Dr Fisseha Tekle-Wold passed away

We are shocked and deeply saddened to learn the news about the sudden passing away of Washington DC area prominent Ethiopian physician Dr Fisseha Tekle-Wold this week.

Dr Fisseha went to Ethiopia a few days ago to visit her family and had suddenly fallen ill and died, according to family members.

Dr Fisseha is a much-loved and respected figure in the Ethiopian community.

The Ethiopian Review team extends its condolences to the family of the beloved doctor.

55 thoughts on “Dr Fisseha Tekle-Wold passed away

  1. My condolences to her family! she was a beautiful women and a role model to all of us! She took care of all of our children and went out of her way to make sure the children had all that was needed. She will be missed! This is very sad news! We must all remember her beauty, grace, strenght and support to all mother! May she rest in peace

  2. Atakilti on

    May God Rest Her In Peace!!!!

    This is not the first time I heard such type of sudden death among our Diaspora after or during a trip back home or after arrival there or after returning here. There is so much research medical articles written by experts about the ramifications of a long flight. I think it is an excellent contribution if medical experts in our Diaspora post their advise on this and other websites.

    My family and I would like to send our sincere sympathy to the family of departed.

  3. Anonymous on

    she has raised a lot of ethiopian toddlers,kides,children,youth,and college grads,doctors.she has a touch of a grand ma,or st.mary .she cures not only the kids but the whole family.she was a counselor and a hope to a broken home.she was our hut and unconditional DOCTOR MOM.what is left?
    we miss you
    ris our dear HAKIM!
    NATY & ABE

  4. Kibrework on

    I am deeply saddened by the passing of Dr. Fesseha T. Wold. She was my high school class mate. She was a hard working and a brilliant student with a jovial personality. She became a doctor and served her community with great dedication. She will be greatly missed. I send my condolences to her family and pray that her soul rest in peace.

  5. Samson on

    Heartfelt condolence!

    This is besides the main SAD issue but I understood that the name, “Fisseha” is male’s name in Ethiopia but here it is a female’s name?

    Additionally, the issue of poisoning and sudden deaths as one of the parochial local political instruments of warfare have now become an open secret as has been experienced at the Adama University, a master crime which all of us have been absolutely silent and by doing that endorsed the crime itself, and that educational institution soon being to be headed by a retired foreign professor from Korea who might also over see the building and implementation of the drone project that may not address the suffering of the Ethiopian subjects, including banishment and refugeeism of Ethiopian doctors and professors.

  6. Anonymous says on

    I am very shocked to read about Doctor Fesseha Teklewold, she was a great, caring and beautiful inside out human being.
    Some one introduce me with Doctor Teklewold 27 years ago.

    I am realy shocked, My condolences to her family, we realy lost a great human being, rest her soul.

  7. No faith in woyannies on

    My deepest sympathy to her family, friends and Ethiopian community in DC. I don’t know her personally, but I’ve heard of how Ethiopians who live in DC depend on and trust her. Let’s hope it is a natural death. I’ve been wondering why lately our well known and loved Ethiopian artists, religious leaders and other Ethiopian assets as Dr. Fisseha dying suddenly.

  8. She was my doctor when I first came to America when I was 3 and when I was about to go to college when I was 18. Now I am about to get married and move away from the DC area, and one of the first people I wanted to invite outside my family was Dr. Fisseha. May God bless her soul, for she was a role model for so many young Ethiopia women.

  9. Abiy Adi on

    I have not known Dr. Fisseha personaly,but I find the news very disturbing. From what I read she was a great citizen and that many testify to her charitable work. That is what each one of us need to be contributing, if not, before we know it death will catch up on us. May the deceased rest in peace. May also the LORD comfort the family as they grieve this tragic lose.

    Commenting outside the issue Atakilti and Samson seem to suggest they have inkling of an idea about the circumstances of her death. They both gave different explanations: interesting hint.

  10. messay on

    OMG…i can’t belive ohhhhh… she was my kids doctor. we miss u…. May God Rest Her In Peace.

  11. I love you, and thank you for being there for me when I needed you the most. I am going to miss you so much. Rest in peace.

  12. Alemitu on

    Where exactly did she go in Ethiopia? Because I’m wondering whether there was any kind of faul played in her death

  13. Joachim/Eyakem A's Family on

    10. Eyakem A’s Family
    Since our new son was born, we had served by wonderful beloved Dr.Feseha Teklewold.She was not only children’s doctor but also a great councilor for the parents.She used to call our son “Eyakemabuki”. Our son and we parents are deeply saddend by the passingof Dr. Fisseha Tekle Wold. God rest her in peace

  14. Anonymous on

    rip Dr. Feseha. the circumstances of her death is questionable. one weyane by the name Atakilti rushed to blame it on the long flight. is he trying to cover up something?

  15. Anonymous on

    How old is she? Cause of death? Any family members lived by?
    All these should be included in such reports.

  16. Anonymous on

    Big loss for the community and the country, too.

    There is a prophecy for Washington, D.C and California:

    አዬ ጉድሽ ዲሲ: አዬ ጉድሽ ካሊፎርኒያ
    እግዚሃብሔር ይሁንሽ: እግዚሃብሔር ይሁንሽ::

    Prayer, Soul Searching, Repentance,
    Contemplation are the answers.

    There are high percentage of “Sudden death”, which ostensibly
    means succumbing to cardiovascular diseases, taking place
    among Ethiopians, who, like the Indians and other Asians, have
    narrow blood vessels and are unaccustomed to the havy and ubiquitous
    fats of the west.


  17. Negesti Tekle on

    It is so sad to hear Dr. Fisseha passed away. She was a great women, who love her community and serve it well. May God bless her.

  18. Geremew isaatuu on

    I pray for the family and may God bless her. But I challege the new generation to take up the tourch she has passed to all of us and go to medical schools and create many more young future doctors!! That is her legacy to all the young children. Dedicating someone’s profession for the wellbeing of a society. One thousand more doctors as beautiful as DR. Fisseha.

  19. Yigermal on

    RIP Dr Feseha I will always keep you in my prayers.Yes there are many prominent Ethiopians opposition supporters and who are against the weyane halogens,who went home to visit have been killed.The bad thing is with emotion no one thinks to bring the body for Autopsy.Please be careful and vigilant when you go to Ethiopia.

  20. Makeda on

    We will miss her tremendously. She was my children’s doctor and a close family friend. As a teenager, when I told her I wanted to be a pediatrician just like her, she brought me into her practice as an intern and took me under her wing. She was a lovely person and a great role model for us all. May she rest in peace.

  21. Jamie,Dominique,Marcia on

    My condolences to the family, We were very saddened to hear of Dr. Tekle-Wold passing. She was a very caring and wonderful person . May she rest in peace

  22. Fitsume and Endaalk on

    Realy, this is shocking to hear that people who have good atitude towards thier community and country encountered such accident as they can serve a lot,my baby will miss her and my family too, since she was not only a medical doctor; but also she was a councilor of most families who live around Washington area. our deepest sympthy to her families, our prayer GOD to strengthen you heart. Ethiopian’s try to follow her encouraging and caring career.

  23. Anonymous_G on

    I am of the opinion that her death might be a result of poisoning.
    I was invited by a ‘friend’ for lunch just before my departure from Ethiopia last summer. I had a problem (diarre) while on flight. I am quite sure it had nothing to do with the flight. I am very sure of that. The man had asked me repeatedley when I was leaving. There were also other signs I observed that would support some bad intention of the man. I would say also that the man had some motivation to do so. I cant disclose that today but I will in the near future.
    My suspicion is that Dr Fisseha might have been poisoned. Did she had som gastrointestinal problems while on flight and right after arrival in America? Had she been invited for lunch/dinner by some people in Addis around the time for departure? I think her relatives and true friends should find out the answers.

  24. Family Member on

    Dr Tekle-Wold did not die from an accident or any foul play. She simply got sick while visiting Ethiopia for a holiday & couldn’t be saved. We appreciate all the kind words of those people who posted to this article.

  25. Karen Cooper-Durant on

    Do I remember when Dr. Tekle-wold gave my son his infant immunizations in her office 25 years ago. Yes, oh so clearly, as if it were yesterday. Do I remember the love and gentleness which she exhibited when we came to her office, how she handled my son, the way she sat down and spoke with me and Rasaan as he grew up, and the way only she could say my son’s name. As if it were just yesterday. Did she ever rush us out of her office like most doctors do today, absolutely not. Did I wish she were a “family doctor” instead of just a pediatrician. Every day. She will be missed and my heart goes out to her family for their precious loss. What a wonderful lady.

  26. Mother of Patient on

    Dr Tekle Wold was a blessing to everyone who met her. My condolences go out to her family, co-workers, and patients. She was a wonderful person, a great comfort, and a blessing to the community. May God rest her soul and watch over her family during this time of mourning. Be comforted knowing she is watching over all of you and when your time comes you will be together again. God Bless. I hope that the same way she has touched us all, she has inspired the next generations to go to school and to help people. The world needs more people like her. I know you live on through your work, the people you touched and our memories. We will all miss you. God Bless.

  27. jainine herrington on

    I just found out today that my childrens dr passed away. This is a very sad moment for my kids and me she has been my oldest kids doctor for 16 years and they are now adults and i had to make them get new doctors because they would still be there if i let them and my little girl who is 7 said i am sad that she passed away because she was the only doctor i had and she is right dr.tekle-wold came to the hospital to check on her when she was only three days old I loved her very much and my heart is heavy over her passing my god bless her and keep her and to her son my prayers will be with you

  28. Former Patient & Mother of Patient on

    I found out today that she had passed and it hit me like a bag of rocks. She was my pediatrician and 30 years later she was my daughter’s up until her passing. I am so saddened and my daughter kept asking for her. She was a one in a lifetime doctor, her care, attention to detail and dedication will surely be missed. My prayers are with the family and all the children and families she served.

  29. Anonymous on

    The world has lost one of the most priviledged, pride and role model to our society. words can not expressed my deepest sadden by the lose of her.I just express my condolence to her family.
    Sehai Bereket
    From London.

  30. Tasha on

    Dr. Tekle-Wold wasn’t just my doctor when I was a child, but she is my children’s doctor. I know her personally and her son(s). She is a well rounded human being who is going to be missed greatly. I Love her like she as my mom, so I am really going to be lost. I will not see her beautiful face no more. Lord Bless her soul.. RIP.. Dr. Tekle-Wold.. I love you! U will be missed..

  31. Maggy Alexander on

    She treated my 35 year and my 14 year old. I was calling to make an appointment and learned of her passing. This is so sad…she is the kindest and most caring physician. My condolences to her family

  32. Patterson Family on

    I am in a state of shock! She was such a wonderful Doctor, Personal Mentor, Friend, and a Blessing to me and my children that she treated for over 14 yrs. Becuase of her overly kind nature, my children enjoyed coming to the office. Dr. Tekle-Wold will be missed by our whole family.
    From my family to her Office Family (staff) and to her personal family we send our condolences and much sympathy. We will keep you all in pray.
    May the lord be with you in your time of sorrow.
    Blessing be with you,
    India Patterson

  33. I am so sadden, but relieved at the same time. I guess with all the babies being taken away too soon from this earth, God needed a extra physcian to help with these babies. I will never ever forget this amazing woman,she saw me even after I turned 21. May God provide comfort and strength to her family. May they feel the love and support from all the families and friends on this page.Know that she will always be loved. R.I.P. Dr.Tekle-Wold Gone but never forgotten!!

  34. Angel Brown on

    My heart is aching to hear that Dr.T has passed away.She was me and my brothers pediatrician 33 years ago,and now she is my kids pediatrician.I will miss her warm smiles,hugs,and kisses.Dr.T may you rest in peace and may your memories live on forever.


  35. Cecelia on

    I just found out about her passing yesterday and was totally in shock. Someone referred her to me after I gave birth and I’ve been going to her ever since. She was a great doctor to my daughter and will be greatly missed.

  36. Reynaldo, Venus Aparicio on

    It’s sad to hear about DR. Tekle-Wold passed away.My oldest daughter Lilia (31 years old)was her patient for 18 years. Dr. Tekle- Wold had to tell her with a smile “lilia I can not see you no more because you are not a child no more you are 18 years old”. She was a very helpful and positive person to be around. She will be miss by her community that she so lovely served.
    Rest in peace Dr. TEKLE-WOLD.

  37. Kathleen and Maya on

    She was an amazing woman and her contributions to children’s health will always be with my daughter and I. Her patience, understanding, facing a variety of issues head on and ability to think outside the box will be in our hearts forever.

  38. I am so Sad! we lost a great Person! Loving, caring and compassion for her patient and family. We all have to learn a lot from her.

    You will be missed Dr. Fisseha!

    May God bless your soul.

  39. Tayo on

    I’m in shocked. She always carried a beautiful smile. Always care for your kids. She never rushed you out of her office, always patient and willing to take the time needed to care for your kids. My condolences goes out to her family and her staff.

  40. Linda Jones on

    I am deeply saddento learn of Dr. Tekle-Wold’s passing a little over a year ago. Dr. Tekle-Wald was my son’s pediatrian from the time he was born 28 years ago up until he was ten.

    I was very upset when I had to change doctors because he was going into puberty.

    She was a superb doctor and I trusted her expecitly with my child’s health care. What a terrilbe loss.

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