OBEDIENCE to tyrants due to self-interest

There are many people who may say they intensely dislike their oppressor, yet they actively support him. Examining the role of self-interest and personal rewards that are available to those who support the tyrant adequately explains this paradox. [read more]

One thought on “OBEDIENCE to tyrants due to self-interest

  1. Liberty Bell on

    The worth of million bucks Ethiopian mrs. Suhura says “i was just voted businesswoman of the year and then i got a bill for back taxes amounting to 48 million birr. But we’ll figure some thing out. I have a good connection with the prime minister”.
    M’i smelling the ‘support me by scraching my back and i’ll as well scheme? For more detail you may check it out at dehai.com/tax evading ‘Queen Of Khat’ freinds with prime minister(meles).

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