Clinton tells Syria’s dictator to leave (video)

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton joins European leaders today in demanding Syria’s dictator Bashar al-Assad to step aside. “The people of Syria deserve a government that respects their dignity, protects their rights and lives up to their aspirations. Assad is standing in their way,” Clinton said in remarks following President Barack Obama’s direct call on Assad to step down and imposition of new sanctions. Would Hillary say the same thing about Ethiopia’s khat-addicted dictator Meles Zenawi who is committing genocide through famine? Meles has killed and terrorized more people than Assad, and yet the U.S. Gov’t gives him billions of dollars to help him stay in power.

6 thoughts on “Clinton tells Syria’s dictator to leave (video)

  1. Aschalew Bizuneh on

    FOLKS! When the chained oppressed, exploited and excluded break their chains and rise up with visible and sustainable determination to bring change ANYONE will certainly march along the way in support of people who have the motivation and the will to fight for themselves.

    Look at how the Syrian people slowly but surely started protesting on January 26.2011, escalating in to an uprisings on March 15. 2011. Since then, the people’s rage against tyranny is going on sustainably fighting one of the most dictatorial oppressive regimes on earth.

    Ethiopians have a lesson to learn too. That means stop blaming external forces but concentrate on uniting and sustainably fighting the tyrant and the tyranny in their own country. Only then, they will surely see the bright light at the end of the tunnel as well as the international communities lining up support behind their grievances. YES WE CAN! is the winning slogan. :)

  2. al zubeiry on

    we ethiopian waiting the intenational community to feed our selves for the last fourty years( meaning beging).Now a days woyanes gov’t use this assistance for their political agenda.our people suffer more than ever.I do no till when we are waiting to over throw such tryant regime.people our problem is totally different from the egytian;syrian;tunisian even yemenian. more or less I Know these countries.their question is not bread ;there question is freedom.As I MENTIONED IT EARLIER LET US GET TOGERTHER TO OVER THROW ONCE AND AGAIN.

  3. double standard on

    Obama: Time for Assad to leave Syria
    Clinton:Syria’s dictator Bashar al-Assad to step aside
    Clinton: Gadaffi should hand power
    Obama: Mobake should step down
    Clinton: Ben-Ali should step down
    Obama: Besher should be handed to ICC
    Clinton: Iran…………
    Obama: North kOREA…..
    Susan Rice: More sanction to Eritrea……………..


    Why Weyanne is exempted?????

    Weyanne invaded Somalia
    Weyanne killed Ethioian peaceful domonstrators.
    Weyanne’s troops are in sovergin Eritrean Land.
    Weyannes is selling forged Gold.

  4. Qe Qa on

    #3.double standard,

    Yes, it may look like just some sort of double standardism but what the Ethiopian oppositions are lacking up to now is the courage to get up and sustainably fight for themselves incurring sacrifices and risks as an indication of seriousness, viability, will of power to pursue their objectives against all odds just like the Syrian people sustainably fighting for their dreams and sacrificing their lives, limbs and freedoms every single daily since January 2011.

    Some of you guys and gals blindly wish to blame the US and EU for supporting criminal tyrant Meles with out knowing that the US and the EU have got their fingers already BADLY burned even in connection with a single case, that is to say, the 2004 mercenary led, Sir Mark Thatcher funded but miserably failed coup plot against the Equatorial Guinea’s tyrant leader named Teodoro Obiang Nguema Mbasogo (I hope some one may not steal his name because it is a registered trade mark with out meaning to compete with Sir Thatcher Mark) after which time Mbasogo withdrew enormous amounts of money from the US and European banks as well as diverted all the lucrative OIL EXPORTS and other businesses exclusively to the Chinese side. IT HURTS A LOT when an oil rich dictator withdraws all of his cashes at once!

    In your case, just Rise up and fight for your freedom and dreams by yourself for yourself, hypothetically say , fighting sustainably for about 7 months taking risks and sacrifices just like the Syrians who are currently gaining increasing international governmental and nongovernmental supports and thick sympathies AND ONLY after that Blame the International communities if you may not be offered the supports and sympathies afforded to others.

    To start with, the Syrian opposition had zero support while Al Assad had 100% support from all governments all over the world, near and far, including the USA, Israel, Russia, China, etc. Now, things are increasingly changing since the opposition refused to panic, refused to surrender and is getting battle tasted, fearless with victory glittering in their eyes. Here is where the “double standard” becomes an earned single standard.

    How can anyone dares to support you when you do not exist and visible just like the invisible air I mean when we are talking about the Ethiopian oppositions. The existence of opposition movements are characterized and made visible by their words that are matched by their actions on the ground just like the Tunisians, Egyptians, Syrians, etc. It is the words and the actions that attracts support and sympathy but not only words alone. I don’t mean that is easy to take actions and gain support but I mean that we need not so much focus on the external obstacles while we are not doing the necessary minimum sacrifices and sustained struggles that are bound to attract all kinds willing supporters.

    Even GOD is said to help those who are primarily willing and courageous enough to help themselves like in Libya, Egypt, Syria, etc. That is also what HE told me personally.

    So, let us stop blaming the wrong thing but go after the right thing which is the business misinforming tyranny in to democracy.

  5. How about Ethiopia? on

    Are the Ethiopian lives not worth saving? Why not the US government also tell the despicable Woyane dictator to take a hike? When is enough is enough? For how long Ethiopian people have to put through a living hell under the brutal TPLF regime? Why is Meles that has committed more crimes than Gaddaffi and the Syrian leader given a free pass?
    Meles and members of TPLF have control of the entire Ethiopian government and major businesses and have robbed the country.
    Meles–has taken the rights of freedom of speech and press in Ethiopia.
    Meles–has thrown tens of thousands Ethiopians in prison and tortured and killed. Countless number of Ethiopians have been gunned down on the streets of Ethiopia. Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International have witnessed human rights abuse every where in Ethiopia.
    Meles and his cronies have stolen billions of dollars of the people’s money and gotten disgustingly wealthy and let millions Ethiopians to starve to death.
    Meles–has taken the Ethiopians land and given it to outsiders.
    Meles and his thugs have been dividing Ethiopians by ethnic groups and religions, intentionally pushing the country into civil war.
    Meles is the worst of the worst, leaving him in office and ignoring the atrocities he has caused on innocent Ethiopians for the last 20 years, is inhumane, sin and unconscionable.

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