OBEDIENCE to Tyrants due to Absence of Self-Confidence

Some people prefer to hand control of their lives over to the regime. They may feel inadequate to make their own decisions. After decades of authoritarian rule or other forms of oppression, people may lack self-confidence in their ability to make change. This develops mainly from a lack of decision-making experience and limited opportunities for developing alternative leadership… [read more]

4 thoughts on “OBEDIENCE to Tyrants due to Absence of Self-Confidence

  1. No doubt that wayyne is oromo last attempt to stays on power. The people and all political organizations have to stand together putting their difference. Look for common ground, that can be solve throw dialog. It time to hunt a gang criminal wayyane not each others. Last stand together and put thois dog’s where it blogs.

  2. Yebekaw on

    One rather extreme option that is circulating around activists is to simply assassinate tyrants. This would be far more cost effective than a war and would seem to be morally justified.
    Of course, there are the concerns that doing this would result in hostility towards the West and that killing one tyrant would merely pave the way for another (or chaos).

    However, there is a certain appeal in ridding the world of the wicked and it is easy enough to kill anyone. After all, tyrants are just humans and a single well placed shot or knife will kill them easily enough.

    If potential tyrants realized that the reward of their tyranny would be death, then they might be less inclined to become tyrants. This is, after all, the logic of deterrence that states employ in their justification of punishment. What is sauce for the goose should also be sauce for the gander.
    Please comment on this.

  3. Yewoinshet on

    Selfless action is needed . We need to do the right thing . It might bring discomfort and pain in the short run but we have to keep our attention on the result on the long run and do whatever it requires to bring freedom . Rather than living a life of shame and being treated inhumanely we need to stand up raise funds and try both non-violent and violent ways of revolution all together . The elderly and the kids can get engaged in the civil disobedience while the rest can engage in violent revolution .

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