Disappeared Ethiopian athletes found in South Africa

By Paul Fauvet

(IOL) – The 15 Ethiopian athletes who disappeared from the Games Village last week at the All-Africa Games in Maputo, Mozambique, have been found in South Africa, according to the Mozambican police.

The spokesman for the General Command of the police, Pedro Cossa, told reporters that all the fugitive athletes are currently in South Africa, and that a Mozambican, whom he named only as Jorge, has confessed to helping them cross the border in exchange for $300 to $400 per athlete.

Cossa said the police suspect that this man, who is trained in international relations, has a long track record of trafficking people over the border into South Africa. He claimed that Jorge had been in contact with an individual inside South Africa (whom he did not name) who made arrangements to receive the Ethiopians. The disappearance of the Ethiopians was announced on September 14 by the games organising committee (COJA).

The head of the Ethiopian mission himself had informed COJA that 15 of the athletes had vanished from the village, but no names were released. COJA informed the police and immigration authorities, but by this time it was likely that the Ethiopians were already in South Africa.

Ninety-six Ethiopian athletes attended the games, and between them they won 28 medals (six gold, 10 silver and 12 bronze). – Independent Foreign Service

9 thoughts on “Disappeared Ethiopian athletes found in South Africa

  1. tezibt on

    I don’t blame them. If they were good they would make money. This is sport for immigration to a better life, like me.

  2. Good for them, freedom from dictatorship.
    The defection tells a lot about the situation in Ethiopia.

  3. Shame on you, at this time your country is on the middle of transformation to eradicate poverty onece for all. she need you, where you going with this young age? to give your energy to those rich south african white companies. big mistake huge,now join kinjit(KIMICHIT)TO TALK AND TO SEE THE DISTRACTION OF YOUR COUNTRY.if you need to mave out of the country,you can do it any time on the future and return back.but now you left one way. (DROM LIKISKIS HULA,MLAS YEBEZABET AGER)THANK YOU GOD BLESS THE NEW ETHIOPIA

  4. No faith in woyannies on

    You are simply laughable. Look what woyannies are doing to Ethiopians like Eskinder and the likes of him who decided to live in Ethiopia. Give me a break! I wish my Ethiopian brothers and sisters all the best, now they can speak freely for the voiceless and oppressed Ethiopians. They should be elated for achieving their dream to live somewhere without fear and loss of their lives. All the best to them and congratulations!

  5. Jovira! on

    Look! Obviously this guy, [#6] is some kind of TPLF lackey, a weird regime in Ethiopia… but everyone who really believes something positive will come out of the policy of the “regime” is simply obscene or imbecile or both.

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