Is Musseveni brokering peace between Meles and Isaias?

Reuters is reporting that Eritrea’s president Isaias Afwerki is heading to Ugandan capital Kampala this week for a 3-day state visit. There is a wide-spread speculation that Uganda’s dictator has invited Isaias to broker a peace deal with Ethiopia’s khat-addicted tyrant Meles Zenawi. It’s highly doubtful, but if the speculation is true, and if Yoweri Musseveni succeeds in normalizing relations between Woyanne and Eritrea, it will be a big blow to Ethiopia. Fueling the speculation is a “breaking news” by today that Woyanne’s boss Meles Zenawi has called Eritrean opposition groups for urgent meeting in Addis Ababa on Wednesday. Meles and his Woyanne thugs will be gone soon one way or another. Eritrea’s government needs to take the long-term view and build strong relationship with the people of Ethiopia, instead of making peace with the Woyanne junta that is barely surviving. Read the Reuters report below:

Uganda invites Eritrea leader for visit

KAMPALA (Reuters) – Uganda has invited Eritrea’s leader, President Isaias Afewerki, accused by the West of stoking Somalia’s Islamist rebellion and destabilising the east African region, to a state visit next week, Uganda’s State House said.

Eritrea rejoined the East African bloc IGAD last month, four years after it walked out on the body in protest at arch-foe Ethiopia’s invasion of Somalia to oust an Islamist administration the United States said had ties to al Qaeda.

“Eritrea is one of the strategically vital countries to the stability of the region, especially in the Horn of Africa and the wider global agenda,” State House said in a statement late on Thursday.

A U.N. Monitoring Group report on Somalia and Eritrea said in late July that Asmara was bankrolling al Qaeda-linked al Shabaab militants in Somalia. Al Shabaab claimed they were behind a twin suicide bomb attack on the Ugandan capital, Kampala, last year.

Horn of Africa experts say that Isaias has become increasingly diplomatically isolated. Leader of one of the world’s most secretive states, Isaias makes few state visits.

The U.N. has imposed an arms embargo on Eritrea, as well as a travel ban and an asset freeze on Eritrean political and military leaders who it says are violating an arms embargo on Somalia.

Asmara denies the charges, and accuses the United States and neighbouring Ethiopia of “irresponsible interference”. (Reporting by Elias Biryabarema; Writing by Richard Lough; Editing by Giles Elgood)

72 thoughts on “Is Musseveni brokering peace between Meles and Isaias?

  1. Tazabi on

    “There is a wide-spread speculation that Uganda’s dictator has invited Isaias to broker a peace deal with Ethiopia’s khat-addicted tyrant Meles Zenawi…..”

    this is very rude and unethical way of explaining a person who is in charge of a country and a politician who is ruling a country of 80 Milion people. I think Elias is losing his mind and I totally believe that this person is insane and out of the reality.

  2. Freedom on

    Tazabi Elias is not losing his mind Meles is.Meles is in china trying to get chinese to come in country and start cott business.Meles sells girls to Arab countries.Meles sells babies in u.s using adoption agencies for cover.Tazabi you need to start thinking out side TPLF box before it’s too late for you and your families.Meles only cares about money.Meles workships money over God.Oneday the table will turn soon or later just like in Egypt.There is no safe heaven for TPLF members.

  3. Normalizing relations? As an eritrean, I doubt it very much.What the weyanes need to do is vacate our sovereign territories and concentrate on the more than 180 countries in the world and leave Eritrea and eritreans alone. We don´t want any relation, in any way shape or form, with the weyanes. Period!

  4. esuai on

    First,it is true Meles and Isayas have been inseparable for long time and have shared meals from the same plate,sang sentimental songs together,and took bath in the same river.What kept them held together as partners in distruction towards Ethiopia was that their common deep desire to destroy Ethiopia.

    Fact and reality both speaks the truth;the truth is,both Isayas and Meles have been and will continue to be the deadly enemy of Ethiopia.wheather they work to narrow down or eliminate their difference or completely forget the past minor skirmishes that occured due to their disagreement on whose command and leadership Ethiopia will be nibbled to death and strike a deal fair both of them hook on sucking the resources of Ethiopia,or if one of them overpowered the other and takes everything and anything that is of Ethiopia,it does not matter to Ethiopians;what really matters to Ethiopians is to fight both enemies in parallel.That is it.

  5. Ahmed Temam on

    To the woyane or Hodam using the alias Tazabi,
    Ato Elias Kifle is one of the few heroic and anti-Woyanne Ethiopians who is devoting all he has to liberate his country from the ethnical fascist Meles Zenawi. The fascist and racist Meles can not be by any standard called the ruler of Ethiopia. He is not ruling the country as you falsely claim. He is looting and stealing the resources of the country and stashing. The ethnical fascist Meles has never said that he is an Ethiopian. The woyanne or hodam guys serving and defending this racist and fascist person (Meles Zenawi)need to know that they will be held accountable for their roles in collaborating with the crimes against Ethiopians.

  6. Evil brothers on

    OMG! This is not good news for Ethiopia. The feud between the two cousins that hate Ethiopia, was the best thing that happened to Ethiopia. Let’s hope they stay enemies for the sake of Ethiopia, otherwise the two of them will finish their original plan which is to dismantle Ethiopia.

  7. Original Tazabi on

    Selam Elias,

    Just look at your earlier Related Posts #1 and #2. Who is begging who for dialogue?

  8. Ashenafi on

    At this point the Eritreans have no chioce. i am just preplaxed how the Eritrean hold their own till this point. i give the Eritreans a credit. IGAD aginst them, AU aginst them, UN aginst them, USA against them, i mean the freaking world is aginst them, yet they up and moving. credit when it is due. at list they stand for somthing what do our migit from Tigre stand for? oh, forgat, he can beg.

  9. khat-addicted meles is begging Isayas not to suppport the ogaden freedom fighters. He is feeling the heat from them.

  10. Anonymous on

    Eritrean leader in regional security talks with Uganda

    KAMPALA (AFP) — The presidents of Eritrea and Uganda, seen as the main allies of Somalia’s feuding government and Islamist rebels respectively, held rare talks Tuesday, only days after the insurgents pulled out of Mogadishu.

    Eritrean President Issaias Afeworki said he had drawn lessons from talks with his counterpart Yoweri Museveni on regional security, which Asmara has been accused of undermining.
    Isaias and Musseveni, 16 Aug 2011

    Issaias began his three-day state visit to Kampala in the wake of calls by arch-foe Ethiopia and Djibouti for tougher UN sanctions on charges that Asmara supports Al-Qaeda-linked Shebab militants in war-wracked Somalia.

    “We have only dealt with a few issues and I hope we shall have time to exhaust all the issues,” Issaias said, according to a statement.

    “I have learnt a lot from President Museveni and I will listen to him..,” he added, without providing further details of the talks.

    Ugandan troops form the backbone of the African Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM) tasked with protecting the weak Somali government that the Shebab rebels have been fighting to overthrow.

    Eritrea for its part has long been accused of being the Al Qaeda-affiliated Shebab group’s main state support.

    The meeting between the two presidents comes less than two weeks after the Shebab insurgents, who had controlled half of Mogadishu, abandoned their positions, in a surprise move that allowed AMISOM and Somali government forces to assert their authority on the capital for the first time.

    Museveni said that in addition to the security issues, the two countries were also working on bilateral deals.

    “We discussed strategic and political issues in the region and our ministers are developing various bilateral agreements,” he said.

    A top Ugandan foreign ministry official said Kampala was keen to hear Eritrea’s response to accusations of supporting Shebab fighters, who last year claimed responsibility of twin suicide bombings in the Ugandan capital.

    The blasts killed at least 76 people in Kampala, the worst attacks in East Africa since the 1998 bombing of US embassies in Dar es Salaam and Nairobi.

    “There are serious allegations that Eritrea is supporting Al-Shebab in destabilising the Horn of Africa region, and so we will be hoping to hear responses to those issues,” James Mugume, the foreign ministry permanent secretary, told AFP.

    A UN report released in late July reiterated that Eritrea was backing the Shebab militants, but Asmara has denied the allegations.

    Eritrea is seeking to end regional isolation and has applied to rejoin an East African peace bloc, the Inter-Governmental Authority on Development (IGAD), four years after it pulled out.

    But the bloc noted this month that Asmara was still facing serious accusations of supporting Somalia’s Islamist insurgents.

    Eritrea withdrew from IGAD over the 2006-2007 conflict in Somalia, where its arch-foe Ethiopia deployed troops to oust an Islamist movement.

    Mugume hailed Issaias’ visit as an important step by the small Red Sea state to rejoin the six-member regional body.

    “We will be looking at issues on how Eritrea wants to avoid the comprehensive sanctions,” Mugume said, while voicing doubt that any firm agreement would be signed during the visit.

    Eritrea has already been hit with UN Security Council sanctions. In December 2009 the world body imposed an arms embargo, travel restrictions and asset freeze on the country’s political and military leadership.

    The Uganda-drafted resolution on the sanctions was backed by IGAD and the African Union over alleged military assistance to armed opposition groups in Somalia.

    Issaias last month held talks with UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon during South Sudan’s independence celebration, a statement on Eritrea’s information ministry website said.

    Eritrea has also rejected US concerns that the impoverished nation is struggling from the extreme drought affecting some 12 million people in all other nations across the Horn of Africa.

    Instead, Asmara claims it has enjoyed a “bumper harvest” and dismissed US concerns as “propaganda worth throwing into the dustbin of lies,” in a foreign ministry statement Monday.

  11. Isaias Jr Fm Sweden on

    We know Legese Zenawi Dej Asres From Aduwa and Adi Qaual (W/ro Alemash Dej G.Luel Ras Hailu) very well then the rest the people of Ethiopia.
    In 1991 it was we Eritrea helped him to power becouse we have had no onther option then them but,we never trusted and will never trust them.We gived him power from 1985 when he was head of politic with Abay Tsahaye and this two men agreed Badame id inside Eritrea and you can read Ato Abraham Yayeh and Ato G.Medhin Araya interviewd with Addis Zemen and watch E TV from 1989.

    Without Eritreans he is nothing and this chance gone already 1998.
    his adivseer were :-
    ,Prof Asmorom Kidane,Prof Daniel Haile,Dr Nahom Fasil,Niway Gebraeb,prof Kinfe Abraha,Yemane Kidane,Teodros Hagos,Haregeweyni Asefewu,Col Samiel Teklemariam,Col Solomon Aradom,Cap Simon,Eng Sertsu,
    Now,the train has gone for ever and never cameback agian.
    We have two ports and We don’t need Asseb if the Eritrean people same can one ask about that and I am 100% agree with me.The only our problem is Meles and his 30 gangs in Arat Killo.

    Vi kommer aldrig att förlåta honom vad han har hade gjört för Eritrea.Vi vill ha honom levand död.

  12. love on


    I don’t think you are gettting it. Issays wants his own and Eritrea’s survival and doesn’t give a crap about Ethiopia or those G7, etc who are negotiating with him against Meles. Meles /TPLF is more powerful than the its and bits of us G7, etc who have absolutely no power but he knows he can be saved from the powerful TPLF so tell me, why shold Isayas listen to you? At the end of the day, TPLF may pretend to be Ethiopian, Isayas may pretend to negotiate with pro Ethiopia groups, however the fact remains that the survival of Greater Tigray, or Eritrea is in the hands of Isayas and TPLF and I am very convinced that their people will follow them because they are already powerful economically and militarily. The Indian Ocean Newsletter someone posted on this site is true that, they are on the way to making Greater Tigray perahps. The issue is what are we going to do about it? Zilch, nada, gniente! The only ways to intensify against this Greater Tigray formation is from the diaspora, like the Eritreans, every single individual does full cooperation for the strength of Ethioia and the survival of Ethiopians (Tigrayans, Amaras, Oromos, Gurages, Kambata, etc.)against Greater Tigray that is the destruction of Ethiopia’s society as a whole.

    Long live ancient Ethiopia, so it says in the bible and quran.

  13. love on

    This reconciliation between Isayas and Meles is definitely driven by the recent article that came out against Eritrea. This means Isayas is getting worried and this time the West is not going to let Isayas’ rant against the West to continue and he is worried that is why he quickly wants reconciliation with TPLF to be saved perhaps work together.

  14. love on

    I am shocked that every comment ffrom others above is just encouragement and especially for Isayas and Eritreas, I guess who cares about Ethiopia and what will become of her 5 years from now. I am shocked the carelessness of Ethiopians (If they are one) about this issue. ER please post the Indian Ocean newsletter that came out that TPLF member are discussing on the possiblity of forming Greater Tigray along with Eritrea cutting off Ethiopia once again. Every rumor, I will take a heed if I were every Ethiopian.

  15. DEMFELAT on

    Is the enemy of my enemy my friend???
    The enemy of my enemy is my friend with the exception of Shabya!

    Amazing that these Mussolini slaves love Italians since they treated them like inhumans:
    – lived segregated in Negro areas,
    – no rights to attend school after 4th grade,
    – take off their shoes (if they had any)before entering any public bulidings etc.
    The only thing Giovanni left behind are dead and dishonored citizens plus some buildings and roads he constructed for his killing and looting maschinery. By the way he also left many spoons and forks for the Wedi Afoms and now they think they are civilized when they face a plate of pasta.
    This is pathetic!
    I’ll just make sure that Assab is back and these weirdos land in my dead file.

    Death to demonic TPLF and Shabya!


  16. Fasil on


    do you know tazabis families??? i am sure you dont even know who tazabi is. if you dont how do you know his family is not against meles???
    my point is how can you and people like you tell us you are concerned about ethnicism and division but you see no problem taking it to a higher level.

    i hope elias will post my comment.

  17. Hayelom on

    Meles Zenawi, my hero, just concluded his successful visit in Shenzen, China, capital of Guangzhou region. On his way back home, he is carrying $500 million dollar, an enormous amount of money to back up any sort of undertaking our government considers timely and important.

    Enemies cry blood, and jump off a cliff to minimize your misery.

    LOng life for PM Zenawi.

  18. Qe Qa on

    The story is absolutely correct! Whether it will work or not is another question. As the waves and demands for democratic change are slowly but surely spreading, both leaders or rather the three leaders need each other. Eritrea also wants to come out of the cold while Meles wants to strengthen is totalitarian strangulation hold on Ethiopia. His top tplf leading cadres both in the civilian and the military are getting increasingly some what weak, opposition forces trying to form workable fronts, Meles feels insecurity and future pessimist.

    Museveni’s but NOT Mussolini’s Uganda is bogged down in a useless war of no win in the capital of Somalia and would like to do something about it, especially after the devastating attack in Uganda itself. Violence is contagious and creates more violence. As gesture of good will and partly also due to the devastating starvation in Somalia, the Al Shabaab militia left Mogadishu the capital to be controlled by the government.

    All indications are that a negotiation is underway!

    By the way, many thanks and thumbs up for that brilliant Ethiopian Andargachew Tsige, who is a good organizer and a man of peace like the ancient Egyptian genius, the cushitic Imhotep. Peace with you all!

  19. Melaku on


    You are repeating what we already know about the master corruption of your master tyrant carrying loads of money in his pockets and brief cases while poor Ethiopian are starving to death for the last 20 long years.

    He carries the money in case Ethiopians forbid him to land on the Ethiopian soil just like the brave Tunisians forbade tyrant Ben Ali from coming back and landing on Tunisian soil. Ben Ali is now in Saudi Arabia moaning and licking his wounds which in fact will be the exact fate of your tyrannical master after which you will keep crying thick blood and go to jump of mount Kilimanjaro to minimize your pain caused by your own anti people sinful long bad behaviors.

  20. Nunu on


    Yoy areignorant or TPLF spy. It is amazing that you do not know that Meles is in power for 20 years by stealing ballots and by the barrel of the gun. As you said 80 million people are rulled by TPLF BUT without their consent! Why dont you tell TPLF thugs to allwo free media and they shall learn how much the Ethiopian people hate them. Rullers are respected by the people if they are elected by the people but Meles has never been elected. Let them set up independent Election Board and allow free and fair election. Then if Tplf is elected and Meles becomes PM then i will be the first person to respect him.

  21. Mulugheta T. on

    Hello Elias (you are great as always and we are with you),

    Eritrea’s policy is designated to make peace with, literally, the people of its neighbours and not governments, especially that of Woyane’s type. Woyane is a descredited group of liars and, believe me, Isayas Afeworki knows the Woyane junta better than anyone else in our region. The people of Ethiopia with out the TPLF are far more important to Eritrea, because we are genuine with no inferiority complex like Woyane and, above all, not liars.
    See the stand of the Government of Eritrea on Somalia, Sudan and Ethiopia. It stands always with the people of those countries. African problems must be solved by Africans has been always the motto of the Eritrean Government and that is why a conflict with the US-administrations exists. So, we should not be afraid that peace will be done on the cost of the Ethiopian people.
    Even before Ethiopians, the Government of Eritrea was, for instance, against the tribalist politics of Woyane. I am sure that if there will be peace between both governments, then not at the cost of the just cause of Ethiopians.
    Again, let us not forget that Eritrea stood and stands still alone on the side of South Sudan, Ethiopia and the people of Somalia. Without Eritrea, the outcome of South Sudan would be definitely another.

    But one thing is sure and that is: Woyane is already dead and you can start nothing with a dead body; Isayas knows this very well. Please read “the 1976 Manifesto of the TPLF; the Republic of Greater Tigray” (search in google) to understand that there will be no peace between woyane and Eritrea.
    So let us wait and see.

  22. Yetazabiwoch-Tazabi on

    Issaise is in Uganada to explain to museveni that his nation was not involved in any terrorist activities in Uganada and also he is trying to end Meles’ monoploy in African diplomacy…it seems PIA visit will put a dent on the relentless anti-Eritrea campaign waged by Meles! I am sure the weyanes are not happy about PIA decision to get out from his self-imposed isolation-they would rather see him remain in his cacoon!
    As far as peace between Eritrea and Ethiopia is concerned-no I don’t think it will happen anytime soon specially when Meles is feeling emboldned by his recent “diplomatic “success against his arch enemy PIA! The stalemate between Eritrea and Ethiopia will continue as long us the US adminstration wants it to continue..

  23. Wqaw on

    Meles is a liar! Ethiopians must be unite and destroy WOYANE by themselves, Even if we assume there might be peace between Eritrea and WOYANE, I believe we should learn how 3 million Eritreans WON against all odd their freedom, against African strongest military (DERG).

    So I believe if we all unite we can able to kick WOYENE in a matter of days regard less make peace or no with Eritrea.

    By the way the is meeting, about “how to change REGIME” and let go
    and do something which can help get rid of WOYANE.

  24. Asayachew on


    I Believe those ilitrate people of ASKARI you mentioned above, won against you, and librated their country. You are living in western GETTO area yourself, go and fight for your country you coacoroch!

  25. Mr Elias don’t give up that easily, Eritrea is in a tight spot currently as you can see from left to right. false accusations after accusations.regarding Somalia those who stand for a truth are punished and those who do war crimes are rewarded,I believe president Isaias have a responsibility to ease some of this tensions that doesn’t benefit the people of Eritrea. I was always wandering why president Isaias is supporting the opposition group of Ethiopia that doesn’t show any real political move nor action except a few dedicated individuals like yourself.

    Mr Elias be reasonable and think if you are a leader, you can’t just do personal things that can hurt your people like woyane.think who is fighting Eritrea in every section openly so powerful………. and it is getting dangerous and the IGAD is becoming a tool too, So please don’t blame Eritrea and its Leader, I welcome the Uganda and Eritrea move its about time.

    what it all come through is to all Ethiopians who care about their beloved country to stand united and stop bitching and start fighting until the lazy for no good numbnuts diaspora Ethiopians and the kaht chewing hopeless youth of Ethiopia wake up and do something I don’t see what Eritrea can do for Ethiopians.

    currently I am even hearing a debate whether ONLF and OLF have to work with other democratic opposition groups “wink wink” the Amhara opposition group. some of them are still in their sleep talking about ERITREAN PORTS when you have this kind of mentality how can you be successful in fighting woyane, woyane did their job right by disintegrating Ethiopians never to unit again and that is what we are watching from church to a community center in the other hand the woyanes are organizing and getting powerful each day we are witnessing in a every cities and states here in America thnx to Eritrean refugee false claim they are coming in thousands nowadays.A week ago I was in Denver Colorado and some of my old friends that I know for long time anti woyane are talking about “politics doesn’t do any good” they are frustrated and tired.

    Is Musseveni brokering peace between Meles and Isaias? I don’t know but a Lot of Eritreans that I know are still mad at Meles and woyane…………I believe some time, someway or somehow have to end the stalemate though.

    My Advice is don’t be discourage by others if you are confident enough with yourself you can do miracles. think about it woyanes are probably 3 million thugs against 85 million majority, if this is not a motivation for your struggle, I don’t see any other way around it.

    Good night and good luck

  26. Meaza Abaraha on

    Elias Still your big mouth didn’t shit up, Okay let’s pay first the penlity 75000 Euro to Our beloved brother Shieki Almoudi! Do you think Issays will be all this money! I doubt it, Any ways you and your leader Shabia is in loose situation,

  27. zulu on

    Imagine a hyena acting like a peace broker between two beasts who are fighting over a piece of meat. Mosvani is no better than the two mercenaries who are fighting to loot the resources of Ethiopia. A few years a go a family member asked Mosovi why he wouldn’t step down from power. He gave the following answer, ” where will I get the prestige, the food and all the material I am getting if I were to leave power. What kind of person will leave such kind of luxurious life.” Mosvani is a mercenary like the two cousins who created havoc in our country. He does not have the moral authority to broker a pieces. To be honest, the only way to bring piece in the horn is to eliminAte TPLF and Arabia rats.


    Uganda today held talks on ‘Strategic and Political’ issues with its ‘strategic and vital country’ Eritrea

    Imagine the sleepless nights the TPLF thags would have after this historic, game changer visit. They have successflly lost Sudan’s support in the last IGAD meeting against Eritrea and now Uganda.

    Surely, the next country is Kenya as South Sudan stands for Isaias until the end of the world.

    Djibouti is still a French colony and can not be considered as a soveriegn country. Somalia is statless and the TFG is a puppet who doesn’t even enjoy the support of the people of Mogadisho.

    That means, chackmate! Meles you lose.

  29. Master Observer on

    Not Yet, Woyane has to pack up and leave from the uncontested soveriegn Eritrean territory BADME and then and only then will Isais be willing to sit down and start any normalization talk with woyane. The way things are right now for Woyane, Eritrea even under heavy pressure, is scoring big diplomatically, at the UN and also now as as we can see in Africa with president Isias visiting Museveni whom we thought was his enemy until yesterday. Looks like if Eritrea wants to, it can make things go its way instantly. Woyane on the other hand, has no option but to make peace with Eritrea because the heat is getting too close to burn them and from experience, they know that buying 200 tanks or 1000 for that matter is not going to save him. his huddling up of the eritrean oppositon in addis tomorrow may mean two things: he is not happy Museveni has invited isaias and wants to find out what the defunct ERitrean oppositon is upto and to urge then to hurry up and move on to action (‘we got the tanks’ and the army), or to let them know that woyane can’t afford to support them due to the new imbalance in IGAD that shaebia just surprised them with. Isais visit to Uganda is huge in that woyane proposed additional sanction on Eritrea will mean nothing and won’t go as planned making Afwerki victorious in the whole scheme of things. most likely the former will be the ccase,considering woyane’s ego and hate towards Shaebia at the moment.

  30. WEDI HAGER on

    Hey guys ,take it eaaaaaaasy, breath…in through your nose and out through you mouth. Don,t forget ERITREA (The golden state)is an independent country.

  31. peace maker on

    No one on planet earth can make peace with the midget man weyane for all the blood he spilled in the horn of Africa and that includes Ethiopians, Somalians, and Eritreans. If there is anyone to make a peace with the midget man of weyane then he/she must be a retarded. The midget man of weyane and his follower must be held accountable for all the blood they spilled in the horn of Africa, for all the hatred they created, and for the continuous of child trafficking through out the world.

  32. Ambabi on

    No body loot Ethiopian resources except the west. some Ethiopians need to face the reality. US took Ethiopian coffee almost for free and almost nothing gained in return. Ethiopian exports never solve Ethiopian domestic needs. This crises happened so many times, during Haile Selassie,during Mengistu, and now during Meless. If you need proof see the unending starvation. The real cause for Ethiopian resources crises is its poor foreign policy. I never heard Ethiopians address this problem properly but just cause Eritrea as a looter of their resources. Eritrea has only 20 years of age and only had 7-years good friend ship with Ethiopia under Meless. However probably over 500-years or so Ethiopian resources were sucked by the western powers yet Ethiopians do not mention this. We all need to remember that all this political and economical problems are designed by the US-administration. US-need energy security and other economic control. They need to take our resources for free or with very cheap prices. Eritrea seems the only nation in our region confronting the occupation and control of US-and the western powers. Unfortunately Meles and others remain silent and even work for the foreign powers. This is the main cause of our problems now. Meles did not took time to forgot for what he was fighting during his rebellion time.Now Ethiopians need to know the real cause of their problem before rushing to accuse others and jump to conclusion.

  33. Minilik on

    Don’t they have shoes in Eritrea? Or doesn’t the East African lone wolf have a protocol person?

  34. Niel on

    Congratulation oppostion groups in Eritrea !!When the peace deal beacomes reality,Meles will have first hand info. about all the oppositon groups including the lovely 100 yrs relationship of OLF and Eritrea !! Akakakaka !!

  35. Stoned Peter on

    Feel happy dirty TPLF your master Isayas is back from his hiding he will take you to Masawa and Asmara then you can eat your favorite abuwara. Once for all again you will be brothers for good you will swear not to fight again. Eseye Abraham and Gevru Asirat specially Hayelom run away from your grave Esayas is coming after you too. The rest of you pro TPLF run or hide your master is coming to panish you get out as soon as you can Esayas is coming with retribution run now run do not turn your back to collect your stolen things just save your rat life Esayas is coming with rat poison. Aboy Sibihat you old weasel cry now cry you old evil before Esayas your master comes to put you in a homeless shelter for the rest of your meserable life. Meles and the rest of you Tigreans will be brothers again the past will be foregone soon just like a bad habit. Be ready to start your hidden back stabbing of mother Ethiopia, Mister Isayas deal through the back door with your slaves I am sure you were unwise for delaying this special day. Be brothers again say blood is thicker than water be brothers just like the past with your Tigrean brothers make your deal again with your monkey brother Meles Zenawi, Take his wife if you wish ask Meles how much he misses you.

  36. Suture on

    Dear Elias,
    True you are really frustrated. But let us see the other way. The Eritrean government is helping the Ethiopian opposition and keeps itself away from interfering in the Somalia’s affairs but it vigorously defends its view that Somalia problem can only solve by Somalis. When the Western nations are attacking Eritrea in all corners, no Ethiopian oppositions (those who receive assistance from the Eritrea government or those who wishes good friendship between the brotherly people of Ethiopians and Eritreans) nor Somalis have come to our defense. Ironically, the country that we battled against to help South Sudan, is the only country that stood on the side of the truth. Farther more, those intellectual Ethiopian oppositions are not putting up any meaningful fight. Woyane did very good job dividing and installing spies among you. First and foremost the Ethiopian oppositions need to ride all the spies from them and work hard in good faith with the Eritrean government and the people. The Eritrean government learned a lesson from woyane when they backstab us. Therefore, you have to understand that when the Eritrean government takes time to study the real opposition in Ethiopian, it is because of that lesson. I am sure you don’t really believe Eritrean is sanctioned just because the West believes Eritrea is helping Al-sheabab: it is because they are trying to empower woyane and preventing the Ethiopian oppositions from receiving any aid for the Eritrean government. If Eritrea is helping you with food, medication and place to train fighters that is all you need. Rather than that, there isn’t much Eritrea can do for you. Eritreans did not get this kind of luxury during the revolution.

  37. Alebachew on

    one crap after another crap, one chat after another chat but the woynes goes stronger and stronger every day, they controlled everything in the horn of Africa, one more step to go that is controlling the mad man in Eritrea, they are very close, soon that chapter will close, when that happen then Ethiopia will celeberate one great acheivement! and TPLF rules Ethiopia forever what are you going to do then? nothing!! you are a web site Tiger! if you have a gut, come and fight instead of hiding on the computer screen!!

  38. Mehari on

    I read every comment after this article. And I would like to rest the rumors to their final beds. I was rather impressed by the high level of comments that were written regarding this subject. I have to admit more people are against peace than for peace. I believe not because people didn’t want peace, but rather, because it didn’t suite their personal agenda. So from a selfish stand point, it is quite clear to see, what every one wants is, what every one thinks is best for him or her self. But every one just of course pluralize their own selfish agenda in the name of Ethiopian people or Eritrean people. So looking at the sample of this comments we can arrive at a safe conclusion that Melese and Issays are also a product of this people, and they too have a personal agenda, that will serve each of them. If being in peace will serve their agenda, then Peace it is that they will do. but if peace is not the agenda that serves them well, then why bother with peace. So having this understanding in the back of our mind is important to understand weather this two leaders will make peace any time soon or not.
    Now as for my accurate prediction weather Issays went to Uganda to make peace with Melese. Absolutely not. 100% NOT. Will he make peace with Melese. It is possible but He has no desire nor need to make any peace. Not having any peace or the stalemate is an excellent thing for issays. it serves him well. This is a president that has no constitution, no election, no genuine government, I don’t even know if you know Eritrea as a government does not even have a budget. At no time do the minsters seat and go voer the budget for the country. Issays just tells them what to do and how much money for a project and that is how they operate. He has all the Eritrean youth under the banner of National service as his personal slaves. Why on earth would he want peace with melese????? to get what???? there is Not a single benefit for Issays to having peace with melese. 0. actually there is a lot of harm having peace with melse. if he were to have peace, then he would loose his ability to keeps his slaves, as his excuse will run out. he would have to re-instate the constitution which says a president can only be a leader or 2 terms of 5 years. which he has over stayed and must go. So my brothers. Issays is a very cleaver man, he knows this man made stalemate is exactly what he wants and he will keep it alive at all coast. The reason he went to Uganda is, because after Melese has tried to make peace with issays, Issays refused and america asked issays to make peace and he refuses to talk to melse. so they are sanctioning his ass, and now they want to sanction him with the little gold he has been getting and that is what he went to Uganda for. He is telling Ugandan leader, am your friend, I promise i won’t help alshibab any more. Please tell america for me, not to sanction me against my gold. So this is the game guys has nothing to do with Ethiopia. Issays for ever will not make any peace plan with Ethiopia, regardless if melse is there or not, melese is just an easy target to blame, if today melse was replaced by MOGES. Issays will tell Eritrean people, Moges wants asseb so we need to be vigilant and will keep his youth as his personal slave as he is doing now. So for the sake of poor Eritrean people and Ethiopian people, the only solution for lasting peace between this two people is to get rid of Issays for good. As long as, he is in power, the horn of africa will not get any peace. and any amount of sanction can’t stop this mad dog from at the very least torturing and abusing his own people. but at least one thing is very clear, Now every one knows Issays is a chicken and a wimp of a leader, because of sanction all of sudden he is scared and now he joined AU, IGAD and now begging Uganda, tomorrow he will beg Melese too. What a petathic leader, akemun awko endycho, kalakmu senterara, look at what whole he has gotten him self in too. While Melse is being respected by all leaders and is a member of G20 and G8. Issays is the most despicable leader Africa has seen and is being sanctioned by THE UN. all Igad countries say he helps terrorist. ALL African countries expect Libya said sanction his crazy ass. Time for Africa to unite and get rid of Issays, for sure he is the spoiler of the region. SO put this rumor to rest, There would be no peace btn issays and melse any time soon.

  39. Concerned Ogadenian on

    #20 Mr. Hayelom “Qomal A99ame”Fake Ethiopian

    It is just a matter of time before rogue regime woyane we put him to his knees,the mighty Ogadenian,Oromos,Amaras and Afars,they are getting stronger by days,they are bleeding woyanes noose every corners.The “A99ames” regime knows very well,his survival days are numbered.He personally”Melles”asked Mr.Musevini to mediate between Eritrea and fake Ethiopian leader.We Ogadenian knows for sure “A99ame Melles”will gone sure,our question is Tigrai Greater will brake away from Ethiopia.They have over 65 migs,sukoy and mi-35,mi24 &mi17 stationed in city of Mekelle.Not only that the new acquired 200 T-72 Tanks will be stationed in city of Adwa and environ.They have stashed over 48 billion dollar and over 120,000 oz gold in Tigrai.We got these info from our Friends Eritrean SPY.Last but not at least Assab is gone,if Greater Tigrai succeeded they will try to get through human wave war,but they will lose the war with mighty “Shaebia”

  40. Ambabi on

    What is wrong if peace really comes. We may all be benefit from that isn’t it ? Let us have mercy and be optimistic guys. It is better to find solution within ourselves and neighboring countries we will live side by side any way. I do not understand why we can not see African brother hood can only come through our own efforts. No one from out side is happy to see African leaders get together and solve their problems without any kind of intervention. See what is happening in Libia ? no African nation has the right to mediate what is going on without the permission of US-and its ally. Isn’t this ridiculous. Why the west did not interfere during the genocide in Rwanda ? Now they are heavily interfered in Libia because there is oil. Let us wake up men !

  41. Hardliner on

    Listen to those idiots without common sense, Ethiopia in Weyane hands is in precarious situation. Isayas is not at the helm in Ethiopia, it is Meles. Meles and co., do not plan to vacate the palace very soon. As a matter of fact, they do not plan to leave Ethiopia in tact in their itinerary. As far as Eritrea and Shabya is concerned it is an external and a foregone conclusion. It would have been a great asset for regional peace if Isayas was to play the peace maker between the weyanes and Ethiopian oppositions, between the Somali Trasitional government and its oppositions, etc…. He has the talent and personality to make things happen in his own way. He does believe in one Ethiopia, he could have helped to bring OLF, ONLF, TPLF and other oppostion groups to give grandeur Ethiopia the great nation in history. This would have happened for sure if the weyanes had accepted the international ruling some ten years ago. Ethiopia would have enjoyed a free access to the sea. The weyanes would have guaranteed the state of Tigray a great future within the greater nation of Ethiopia. Ethiopia would have enjoyed a forward looking representative government. That is all illusion now. But, one thing for sure, greater Tigray that includes Eritrea is a fig of imagination, it will never happen, but the brotherhood and kinship will remain between Eritrean and tigrayans as the rest of Ethiopians for ever.

  42. Ethiopian on

    Eritrea seems the only nation in our region confronting the occupation and control of US-and the western powers. God bless PIA.

  43. Concerned Ogadenian on

    #29 Meaza Abraha “Cyber prostitute”

    Your people have the highest prostitute in a beautiful city of Addiss,not only that the highest homeless.In case you would like to know, there are over 130,000 prostitution from Tigrai and to make it worst there are over 200,000 homeless from Tigrai.Why is it possible.I wonder why the Eritrea do not have homeless and prostitute,after 1991 independence they all came to Addiss.Please try to help your beggar minority regime and your people to have some sense of manner.

  44. Seni on

    Is Isaias surrendering?

    Eritrea’s leader attempts to end regional isolation,39855

    By Tesfa-Alem Tekle

    August 16, 2011 (ADDIS ABABA) – Eritrea’s President Isaias Afwerki is visiting Uganda as the reclusive leader of the Red Sea nation tries to smooth relations with regional leaders in an attempt to end his country’s isolation.

    Afwerki arrived in Kampala on Tuesday for a three-day state visit to hold talks with his counterpart Yoweri Museveni on regional security matters.

    According to a Ugandan presidential statement it is hoped that the Eritrean leader’s visit will boost peace in the Horn of Africa.

    Eritrea has long been under fire for allegedly fueling Somalia’s Islamist rebellion and interfering in the internal affairs of other neighboring countries as well as sponsoring terrorist activities in the Horn of Africa.

    Last month, leaders of the Inter-Governmental Authority on Development (IGAD ) – which includes Sudan, Ethiopia, Djibouti, Uganda, Kenya, and Somalia – who met in the Ethiopian capital, Addis Ababa made fresh calls to the African Union and United Nations to impose additional sanctions against Eritrea.

    Eritrea is already under a UN arms embargo, as well as a travel ban and an assets freeze on its leaders who are accused of breaking an arms blockade on Somalia.

    But Asmara denies the allegations and instead accuses Ethiopia, from which it seceded in 1991, of waging an anti-Eritrea campaign. The country’s independence came after a bitter war for self-determination and was followed by a border war with Ethiopia from 1998 to 2000.

    “There are serious of allegations that Eritrea is supporting Al-Shabab in destabilizing the Horn of Africa region, and so we will be hoping to hear responses to those issues,” James Mugume, permanent secretary at the Ugandan foreign ministry, told AFP.

    “We will be looking at issues on how Eritrea wants to avoid the comprehensive sanctions,” Mugume said.

    Eritrea rejoined IGAD last month four years after it walked out in protest at Ethiopia for sending troops to Somalia in 2006 in an attempt to oust Islamist movement Al-Shabab.

    Mugume hailed Afwerki’s visit as an important step on the road to Eritrea’s return to the six-member regional body.

    Afwerki told the press in Kampala that his visit to Uganda is “a historical opportunity to exchange views on various timely issues”.

    “It is an opportunity to come back home again, it is a good feeling. We have only dealt with a few issues and I hope we shall have time to exhaust all the issues. I have learnt a lot from President Museveni and I will listen to him and come to understand of regional issues,” he said.

    “We have held a good discussion which we have not finished. We shall have more time for more conclusions. We discussed strategic and political issues in the region and our ministers are developing various bilateral agreements. Apart from the political and security issues, there are other issues of cooperation in the region including in trade, exchange in education, regional flights etc,” he said after his first closed door meeting with president Museveni.

    A UN report released in late July accused Eritrea of planning to carry out coordinated terrorist attacks against neighboring countries. It claimed that one target could have been the Africa Union leaders’ summit held in Addis Ababa earlier this year.

    The UN Monitoring Group report on Somalia and Eritrea also accused Asmara of using its embassy in Kenya to bankroll the al-Qaeda-linked Somali rebels Al-Shabab who were behind a twin suicide bomb attack on the Ugandan capital last year.

    Eritrea analyst Michela Wrong told the BBC Afwerki’s trip was the latest sign that he wanted to end Eritrea’s isolation.

    “Eritreans pride themselves on their rugged independence from the world, but I think there is a realization this has reached dangerous levels. They are now regarded as a pariah state,” she said.

  45. Kiflu Hussain on

    It would be the ultimate humiliation for Isaias to reach out to Meles

    (UGANDA) – At the time of this writing, he’s on his way to a state visit of Isaias Afewerki, President of Eritrea to Uganda, my political antennae on the region which has been dormant for some time was reactivated. Naturally what revived my interest is the fact I am myself, a denizen of the Horn of Africa, namely Ethiopia to whom Eritrea was a former province or “colony” depending upon the source that informed or misinformed you.

    To top it all, right after I sought refuge in Uganda in 2007, my host country got involved in the intractable politics of the Horn as if it hasn’t had enough of its own mess in its own backyard. Since the involvement of the Ugandan status quo was mostly prompted out of an interest to ingratiate itself with Washington rather than Pan-Africanism, I took my take on the matter using my fringe benefit as a refugee that gives me ample time to observe and pontificate.

    Accordingly, out of my several commentaries, I recall one which Daily Monitor published under the title “Is it peace mission or war business?” on August 24, 2007.

    I wrote that piece in the wake of Uganda’s suffering its first casualties in Somalia which prompted President Yoweri Museveni to divert his plane to Massawa, the portal town of Eritrea, from one of his overseas visit on the way back to Entebbe.

    Since it was alleged that Isaias Afewerki took the opposing side from that of the “international community” by supporting the Islamists, Museveni paid him a visit to woo him to their camp or at least to make him desist from supporting their “nemesis.”

    Today they have changed position. It’s the Eritrean ruler who is knocking at the door of his Ugandan counterpart. Of course, the official word is he’s here at the invitation of President Museveni.

    On the ground too where these strongmen of Africa slugged out their proxy fight at the expense of Somalians alignment of forces have changed or so it seems. Albeit a Pyrrhic victory, AMISOM to which Ugandans contributed the lion’s share managed to secure the withdrawal of Al Shabaab from Mogadishu. The “self-reliant” regime in Asmara who claims to have achieved its independence during the struggle for “liberation” and later “nationhood,” has been more isolated by the “international community” or to put it precisely the “internationally community” has ganged up against it.

    Therefore it now appears that it dawned on Asmara that it can no longer afford to ignore this fact. To make matters worse, in the dirty topsy-turvy global politics, Meles Zenawi’s regime in Addis which initially owes its enthronement in the Menilik Palace to the regime in Asmara until it became its archenemy in 1998 came out the principal victor diplomatically. Note the recent UN Monitoring report.

    Considering the murky love-hate relationship even unfathomable to other Ethiopians of the two Tigrigna speaking highlanders both in Ethiopia and Eritrea, it would be the ultimate humiliation for Isaias to reach out to Meles.

    Hence the visit to the State House in Uganda. The question is would Museveni gloat now by saying that the prodigal son has returned to his family? I hope not. But he might not resist according to his behavior I observed in the past couple of years. If so, it might be hasty.

    In my opinion, the man who nurses Saddam Hussein like mustache has not yet become irrelevant. The so-called international community may push him to the precipice and eventually discard him like the strongman in Iraq.

    However, with no viable force to fill the vacuum in the tiny Red Sea country, all the telltale signs show that Eritrea will implode in a situation far worse than the one in Somalia. As I pointed out before, the sudden and violent departure of Isaias Afewerki may even create a situation that would make us nostalgic of a secular dictator. I hope his host will make every effort to make his counterpart’s sojourn in Uganda to be a fruitful exercise to re-engage a fellow strongman as indicated by the International Crisis Group/ICG/sometime ago. It would be futile to cry for the likes of Gaddafi and condemn Isaias in the same breath on account of a proxy fight.

  46. Merebai on

    To #41 Mehari
    to #48 Kiflu Hussein,

    You are hallucinating. Keep on with your wishful thinking.
    Eritrea under SHAEBIA will prevail and you will keep on fighting us and pounding your computer keyboard until your knuckles seize to work.
    Yes Eritrean people will come out victorious.
    PIA vist to Uganda (with 21 gun salute) is a tip of an iceberg.
    Victory to the masses.

  47. Demoz on

    Viva Woyane ! Wedi Afeworki is scared shitless. He is willing to suck dicks just to survive! He knows very well what is on the menu!

  48. Shaebia on

    Elias… an investigative journalist, you should have asked critical question as to your narrative above that “the ICU government in 2006 before it was overthrown had Sheriff Ahmed Sheriff as its leader and it seems like it’s the same one they alleged had connection with Al-Qaeda that is been appointed by the USA. The US has always used all sorts of excuses in order to satisfy its interest. Stable and secure region has never served the US interest. Take Latin America, for instant, in the 70’s, 80’s and early 90’s, US ransacked the continent of all its resources while terrorizing and impoverishing hundreds of millions of the indigenous citizens. Now Latin America is in peace and away from the hegemony of the US, they are doing rather fine but as for the US, it’s on a spiral downturn. Only Colombia and Mexico seems to be the only friends of the US in the whole of Latin America and they are the only countries that are embroiled in violence and insecurities. That says a lot about it. I forgot US’s new friend in Latin America…..HONDURAS…..the coup leader in Honduras who overthrew a sitting and democratically elected government of Manuel Zelaya. Hillary Clinton’s election fund raining manager is the PR lobbying for the US supported dictator in Honduras.

    I believe, it’s about time we use our brains more often rather than churning out the lies that have been constantly spewed out by the western corporate mainstream media groups. I think you can make your own analysis. Besides, IGAD has long ceased to operate for the purpose of what it’s intended to do. The US, as usual, had hijacked it as a desposable tool for its own foreign interest.

    As for Weyane, I think your guess is wrong…..way off the mark!!!….you don’t seem to know the polity of Eritrea(At least from an Eritrean point of view)

  49. chala merdofa on

    i know isayas has run out of any option but to beg ,africans to come to terms with the great people and leader of ethiopia,mubarek gone ,ghadafi will soon go what else for esayas ? himself only,run before the dark covers your light ,otherwise we will remove you ,with your thugs ,

  50. One thing is very interesting. Everybody seems to be asking why Isaias is in Uganda. The answer is simple: he was INVITED. So the question people should ask is: why did Museveni invite Isaias to Uganda than asking why Isaias went there?

  51. haile on

    demfelat truly you are demflat did yoy chew kat or drunk do you know what colony means?that means you loose your country and you civel you and my be your father think that eritreans invite italains to colonize them,but the truth is your leaders gave up their province to not distort hitory ther are millions ethiopians and eritreans they beleave in reconceliation for peace and justis and for living togather,i know you are not one of them but i wish you go hell.

  52. Yemado on

    Now that the days of Meles and woyanne/Tplf
    are numbered we true ethiopians should start
    register the names and ID’s of woyanne cadres
    who are enabling and supporting dictatorship
    and tyranny in ethiopia.

  53. Treaty on

    It is not the news about I.A’s state visit to UGANDA, whether this came about through his own initiative or invited by the UGANDAN governement, that surprise me the most, but the reaction of some Ethiopians about this development, and the way some of us come to internalize this debate in to the either or category. After all this many years one can think by now we know something tangible about the two leders,and therefore we would not be confused with changing circumstances. Alas that is not the case. Accordingly those who are in favor of any of those “Ethiopian professing “but ,for all practical purpose, who have become very much under tight control and guidance of Asmara seem to think the development of this news is detrimental to Ethiopia.
    Is that all what is left for we Ethiopians to be; to swing where ever the political wind may take us? Where are the zealous Ethiopians men and women who put their country interest first and theirs last? Could it be we run out of those bold, confident, and imaginative minds? I tend to think no. There are still visionaries for Ethiopia; we want these to call us back to a collective action so that our people in particular and the region in general can enjoy peace. As to those who still “lean on the arm of a flesh” such as I.A. I feel sorry for your all. Since 1976, just like those who are working now with Shabia now, I have been near and around Shabia and TPLF.I have always believed and remain to be convinced that any Ethiopian that insist to topple weyane chief through the help gained from I.A is retarded, or outright opportunist, in all likely hood I like to think they are of the latter sort. One thing is sure; the individuals who pursue such strategic suicide know and are well informed about the intent of these forces that Ethiopia is faced with. Many of them, including myself, happen to be former EPRP veterans. How sad how deplorable! All of a sudden it becomes fashionable, in some circles, to be in favor of one dictator over the other in the struggle to liberate Ethiopia. What is more, the same politically enlightened individuals, so they seem to think, come to believe the use of a term such as UNITED ETHIOPIA as a taboo. The country can only be saved by those who have great confidence of the people of Ethiopia, by those who believe on self reliance, and on those who are willing to recruit leaders from the grass root level on the home turf. I will say this show me a man without principle, I say I will show you a man who will be at the mercy of the wind. Show me a man anchored with principle, I will say he is a one of a heck of a man where his people people flock around.
    My the LORD him self give us the courage to say no to evil,and only do those things he approved of.

  54. Tergoami on


    Agitating Ethiopians to confront the wrong imaginary distant enemy amounts to prescribing suicide for a sickness that is primarily caused by the local viruses, that is to say, alternating Ethiopian ruthless dictators and and criminal tyrants down the line.

    Why trying to divert attention from the minority tyrannical Wayane dictators at a time when Ethiopians are trying to buld democracy and the tyrant is flirting with China and collecting crumbs in to his own private bank accounts by badmouthing the West for fear of democratization as his new techniques pleasing the Chinese and milking them for a while. Ethiopians are NOT fools that may just keep manipulating for your personal FAT caw milk storage. Hmm…

    Even Chinese totalitarianism will soon crumble as the middle class rises and gets stronger and stronger to build democratic egalitarian society. BEKA!

  55. #40.Alebachew,

    Thank you for telling the truth in case there are thinking and any action oriented Ethiopians left. Endless chatter boxes and empty feel good patriotic bragging are in oversupply.

    Uniting and stopping Wayane in practice is pathetically under supply and this needs to be reversed through the thinking and action before it is too late whereby even the name Ethiopia may completely disappear from map forever. That threat is real.

  56. Suture on

    Critics that who claim they don’t like Woyane and Sheabia _ in real life, most of them are diehard woyane supporters. They are hired oppositions by woyane to sow division within the Ethiopian oppositions: simply to create havoc among oppositions: those people can also be an obstacle to create oppositions that welling to have a workable relationship with the Eritreans government. And some of them are Derg/Haile Selasia followers who infatuate with Eritrea. For those of our Tigrayan brothers and sisters who have ill wish toward Eritrea, my god have mercy on you. Understandably you are jealous -due to the success of Eritrea. That is why your soul is eating you alive. I don’t know what kind of insects are eating your head, but if you have anything left, you would know that the people who are leading woyane- Meles, Bereket, Samora are all born from the people whom you called askary. Congratulations, for you been led by ASKARY.

  57. Ambabi to Mehari on

    I do not agree on what Mehari said. First of all Mehari himself is looking the picture from his own benefits. At least Mehari must be optimistic and give some percentage to a possible peace. The move should be appreciated at least. Secondly Mhehari choice bad word “slave”, our brothers and sisters are not slaves at all. They are defending our nation. What Mehari can not understand was that our land is yet illegal occupied by weyanes and Meless is yet do not abandoned the dream of invasion. Therefore Issayas is right to keep big military under military service. We need to remember Eritrean independence was possible with unpaid military strategy. Therefore, to see if Issayas want to keep our military as it is or not we need to see Meles leave Badme and respect the rule of the law. Otherwise to hammer Issayas for unfair issue is just DEW BELELEY KIBLETSELKA……

  58. Samnv on

    My Ethiopian brothers and sisters don’t be deceived both meles and esayas have the same one master,this 2 western puppets have the same agenda which is to destroy or break down both people slowly but surely.our hope is only the Almighty God because when western puppets are very loyal for their western masters it is very hard to remove them peacefully.

  59. Deledey Afrash on

    I seriously doubt that Pr Isaias will ever make any deal with the weyane Mafia Meles. Even Meles withdraws his rig-rags from bademe.

  60. Tezibt on

    Time of desperation, and I can’t wait to see truth unravelling. This next six months are the most exciting months of the last 6 months. If you are wondering, just wait patiently. If you can wait 20 years, 6 months are easy but thrilling and worth waiting patiently. As an Ethioian, I can imagine how you all peaceful and innocent Ethiopians will quench your thurst for justice.

  61. stoned Peter on

    I am sure student Meles is more than happy his teacher Isayas is going to talk to him again watch the next link about monkey Meles.

  62. Solomon on


    “Critics that who claim they don’t like Woyane and Sheabia _ in real life, most of them are diehard woyane supporters. They are hired oppositions by woyane to sow division within the Ethiopian oppositions:…” You wrote

    Thank for the timely observation!

    You are absolutely right because that is what is exactly happening all the time under the guidance and generous open handed funding of the cunning fox tyrannical Wayane dictatorship manipulating from behind the door and forcing us to dance at its own evil drumming.

    We must be able to ignore these divisive and frightened dirty agent provocateurs and concentrate on the main issue to keep advancing the Ethiopian agenda of liberation and democratization. BEKA!

  63. Ahadu on

    The no 1 comment by the name Tazabi is a cadre like trying to tell elias about ethical journalism which he knows it only in dreams as on the reality you gusy are jungle animals starting from your boss down to low life cadre like your self your boss in 4 kilo is not leasing the nation rather takes the ethiopian peoples hostage like he was advised and being helped by former cia top agent paul hinze

  64. wake up on

    Bothers and sisters, instead of blaming elias or anybody that contributes anything against the killer regime it is better for everybody to wake up and do their share. That is why meles is selling the country to investors, selling the Ethiopian babies for money, and so on. He knows the Ethiopian diaspora only knows how to talk and point fingers on each other.

  65. Ambabi to #58 on

    I think we need to see the big picture first. Scumming money from your own ppl is one thing but to allow foreigners to loot your nation is double hell, losing your dignity and the resources in big junk that lasts for very very long time. Fighting the super powers is not something that can not be won unless we are cowards. Let say for instance how long can stay Meles without the support from Washington ? Who encouraged woyane to invade Somalia ? Why did US said nothing when Ethiopians were killed in Addis after 2005 election ? Ethiopia is buying military hard wares while millions of Ethiopians starve. In conclusion the pain in the horn is not just because of dictators but mainly because of the big boss. Therefore, bearing this in to mind Ethiopia needs government with a self reliant vision and work with its neighbors mainly without recruiting white advisors otherwise the problem will never end.

  66. Kolumbus on

    #69. ?

    “I think we need to see the big picture first. Scumming money from your own ppl is one thing but to allow foreigners to loot your nation is double hell, losing your dignity and the resources in big junk that lasts for very very long time.” You said

    In my opinion the opposite is exactly the correct logic. That foreigners may exploit your resources is understandable because they are taking care of their nations interests but when you yourself brutally exploit your own people and starve them to death like the NAZI rulers that is the worst and unforgivable crimes of all crimes. And your frontal fighting infatuation of superpowers even when you couldn’t lift your small finger to challenge a small minority of local tyrants for the last 20 years sounds laughable but we have all some dreams. The problem is NOT at all about being black or white because blacks, browns or in between tyrannical leaders can even be much more brutal and pathologically blind savage since they have NO any kind of HUMAN RIGHTS groups and citizens participation in decision makings in their communities and societies. ):

    Yes, the BIG BOSS idea may be true but they don’t impose tyrannical rule and a tyrant. If you are a dictator what else can you say other than saying that what all the crimes that your doing is not your fault but the fault of the Big boss or all of the Three Big Gods. Kikiki…

    The BIG picture starts from where you stand, that is to say, the Tyrant Wayane dictatorship and the tyrannized 80 million Ethiopians. And the rest naturally follows. Otherwise…

  67. Fithawi on

    Its sad to see our poor and miserable nation with so many ‘USEFUL IDIOTS’ like you who wittingly or not,supporting the shiftas in Asmara hence perpetuating the misery,agony and immeasurable atrocities committed by the shifta gangs against our poor people.
    You are arguing that its necessary to hold the Eritrean youth under the national slavery service indefinately so long as there is a threat from Ethiopia.What a fool you are/////
    Ethiopia has no reason to open up another war against Eritrea.They got what they want after defeating Shabia in a humulating way and they still remain in control of Badme for over a decade now regardless of the UN verdict.One would ask,why Shabia is not staring a war to liberate its occupied territory when atleast the law is on its side.The answer is very clear.Waging a war agianst Weyane is tantamount to committing suicide and Issaias knows this very well.
    Then why holding the poor youth of the nation indefinately squandering their productive years when there is no enemy insight but only hauling rocks from somewhere to nowhere.Remember,someone who went to Sawa in 1995 at the age of 25 is now 41 years old.Never got married,never gone to school and never worked and all his/her dreams of being a responsible citizen simply shattered.What a curse to be born from such a people.
    The truth is though,to keep the youth at bay at minimum and to break their spirit at maximum.
    Its high time that We Eritreans stand up to fight tyranny and dictatorship and reclaim our nation that can live in peace with all of its neighbours.

  68. DEMFELAT on

    #27 Asayachew
    #55 Haile
    You deserve to eat your meals out of the potty, scumbags!
    You are the weakest links of the weyane and shabya ignoramus brigade.
    That lazy undetaker is taking so much time to bury dead sell outs like both of you.

    My blessing unto you…
    May your soul NEVER rest in peace!

    Mot le Weyane and Shabya!

    Egziabeher Amlak Ethiopian ena Ethiopiawianochen Yebark!


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