will not say more thing after now unless you force me to say.

  99. Gerewew Isaatuu on


    Yes, Colonel Workneh Gebeyehu Dulla is an Oromo by origin but grew up in Gonder. His father was Dejachmach Gebeyehu Dulla who was a governor in Godnder.

    Now you have asked me a meaty question that I love to answer. Yes the Eastern parts of Gondar specially Debere Tabor is geographically in the province of Gonder but historically it was a city of the rulers of the country including Ras Ali of Wallo. He reigned over the north parts of the Empire for solid 71 years. For sure you know that accurately. Besides the Goderians and the Wallo Oromos have been marrying for centuries now and Debere Tabor naturally must be a district that has been populated by Godonerians and Oromos from Wallo. Not only that most of the people in Wallo are Oromians. You know it; history know it; and people themselves know it. To make sure just write few words in Wallo. Waldayia, Wara Yilluu, Qooboo, Kamise, Wara Yimanu, Burree, Kombolcha and Gugsa, and so forth you could tell the names of the places and people are Oromo names and the people are claiming to be Oromos. I could for sure ascertain to you Workenh Gebeyehu Dulla was an Oromo colonel from Wallo yet gallant and fierce.
    Also to make sure my statements, please ask the people from Debera Tabor about this personal history. They will tell you for sure the truth; people have never denied their origins. But there are some pretenders who did not know about their roots and are confused about their origins by people like you. For whatever reason I am not making you believe in what I have said, but I am telling you the truth.

    For the rest of your questions dig the books of History on Ethiopia. I suggest one to you and that is a book written by David Mathew, the title of the book is Ethiopia: 1835 to 1935.

    For those Oromians who know they are Oromos but denied themselves by the confusions of history their authentic origins, I pray for them one day they will realize who they are and they know for sure they are proud Africans who are Oromos by origin. I pray to God one day history will be written right by the people
    about themselves- The Oromians!!

  100. Stoned Peter on

    I have a question for the lunatic tribal of the 21st century chiefs such as Gerewew Isaatuu. and Meles Zenawi Etc. You claim you are everywhere through out Ethiopia ok let us say you are right however at the same time why you people cry by saying you are not an Ethiopian. So if you are not an Ethiopian why do you claim true Ethiopians work as your own history. Because they were not like you cry babies they believed as an Ethiopian they did not claim themselves as outsiders so do not be cry babies take one of the above either be an ethiopia and continue to claim those Ethiopian Heroes hard work or stay as an outsider do not pick the history that gives you pleasure. I know it is hard to teach a new trick to an old dog like you however I hope few of your family members if you have not polluted them with your twisted view of Ethiopia we might have hope to live in the future Ethiopia without listening nonsense and gibberish understanding of Ethiopian history.What is the difference between you and Meles I think Meles might be better than you because at least he does not believe in god so if he hates others it can be understood however yours is hard to make sense here you claim every Ethiopian who is Oromo blood history maker as yours at the same time you disregard the same history imagine if Gobane, Abdisa Agga, Tefferi Bantte, laureate Tsegaye Gebremedihin, and all those Ethiopian from Oromo ethnic group heroes who shade their blood through out Ethiopia to save her which is the one you hate to your bone you take their history with no shame. These heroes had died and shaded their precious blood to keep Ethiopia in the deserts of Tigrea and Eritrea as well as in Ogaden Fighting TPLF, Shabia and Zayed Barre before them they fought the Italian, Egyptian, Turkish etc. aggression so would it be fair an individual like you who is a fox in a sheep’s skin to claim their history as yours?. Don’t you understand if they lived today or if you lived during their time I wish you lived when they were alive so we wouldn’t hear your false cry or mooning you are really a history sledge mud. What a sad and pathetic man you are you are no good for nothing. Don’t you get it you fat head you would be their enemy as a result you were going to fight them if they lived during your miserable life time because you oppose them and they do also your twisted knoledge on their history understand the history of Ethiopia the one you hate is their history which had been built with their blood and bone. When you claim them as yours to me you look like you are robbing them on a day light their blood drenched history. By the way when you say Ethiopia the empire are you trying to show your displeasure of the Ethiopian history as a symbolic insult of Ethiopia your sad inner feeling is killing you man do not get excited from nothing. If you were smart actual to be called an empire is complementary vocabulary that shows Ethiopia use to be a strong and larger than today so yes you are right Ethiopia use to be larger and stronger than today in the past days her history thanks to her selfless hero children. So do not get orgasmic when you call Ethiopia the empire because we take it with pleasure.

  101. Assta B. Gettu on

    Dear Stoned Peter #99

    The 12 Apostles

    They were not:

    — fascists

    They were:

    —simple fishermen (Peter and his brother Andrew)
    —simple tax collectors (Matthew)
    —disciples (when Jesus was with them)
    —apostles (after Jesus ascended into heaven)
    —traitors (just only one of them)
    —doubters (all of them until Jesus sent them the Holy Spirit, the Comforter)
    —ordinary men who did extraordinary things
    —ambassadors of Jesus Christ
    —loyalists (faithful)
    —missionaries (ሐዋርያት)

    St. Peter: Who was he?

    —he was Simon
    — he was Peter
    — he was cephas – rock or stone
    — he was the one who testified Jesus was the Son of the Living God
    —he was the one about whom Jesus said: “Blessed are you, Simon…”
    —he was the one who drew his sword and cut off the high Priest’s servant Malchus’ear
    —he was the one who denied Jesus Christ 3 times
    —he was the one who said: “Go away from me, Lord; I’m a sinful man…”
    —he was the one who said to Jesus: “Are you going to wash my feet, then wash my hand
    —he was the one to whom Jesus said: “Simon, I came to your house, but you didn’t wash
    my feet
    —he was the one Jesus rebuked: “Get behind me, Satan!”
    — he was the one to whom Jesus said more than 3 times: “Simon son of John, do you
    truly love me”
    —he was the one who ran to the empty tomb to see Jesus’ body
    —he was the one who jumped into the water when he was told “It was Jesus….”
    —he was the one who dragged the net full of fish without breaking the net
    —he was the one who insisted the other disciple to ask Jesus who was going to betray
    —he was the one who raised Tabitha from the dead
    —he was the one who said to the crippled person: “Silver or gold I do not have, but what
    I have I give you. In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, walk.”
    —he was the one to whom Jesus said: “…when you are old you will stretch out your
    hands, and another will dress you and take you where you do not want to go.”
    (Jesus is telling Peter the way Peter was going to die and glorify God.)
    —he was the one who was finally crucified, his head down as he requested, and died in

    My dear Stoned Peter, these are some of the things that easily come into my mind whenever I remember Peter, one of the greatest Apostles of the New Testament. The ones I have listed above are not by any means in a chronological order. The Catholic Church gives special respect to St. Peter; however, the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahido Church respects all the Apostles without prioritizing them. The Catholic Church traces its apostolic see to St. Peter while the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahido Church relates its Apostolic see to St. Mark, one of the 12 Apostles. St. Mark’s Gospel was the first one written by St. Mark himself. Matthew and Luke used St. Mark’s Gospel as their sources when they wrote their Gospels. Matthew, Mark, and Luke are called the Synoptic Gospels because they use the same wordings, the same sequences and the same phrases; however, the Forth Gospel, St. John’s Gospel, is different from the Synoptic Gospels: it talks abut the divinity of Jesus Christ, and it is very hard to understand for some people,especially for the Muslims. Some Bible scholars call it the Spiritual Gospel.

    Have a great day, my friend!

  102. tameneh on

    Assta and stoned Peter,

    and do you deny that st. Petros who have died when fighting the Italians is not an Oromo from Shewa ? Do you deny that the person or the ingineer, who have brought your language the Amharic to be written by type writer is not an Oromo serving in Emperor’s military ? These two famous persons are a few from many Oromos who have particepated in building Ethiopia and their names have been buried by Ethiopian rulers for ever. Brothers, i think it is better for all of us, for the sake of our country to controll our immotionality, inrationality, ” my way or no way ” , personal wishes. Digging too deep will detonate the buried bomb which will lead us to destruction .

  103. Assta B. Gettu on

    Geremew Isaatuu #

    You have said ገርማሜ ንዋይ መንግሥቱ ንዋይ ኰሎኔል ወርቅነህ ገበዬሁ were pure Oromos. Since you know the genealogies of the Oromo people, what about ኣያሌው ብሩ ደጃዝማች አዳነ መኮነን አዜብ ጎላ and መለስ ዜናዊ? Do these people are also in your genealogies? Why don’t you simply say all Amharas and Tigreans are Oromos, and you suggest the Ethiopian history must be rewritten? When I told you ኰሎኔል ወርቅነህ ገበዬሁ was an Amhara, you said I am a confused person.

    My friend, you may alter and falsify the genuine history of the Amhara people when you start ruling Ethiopia. That has always been expected, and it is because of this falsehood of yours that you will never, ever, rule Ethiopia.

    To cover up your natural defects and your inferiorities, you claim all the Amhara heroes as if they were Oromos. You can tell other gullible people you have a history, but you cannot tell them you have a good-looking face. They can see you what you look like and run away from you. Believe it or not, you have no any concrete history of your own; you must always borrow some historical facts from the glorious history of the Amhara people. Let me show you something: your genealogy goes like this: Be sure to copy it very carefully:

    ጋላ was the son of አባ ጅፋር; አባ ጅፋር was the son of አባ ደፋር; አባ ደፋር was the son of አምዴሳ; አምዴሳ was the son of ፈይሳ; ፈይሳ was the son of ቱሳ; ቱሳ was the son ጋይሳ; ጋይሳ was the son of ኩምሳ; ኩምሳ was the son ዳጉሳ; ዳጉሳ was the son of ጫጫሳ; ጫጫሳ was son of ከምባታ; ከምባታ was the son of ገለታ; ገለታ was the son of ጉዴታ. All in all 14 generations: All of them have been warriors, invaders, and nomads who have no land of their own. Their exact origin is unknown; some historians say these invaders originated from Madagascar. They have not left us any history of their own; therefore, they are all lost generations.

    Dig hard if you can find something about your ancestors!

  104. Assta B. Gettu on

    My dear Stoned Peter #99

    I wrote about St. Peter in detail, but Elias Kifle didn’t post it as with some my other comments. I think some alien people are pressuring him to stop posting my mild or controversial comments. He is still my friend though! I don’t want to let my enemies happy!

  105. Stoned Peter on

    Thank you for your explanation I loved it thank you again brother Assta B. Gettu

  106. Assta B. Gettu on

    tameneh #103,

    You have failed to comprehend what I have been saying in most of my comments that those Oromos who have the Amhara blood have distinguished themselves as some of the Ethiopian heroes who died not only for Oromia but for all Ethiopians – the Amharas.

    You finally wrote: “Digging too deep will detonate the buried bomb which will lead us to destruction .” Let your buried bomb explode! Believe me; the explosion from your buried bomb cannot touch or smear a single Amhara’s hair; rather it will destroy you and leave you unrecognized, and when this happens, don’t blame the Amhara. Blame yourself!

  107. Stoned Peter on

    My friend number 103 tameneh we can not and we should not count just Oromo Ethiopians just to kee high the feeling of some tribal lunatics. For your information Ethiopia was and is blessed with many Oromo, Amhara, Sidama, Kenibata, Agew, Ganbela, Afar, Somalia, Bena, Wolayita, Hadiya and many more. So why we have to single out Oromos alone the few names I named were mentioned as an example to shut up the 17th century lunatic and tribal idiots feeling You must know you can not count Oromo heroes because they are more than you can count them they were and are in millions thanks to their mothers and fathers for raising them with the love of Ethiopia unlike some of those who are with big identity crises and inferiority complex.

  108. tameneh on

    Stoned Peter #108,

    we don’t have to miss the point of ( the start of these arguments ), it was the Assta B. Gettu’s attack on Dr. Fikre Tolesa’s artcle which multipied itself. Is that crime if a Oromo, Amhara, Tigre, Sidama, Walayita, Gambella or Benishangul person writes about their kins who have acted in building Ethiopia ? If we say yes it is a crime, then we will not get places in the courts to convict many Amhara writers who have wrote many books and artcles on Amharas. You are talking about tribal feelings, but there is some thing which is very dangerous than tribalism. It is the Amharanization which have demeaned the others Ethiopians and have created the identity crisis which you have mentioned. It is said, ” NATIONAL CHAUVINISM IS THE MOTHER OF NARROW NATIONALISM “. As i have alread said in my previous comment, digging much too deep will expose us to the explosion of buried bombs. But these bombs will not be good for both Amharas and Oromos. Paradoxically, it will serve and create more clean atmospher for Woyanes.

  109. love on


    I admire your direct and consistent conviction. I do agree that ALL Liberation Fronts are under cover masquerading in the name of past and present oppression but they want bigger than that and it is with full support from outside agents that wish the demise of Ethiopia for their own reasons. Liberation Fronts could pursue for democracy and rights for their own people even to the point of civil war fighting for power and equal rights I wouldn’t have a problem with that because sometimes it requires arm resistance bring democracy and equal rights as most dictators refuse to leave power. I am however concerned that when you said Ethiopia’s problem is hunger, illiteracy, poverty although these are the effects not the cause and you obviously or deliberately fail to mention the main elephant in the room the cause which is LEADERSHIP Problem is the main cause that leads to those factors whether past or present leadership. Please read the recent article that is posted by the great Al Mariam on ER or how famine has been used by leaders for their own agenda. As you seemed mindful in your writing, I don’t understand why you fail to mention lack of LEADERSHIP as in fact the main cause for illiteracy, poverty and hunger.

    Selam in your response to Germamew or what ever the nick name, I have actually heard that in order for Haile Selassie to claim the power, he may have been involved in the killing of Zewditu, poison or something like that. I have a feeling though, I am 100% sure people have heard this if they truly come out and say it. That being said, in my case, I haven’t searched to find out if documented or not. Of course, if it is true, Haile Selassie will make sure no word gets out about this maybe some close to him must have spilled it out or maybe it is rumor. But it is not Geremew who said it first. This is an issue:

    People please:

    It is one thing to defend Ethiopia, religion, etc, but sometimes because of fear, defensiveness takes over honesty. Is this how we are going to see the future Ethiopia, erasing the facts and what is the truth and forcing others to swallow what others have to say and form the peaceful Ethiopia? What is leadership of one country in the first place, I am talking about not Weyane type of leadership, if we want leadership, we have to sit down and address the problems and solve it rather than perpetuate violence and the same propaganda that becomes beneficial to others when it is not for others. We want to have open discussion and tackle the problem and move together forward to developing a strong Ethiopia. We can’t say this is how Ethiopia should be and let others be forced the way how Ethiopia should be. Is this the way to leading to Ethiopia without no sense of wisdom, negotiation, conflict transformation, etc? When are we actually going to grow up? Here we are opposing TPLF regime when we are not even agreeing within ourselves. Not only that accepting extremism from every ethnic groups. Why are we fighting TPLF in that sense? If we don’t learn how to speak properly and professionally,there is no way we are going to lead Ethiopia to peace and harmony. Assta maybe a good English writer but I will be too afraid to have him sit down represent Ethiopia as he is a dividing factor, who speaks merely based on emotion. To me he is not defending Ethiopia, he is helping TPLFs cause against Amaras. Why can’t we take constructive criticism instead of being defensive? Well, we will learn the lesson once we are in fire. Well I say let experience teaches us a lesson if we refuse to grow up. We must get it through our thick head is that it is the leadership and outsiders who use the ethnic game to divide people. As it happens whenever a leader from one ethnic group becomes in power, there is a tendency naturally or deliberately the leader from that ethnic group is favored. Do you believe in this? It has happened we must not deny it. If so, accept it it happened in the past as well as the present and move on to the next issue to work out the problem, bring equality, federalism, democracy, peace and development. That is what we focus on. Endeeee!!

    Long live ancient Ethiopia!

  110. tameneh on

    Assta B. Gettu,

    you are talking about your controversial problems of Amhara’s blood or not blood again and again. That is not my problems or even not Amharas problems, it is your own identity crisis problems in which you are swiming. You are prevaricating. Don.t believe that the marriage or adultery between few Oromos and Neftegnas children does mean the marriage or agreement between Oromia and Amharas. Whether you like or not Oromia is there and it’s children will not ask you and your likes what they do or not do. Rather, they will bolster their harmony with others oppressed peoples of Ethiopia. A dementia person like you does not bring harms. The dog which barks too much can not bite, because it is the cowardness which forces it to bark too much. You are working day and night to obliterate the Oromos records and even to the stage of oversimplifying them. But whether you believe or not your racism idea and you will die together under your pc table.

  111. Assta B. Gettu on

    Love #111,

    You may have read some of my comments and concluded you will be scared to death to see me sit and represent my country. First of all, when I represent my country, as I have done many times for several years at various places, I will stand up and tell the fascinating and inspiring history of my country to the audience. I will never sit down and represent my country as you suggest. When I speak, I speak the truth the way it is from my heart of hearts, and when that truth is spoken out or written down, you get nervous and frightened when you read it. That is what truth does to some insincere, lair, pretentious, and cowardly people like you. When I see evils, like OLF members and leaders plotting together against my country, I will definitely split them apart, delude them, and blow them away and never to come together again, and in this way, you are right; I am a divider, not a unifier of evils to attack innocent people.

    On the other hand, I am a unifier of good people, a peace maker between friends who have some problems, and a defender of my country, my flag, my language, and my religion. I care about my people; I care about my country, and I care about her natural resources: the rivers, the mountains, the valleys, the meadows, the trees, the birds, the insects, the Zewai big fish, the caws, the goats, the donkeys, the horses, the Semen Mountain red fox, the gold and the silver. My country produces all these natural resources, and I care for each one of them.

    You have no authority to say that person defends Ethiopia, but the other one defends TPLF. Do you really know whom you are defending, and if you know, why are you defending that particular organization. How do you know I am helping TPLF and by helping TPLF that I am hurting Ethiopia? Your reason why you are not helping TPLF is you think TPLF is against Amhara. Where do you get the notion TPLF is hurting the Amharas only but not the Oromos, and the other Ethiopian tribes? Let me enlighten you a little bit: TPLF is the enemy of all the Ethiopian people but some of the Tegaru, and in order to defeat this common enemy, it is better for you not to say that person is helping TPLF and that person is hurting the oppossion groups because you cannot judge people by what they write and by what they say unless you saw them with your own eyes helping the TPLF economically, psychologically, and physically.

    The more unpredictable my comments and the harsher the criticism against me, the more believable my ideas and the more reasonable my view points; therefore, don’t worry about my comments and their interpretations or their implications.

  112. tibabe on

    Ato Elias Kifle of ETHIOPIANREVIEW.COM,

    many Ethiopians know that you are standing firm to bring justice and democracy for the thirsty Ethiopia. But sadlly, why you post Assta B. Gettu’s ant-Ethiopian peoples propoganda on this well known website ? Or may be you yourself are the so called Assta B. Gettu, who is wasting his much time by waging a war of words against our fellow Ethiopians.

  113. Gerewew Isaatuu on

    All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. They are endowed with reason and conscience and should act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood.
    (Article 1 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights)

    I wooud say to some comentators , “The world is a looking glass, and gives back the reflection of his own face.”
    William Makepeace Thakeray. Also I will add to the above saying,

    “A man does not show his greatness by being at one extermity, but rather by touching both at once.”
    Blaise Pascal

    I think DR. Tolosa is an Oromo philosopher and he refelected on the past world of the Ethiopian Empire and touched both extremities and you could not see what he has been researching since his college age at the AAU.

  114. Assta B. Gettu on

    tameneh #112,

    I never have had any problems until my headache started few years ago, and that headache of mine is the OLF who murdered my 17 Ethiopian Amhara Freedom Fighters in the street of Asmara with the blessings of the Asmara regime. From that time on, my headache has worsened. I saw a neurologist who told me something is bothering me, and I told him something is indeed bothering me, and that something is OLF. He wanted to know what kind of disease OLF is. I told him it is a debilitating subcutaneous disease that is hard to detect.

    I wander why you called the marriage between an Amhara man and an Oromia woman is illegal or, to put it in your own words, adulterous, and the children from such relationship are considered, in your views, bastards? Whose fault is this, the Amhara man who willingly married the Oromo woman to purify her blood, or is it the fault of the Oromo woman who wittingly married the Amhara man to get a blessing and a high status like Kate Middleton who married Prince Williams? It is only through marriage with the Amhara people that some Oromos can become kings or princes of Ethiopia. And that is the whole point Dr. Fikre is trying to explain the genealogies between the Amharas and the Oromos, and such genealogies come through mixed marriages as between the Amharas and the Oromos. It is only through marriage with the Amharas some Oromos can easily wipe out their inferiorities forever and ever; therefore, the Woyanne government must encourage the Oromo girls to marry the Amhara boys in a great number before the Amhara race becomes like an endangered species. Hurry up and tell your sisters to marry the Amhara boys before it is too late. Nowadays, it is very hard for the Oromo girls to find some Amhara boys.

    Yes, I am barking like a dog to scare away the OLF wolf before it snatches one of my sheep and consume it as it is without dissecting it. You wrote passionately: “You are working day and night to obliterate the Oromos records….” Those Oromos who have had some contacts with the Amharas and worked with the Amharas may have good records. Other than that, I don’t see the rest of the Oromo people have any recorded history in the annals of the Ethiopian Christian kingdom. Telling you the truth, the only truth, doesn’t make me a racist or a bigot; it would, in fact, make me a true history teacher, which I am.

  115. Assta B. Gettu on

    tibebe #114,

    I am glad you witness many Ethiopians know Elias Kifle is for democracy, justice, fairness, freedom of speech, and he is indeed very firm on those fundamental issues even though, from time to time, he gets some unjustified complaints from some people like you to abrogate his firm belief in the freedom of speech, which he will never do it.

    Also, I am happy you confess the Ethiopian Review is a well-known website and a widely-red one. But I don’t agree with your statement I am commenting against the unity of my country; on the contrary, I am commenting against those people who have been trying to dismantle the unity of Ethiopia for their selfish motives.

    My friend, you are befuddled Elias Kifle has been always Elias Kifle, and Assta B. Gettu has always been Assta B. Gettu. Elias Kifle has never used my name to write the comments I post on ER and on other websites. For confusing Elias Kifle, the Editor in Chief, with Assta B. Gettu, the commentator, you owe Elias Kifle an apology!

  116. selam on

    Gerewew Isaatuu #111

    Your quotes are well received.The first of the quotations is based on the Christion view of the world; I admire best the third, by Pascal.I hope Assta receives these advice without being offended.Mr. Assta you need a sense of balance in your comment.Mixing issues that pertain heaven and earth to win argument is despacably wickd.

  117. love on

    Assta B Gettu,

    Indeed you don’t have work to do and you are day and night on this site trying to defend yourself and not even Ethiopia. I sense a presence of ego. What is the truth to you? Is it maintaining a status quo? What is the status quo? If you were given power Assta, after TPLF is gone, please tell us what would you do? I am just curious.

  118. Assta B. Gettu on

    Selam #118,

    Before you open your empty-tomb mouth, throw out your vituperation, and admit someone’s quotations as if they were inferred to me, go back to school and learn how to spell the word “despicably.” You spelled it “despacably.!” I could have excused you for your blunder with your spelling had you not meddled in some one’s business.

    I don’t believe what a Protestant, William Makepeace Thakeray, a gambler, the son of a colonizer, and a Catholic philosopher, Pascal, had said; I believe what Jesus said: I am not a Catholic or a Protestant, and I don’t believe either in Protestantism or in Catholicism. I belong to the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahido Church. A Protestant philosophy or a Catholic philosophy does not appeal to me. Of course, I admire Thomas Aquinnah and St. Augustine of Hippo for a curiosity. I can write pages after pages about the differences between my Church and the Churches of both the Catholics and the Protestants. I still love both Churches since they believe Jesus is the true Son of the living God.

    You wrote as if you knew the issues very well: “Mixing issues that pertain (the word “pertain” is a wrong word to use it here; you better find another word) heaven and earth to win argument is despacably [despicably] wicked.” You must identify the issues you subsume are mixed up before you generalize those issues are as far as heaven and as close as the earth. Then I may have something to discuss about with you, and when I discuss an issue, I do it not just to win the argument as you have alluded to but to explain to my readers the intentions of the commentators.

    When you said: “The first of the quotations is based on the Christian view of the world…,” which Christians’ views are you talking about? Do you know to which Church the gambler, William Makepeace Thakeray belonged? Are you telling me his statement, “The world is a looking glass, and gives back the reflection of his own face” is taken from the Christian Holy Bible, that says, “Anyone who listens to the word but does not do what it says is like a man who looks at his face in a mirror” (James 1:23)? Make your tendentious statement clear so that I can understand you before you curse me out as a wicked and despicable person. I have more curses for you if you continue cursing me. For now I will confine myself to what bad words I have already uttered against you, the intruder and the uninvited nightly guest.

    You may have my peace or my curse. I am the legitimate owner of both!

  119. Stoned peter on

    Mister 114 tibabe I think you have your own problem. The problem is neither Elias nor Assta B. Gettu rather it is you and yourself alone the main problem is why do you suggest censorship are you out of ideas or are you out of your mind do not forget we are in USA we are not in Ethiopia or UK why it is your desire to silence people or are you contemplating to censor people antil you come with your eureka or with your bright idea get real friend that is not possible. Why do you care let Assta B. Gettu be Assta B. Gettu. Let him write what he thinks if you want take it or leave it as you wish nobody forced you through your throat. So do not act just like Meles Zenawi the lunatic if you want to act as Meles Zenawi, you can go to pro TPLF webb sights or make your own webb sight. So please stop your nagging censorship thing. It bothers me really too much. Your nonsense censorship thing must in your world alone. You can not avoid ideas by censorship or by hiding Assta B. Gettu’s view, even if you can silence Assta B. Gettu there will be another Assta B. Gettu. I am sure Assta B. Gettu can go to any www sight and give his view. Because as you can read it from his posting Assta B. Gettu spits words like bullet he has no a language problem like most of us so you can not tie him here with threat. If you are unhappy with his posting he might drive you crazy who knows Assta B. Gettu might come with a book then if that happen you have to buy all the books he wrote and burn in your rented apartment back yard then police will be called to put you in jail for 9 months and 5 days just as you were in peace in your dear mother’s womb during pregnancy. Then you poor baby have to make a regrowth and become an adult again, oh that wouldn’t be a good choice because who is going to take care your lovely wife so it is a bad choice so take the reality as it is. Can you imagine if your mother becomes a pregnant with you oh my lord! that would be a miserable option to your poor mother so why don’t grow up now and finish your current course of life instead of recycling the same pumpkin or Duba. You must understand your recycling will bring unbearable hardship on your dear poor mother’s 90 years old age body.

  120. Assta B. Gettu on

    love #119,

    I don’t have any enemy to defend myself from, and my country is not in the hands of foreign enemy: She is in the hand of her own wicked son she had produced, and she must find a way how to get rid of him. I have tried many times by posting several comments to find a solution to her chronic problems. I invite you to read my recent comment, “Libya and Ethiopia” on this web site, especially the 7 factors I have listed.

    Love, be serious now: I am not a power-hungry person, and I don’t want to have any authoritative position in Ethiopia. If Meles leaves office, I may go to Ethiopia just for a visit, and that is all. I have a good job where I am, and that is more than enough for me. I hope you will go to Ethiopia and become her prime minister when the dust settled down, and I wish you that position!

  121. tibabe on

    Stoned Peter#121,

    i don’t understand your position which forced you to jump to defend a mad and wicked Assta B. Gettu, who is trying to create a German Nazi styled of Aryanian supernationalism for Amharas. This is his fallacy which can not mislead the Amharas. In fact he can find a few shameless and astrayed indivuals like yourself. As you have said, spitting words or writing fluence english can not make one rational and balanced for Ethiopia’s problems. It is only the people who have common senes who will bring peace for our country. We have had many many Asstas in part many years, but they have brought nothing for Ethiopia except escalation. This guy is worst than OLF, ONLF and EPPF which are terrorizing civilians and destroying infrastructures in the country side of our country. Brother, think it twice before siding him. Otherwise you will fall in the same boiling pot like Assta.

  122. yewalashet on

    Assta B.Gettu#122

    You have deorbited because you are mixing every thing possible for you to touch. Starting from OLF and Ginbot 7 meeting, the political crisis among EPPF, and Dr. Fikre’s artcle. And now you are talking that you have a better job and do not want Ethiopia except going for visit. Concretely, you are meaning that Ethiopia is too much in need of you. But, believe me Ethiopia and it’s peoples do not want a vulture like you . You are already on Ethiopia’s black list recorded. Go and discuss about your chronical problems or as you have already said your HEADACH with Ginbot 7, OLF and EPPF’s Ato Mengistu, Muse and Warkaw, if they have time for your endless nonsense bila bila. You need Ethiopia only for visiting and vacation, Adios Amigos, you will never never see Ethiopia in you life. You will die and burned to the ash in your lovely home land where you are living and spitting out the toxic hatred from you heart.

  123. Selam on

    Assta Begetu

    Thank you for reminding me to go to school and learn how to spell. I kindly accept your criticism regarding this matter. However ,the most important issue here both for GOD and for me is character, and not so much poor spelling. I am not saying spelling is not important skill; I am simply saying it won’t be a factor to exclude me from entering in to Heaven. I introduced this subject here because I believe it is essential, that we put the WORD of GOD in to practice than only to give a mental assent to it.

    LOVE, I, and others have tried to present constructive criticism to you, and you refuse to heed the advice. Such being the case, I find it meaningless to continue to argue with you. Argument for the sake of argument is what you seem to be good at in this forum. You seem to be delight to get attention in strange and unusual ways, by calling attention to yourself .At times you will take issue with others by misquoting or, is representing the ideas of others; at other time, you twist scriptures or take scripture out of context for the purpose of scoring a point. There is no doubt you have argumentative temperament. Perhaps, this argumentative behavior masks other deep seated problem in your life.
    You may respond to my message, I won’t answer you anymore. I have done my part, if you don’t want to be corrected I commend you to the LORD who is able to show mercey.

    I hope you will heed the admonition and warnings of our word to be corrected.
    1- “And said, Verily I say unto you, except ye be converted, and become as little children, ye shall not enter into the kingdom of heaven.” MT.18:3

    2-” For what does it profit a man to gain the whole world and forfeit his soul? … “MK.8:36
    Finally Saint Paul said,
    3- “For who maketh thee to differ from another? and what hast thou that thou didst not receive? Now if thou didst receive it, why dost thou glory, as if thou hadst not received it?”1 Corinthians 4:7 .

  124. Assta B. Gettu on

    Selam #125,

    Since you like to be corrected, let me correct your English mechanics first; then I will explain to you about your comment.

    1. Assta B. Gettu, not Begettu
    2. is an important skill, not important skill
    3. entering into heaven, not in heaven
    4. it is essential that…
    5. into practice, not in to practice
    6. rather than, not than only
    7. to give a theoretical thought, not a mental assent
    8. you seem to be delighted, not to be delight
    9. no comma after ways
    10. no comma after or
    11. scriptures (s should be capitalized)
    12. to my message; I….
    13. done my part; if….
    14. be corrected,….
    15. to the Lord, who…..

    I am glad you recognize the value of admitting one’s own mistakes, and that is one of the many ways a person can improve his/her English language.

    You are absolutely right you have the freedom to join the discussion at any time you want to, and I encourage you to continue participating in the discussion by posting your comments on any issue you are interested in.

    It is true we have a mandate to carry out the word of God and spread it throughout the world; when we do that, we are putting what we have been taught into practice: “…but whoever practices and teaches these commands will be called great in the kingdom of heaven” (Matthew 5:19).

    How do you know Love’s and your criticisms are constructive? What seems constructive to you may not be constructive to the other person. Remember the word of God that says: “You, therefore, have no excuse, you who pass judgment on someone else, for at whatever point you judge the other, you are condemning yourself, because you who pass judgment do the same things” (Romans 2:1).

    Can you tell me where I have misused or twisted the word of God in order to win my case with the other person? I have learned the Scriptures since my childhood, and I know how to use it so that others can learn from my comment. Misuse of the word or the name of God is wrong, and my Holy Bible tells me so: “You shall not misuse the name of the LORD your God, for the LORD will not hold anyone guiltless who misuses his name” (Exodus 20:7). After many years, David, the man of God had also said: “They speak of you with evil intent; your adversaries misuse your name” (Psalm 139:20). I want you to remember one thing: Most of the people who attack me are those who do not accept that Jesus is the true Son of the Living God. They accept Jesus as a messiah but not as a God.

    If my comment has offended you, I ask your apology!

  125. Assta B. Gettu on

    Tibabe #123,

    My friend Stoned Peter’s position is crystal clear to you; he told you we do not live in Ethiopia where there is no freedom of speech, and where any journalist’s editorial page is censored. You want to live under the surveillance of Meles Seitanawi (Zenawi), you may stay with him if you are there; if not, leave your place and go back to the land of slavery – Ethiopia – and join your slave family living in purdah in Ethiopia. Don’t mess with our precious freedom here.

  126. Assta B. Gettu on

    Yewalashet #124,

    It seems you are concerned about me, you stupid monster, the son of another sea dragon, and your mother used to chase the dragon – to smoke opium or heroin – in her dirty sanctum. Tell her to get out and to stop chasing the dragon, which is not good for her health. Unfortunately you were born from her, and that is why you have become a juice dealer, and if you see a police coming to you, you will shake in your own boots.

    I have the freedom to go to my country and work there as one of its leaders if I want to; the choice is mine, not yours, and I control my destiny and you yours. A crocked person like you will have no life either in Ethiopia or in other country because of the birth defect he has, and the destiny of such a person will be in the grave. You will be the luckiest person if you find someone to bury your dead body in a normal grave without any ceremony; in fact, you will be thrown out into the dumpster like a dead cat.

  127. Gerewew Isaatuu on

    “We allow ignorance to prevail upon us and make us think we can survive alone, alone in patches, alone in groups, alone in races , even alone in genders.” Maya Angelou, Poet( 1928- )

  128. Gerewew Isaatuu on

    Let me be direct this is to Assta .
    Simple and easy, go and read about the genealogy of Cushitic people.
    Simple not easy go and read about the Cushitic Civilizations, you will understand all what I am saying. Sudan and Egypt are the two countries that come to my mind. Anthropologists and sociologists have written and discussed about Cushitic civilizations and I would like you to read on that. Among the Apostles of Jesus some people suggest that
    Mark might be an Oromo by origin. Cush have been named in many instances in the Holy Bible. Some Oral scholars say Mosses’ mother might be an Oromo. I am not hundred percent sure but I have been thinking about it for a very long time since I heard about it. I have not dougb the Holly Bible mentions about Oromos very indirectly. I am sometimes worried about your logical thinking but you can infer that if you read the book correctly. The Cushitic civilization had flourished before the establishment of the Axumite
    Civilization. Read a book written by Tadesse Tamirat.

    I have never claimed that all Ethiopians are Oromos, I have been saying that historically some Oromos have contributed to the development and growth of the Ethiopia Empire. Doctor Fikre Tolossa is the author of the article. He is a well known scholar and have been reading on the Ethiopian history since he was a high school student. He was one of eminent students of the history of the county when he was in the AAU. Today he is a member of a famed academy in Germany and had penned several books and articles. He is a poet and a dramatist and well regarded humanitarian.

    I am writing this little background without consultation with the author but to make you see that DR. Fikre Tolossa from Dire Dawa knew what had written. You could tell from the article he has done his home work quite scholarly for years and I wish you understand him very well where he is coming from. If you are blindfolding your minds and imagination I cannot help it.

    If you keep cursing instead of researching what I have been arguing about or if you are not willing to learn new things about the Ethiopian Empire then you may be an individual without open-mindedness.
    If you are such a persons, I pray your are not such a persons, you may reach nowhere with your arguments.

    I want to give you a wise man advice, do not rock the boat. If you do that, you may have so many people with Cushitic origins come up against you and your people. You guys are stirring dirty laundry of your country and proving to the world that many people for many generations have been subjugated under your malicious, wicked , spiteful unpleasant systems. As individual you are acting it again while you are arguing with your pens.

    Please do not compare me with anybody and just understand me as an individual who aspires to bring harmony and friendship amongst all Africans who have been denied justice in the Ethiopian Empire for generations. I think the current generation has to come to terms and do
    a reconciliation without denying the past historical injustice done against my Oromo People and others such as Sidama, Kambata, Gambelas, Walayita, Gurages, Afars, Hararis, Dorzes, and many other ethnic groups in the country.

    I am not arguing to create an Oromo Empire or dominance of the Oromo people over others; I am demanding and wanting to create a justifiable system of governance in for all trodden people under the yoke of Ethiopian Empire and leaderships of your people for centuries. What is wrong with arguing for freedom and justice and equitable society based on historical facts? What is wrong telling the historical past of the Empire and the contributions of the Oromo people in the Empire? Is there anything wrong about the contribution of a biologist in working hard to fight bacteria? Penicillin was born and bad “organisms “such as bacteria were defeated. I am also arguing with you to get rid of bad system that kills men and women like bacteria; I think the country needs great doses of political penicillin to get rid of unwanted ideas against justice and democracy.

  129. yewalashet on

    Assta B.Gettu#126,

    already you have jumped from persons to persons, from organizations to organizations, from points to meaningless. And now you are trying to teach Ethiopias english. Since english is not Ethiopians mother taunge, we don’t bother ourselves with it, rather than using it as a second language. But you are happy that you can buy hot dogs and onions with dollars. Also we are happy with our proud Birrs. By the way, don’t think that you are the best educated Ethiopian man, better i say you are the best deluded and confused person. Ethiopia has many educated Profs., Drs., Ingineers, teachers and etc,. But they have never undermined their own peoples from where they have originated. There is the english proverb which says ” AN EMPTY BARREL MAKES THE MOST NOISE “,. You are hypcrite who is walking around blindly. You have fallen away from Ethiopians like Lucifer has fallen down from the God’s divine.

  130. Yonas on

    Assta B.Gettu],

    በውነቱ አንተ ያልተማርክ ሰው ነህ::ምናለባት ተመረ አለሁ ካለክ :የህ እውከት ባንተ ሀይወት ላይ አልተንሰባረከም::
    ባተካላይ አንተ በተሰብ አሰዳቢ:አጉራ ዘላይከአምላክ ጋር የተታላህ :የተመታታቢህ:አውኮ አበድ:እርኩስ ማእንፈስ የሞላህ ሰው ነህ:: በአተካላይ አምህራወችህ መተፎ ሀዘቦችህ አደሉም:: ሆኖም ኢንደአንተ ያለ የቲፋት መልክተንያ አይወክለነም::
    በውነቱ ነስህ ሀሊና ቢኖረህ ከምላክ ጋር ሰላም ባደርገሀ ነበር::

    1. I completly agree with what yewalashet said about you. There is Avery good reason to believe that you are self deceived creature. Many people in this forum, except you, know that you are a delusinal,and your case is way overdue for a psychiatrist
    Evaluation. Insanity is the word that describes you. You seem to be transfixed in this forum twenty four seven, and this is one sign that points your case is abnormal. Is there anything good going for you at all? If so why don’t you break from this monotony and find to enjoy life instead.
    Let me point out some of yourself deception below.

    1- You are deceived when you think mere knowledge of the word of GOD is guarantee for salvation. On the contrary more knowledge comes with greater responsblity.Inother words if you, knowingly, trifle with the word of GOD you will aggravate your condemnation for your contempt.

    2- You are deceived when you think you are defending the Orthodox Church. The Orthodox believers and the faithful in it need not your diatribe, they disowe.They are peaceful; people and like in peace with followers of other faith.

    3- You are deceived when you think you are healthy but are not; you are in need of help. You certainly need GOD’s help right now; you need to get in your knee and confess your sins, and be reconciled with him. It is not GOD’s will for you to claim that you are Christian and to turn around and curse and insult the people of Ethiopia who are made in the “Image of GOD”. What kind of witness is that to Christianity?
    See below the warnings of the WORD of GOD in the book of James chapter 3:1-12.

    1 My brethren, let not many of you become teachers, knowing that we shall receive a stricter judgment. 2 For we all stumble in many things. If anyone does not stumble in word, he is a perfect man, able also to bridle the whole body. 3 Indeed, we put bits in horses’ mouths that they may obey us, and we turn their whole body. 4 Look also at ships: although they are so large and are driven by fierce winds, they are turned by a very small rudder wherever the pilot desires. 5 Even so the tongue is a little member and boasts great things.
    See how great a forest a little fire kindles! 6 And the tongue is a fire, a world of iniquity. The tongue is so set among our members that it defiles the whole body, and sets on fire the course of nature; and it is set on fire by hell. 7 For every kind of beast and bird, of reptile and creature of the sea, is tamed and has been tamed by mankind. 8 But no man can tame the tongue. It is an unruly evil, full of deadly poison. 9 With it we bless our God and Father, and with it we curse men, who have been made in the similitude of God. 10 Out of the same mouth proceed blessing and cursing. My brethren, these things ought not to be so. 11 Does a spring send forth fresh water and bitter from the same opening? 12 Can a fig tree, my brethren, bear olives, or a grapevine bear figs? Thus no spring yields both salt water and fresh

    4- You are deceived when you think the Ethiopian Oromo’s have not contributed for Ethiopia. You may deny this fact due to your peculiar nature; but the fact is available in the history books. Many of the names maintained by Dr.Fikre Tolossa are available in the book entitled “the historical dictionary of Ethiopia”. Bigot like you is a disgrace for your own family and for a nation in which you are apart.
    5- You are deceived when you think you are a self styled English professor while all you can do with the language is curse and fuss with it. In other words, it is one thing to be proficient with English language; it is quite another present perceptible or generates relevant ideas in this forum. To me you are so shallow and superficial you have nothing important to say.
    1. 6-May be may be you must be a former believer who went astray or ,መናልባት የአፈረስክ ካሂን ተሆናለህ,there is hope for you if you repent now.
    “and saying, “The time is fulfilled, and the kingdom of God is at hand; repent and believe in the gospel.”

  131. Anonymous 2011 on

    Gerewew Isaatuu(#130}

    Sir , as an oromian living in northerner Europe, I salute you for you intellect, modesty, politeness & your general decorum. This Assta B.Gettu, is either complete moron or agent-provocateur of TPLF. If he is amahara, I wonder why he is focusing on Oromos as opposed to the people, TPLF group, who are enslaving him and ruling him with iron fist and he could do nothing about it other than fleeing. He is a coward and loud mouth. I’m 100% sure he isn’t what he is claiming 2b.

  132. Stoned Peter on

    Mister 130 Gerewew Isaatuu, I agree with you about doctor Fikre Tolosa’s intellectual capacity however your remaining talk was as usual a garbage in and garbage out talk. So can you write whatever you want after you took your bipolar medication because you mix apples and oranges during your continuous blabbering. One more thing please explain us the next question. When you call Ethiopia an empire are you thinking in a negative connotation because of your everlasting inferior feeling or you are unaware of the meaning of empire. The meaning of empire is a word for nations or countries who use to be or who are with a powerful economic, political, military and with a vast territory as well as bigger population. Therefore if you are using as a derogatory connotation to explain your deep inferiority feeling you better stop that childish sympathy sicking because until now people might have perceived you as an inferior and unwise person however if you continue this misuse of words they might start to think about you as inferior and idiot so come back to your senses and act as a member of the Ethiopian society. In addition before you say things why don’t you study the meaning of that word. Why do you want to get other peoples’ unnecessary sympathy I really would fake my sympathy for you if it helps you and people like you but instead of helping you actually our sympathy has brought you down to the level of two legged animal. To understand what I am saying ask one of your neighbors to read you what you wrote. Please do not ask either a family member or your friends to read you your own writing because I have a doubt you may not have a healthy friend or family member you might have polluted. If you ask a neighbor to read you what you wrote ask the newest neighbor the one you have never talk to him or her in your past. I know few Oromos have hate toward Ethiopia as a result they misuse this term many times so do not please misplace the meaning of empire. So do not use if you mean in a negative connotation because people will think you are uneducated idiot who got the meaning of empire from another inferior teacher with little history in his or her muscle head.

  133. Gerewew Isaatuu on


    “In 1931, Emperor Haile Selassie granted Ethiopia it’s first written constitution, and established the first Parliament composed of a House of Deputies and an Imperial Senate. Both Houses of Parliament were appointed by the monarch. In 1955, a new revised constitution was granted. Although it retained the concept of absolute monarchy, it did provide for the first time, for a directly elected House of Deputies. All male and female Ethiopian subjects were eligible to vote, although no provision was made for the allowance of political parties”

    The above statement tells you what I am talking about.

  134. tibebe on

    Stone Peter #134,

    you are not the first one to hate and attack those who have advocated for Oromos and Oromos themselves. We know it for the long time and the history knows it. But whether you attack the Oromos or knock your head to the ground, the Oromos have their destiny in their hands. Nobody can silence the boiling volcanic proccess of political nature in Ethiopia, except rational accuration approach . Your insolence, lumpen notion is indicating your unlimited pixilation. But that will not serve the interests of Ethiopia, it only serves the interests of die hard and opportunistic persons. Instead of talking about hatred again and again, please correct yourself and start talking about peace and stability among Ethiopians. And that needs practice and nuritment what Ethiopia is thirsty of.

  135. Assta B. Gettu on

    Gerewew #130

    No one denies the greatness of Cush, and almost every one recognizes he was the offspring of that cursed Ham, and that curse still exists upon all of his descendants. Many of his children have been bought and sold, and some of them are in slavery in our time. Go to Sudan and to some other African countries where black people, the children of Cush are being sold and bought. Africa is one of the most backward continents because of the curse she inherited from her cursed father, Cush. Since you have that atavism from Cush, you will never be a civilized person like the Semitic people. Most Ethiopians claim they are Semitic people and because of them, Ethiopia is, indeed, unique.

    You have been trying to link the genealogies of the Oromos with that blessed genealogies of the Amhara people, and now you want to trace your genealogy to the cursed man, Cush. You have finally found your real genealogy, and I absolutely agree with you the Oromos are Cushitic people, and there is no wrong with that except the atavistic curse. You are also trying to link your genealogy with St. Mark, and perhaps with the genealogy of Jesus Christ. I’m certain you are going to tell me Jesus and his Mother St. Mary were pure Oromos. I invite you to read the genealogy of Jesus Christ according to St. Matthew’s and to St. Luke’s Gospels and you may find some Oromo names there that will make you happy. I have never denied the contributions of some Oromos to the Ethiopian Christian kingdom, and those who contributed their energy, time, money, and skill were those few lucky Oromos who had the bloods or the spirits of the Amhara people. And those Oromos had never, ever, done anything important without the supervisions of the Amhara people.

    The man whom you have described can defend himself if he is versed in the histories of the Cushitic and the Semitic people; you don’t have to defend him whether he is from Oromo or from Amhara. I would like to know the famed academy in Germany where your man is working; I have some German friends at Heidelberg University, and I will ask them if they know him very well. Writing genealogies, and at that a wrong one, doesn’t make one a scholar. St. Matthew and St. Luke wrote the genealogy of our Lord Jesus Christ, but that is not the one that rendered them saints; there was something else that made them saints; you better find out what that something was!

    Condemning the Ethiopian Christian kingdom that gave you life and entity, modernity and continuity does not fulfill your ambition – the creation of an Oromo empire and the demotion of the Amharic culture, especially the Amharic language. You may call your Oromo Empire the Cushitic empire instead of the Ethiopian empire since you have found your real genealogy with Cush, and it seems you are proud of Cush; there are some Cushitic names in the Bible that may take away your inferiority if you know them very well and relate your genealogy to each one of them.

    Your dependence on someone’s genealogy bothers me a lot, especially when I hear you say St. Mark was from Oromo. Why don’t you just depend on the word of God instead of depending on someone’s genealogy? God has power to lift you up and give you what is in your heart. Read the Biblical Hannah’s words: “He raises the poor from the dust and lifts the needy from the ash heap; he seats them with princes and has them inherit a throne of honor” (1st Samuel 2:8). Yes, some Oromos had sat with some Amhara princes and had even become emperors. Isn’t this claim enough for you, or do you have still to go to St. Mark’s genealogy?

    The Ethiopian Christian emperors had done nothing wrong to your Oromo people you mentioned; in fact, it was this Christian kingdom that helped your Oromo people to have law and order, respect and honor, faith in one God and loyalty to one Christian kingdom. Without this Christian kingdom, you could have been melted away from the face of the earth. You are on the map because of that powerful Christian kingdom; you are a human being, a civilized person, a productive one, and a prosperous nation as the result of those generous, prudent, and caring Ethiopian Christian emperors.

    The Ethiopian Christian emperors had never denied you justice, equality, and fairness in every thing and that is why some Oromos were Ethiopian princes, kings, and queens. You are not qualified either to write or to narrate the glorious past history of the Ethiopian Christian kingdom. It had had been recorded long time ago by the French, by the German, by the British, by the Russian, and by many distinguished Ethiopian historians. If you want to spend your money on rewriting the Ethiopian history, you are wasting your money and your time, and no one believes you what you have written; it will be taken as a fiction, not as a real history of the true Ethiopian Christian kings.

    Any country has the right to get rid of the criminals, the thugs, the terrorists; if you are one of the members of the OLF, then you are a thug; therefore, you should not be called an Ethiopian who loves Ethiopia dearly. Your analogy of your last sentence is laughable; it doesn’t apply to the Ethiopian Christian emperors. You cannot remove bad system by arguing, but you can abolish bad leadership by doing something tangible and practical.

    Finally, I advise you to ignore genealogy, to stand up on your own feet, and to be yourself. Stop blaming the Ethiopian Christian emperors for they were your creators, your mentors, your providers, and your defenders.

    I am late to respond you right away because I have power-outage because of the heavy storm in my area.

    Sorry for the delay!

  136. Assta B. Gettu on

    Yewalashet #131,

    Second or first language, you must know the English language; you must know the Amharic language; you must also know other languages, and, of course, the prince of all languages is the Amharic language, the national language of Ethiopia. The Amharic language is a Semitic language, not the language of that cursed man, Cush. The roots of the Amharic language are Geez, Tigrigna, Hebrew, and Aramaic, which means, Amharic is a Semitic language. There are other Semitic languages in Ethiopia.

    Only God knows who will be cast out from the Ethiopian society, and it is you a farcical person and a member of the OLF.

  137. Assta B. Gettu on

    Yonas #132,

    You wrote lackadaisically: “You seem to be transfixed in this forum twenty four seven,….” What kind of English is this? Is this the kind of English you learned from one of your diffident OLF teachers? How long have you been with OLF? Your Amharic is not better than your English. I have tried to correct your crocked Amharic language but couldn’t finish it. I just gave you some examples to follow.
    ተምረ አለሁ=ተምሬ
    ባተካላይ= ባጠቃላይ

    You should have asked one Amhara person to help you write both the English and the Amharic languages. Since I don’t understand what you are trying to say, I advise you to go, first, to one of the best Amharic teachers; then after you have mastered the Amharic language, you can go to an English teacher. After you have done this, I can respond to you kindly without cursing you out. You can play with the English language, but don’t mess with that rich and refined Amharic language, the language of the most educated and noble Ethiopians. The Amharic language is one of the heritages of Ethiopia that defines what Ethiopia is as a country.

  138. Assta B. Gettu on

    Anonymous 2011#133

    OLF-types of Oromos are everywhere spreading their intransigent motives to enslave, not to liberate, Oromia. Oromia doesn’t need rinky-dink people like you, and I am spending my energy and time on Oromos because I vividly see the propensity of the OLF to deceive Oromia by promising her a bright future if she secedes from the motherland, Ethiopia. I promise you Ethiopia never allows Oromia to go its own way, the wrong way; Oromia will stay in Ethiopia until the last judgment day. A coward is a person whose screen name is Anonymous; he is scared to death if he writes his full name on the screen. He may have committed serious crimes, and that is why he is afraid to introduce his name to the world.

  139. tameneh on

    Assta B.Gettu#137,

    natural proccess and history does not go as you are wishing for yourself. One can not either stop or accelerate it. It goes by it’s own. But i afraid that you will say that you can do that by your magic. Don’t think getting rid of OLF is so simple as you go to toillet and get rid of your waste product, even your boss the Derg was unable to do that. OLF is OROMOS, and OROMOS are OLF, it is confusing you, isn’t it ? You are not yet confused, but the confusion is nearing you and you will see it sooner or later, if you will live longer. In the today’s modern world, there is no place for impervious asocial notions. Still you need a long time of incubation to get rid of your lurdan. I hope that any Ethiopian will not be infected by your plague. The OROMO PEOPLE or every Oromo organizations do not yield to thousends of Asstas growling. By the way, till 1882, there was no a country which was called Ethiopia. Before that time Ethiopia was the whole Cushitic territories, from today’s Egypt to Tanzania. Your country was called Abyssinia or in arabic ” Balad Al-Habash “, a terrible tribe on which the Arabs have said ” AKTUL AL-HABASH, WA KALI AL-HANASH “, which in english means, kill the Abyssinian and leave the snake. This proves that even the Abyssinians were not in peace with their kin Arabs at that time and that was why they were chased out of Arabian peninsula. They have crossed to African continent from today’s Yemen through Bab Al-Mandab and have settle in today’s northern Ethiopia. Even today their area in Yemen is well known and there is a mountain which is called after their name. It is called in Arabic ” JABAL AL-HABASH “, which in english means, Abyssinian Mountain. This is a very short piece of history. So mr. Assta, tell me do you want to live in peace with others Ethiopians including Oromos or do you want to take up sword like your grandfathers to declare war on Oromos ? I can assure you, if you choose the first one, we can together build a modern and presprous Ethiopia. But if you prefer the second one, i am very sorry to say it, you will be like a drop of water onto the hot stone.

  140. Stoned Peter on

    I am sorry my Ethiopian brother Assta B. Gettu about your situation. What do you think about my next proposal, what I am thinking is since Gerewew Isaatuu does not need electricity in his current life style why don’t you use his power for the time being until he comes back from his cave life and starts to use the electric power the USA government gave him. I am just teasing Gerewew Isaatuu so do not throw yourself to on coming train. Let me be serious now and let me wish you Assta B. Gettu the best for you and your family as well as for all Ethiopians in your situation including our country man Gerewew Isaatuu if he lives in the places where mother nature has affected regions. Gerewew Isaatuu on your posting on number 135 I have a question because your example does not explain whether a country is an empire or something else rather it indicates how the country was ruled or it is administered at a certain time. Which means your example discribes how Ethiopia was managed whether the country was administered with consensus or ruled by authoritarian individuals. If you perceive Ethiopia under king Haylesilase was an empire because of your example you gave me, would you say also Libya under Gadafi was an empire?. In addition Iraq under Sadam Hussen was it an empire. What about those few southern Africa countries who are ruled by a monarch such as Swaziland. Oh my lord what about Ethiopia under Meles the little emperor as you know Meles can do whatever he wants he can skin you alive if it makes him happy as he did to many Ethiopians. So your example was wrong and That is why you become confused and inferior Oromo with lack of self-esteem because you twist the reality away from the truth. In short unless you accept who you are you will not have the self-esteem you need like the fallowing great Oromo Ethiopians like doctor Fikre Tolosa, Abdissa Agga, General Jagamakelo, Gobena, Laureate Tsegaye Gebremedihin etc. Because of your own self inflicted wound you have developed about yourself an everlasting insufficiency or incompetent inferior feeling which is going to last until you go to your grave. You will remain confused and full of venomous hate toward Ethiopia. You chose to take the wrong perception then you develop it in to Gerewew Isaatuu’s reality then you remain a miserable person. Then you continue to dream day and night how to hurt Amhara, Ethiopia and Unity etc. You want to show us your hurt feeling just like an abused wife syndrome. Your dislike of Ethiopia is in your brain you only cary it without help from anyone so stop it before it kills you, by being a weird individual you will not attract people to fallow. You should learn by now nobody can help you unless you help yourself by trying the reality not in you but around you, which means if you like it or not you are an Ethiopian just like the rest of us. You might have faced bad things in your past. So whatever happen to you in your past move fast forward do not regurgitate the hurt Oromo feeling. You should not take back yourself to the days of Oromo migration to the time of your ancestors slaughtering of native Ethiopias. So think yourself as a proud native Ethiopian Oromo man. Again do not stagnate on your past you just drop it just like a bad habit do not dwell on your past.

  141. Gerewew Isaatuu on

    Assta ,

    In the name of Christianity you are justifying racism and injustice. I cannot believe it. But I can see you wholeheartedly condone it as your ancestors used to do it.

    King Minilik of Ethiopia had to say the following to the king of Belgium, and you are almost repeating it again.

    “Not to be isolated from states which respect human rights and freedom, when I heard that slavery was forbidden, I had returned first time 50,000 and second time 20,000 slaves captured by my soldiers to their families or to their mothers and fathers.”

    A Russian historian Alexander Bulatovich wrote from Addis Ababa in 1900
    the conditions in which he saw the Oromo people were in, in the following statement,” Any Oromo whether he/she was working or not whether he/she had any income, he/she was expected to pay government tax annually, things that are perpetrated against the Oromo people is similar to what had been practiced against the Russian people during the rule of Boris Godunov.”

    He also explained that the Oromos never let that happened to them, they all left their villages to the neighboring autonomous Oromo regions to protect their God given freedom. Most of the time they fought back gallantly repulsing the invading armies of King Minilik.

    I am appalled that in the 21 first century you support and regard that a justifiable and civilized system. I am afraid you are backward than the king himself.

    Please take some logic and hisory classes. I do not get your way of thinking. Becasue we are Cushes we became slaves. Then because the Southern Sudanese are black and the Arabs were destined to rule over them. How come we saw that they are free on January 9, 2011 under their beautiful flag. How about South Africa in 1994? How about Nigeria in 1960? How about Kenyans and the whole African Continet? What about the Indain sub continet?

  142. Assta B. Gettu on

    My dear Stoned Peter #138,

    Thank you for your concern about the power-outage in my area that has affected me from responding to #131, #132, and #133. I wrote three brief responses but not posted. I like the two links you presented for us the readers; they are very educational and I like them very much!

  143. Super Man on

    To mr. gettu and all your cousins

    I dont know weather you rememberd the article with page 19 you posted before 4 months ago intitled Jewish religion vs ethiopian christian. on this articles you insulted our Lord Jesus by siding jewish religion you have said alot. For your consuption I do have hard copy of your article in my hand.If necessory i can scan ann post at any time possible to reviel who you are. You should konw that knowing the word of God and kowing God it self is completely different.Your brother lucifer knows the word of God trillion times than you does. Keep in your mind that the day you and fellows like you will enter in your mothers dress. Truley ! Truley! Truley! Beenatachihu qemis wusti tigebalachihu.I said it. Selam Tena yistilign. Kalehubet.

  144. weyiyeagere sew on


  145. Super Man on

    To Mr. Asta b. getu and etal

    I do have alot of response for you and the likes on the ethiopian review websites but I was not allowed to post my coment on the website.If so, we are tired of your blabering you pretend as if you know every thing. You have no moral stand to talk about curse of all cushetic people by relating with old testament scripts. But didnt you read on the new testament that ” ineho bekristos iyesus lalut ahun kunene yelebachewum” yesewlijoch yemergem ida bekirstos iyesus moti ina tinsae inde tedemesese” alanebebkim way? How would you be tried to inherit the curse of amhara debteras in their beteskean worshipping the prince of darkness?Dont you know this one? Besime melaiktoch ina besime kirstos what is going on in your rooten church. yiliq lezih country who brought deep rooted curse is Amhara debteras who walled in their church . Tegbaban ante yewush lij.

    You are talking loudly about your mastery skill for english language and so forth but you can rub your ass with english. qitihin tiregibet. I dont know weather you remembered the article with page 19 you posted before 4 months ago intitled Jewish religion vs ethiopian christian. Onthis articles you insulted our Lord Jesus by siding jewish religion hypocrats and you have said alot by coating the bible. For your consumption I do have hard copies of all your articles on my hand. If I think it is necessory to post, I will scan and post any time possible to reviel your hidden agenda and personslity. You must know that knowing the words of god and kowing GOD it self is completly different and in no ways related.Your brother lucifer knows the words of GOD trillion times than you does. Aperson filld with words and sprit of GOD by no meanse agitating, provoking chaos among the society. yours is uniqe and different.From the information I gathered so far about you you may be ethiopian felash or adhari amara or agent of weyane.Keep in your mind that the day you and fellows like you will hide in your mothers dress is not far. Truely! Truely! beinatachihu qemis sir yemitgebubet gize ruq aydelem. selam tena yistilign. kalehubet.

  146. Assta B. Gettu on

    Super Man #148,

    Where are your responses, Super Man? I allow you to post all my articles because I have them all, and I am sure has them too.

    Tameneh #142,

    Learn the language first, and then you can ask me about my comment.
    For example:

    -natural process and history do not, not does not
    -I am afraid, not i afraid….

    I have not corrected all your errors; I leave the corrections to your English teacher.

    Gerewew #144,

    By now you must know where I stand about that Great King Menelik II, and I know very well your evil intentions about him; therefore, when you get rid of your slave mentality, then you can argue with me. A slave person has no right to talk back to his master; you must know where you stand and what your status is.

    Weyiyeagere sew #147,

    Libyans are Arab Muslims. Kaddafi and his wife are Arab Muslims, and what Kaddafi’s wife did to that lovely Ethiopian girl is unforgettable for many generations to come. We can easily understand the nature of Islam when we saw the burned body of our Ethiopian sister in Libya. We cannot go to war with Libya to avenge the serious wound and humiliation of that beautiful girl of ours because we do not have a government in Ethiopia that cares for its own people wherever they are. We just have to swallow our angers, emotions, and sadness and live until we all perish without having a good shepherd in our country.

  147. tameneh on

    I, my teacchers and all Ethiopians, except you, are not the servants or ass kissers of Faranjoch. As yewalashet has already told you, all Ethiopians are not bothering themselves with your english language as you are bothering yourself with it. English is Ethiopias second language, but you have made it your mother tangue. You traitor. Don,t believe that mastering it is by birth, but it is by getting the chances of education. Also mastering english does not make you realistic, since you are the doomed creature on this earth. By the way, don,t believe that fighting for democracy in Ethiopia is with english, but it is by determination which is emraced the peoples of that country. You are out of that circle.

  148. tameneh on

    Assta B. Gettu#149,

    the mad person does not accept his/her madness except accusing the others of madness. You wanted to correct my english grammar before you correct your own, and specially your impudent wild character. As many fellow Ethiopians have already indicated it to you, english language is not our mother tangue. We use it as many others countries around the world as a second language. But you the master of english language, as you call yourself, are making mistakes in your correction. In english grammar there is a grammatical rules: For intance, we will take the verb DO and the adjective AFRAID on which you are insisting. First Person: I DO, Second Person: YOU DO, Third Person: HE, SHE and IT DOES. And for ADJECTIVE: The Present Continuous: I am afraid. This statement tells us the action which is taking place at present. The Simple Present: I afraid. This statement tells us the action which always take place . It does not matter whether it is today or tomorow. The Present Perfect tense: I have afraid. This statement tells us the action which has already taken place. I don’t see any grammatical mistake in these case. So Mr. Assta, i don’t say that you will be punished because your english grammar faults. But i am sure, if you will not ajust yourself from your racial and religion fanatism which is making you like a person who has ” ZAR “, you will be responsible for what you are preaching now.

  149. Gomen Betena on

    Assta B.
    The self styled online English professor how are you? When are you going to admit that you are human and are likely to make mistake? You must come on this issue clean. So far I have not seen you, not even onece, admitting any wrong doing or accepting criticism. Are we to believe that you are egg head, book worm, and high brow with no one to mach? Or do you still expect us to believe that you are infallible and invincible creature? If you entertain such a notion then this is one sign that shows you are a loose case.

  150. Assta B. Gettu on

    Tameneh #151,

    Don’t worry what others say about my comment; I advise you to complete your English work.

    -the mad, The mad…
    -indicated it: it represents what?
    -as many other, not others
    -In English, not in English
    -there is a grammatical rule, not rules
    -the action which always takes place, not take place
    -I am afraid, not I have afraid
    -in this case, not in these case
    -because of your English grammar….
    -adjust, not ajust
    -religious fanaticism, not religion fanaticism

  151. Assta B. Gettu on

    Tameneh #150,

    -Ethiopia’s second language
    -English, not english
    -embraced by, not emrace….

  152. Super Man on

    To Mr. Asta B.Gettu and etal
    I do have tons of answers for your heart ache vomit posted in different websites including Ethiopian review. Sorry! As I mentioned earlier I am religious person but not symphetizer of any political organization like you. I stand merely for truth. I am not narrow minded and hateful like you as well have any intension to insult and defame any ethnic group in Ethiopia( especially Amara and Tigre)even though a lot to say on both ethnics. I am great enemy of owner of rotten thinking ( yebesebese amelekaket) like you. According to your definition the words of God is instrument to insult, defame,propaganda, mass genocide, ethinic cleansing to accomplish your devlish agenda etc Qitih ina afhi iskisenetek dires you are echoing .Either than to defend your position with facts don’t divert the attention of the reader by focusing on how to use and write English bla,bla,bla / kechalk hasab mogit yemitilew kaleqebih arfeh quchi bel/ .You know bado figna( balloon) tinishiye mastenfesha iskitagegn new yemitiweterew. The same to you. Yehe yaltegereze shelefetam eye weta iye geba ende goliyad yeigziabherin hizb yemigedader isu man new? I remembered something when we were children while moving in darkness or dark room loudly we were singing or spoke loudly in order to overcome our internal fear. I found it interesting that this analogy is completely applicable for you and your cousins. Yemihon yehonal yemayhon ayhonim. If you are a man of god you would have strived for the betterment and well-being of Ethiopian people. But you are cursed and your very nature as well your nefs abat /soul father/ Lucifer will not on green light for you to do and think about good thing. As I read all of your articles you are filled with deep entrenched hate towads Oromo people. Eski ebakh ante lay yarefew wuqabi min endemifelig nigeren abay lay endemiardut iniredilih bezih enkwa bitareqen. Bezih akahedih yetderes endemiazaliqih quch bilen inayalen yenga prince. You mentioned that you were prohibited to post your comment on Ethiopian review , are you kidding? Kkkkkkkkk hhhhhhhhh. Qeldegna neh man man hono new yemikeleklih? Zer kelguwam yisibal ale amara siterit! Teretina af tesetoachiwal . Are you telling me to post your rotten articles? Am not asking your permission to post it. Admitting your postage of the said article on abugida is a core issue because I thought you would deny. I desperately searched in the storage/ library of abugida but I could not find. I first opened the web page then click to information center , I searched 227 home pages starting from 26 August 2006 to August 2011 but no easy to get your rotten article it was deliberately deleted. Meanwhile I will try to send to the contact address of different websites if as chances one of them will post for me. Let alone to post such a kind of article they are defiant to post my comments. Kante bizum ayshalume. For instance commented on 29 august 2011 on Ethiopian review under article The Oromo contribution to building the Ethiopian nation on # 138th but after keeping in hostage for two days they posted on #148 the by reshuffling its chronology after I posted on a times website. Of course I am not blaming and expecting much from them because they have no strength to stand in front of solid truth. Particularly nazret .com is weyane affiliated website. If I am lucky to post your rotten article readers will get a good picture of you and your hidden agenda. Otherwise readers who read your article at a time of post are living witness for your evil agenda and hate for god. Asteway kale.
    Lemehonu min yezeh endemitleq tawqaleh wey? Yemiazin lib aleh wey? Ante eko be Oromo hizb lay torinet yawejk sew neh. How could you be compassionate for the lady who was burned by the cruel Libyan dictator families Lemazen yemoral biqat yelehim! Yesew lij kibur yeigziabher fitret mehonu yemaygebah ante ye ahiya lij bertana yetorinet keberohin deliq. You tried to jot down the so called Ethiopian history didn’t you read the books of independent foreign writer who wrote about the forceful and brave fighter of our Oromo ancestors , in today’s generation we are inherited the gene of bravery from our fore fathers not ware/gura as of you.
    Degmo you talked about the beauty of the burned Ethiopian lady but if she is ugly she shouldn’t deserve our help and support? Being an Ethiopian she deserve our sympathy? Really it is a heart breaking story. We will pray for her to recover soon and get fair trial. If you saw me physically for which ethnic group you categories me? At a glance I hope that after looking my physical, Amharic and there are other traits don’t want to mention for fear of gurenganet. Throughout my communication with your fellow amharans they told me that if I am amhara but my answer was and is i am pure Oromo. You do have abaze to collect every nice thing towards your groups. I am observing from all of your articles and commentaries deep inferiority complex and identity crisis in your heart and others who share the same idea with you. Yanten yebesebese amelekaket yemigaru adhari amharawoch / especially who born and raised in oromian territory/ I know them begning from the day of my university education. You do have no moral ground to talk about good shepherd for this country. Inante afachihu siyaz beqitachihu tinageralachihu , yalelachihun ina yalhonachihun hono megenget balefut mengoistat aytenachiwal . Please I personally advise you to settle peace with yourself, thinking, reality then afterward s peace of the country will be restored. There are a lot of things need to be elaborated and cleared on issues like DNA of human being from the point of view of biological anthropology ,language/ especially Amharic and Oromic/ , how the opportunist minilik wedge war of aggression and annexation towards southern Ethiopian people after Adwa war and a lot because this issues were repeatedly raised by self-anointed and heir of Ethiopia by sir asta b.getu.Ende asfelaginetu tayto yemels melse azegajilihalehu. Selam tena yestilign kalehubet.

  153. Assta B. Gettu on

    Super Man #156,

    Mr. chain smoker, you are not a Super Man, but your comment describes you who you are:

    – a blind man
    – a sol distant man
    – an oafish man
    – an indisposed man
    – a contumacious man
    – a miscreant man
    – an execrable man
    – a gauche man
    – a puckish man
    – a stilted man
    – a bootless man
    – a flabby man
    – a shaggy man
    – a grubby man

    You have been mixing the Amharic words with the English words; for example, instead of saying ቂጥህና አፍህ እስኪሰነጠቅ ድረስ, you wrote: “Qitih ina afhi iskisenetek.” Your comment demonstrates you are neither an Amharic nor an English speaker. An indolent person like you should not play with the Amharic language, a national and an international language, the language of kings and queens. If you do not know to curse in Amharic language, here is how to do it: አንተን የወለደች እናት እግዚአብሔ ማሕፀንዋን ይዝጋው.

    እንዳንተ ያለ ወራዳ ሻጋታ ክርፋታም አመዳም በስባሳ ጥንባታም ልጋጋም ወስፋታም ትኋናም ሰካራም ለከስካሳ ልሐጫም ሌቫ ቀጣፊ አጭበርባሪ ደንቆሮ ሰው በህይወቴ አይቼ አላውቅም. Super Man, may all the Amharic curses be upon you and upon your children to seventh generation and beyond. Cursed is the woman who gave birth to you; cursed is the day you were born; cursed is the person who carried the news your mother had given birth to a deformed child like you; cursed is the womb that carried you for nine months or more, and cursed are your mother’s breasts that fed you. May those breasts of your mother be infected with a deadly cancer!

    If you have been to school, you will have never written such a piece that has no paragraph, no punctuation rules, no grammar rules, no sentence construction rules, no dictions, and no writing styles.

    For example: “I do have tons of answers for your heart ache vomit posted in different websites including Ethiopian review.” Can you explain what kind of sentence you are trying to write?

    The following words of yours tell us your superficiality and pharisaic attitudes: “…I am a religious person….I stand merely for truth. I am not narrow minded….” A Pharisee man said the same thing: “I fast twice a week and give a tenth of all I get” (Luke 18:12). But Jesus admonished his followers: “For I tell you that unless your righteousness surpasses that of the Pharisees and the teachers of the law, you will certainly not enter the kingdom of heaven” (Matthew 5:20).

    You are less than a child, and, at that, a timid person who wants to live by threatening other people. You wicked and diffident creature: why don’t you post my articles and comment on them instead of telling us you are going to get them and post them. My articles do not have any hidden agenda, and my true readers know for what I stand for. I am against those who are working day and night for the disintegration of my country. And you are one of them, member of that terrorist organization – the OLF.

    Don’t blame Ethiopian Review,, and don’t ever open your dirty mouth and curse Menelik II, who brought you from animalism to humanism and from cannibalism to eating animal meats, fruits, and vegetables. You were necked and roaming the southern parts of Ethiopia like the American wild horses; the wild horses have beauties but you have had a stinking body; however, Menelik II gave you some cloths to put on, some soaps to wash your body, some tooth paste to brush your yellowish teeth, and he taught you how to build your shelters, and how to grow crops. Before Menelik II, One could not really tell the difference between you and the wild pigs or monkeys. It was Menelik II, who identified you that you were a little bit better than the wild animals.

    In the near future, if you try to write a comment that has no paragraphs, no style, no grammar, no correct punctuations, and no fear of changing the lovely Amharic language into the English words, I will never read your comment and respond you, but if I see some improvements in your writing, I may read your comment and respond you in kind.

    May God curse you and never bless you, make you destitute and never prosper you, send his angles to catch you, bind you, and throw you into the world of the dead.

  154. Mr, Assta B. Gettu,#all,

    you are acting as if you are Jesus Christ, an English man/woman, German Nazi, Minelikst, but you are not even compared to their shoes than spitting out what is upseting you in your stomach. You have nothing to do than sitting on computer around the clock and hunting people’s words. For sure, i believe that you are a vagabondist without family and idl. That is why you want to make yourself bussy by every words. But that can not make a really person, you will remain under the command of your boss the Lucifer. Lucifer has never stoped againsting God and human beings since he has fallen down from the God’s divine.

  155. Super Man on

    To Mr. Asta b.getu /Lucifer/ and your cousins

    A person like you who filled with the spirit of devil and messenger of evil knows only to curse, because he is under the judgment and curse of God. That is what you have done in your # 156 comment. From A-Z it is full of curse. I will never expect from you to bless me and others because your very nature wouldn’t allow you to do so. A person who is familiar to words of god and near to god should not act like this because it violate the basic principle and foundation of bible/ words of god i.e bless those who curse you! Pray for those who run after you! As time goes your hidden motive and agenda became clearer in the name of Christianity ” Raquthin nehina yetsega libs ke engna gar wused”. As so long as we are living in the ages of mercy and grace to curse someone is un biblical. You stand to accomplish the devilish act of your master weyane and Arab’s who do not want to see the peaceful co-existence of the people of this country.
    You voiced loudly a lot about your mastery of English language and the likes, again and again I tell you “kekileh bilaw” okay! As so long as it is our 2nd language I /we merely used only to convey a message. Period! Go and teach your damn ferenj. Why do you divert the attention of readers either to focus on the main idea to respond me to the point rather than the beauty of its English? By the way how do you know I am a chain smoker, OLF member and the likes, tu!tu!tu!tu! “ isu / Satan like you/ yewushet abat newna iwnet keto besu zend aygengbetim teblo tetsifoal.”You must know that oromos are conducting just war/struggle against injustice on the eyes of human and god. As well they are conducting struggle only to defend them selves not to claim territory of somebody. Really I don’t know whether they are black or white OLF those who usurp your sleep.
    As I am a spiritual person I don’t want to engulf foreign bodies cigarette, alchol,drugs and the likes because my flash/body is a place where the spirit and words of god rests. It might be your habit to do so because your soul father Lucifer needs scarifies of these socially unacceptable behavior and deeds. You now and then coat different verses from bible to seem spiritual and support your own devilish agenda. Didn’t you read that when Jesus was tempted by your soul father Satan ,like you he coated from scripture. Who gave the mandate of advocacy to speak on behalf of the people of this country so as to to defend the unity of the country? We don’t need your support on what and how to do. Go hell! You will die as you starve with your rotten thinking and act of division. Your intention is that by touching the heartbeat of few ”adhari” Amaras so as to accomplish your hidden agenda i.e working day and night for the distablization and desentegration of the country.
    You gave unrelated personality to “lebaria lij” minilik / it is not my insult it is clearly written on ethioian history book that he was the son of slave who do have identity crisis / that he taught oromos and southerners how to wear cloth and avoid cannibalism behavior. “ wedew aysiqu ale yagere sew” . Please Men! Go and visit your fellow gojjame,gondere and welloyes how they are living their daily life especially females “ qemisachewn/ libsachewn ina sewinetachewn beametat inkwan yemaytatebu kene idfachew wede meqabir yemiwerdu aydelum inde?.”
    Didn’t you know / heard during the famine called” kifu qen” in 1888 it was written in Ethiopian history that, most of amharans ate their children as” arusto, misto, qiqil, dorowat, yebeg qey wat” then, who is cannibal? Such cannibalism and tragedy was never heard in the southerner’s history.
    Let all your curse on comment #156 goes to my enemy your soul father Satan. I was set free out of curse of Adam by the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ .Full price was paid for me at Golgotha, as a result nobody has power to curse me. If you curse me, God will turn to blessing as he did with king of Canaanites Barq who appointed Beleam to curse Israelites in their journey to Canaan “ yetesfayitu midir”. It is not the tradition of Christianity to curse somebody for what so ever he/she stands for instead our holly bible especially new testament teachs us to pray for them. As a man of God and spritual person in my turn let me bless you in your as you claim “ international” language Amharic” Egziabher kesemay ketsebaot birhanun bewateh chelema lay birhanun yabralih , yiraralih, selamin yistih, fitunim wedante yimelis, yechelemewin libhin yabra, mengedun yasayih, ketifat menged yimelisih,kasebkew kezer figit yikelklih,kefrihat netsa yawtah, wede ireftu yewusedih,kequmtina kelimena indihum keleloch mahiberawi neqersa yitadegachihu, keibdet ina keaimro beshitah yefewesih,kebetachinet simet yiftah, kemeqbezbez yadnih,ketaserkibet ina ketetebetebkibet tibtab yiftah, keteyazkibet yezar ina wuqabi menfes yeftah, kewere yiliq yesira sew yargih, kebadonet yifewisih, yebesebesew aymirohin, libhin ina afhin yatsedalih, aynochih tekefto keiwnet gar endititarek yirdah,kegebubih legewon yigelaglih,ante ina zeroch ketaserachihubet mergemt yiftachihu, yenefs,yesiga yemenfes fews yilakilachihu min alefah bizu bizu! – lesu yemisanew neger yelemina besime abe,weweld wemenfes qidus and amlak amen.” Selam tena yistilign kalehubet.

  156. Assta B. Gettu on

    yirga #158,

    You are a condemned person, a lost subhuman, a hopeless creature, a mendicant, and a bellboy who has never held a descent job in all his entire life.

    Do you really understand what you have written? You wrote, (may the good Lord cast you out from the Book of Life): “you are acting as if you are Jesus Christ, an English man/woman, German Nazi, Minelikst, ….” Your sentence tells me I am Jesus Christ, but I am not Jesus Christ; I am one of his creatures, the best ones, the holiest ones, and the righteous angels.

    Correct your sentence, your spelling, and your grammar; if you do that, then I may read your comment and talk to you in the same way you talk to me. I have refused to read Super Man’s scribbles, for he has refused to learn the Amharic and the English languages; therefore, I don’t have to bother myself, reading his poorly written comment. I have no idea whether he is writing in English vernacular or in Amharic language; it is too bad I couldn’t help him to speak either in Amharic or in English language. If I were him, I would go to school and learn the two international languages: Amharic and English.

  157. weyiyeagere sew on

    Assta B. Gettu#159

    Now are you kiding yourself or others when you make Amharic as an international language ? Have you forgoten that if you leave the Amhara region or Kilil, that you will need a translator ? How can a poor language which is patched up from many strange languages will be international language. Exactlly it is like the so called ” Ethiopia ” which was patched up from diffirent pieces of lands which was snatched from neighbouring countries, for example, Ogaden from Somalia, Gambella from South Sudan and Beni Shangul from Sudan etc. You are desprately trying to be the master of all for Amharas. We don’t mind if they have a place for such a stupid and uncultivated creature like you. But we the South People, as you have collectivelly called us, ” YOU WERE NECKED AND ROAMING THE SOUTHERN PARTS OF ETHIOPIA LIKE ANIMALS WITH STINKING BODYS “. I can tell you openly, even today we are using our ADAM’s COSTUMES as our best clothes. We are on our land, we haven’t come to you, it was you who have came to us. You don’t have any moral to open your mouth to talk about Southeners. If you or your kins do not like us, please pack your rags and leave us as soon as possible.

  158. Assta B. Gettu on

    Weyiyeagere sew #160,

    Amharic is not just an international language; it is also the language of the heavenly hosts, the language of Cherubim and Seraphim, The Four Living Creatures, and because of its popularity among the intelligent beings, Amharic is desideratum by millions of other people nationally and internationally. Ethiopia’s holy and secular documents are all recorded in the Amharic language, not in the Galla’s crude and unrefined language.

    The Amharic language gives pabulum, strength, elegance, grace, self confidence, and wisdom to those who speak it regularly and without a single error. Speaking the Amharic language eloquently, preaching it and teaching it fully, Menelik II subdued all his enemies and persuaded them to learn the Amharic language. As the result of Menelik’s effort, today, we have over 80 million Ethiopians who can express themselves and fill out their application forms for a job in the Amharic language; therefore, more than any other Ethiopian tribes, especially the Oromo people owe Menelik II deep and sincere gratitude.

    In your vacuities of intelligence, lack of commonsense, reverence to the Amharic language, and short of love and commitment to your country, you asked, regardless of the punctuation rule: “How can a poor language which is patched up from many strange languages will be international language.[sic]

    English is made up of several languages, such as Latin, Greek, German, French, Spanish, and many other languages, and it is an international language. In the same way, Amharic is made up of Geez, Tigrigna, Arabic, Aramaic, Hebrew, and several other languages. Amharic is not a dry language like Orominga. Amharic is rich in everything and generous in its distributions of words, nouns, and adjectives. Amharic designates for each masculine and feminine gender its own appropriate verbs and nouns. For example, the English language uses the same verb for both masculine and feminine genders, but the Amharic language uses different verbs for each masculine and feminine gender. By just mentioning the verb, the Amharic language identifies the noun whether it is a feminine or a masculine gender. This is indeed the beauty of the Amharic language, and every person should know this language of the Angles – the Amhara people.

    It is not only Ethiopia made up of different pieces: every country in this world is composed of other pieces of land. For instance, what makes the United States of America a united states is the combinations of 50 states:

    1. Alabama
    2. Alaska
    3. Arizona
    4. Arkansas
    5. California
    6. Colorado
    7. Connecticut
    8. Delaware
    9. Florida
    10. Georgia
    11. Hawaii
    12. Idaho
    13. Illinois
    14. Indiana
    15. Iowa
    16. Kansas
    17. Kentucky*
    18. Louisiana
    19. Maine
    20. Maryland
    21. Massachusetts*
    22. Michigan
    23. Minessota
    24. Mississippi
    25. Missouri
    26. Montana
    27. Nebraska
    28. Nevada
    29. New Hampshire
    30. New Jersey
    31. New Mexico
    32. New York
    33. North Carolina
    34. North Dakota
    35. Ohio
    36. Oklahoma
    37. Oregon
    38. Pennsylvania*
    39. Rhode Island
    40. South Carolina
    41. South Dakota
    42. Tennessee
    43. Texas
    44. Utah
    45. Vermont
    46. Virginia*
    47. Washington
    48. West Virginia
    49. Wisconsin
    50. Wyoming

    Ethiopia is also made up of the following provinces as far as I know, and in these 13 provinces, Oromia is no where to be found:

    1. Begemeder
    2. Gojam
    3. Welega
    4. Illubabor
    5. Kaffa
    6. Gamugofa
    7. Sidamo
    8. Bale
    9. Arusi
    10. Hararghe
    11. Shewa
    12. Wello
    13. Tigre

    These 13 provinces glued together are called Ethiopia, not Oromia, and they remain glued for eternity; no one will separate them apart. The Almighty God made them that way; they are no longer 13 provinces, but one – one Ethiopia only! One immovable and solid Rock.

    When you quote someone’s statement, you must quote his statement accurately; I have never said “…like animals….” I said like the American wild horses.

    You may have put on some clothes after Menelik II taught you how to put on clothes and you may not be physically naked, but spiritually you are naked creatures who wish the death of Ethiopia. Whether we like you or not, we have to keep you under our control as far as you are paying us your dues. If you try to secede, you must first remember the American bloody Civil War and how the North crushed the South.

  159. Super Man on

    To my “righteous angel” asta and his cousins

    I do have any word to level you. You bark as mad dogs you jump hear and there to support your devilish thought you coat some unrelated historical facts to the so called “Abyssinia”. You anointed yourself as angel and the likes. Go and sleep with your mother. No one give any place for your empty voice. We do have no problem with nobody’s language because all are gift from our GOD. By the way what kind of God you are worshipping? Is that the god of haterage, defaming, hostility, insult all sorts of evil things?
    I suspect from current media coverage concerning ” ethiopia” and israels communication, appointment of one of north ethiopias habesha as israels house speaker , selling of four drone fighter planes to weyane by Israel, and what donkey , poor and self appointed and self annointed“righteous angel” asta wrote earlier articles one can deduce that my poor asta may be from Israel/ felasha/ and who want to boost the morale of dead amhara and their language so as to make them their strong allies because currently Israel is encircled with Muslim countries who need her distraction.
    I tell you Lucifer asta you should not go that way to get a Christian country to cultivate support for your country think million times. Please leave aside the name of god to justify your devilish agenda. Go hang yourself. During “atse” kingdom of abyssinians we were told that the kings were appointees of god, today we were preached vehemently by bustard asta that ethiopia was made by god. What about USSR, YOUGOSLAVIA, OTTOMAN EMPIRE and a lot others.
    You see we are peace full and peace loving people to live in harmony with creatures of God but while you attempt to boost the ruined and dead amhara superiority and language at the end of the day you will come up with many independent states liberated from abyssinian colonizers. Go and suck your mothers’ breast. We know how to fight in sprit as well with gun as king David did while fighting with Palestinians. Once again my “holly angel” asta go and hung yourself on eucalyptus tree. Sorry for my readers for the strong language I used because I was forced to confront with a person who is filled with sprit of devil and psychic. As so long as ethiopian review editors’let me post my comments, I am determined to confront with this Lucifer and his preaching. selam tena yistilign kalehubet.

  160. Super Man on

    To my “righteous angel” asta and his cousins

    Please jima times please post for me this comment in response to Lucifer asta b. getu on Ethiopian review website under the article “ The Oromo contribution to building Ethiopian nation” I sent them comment on # 162 on Saturday 10:55 am (PT) they didn’t want to post my comment or as a usual they want to reshuffle the chronology or keep hostage for days and to post finally after thinking over what kinds of response is to be launched on my comment with their” yesira baldereba “ Lucifer called asta b. gettu before it was seen by the readers. It was repeatdly done to me like that. I do have strong trust on jima times as usual you will post for me eventhough the above article and my comment is not related. Now a days the fight of oromo people is not only with the governimental system but also spiritual powes and authorities behind them as well as majority of the abysinian websites who only allow the views of evil suppressing the views of oppressed people “ chiqun hizboch”. Bezhi agatami I wanna to convey my message to fellow oromos the rest of oppressed people that our slavery is multi facial and deep rooted as aresult each one of us should stand to set free our land from alien intruders ,when you courageously do so I will pray to my almighty god. Do your human share and leave the finishing work for God.
    I do have any word to level you. You bark as mad dogs you jump hear and there to support your devilish thought you coat some unrelated historical facts to the so called “Abyssinia”. You anointed yourself as angel and the likes. Go and sleep with your mother. No one give any place for your empty voice. We do have no problem with nobody’s language because all are gift from our GOD. By the way what kind of God you are worshipping? Is that the god of haterage, defaming, hostility, insult all sorts of evil things?
    I suspect from current media coverage concerning ” ethiopia” and israels communication, appointment of one of north ethiopias habesha as israels house speaker , selling of four drone fighter planes to weyane by Israel, and what donkey , poor and self appointed and self annointed“righteous angel” asta wrote earlier articles one can deduce that my poor asta may be from Israel/ felasha/ and who want to boost the morale of dead amhara and their language so as to make them their strong allies because currently Israel is encircled with Muslim countries who need her distraction.
    I tell you Lucifer asta you should not go that way to get a Christian country to cultivate support for your country think million times. Please leave aside the name of god to justify your devilish agenda. Go hang yourself. During “atse” kingdom of abyssinians we were told that the kings were appointees of god, today we were preached vehemently by bustard asta that ethiopia was made by god. What about USSR, YOUGOSLAVIA, OTTOMAN EMPIRE and a lot others. Eski benath ! You think to rule over Ethiopia until the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ????????? Wedew aysiq ale tigre! Leinesu inkwan qen wetolachew metered jemirewal. Melkam! Atasibum aybalim oromia ina debub midir lay le second sitqomu inayalen. Ye amaran wene kesire meseretu bemigeba inawkalen. Ahiya !hidena inde ballon yemisefawn hodhin be gibto ina korofe mula.
    You see we are peace full and peace loving people to live in harmony with creatures of God but while you attempt to boost the ruined and dead amhara superiority and language at the end of the day you will come up with many independent states liberated from abyssinian colonizers. Go and suck your mothers’ breast. We know how to fight in sprit as well with gun as king David did while fighting with Palestinians. Once again my “holly angel” asta go and hung yourself on eucalyptus tree. Sorry for my readers for the strong language I used because I was forced to confront with a person who is filled with sprit of devil and psychic. As so long as ethiopian review editors’let me post my comments, I am determined to confront with this Lucifer and his preaching. selam tena yistilign kalehubet.

  161. Assta B. Gettu on

    Super Man, Super fun, Super pain, Super dudgeon, super orphan, super malediction, super confusion, super inhibition, Super condemnation, Super pantaloon, Super chilblain,
    Super baboon, Super raccoon, Super gorgon, Super stallion, Super chicken, Super heroin, and Super carrion #162,

    The more unfamiliar with the English language and the harder you push yourself against your will to know both the English language and the Amharic language, the sloppier your writing and the more confusing your statement. For example, no one understands what you mean by the following sentences:

    1. I do have any word to level you.
    2. You bark as mad dogs you jump hear and there to support your devilish thought you coat some unrelated historical facts to the so called “Abyssinia” – run on sentences
    3. No one give any place for your empty voice –noun and verve agreement
    4. We do have no problem with nobody’s language because all are gift from our GOD –two negatives in one sentence make the sentence positive. In this case, Super Man and his likes have problems with every body.
    5. all are gift from our God –verve and noun agreement
    6. the god of hatred, not the god of haterage
    7. I suspect from current media coverage concerning ” ethiopia” and israels communication, appointment of one of north ethiopias habesha as israels house speaker , selling of four drone fighter planes to weyane by Israel, and what donkey , poor and self appointed and self annointed“righteous angel” asta wrote earlier articles one can deduce that my poor asta may be from Israel/ felasha/ and who want to boost the morale of dead amhara and their language so as to make them their strong allies because currently Israel is encircled with Muslim countries who need her distraction. (This is the most laughable sentence ever produced by a person who claims he is a Super Man. What a man of confusion this Super Man is.)
    8. As so long as ethiopian review editors’let me post my comments, I am determined to confront with this Lucifer and his preaching. (All his sentences from the beginning to the end are the same – powerless, tasteless, and nebulous.)

    I left the rest of his sentences to the readers to decipher them and try to understand what he is saying.

    Super Man, you can mess with your Oromos but not with the Jewish people, the chosen children of God. The Amharas are not dead: when the Amharas die, all other Ethiopians will die because the Amharas are the blood and the souls of all Ethiopians. Without the Amharas, there will be no Oromia, and as far as the Amharas live, you, too, will live in peace as you have lived for centuries because of the existence of the Amhara people who curved you, shaped you, molded you, and made you acceptable in the eyes of the world. Boy, go and fetch dry woods for your master if you want to eat some leftovers from your master’s table.

    Super Man, you said: “Sorry for my readers for the strong language I used….” Can you tell us the strong language you have used? I don’t see any strong language in your childish writing. In fact, a five-year-old child can write better than you, a 70-year-old person, still struggling to understand the English language. Why don’t you just go away, shut your door behind you, and pray to God because death is not far away from you to claim you at any moment as he claimed your mother and your father.

  162. weyiyeagere sew on

    Assta B. Gettu

    First of all i want to tell you that i am not an oromo, but a Southerner Ethiopian. For your comment on which you have talked too much about oromos under my name, really i have no any right to reply you on behave of oromos, since they themselves they can do it. But i as an Ethiopian, i want to tell you that your comments are lacking concrete points and accuration. In your comment you have distracted yourself from topics to topict just to conceal your inability to face the reality ( the point ). Really, i am not interested to mess myself with your racism mist in which you have lost yourself.

  163. Assta B. Gettu on

    Dear Weyiyeagere Sew, (Yagere Sew) #166,

    You have misunderstood me when you say you are not from Oromia. Let me be clear here: I don’t hate anyone from Oromia; what I detest are those few Oromos, like the members of the criminal OLF who claim all southerners are Oromos and who want to take away my Oromia from my mother country, Ethiopia. My ferocious fight with such terrorist Oromos is infinite until they have completely abandoned the idea of splitting the Oromos from the rest of the Ethiopian people for their selfish motives. They have been fighting for almost 40 years to accomplish their bigoted motives to govern Oromia as an independent state, apart from Ethiopia.

    I really don’t care that much if you call me a racist or a propagandist as far as I am fighting to keep the unity of Ethiopia as a Christian country. Any person who wants to live in this Christian country is welcomed to stay if that person abides by the law of the Ethiopian Christian kingdom. On the other hand, if he brings to this Christian country foreign idols or foreign laws such as the Sharia laws, he is definitely unwelcomed.

  164. SUPER MAN on

    To serpent asta and all your cousins

    I feel honored that my comment is/was read and will be visited by all knowing / omni- scent/ creature like you. I am very much surprised that for you respond to my comment. Earlier on your comment you wrote that you will ignore and abandon my comment but as usual rather than to focus on the main idea you instead complained and act a security for” ferenji “language. I will gonna break your spinal cord and deform your central nervous system of you and your cousins with my poor English.For the future keep in touch with me. You complain with my English usage, and I will touch your nerve. goes on! Goes on! Goes on! You son of a beach and” cingaf” it is better for you to remain in your mother’s womb/left unborn.
    Tell me my buddy! During the Roman empire invasion and total destruction of Jerusalem around 70 AD and the recent holocaust / slaughtering of 6 million Jews as a bull/ by devil possessed and man- eater Adolf Hitler like you why he kept silence when this all destruction happens if you feel still now you are chosen. God has to do noting with rebellion and disobedient. Thank the US government and UN to survive as a nation. Anyways I fell deep sorrow for the ruthless deeds by wrong doing against any mankind. By the way do you clarify to me why Tay Sachi disease is predominant among this people? Is it the result of curse? Or what? My serpent asta, the reality is another and the secret is as follows.
    As it has been clearly indicated in the new testament/ in Christian era that, the only chosen people of GOD is any individual/ population redeemed by the blood of our lord Jesus Christ. Father GOD only knows his children through his beloved son Jesus Christ “wefram” full stop. As a Christian family beyond one can imagine we/I do have great love and respect for Israelite since without goodness/unconditionally GOD loved them during Old Testament. What I hate is committing adultery with current man- eater of gang of Abyssinian empire. Poor Asta don’t coat separate sentence from my article try to understand from the whole paragraph as a whole don’t pervert the original meaning to your rotten propaganda I hope in your next response I would expect you will come up to fight with the main idea/ core pointes raised in my articles . Please! As usual “ lepropaganda fijota qorteh atketil.”
    I feel deep sorrow to be called the citizens of one country with you if in case you are. Everything in the world iron rusts, rocks turned to the soil, stars fade, as to astrologists after some billion years the sun may not give her light etc. As time goes the way of thinking ,living, culture, language, civilization, costume, feeding habit ,the likes may go under insignificant, minor, and drastic changes unless our precious words of our almighty GOD. If you are really born and raised in Ethiopia who is familiar with the objective realities on the ground you never spoke mismatched truth for your fellow amharas. From what you articulated and commented so far you see things under your nose and with your small brain and seems like in no ways lived in the country and who don’t knows anything about this people. I will pray consistently to let my GOD gives you earthly and heavenly wisdom and knowledge so that you can see and get patience, tolerance, peace, with views of different people.
    A person who knows GOD have confidence in his God, with what he speaks, calm enough, down to earth, preach peace rather than hate, stand for equality among citizens, help his people to set free of tyrants and dictators, injustice, inequality etc in what so ever he can/she can. Yours is paradox to the teaching of any religion-for freedom of any human being, except your rotten religion i.e the right hand of oppressors. By the way your rotten religion is/was institutionalized throughout the history of the empire to preach amhara superiority, dominance, the place where/ “washa”/ where adharian meet and wage psychological and spiritual war against subject people of the empire especially targeting Oromo. In this regard the famous and renowned Oromo writer “Kabajama” Falma Dhuga wrote series of articles concerning this issue and others on “seife nebelbal” newspaper which was edited by obbo Israel Soboka before it was totally banned by weyane/ weyuma.
    By now I can say few of your personality – you are deceiving person in the name of GOD, power hungry, convergence / storage of all sorts of evil, delusional, psychic, recently came out of grave yard/ghost/ and you can fill it the remaining.
    Our friends and enemies should know that in principle Oromo’s legacy is/was making peace with the people of the empire in particular and the rest of the world in general because my people Oromo’s are self-confident, proud to be born an Oromo, with abundant natural and human resources, rich history, culture ,costume, language and beauty, bravery, wow! Wow! A lot. If you check each and every Oromo’s DNA without exaggeration you will find the gene of bravery, confidence and beauty. Please! Go and see the natural physical beauties of Oromo’s in north, south, east and west Oromia. Once again it has been written in so many foreign independent history writers that when Oromo’s come out for war everybody with the exception of children and elderlies, they were famously known for destroying and engulfing their threatening enemies with their spheres, shields, and beloved horses. Our forefathers were fierceful and brave fighters that is why they moved as far as the Red Sea coast. It is unpalatable for adhari amharans to accept this historical fact rather they all the time run away and collocate with the aggression of Gragn Ahmed because the case of Oromo usurp their sleep. Be it that way or this way truth remains truth. You can go and refer many publications of beloved Professor Asmerom Legesse, Geda Melba and other foreign writers.
    Amhara rulers and adharian have long history of distorting/ hijacking the opportunity of historical phenomenon at the cost of subject people i.e during the war of Adwa the majority of fighters on the forefront was fierceful Oromo fighters with their horseback, at the end of the day when victory was gained they boosted loudly as if victory was gained only with their blood till today. Today Asta and etal was waging psychological, spiritual propaganda war by sitting behind their computer as a part of continues aggression commenced with the “baria lij” minilik. “Isu beyider yakoyewn yebet sira lalefut 100 ametat beteleyaye melk qetilachiwal.Yemitadergutin iski quchi bilen inimeleketalen.” “ Dimet motwan sitish sitabeza ruche head tashetalech yedimetin afincha indetebalew.” Still now in the name of Adwa” talazinubinalachiw”. By no means I am not against of the decisive victory against foreign invaders but what I mean is that brave Oromo’s didn’t get appropriate place in history and the credit they deserve.
    If you want to dignify your and rescue dead language I advise and propose you before night/” diqdiq chelema” / came it is better for you to raise a fund with adhari diaspora in order to expand your the “language of angles- amharic” kii-kii-kii-kii-kii when I was read from poor astas’ articles I laughed even in my dreams. Go and construct heavenly styled universities and colleges on the beaches of Red Sea in the Southern Yemen /where you were expelled from/ so that you can get a lot of learners and followers thosewho are brand new and ignorant of your lie and deception. For your consumption Oromic language is the 3rd widely spoken in the continent of Africa next to Arabic, Hausa/in Nigeria/ languages you can goggle it or look at different foreign publication including our famous writer Geda Melba.
    By the ways I and the vast majorities of my fellow Oromos have no hate against your” language of angles” or others we respect any even by knowing we benefited a lot. But we have no ear to hear your preaching of giving a soul/ resurrection/ of the language of the dead’s.
    What are the logistical parameter to classify a language as dry, wet, cold, sweet, bitter, sour language and the likes. I thanked my God being he was not creating me from t Tigre speaking people as of your category it seems voice of a person possessed with “zaar or wuqabi” sprits, according your category their voice and language far worse drier than “Beles” tree grown in the Tigray desert.
    I know the lady named “haadha” Bedhasa , she used to say “noor kemetah” when she fortunately encountered on her way in some place a person she desperately in need for her social affairs. The same analogy is also applicable for your that if you don’t refrain to provoke Oromo we know what to do. “Tinkosa inkwan be inante tejemere.”
    Let me leave aside the research findings and analysis for in general for sociologist, anthropologist, archeologist in particular for linguistics because their source is credible and they are professionals as well they have done a lot of good job on on Oromic and the rest of languages in the country. But during my stay in the university I got a chance to meet different Oromo students converged from different corners of Oromia – Borena, Harargge, wallo, Bale ,Arsi,Metekel/Gojam/, Shewa, Jima, Illubabor it little Oromia. Really! That was the day I proud of myself and blessed my God being created as an Oromo. The land of Oromos are extremely rich in culture, costume, traditional food, cultural philosophy, different dialect, vocabulary a lot! A lot! A lot!
    Eventhough I am from somewhere in Oromia especially I love the smoothness and sweetness of “ ijolee Hararge” and “ ijolee Boranaa”. In the days of my university I am hearing when ijolee Harargr joke to each other by saying ” anileen jum’aa kana hin dhisu jum’aan tunileen nahindhiftu haga du’ee huduu isaa jala cisu” when you hear the voice which is graceful and their accent really makes your heart and soul to rejoice. If in case God helped you to come out from deep rooted preconceived prejudices against Oromo people ,land, culture and language you your self can enjoy the creation of GOD . I am not advocating jum’aabut I wanna to show Oromic language is extremely sweet, abundant in vocabulary, graceful, and very diversified in dialects above all every thing has appointed name in Oromic language.
    You are cursed and born blind to appreciate the material and human beauties God created, but if in case you changed your station / “ tabiya keqeyerk biye”/ I recommend you to testify “zibz zinke salabeza” by yourself the sweetness and beauty of Oromic language in the vocals of different Oromo language singers especially Hamelmal Abate, Tilahun Gesese, Bizunesh Beqele, Solomon Deneke, Hibist Tiruneh etc. I mentioned these personalities because they are well known among different populations of the country and I left uncountable number of Oromo singers and artists because they are popular among the vast majority of the great Oromo people. Again I am not advocating music; I only brought it for the sake of testimony. Serpent Asta , by only seeing your” bilqit and molqaqa “ habesha ladies in Olympia and Bole sefer in Addis you gave your dead Amharic language “ wet language targa” “ ‘iski yihuna’ ale” kibebew Geda!
    In somewhere in country when I was working as a civil servant, I remember one of my staff member lady from amhara ethinics asked me to attend the conference held in our church. I told her “worshipping and preaching is conducting in Oromic language so that it is not important to go for you.” even if she didn’t know single word from Oromic language she asked to go with me. At the end of the conference she told me that “ even if she did not understand what the preacher preached and the quires sung she told me that” she was blessed and touched by the spirit of GOD”. In our way our to home she told me “ indet des yilal,lela gizem abren inhid” etc. From this separate incidence and from general truth my Oromic language is the language of beauty, wisdom, knowledge, love, worshipping, above all the language of angles.
    I was blessed in fold because I am fluent in both Amharic and Oromic /my mother tongue/ and to some extent hear Tigre as well I am using fernj language not to publish book merely to convey a message to serpent like Asta and your cousins. Needless to mention a lot of wide gap between me and you/asta/ being multi lingual made me to see things from different perspectives than your narrow mindedness.
    It might be a bitter test for you to swallow this bare fact, you must know that a single word I speaks will gonna be materialized.” Ine yeminagerew neger meret lay teb indemayl” as a prophet Nathan of Israel. For your information I share the same personality type /INFJ/ with this great prophet and other prominent personalities like Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King, Mother Theresa, Mathema Ghandi and the likes. Let alone you /Asta/ the small flesh wearer I confronted with spiritual authorities and power in higher place in so many life acquaintances and gathered rich experience in Ethiopia and foreign countries. With the help of God they all were crumbled/ “ hulum tenkotakutewal”/. “Diablos yemiwutewn filega indemiagesa anbessa bezuriachu yizoral teblo tetsifoal”. I know how to fix the roaring of your voice and wildly opened mouth. The presence of physical OLF makes you sheet in your pants but what you did not aware is that, there are a lot of Spiritual OLFs who stationed in different corners of Oromia. You are crying hard to protect the disintegration of Ethiopian empire but you your self will be disintegrated.” Egziabeher eden genetin bemitigelebabet bekirubel seif ende tebeqat ignam oromian yeminqeleqel seif yizen indintebiqat yeigziabher tizaz ina fiqad new.”
    Lastly, my poor, bastared, Lucife and serpent, Asta B. getu if I am not mistaken I have heared that the first eucalyptus tree aged old which was brought from Australia by “yebaria lij “minilk in north Shewa Ankober.I advise you serpent Asta before you are transformed to a complete madness/psychic go and hang yourself / “of gaguri” in oromic/ on your “adbar tree “ as a scarify to your prince of dark ness.

  165. Assta B. Gettu on

    Super Man, Super Satan #168,

    I spurn fixing your broken Amharic and English writings; therefore, without reading a single sentence from your comment, I turned myself to another meaningful, well-written, and well-crafted comment.

    Good luck with your English and Amharic learning: it is my hope you will write in Amharic and in English a meaningful comment in the future. By the time you have learned English and Amharic, you will have lived your full life on this earth, and a new generation that knows perfect Amharic and perfect English will have been born.

  166. Stoned Peter on

    I thought this topic was over so I did not see it for many weeks it is funny. So Supper or Super man whatever you would like to be called why don’t you take nap or off day and come back with fresh idea instead of complaining saying Ethiopia, Abicinia, empire 24/7 etc. It seems to me you lack the crude and simplest two legged animal’s thinking mechanism. You do not need to have an advanced education level to think properly. You just need to be a reasonable and alive human being do not act as an expired subhuman. So since you lack proper thinking where did you find the hate of Ethiopia I thought children are incapable of hating I must be wrong so since you are a hater you must be a grown child. Again since you do not have enough knoledge about history on different things beyond your age from where did you develop the hate of Ethiopia. Let me guess from where you got this silly and childish hate of Ethiopia. Please allow me to guess who gave you this zaniness, my first try will be you might have got from your pastor, my second guess would be you might have heard from your OLF’s peasant cadres. Because your hate of Ethiopia lacks reasonableness. You just regurgitate the same useless thing Ethiopia this, Ethiopia that or Abisinia empire, Ahmara etc. Why do you reflect a group mentality. Why don’t you act independently or why do you prefer to think as a sheep. By the way sheep thinks just like you for instance you echo the things you heard from your peasant OLF cadres. Sheep has similar thinking with you wich is as you do it sheep also copy other sheep’s action. For instance if the leading sheep jumps at a particular place the rest of the flock will do the same thing when they arrive at the same spot where the leading or the first sheep jumped, so would you like to be a leader or would you like to remain as a fallower for the rest of your devaluated life. The choice is yours you can choose whatever you wish just keep in your silly mind and take to your grave if it helps you. Just stop this nonsense and tiresome moaning. Do not depress us please with your Abisinian empire old thing. Don’t you get tired of it you have said the same meaningless Abisinian empire for the last 40 years, you are really a boring subhuman.

  167. habate on

    Stoned Peter or rocked Peter#170,

    there is no doubt that you are the kin of Lucifer the Satan who are still active to mislead the mankind and destroy the world. I advice you, if you really love emiye Ethiopia refrain from your rotten old mentality of chauvinism or rather i dare Amhara racism and be cooperative with the rest of Ethiopians, and specially the Oromos. Otherwise you are harming your dear mother emiye Ethiopia indirectly. Ethiopia for which you are crying and weeping is today not the old Ethiopia which has served you and your kins. The today Ethiopia has no place for your chauvinism and racism. So i tell you that whether you like or not the Oromos have no to loose whether in the demoratic Ethiopia or in disintegrated Ethiopia. But i believe that unity is better than disintegration. The Oromos do not care for such a backward and uncultivated person like you. One can clearly see on you that you have not yet completed your evolution. Have you forgoten that 95% of Ethiopian peoples are peasants, when you say OLF is the peasant’s sons.

  168. Super Man on

    To Sepent asta b.getu and your diciples

    Once again every body should now that, for the sake of truth I dont know weathere these guys /freedom fighters – OLF/ are black or white and I do have no communication with them and independent person even they did not know my existance. All the stated views are my views but chancefully it seem similar to you with their organizational ideology and philosopy.These guys know what to do. They are not burning their time with you rather they are talking with abarrel of gun with the enemies of opressed people in general that of oromo in particular.

    I suspect that mr. stonned peter is the other nick name of / my buddy! asta i suspect that he pretend as if he is stonned peter/ be it that way or this way I could not get any body to come up with the core point/ bare facts/ stated in my coment to confront me. As usual they/he run to the nearest galaxy to hide him self/them selves. Because truth over run on deception, satan,lies, wishfull thinking, adhari amhara etc.

    For the future I will comment if and only if you completed your developmental process, if you forgive yourself, if you open your eyes and sense reality.Satan,bastared,donkey /asta/ was/is/will never stand infront of truth because its creation will not allow to do so rather he hide himself in his private cave because he dont want to see light but polishing his dead and rotten idea with luciferian sprit propagating his aged hate againest my people.

    Go and teach your dead language including of ferenjis’to your cursed amarites. You have no place on the entire planet earth, the ideal place for your and cosins to live is mercury planet so that you will burn alive with a wrath of GOD. Go sleep with your mother. Son of a beach. Selam Tena yistilign kalehubet.

  169. Assta B. Gettu on

    habate #171,

    Why don’t you write your comment in a language you are good at and stop insulting Stoned Peter, who is telling you Oromia is part of Ethiopia, and the Oromo people or the Gallas are Ethiopians, thanks to Menelik II, who ethiopianized, not oromized, them and brought them from thick darkness to bright light?

    Let me correct your first sentence, and you can do the rest with the help of some Amhara English teachers near you.

    This is what you wrote: “there is no doubt that you are the kin of Lucifer the Satan who are still active to mislead the mankind and destroy the world. I advice you, if you really love emiye Ethiopia refrain from your rotten old mentality of chauvinism or rather i dare Amhara racism and be cooperative with the rest of Ethiopians, and specially the Oromos.”

    Correction: There is no doubt you are Lucifer’s or Satan’s kin who is still active in misleading mankind and in destroying the world. I advise you, if you really love…, to refrain from….

    I will tell you the truth Stoned Peter is not either Lucifer or Satan even though you do not know the difference between Lucifer and Satan. Stoned Peter loves Ethiopia more than you do; you are defending Oromia that does not exist outside Ethiopia, and Oromia does not need your defense or advocacy because Oromia has never been colonized by any outside force, and the double agent OLF has no place in Ethiopia. Members of the OLF are now entreating the newly independent Southern Sudan to get some space in that country so that they can terrorize, from there, the Ethiopian peasants by burning their villages, their crops and by stealing their chickens and cows. If you and your best friend Super Man want to join the terrorist OLF, it is your absolute choice to do so; however, you have no right to take an inch of land from Oromia, one of the prosperous regions of Ethiopia. All Ethiopians will die for Oromia, protecting her from foreign powers hired by OLF as mercenary soldiers. OLF people are all traitors who want to sell Oromia to foreign Islamic powers and undermine the sovereignty of the Ethiopian Christian kingdom.

    Long live the Ethiopian Christian kingdom and death to the members of the murderer OLF!

  170. Super Man on

    habate #171,

    Why don’t you write your comment in a language you are good at and stop insulting Stoned Peter, who is telling you Oromia is part of Ethiopia, and the Oromo people or the Gallas are Ethiopians, thanks to Menelik II, who ethiopianized, not oromized, them and brought them from thick darkness to bright light?

    Let me correct your first sentence, and you can do the rest with the help of some Amhara English teachers near you.

    This is what you wrote: “there is no doubt that you are the kin of Lucifer the Satan who are still active to mislead the mankind and destroy the world. I advice you, if you really love emiye Ethiopia refrain from your rotten old mentality of chauvinism or rather i dare Amhara racism and be cooperative with the rest of Ethiopians, and specially the Oromos.”

    Correction: There is no doubt you are Lucifer’s or Satan’s kin who is still active in misleading mankind and in destroying the world. I advise you, if you really love…, to refrain from….

    I will tell you the truth Stoned Peter is not either Lucifer or Satan even though you do not know the difference between Lucifer and Satan. Stoned Peter loves Ethiopia more than you do; you are defending Oromia that does not exist outside Ethiopia, and Oromia does not need your defense or advocacy because Oromia has never been colonized by any outside force, and the double agent OLF has no place in Ethiopia. Members of the OLF are now entreating the newly independent Southern Sudan to get some space in that country so that they can terrorize, from there, the Ethiopian peasants by burning their villages, their crops and by stealing their chickens and cows. If you and your best friend Super Man want to join the terrorist OLF, it is your absolute choice to do so; however, you have no right to take an inch of land from Oromia, one of the prosperous regions of Ethiopia. All Ethiopians will die for Oromia, protecting her from foreign powers hired by OLF as mercenary soldiers. OLF people are all traitors who want to sell Oromia to foreign Islamic powers and undermine the sovereignty of the Ethiopian Christian kingdom.

    Long live the Ethiopian Christian kingdom and death to the members of the murderer OLF!

  171. Super Man on

    As their tradition when they unable to defend the truth stated on my comments they pretend as if I wrote the comment ON # 173. “Mamtatat jemirewal.” The web site is yours and you can fabricate and post what so ever things you like in the name of SUPER MAN and you can creat chaos among the readers. Up to the end of my life I stand for my motherland oromia.When they suspend my comment, On #174 I beg mr. Elias to post my comment. Readers keep watchful eyes on each and every comments. It is known that ” seitan betalaq quta wede midir gebtoal teblo tetsefoal”. They finished what to say, thus, they begun to deceive, pretend, hijack and launch a new game if in case they get benefit out of it.We will see if this way benefited them.”Ene salhon igziabher yizoachiwal wedeyetim menqesaqes atchilum- yabeqalachihu guday new.”

  172. Assta B. Gettu on

    Super Man #175,

    Everybody knows comment #174 is not your comment: the readers are smarter than you are, and they know whose comment it is by just reading one of the sentences; therefore, don’t cry like a small baby. This web site is not only for me or for Stoned Peter; it is for everyone and even for you who advocate you are the defender of Oromia as if Oromia were in the hands of a foreign power. Let me assure you once again Oromia is in the hands of Christian Ethiopia, and Ethiopia knows how to defend her territories if one of her provinces is attacked by OLF, an Egyptian agent and a terrorist movement. Why don’t you pick up whatever weapon is in your hand and join the OLF and try us in the battle field, not in your mother’s kitchen.

  173. Assta B. Gettu on

    Super Man #175,

    Don’t take the comment under #174 as a big issue because it has appeared under your artificial name. When I was posting my comment, your name popped up on my screen, and I forgot to erase your name and put mine. The result was my comment came under your name. This is an honest mistake, not a plot as you have suggested.

    I could have defended the truth if there were any truth in all your comments: the truth is that OLF is a fake movement, and Oromia is under the control of a Christian kingdom, and there is nothing you can do about it.

  174. Super Man on

    Mr. Elias! Before some one post a comment on # 174 in my nick name I sent acoment in his original chronology # 174 but you removed my coment and replaced with somebodys coment on # 174.I and we now understand that you/ elias/ and the rest of co-editors are waging un forgivable crime againest oromos. When that day come “weyew!” for you and for people like asta b.getu. Selam tena yistilign kalehubet.

  175. Hadush on

    Assta B. Gettu
    መታበይ መልአክ ለነበረው ሳጥናኤልም አልበጀም:: በአማራነት ገነት አይገባም:: እኔ እኔ ነኝ ከሴም ነገድ መሆኔ አማራ አያስብለኝም:: እውነት አማራ ከሆንክ በ ሴም ስም አትነግድ:: ኦሮሞ ከሆንክም ከዚህ ምንም አታተርፍም በሃገር ያሉ ህዝቦችን ከማናቆር በቀር:: ማንም ሆንክ ማ ሰው ሰው ነው ህሊናህን ፈትሽ አእምሮህንም መርምር:: ምናልባት ዘመድህ በተወሰኑ ግለሰቦች ተገድሎ ጥላቻ አድሮብህ ይሆናል:: ከሆነ አዝናለሁ! አሁንም ይህ በሌሎች ላይ እንዲሆን ጥላቻን እየሰበክ ነው:: አንተ አህያ ቢቻልህ አስብ ግን ምን ያደርጋል አህዮች ብዙ ለማሰብ አልታደሉም!

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