Ethiopia’s beggar dictator fixated on Eritrea

By Elias Kifle

The Government of Eritrea has no choice but to launch a diplomatic offensive as Ethiopia’s khat-addicted dictator Meles Zenawi is bent on effecting a regime change in Eritrea through economic strangulation to be followed by a military attack. Meles has set his sight, to the point of obsession, on installing a puppet regime in Asmara in order to complete his mission of completely dominating Ethiopia for several years to come. Even as famine is ravaging millions of Ethiopians, Meles’ focus is Eritrea.

Earlier this week, when President Isaias Afwerki of Eritrea unexpectedly went to Uganda on a state visit, many Ethiopians and Eritreans were caught by surprise. Some have speculated [read here] that Uganda’s president-for-life Yoweri Mussevini is attempting to broker a deal between Isaias and Meles. It turns out that Isaias’ visit to Uganda is part of Eritrea’s diplomatic offensive in Africa to stop the United Nations Security Council from voting to impose further economic sanction, including a ban on its promising gold mines [read here]. The Security Council withheld its vote only after its African members, namely Nigeria and South Africa, expressed disagreement. In this regard, Isaias Afwerki may have scored a major diplomatic victory against the Woyanne junta this week.

Up to now, the Eritreans have unwisely left the diplomatic and political arena to Meles and his Woyanne junta. They also have not made a serious effort to reach out to Ethiopians to be on their side, other than occasional lip service. If Isaias and Eritreans redirect their focus from military preparations to diplomacy and politics, they can annihilate Woyanne without firing a single shot.