Andualem Aragie and Eskinder Nega arrested

The desperate apartheid junta in Ethiopia today has arrested Ato Andualem Aragie, a senior official of Union for Democracy and Justice (UDJ), and Ato Eskinder Nega, a prominent journalist… more details later

35 thoughts on “Andualem Aragie and Eskinder Nega arrested

  1. Rotten woyanes are digging their burial deeper and deeper. If this actions of TPLF rats does not rally, our people we are dead people walking

  2. With the intensification of this new web of arrest of the many innocent civilians there is a high probablity that this report can be true.If so this is also a proof that every weyane is peeing onhis pants.Weyane need to keep enough supply of diper stucked up for the copming days.
    On the serious end ,though ,we need to stage demonstration against weyane prpetrated state terror aginst Ethiopians.This time,as we start to take the street for the cause of Ethiopians,there is a high probablity the socalled members of “the teletafi Parties” will find it easy to destant them selves from the regime.This is not a time for the oppostion to SLEEP.Wake up my people! Once again let us hit weyane where it hurts the most:expose her state sponsered terror ,to the world body at large, against innocent Ethiopians.

  3. I think this is a blessing in disguise because although they will personally suffer during the ordeal, their detention will only fuel the struggle and lead Ethiopians to stand in unison.

  4. GET UP!! on


    People get up, what are we waiting to happen again ana again by this DICTATOR? Those criminals are selling our land and kids, kill and arrest our people, I am really tired of this MAFIA regime. Let help our people, by voluntaring, sending money, organizing, etc..


  5. ሀበሻ on

    ወይ ጉድ ወይ ፍራቻ ገና ለገና ሕዝብ ሰላማዊ ሰልፍ ይወጣል ተብሎ ሰላማዊ ዜጎችን ማጎር ተጀመረ ምን ተጀመረ ለየላቸዉ እንጂ ………………..

  6. tezibt on

    Meles Zenawi has weak and ill informed advisors or somebody else is running the show in the country. I say big mistake Mr. Prime minister. I had a feeling that you are strong and your government is stable for now. By doing arresting Eskinder Nega and Arage you are telling your people how vulnerable and weak your government is becoming. I never want any type of revolution that will destroy my country. I was hoping that slowly but surely power will in the future get in the hands op the people and I was going to give you credit for that but I guess your are about to commit the worst mistake of your 20 years in power. Question him as usual and let him go. We don’t need havok. Don’t be a coward.

  7. መካሪም የሊቸው ሌበሌ እነዚህ ጋጠ-ወጦች? ኤሌያስን ባያባብሱበት ይበጃቸው ነበር። Ask any northren poeple,we are ashemed by Woyane !!! Please lets stand togeather !!!

  8. we all together in this. on

    Tplf are pushing for third last attempt to slice a country; by arresting and tortureing individuals for scarring tactic. But nothing, nothing going to stop Ethiopian society from takeing done, this gang group. Wait and see what has happen in Tunisia, Egypt and libiya soon will get to Ethiopia.

  9. Indeed, this is a deliberate move by tplf gangs to gradually eliminate freedom lover Ethiopians particular this is a direct attack to systematically silent the Ethiopian people. As we clearly see for the last few weeks in a row the tplf racist and criminal elements have been arresting a number of critical journalists and oppositions that have been constantly exposing the crimes of tplf and they have been targeting innocent Ethiopians who they think that they are a threat to the tplf racist group. The ground truth is that Ethiopia is the prison of its citizens, except those whose tribe belong to the ruling group, Tigrains, and of course not only every single power and key position of the government but every economic sector exclusively controlled by them, including small business, real estate and export and import, and moreover, the tribal government officially outlaw business license to those who do not belong to Tigray tribe.

    Surely, you would understand that how the tplf tribal chiefs are violating the right of Ethiopian citizens, so no matter where they are they are criminals and should be confronted by those who love justices and freedom. We also have to admit the fact that these tplf are the people who do not have any human character, but beasts, so that they treat their fellow human being like an animal. However, the tplf tigrean criminal members have not been facing the muscle of the masses of Ethiopians yet whereas a few dedicated brave and stubborn Ethiopians like Eskinder Nega, Andwalem Arage, Birtukan Midekessa and many other journalists have been challenging the tplf stupid group. Unquestionably, these brave Ethiopians who are now being arrested and tortured by tplf tigran gangs have been paying unimaginable price while the narrow Tigrians are still torturing them life to death.

    The suffering of these Ethiopians is a drop in the bucket compared to the large number of Ethiopians abused, killed and tortured by the Tigrian gangs and having unspeakable suffering and agony. So many of them killed without any reason, raped in a daily bases, and tortured by the heartless tplf tigrean gangs, but the saddest part is that the Tigrian gang’s government refused to stop the crime, which is of course left the majority of Ethiopians in the mercy tplf and yet the Tigrian gangs are responsible for such horror and the suffering of our sisters. At the same route it’s a huge pain that is being conducted by the so called few vagabond, self-interested and baloney Ethiopians where we see some group, individuals as well as some worthless opposition claimed group have been verbally attacking the new coordinated group day in and day out via paltalk and other medias. They keep talking restlessly irrelevant and stupid non sense staff against olf, onlf and g7 as they are writing enormous numbers of articles of garbage and flooding every single worthless website targeting the new coordinated struggle while our powerless and helpless people is being directly and indirectly attacked by tplf.

    I am sure; any honest individual would blame those who forced Ethiopians to face endless misery and suffering. Most non-Tigrian Ethiopians rather than screaming all over the planet jabbering over and over about olf, onlf and g7. Of course, worthless individuals like these who are now a joint task force of eprp, mead and some other unknown naïve and stupid individuals including the Qale paltalk room that used to be a great help for UDJ now become part of a destructive group who cannot do nothing better than name calling and blackmailing other genuine oppositions think that they are better off others without any ground practical struggle and writing recklessly using baseless allegation and fabricated lies in order to destroy a party and they feel like they are the champion of the struggle and dancing with empty bravado after they scream all over the planet about a certain group. And of course, unfortunately the motive is these worthless cyber warrior individuals is nothing as they claimed by a direct dirty political jealousy which is not be either a solution nor a support to the struggle.

    We have Meles and his kinds who are egotistic , self-important , bigheaded , vain, stuck-up swell-headed, boastful , overweening, vainglorious , and arrogant individuals, so we should remove those decadents and give a chance to the Ethiopian people to put those who are humble, greathearted , generous , liberal, openhanded, bighearted, benevolent, altruistic, magnanimous, considerate, unstinting stint, munificent, self-sacrificing, unsparing and selfless individuals. So that the future Ethiopia would be the land all citizens would be treated equal in the eye of the law and every one of us would be evaluated based on our character instead of our tribe and political affiliation. And also the common problem in Ethiopian society is that most of us tend to lead by our emotion and instincts like wild animals instead of govern by reason and logic, that is why we are making the same kind of mistake again and again and expecting different result, which is very unwise. We are not trying to analyze the issue, but instead as long as it fits to our emotion and give us temporary happiness we have a tendency to drive on the way to the direction of the wind. That is really what is underway now by a few individuals and groups who are restlessly attacking olf, onlf and g7.

    Genuine Ethiopians should be happy to see collaboration among different opposition groups, because such coordinated struggle shorten the life span of the Tigrian gangs who are using divide and rule as the main political instrument. Accusing the opposition as if they are shabia agent seems ridicules as well as baseless, because there is no more domestic enemy to Ethiopians than the current eprp, mead and other self-appointed jealous individuals that are worse than weyane as they do nothing but keep attacking oppositions. we should focus on the big problem which makes us to bleed inside and destroy our identity and country. ONLF & OLF open its door for every Ethiopians to join its armed struggle and without doubt those who are constantly abused and terrorized by the weyane gangs would have safe place in ONLF & OLF controlled area. At least let us show our undivided difference to weyane/tplf as tplf uses our minor difference to extend their life span, so unless some is moron or unless some has a lack of common sense or unless someone has a tiny power & money monger unless some is stupid tplf supporter there is no way for an ordinary Ethiopian to engage with nonstop & irrelevant argument among opposition, as all eyes should go to tplf

    Of course, there are truly some self-interested and power & money monger opposition leaders or groups. we have seen that some foxy individuals and political groups claimed that they are the sole cause of this turmoil. And as we know these individuals and groups have always undermined the long and strenuous struggle of Ethiopian people and instead they are rewarding themselves and portray as the champion of the struggle. However, regardless their self-conceit attitude, the truth stands contrary to their claim and the credit belongs to the Ethiopian people and remains as such. It would be prudent to ask ourselves who are those pompous individuals and what is their background and reputation. Surely, the answer is not hidden to all of us unless we are misled by their forked tongues and crocodile tears and take their word gullibly though they are still crying in the name of Ethiopian unity while their hidden agenda is not a concern to Ethiopia but their own irrelevant tiny power and money as well as stupid fame. It is easier to see the failed elements of eprp, so called hailu sympathizers and other self-appointed individuals. As you clearly aware that every Ethiopians should engage into the struggle instead of waiting someone to take them to the promise land. However, if we still want to keep yourself in a blaming game of oppositions we must be one of those who are expecting manna from the sky, folding your hand and expecting our lord to give us some bread instead of doing by yourself. Instead of expecting someone to hand our freedom we should be a part of it and stop lionizing individuals and prepare them to be the next tyrants.

    Anyhow, the struggle should be focused on the common enemy. Apparently, we have spent so many times degrading each other and it would not important to continue as such, because if we do so the enemy would benefit more than anyone of us. It is really a shame how Ethiopians are silence and tolerate such kind of intolerable act by their compatriot (tplf gangs). There is no such lever of humiliation and degradation any human being could tolerate, but Ethiopians, so it would be very hard to call such kind of citizens as prideful or rational. And yet there is only two choices we have, either accept slavery and live our life with shame and disgrace or fight back and reclaim our dignity and pride. Therefore, I strongly urge every sensible and unbiased rational Ethiopian citizen to stand for freedom, justice and democracy as we should either directly join the new coordinated struggle started by onlf, olf, g7 and others or highly support them by any chance in order to end the end of the tigrean tplf gangs or simply find out other better ways and focus to fight tplf and tplf by any means.

  10. Arab style uprising is the only way out (solutions)to get rid of desease ridden Qimalam wayanee rulers.

  11. Langanno on

    Eskindir Nega has become a pain in **** of Woyane thugs and the only way they could get rid of him is by jailing him. Expect to hear from these Adwa village idiots he was arrested for terrorism charge. What world has come too? this is utter nonsense.

  12. Elias you are next!
    EPRDF is doing its best for Ethiopia and its people.
    Shame on all of you who are abroad trying to destabilize Ethiopia’s unity and its path to a successful development.
    Long live Ethiopia

  13. Anonymous on

    the only one out from this misery under tyranny is to rise up in unison. the whole world knows about the genocidal dictator and its regime they are waiting for you to rise up. they all will be on your side. Rise Up! Enough!

  14. abeshawi on

    this is crazy!!! these people are becoming like a mad dog which bites evryone on its way.!!! But one thing should be clear, being in jail in a bigger number under the guise of terrorism should be part of the strategy of the struggle againist this ethinic aparthaied junt sooner than later. Get upthe people of Ethiopia in unison now now and now!The encarceration of these prominent like Bekele, Debebe,Eskindir,Andualem and the likes fosters the velocity of our struggle against Woyane. Go agead Woyane put more Ethiopian in prison. It does not hold back us an iota from what we wre doing and what we will do next!!!!

    Ethiopia prevails forever,we will down with Woyane!!!!

  15. Famous on

    There is time for everything. Press on… woyane is shitting in it’s pants 24/7. They look strong but they are running scared! They are at their final hour walking around with their finger on the trigger and looking for bloodbath before they go down. Here we need a sober but cleaver maneuver.
    What is to be done? They are accumulating prisoners as bargaining chips for their exit strategy. In the absence of Ethiopian seals to free our best and brightest we have to be assertive and show muscle by holding their consulates captives and articulate some demands in front of international media.
    Second step should be a committment by all opposition to take a voluntary leave of absence and struggle by any means necessary against the enemy full-time.
    Freedom needs fulltime attention!!!!

  16. Anonymous on

    Well, I am not surprised. The time to get rid off the coldblooded dictator was yesterday. What else we expect from the ruthless, lawless and heartless thugs who have been looting, killing and selling our country since they came to power and stolen the elections twice? Only idiots like #13 Sara who lack human decency that enjoys life to the fullest with the stolen Ethiopian money, think the country is going in the right directions. Greedy people like Sara lack compassion and ignore the human sufferings as long as they get what they want by every evil means necessary. My heart goes out to the four patriotic Ethiopians. May God protect them from the TPLF butchers.
    #13 Sara, I hope you rot in Hell with the rest of your leba friends.

  17. Freedom on

    It seems everybody in Ethiopia is dead inside and outside just walking around.People in Ethiopia get picked by TPLF police from streets or their houses everyday just to be taken to prsion and get beat up for doing nothing to anybody or anything .The news that comes out from streets of Addis/Sheger is geting sad everyday.I really believe people are dead inside.We never hear one man fight back TPLF police but we hear everyday someone going to jail for nothing.

  18. tezibt on

    to Langanno and others

    How long can you continue to be morons. Why do you have to go low into attacking Adua or some village. The problem is woyane and stop being a weapon to woyane. Woyane is better than some of you ethnicists. Glad that I was born in Addis but no village or villagers should be insulted. Lets focus on the main culprits and the problem they cause to the country. Collective punishment and generalization is not going to help our cause.

  19. Honest on

    Ethiopians seem to be cowards. If a 5% ethnic minority group was doing this in any other country there would be a huge revolt. Even the whites in South Africa were 20% of the population and nuclear armed and the blacks resisted. Are the Ethiopian young men too busy having fun and chewing khat?

  20. Abesha on

    Now the time come for Ethiopians to stand together and fight the Woyane. No ifs and no buts just target only Woyane and the other thing will be resolved later. The arrest of Eskinder and Andulam who are brave and geniune Ethiopian sons have to spark North Afican and Middle East style revolution. According to Serkalem (Eskinder’ wife) in her VOA interview the Woyane cowards arrested Eskinder with his son in his arm crying and coming from school. This is total disregard to humanity and the highest level of cruelity. The Woyane contempt to Ethiopian people rich the highest point. The youth in Ethiopia should fight to protect thier opinion and opposition leaders. The most important thing now Woyane is scared to die with revolution is looming and around in the horizon in Ethiopia. Come on Ethiopian dispora those who can’t go to Ethiopia lets call our friends and family start our campaign and activate the struggle. Those who can go to Ethiopia lets start the fight just on the place in Addis and in all other Ethiopian Regional urban towns by supporting the Ethiopian youth just like the Egyptian, Tunisian and Libyan style. If we fail this time we are going to be called one of the selfish and spineless generation of Ethiopians with no blood inherited from our grandfathers whom they fight in Adawa and Michew. History will judge our role in this revolution and this will be a shame for our and future generations.

  21. Tazabi#2 on

    I have been reading Eskindir’s well-written and well-thought-out articles. Although I don’t agree with every thing he says I have a full respect to him and his ideas. He has impressive journalistic skills too. The arrest of Eskindir looks a political action which is meant to silence dissent thereby opposing views; such draconian actions are not the right solutions to any political cause, they will never be so. EPRDF please grow-up! Learn from Libya, Tunisia and Egypt. Try to engage your opponents other than to arrest and harass them. Respect their human dignity and freedom.

  22. You guys are really funny..Ethiopia is under the right leadership and going forward with EPRDF. The country would be in crisis under the opposition leadership. Any way which opposition?
    Why don’t you leave all your negative thoughts and try to think positive for your country.
    Lenegeru af becha nachehu..were becha..comment becha..gena regeten engezachuhalen! Be prepared, we will come where you are! We have started identifying you one by one!
    Prosperity for Ethiopia!

  23. Few people equal this man in his determenation,zeal and passion for the truth and for our country that we call Ethiopia.In this battle we are in evil against good the victory has been already decsively won long ago at Mt.Calvery.Evil is awaitng its final doom at the triumphant return of our LORD of the second coming.My the same God speed up the release of these innocent citizens.Eskinder is well rememberd for being bold in the face of evil.

    “The wicked flee where no man pursues:but the rightious are bold as a lion”PR.28:1

  24. Heartless Woyannes on

    #27 Sara, anche pea brain molach leba, don’t waste your rotten time spitting out your pointless, heartless and poisonous views on this website. Go wherever you matter–woyane website.
    You can run your mouths all day but you can not deny or change the facts that:
    -Meles is an illegitimate leader who has been rejected by Ethiopian people twice.
    -Meles is responsible for denying Ethiopians freedom of speech and press, locking up tens of thousands Ethiopians in cold Woyane prison and torturing them without valid reason.
    -Meles is responsible for the deaths of tens of thousands Ethiopians in Addis, Amhara provinces, Gambela, in Oromo provinces, in Jijiga and Somali Ethiopians etc.
    -Meles, his wife and their close acquaintances are responsible for controlling the Ethiopian govt., major businesses, banks and robbing Ethiopia blind to become filthy rich to the point of Azeb Golla spending 1.2 million Euros in shopping spree while millions Ethiopians are starving to deaths as we speak.
    -Meles is responsible for giving thousands of acres of Gondar land to Sudan and the land of Gambela’s to other billionaires without any compensation to the Ethiopian land owners and more than 400 Gambelas and unknown number of Gondares who refused to leave their land have been gunned down, etc, etc, etc.
    Sara, I know people like you don’t care to what happens to innocent Ethiopians and the land of Ethiopia, I just want you to know that over 80 million Ethiopians are very well aware of what woyanes are doing to our country and our people. The crimes of Meles is endless!

  25. Gaddaffi on

    Take a lesson from me, the more you hammer the people, the more you erode your power. I am Gaddaffi from Sirte, Libia. I make a mistake that I can’t reversed, now the time numbered for my death or face a justice. No more safe place for me to live as refugee, except burial. Meles don’t be stupid it is time for you to leave. I believe Eritrea, your mother’s place is the safe haven for you. Don’t go England, Sweden or the like, they are crazy!!! They no more call you G8 meeting, but send you jail. You make your country landlocked, killed ten thousands of innocent people, you penalized millions of Ethiopians by hunger because of political affiliations, tortured ten thousands, execute cruel land grab, incite ethnic conflict, sold parts of the country, rob the wealth’s of the country, exceptional scandal!!! And erode sovereignty and dignity of Ethiopia, but my crime is only tyranny. Your crime exceptional, but the time is not late 4 you to leave now!!!

  26. observer on

    I was born and grown up in Ethiopia until 10 years old in 1955-1965 then I left to Eritrea (at that time a part of Ethiopia)that’s why I have a big respect and good wishes to Ehtiopia. I am sad for what is happening now in Ethiopia the measures of arrest taken by the regime looks more a taste to see the courage,the organization level and the action of the opposition to the regime.If there is a failure from the opposition or any democratic individual or body to fight this then it is a green light for woyane,afterwards they are cpable to do anything.Ethiopian people parties,organizations and individuals please put other secondary issues aside for the time being and fight back on a hiher level once you win you will have time to solve the secondary issues.Remember it is a minority abusing the majority,you represent the history,culture and all the good things of Ethiopia as you are the majority and the world will follow you but you have to show your courage and determination to the world on my side as Eritrean I respect the majority of the ethiopian people and I am ready to help and I know the majority of the Eritrean people will stand with our brothers in Ethiopia for peace and their democratic rights.
    God bless the Ethiopian and Eritrean peoples

  27. terrorism charges” is the new way of the Ethiopian government to send opposition party members and real journalists to jail and to stop the Arab like uprising.the government is adding fuel for the upraising and help the Ethiopian people to make dictator Melse Zenawi life short.For the journalists, opposition party members who are sent to jail by the cover of “terrorism” charges is a unique and sure way of giving them the medal of honor by the Ethiopian people.People know what is real “terrorism” charge and “cover up terrorism” charge.people are not stupid.Dictators are !!!

  28. Ordofaa on

    I changed my mind!!!!

    The regime back home is falling apart and it is on its last drop of a life saver. It is a goner. I call upon our gallant freedom fighters in OLA to position themselves close to Finfine and major cities and towns throughout my beloved Oromiya to make sure there is a rule of law. Neftegnas and Tigrayans may try to do some stupid things to make us look bad. All of you Neftegnas!!! I have been extending my friendly arms with an olive branch so you can accept my gesture but you have not responded or totally ignored it. Now I m telling you to leave my house. Oromiya is my house, not yours. Not next year, next month, next week or tomorrow. Today!!! As I told you before, do not forget all the Merraras, Bultcha Demeksas, Aba Dulas and the likes to take with you. We have no use for them or they are not wanted in my new Oromiya. They are a disgrace to the Oromo people. You understand? Leave today. Out!!! On the double!!!!

  29. [Ordofaa],

    You wrote “I changed my mind!!!!”.It may appear to yo you did so in reality though you have been advocting from the get go independent Oromoia.So what avails to say I changed my mind. You and Samuel are known OLF fruit cakes. Even at this time when weyans and the rest of Ethiopians are about to square off I am confident that the majority of Ethiopian Oromnos will stick with their Ethiopians than to heed your 40 years faild policy.

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