Interview with Major Dawit WoldeGiorgis (video)

Interview with Shaleqa (Major) Dawit Woldegiorgis, former high-level official under Mengistu Hailemariam’s regime.

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9 comments on “Interview with Major Dawit WoldeGiorgis (video)

  1. asmara on

    I grew up close to Major dawit’s home in asmara so I used to see him passing by in and out. But still what I don’t understand is he seems to underestmate shabia(gurilla fighters)but the same shabia as a gurilla fighters invited him in nakfa and he returned back to his place safley.
    Yes Ethiopian millitary was good but shabia was more advanced just major dawit remember Nadew ez. For those of you who don’t know Nadew ez was one of the best mechanzed millitary group in the history of ethiopia and it was destroyed in three days 20,000(twenty thousand) ethiopian soliders died which is very sad thing to remember. That is when mengustu hailemariam said HULUM NEGER WEDE TOR GINBAR still 20000 were not enough for him to be perished in three days may god bless thier soul. During your visit in nakfa Shabia probaly agree for the Mefenkile mengist but never agree Eritrea to be part of Ethiopia for the simple fact that it is against thier struggle and the eritrean people. That is the main reason why a lot of people died from both sides 30 years of war is not easy. Yes it is everybodys hope and wish ethiopians and eritreans to work togther peacfully but as a major dawit weldegiorgis you need to tell the truth and the only truth for the younger generation to know and learn from the past mistake.

  2. ኤርትራ ከነበርኩ የኢትዮ ሠራዊት ሻምበል ዳዊት ህዙ ውሸት ተናግረዋል ጥቂቶቹ -1ኛ ኤርትራ አስተዳዳሪ በነበረበት ግዜ እንዳለው ሰላም ሳይሆን ቀዉጠ- ነው የነበረው – 2-ኛሕዝቡ ይወደኝ ነበር ስላለው ውሸት ነው እንዳይገደል ፈርቶ ግን ለማንም ወታደርም ቢሆን እየጋበዘና እየሳቀ የሚቀርበው ጥቂቶች የጥቅም ተካፈዮች ግን አይጠፉም 3ኛ እርዳታ ለሕዝቡ ከሰጠን ወንበዴው የጠቀማልና በማለት መንግስቱ ወይም ደርግ ከለከለኝ ራሱ ደርግ መኖሩን የረሳው ይመስላል ከከዳ በሁላ ደርግ ፈቅዶ በደሴ በኩል እርዳታ ያልፍ ነበር እግረመንገዴ ዛሬ ወያኔ ያን ሁሉ ረስቶ ለኡጋዴን ሕዝብ እርዳታ ከለከለ 4ኛ እኔው ራሴ ለ14 አመታት በኤርትራ ውግያ ነበርኩና ሀቁ የጠብመንጃ አፈሙዝ የሚያዘው የፖለቲካ እምነት ነው ስለዚህ ሽአብያ በእምነትም በውጊያውም ይበልጥ ነበር

  3. Tezibt on

    First of all I commend Major Dawit or abandoning his position and embarass the good for nothing Derg gov. If Some of you think that he is lying on the interview, so what. At least he has saved so many lives. Yes, as a result of rivalry among the generals and russian conspiracy, Shabia was successful. The funny factor is how both TPLF and Shabia are bragging about their heroism. A good example is how the generals killed each other in the defense ministry where they were plotting the cue. Any ways if General Amha’s advice of shooting down Mengistu’s plane had materialized, Ethiopia would be in a completely different situation. I wish some one could right a researched book with the title “the plane that was not shot down” or some thing like that. We would all have been in a healthy situation rather than suffering from ethnic epidemy and a death of a great county. I do get a heart burn every time I think about it. Thanks idiot mengistu.

  4. Fiamata on

    Major Dawit came to Eritrea 1979 under E.M.L.D.H and did good thing to ERitrea and Eritreans people.I readed his first book but I did’t “Kehedet Ne dem Merte”He is also best author

  5. Thank you Mjor Dawit for enlightening us about what happened. I am so saddened about the death of the Generals who were very qualified. I am not sure if Ethiopians are aware of these great generals. Does Ethiopia have such qualified generals today? I doubt it. If Eritrea or Somalia comes to invade, we will be easily occupied. TPLF has been strengthening its own Agazi to help and protect TPLF only not Ethiopians. Once again, we may be easily occupied by Somalia and Eritrea. I think TPLF is doing that deliberately, to weaken Ethiopia’s strength. From learning Mjor Dawit, we Ethiopians really know who is who in Ethiopia. We are easily falling prey to anti Ethiopians because we believe they are “Ethiopians” therefore serve the interest of Ethiopia. Let us see… when negotiations was taking place to overthrow Mengistu, how come the pro Ethiopia negotiators at the time didn’t question the intention of TPLF, OLF and ELF (Shaebia)? Sometimes, we really have to becareful what kind of change we want. We think we will bring good change and it turns out we implement the change that endangers Ethiopia. We have been making huge mistake since over throwing of Haile selassie. We thought we will bring change by supporting Mengistu, yet, he killed most of the educated people and pulled Ethiopia back by antagonizing the West. I don’t believe he has brought much betterment for Ethiopia except emotions, hatred against the Monarchy, West, etc… why do we want over and over again leaders that rule by emotions and those who have resentment. Since this is really negative energy, it is for certain that they never bring good governence to Ethiopia or liberate themselves from hatred like Mandela. So, we should be electing people like those who can bring good governence, reconciliation, have tolerance, etc. like the Mandelas, MLKS, Gahndis, etc.. Of course we Ethiopians had great leaders under kingdom. Those who blame them, shame on you. Let me see you bring good governence under the threat of colonization? The kings have gone through all that fighting outsiders all their life at the same time trying to bring good things domestically. Don’t you think it is hard to do that during those times? Haile Selassie however slept on his governence, waited for the last minute to bring change that is also where the mistake lies. African governments like him, Gaddafis, etc. stay in power so long and they get used to it that either because of the fear of change and what will become of the country because such leaders have made the people dependent on them so much, or they are in comfort with power, they wait and wait and finally they are forced out by their own fault as well as bring chaos to their country. So if African leaders listen again to the people, leaders, assuming they end up being good leaders, they should open the door for other good leaders and educate those who succeed the leadership in taking over the governence rather than wait to the last minute and leave in disgrace at the same time leaving their country in brinks. If Meles ever decides to leave, I am sure another tPLF is going to take over and the vicious cycle is going to start because Meles and tPLF are one and the same packaged. The other option TPLF has is that if they don’t stay in power, they will open the way to other Liberation fronts as well to carve out Ethiopia. This option is being circulated within TPLF members now ready to form Greater Tigray. That is why they are quickly trying to bring peace between Eritrea and tPLF either by getting rid of Isayas or they rule together.

    I hope Major Dawit and others don’t make the same mistake again giving Ethiopia away to another hyenas. Mjor Dawit seems to get along with Eritrea and I do agree very much we should live in peace side by side or in federal system. Even if there is agreement, it shouldn’t be at too much cost of Ethiopia and we have to becareful. In addition, it is still too naive to believe Eritrea wants peace with Ethiopia and although it is okay to negotiate we really have to becareful in trusting them. It is not just by words we have to believe them, they have to demonstrate it. TPLF betrayed the negotiating when they took over because they saw the opportunity. I hope the same thing will not happen that now we learned our lesson.

    long live the biblical Ethiopia!

  6. asmara on

    Come on I know dawit since i was 10-11 years old and he was another Derg abal nothing else he never did anything good for eritrea or eritreans. let me go back to the mefenkile mengist I remeber a little bit. The Ethiopian generals in asmara put everything undercontrol for 2-3 days while generals in addis abeba where busy killing each other. I remeber the generals in asmara birgader general taye balaker and i forgot the other one they were the real hero at that time but their mission was not succesful they got cought by derg after derg took over addis abeba. They were dragged buy landrover alive in the street of asmara the palm trees of asmara are the witness. Unlike shaleka dawit they never run away they stay and died. There were a lot of derg members who run away before shaleka dawit and also a lot of generals who stand in front of mengistu to tell him what is good for ethiopia and they got shot in the head. So what shaleka dawit yemiyaweraw yalew ende jebd kotro wushet.

  7. @ 6 love,
    @ 6 love,
    I am so surprised by what you said!! Are you still dreaming on colonizing Eritrea again or what???You said “we should live in peace side by side or in federal system”. Now, I do agree on “we should live in peace side by side” Well said!! But what do you mean “in federal system”??? Trust me there is no any Eritrean who wants or think to go back 20 years! I am sure you Ethiopians have a lot of things to work on in order to unite your country, but speaking as Eritrean young generation, we don’t see any future with Ethiopia at all!! What Mr. Woldegiorgis said is just his wishes nothing more….
    We Eritreans moved on brother!! Please, if you don’t mind, you guys have to forget us. There is no way such “Eritrea/Ethiopia” federation to happen. Our fathers worked hard to get us freedom and we will continue their vision! We are NOT Ethiopian and when you guys call us Ethiopians, we really get offended!!
    Thank you!!

  8. Treaty on

    Major Dawit and the previous P/M need to be addressed by their right name: not patriots but run aways.I will be lenient to Goshu on the ground that he has not been P/M for long.But major Dawit he is one of insider politicians who timed his departure carefully. He chose to depart; I like to think, not so much for fear of Mengistu, but because of the desire to save his skin. Let us say the fear factor can be there, who else is not afraid of mengistu, but was it life threatening? What I find it hard to believe is this: major Dawit went onto write his book about Hanger in Ethiopia as soon as he set his foot in the state. This has been an issue that he has been criticized before, and he discussed this issue in the interview perhaps anticipating opposition to this point.
    There is one truth about the Marxists: that the petty bourgeoisie class nature is such it will not believe in self-sacrifice for any cause. It wants only power, prestige any reward the country can bestow upon. Sacrifice is something for the poor. We need to reflect on this and be questioning those who are in leadership position before they mislead us. We need to question those who are unwilling to accommodate our opinions in their forums, I am not implying to Elias. His site is extra tolerant to diverse views. I am speaking other Ethiopian sits that put first party loyalty instead loyalty to Ethiopia. There are such sits who claim as Ethiopian sits but whose loyalty is first to party.

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