The latest round of repression cannot deter our struggle – ALEJE

STATEMENT from the Alliance for Liberty, Equality, and Justice in Ethiopia (ALEJE)

The latest round of repression by a desperate dictatorial regime cannot deter our resolve to struggle our freedom

The political behavior of Ethiopia’s ethnic minority regime and the economic and social stability of Ethiopia have been continuously deteriorating after the infamous May 2005 election. After yet another staged election in 2010, and especially after waves of demonstrations and protests rooted out dictators in North Africa, PM Meles Zenawi’s ethnic regime reduced itself into a small group of outlaws that use the legal system as a coer to round up dissenters and ship them to prison camps. In its futile attempt to prevent the inevitable, PM Zenawi’s dictatorial regime has literally stopped functioning as a state and has devoted the bulk of its time to evesdropping harassing, arresting, and killing otherwise law abiding citizens in the name of ‘terrorism’.

In the last two months, the brutal regime in Addis Ababa has detained and falsely charged foreign and domestic journalists, civil right activists, political party leaders and nationally notable individuals. For example, Woubshet Taye of the Awramba Times, Reeyot Alemu of Feteh newspaper, Bekele Gerba of the Oromo Federal Democratic Movement, Oblana Lelisa of the Oromo People’s Congress and the two Swedish journalists from the Kontinent News Agency are some but few of the recent victims of Ethiopia’s restrictive and equivocal counterterrorism law. All of the above individuals including the two Swedish journalists were detained and condemned with fabricated charges and under the pretext of working with or for ‘terrorist’ organizations.

Alliance for Liberty, Equality, and Justice in Ethiopia (ALEJE) has been closely following political developments in Ethiopia, and political and economic conditions in Ethiopia have never been as scandalous and as hostile as they are now. Last week Ethiopia’s panicky regime took its absurdity one step further to the edge and arrested Ethiopia’s most talented actor and political activist Debebe Eshetu on allegations of link to ‘terrorist’ organizations. Arresting and torturing citizens in Ethiopia is a normal business of Meles Zenawi’s regime. Few days ago the regime has also arrested Eskinder Nega, the prominent journalist, Andualem Aragie, UDJ Vice President and Head of Public Relations , Zemenu Molla, VP of AEDP, Natnaiel Mekonnen, Asaminew Berhanu , Council members of UDJ. However, in the case of the recent mass arrest of political leaders and distinguished individuals, more than the arrest itself, the charges brought against them and the reasons behind the arrest are surprising, baseless, and ludicrous.

ALEJE strongly believes that the Tunisian street vendor who burned himself to death is not that different from millions of young Ethiopians that endure daily humiliations of ethnic slurs, extreme poverty, soring food prices, and mental and physical abuse. ALEJE together with other political parties and civic organization urges the Ethiopian people to rise against Zenawi’s dictatorship and stop the humiliation of citizens and the bleeding of our nation.

The purpose of the politically motivated arrests and false accusations of the last few months is clear and simple; it is to instill fear in the mind of change seeking Ethiopians. In fact, fear has always been the driving force behind everything the TPLF regime does. However, regardless of what the regime does at this point of time; ALEJE strongly believes that the days of ethnic supremacy and domination in Ethiopia are numbered, and the people of Ethiopia have determined to make 2004 the last year of dictatorship in Ethiopia. At this historical juncture and decisive moment, ALEJE wants to remind the Ethiopian people that the desperate attempt of Zenawi’s regime to bid for time is no different from Mubarak’s and Gaddafi’s last minute cry and machinations to extend their grip on power. After more than 20 years of living under one of Africa’s worst dictator, ALEJE believes that now it is about time for all democratic forces to stand together and bring and end to Zenawi’s ethnic dictatorship.

Let us rise up in unison to win our freedom!

Victory for the people of Ethiopia!

ALEJE Member Organizations:
Ginbot 7 Movement for Justice, Freedom and Democracy
Afar People’s Party (APP)
Ethiopian Unity and Justice Movement (EUJM)

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4 thoughts on “The latest round of repression cannot deter our struggle – ALEJE

  1. Tezibt on

    Come on guys, are you hallucinating ? Talk about your self and don’t you dare the to compare and contrast the arab revolt with the Ethiopian struggle for freedom. A Tunisian individual burned himself to death because he couldn’t allow himself to be humiliated. For me, that Tunisian is as brave as Aste Teodros of Mekdela. Do we even have people like that ? I am not from Nigeria or some remote land. I am from Ethiopia. Is there a hunger for revolution in Ethiopia ? If so are there future martyrs in the country ? Do we really need a revolution in Ethiopia ? If so, do we have the right kind of recipe to perform it. ?
    My view is that first we work on the recipe before we even waste out time to rise up. Rise up against who ? The system that has crippled us for generations or the few knuckle head individuals who are currenttly abusing their power ? First of all the same people who are the culprits of the mess in Ethiopia are the once that are blocking the use from any activities because the have been in the political arena for 40 or so years and they don’t want to retire. The youth is really the candle that will light any revolution. 2 years from now I know I will here the same garbage with no result because we are not ready to change a corrupt system that has crippled our country for generation but we tend to be gun ho to score grudges with this useless corrupt regime officials. Is this a cursed land or what ?

  2. Andnet on

    Where are the mighty Ethiopian essay writers such as Fikre Tolossa, Alamayehu G Mariam, Fekade Shewakena and others? Instead of contesting to be the smartest kid in the cyber space, you guys need to be real now. You have the moral obligation to throw all your priorities by writing influencial letters to the spinless and bonless Obama and to each member of the U.S. congress and senate. You also have to write a persuasive letter to the Woyane lover, Hilary Clinton in order to convince her that she has to be to the side of the Ethiopian people in our struggle to uproot the minority apartaid regime in Ethiopia.

    5% of uneducated, barbaric and backward minorities shoud not keep on terrorizing the other 95% of the Ethioian population by force. We have the capacity to dry the source of the money that is flowing from the American government to the aparthaid regime in Ethiopia.

  3. Abiy Adi on

    Yes we have to be ready to pay the ultimate sacrifice,for justice,law and order,and the well being of our people.The one man absolute rule of Marshal Legese against our people need to end.We should not sit by and let him take us one at time.We have to join victims in the struggle against the Nazi and communits hybride philosopy of Melse against Ethiopians.We need to accept the fact that Melese has put our citizens in a police state aginst their will.
    For now he may think he is in controle of the situation,in reality he is not.In the moment of stress and strain he will quickly find out other powers and individuals ,within his rank,will come to the fore to alter the course of events.He cant and must be not absolutly confident about the army and agazi he is in command of.I do believe in such a timne as this some where some juniour soldgure or a group of rank soldures will come to the fore to make history,by paying what is due to the perpetrators.

  4. Tezibt on

    Can’t tell you how tired I am of rhetoric that is bloating my stomach and sending a chill down my spine. Please everyone, first look at the mirror and check who needs change.

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