Woyanne explains its recent wave of arrests – video

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  1. The are signs of disturbed regime and they don’t have a slight clue what the consequences of these types of allegations….I could safly say that Weyanes have run their course now it is just a matter of time …what is expected of Diaspora now to build on these arrestes and trigger a wider unrest-lets start from here by demonstrating infornt of Ethiopian embassies and bring the arrests of these demsocracy fighters to the frore front!

  2. This is very sickening There is inflation
    There is hunger
    There is anger
    There is no justice
    There is no truth to be told
    There is no hope
    There is no ownership!
    There is no value FOR THE Birr!

  3. habeshaw on

    Legesse Zenawi is after oromo and amhara. Ethiopia is becoming hell for those who are not from tigray. This is shame for all Amharas and Oromos. Can somenoe tell me when we say enough is enough or we have to wait for them to kill us all.

  4. Eskinder on

    I was just telling my 12 year old son, that Ethiopia’s Prime Minister has been in power for about 20 years. My son asked me why Ethiopians don’t elect another president like americans. I told him that we Ethiopians grew up being beaten by our parents for speaking up, so we always lie to please our superiors to survive. There are few Ethiopians who were raised, being told ‘tell the truth’.Eskinder Nega, Andualem Arage , Debebe Eshetu and et al. are a few of them.

  5. Topple Meles on

    We have enough evidences that Melese and his cronies deceive, manipulate, cheat, lie, rob and kill. There are no enough videos in the world to record the 20 years of crimes of woyannes. We don’t need a video to conform the ill treatments of Ethiopians by the illegitimate Melese government. What have been happening in Ethiopia in the last 20 years and in 2005 and 2010…What I hear and read about Ethiopia in everyday basis, what I observed when I was in Ethiopia a few years ago and a dictator that has given orders Ethiopians to be tortured, thrown in prison, and a regime that setup bomb and blew-up innocent Ethiopians just to blame it on the opposition group…is enough for me to know how inhumanly Ethiopians are treated day by day by the coldblooded dictator and his brainless and soulless thugs. Much, much worse things is being committed on Ethiopians in close doors than we can ever imagine. The only solution to stop the unspeakable crimes in Ethiopia is to find ways to get rid of the heartless monkey, period!

  6. Eritreawi on

    The “anti-terrorist Melles” is jailing, bombing and killing at will, I feel sorry for the helpless people of Ethiopia who are being labeled any kind of name by Melles and his henchmen while those who call themselves “opposition” are doing nothing but making noise.



    Here we go again, on another eye boggling denials by the shameless minority Ethiopian regime after embarrassed by a series of revelation from a secret US Embassy cables released by the whistle blower website Wikileaks.

    Yesterday, they issued a frantic ‘press statement’ with the usual denials and full of armature diplomatic languages concerning ‘two issues‘ raised on the Ethiopia Wikileaks files.

    The first issue that hits the nerve of the Addis Ababa junta was the release of the file that exposes the pattern and behavior of the Ethiopian security forces on how they plant bombs in the city then later blame on the opposition and neighboring Eritrea.

    Because this latest revelation is to their complete disadvantage specially at a time when they were seeking, in a frenzied campaign together with Susan Rice, for more severe economic sanctions on Eritrea under the pretext that Eritrea planned a terror bomb attack during an African Union summit last January in Addis Ababa.

    The report from a 2006 US Embassy cable reference id: #06ADDISABABA2708, said:

    “An embassy source, as well as clandestine reporting, suggests that the bombing may have in fact been the work of the Government of Ethiopia (GOE) security forces.”

    The Wikileaks report goes on,

    “A typically reliable information source contacted Post to report that” the bodies of three men found at the bomb sites were “men [who] had been picked up by police a week prior, kept in detention and tortured. He said police then left the men in a house and detonated explosives nearby, killing 3 of them.”

    This high profile US government report irrefutably witnessed the pattern and behavior of the minority regimes identical lies about a nearly identical “terrorist attacks” that are staged time and again in different parts of Ethiopia in the hope of getting some short-lived propaganda gains on its opponents by playing the blame game.

    However, this also raises some serious questions about the credibility of the recently released report by the UN Monitoring Group for Eritrea and Somalia which blames Eritrean and the OLF for the January bombing attempt at the African Union summit in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

    The second issue that makes the Addis Ababa junta a bit uncomfortable is the release of the file that exposes Zenawi’s ill advice to the Americans on the option of seeing an Al Bashir free Sudan.

    The January 30, 2009 report released by Wikileaks shows discussions that took place between Zenawi and Acting Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs Phil Carter and during the discussion, Zenawi told the officials that,

    “Toppling the government led by Sudanese president Omer Hassan al-Bashir would be the ideal scenario for Washington.”

    Zenawi then went on to wrap up his views by saying that,

    “If he [Zenawi] were the United States’ he would look at two options and the first one, which he clearly conveyed as the preferred choice would be “removing the Bashir regime.”

    However, in its funny denial press statement, the regime tried to downplay the word-to-word accounts of its leader’s discussion with US official on his desire to see the Bashir government gone. The statement went on to say,

    “The Prime Minster has repeatedly pointed out that Ethiopia opposes any regime change policy”

    It also goes on to say also,

    “The Government of Ethiopia has time and again declared its firm position that the responsibility of changing a sovereign government solely rests on the people of the respective countries, not on any other outside forces.

    Unless it is a statement designed as face saving to what amount to be its most embarrassing diplomatic blunders with Sudan, it is in fact in direct contradiction to the regimes recent similar calls for a regime change in Eritrea as well as its hurried recognition of the transitional national council in Libya that brought by NATO’s regime change policy.

    This is what Zenawi said a few weeks ago about his policy shift crap on Eritrea:

    “Ethiopia will continue to work to force the regime in Asmara to change its policies or failing that it will be prepared to change the government itself through any means at its disposal”

    To add some credence to its denials, the regime went on even further and accuses its master’s foreign policies principles.

    “In this regard, the Ethiopian government has a fundamental difference with the United States that sees regime change as an integral part of its foreign relation practices”

    The world has witnessed in recent years how the long destabilizing arm of Ethiopia created the worst humanitarian disaster in Somalia’s history and its continued destabilization efforts by arming and training disgruntled tribes against Eritrea and Somalia. However, the statement tried to paint a rosy color to the regimes undisputable acts of destabilization, interference and subsequent invasion of its neighbors as,

    “The Government of Ethiopia neither interferes with the internal affairs of its neighbors, nor does it cooperate with any external force that meddles in the domestic affairs of any of the regional states”

    The Meles Zenawi regime, true to its deceptive nature, can talk and pretends a lot more than this mere press statement can contain. However, the Wikileaks files on Ethiopia have exposed the Zenawi regime’s deceptions, lies and total disregard for the wishes and aspirations of the people of the region. It also shows the regimes contempt for Ethiopian lives.

  8. This looks like the Wayne plane
    1. Block any external media outlet other than the one we own. This will give us the freedom to do any atrocities outside the radar.
    2. Let’s jail any one that we think is a treat to our power by giving different flavors of accusations and the best one would of course be terrorism. By the way, let’s start this process right after blocking the external media outlets like VOA
    3. Now that we have blocked the Medias and arrested any potential threat to our power, Lets loot the country to its bones.
    4. This one is a paradox. If we kill the prisoners through torture or execution, we might face the pressure from the Ethiopians abroad and most importantly from the so called international community, if there is such a thing to be honest with you all. Therefore we don’t want to kill them but rather we will use them to our advantages as they will be a way of deflecting attentions for more sinister and deeper intentions than these people that we have in our custody.
    5. Now that we looted the country to its bones and we accomplished everything that we wanted to accomplish, Lets declare Mercy to our prisoners until we come up with other plane to exploit and robe the country.
    Conclusion: I really don’t believe this is anything about arresting these few people. Try to see the elephant in the bed room. The Weyane are up to something bigger and more sinister than these few people who in my mind are really irrelevant to them. These prisoners are really a gaming card to me. In light of these crack downs, what is the big elephant then because it certainly is not about few individuals who have never held a gun in their hands before? I think something is brewing here, something big, and while our eyes are bogged down on these , it is possible that they got the freedom to do something bigger and more evil.

  9. Bitweded Tsadike on

    The people are fed up because of the social, economic and political situation and the people follow also what is happening in North Africa and Arab countries … and people are saying, ‘When is our turn? When shall we go to the streets?’.The attitude is so strong in the country, in the people, soon it will explode, and the government is afraid of that, and by arresting political party members and leaders, the government thinks it will take precautionary measures against that.

    Amnesty International researcher Claire Beston said the London-based rights group had counted that 100 Ethiopian opposition members and five journalists have been arrested since March, all on terror charges.

    Two of them, both politicians, were arrested in August after Claire Beston and a colleague interviewed them about politically motivated arrests during a visit to Ethiopia. They were arrested the same day Claire Beston and her colleague were suddenly told by the government to leave the country.

    “I would say today to the Ethiopian government, ‘When is this going to end?’ Are they going to arrest every opposition politician and every independent journalist?” she said. “All the indications are that there is just a complete clampdown on all freedom of expression.” In a country where there is clampdown on all freedom of expression democracy can not exist . Without freedom of expression a country can not have unity and intellectuals can not contribute solutions to solve social, economic and political problems .

  10. Thanks to Aha! Still I want more explanations..
    This is weird. I was always asking myself why Woyanes discriminate journalists. I was trying to figure out what makes a journalist a terrorist and few others favorites of woyane.
    I partially got it now. You are acceptable to woyanes if you are able to be submissive and good in outrageous Journalistic Practices. Especially if you are acting as a marionette, delivering services, which gives woyane’s clique the righteousness by exposing poor farmers by putting words in their mouth and propagate success for the despots. This kind of journalism does put the life of those farmers in the hands of Woyanes mercy. If woyanes feel on the right, why don’t they allow for Example Ethiopian Review or EthioMedia and all non-conformist and objective news portals to do the same interviews instead of stamping them as terrorists and blocking their sites? Why don’t woyanes allow these journalists to do any investigative journalism in the country? Who will trust then someone like puppy benny! Who will accept his ugly and ordinary acts of anti-journalistic behavior…?
    Is not altering important information to convey misleading or false information (in this case, “interviews with victims of land grabbing in Ethiopia” by puppy) is a substantial and wide-ranging violation of core journalism, ethics, and a breach of the reader’s trust, unfair, dishonest, misleading, incompetent, and disrespectful?
    Why are the Ethiopian despots scared to allow true and objective journalists to come and do the same interview as “puppy” did? Why are woyanes panicking of people like Andualem Aragie, journalist Eskinder Nega, Zemenu Molla, Nathnael Mekonnen, Asaminaw Berhanu, Elias Kifle etc.. unless woyanes have something to hide? Where is woyanes confidence? Why do woyanes use such weak and corruptible individuals like “puppy benny” and the likes to be their journalistic ambassadors and third rated damage control mechanics of the cheapest kind? Woyanes are armed to the teeth with the most sophisticated weapons one can imagine of and are scared of people who have nothing other than their PEN, journalistic know how, and honesty? That is difficult for me to understand such a highly organized “government” that has nothing to “hide” is scared of a small PEN.
    Can someone explain that for me? It is above my imagination to comprehend such a freaky attitude of a “government!” like Woyanes! I know that good informative journalism can also be very dangerous and has repercussions to the perpetuators of criminal acts but still Woyane says they are on the good side then why scared… ?????? Please enlighten me…
    God save us from such irrational and greedy weirdo’s like Woyanes!

  11. Anonymous on

    It is crystal clear that this regime is severely suppressing the Amhara opponents than others. Unless the people make massive movement, there seems to be nothing stopping it from continuous suppression and harassment of any significant dissent.

  12. Buying time on

    You nailed it right on the head. Additionally, I heard the TPLF Embassies around the world are encouraging their ethnic group to bye more land in Gonder close to the land they have already taken from Gondar to expand the Greater Tigrea TPLF dreaming about. I heard that the farmers around that area are struggling for cash and they are forced to sell their land to survive. These farmers have no clue the reason why only Tigreas are buying their land around that area. I heard many properties in that area that are owned by Tigreas are all fenced and waiting for the right time to build. Some of you Gondares out there need to investigate this and inform your people, especially the land owners around that area.

  13. tazabi on

    Look the comment of Weyane’s Goverment official.What a joke!
    For weyane the defintion for Journalist is chaged to……..

    Source: Walta information:
    Commenting on Eskinder Nega’s arrest, an individual arrested this week along with the four opposition party members Shimeles said: “For all we know, Eskinder is not a journalist”. “No one knows for which media institution he works for”.

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