A professor’s search for his lost dog in Addis Ababa

A short film about the search for a dog provides a vivid insight into life in Ethiopia’s capital Addis Ababa. Directed by Miguel Llansó and Yohannes Feleke. Screened at the International Film Festival in Rotterdam.

19 thoughts on “A professor’s search for his lost dog in Addis Ababa

  1. Tolla on

    Thanks wasting my TIME Elias. The moral of the story is there are a lots of Lost Dogs in DC,USA. I got your point but i already knew that thx.

  2. wegenn deress lewegnehh on

    elias you make me feel so bad. my people they don’t have respect for real

  3. hello on

    I feel sorry for the kids who live in dumpsters. The gap b/n the poor and rich in Ethiopia is like hell and heaven.

  4. Woww on

    That is a good message how the young ethiopians became hoplless with a Melese zenawi cold blooded policy to destroy the future of the country while he robbing the country with his crones Tigrians…the rest of ethiopians suffer the most. While his cadres sending their kidds in private school…

    Time will judge… one of this days….what it goes round what comes round!!

    That is one sad story teller documentary!

  5. pointless on

    There are more homelesses in usa and Europe streets but since their citizens have lives and other important things to do than tornishing the image of their country, we don’t see much on the internet. And Ethiopia as any other country has some poor. I don’t mean it’s OK to have some poor but that is not an option rather something that requires every concerned party’s effort not by blaming on others like you do. Nothing will be gained by humiliating those kids.

  6. Queen Candece on

    Tyrannical Wayane elites suck huge amounts foreign aids, donations, local gold mines, coffee and other agricultural production monopoly, etc. THey also trade in our GREEN GOLD (fertile virgin agricultural farm lands) and through all of these mafia swindling highway brigand soulless businesses keep swimming in oceans of wealth and hedonist decadent life style spending money on luxurious tyrannical absolutely useless wars here, useless and senseless wars there while our good ordinary Ethiopian people are starving and dying from hunger as well as living wretched and hopeless and homeless degrading lives. And then again, spineless and moral less tyrant’s cadres come her to tell us that there even more poor people in other countries than in the wretched and dehumanized Ethiopia. This is adding salt to an already painful open fatal wound. It is absolutely inhuman and barbaric to tell an impoverished, starving homeless person that there are even more persons somewhere else like him or her.

    It would have been a good lesson for Wayane elites to have the chance of exchanging roles with those young handsome homeless Ethiopians living the beastly scavenger life.

    “Whenever I hear anyone arguing for slavery, I feel a strong impulse to see it tried on him personally.” Abraham Lincoln

    Many thanks Elias for bringing out the views and voices of the voiceless majority! IMPOSSIBLE IS NOTHING! CHANGE IS WHAT WE WANT!

  7. Anonymous on

    Elias thanks, it is an eye opening short film. Even though, I already knew the desperation situation of our country and people, it is good to refresh our minds not to forget the sufferings of Ethiopian people. I couldn’t stop thinking about these young smart and articulate children. These young people could be anything they want to be if their circumstances changed. But, sadly, their dreams is cut short to be a listro because of the hopelessness in Ethiopia under the TPLF regime that careless to what happens to Ethiopia’s young peoples future. This short film have motivated me to help at least a couple of children out of my family circle.
    One thing though, these kids never used the “F” word, but it was used in translation. Go away, get out of here is not the same as the “F” word.
    Thanks again Elias.

  8. Atakilti on

    Those kids can have a successful acting career be it on the screen or stage. It is a well written and directed short film. We should all encourage such young actors by giving them a clamorous round of applause. They are really good. I like it very much. Even though I suspect him of giving an indirect and inadvertent support to proven terrorists back home, I am with Ato Elias on this one.

  9. berqi on

    Endih new ke ahiya meweled! While other Ethiopians work and help their families, you donkeys are too busy badmouthing hardworking people, thus you goddamn pigs couldn’t help your own families. Don’t blame others but your donkey self.

  10. United We Stand on

    It’s sad but true that we the offspring children of weizero Lusy whom proudly call the ancientland, Ethiopia her birth home and specially the supersized(tnks stealing lands from here and there, an allergic to the vocablory of ‘ENOUGH’) nation within a nation trouble-shooting Tgray, home of the people…..(sorry guys, i thought again and again but unable coming up with any posetive things this time and for the sake of hopefully reconciling forgive & forget let me not repeat the tons of negative stuffs to say iether)unfortunately did not only lost its finest hard to replace artists but there is some thing valuable that failed to make it in the front headline news; the worth of millions of educational training which was freely granted in the Universit Of Sahel that sadly perished along with them forever as well.
    Ofcourse, not bragging and comparing with a dare life but without doubt it could have fed millions of empy bellies in this planet of ours that sadly does not give a damn about its weakest marginalized citizens(only in paper) trash consumers. After all, isn’t life supposed to be for the living? I think anyone who associates with dictators known for democracy and human right abuses is acsosory for crime against humanity too.

  11. asegid on

    I liked it.it clearly has shown how the real people of ethiopia leading their life. it is the reality it its best.

  12. berqi on

    I wish all of the shewa amara were made to live inside dumpsters and eating trash. Too bad most of Your genetically traitor donkey tribe are being treated like humans despite the fact that you ahyas and ye ahya zeroch continue to be a threat for Ethiopia.

  13. Anonymous on

    I’m not from Shewa, but your comment shows that no one is more Aheya than you are. My apologies to all Aheya animals in the world, Aheyas are much more useful and important to humans than this hateful racist moron berqi. People like you cause more headaches to Ethiopia and the rest of the world. Go to Hell in a hand-basket!

  14. abyssiniangirl4life on

    Anything beats being born a banda. Banda ye banda zer tebtaba. You *g&$#s should secede and beg in name of your own greater Tigray and stop embarrassing the rest of us. Lemagnoch

  15. Kassech Tessema on

    I like it very much.
    A satire in the daily life of the street boys, street dogs as well as a dog lover was not only entertaining but sobering and educational too. Very sad to read Some of the childish commentary.

  16. Anonymous on

    People like you who are born with to hate others, will always hate somebody or something all their lives, case in point, the likes of Adolf Hitler and Meles. This time it is the people from Shewa, next will be the rest of the Amharas, Gurages, kembatas, Oromos, Ethiopian Somalis then some group from your own ethnic group, then your own cousins, your own sisters and brothers, father, mother, the rest of your relatives, then your own wife and children. And at the end your own self. You are simply a human being that is filled with so much hate. The only thing that might help you is exorcism with Holy Water. Good luck! and may God save the whole world from people like you.

  17. Adefrise on

    These movie producers should be happy that they did not loose their life for showing a movie that contradicts the double digit Ethiopian economic and life quality growth which the government talks about day and night . I hope they have some other citizenship other than Ethiopian because they can easily be labeled terrorists under the new terrorism law of Ethiopia.

  18. Anonymous on

    I am sure they could have found English words to translate the feelings expressed by the kids as they walk away. The kids didn’t need to have expletives put in their mouth. It is sad to see Gash Abera involved in a film that misrepresents the stories of those kids.

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