Ethiopia’s beggar dictator fixated on Eritrea

By Elias Kifle

The Government of Eritrea has no choice but to launch a diplomatic offensive as Ethiopia’s khat-addicted dictator Meles Zenawi is bent on effecting a regime change in Eritrea through economic {www:strangulation} to be followed by a military attack. Meles has set his sight, to the point of obsession, on installing a puppet regime in Asmara in order to complete his mission of completely dominating Ethiopia for several years to come. Even as famine is ravaging millions of Ethiopians, Meles’ focus is Eritrea.

Earlier this week, when President Isaias Afwerki of Eritrea unexpectedly went to Uganda on a state visit, many Ethiopians and Eritreans were caught by surprise. Some have speculated [read here] that Uganda’s president-for-life Yoweri Mussevini is attempting to broker a deal between Isaias and Meles. It turns out that Isaias’ visit to Uganda is part of Eritrea’s diplomatic offensive in Africa to stop the United Nations Security Council from voting to impose further economic sanction, including a ban on its promising gold mines [read here]. The Security Council withheld its vote only after its African members, namely Nigeria and South Africa, expressed disagreement. In this regard, Isaias Afwerki may have scored a major diplomatic victory against the Woyanne junta this week.

Up to now, the Eritreans have unwisely left the diplomatic and political arena to Meles and his Woyanne junta. They also have not made a serious effort to reach out to Ethiopians to be on their side, other than occasional lip service. If Isaias and Eritreans redirect their focus from military preparations to diplomacy and politics, they can annihilate Woyanne without firing a single shot.

96 thoughts on “Ethiopia’s beggar dictator fixated on Eritrea

  1. Nuru on

    Elias this is an insightful analysis. Great job as usual. Meles has been outsmarting and outmaneuvering Shaebia for too long. As a matter of fact, he even succeeded or duped the U.S. to support his Somalia invasion in the name of fighting terrorism. Afeworki has made a costly mistake of underestimating TPLF’s capacity for trickery and deceit. One thing I disagree, if I may, with Elias is that we Ethiopians need to craft our own strategy of getting rid of the Adwa mafia independent of Eritrea. Whether Meles and Isayas fight or make peace should not influence our strategy. Thank you for providing this marvelous forum for freely airing our views.

  2. Tazabi on

    I don’t get it. What is the advantage of supporting Isaias/Eritrea for Ethiopians or Eritreans for that matter. Isaias’s fate sooner or later is like Qaddafi and who needs such kind of destruction to happen. With Qaddafi and Isaias even when you win you lose. That is a given.

    If anything, the Meles Dictatorship is becoming a major political and diplomatic power house in Africa. His recent successful China diplomatic mission is case in point. He has earned the trust of the Chinese Communist Dictatorship and the West in general. If there is anyone that is going to transform Africa from poverty to a successful Developmental State as China did, it has to be Meles. Premier Wen Jiabao can see the depth of Meles eye to eye; Meles is at the top of his game, he knows his stuff, no buts about that. That is why Jiaboa is doing all he can to support Meles. Meles can make China shine in Africa and all big powers want such partners.

    Meles spent decades of on job training, reading and studying with Ethiopian tax payers money to get to the level of where he is at now. He has mastered the art of diplomacy and has become a very competent world leader second to none. It is a pay back time for Ethiopa’s benefit now don’t sobotage him at this juncture.

    We have to admit and accept that he is an asset to Ethiopia and Africa in general at this point. Just relax and forget Isaias (he is upto no good). Let us all benefit from the brilliant Meles leadership. He is the best Ethiopia has produced in our life time. There is no other leader in Africa that matches Meles’s capabilities today. Until we find better at least shut your mouse up.

    Elias, live Meles alone for now; we don’t have anything better than him and that is a fact.

  3. tezibt on


    You still believe that Esayas will help save Ethiopia. I support the above comment. Please focus on independent strategy. This guys are crazy. Esayas has a deep rooted hatred on Ethiopia. His life mission is to see it dismembered more. Quit your obsession with this narcissist.

  4. Yimere on

    Eritrea is engaged in mining that was the news in Elias website yesterday and was a blessing in disguise for him to get a share from the gold proceeds. He is a mercenary that stands to undermine the Ethiopians on behalf of the Eritrean regime. One example to refer is “is Museveni brokering peace between Isias and Meles?” He has a problem of knowing good and bad due to lack of professionalism ethics. Elias, I don’t see any reason to call your website as Ethiopian review since you don’t represent Ethiopians. Be candid and call it Eritrean review.

  5. Zegeye on

    Meles has outmaneuvered, outsmarted, and outfoxed not just Isaias and Shaebia but every one he dealt with.

  6. Observer on

    Great piece Elias. At the end of the day Weyane’s “diplomatic victories” are really not based on diplomacy but rather their willingness to be subservient and serve outside interests particularly the US. Eritrea can make more effort at diplomacy but it will never have such “diplomatic success” as long as it insists it will not serve outside interests.

    With regard to Ethiopia, the priority should be achieving national unity –a vision that most Ethiopians share and can aspire to. Absent of this, nothing will make a difference. With national unity, Eritrea may be helpful and if not there are many other options/tactics.

  7. Dori on


    Meles is also pushing the U.N. to block the 2% tax that Eritrean government collects from the Diaspora. Without that remittance Eritrea would collapse. Read the UN Somalia and Eritrea Monitoring Group’s report.

    I disagree with Nuru. Ethiopians need to come up with a holistic strategy that takes into consideration all the countries in the region and beyond. It’s foolish to think that Ethiopia cannot be affected by what is happening in Asmara, Khartoum, Juba, Nairobi, Kampala, Mogadishu, Washington, etc.

  8. HIAB on

    you see how dirty you are? You are an Eritrean and has no a drop of Ethiopian blood. Maferya…

  9. Mycotopia on

    “Ethiopia will rise again when the people finally realize that they have been under indirect colonization for well over half a century,” is what my pastor told me the other day as we discussed current world events, and the drought and famine in the Horn of Africa in particular.

    He was a civil rights activist during the 1960’s with a deep knowledge of history and issues pertaining Africa. He explained to me that Ethiopia has always been a symbol of independence and freedom for all Africans, be it in the mainland Africa, the Caribbean or in the United States, and part of the neo-colonial mechanics of exploiting and oppressing Africans had always been to deprive them of this very important symbol by weakening Ethiopia and rendering it famine and war raged nation that cannot feed itself.

    By eliminating Ethiopia as a symbol of independence, strength and freedom from the minds of Africans, the neo-colonial powers have succeeded in their psychological warfare that was made possible by none other than sell-out Africans such as Meles Zenawi perverted by the flow of aid money to the extent that they have become instruments of their own oppression, destruction and destabilization of the Horn region.

    It is from this context that we need to look at the current events unfolding in our part of the world. Just as Ethiopia once lived in the hearts of Africans as a symbol of independence, undoubtedly, today, Eritrea has also become a symbol of self-reliance in a continent where Africans despite their abundance of resources have been forced to live on food handouts from the very generous west. If a country of only 5 million can feed itself, and more importantly, can free itself from the yoke and bondage of aid dependency in a short amount of time, imagine what kind of message that sends across the African continent.

    From the neo-colonial powers’ point of view this symbol of fierce resistance must be eliminated by all means necessary before it could spread like Mycotopia across the continent threatening the end of their economic exploitation. And in order to keep their hands clean, the neo-colonial powers have tools of destabilization at their disposal that had sprung up from caves of Tigray. We’re talking about Meles Zenawi who can’t even give answers to questions about the border dispute without first mentioning his answers were provided to him by low level state department officials. As the former US ambassador to the UN, John Bolton, indicated on his memoir, the border dispute was fought on the international court arena between Eritrea and State Department officials. Even when mainstream media conducted interviews about the border conflict, the people who represented Ethiopia had always been whites. That is the “indirect colonization” my pastor was talking about, and he’s not far off the truth.

    Ethiopia shall rise again. Freedom comes from self-reliance.

  10. Medrek on

    An Eritrean leader that fights for his country interest and sovereignty without bowing to outside pressure is much better than an Ethiopian traitorous and mercenary leader who is in a business of continuously slicing Ethiopia piece by piece to extinction.

  11. Mulugheta T. on

    Hello brother Elias,

    I cannot stop saying that you are doing a good job. Yes, Isayas and Eritreans can remove the beggar-system of Woyane in Ethiopia through a diplomatic mission. But, Elias do not forget that we must be the main actors in removing this system because it will be for our pride in doing so.
    But one thing is sure and that is: if war starts against Eritrea, that will be (because of several reasons)the last day of Woyane. Woyane is not the same one like in 1998 where it had much, if not full, support of Ethiopians. This time, Woyane is a naked one and it has even not that much support from Tigrayans. And the government of Eritrea knows this well.
    After all, Ethiopians are not stupid. We are asking day in and day out to be told officially about the whereabouts of our dead children who, possibly, fell on the terranes of Eritrea during the nonsense war.
    Once asked about our Ethiopian martyrs, the beggar Meles said: “those of you who do not get post from your children, take them as dead.”. You cannot say this to an Ethiopian mother or father about their kid who died heroically on the battle field in believing to fall “for the sake of his mother-land”. What would they say now if they would have the chance to revive for a minute???

    On the other side, Eritrean martyrs are the most respected ones in Eritrea.


  12. wonder on

    Eliayas thanks for thes corect view, one thing you forgat to mention is that,Esseyas was invited by mussevini,It looks that mussevini finaly smarting up,And realize that Esseyas can help him out solving Somalis problem. And that is big blow to servant meles.

  13. fikre on

    Elias, everything you say about sounds reasonably but one thing I always don’t understand with you is your lack of self confidence and your oppression with Isayas and Eritrea. You never talk about creating and supporting an Ethiopian indigenous organization. It all must come from and through Isayas. I don’t get it. Isayas is for Eritrea and not for Eritrea. He has shown it time and again that he will crush any Ethiopian organization which will operate from Eritrea and will become stronger. How many times did Isayas killed EPPF? When do you get it damn! Start believing in yourself just like the G7 people are trying and not always beg for others to free you. What kind of culture is it. I saw your father and he seems to be a proud self confident Ethiopian. Ask him he will never beg Eritrea to free himself. You have to change your mental setting and attitude and start to do the job yourself and stop begging! Meles is begging the world and you are begging Isayas! What is the difference?

  14. WEG-W on

    I don’t agree with Elias’ analisis!
    I think both dictators are good for nothing to Ethiopia,Eritrea,Africa or humanity in general!They have to go like Ben-Ali of Tunisia, Hosni Mubarak of Egypt or in the case of Ghadafi of Libia (Yetenekaneke Tirs kemewlek ayterfim)! Elias what about the news about the 17 Ethiopian youngsters from EPPF who were executed in Eritrea several months ago?, by the way I never think any partisanship movement from Eritrean side will bring any succes for Ethiopia unless the dictator is removed! any way I wish all the best to our compatriot “Arbegnoch” wherever they might be! and now we talk about diplomacy for Eritrea? Inow understood why you haven’t posted my article “Stop Meles’ troops from gang raping even pregnant women in Ethiopia”.Thank you

  15. Fetene on

    Elias ante wusha you are sick and you make other people sick!!!!!! you make me siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiikkkkkkkkkk!!!!!!!!

  16. Tembenay on

    I would like to ask few questions about Isaias, In different occations he used to mentione IGAD is usless he blamed as woyanese agent, Uganda is usless, Sudan useless,Djiboti useless Kenya useless, just ask him why he is now in a trip to Uganda? my second question is why for every failure of his administration he blames America ? including if the shabias general have a fight with his wife he blames america?

  17. Aster on

    Yes Mr Elias.You did good and we Eritreans and Ethiopians are the one without this dog Woyane/Meles. I see light now.

  18. zulu on


    This is not a Woyane owned media. You through venom and appeas the mercenaries using their
    media. It is sickening to know that people like you live in this world. Disgusting.

  19. Shigute on

    Cooperating with Isaias Afwerki to alleviate the problems of Ethiopia is something unthinkable (or which doesn’t make sense)!, in my opinion. We all know his history, what he has done to Ethiopia, he is someone whom an Ethiopian should trust least in this world.

  20. Abebe on

    #9. Mycotopia

    Your argument makes much sense to me. All the things happening in the past few years are well explained by your discourse.

  21. Chebude on

    A sustainable diplomacy victory can be lost or gained from your own constituents or people.
    Eritrean governemnt motto: eternal alliance with the mass and alliance with outsiders if profitable for the mass.


  22. Senait Bogale on

    An Eritrean leader that fights for his country interest and sovereignty without bowing to outside pressure is much better than an Ethiopian traitorous and mercenary leader and his croonies (only Tigrayan servant, Azeb Mesfin) who is in a business of continuously slicing Ethiopia piece by piece. All those who writes against you Elias are the sons and daughters including their parents who are the beneficials of the Meles Regime who deposited a lot of money in Foreign Banks, buying properties. Among the writers most of them who lives in London, US are their children who are enjoying life in Diaspora with out working or educating themselves. So why not they have to stand up for themselves by pen fighting from their little ipods.

    May God give a piece of brain to the poor Ethiopians who knows nothing except tera sedeb. Dedeb Hulllaaaaa!!

  23. Kebe on

    Eritrea, Uganda seal “strategic” pact

    Asmara keen to review its relations with the rest of the world

    (APA) Kampala, Uganda – Eritrea and Uganda have sealed what has been described as a high level “strategic” pact to deal with a host of challenges plaguing the region.

    In a move which many see as a way of ending Eritrea’s international isolation, President Isaias Afewerki of Eritrea on Friday concluded a three-day state visit to Uganda during which he secured a commitment from his counterpart Yoweri Museveni to rein in the security challenges bedeviling the two countries.

    Afewerki and Museveni also agreed to establish economic links to promote trade between Eritrea and Uganda.

    President Afewerki, was in Uganda at the invitation of President Yoweri Museveni and presided over bilateral talks with on issues of common concern. The last meeting between the two leaders took place in the Eritrean port city of Massawa three years ago.

    While Uganda regards Eritrea as strategically important to the stability of the region, Asmara seems keen to review its relations with the rest of the world. Analysts say the Eritrean government is increasingly weary of its image as a pariah state, living in regional and international isolation.

  24. teshe on

    they say a desperate man will marry pregnant woman, but in this case eritrea is like a one legged pregnant woman with a bad attitude. so the question is why would any ethiopian would want to deal with that???

  25. Eritreawi on


    The Eritrean diplomatic offensive started way back in the beginning of this year when Eritrea sent its representative to the AU headquarters in Addis, it is not something new that just started with President Isayas visit to Uganda.

    Uganda is stuck in Somalia now, they are starting to realize that their soldiers are dying in that quagmire. Eritrea’s stance on Somalia has been consistent all along, Somalia’s sovereignty and territorial integrity must be respcted, no support for one faction over the other and involve all Somalis in a peace process so they can solve their differences and establish a united Somalia again.

    Museveni is learning that Al Shebab is supported by rich Arabs and their masters who are and have been the main supporters of terrorism around the globe, the people of Somalia would not be ruled by these religious fanatics and could take care of them by theselves if left to their own devices. The problem in most African countries is that they are easily manipulated by big powers whose main interest lies in creating crisis after crisis and managing the crisis they created by having Africans on each others throats while the people are neglected.

    Now it looks like Melles’ double dealings in Somalia are coming back to bite him and the people of Ethiopia despise him and are only looking for a united leadership to fight under, that is an open question for now and I hope learned Ethiopians realize the urgency of the situation and rise to the occassion.

  26. ayda on

    response to tembenay.

    I tink you are angry with Museveni inviting President Isaias of Eritrea. The anwer you need is simple. Museveni invited president Isaias because in the Igad or the African union he cannot find as a wise person with a brain and wisdom butmost importantly seriouse politcian as PresientIsaias. . what the Igad member coutries were doing in the bsense of Eritreais just repeat what the drug addicted meles was parroting. They only were a yes men to Meles’s lies and evil intentions instead of anayising the woyane faicated false informaion given to them by woyane and monitoring group. Now Museveni is fed up with Melesconduct because he realised that the deceit and lies of woyane were unbearable to himand taking him no where. Secondly,Museveni is well aware that woyane is not part of a solution to the horn problems but is the maker ofthe crises in he region, from invading somalia, killing and displacing millions of somalis by the actons of woyane which has caused the starvation of the millions of Soali people including Ogadenese, southpeople Etiopians. So Museveni have not seeing anything positive from woyne and as a result he has returned to the wise man- Prsident isaias of Eritrea for advise, support and partnership. Can you believe that what Museveni said in the press conference during their meeting .” Eritrea did not support Alshabab, isayas told me and I accept it because Isaias is an honrable comrade. prior to that Museveni said Isais is s freedom fighter who left his uni to liberat his people…and shabiya is a very strong political organization as ours.” so Museveni has weighted all the situatin in the cangroo meetings attended by meles and his cadres.That is one positive step for him and good for the region. Any head of state or government who listens to meles is sooner or later to find out that Meles does not have credibilty. Many ofthe african states have come to realise that woyane nota credie government, but a layer, manupulative and evil spirited who can maufacture false information to sell to his masters, the USA and the UK fr the money tey give him. Sudan was against Erirea, but after a while of they have come to their senses after dancing with Meles and forming a 3 party frenzied propogandaduring the 1999 at the height of the order war with Ethiopia when Ethiopia, sudan and Yemen axis formed a front to confront Eritrea. but it failed miserably after Beshr of Sudan and Ali Abdella of Yemen abandoned Meles and came to apologise to Eritrea. Their capaign lasted probably 1-2 years. I am sure Museveni is the first but many more to follow to abandon the woyane juntas propaganda. The kenyans now, am sure by now they have realised that woyane was misleading them.And they know aso woyane is war monger, bybiulding a damm in the Omo river and trying to starve the kenyans by drying thier Tusakana River and their livelihood which the Kenyan MPs have condemned mMeles and gangs as war thirsty.

    Very soon Eritrea is going to visit Kenya and meles will be starved of disgruntled friends.
    As to why Eritrea blames USA- USA was friend of Haileselssie to annex Eritrea to Ethiopia, USA was there o fight all the war to help ethopia against Ertrea including th 1998-200 war, . USA is th master of woane who pays meles milions to hisuder dg job and . That iswhy meles fabricating false information and USA making the decision on sanctions based n false infomation. Meles does not run thiopia. It is teCIA andCIA harms Ertrea via Woyane. Woyaneand CIA are the hand he glove to mae harm independet Erirea that does beleieve in sef reliance. Amricans have interest in starving people and then sip food aid. Erirea oppoes this and the woayne is their servant and that is why Eritrea blames SA on everythng that has hapened to Eritrea andmany countries in the world. Ethiopia is suppoted by USA because it is a servant country.

    Iope tembenay you got the answeres to your questions.

    Tembenay HaQi Enahaderet tiglex endiyou. The Eastafrican countries partcularly and the Africa coutries in genera are know comin to their senses and to understand that woyane government is unrliable, with no credibility.

    did yu seethe news that South Afica, Gabn and Nigeria have rejected meles’s request to put draft resolution to the Security council in order to anction Eritrea.

    Mny countries in theorldare also comin t ther senses that al the sanction mantra is te dream of woyane to see a poor Eritrea in order to help himself compare The starving Ethiopians by saying… LOOK POOR Ethiopians you are not aone … there are also starving people in eritrea.. thingslike that. Woyanes are dreaming to see poor Eritrea. That istheonly way, they can measure themsleves as successful, instead of by meeting the needs of etiopian people.

    We Eritreans know the Tigrayans likethe Tembenay who is dead angry to see Eritrea doing well economically and diplomatically.

    Th woyanes are unti peace, because in peace they are loosers, in war and famine they ca make business by deception and robbery. Peace for the peace loving people of Eritrea and thiopia people. Death to the woyanes nd their cronies and suporters like the tebenay.

  27. haile on

    this is for tazabi,tezbit,and zegeye you guys still walking blindly you think meles is good in diplomacy he is saling the country to gain support he is not good for tigyans either when time chenged GOD will protect them you don’t even know what is inside the people head that no one can control for short time.there for esayas never sold his country he will take but will never give. that is why the USA and others don’t want him there fore the obove guys be realistc or be ethiopian.

  28. Bubu on

    Both dictators have to go and replaced by a democratically elected leaders in order to have peace in that region. Shabia and Weyane are both mafia groups. They both stand for their own interests not for the peoples’ interest. They are cousines by blood comerades by deed. For us Ethiopians they are two sides of one coin. They both hate Ethiopians and work to distroy Ethiopians specially the Amharas. We have to stand together to get rid of these butchers. They outsmarted us in the past because we considerd them to be our brothers and sisters. NOT any more. They can not outsmart us after these, because we know the ins and outs of Shabia(EPLF) and Weyane(TPLF).

  29. Yager Sew on

    In Africa we have a lot of regional blocs such as:

    -SADC Southern African Development Community
    -ECCAS Economic Community of Central African States
    -COMESA Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa
    -ECOWAS Economic Community of West African States
    -IGAD Intergovernmental Authority on Development
    -EAC East African Community

    Their purpose is to help each other for development,stablity & peace.
    unfortunatly they are useless, and most of the time used for poletical gain against a member state to appease WESTERNERS specially USA.
    If we look in these blocs there is American agent like Carson, AFRICOM…
    Again unfortunatly IGAD failed to defend a member state SOMALIA against WOYANE adventurism, It is only Eritrea opposed the action, in protest they froze the membership of IGAD. Again unfortunatly WOYANE used the opportunity with the help of US AGENT in the region to pass
    sanction against Eritrea. Now Eritrea activating IGAD membership, eventhough it is useless, but can defend themselves against WOLFS.

    What it bothers me as an African, we don’t learn from our mistakes and we keep doing it again and again. We don’t need BLOCS, we need one name UNITED STATES OF AFRICA in which all member states can help each other for economy military and stablity, and take action against a country abuses the power. Togather we neeed to say no more AMERICA meddeling in our affair, otherwise we will continue to serve their interest only.

  30. Berwnetu on


    hats off for your honest and through analysis regarding our brilliant leader PM Zenawi. We are indeed fortunate to have him as our leader. As far as I a concerned, I do not mind killing and dying for him, and I meant this serious !

    The real winner of all this recent political and military outcomes over the last weeks is indeed WEYANE.

    1) Al-shabab is defeated and has left Mogadishu.

    2) Eritreas’ image has been severely tarnished by WEYANES’ diplomatic offencive. ( To the known labels of ERitrea, TINY, IMPOVERISHED & ISOLATED, “TERRORIST/AL-SHABAB SUPPORTING” has been added.

    3) In private, dying ISSAYAS has promised Dictator Museveni NOT to EVER support Al-Shabab again ( which is OK for WEYANE).

    4) The current stand-off between ERitera and Ethiopia will continue which is GOOD for WEYANE really bad for Eritreans, as it kills them slowly morally and economically.

    So well done WENAYE/MELES !

  31. Melbournian on

    Beware…watch…out ethiopians what ever Shabians said, what ever some of us ethiopians are against ethiopian government policy by the end of the day shabians wants ethiopian resourse to achive their dream of singapore. After all what is the reason behind the 1992 so called border war, it is open secret shabians wants to navigate in ethiopia as they want and steal ethiopian wealth, when they told no you are independent country even if we fought Derg in coordinatin and support each other the game is over here.

    What about so called ethiopian opposition groups who advocate and some like Brother Elias chose shabian maniac (Esayase) as man of the year, it is obvious you guys are know very well the intension of shabia but it looks like you devoted to get power by any means as long as you achive your power hunger.

    According to eritreian friend who got contact in inner circle of eritrian govt. the eritrian govt. planned revenge action on ethiopians specifically on tigrayans, their plan one is to send back to tigray all tigryans who live in the rest of ethiopia and confisticate what ever they have and lock them in tigray and commit shabian revenge crime (punishment).

    The second one as i stated it above steal ethiopian wealth and achive sigapore dream.

    Even if what ever negotiation, peace talk or any deal ethiopian and eritrian govt. reach , personally i don’t trust and believe shabians at all, by the end of the day they are after all messanger of distrution and hate.

    Bye for now

  32. Agere on

    ወያኔዎች እነዳበደ ወሻ የሚስጨዋቸው በሁለት ቢላ የበሉት ስጋ ጉሮሯቸው ላይ ተቀርቅሮ አለውርድ አልወጣ ስላላቸው ነው።

    ከሃዲ (ባንዳ) ሁለት ምላስ ነው ያለው። አፉን ሲከፍት ሁለት የሚጋጭ ነገር ነው የሚለው። አንዱ አንዱን ካንስል ያደረገዋል ስለዚህ ባዶ ነው። ለሆድ የሚኖር ባንዳ በቆሞ ሞቷል።

    ኢዚህ አፉን የሚከፍት ወያኔ ሁሉ አየር ከመትፋት ሌላ የሚለው ሆዱን ለመሙላት እንጂ ሲነጋ ባንዳ ነው።

    ይሄንን የሚከዳ ወያኔ ለአፍ ካልሆነ በቀር የለም። ስለዚህ ከወያኔዎች የሚጻፍን በሙሉ ወደ ቆሻሻ መጣል ይበጃል።

  33. alem on

    ኢሳያስ እንክዋን ለኢትዮጵያ ህዝብ ለኤሪትርያ ህዝብም እንዳል ጠቀመ ሁሉም የሚያወቀው ጉዳይ ነው።በራሳቸው የማይተማመኑ እንድ ኤልያስ ክፍሌ ያሉ የናት ጡት ነካሾች ኢሳያስ በሚያፈስላቸው ዶላር ጭንቅላታቸው ደንዝዞ ነጻነትና ሃገራዊ ክብር የሚባል ነገር ማሰብ አይቻላቸውም እንጂ የኢሳያስ አላማ እማ ኢትዮጵያን ገነጣጥሎ እርሱ የሚቆጣጠራቸው ትንንሽ መንግስታት በማቅዋቅዋም ራሱ የምስራቅ አፍሪካ ልዕለ ሓያል ለመሆን ነው።

  34. Abera M. on

    #2 “tazabi”,

    Why don’t you come out and clearly say you are WOYANE? Are you ashamed? Why? Is it because you are all out looting the country?
    Tell me one positive thing Meles is good about? There is none. He lies and manipulates his opponents, he lies and kills people, he hides famine, he makes false statements about the development o the country.
    His supporters say he is “genius”, how come he couldn’t get rid off famine for 20 years with abundant aid from the West and the East? the truth is he looted all the aid money with his cronies, is that the genius you are talking about? What economic or political idea did he generate? NOTHING. He has bought his degree as the other TPLF mafia members, but he can’t buy intellect. He might be manipulative enough to lead the peasant army he was leading, but he can’t fool even them for long, many of them knew his nature by now. A PERSON WHO STEALS FROM THE STARVING IS ONLY CRUEL THIEF, AND NOTHING ELSE.

    Abera M.

  35. here you are Mr Elias

    that how I know you thinking out of the box attitude your signature mark from the rest of the so called opposition websites.

    Now you understand clearly the situation with Eritrea, what are the rest of Ethiopians going to do??????

  36. Treaty on

    The two cousins are strategic allies not enemies as some of us like to asert.True there is personality clash between the two, yet the relationship is can easily be fixed. All it takes is for Asmara to lobby some African states for negotiation and her request will be granted.Yes, Melese is using his servitude to the west as a bargaining tool to get what he wants. If I.A wants to prolong his rule he will do what other states do negotiate. He can’t expect to win by insisting on isolationist policy. If he fail to use this moment to reconcile himself the alternative is clear. I have said long ago if the going gets tough for Melese he will go ahead and dethrone I.A and declare his greater tigriA as Elias said above. It is a fact both governments spy one another ;it is even probable by now for weyane to have planted its foot within Shabia.Inother words there will be some sympathizers within shabia that will be willing to implement Melee’s plan. On the other hand there is already news that Southern Sudan might mediate between the two. I think it takes strong African nations who have leverage to mediate than Southern Sudan if the two ever reconcile. What is that for Ethiopians any way, as Tigist puts it? Ethiopians have to seek a solution by RELING ON THEIR RECOURCES, TALENT, and AND KNOW HOW.NNN

  37. denden on

    Dear Elias, i am hardly your fan but as an Eritrean and more so for the love of peace and harmony between Ethiopians and Eritreans should not be derailed by people like Tazabit and Tazabi teh same people in one coin who are hell bent of living in the dark days will bark..

    As we in ertrea say While teh camel marches the dogs bark. Here you are while you are working some stupid ppl are still living in the dark days.
    May god have mercy for their bullish mind.

    Brother Eli keep it up let the die hard dergue, woyane and hate mongers ppl yqoretu!!!

  38. Ager on

    You have hit a nerve of woyane’s and some hodam’s that got no shame. Thank you for showing us (caring Ethiopians) to think outside the box and for the betterment of Emama Ethiopia. Yes why not work with our brothers in Eritra. It is true that woyane has sleepless nights the thought of shabiya.

  39. melu on

    We Eritreans have a clear view of our brothers (Ethiopia)but lot Ethiopians doesn’t have clear idea about Eritrea and every single Eritrean is affected by war but not every Ethiopian,one thing u didn’t understand is we are the most peace loving people as we know the cosequenses of war more than anyone in the East of Africa.

  40. Unity on

    I am a bit confused by your analysis. Why would Nigeria and South Africa protest a sanction against a brutal regime in Asmara? The president of Eritrea’s trip to Uganda has nothing to do with diplomacy. It is a mere exchange of ideas for survival between two brutal dictators.
    Do you still believe Shabia can help Ethiopians to overthrow the narrow minded TPLF regime in Ethiopia? The answer is a big NO. Shabia is as evil as TPLF. The two are two sides of the same coin. They do not want to see strong and united Ethiopia. Remember, it is the leader of Shabia who gave the Ethiopians a homework that will last one hundred years. It is foolishness to think Eritrea is on Ethiopia’s side. They have never been, and they will never be.

  41. Nini on

    Many of the comments here are insightful except those posted by Woyanne rats who don’t know how to express themselves. Isayas needs to mend relationships with so many people, including his own former comrades who are now rotting away in jail without trial. Only savages jail people without trial.

  42. Anonymous on

    It hurts to say it but in this case, we have to choose the lesser of two evils–Isayas.

  43. Assta B. Gettu on

    Let the two ruthless dictators come out and hold their respected places at the battle field: Badime or at the port of Aseb. If Meles wins the battle, he will take Eritrea with all its ports and mineral resources and make Eritrea as one of Ethiopian provinces. On the other hand, if Isaias Afeworki wins, he will take Ethiopia and be the President of Ethiopia and Eritrea. Then there will be no more border conflicts and no more Islamist terrorists in Mogadishu. End of conflict and terrorism in the Horn of Africa.

    Great article! Thank you Elias.

  44. Jawisaw on

    I dont know why you Guys blame Elias Like this Elias Is reporting what he heard :: I personaly dont want to see Issayas been taken out by Meles Zenawi . because both Meles and Issayas are As holes and both of them has to go . i prefer to see Meles been kiled first then Issays later .

  45. Anonymous on

    Who is the prime minister of Ethiopia? Elias Kiflie? PM Elias Kifle, his adviser Hamid Karzai( Almariam)? if his adviser had wisdom, why hedid not advise not to say , here is my formal statement: ” Screw yourself” you believe it or not. TPLF will stay more than you think. Definitely, there is preparation to finish shabia. That will be the end of the story of shabia, olf, onlf, eppf, gy, …. finito. Woyntie deki shirai are alive. They are awake. We have baby sat shabia for 20 years. Now, our patience has limit. Shabia will be thrown into a dust bin including Elias, almariam, olf, onlf, g7, eppf,… the end of the story. We have wasted our time managing many conflicts to baby sit shabia. Now we had enough. We will not regret. We can finish shabia and then we will focus 100% on development.

  46. Atakilt on

    Listen Elias!!!

    I have told you this and I will tell you again. You will never set your feet on an inch of the Ethiopian soil for the rest of your life. That is until your cougar financier in Asmara has you for a snack. You see what you refuse to understand is your idol Isaias has all finished eating up even his long time comrades and no one left to quench his crave for human blood. That was why we dumped him a long time ago. He may even use your life as a trophy to show he can do any thing with anybody. Poor soul you!!!! We have transformed our country into a developing country. GDP and standard of living have skyrocketed. Recently, the USAID official has confirmed to the whole world that there is no famine in Ethiopia. So what else do you want? You have denigrated the Ethiopian people. But our people are magnanimous and if you ask them for forgiveness they will kindly bestow that upon you. Otherwise, forget about coming back home. Not now, not for ever. Meles is just like a Messiah and we don’t mind if he raises anyone of his children to be like him so they can lead us after him. Look at Tigray now. It used to be a pit and a place where no one can be proud of except for some obsolete vertical hewn scattered on a barren land. And look at it now. He single-handedly transformed it into an industrial complex where peoples hands have become as productive as gold. So shut your mouth and ask the Ethiopian people for forgiveness. If you do that May God Bless You and Your Family!!!!

  47. LIBERTY on

    Zegeye you are a joker of the year for telling us Abebe or crime minster meles is outsmarting Isaias, for God sake he can’t even out smart me as an ordinary person let alone Isaias. let us watch the following link and judge for our selves if meles is really for me Ethiopia had never had as dumb leader as the midget tribal war lord from adwa period. he is disgraceful to the entire Africa.

  48. Tsegay Zabarga on

    Thank you Elias for tickling the tyrant and his deeply frightened off line and online running dog cadres. The tyrant is only a paper tiger just like Ben Ali, Mubarak and very soon Qaddafi, Assad, Saleh, etc. Only diamonds are forever while tyrants are for short circulation as always.

    Just some 7 days before Mengistu was to pack up and run away secretly some journalists and cadres were predicting a century of Mengistu’s rule that is going to be handed down to generations of Ethiopians.

    Meles’s fat belly cadres are repeating the same Dr. feel Good propaganda of the fools as if dictators have 8 lives like our pet cats. Why shouldn’t Elias keep supporting Eritrea even on the principle of “THE ENEMY OF MY ENEMY IS MY FRIEND?”

    When Meles runs around, visiting West and vising East, collecting corruption money and secretly depositing them in his bank accounts by promising Elias’s, mine and other Ethiopians’ resources while at the same time vowing to prevent Elias from putting his legs in his own country then what moral, legal or any other obligation prevents Elias from demanding his rights and aligning with who ever he wants? NONE! አራት ነጥብ! :)

  49. Yared on

    Elias even if I disagree with you on the point you made, the mere fact that you are giving Woyanne maggots a heartburn gives me pleasure. I don’t like Isayas because he is mean, merciless and tyrant, but if he attacks Woyanne I will stand by him.

  50. Samiwedi afom on

    To it’s just the state that could change farmers’ plantation system, how and when you can grow food for the entire population and do not judge farmers, the State’s fault or the State Aid addicted must be stopped the state to throw all 1200 Aid organsation which only creates problems for the country and to society as a whole and instead build dusts and save as rains throughout the summer but but Weyane care just about of United States or western country rather than thinking of their own people and we must learn from the Eritrean government how to deal with aid organization that’s just become foes with western countries a few years after that solved everything, no starvation, no malaria, etc.and long live for all east Afrikan country

  51. Elma on

    Meles is a sadistic person who likes to humiliate his enemies after defeating them. Look what he did to Siye, Tamrat, Hailu Shawel, Birtukan, OLF, Kinijit, Eritreans … too many to list here. Among all his victims, Eritreans have suffered the most humiliation. But the worst enemy of Eritreans is not Meles. It is their arrogance.

  52. Anonymous on

    Elias Kifle (THE MOST ANTI-WEYANE Ethiopian), you hit TPLFites, Weyanes with one deadly bullet, and the hit is right on their head. This is a dangerous zone you are venturing in, and they will take you down one of these days. … They think they have patent on the friendship between Eritreans and Ethiopia as well as the region, they do not know what to do now. They used to think they have the US political services on their side, but we robbed them of that just in time. They have now nothing, even nothing has some meaning, they have nothing without a meaning.

  53. Anonymous on

    ‘Mikegna Yerasu Megagna’. The border war of Badime was nothing but corrupt scheme that TPLF concieved and excuted to hurt Eritrean people because at that time Eritrean focused to transform their economy like Singapore. That idea gave headache to TPLF cadres and came up with fictitious border crises, and in the process they were able to confisicate the properties of hard working Eritreans and Ethiopians nationals, at the time they were able to consolidate their power over Ethiopia. This time they are listening to the news that Eritrean economy will grow as one of the fastest economies in the world and the gold and other mineral wealth of Eritrea will add to the growth and TPLF would not like to that to happen. So they are planning another invasion. Regretably they may succed at the expense of poor Ethiopian unemplyed youth who would the cannon foder for their evil project, as always they say ‘Gala bimot Gala yetekal’, and in the process they think they will deep thier hand on the Eritrean mineral wealth, which means the region will be caught in another visious circle of poverty.

  54. Eden 1 on

    Your article is too brief for a complex matter especially given the fact that Issayas turned out to be found contrary to the very interview he gave to you and The EPPF EC member about two years ago.

    UN exposed his mission to attack the recent AU meeting held in Addis. In retrospect, the optimisticaly lengthy interview he gave to you 2 years back was diplomatic and political. There are times that no matter how much you or any body else oppose and/or hate Meles and regime, some factors stand out when it comes to safety, stablity and security. Whatever happened to the recent news that 17 Ethiopians were murdered in Eritrea?

    The season to buy off optimism on Issayas has faded if not gone. You have the right to keep up your passion with Eritrean issue and Issayas; it does not mean that line of thought would be embraced as much as the last time you advocated for him.

  55. Itiopiyawi on


    It seems like you will never learn. You are back to your “Isaias is God” nonsense. You, along with your cohorts are so disconnected from the reality on the ground in Ethiopia, and from the Ethiopian people, you have no idea what you are talking about. It really amazes me (boggles my mind actually) how you believe Isaias (or the Eritrean regime) is the remedy for all that ails Ethiopia. Kante aynet mehayim yisewiren.

  56. Agow on

    If the war starts , it will be disaster to both sides. It is not the reason for war. It should be by diplomatic means. who is going to benefit from the war? The two brotherly people or the merchants who sell arms and other things. Please note do not be foolish to go to war. At the end it is destruction and misory, nothing else. Now it will be the worst war for both sides.

  57. Humera on

    Elias Kifle let me give you a brotherly advise. stop being a follower and be a leader. You are extremely good at organizing. I have seen you in action. Let shabia and woyane f**k each other up. Both hate Ethiopia, particularly the Amhara people. Do your own thing.

  58. Stoned Peter on

    First of all thank you Elias for your hard work, that was a well done job as usual. Thank you number 48 LIBERTY for the link I found it funny and sad. Why and how an old 60 years old man whom he calls himself a leader of over 80 millions of people makes a false representation of himself in front of the whole world to see him. What a shame really. I have saved this link for future reference and right now I have forwarded to 6 people before I finished reading your post thank you again. However I felt Meles has not grown up yet to be an adult he still thinks just like a 5 years old child deceiving is normal if he thinks it will save him from his fear. Last not least I would not mind together if Esayas and Meles sink just like Tytanic to the bottom of the deepest ocean in the world. Both are evil and they hate Ethiopia I am 100% sure Esayas hates Ethiopia than his hate of Meles and TPLF so people do not expect love or fairness for Ethiopia and its people from both Tigreans and Eritreans because they hate us more than their hate of each other. Right now they will not show their hate of Ethiopians because right they are on a market of adding their supporter base. If things go right I am sure they will not hesitate to march against Ethiopians as they did in the past many times. However if they start war I will side with Esayas because I know at least I can predict what Esayas is going to do next unlike the political prostitute Meles. Please every freedom fighter mainly pro Ethiopian do not waste your time going to Asmara we can fight TPLF from home we can use their own stolen wealth from us to wage a war against TPLF. We can make life miserable for the Tigrean tiffs as they did our life painful and sad for the last 37 years I am sure if Meles’s time is over from Ethiopia and if he runs just like Mengistu the dictator to Eritrea they will take him with his Tigrean people with open hand and heart when they kill us as they did to our Arbegna fighters. In short do not believe 99.6% Tigreans and 75.00% of Eritreans because they are brothers and sisters yes they figh when we sleep however if they think we are on a move they will be brothers and sisters again. For instance there is a call of demonstration in September in Ethiopia however Medrek has refused to join because of Eseye Abraham and Gebru Asrat you should know by now they are under cover agents of TPLF so people do not hope anyone who is Tigrean or Eritrean.

  59. Alex on

    The junta in Ethiopia is on life support and it has been since 2000, why are yoy giving it credence thaT IT DID NOT DESERVE. As for Eritreans we love to work with Ethiopians, but first lets star with what unites us not divide us.

    Ezi we DeHnekum

  60. Tulu Oda on

    Elias,you are a dedicated servant of dictator Isaias Afeworki. Tell us abought the EPPF fighers the dictator is sheltering in Eritrea.

  61. ethiomic on

    I personally am not a supporter of Zenawi Government (nor am I an opponent). But all I see here is talk talk talk. Your hatred of the Zenawi government is so strong that you align yourself with governments who do not wish well for Ethiopia. Limit the bounds of your stupidity and think how we all can contribute positively to our country. Dont give the Ethiopian people empty rhetoric from your comfortable life in the US and Europe. Shut your pie hole or go back to Ethiopia and fight for what you believe in!

  62. Gogol on

    #61.Tulu Oda,

    In the same way that you are a dedicated house servant of tplf ዲንጋይ ራስ (stone head). You must be looking at yourself in the mirror. Bye the way, write your false stolen nickname “Tulu” with double “ll”, like “Tullu”. It is not so easy for a Tigrian cadre to write Oromo names with correct spelling.

  63. melbournian on

    Look fellow ethiopians how the shabian dogs are scrambling here and the by spitting their venom pretending ethiopians. beware again most of the above comments are shabian dogs venoum to divide ethiopian brothers. We all either the supporter of ethiopian govt. policy or those who against it by the end of the day we all ethiopians even if we got minor differences. Shabian dogs again stay away from ethiopian affairs.

    God bless peace loving ethiopian and eritrian.



  64. Queen Taitu on


    “Elias I like your unconventional approach to politics.” you wrote

    Just watch as to how the big and the small fat belly tplf dictatorial cadres are shivering deep down to their sinful bones and fire fighting in all directions till their heart stops functioning very soon. Eliase’s activism places very high pressure on the hearts and minds of robber tyrants. They can’t rob and go to sleep in peace with tubes from whiskey barrels attached to their mouth without being exposed and shamed.

    Elias answers for himself but just to add a little comment to your open comment I personally think that your comment sounds very funny because you are reflecting the oldy, the coldy and the politics of ONLY talking without doing anything in practice and on the ground and then finally fading away in to the thin air.

    Politics must necessarily be dynamic, that is to say, both talking and doing, involving and rearranging coalitions and power alliances in a constantly fluid and dynamic manners operating in a constantly fluid and dynamic changing world of the 21st century, say, if you ever want to produce results that are beneficial to communities and societies in a new way. The politics of opposition is to oppose! And that is the basis of pluralism and democracy itself.

    That is what the Tunisian, the Egyptians, the Libyans, etc. are doing but you may have in mind the docile and ossified inert Ethiopian oppositions who have been robbed all of their votes in the 2010 fake election and thrown out of the tyrants private parliament by the cunning fox tyrant tplf but since then still sitting back stigmatized passive like FAT ducks and keep licking their wounds while some of them still keep missing long dead and buried patriots when they themselves may very well play the new living role of living patriots in order to transform Ethiopia in to a living new democracy where justice may come to prevail for all.

  65. peterson on


    Ginbot 7 is going to be split into two. The coming one will fulfil the promise contained in the values of Ginbot 7…

  66. Awash the Sweeper on

    Elias, i can see how desperate you are. It sounds that your forwarding the best advice you could ever provide for Isayas to help him tighten his grip to his loosening grip.Let me tell you what Meles Zenawi may enjoy most out of this ritual. Meles does need Isayases quick death, he likes to see the prolonged agoney and painful death of him and his supporters “No War No Peace, We shall enjoy seeing them dieing the slow and agonizing death”. We need him to be there and enjoy looking his flesh drop off of his bones. That is what is happening, poor Issas,skinny and poorly dressed, i could not see him as graceful as one of Museveniys body guards. It is really pathetic to see him lowered to this level. Meles could have borrowed him one of his elegant London made business atires if he had a good obidient character. What a looser…. He who turn down a nice offer, shall be denied of any if showed up after the hour…

  67. Asamenew on

    Anonymous #54,
    Please don’t get carried away with your one sided story to the point where blame Ethiopians for the incident. That is just not true. The source of the two thousand war may have been economic rivalery, personal clash etc. The world knows to had Melese chose to fight Eretria could have been leveled to the ground in less than a month. I have watched that war, especially I knew the Ethiopian army was a volunteer and willing army ready to stamp out anything that will stand on the way. When the war begins the world watched in disblieve, as diplomats flee Asmara Airport. Within three days Ethiopia tore apart the western flank of I.A defense to occupy Barentu, Mendefera.Further east, our army cut through Bure eying towards Assab. It was at this point Asmara lamented to the world in the following words Ethiopia’s war over Eretria now is a territorial ambition. At this moment Melese for no without any explanation brought the war to complete stop and saved his cousin. Legese and I.A are secret strategically allies, but overtly they appear foes. Ethiopians are not fools; we came from the same stock. Not only we can disappear the events we see unfolding before us we may even be able to read the hidden agenda stuck behind the minds of these tribal leaders. The Amharic puts it this way


  68. eye witness of war on

    Weyane’s backbone were broken at tsorona Eritrea.These former tplf weyane tegadelti hard core fighters got surprise attack by Eritrean army,it was a very bloody beyond none of you know about.Meles never told the Tigray peope what happened to these innocent tigray fughters(25,000-50,0000).That is why weyane can’t fight Eritrea at all even with help of his instractors.Weyane is in a deep water unable to swim.

  69. leba woyane on

    Ataklit#47, indateyale Ataklet yelem ante arem merze nehe: molacha leba:: Ante yezere asedabi yante yeteserke habte bante ije ayqereme:: qenehene bicha tebeke:: We all aware that for the last 20 plus years only your ethnic group has been benefiting on the backs of 83 million Ethiopians. Your kinds are unethical, disgraced and shameless group of people.

  70. Belai on

    First of all why are you concerned about Eritrea? if you are ETHIOPIAN and wants to see A peaceful and strong Ethiopia then talk about peace and respect for eacother. I have been checking your web-site for the last ten years could not find any thing postive about Ethiopia. you are kind of angry for life. you are always on the Eritrean side you even chose Esayase Afewerki as person of the year on your web-sie, which you are entitled to do so. what bothers is me when you lie as if you are Pro ethiopia. please leave us do not have to fight with every body some times you have to accept facts. i do not even know if you are making money of this poltics. I think there is a lot other ways where you can money with out offending people.

  71. wanza on

    According to Mr Mulongo, Afewerki stands for a united Somalia, referred to as “ five-star Somalia” that comprises the regions of Ogaden, the Somali territory in the north of Kenya, Djibouti, Somaliland and Puntland. … index.html

    Hello Elias, if the above is true I am truly lost why you are supporting Eritrea. I have been following since 1992. Eventhough I disagreed with your tactics I have never questioned your love for Ethiopia. I am truly worried with your support of Mr. Afeworki, how do you assure us the guy is not our enemy. My enemy”s enemy is my freind does not work for me on ethiopia

  72. Tulu, aren’t you concerned Ethiopian too, why don’t go and see for yourself ??????

    Mr Elias is doing his thing successfully by making Woyane miserable through his website.

  73. Ghirma on

    Elias is the most disgraceful “non-Ethiopian” on earth. Sooner or later he will pay for his sins against the Ethiopian people.

  74. love on


    I am really confused on where you are heading on Eritrea’s issue. Destroying one dictator at a time is the way. Yes, Meles and Weyane has to go, so does Shaebia and Eritrea. Are you kidding me? Why are you propping up Eritrea when Ethiopia is in desperate situation? It is possible that you want to make Weyane mad by being with Shaebia but, if you really are worried about Eritrea where Ethiopia will never ever have peace due to the security of Eritrea depends on the demise of Ethiopia then how can you support this? They will be and are acting exactly like Egypt, for years in silence Egypt played strategically to under develop Ethiopia and it suceeded not only that it succeeded the break up of Ethiopia to weaken it. The design has already been made, even if Eritrea wants peace and does not want to get involved, no matter what, it will still seek Ethiopia’s weakeness due to our past history and the port and economy whether Eritrea likes it or not, it put itself and Ethiopia in unsecured position we are made enemies when it was not necessary. Maybe Isayas made you promise but remember you can never trust him and I don’t know what your goal is and it is a bit prematured. You can still denounce Weyane but you can at least be silence when Eritrea is concerned. I understand you probalby support Isayas because Ethiopian oppposition fighters are there, really can you really explain what happened to some of the fighters there? They are there for Eritrea’s convenience they will use the fighters when they need them seemingly Shaebia’s support against Weyane but you will see they will discard them when it becomes the time that Ethiopia will be a threat. and you know what Eritreans think of Ethiopia on their website. I am for peace as well, but I don’t think you can trust Eritrea right now unless there is absolute proof that they have no animosity towards the growth of Ethiopia. We have seen already many Eritreans when they were in Ethiopia, funding Shaebia while they are rich and making lots of money in Ethiopia and they turn around saying Ethiopia has oppressed them. How are they able to live in free, making money and going to most expensive school if they were oppressed before.

    Shaebia is in desperate situation that is why they are friendly to you, unless of course you are part Eritrean that is a different story. Even though I would like to say there are fighters in Asmara and it sounds like Asmara is helping Ethiopians against dictators, since the fighters’ presence in Asmara what have they accomplished so far? I guess that will be the reason how Eritrea is really genuine and committed in helping the fighters against Ethiopia. There has been news also that Shaebia was putting the OLF against the EPPF, if that is true fueling hatred between these two groups of fighters then this should be a clue to you that Shaeiba is upto no good. My thinking is it is better to get rid of dictators and anti ethiopians which ever one there are. As Westerners do it, we just have to watch Shebia and TPLF finish eachother first so that we say good one anti ethiopia mafia groups are gone without our effort now, it is easiter to fight another mafia rather than two. It seems like Meles might be winning on this one. The bad part that I may agree with you is that if he puts Pro meles puppet in power in Eritrea, this time like it was in the beigining of Eritrea’s indpendence, Ethiopia’s economy is going to be exploited and enriching Eritreans while the rest of Ethiopia is begging and in poverty. Now with the help of Eritreans he can form Greater Tigray diverting more economic resources, they will be more militarily strong, etc. This can be worrisome. However, let us not make our mistake also by supporting Isayas. So, the main thing is strive to destroy both dictators and anyone that wants the demise of Ethiopia. I think you will be surprised how day and night Eritreans work hard to protect Eritrea and against Ethiopia where as us, we don’t seem to give a hoot about Ethiopia. As one doctor from Bay Area wrote an article which everyone even Ethiopians hated him for it is when he wrote, let us not trust Eritreans and Tigrayans as they want the demise of Ethiopia, his name is I think Dr. Tilahun. He said Weyane was up to no good even at that time we seemed to like what Weyane was doing until they tighten their hands around Ethiopia’s around 1994, I think, he said let us not trust them. Even though he chose wrong word in explaining this issue all his prediction turned out to be true. He was attacked for it as we ethhiopians are so embedded within ourselves and do not see anything outside of the box.

    Long live the ancient Ethiopia!

  75. love on


    I agree with you. We may be ranting by what Elias is saying but what his original post said maybe to reconcile with Meles. Either way, Ethopia’s case is screwed. Ethiopians will not get what they want, that is their safety, economic development etc. The demise of TPLF what will triumph Ethiopia but will Ethiopians have time to crush Shaebia if it uses this advantage during the attempt of TPLF dethroning that will remain to be seen. The reconciliation of the two dictators is still not good for Ethiopians as more exploitation and discrimination will be visible. The demise of Isayas could be good as if one dictator and anti ethiopian is gone but what of the power of Meles increases with more Eritreans and military growth taken from defeated Isayas is consolidated in TPLF making TPLF the fat cat with more people against Ethiopia and more military? This is not good prospect for Ethiopia. The demise of TPLF with quickly filling the vaccum must be done if not another problem will be the OLF power that could lead to the break up of Ethiopia. So, we are lost in any way you want to put it. What may do it is how the pro Ethiopians can get hold of the military after the demise of tPLf is the issue. So I don’t see any good prospect for Ethiopians people. It is all lost by some miracle the ball is turned toward us, and god help ethiopia. What about recruiting ethiopians inside and outside is the only way. As one mentioned our sacrifice, organization, coordination is needed to fight this giant that fell upon us. As ER said, indeed the demise of Weyane maybe more important at the same time Isayas. Unless we are really genious, impossible. We are full of fear, there is no way we can achieve that.

  76. Treaty on

    Love I agree with you so long Weyane and Shabia and the two cousines remain in power the misery of the two people will be prolonged.The last twenty years of the policy of the two cousines has been consistent:divide and and rule.In the case of Weyane it has instituted and implemented ethinic based administrtion and it used it to weaken the nationalist Ethiopians from diverse groups.This seems for a while to help wweyane to stay in power,over time though ,if properly mobalized,,the people of all regions are ready to confront weyanes for her divide and rule menthod or her failed policy.On the part of ASsmara,it used divdie and rule policy by inciting the diverse of our population and promising to pursue armed struggle for independence OLF,ONLF etc are examples.Therefore both Shabia and weyane favor and continue to use divide and rule policy to reduce Ethiopia to their desired trubitary.In theis connection foreign governments such as Egypt are also secretly ebroiled in the internal affiars of Ethiopia through their emmisary Asmara and their lackies the OLF,ONLF leders.
    There fore if ever guarantee and to secure our exsistence Ethiopins need to work tweenty four seven to maintan the balace lost to the two evil leaders and their party whil we were in our hibernation.In addition,we need to think independently and not entagled in the affairs of Eritria.Always Freedom must be sought by the sacrifice of our life not by begging.It does not have to be necessarily by a brrel of agun,if it comes to that we need to fight for it reling only on our resources,talent and tim.Only such resolve will lead us to victory.
    Victory to both the people of Ethiopia and Eritria from their enemies weyane and Shabia.
    Death to the two leders and their cabal frone Weyane and Shabia.

  77. Nada on

    Tena yestlegn Ato E. Kifle. I am so sorry to hear that you think dictator Isaias is better than the dictator we have in Ethiopia. He is not a government of anyone but a dictator like Meles.

    If you want to fight the good fight do not trust any dictators. Believe in yourself and fight the good fight.

    Wash your hands from any kind of Leba, dictator and bloodsucker. You can do it without any of these kinds of guys.

    The time has arrived so that please just do what you are doing without any dictator but within your ability + God + people like yourself. That is all you need.

  78. Love, you said

    “since the fighters’ presence in Asmara what have they accomplished so far?”

    That is the same question we are asking president isias all the time most of us concerned Eritreans even though I don’t know why, but I can guess because most of anti-woyane Ethiopians they scared of dying with the exception of Ogadenese and Oromo’s that is all, that is the truth, it might hurt to hear this but that is the truth.if you are a man enough you don’t need Eritrea really, you can kill ten woyanes and die for your people suffering anywhere inside Ethiopia so that way you don’t have to complain about Eritrea.

    I am sick and tired of hearing from those Ethiopians they keep bitching about the similarity of woyane and shaebia to destroy Ethiopia. soon while you are complaining that, the Enmity between them is going to be longer than their friendships its already 13 years and counting.

    when are you guys going to grow some balls and fight instead of creating unrealistic and nonexistence espionage, Eritrea this Egypt that, woyane and shaebia are still meeting…….., all you are doing is making an excuse not to fight or die that is all.

    Mr Elias is smart he knows very well his people……………that is why he decided to befriend with long are you guys going to talk about Eritrean Ports, Muslims, OLF, ONLF, SOUTHERN PEOPLE,…… When you totally don’t even have a country you can call right guys are stretching yourself way too long for nothing…………… need to cut your losses and move on.

  79. Netsanet Teshale on

    FOLKS! Why shouldn’t we stop barking endlessly high up in to the empty blue sky for the last 20 long years about nothing, instead of narrowing down the boundaries of our struggle, that is to say metaphorically, cutting our trousers according to our own sizes, as to concentrate on the solid and practical formation of the Ethiopian United fronts and remove tyranny by doing rather than by talking thereby replacing it with the 21st century democracy and justice for all? Here I am NOT asking the opinions of the cadres of the tyrannical regime.

  80. Tariku on

    Please, do not force us to choose between one dictator or another. If they could topple each other mutually, that would be helpful, otherwise, do not make deals with Isayas, the terrorist and tyrant and enslaver of the Eritrean people.

  81. Dingaye ras woyane on

    Mindless Ghirma#75 said,

    “Elias is the most disgraceful “non-Ethiopian” on earth. Sooner or later he will pay for his sins against the Ethiopian people.”

    Let’s see, has Elias ever killed a single human being, stolen Ethiopian money and sold Ethiopian land? the answer is NO!
    On the other hand: Have Meles and his TPLF cronies killed countless number of innocent Ethiopians, stolen billions of Ethiopian money and treasures, sold the most Ethiopian fertile land to foreigners, taken the country to unnecessary war, money laundering, letting millions of Ethiopians go hungry everyday and starve to deaths? the answer is YES!
    And who is the most disgraceful “non-Ethiopian” on earth? the answer is Meles and his TPLF cronies.

  82. sami on

    Mr. elias every time u preach about democracy and tell us how weyane is un democratic and dictator, i send you a comment even u didn’t print it.reason i say issyass is like mad dog ,cuse his brain is infected with malaria,and most of eritrins are parasites.they never think a good about u shut me down.change ur paper from “ethioreview” to “eri review” and dance ur democravy there.

  83. Tazabiw on

    It is not worthy to provide any serious comment on this mad man website.This guy has a lunatic fantasy that never been seen in a real world.But what puzzels me always is a serious thinker like Al G/Mariam working hand to hand with this insane guy.

  84. Anonymous on

    Dear Ato Asmamaw, #68 and others who are condemening Mr. Elias for writing what he observed in recent fixture of your beloved leader Meles there is another Amharic provererb ‘Eyebedawhat Tankelafalech”. Asmamaw you believe your own war propoganda, claiming that Ethiopian army as volunteers, as if those people were not rounded and sent to the war front. The so called Ethiopian army was unable to defeat ‘Al Shabab’ or the Ogaden freedom fighters for so many years.Your hatred towards Eritrean people and their leaders has blinded you and can not see the facts clearly. May be you people are on khat. 4.5 million people are staving in ‘lemlem Ethiopia’, and in few years the Eritreans have become sulf sufficient in food production in their ‘desert land’. Eritreans are digging gold and other minerals while Ethiopian are digging graves to burry their famin victims. Eritreans building dams and buying tractors to plough their land and Ethiopia is evicting poor farmers and giving away fertile land to Arabs, Chinise and Indian investors. Please read what is going around the world before you repeat Meles proplganda.

  85. love on


    You are so right. Eritrea and TPLF have made us enemies where it used to be none 20 years ago even under Mengistu. Eritrea will always be against Ethiopia because of insecurity issue and Assab issue. TPLF themselves made us to be enemies due to land give away to Sudan, and the land they took from Gonder and Wolo to Tigray which that by itself will cause them to fear that if especially Amara takes over Gonderes and woloyes will demand their land back thus creating civil war. So, both TPLF and Shaebia have reasons to fear the UNITY of Ethiopia will always be against Ethiopia. If not I fear for Amaras really especially. So at the end of the day, despite their fight, when it comes to Ethiopia, they are one and the same and will not hesitate. So as you said, it is better the enemy you know than the enemy you don’t know meaning, Isayas is a known enemy of Ethiopia but Meles is the most dangerous one. He is very much educated especially from the West how to move based on his self interest.


    The other issue that is concern is that if that is you believe Isayas might help Ethiopians, surely you know from some of us genuine commnetators on this site how we feel that you may want to upset the real pro tplf groups but try to be sensitive towards the genuine commentators like some of us you may be aware of, I am sure there are people who are genuine by now on this website so do please have respect for the true Ethiopians and try not in fact create a situation we might suspect you so have respect for most of genuine Ethiopians when you discuss Eritreans. Why would you want to lose support from us anyways when we want to believe you are the one who is taking risk to save Ethiopia. I am just saying have respect for us and be sensitive.

  86. Belay on

    For most Ethiopians, weyane and sha’ebia are two faces of one coin, they are practically one and the same. They both have a non existing amhara power phobia, which bases all their goals and activities. It is beyond reason why you are so blindly attached to Esayas. Take off your blind fold and see the oppressed people of Eritrea, by the non better than Meles dictator; would you? Please do not turn Rush Limbaugh of us, spreading confusion and misinformation.

  87. Fitihawi on

    You got it right.The woyanes are preparing to launch a lightning offensive that is going to surprise the criminal gangs in Asmara as well as the world.I know war has to be condemend at all time but we Eritreans have no choice but to support the invasion and stand on the side of the woyane invading force.
    The gang in Asmara has been committing all kinds of atrocities against our people for the last two decades and now it has reached a point where we can no longer put up with the atrocities which is long overdue.For this,thousands of Eritreans are flocking to Ethiopia to fight along the Woyane side and witness the demise of the most disgusting and repressive regime in the world.
    Once the regime is thrown to the back waters of history,we will build a nation where Justice and Democracy prevail.
    Death to the criminal gangs,
    Democracy and Justice will prevail

  88. Wake up on


  89. Ahadu on


    In the first place you are a woyanne cyber cadre with no knowledge of these ignorant of all ignorants cult or gang as it out smarts or confronts any body with his intelligent view let me laugh with no stop ,how do you define intelligence ? for me the guy is a born lier
    emotional with no scientific analysis and a very dangerous looter criminal not more and not less.

  90. Andargachew on

    Mr.Elias kifle is telling us again that he is the supporter of the most tyrant person in Africa, Isayas Afewerk. It is very know fact that Isayas want to see non-united Ethiopia for its security and Eritrean existence reasons. To support Isayas who has created a ‘an Eritrea with a false history’ and that says Eritrea has been colonized by Eritrea to death cannot work for a united Ethiopia. Ask any Eritrean, they will tell you this falsely designed history, and the hate Ethiopia very much. How could Isayas who is the master and leader of this design be happy to see a prosperous and united Ethiopia? This is very un-imaginable. Isayas even supportrs ONLF (Ogaden National Libration Front) which is trying to free the ogaden region of Ethiopia. What does this mean to Ethiopia? And how can a person like Elias Kifle who says he strongly loves to see a united Ethiopia work with Isayas?

    Once again, Elias is telling us what Isayas means to him. He is his fianancial source. Personally, I have lost all my trust on Elias, because he it has been his long time believe to trust Isayas to solve the problem of Ethiopia. Let alone solving, Isays would be extermely happy to see a very impovershed and no-peace Ethiopia!

    I wonder how the Eritreans who are commenting here look they are better than woyane? They are very arrogant, and that is what can be dedcted from their awful comments in this page.

    Long live Ethiopia!

  91. TESFAYE on


  92. Anon on

    As an Ethiopian I won’t wish any sort of war between Ethiopians and Eretrians; To begin with, there has never been a serious and insolvable problem between the two people. Yet the power hungry dictators on both sides used the occasion to turn the region in to a blood pool. By the time the unnecessary and long civil war come in to close many people thought the people will be free to build their country; that has not been the case. As a result the general public, on both sides, has to learn through practical lessen that culprit to the problem of the region have been the two home grown megalomaniacs: Melese and Issayas Afewerki.

    You wrote,

    “Once the regime is thrown to the back waters of history, we will build a nation where Justice and Democracy prevail.”

    It is up to you and your country men what to do with your supposedly liberator but who all along was a power hungry megalomaniac. But to say that after his demise you will build a nation where “justice and democracy prevail” is perhaps a romantic notion. The majority of Eretria’s blindly follow Shabia and her boss. In fact they are so adept in their conversation and debate thy will quickly change the theme of the subject in to one of their fovorits: I.A is better than Melese type of argument.Inorder to build democracy there has to be open forums to that will accommodate the public. There has to be genuine opposition party against Shabia.There has to be willingness to work along with other progressive and democratic forces in the region.
    None of these are currently taking place among Eretrians; there reason is simple Eretria seems to have settled for the notion support I.A and his party and maintain Eretria unity.
    Therefore it might be just a wish on your part, and not realistic or practical idea to see a just and democratic society for Eretria.

  93. Anonymous on

    Anon #94,
    Although, what you have said is absolutely true but yet its not impossible to build a nation where democracy and justice prevail.The dictator might have a broad support across the diaspora but not at home and the ones at home that really make the difference.Our people at home are really fed up with all the atrocities that they have been subjected to and they are ready to revolt in order to get back their country.I know we the prodemocracy forces have a lot to accomplish for this to happen.Our fight for justice is getting momentum every passing day while the number of his supporters is dwindiling.Slowly but surely we are tightening the noose around the dictators neck.The dawn of freedom and democracy are just around the corner.
    Speaking of the still die hard supporters of the criminal gang,I have only one thing to say.THEY DON’T KNOW THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN FREEDOM AND SLAVERY.
    Death to the dictator.
    Justice and Democracy will prevail,

  94. eritrean from asmara on

    Most of you guys sound immature. When I surf through political websites I am dismayed. Please talk about ideas and practicalities rather than mediocre rhetoric.

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