Andualem Aragie and 4 others detained – video

The Woyanne apartheid junta in Ethiopia has detained UDJ official Andualem Aragie, journalist Eskinder Nega and three other individuals, Zemenu Molla, Nathnael Mekonnen, and Asaminaw Berhanu. All five of them have been charged with terrorism, according to the Woyanne-controlled ETV.

18 thoughts on “Andualem Aragie and 4 others detained – video

  1. observer on

    Very disturbing News about detained polticians & journalists
    A person like Samuel Addis Alemayehu at AIGA Should comment about Weyane’s abusing the power rather than commenting about Eritera/IGAD.

    Clean your house first Samuel and likes.

    WE all know who is wolf-in-a sheep-skin.

  2. Andinet!!! on

    We saw civilan-Libians fought to remove a 42 years decayed authocrat-illitrate-savage Ghadaffi. I feel shame when I thought back to the strength of our ancestors to keep the sovereignty and freedom of our motherlands. Land-locked Ethiopia is still under disintegration, the people of Ethiopia are overwhelmed by hunger and fear environment. Patriotic Ethiopians are terrorists under the current Ethiopian law by force. But we are still pointing our fingers each other. I doubt there is heroism and courage for freedom in our heart. While the real Ethiopian went to jail, others lead their comfortable life. While the patriotic Ethiopians massacred by tyranny Meles , we are pointing our fingers each other. We Ethiopians, it is time to fight savage Meles who makes our country land-locked, it is time to fight Meles who sold our mother land, it is time to fight barbaric Meles who selectively exposed the Ethiopian to hunger, it is time to fight Meles who undermines and degrades the freedom and dignity of Ethiopian people.!!!

  3. EPRDF is going crazy, has no moral authority to lead Ethiopia any more.
    It is amazing to see a government so scared of its own people because of its own behavior.

  4. gizew derswal on

    it is time to got up and kick this blood sucker weyane
    meles chenawi is on paniq he is peeing on his daiper !! people it is time let’s hold hand together and fight this bucher for last !!!

  5. Ethiopia Review! you are such partial and egocentric and it is sad to see self proclaimed so called journalist without journalistic ethics. last time when Oromo political leaders was detained your approach was so low key and now look at you. Don’t get me wrong, Nega is my Favorite and rational person that we need to have on public media. this is yet another crack down on public voice and I am sick and tired of westerners supporting this brutal government.

  6. Engida on

    I think it is the beginning of a planned massive crackdown on potential protesters. Woyanes are waiting for the end of the month (Meskerem 22) to crackdown on targeted youngsters and opposition supporters. For anyone with the right mind September is the month when no popular activities, be it political or other, should be planned. Among all the 12 months, September is the month when people are most strapped financially after the huge expenses they make for the New Year and for children schooling. Therefore, by the end of September most Ethiopians will be striving very hard to make it to the next month. Therefore, no successful public protest can be made while people are very much occupied with the thought of surviving to the next month. Surprisingly, the so called ‘Meskerem 22’ protest call will not even allow people to get their monthly salary. Even calling a protest a week later (Meskerem 29) would have made sense. In addition, most people in the South and the Guraghes will be celebrating ‘Meskel’ on this time. When all this is considered, who will call a protest on Meskerem 22 other than Woyanes themselves. Of course, some well meaning innocent Ethiopians might have been duped by undercover Woyanes to make such a call. Whatever the case, calling people on Meskerem 22 for an all-out protest is a very crazy idea. Besides it will give Woyanes a good opportunity to stage a fake and weak protest that can easily be controlled while at the same time targeted individuals will be incarcerated. Every Ethiopian should warn people from making such woyane-planned protest. Meskerem is not the right month to make any political activity. Historically, it is the months of December, January and February when people can be mobilized for such actions.

  7. Boycott on

    Boycott everything what has to do with woyanes. Beginning with the Ethiopian Airlines.

    We can defeat woyane non violently by boycotting them

  8. Power abuse on

    All this is a sign of insanity and paranoia on the side of Meles and the rest of his TPLF thugs. It is very troubling that, the members of TPLF are on the mission to hurt many more innocent Ethiopians like these four law-abiding Ethiopian citizens for speaking and writing the truths. After the fall of the Egyptian, Libyan and Tunisian dictators, it is a given that Meles, his out of control wife and their criminal friends are worried to death of not knowing what is going to happen to their stolen money they have stashed around the world. I am afraid, woyannees are going to cause more bloodshed to protect their stolen wealth.
    As I was listening the interview Eskinder’s wife gave on VOA, I had a hard time stopping my tears. She said that Eskinder was very upset and asking the thugs who were arresting him: WHY? WHY? WHY are they doing this? and that he was very distraught.
    May God protect our four brave Ethiopian brothers who stand-up and speak-up for the 82 million voiceless Ethiopians.

  9. Eritreawi on

    Where is “Amnesty International”? Where is “Human Rights Watch”? Where is the US State Department? Where are the trio who call themselves “Champions of Human Rights when Melles is brutalizing unarmed civilians in broad day light? Oh I forgot…….they are too busy plotting to overthrow governments that don’t bow to their wishes.

  10. Mahbereselasie on

    I think the time has come all things looks like tplf is on the verge of colapse. Even the tigrian communities living in the other part of ethiopia has got escared. Aiga the tplf hard core narrow nationalist elements who are advocating the give away of land to sudan,has to come with the next course of action to save their darlling son from the dustbin of history. in related development, Seyoum Mesfin already has build a mansion in peking/china for meles residence and azeb mesfin has visited last week.

    Ethiopia shall servive.

  11. The woyyane (ethinic minority junta) is on the verge of colapse and they are desparate to curve the fementing public apprising like those just happened in Lybia and Yemen. They will do anything to survive kill, detain, bomb civilians and make Addis Ababa Bagdad if necessary and blame to the opposition and the govrnment of Eritrea for it.

  12. Ketema Lema on

    This is the time to bring the WRATH against TPLF ruling over Ethiopia. The Libyans got their freedom from a 42 years oppressive dictator, and Libyans are only 6 million people, but they fought like there is no tomorrow against well equipped regime. We are 80 million people, and TPLF are no more than 3 million people, they have been in power for twemty years. We can UPROOT them much faster than Libyans uprooted Gadafi and all the mercenaries.

  13. Atakilti on

    Let’s us not rush to judgment. We all are here thousands of miles away and all truthful facts do not arrive here on timely fashion. I don’t really know Ato Andualem but I have read several articles written by Eskinder on this or other similar websites. Some of his articles made sense and others the jury is still out for me to pass any judgment. He seems a man who believes in peaceful transformation of a society which is very paramount for a society like ours. So in his articles that attracted my attention, he seemed a peaceful man. But I am here thousands of miles away and I have decided to wait until I hear the details of what he is charged with. Chaos and anarchism are not far away from the doorsteps of our society and it is a proven fact that there are extremely hateful forces that are hatching harm to our peoples and country. It is my wish that this gentleman be released on bail right away until his case is decided by the court. I don’t think all of a sudden he has become a self-blowing jihadist working for Al-Qaeda or Al-Shabab. Like I said I don’t really know about the others and let’s wait until we hear the details.

  14. Ordofaa on

    This is why I told you all the following before. Here it is again:

    I tell you what!!! Let’s you and I do the following:

    Let’s start a united front to expose and denounce violence in its forms and pretexts. Let’s start or give an all round support to a group of humanity from the Oromo, Amhara, Afar and The Omotic People who will be committed to a peaceful founding of a true and unadulterated democratic republics with our peoples. Let’s call upon those groups who found romance with ‘liberation’ by guns to join us in renouncing bloody violence. Liberation by violence does not have a commendable history at all. Just look at what is going on back home and Eritrea? And just look back at what those ‘freedom’ fighters in Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Guinea-Bissau and Algeria have become? And before these freedom-fighters-turned thugs, we know what Mao, Stalin and Tito have done to their countrymen. They have become worse than their predecessors. Moa and Stalin used to stew up 25-30 million of their own countrymen just at one sitting. You can make one or two exceptions where former ‘freedom’ fighters who did not change their ‘democratic’ guerrilla uniforms into one-fits-all despotic outfits. That will be the American Revolution and possibly the current Libyan insurgency. I guarantee you that if there is not going to be a peaceful transition to our independence and we let things go the way some of these armed ‘liberation’ fronts want, they will be able to carve out regions for their own fiefdoms and therefore the mayhem and bloodbaths will continue. I strongly believe that we have more than enough level-headed and farsighted intellectuals among us who can make our independence day possible. No more violence!!! No more bloodshed!!!! Our precious youth has much better things to do than hatching murders. This is the way I am and what I strongly believe. Therefore, here I go again! My Independent Oromiyaa is coming!!!!! Your Amhara independent nation is coming!!!! Ogadenia, Afar and the Omotic Peoples!!! Your Independent Republics are coming!!! And they are all coming in 2014!!!!!!

  15. Woyanen Enatifaw on

    Based on the anti Ethiopianism and Ethiopia sentiment of Meles, it is impossible to bring change in Ethiopia with some sort E

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