BBC follow up on Meles Zenawi’s atrocities in Ethiopia (video)

BBC follows up on its investigative report that exposes torture, including the burning of women, the use of food aid as a weapon of oppression and other crimes against humanity by the U.S.-financed apartheid brutal dictatorship in Ethiopia. In the report, British aid official Andrew Mitchell tries shamelessly to coverup the Woyanne crime. Watch the report below.

28 thoughts on “BBC follow up on Meles Zenawi’s atrocities in Ethiopia (video)

  1. This is just little fraction of the reality….the worst of the brutal meles regime is not still untouched…death to the racist meles and his follower victory to poor ethiopian mothers,brothers,sisters and fathers…thank a lot BBC…

  2. Anonymous on

    Thanks for sharing Elias, I expect this is only the beginning of GoE’s true characters (reality) surfacing western medias. Thanks BBC for voicing the millions of voiceless children and women, true journalism is prevailing!

    Berhanu CA

  3. shame on the officer…he couldn’t even be able to answer the questions from brave news man…..woyane as usual has filled him with a conspiratorial info.

  4. Tadias on

    The Tigray Liberator Meles is in real panic. He knows more than the sheepish followers that things are not as good as he portrays them in public. The Tigray Liberator Meles is sweating that unless a miracle of economic magic makes things better, he knows that the countdown for his end is fast approaching. The Tigray Liberator Meles knows that he can only survive with miracle as the country is pregnant with the uprising and revolt that is counting its day. The Tigray Liberator Meles knows that all pregnancies come to an end and Ethiopia’s is knocking the door. The Tigray Liberator Meles is in nightmare as he might fall down before Isayas falls and this is the worst of all his fears. The Tigray Liberator can’t stop time and he can’t stop water from flowing downhill. The Tigray Liberator is trying hard to make the river flow up the mountain when the end is unstoppable. BEKA…

  5. denden on

    It is the usual reply from the minister. The west has consistantly supported a leader who suited their ideology regardless of whta happnes to the poor. They later claim our aid is working,we have seen it before and now happening sonothing new! the west should wake up they could not use wise words to cover the evil acts, I urge British people to question their leaders how they are handling their forieng affairs.
    Time and again the British governemrnt be it labour and conservative or caolition regard less who is in power support killer leaders it is good for them as long as they don’t nparticipate in killing all is good, but western politicians accept it your hands are drenched in the blood of the poor women and children simply you are killers!!!

  6. This dumb by the name andrew mitchell is really weird and really funny who is pretending to justify his absolutely wrong dees which is financing a tyran that terrorizes the nation starting from day one by the cost of 80 million Ethiopians. For your information your so called help for the poor is a joke you are strengthning your loyal servant (Zenawi)who is getting all gudances either from your govt or tne c.i.a
    that enable him to get the position with out no knowledge of the Ethiopian people,this is 2004 Ethiopian calendar the guy whom you call prime minister (AND A THIEF BY 95% ETHIOPIANS)will dissapear before this year ends and i dont know if you know it that he will face justice in den hague as we are having millions of proofs in hand of his day to day attrocities for the last 20 years.

  7. Anonymous on

    The begining and the end of Meles and his boss Bereket are approaching! Thanks to wikileaks all of Meles and his boss Bereket Simon manhood had been exposed to the wide world: a manhood of pimping and prostituting for the western world or, “MY BEHIND FOR THE WEST AND MOUTH FOR THE EAST”

  8. Ewnatu on

    Dear PM Meles Zenawi,
    Please stop for little bit and start thinking . Trust me time is running out for you. Realease all political prisoiners ASAP. Still there is a chance for reconcilation. Ethiopian are willing to forget what happend the last 20 years if you start going to the right direction. If you do that you will have peace and you will live among your people after you leave office.

  9. Andrew Mitchell is acting like Meles’ cadre! Maybe he wants the cooperation of Meles’ regime to help Ethiopians, but he needs not to literally lie about what has been happening in Ethiopia. That’s shamefull!

  10. Abiy Adi on

    Legese is a remotely controlled robot to the twin brothers: U.S and Great Britain. He is their token errand boy; if they want him to do anything he will readily obey. He is their go for.. It is an established fact Legese rose to power by being docile servant every step of his way.Sudan,Libia,Egypt,Somaila ,all at one time or another, rode on his back as donkey. This servant spirit eventually paid off, not only it him brought him to the center of power, but also gained him friends in high places who go great length to cover his crimes. In the end, the Legese survival strategy is simple serve the western masters and you can get away with almost anything that deals to Ethiopians. An anti dote to this strategy is Unity, based on lasting principle. The moment all Ethiopian opposition parties agree to stand on this cardinal principle. It will be an end to all controversial foreign support to the racist TPLF, as well as an end to her subjugation. Kenfer memtet meftehea aydelem, we must unite to remove TPLF.

  11. Ironic on

    Andrew Mitchell
    needs to be educated about Ethiopia and the system of Ethiopia before coming out and mumbles on eloquently and clear question posed to him by BBC reporter. I was quiet pleased when the reporter asked Andrew if he went the place to invigoration for which he hasn’t got clear response.
    the fact is his so called independent investigators are Led by Ethiopian pro government to the places that forgone and prepared by the government itself. All of us should write to the office of Andrew Mitchell to remind him that the fact has been distorted with distorted information retained.

  12. Liar liar pants on fire!
    It is an everyday reality to see bigotry when it comes to the attitudes of some western politicians about events in Africa where a minister rationalizes facts with his “African terms” insult! It is good for him that Vagabonds like Melles bully the Ethiopian people as long as it is not in a mass scale as it was in Cambodia!! Shame on you Mr. Minister.
    Let us assume that this interview was done in Ethiopia with Vagabond Melles or his cronies on ETV. What do you think will happen to the journalist who came with the idea to ask such question and interview? Please take few seconds of your time and think over it! People are being arrested and harassed and stamped as terrorists for thinking or for thoughts in their mind. Yes, they can bully you also for your thoughts and what is in your mind!
    PS: It is also worth to watch how vagabond and demagogue Melles was stuttering when confronted by Journalist Abebe Gellaw at the World Economic Forum on Africa, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.
    More power to the Ethiopian youth!

  13. Gebre Meskel on

    The problem is not only the Ethiopian government but the British government aid officials who are extremely corrupt. I deliberately visited some of them in their fancy offices in Addis. Blinded by corruption, they are full of contempt for any national or Diaspora individual that challenges their operation in the country. One of them even threatened to report me to the PM’s office when I asked him a simple question. These expatriates have direct and immediate access to the secret security machinery.

    The minister should not depend on the reports of his officers in Ethiopia who are part of the the problem. Even shoe-shine girls and boys know and tell how corrupt those officers are. I believe the minister should have dispatched independent investigators, not his own officers who themselves are accused of corruption.

  14. Is the West allies with Ethiopia or not? If so, is our alliance different than Europe and U.S? Why allow democracy with eachother but when it comes to Ethiopia, it needs dictatorship? Why do we need their help in the fist place? They have succeeded in making us dependent (to sell arms, etc) using TPLF agents.

    Andrew Mitchell sounds angry when he answered questions, this is one technique when people lie they sound angry to prevent the interviewer from further asking dangerous questions. The great reporter caught him in a lie! BBC investigated later what the so called Andrew Mitchell said and found what he said not to be true. I suggest we should go protest at the so called Mitchells’s office. Lying indicates the West is in full support of TPLF regime in suppressing Ethiopian people. If we are true allies of the West then see us as the same level as you and we don’t need any aid even now and let us emanciapte ourselves. The criediblity of the West is dwindling through lies regarding Ethiopia that is.

  15. “He who conceals his disease cannot expect to be cured.”
    As journalist, disguised agent “puppy ben” is intensifying his captious campaign against those who are opposing land grabbing and poor farmers in our country. In his latest grotesque article proudly presents his master work with the opening statement
    “We Report, You Judge (By: EthiopiaFirst Editor) – As we may have been following in the news, on Aug 4th BBC aired a flawed documentary tarnishing Ethiopia’s image (Refer to: Ethiopia ‘using aid as weapon of oppression’). Those lies were exposed by EthiopiaFirst’s investigation titled: “EthiopiaFirst’s Investigation Exposes BBC’s deceit.”
    He seems to miss the latest scandalous BBC follow up interview with Andrew Mitchell
    My judgment to puppy ben’s article is: “THE WITNESS OF A RAT IS ANOTHER RAT…”
    Ye Ayiț misikirua Dimbiț!

  16. Atakilti on

    If this is all true, I am sure things that went wrong will be corrected. And some of this bad behavior can also be the work of few overzealous individuals.
    In the meantime, we should also understand that BBC has been suffering from a chronic ratings downturn for the last ten years. It has become a victim of the new social network media such as tweeter and facebook. People are getting hot-off-the-press news about anything that concerns them from these sources. It is also paying the price for its own blunders. It is desperately looking for sensational stories. In Ethiopia, it is looking for another Jonathan Dimbleby gatcha story. I doubt its story is from good intentions. I see them as a bunch of leftist knuckleheads. They are pissed off because their previous story about a misuse of humanitarian aid they alleged happened in the 80’s was outright discredited. They are looking for a sudden ‘I told you all so’ story. I will wait until further details comes out from 3rd parties which do not include USA bashing Amnesty International.

  17. Temesgen on

    This Offical(Andrew Mitchell) is speaking the language of Meles.
    He said ” We bringdown malintrution by 50% for the last 20 years”
    What a shame?

  18. The Patriot! on

    To Atakilti,
    Atakilti, don’t be a bore with your let’s wait slogan. Wait for what? Until those who haven’t filled their pockets fill up their bank accounts or do you want that, the people of Ethiopia simply wait for Godot.
    If you are genuine and mean it serious what do, you say when one man is sitting on power twenty years long and says the same thing repeatedly, wait and give us time? Even if you think he is doing the right politics which justification, does he have to stay on power twenty years long uninterrupted? Do you believe that such behavior is productive and beneficial to the improvement of our political culture and society to develop? Even if you take it on the ethnic line, are you telling me that there are no other intelligent people in tigray good enough to substitute melles at all? Again, going on the ethnic line is that not an insult to the whole Tigray population that only one person within the whole region is capable enough to be on power.
    Where are all those initiators and true heroes of the struggle of tplf today? In Exile and assassinated. What are you talking about Atakilti? Do you have to apologize unfairness at all costs because the dictator by chance happened from tigray region regardless of the quality of leadership he has?
    For your information’s, there are many patriots from tigray region who are as angry and disappointed as any other Ethiopian from other regions are. There are many Ethiopians who happened are from the region of tigray that are embarrassed and angry that certain cliques and Mafiosi’s are using them (people of tigray) as hostages, tools and shields to facilitate their corrupt and dirty work.
    Many Ethiopian patriots from the region of Tigray are openly fighting against tyranny in Ethiopia. The people of tigray in general benefits as good as nothing as the Amharas masses benefitted in the past. Go to the Amhara regions and see their developments they benefitted to this day! literally nothing. However, people tend to create a myth saying that they were the greatest beneficiaries of all the goodies of past regimes!!!????? From what I know, they in reality are the least developed regions and remained as debelo lebash. Except the few, the same is true also with Tigreans dear Atakilti!
    How often would our hero the Martyred King of Kings Emperor Yohannes IV be turning in his grave when he sees all the high treason acts of the brutal dictators selling part of our country to the same people our Emperor fought against and was martyred and beheaded?
    Dear Atakilti if you are serious and are concerned as an Ethiopian (not as a person from a region called tigray if you are one at all!) then wake up think over your way of seeing events in Ethiopia.
    I know there are many imposters and agents who are trying to create confusions and are deliberately spreading poisonous and divisive comments making the whole criminal acts as Tigrean versus the rest of Ethiopia. We should not fall on such divide and survive tactics. We have to be able to differentiate and stay above these sorts of wicked elements.. They do not have very many chances any way!
    God bless our youth!

  19. Adanech on

    Regardless what the British government offical said, the bbc investigation report is true. The british and other countries aid money given to the poor ethiopian people through the woyane regime is not working. Most of the aid money[about 65%] is stolen and distribute to the woyane officials and also to their supporters. According to the woyane shifta regime these is fair because they came to Addis Ababa to rob the ethiopian people. The non-woyane Tigreans are also suffering from the regime, in-fact we can say the whole east africa people are suffering from the two evil woyane and shaebia regimes. We hope that we will be liberated from these two evil regimes in this ethiopian year 2004.

  20. Chonbe Mekoyete on

    This worthless guy called Andrew Mitchell is a lier a phoney person, in fact he is a Woyane lover. He knows what exactly the Woyane criminal groups are doing in Ethiopia with British tax payers’ money. As long as the Woyanes are keeping the dirty job in Somalia fighting against Alshabe, Mitchell does not care whether the Woyanes arrest, torture, murder innocent civilians in the Ogaden and Oromiya regions in Ethiopia.

    Not only Andrew Mitchell, but also Hilary Clinton and the spinless U.S. president Obama are Woyane lovers. They are 100% behind this hated and tyranical regime in Ethiopia. Unless and otherwise the people are united to overthrow these blood thiristy criminal minority regime in Ethiopia, change does not come that easily.

    So, forget the west, they are the ones who are supplying weapons and giving the training to the minority blood thirsity mafia gangs to terorize civilians in Ethipia.

  21. What the western people and leaders do not understand about African leaders
    1/ Our guys do not know how to respect and negotiate with their own people us all
    2/ Their way is always, my- way or the high –way when it comes to any kind of discussions
    3/ They are not human enough to understand e.g. like human right, free society, democracy
    Because they have lived in the jungles for so long they have forgotten that they are human being. Also because of their confused being they would not let go of what they got on their hands unless they see blood. May my God save Ethiopians from anymore blood shading. . Enough is enough Ethiopians shade so much blood sort to say this but it is true in the hall north Ethiopia, Tigri and Eritera this is fact I am a witness since my grandfathers and till know.
    I would say boldly Ethiopians have been a modern society since ‘biblical’ time. Truly, truly I like the attitude of my people. No more monkey games. We can talk and talk till no drop of blood of innocent, soft and kind people. In fact as a Christian Christ is my example. He did not kill or harm anyone but He had to die like a criminal beside criminals. So don’t worry enough blood has been shade for Ethiopia now the time is near. Be strong your dreams will come true.

  22. Dagmawi on

    The british people’s tax payers money is misused by the woyane regime. This is a big mistake made by the british government. But it is not only this, Oxford university offered a scholarship to the doughter of a multi millionaire Azieb Mesfin[Ethiopia’s first lady of corruption]. What kind of teaching is this? Even by british standard Azieb Mesfin is a very rich woman. This is another mistake! So the british governmet has to listen to the BBC and stop helping the tyrant woyane regime.

  23. Andrew Michel is one the official who were bribed to lie. Otherwisw with the information available to the public from different source including the European Union and diplomatic community, on this and the 2005 election, how come some body in the west expect and say 99.6% election win was right. He did not try to refrain from saying yes it was right, he just said it with confidence that may have arised from the bribe he recieved from Melese agents. Shame Andrew again, you don’t deserve your position as minister of a democratic country like UK. There is no such history for individual to win this percentile in the world except in action like what Melese did. This is an insult to all Ethiopians including 193 killed in Addis Ababa and shame to the British government to have a person like you on bahalf the UK government. Many British solders were killed in Iraque and other part of the world for democratic cause and you lie like nothing happened in Ethiopian election.

  24. Atakilti on

    Dear Patriot!!

    I appreciate your comment and your explanation. It is my strong personal conviction that any differences in opinion or ideology should be put out there so the public can mull on them. My explanation was brief. The reason why I want to wait for more material is because of my experience with the BBC. They have acted irresponsible in the past for their unfounded allegations on a few issues. Also, they have been hemorrhaging with a decline in listeners and there fore ratings continuously for the last 10 years. They are looking for their ‘hidden gem’ of a sensation that may raise lost status. But they failed so far and will continue to fail. It is an era of Tweeter and Facebook. People get hot-off-the-press news that concerns them for these social gatherings. Also, CNN has been eating their lunch since 1991. They went along with proven terrorists such as OLF and ONLF in publicizing the ‘exploits’ of these Amhara/Tigray hating bigots. These two have blood of innocent civilians in their hands. One of the leaders of OLF has admitted that such callous killings have happened in the past. And it is still happening. Just go on the websites of these two gatherings of muddle heads to read some of their communiqués. They call it military communiqués!! How can anyone justify killings of peaceful and innocent oil field workers? How can one justify the killings of poor, way dirt poor Amhara farmers in Bedeno, Arba Gugu and Assosa area? Some of them still brag about these murderous acts. I will not associate myself with any group who has teamed up with these thugs.
    In the affairs of my country, I don’t lie to you by saying everything is perfect. But I do strongly believe that a lot for the good of the people have been done so far and much needs to be done henceforth.

    I also hear a lot about alleged loots from the country’s coffers by the leaders of the regime including the Prime Minister. The allegations include stories of mansions bought by these leaders with looted money in Europe and USA. I would like to know by whom and where. I invite you to join me in asking individuals and groups in the Diaspora to publish the addresses of such properties. It is my strong conviction that such properties (if any) are the properties of the Ethiopian people and should be exposed to public. I, with God being my witness, will go out there with you to picket in front such properties. If there are any such properties bought with proven looted money from the Ethiopian people, I will personally send a letter to the US Attorney General, His Excellency Eric Holder asking him to be investigated. I have this same question before, the response I got was personal insults calling me ‘Ag’me’ ‘you TPLF this and TPLF that’. In fact, one of them tried to track me down may be to do harm to myself or my family. And that is not right and will not help to solve our differences. But we have to be very careful with such list so innocent and legitimate owners will not be targeted for investigation, because poor countries also can have legitimate rich people. In times of Emperor Haile Selassie we have legitimate rich individuals such as Mamo Catcha, Molla Maru and others like them who enriched themselves the old fashioned way – through hard work.

    I also hear other allegations about millions have been forced to die in hunger and hundreds of thousands have been extra-judicially executed by the orders of the Prime Minister and his closest allies in the government. Individuals and groups who have made such allegations must have a well-documented evidence where and when it happened. ‘Millions’ and ‘Hundreds of thousands’ are of biblical proportion. I have not read any identical allegations in the US State Department or the European Union annual human rights reports before. And these countries would have been there in our country by now and dealing the government telling blows already. One should observe caution when using mega-terms such as ‘genocide’ and ‘mass killings’. It should be verified by a third party. And none of these allegations were ever confirmed by a third party. And one more very important assurance from me is that I will never, ever believe such allegations leveled by proven terrorist groups such as OLF and ONLF.

    Dear Mr. Patriot. I know this request from me will get me in hot water with some of these extremist elements in the Diaspora. They will go on their usual binge of calling me derogatory names as they have done in the past – ‘Ag’me this and Ag’me that’, Woyane this and Woyane that, TPLF this and TPLF that’. I don’t expect you to stoop that low in calling me names with intentions of using such terms as tools of ethnic slurs. Thank you and I look forward to your response.

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