15 Ethiopian athletes disappeared at All Africa Games

Things are falling apart by the day for the khat-addicted {www:delusional} dictator in Ethiopia who is trying to {www:stave off} popular uprising by rounding up every one who is critical of his regime. The latest to be arrested are a prominent opposition figure, Andualem Aragie, and a journalist, Eskinder Nega, who have been picked up from Addis Ababa today. While digesting this news, we have just received a report from Mozambique’s capital Maputo that 15 Ethiopian athletes who were participating in the All African Games have disappeared, according to GNA. Read more below:

By William D. Ezah | GNA Special Correspondent

MAPUTO, MOZAMBIQUE (GNA) – The Local Organising Committee (LOC) of the 10th All Africa Games has announced that 15 Ethiopian athletes are missing from the Games Village, 11 days into the competition in Maputo, Mozambique.

Penalva Cesar, Deputy Director of the LOC and a Spokesperson in an address at a press conference on Wednesday in Maputo, said they have received a confirmation from the Chef Mission of the Ethiopian delegation about the missing Ethiopians.

According to Cesar, the LOC has reported the incident to security officials who are conducting investigations in a bid to fish them out.

“We have alerted the Immigration officials and Police on our bothers and they are doing their best to fish them out.

“I know they will be arrested because we are bent on having a trouble free event and all the law enforcement agencies are on the alert to fish out anybody who engages in illegalities,” Cesar noted.

He said any athlete who attempts to foment trouble or stay in Mozambique illegally will be dealt with according to the laws of the country.

Cezar, however, expressed satisfaction with the general organization of the event.

“Though there were minor problems in some areas, I believe we have organized a very successful All Africa Games.

“We look forward to a memorable closing ceremony on Sunday since we have put in place the necessary preparations for the closing ceremony.” He stated.

The incident of missing athletes has over the years been a characteristic of multi-sports events and the 10th All Africa Games seem not to be an exception as some athletes use such occasions to seek asylum or for greener pastures.

17 thoughts on “15 Ethiopian athletes disappeared at All Africa Games

  1. Honest on

    One good thing we learned from Eritreans is to join any sport and go to the country and leave during match to find better life.

    ayzwachu yagere lejoch

  2. #2,
    You must be born during Woyane era, Ethiopian athlets and soccer players being doing this since the Derg era.

  3. Good Job! on

    Good for them, I don’t blame them at all. I would have done the same thing in a heartbeat. However, I am afraid, that melta monkey-face might hunt them down and torture them for humiliating him. I wish them all the best.

  4. archume on

    they have the right to go anywhere it was a mistake to run from other country because we have a democracy at least to move where ever we want kikiki and such peoples are unwanted for building our strong Ethiopia

  5. Tezibt on

    to Anonymous

    Because of inflation, it is easier to get paid ticket to leave the country otherwise you are right it is easy for addis and no one would stop them.

  6. Anonymous on

    They can’t afford to pay for ticket so they let that ugly melata to pay for them. Smart guys indeed.

  7. Anonymous on

    Oh why from Mozambique? They could have honorably left in USA or Europe if they wish or fly from Ethiopia directly.
    Most probably, these athletes are eritreans and Mozambiques are reporting them as Ethiopians by mistake.

  8. ግሩም on

    አሁንም ወያኔ ጡሩ ነው የሚል ሰው በነፍስ አለ? ድንጋይን ቢፈልጡት ተመልሶ ድነጋይ መሆኑ ነው።

    አይ ወያኔ ታጥቦ ጭቃ ይሁን። እሲኪባረር ላይጸዳ ነው ማለት ነው።

  9. Walta-Leba on

    I am waiting to see if Walta website will post this news. They were the first site to report when Eritrean athlets disappeared couple months ago. Let’s see if they can experience fair jounalism.

  10. Lemma Bgebeya on

    TPLF is hated so much people are abandoning it, just yesterday Somali Land said they are deporting 80,000 and in March ICRC said there were 37,000 Ethiopians and Somalis that crossed into Yemen in the middle of the Yemeni revolution. Imagine that, people are leaving TPLF ruled Ethiopia for a better deal.

  11. Girma Getahun on

    Supid Woyanes still think Ethiopia is the land of milk and honey. The Athletes, irrespective of their reasons, did one thing good. They will add voice to the voiceless in Woyane controlled Ethiopia. It is better to live in a free coutry than being a prisoner in your own homeland. May God get rid of Woyanes and their hodam foot soldiers?

  12. Ahmed Nur Ali on

    Why Woyane cadres always compare their crimes with that of derg.and as far as they are concerned Every Ethiopian who is against their Ethnically organized looting group, TPLF Either Shabya or Derg .Which planet does this dedebit animals comes from -THEY ARE IN BIG DENIAL ,Ishhh allah-In God will they will face what Ghadaffi ,Muhbarek,Ben ali and Saleh faces -WHY IS THAT DICTATORS LEARN FROM EACH OTHERS ???? I GUESS ITS IN THEIR DNA TO NEVER LEARN FROME ACH OTHERS

  13. big fun athlet on

    i am sad about this they should go back to Ethiopia this is not the way ot treding there coutnry etithiopa gaving them life but itink they are bing a letll selfhs,

  14. Ethiopia have to abandon this unwanted, careless, stupid, damed persons because they do not care about there country also they have to be punished hard that no one will repeat this kind of ugly work.

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