Flood destroys Karuturi’s first corn crop in Ethiopia

EDITOR’S NOTE: This is a good news for the tens of thousands of Ethiopians whose land has been {www:confiscate}d and given to Karturi, an Indian Company, to grow crops for export. The Karturi farm has no benefit for most Ethiopians. The profit from the farms goes in to the pockets of Meles Zenawi and members of his ruling junta.

By William Davison

ADDIS ABABAB 6 (Bloomberg) — Karuturi Global Ltd., the Indian food processor that earns most of its revenue abroad, said it will replant its corn {www:crop} in Ethiopia after a {www:flood} destroyed its first planned {www:harvest} in the country.

The damage was caused by flooding on the Baro and Alwero rivers in the western Gambella region, Sai Ramakrishna Karuturi, managing director of the Bangalore-based company, said in interview on Oct. 4 in Addis Ababa. A potential {www:harvest} of 60,000 metric tons of corn was lost after 12,000 hectares (29,653 acres) of land was flooded, he said.

“The waters started rising last Wednesday and have not stopped until Sunday,” he said. “Most of our {www:maize} is lost. We have taken a bit of a hit there.” The company said in a statement on Oct. 3 the loss was estimated at $15 million.

Karuturi, the world’s largest rose grower, in 2009 leased 100,000 hectares from Ethiopia’s government to grow sugar cane, palm oil, cereals and vegetables. The company may receive an additional 200,000 hectares if the government is satisfied with the first phase of the project, according to the Agriculture Ministry.

The project is “ahead of expectations” and will be completed by December 2013, and the government is “extremely satisfied” with progress, Karuturi said.

Ethiopia plans to transfer 3.3 million hectares of land to investors during a 5-year growth plan announced last year. About 350,000 hectares has been leased since Sept. 2009, according to the Agriculture Ministry’s website. The Oakland Institute, a U.S.-based research group, said in a report earlier this year that 3.6 million hectares has been rented by investors since early 2008.

‘Crazy Amount’

The flooding that breached specially built barriers near Karuturi’s plantations couldn’t have been predicted, Karuturi said. “This kind of flooding we haven’t seen before,” he said.

“This is a crazy amount of water.”

A second crop of as much as 15,000 hectares of corn will be planted when the waters {www:recede} and will be harvested around March, Karuturi said. A 200-hectare {www:sugar cane} nursery started by the company is expected to expand to 10,000 hectares before being sold in 2013, while 500,000 plants of palm oil will be ready after two years, he said.

To minimize transport costs, produce from Karuturi’s Gambella operations will be exported to South Sudan and other East African markets, rather than farther afield, Karuturi said. Crops will be paid for in dollars, bringing foreign exchange to the National Bank of Ethiopia, he said.

Two tug boats with the capacity to carry 600 tons each and which will transport crops along the Baro River that flows into South Sudan are expected to be operational within 18 months, Karuturi said. The company is forming partnerships with foreign companies to build rice and sugar processors on the farm, he said.

37 comments on “Flood destroys Karuturi’s first corn crop in Ethiopia

  1. Anonymous on

    God is punishing the land grabers and their products for reason. When the poor and dispossed has no power to challenge those with money and guns, God comes on the side of the poor and show them that their crimes will not go unpunished. These days the act of God proved that that those intoxicated with power cannot escape his punishment.

    Down with Woyane and the Indian land grabbers!

  2. Manu on

    If this isn’t “poetic Justice” I don’t know what is! What goes around always comes around to bite you on the behind.


  3. Judgment from above on

    Unbelievable! There is a God! Who needs guns when we have Ethiopian birds and rain! Thank you God!

  4. Semhal on

    The river that caused the flooding must be held accountable for this act of terrorism!!

  5. Herui on

    Do you have any proof as to where the money goes Please stop hatred propaganda and comes to your normal sense.

  6. Fist the BIRD and an OX destroy tyrant Wayane’s bus. Now nature destroys tyrant Wayane’s secret joint venture MAFIA robbery business.

    Where people can not NATURE CAN! :)

  7. Mehal Meda Grown on

    Breaking News!! This Just In!!!!!!!

    Ethiopian security forces have just apprehended a network of malicious elements and captured the two leaders of a terrorist group. The police held a hasty press conference this morning at Sheraton Hotel in Addis to brief the media about its success in apprehending and capturing of No.1 and 2 leaders of the group. This is going to be a fatal blow to the terrorist group more than the killing of Bin Laden. The police have made the names of the two leaders public at the press conference as the Baro and Alwero rivers. It is believed that they were controlled by a remote device operated by Ato Obang Metho from here in the USA. The judge has ordered both to be held with out bail indefinitely. It is rumored that PM Meles Zenawi is very much worried about this recent escalation of passive defiance that started to include climate, tremors and now rivers. Reliable and unanimous sources, because they are not allowed to speak to the media, have told our reporter that Meles was seen making several trips to the bathroom every hour. Does Our Brother Elias has something to do with this? You never know!!!!!!!

  8. We are say on

    Guys do not cry. Do something alula and flood are fighting who terrorist meles gugile ( licensed terrorist)

  9. anon on

    This is the work of Shaebia as well. Every bad event, every political, economic, social and even spiritual problems has Shaebia’s finger print. Shaebia’s agents slipped deep inside the country and opened the flood gates to cause this latest mishap.

  10. yetebela equb on

    Last week Shabia sent a well trained terrorist bird – Amora, and this time Isaias Afewerk sent to the foreign-owned plantations a terrorist flood called Gorf that destroyed everything the Woyannie dreamt of.

  11. dandi on

    wow have u watch those poor farmers not even have land for their cattles their pain ,theirs thear will distroy woyane .
    oh my loard show ur presence/

  12. Kuchu on

    My understanding is Ethiopia and its people has sustained a loss of USD 15 million. How on earth would that be a good news for an Ethiopian? We are sending conflicting messages to GOd; on the one hand we beg Him to give us our daily bread; and on the other we rejoice the destruction of crops in our country. Ere gobez!!! Egziabheren gira anagaba!!!

  13. Mekuria on

    Good news, indeed!! Selling Ethiopia’s land is the dumbest economic policy Meles has undertaken to date. Mother nature reacted the right way. Let the curse of nature befall the land grabbers and those who invite them to occupy Ethiopians’ land.

  14. guest on

    Dear editor,

    I would not be happy by the loss of crop whomever it is, I know it is illegal and unwise to lease the huge Ethiopian land to Indianas and others.
    Had the government has been wise it will gear all its resource to cultivate the land using all the resource such as human power and capital not only to feed the people but also to generate millions of dollars as the globe is in dire shortage of food.

    I think it is tome the people gave a lesson to land grabers by taking their own share of the harvest.

  15. Rebecca on

    India is known for natural disasters . India gets the most earthquake , flood , volcano eruption and tornadoes etc. Indians know how to deal with natural disasters wherever they go . Natural disaster seems to follows them but they somehow survive and continue to produce. Their charma is working against them.

  16. Duki! on

    Yigebir kalachihu zinjerom yigebir,
    yigebir kalachiu wonzochum yigebir;
    Yetiyopia ayidelem woy yefessesebet mider?
    Woyane bitcha newu yemischet hager
    kabatu temirual lefascistoch mager!

    Patriot Baro Terrorist #1
    Patriot Alwero Terrorist#1
    Master Karuturi Big Boss Massa!Massa! Heil Mussolini!!

    Even our rivers fulfilled their patriotic duties and rebelled against the corrupt, Terrorized Terrorist Woyanes!

  17. Ahadu on

    In this case the flood is a suspected terrorist why does not woyanne took him to court and take his militia down to Gambela and round it up and bring it to shimelis kamal woyanne prosecuter?

  18. HMMMM on

    Ye Ethiopia Amlak yeferdal saywel sayader…….yetelelatal telatwan kebandiraw sir.

  19. Anonymous on

    Folks don’t be naive. This in fact is an opportunity for corruption and and embezzlement of the corps. Katuri is the victim and the investigator. There might be some flood but for sure not to the point of distraction the entire farm.


  20. Waseraw on

    The only solution that will end the agony of Ethiopian people is the removal of the TPLF GUGILLIE from center of power and make Ethiopians the owners and shapers of their destiny.this can be done through nation wide peaceful uprisng.The rest is blabla.People need not to wait for natural calamity to destroy foreigh owner’s crops or accedents to claim the lives of the gugille’s singers.


  21. Addisu on

    Flood means no tax paid to Meles Zenawi . No product sold No sales tax for Meles Zenawi’s pocket . Even nature is saying BEKA to Meles Zenawi’s regime.

  22. Enat Hager on

    When will Ethiopia get rid of this blood suckers and her childeren become its beneficiary? We need to do something the Indians take over the fertile land of mama Ethiopia like the British did in Zimbabwe before they were kicked out by the nationalist Mugabe.

  23. Anonymous on

    After the patriotic bird Alula, and the mysterious Flood, the next mass distraction is a rain of Anbetas to destroy their crops.

  24. Lulu on

    Dependent and phlegmatic master passive chatter box Ethiopians always waiting for the free MANNA either from above in the heavens or from across the oceans while the ruthless pragmatic bot NOT phlegmatic foreign exploiters(Karaturi etc.) decisively and fearlessly rush into Ethiopia and make their own MANNAS from the resources of the phlegmatic Ethiopians. Hmmm…

    Well, of course the phlegmatic risk avoiding divided Ethiopians are the great God’s great gift opportunities for the pragmatic risk taking hedonist foreign Mafias ready to grab the worldly resources of the phlegmatic.

    ባለቤቱ በዝምታ የሚያቃጥለዉን ቤት ጎረቤት ቤንዝን ይጨምርበት። ይባል የለም? :)

  25. Yegermal on

    Hi Elias the titel should read

    Flood destroyed Indian crop in India’s land (formerly western Gambella region Ethiopia). Weyane sold the land for 100 years.

  26. Stoned Peter on

    Well what a hard time has been the last 2 weeks for the Tigrean Mafia specially when we Ethiopians turn a blind eye on our own suffering by the Tigrean regime nature has started to panish the Tigrean Mafia. I love it now the Mafia regime has no clue what is going on these days so it must stretch its terrorism law to include nature as soon as possible. However how do you put a terrorist river in jail please let us know if there is a creative TPLF member how you have planned to use the law of terrorism on Barro river and nature.

  27. Anonymous on

    Indian and China proved their nonessential polices toward the rest of the world when they both against or absent from UN resolution for Syria last week. We the Ethiopian people will prevail and when we do these two should know what they will expect from Ethiopian People not the Government.

  28. Anonymous on

    This is what happens when greedy people cut down and destroy all the trees that was preventing flood for many years. I’m thrilled they lost their crops, and it will happen again. Greedy people only think and see money, they don’t care what happens to the people and to the land.

  29. Tarik on

    When we are unable to kick out these grabbers from our mother land, we thank nature. Please this needs more than anything else a united fight against them. We should organize ourselves and burn their products. It is legitimate because you have to do anything to protect your mother land. A 1 birr match is enough to burn a huge track of crops. This is the only way we can scare the land grabbers. The local communities can protest in this way.

  30. Abuye Atir on

    Hi, all
    Meles after Bercha ( a locally chewed drug)
    1) My wife is the only brilliant human being
    Left on earth Of course after me,
    So I don’t Even need
    anyTigre with Phd, MBA,etc she is my best
    Choice to be chair person of EFFORT.
    The only Woyane trustworthy and sexy.
    Tigres …. Viva Mles we love you…
    Meles…….. I had no clue you’re this stupid.

    2)Eventhough,umum It was not, I mean, I, she
    forgot to include it in my 5 years trans fart ation
    And devil opment plan by the way,
    (It is only 5 billion dollars)I shall build Africa’s largest
    dam with no money on my hand.
    My Aziti, dreamt about it last week.
    I know Shabia and diaspora are going to sing
    lala la la la. Doom and gloom. I don’ give a shift.
    Tigres…….Heil Meles Unser furer du bist einige.
    Meles……..Ich habe mine hertz verlore in Adwa.

    3)Evenif we have shortage of Staple food,
    “according to the miserable SHABIA agents”
    And few world bodies,(I hate them whenever I don’t need them)
    We Shall build not 3 or 5 or 7 guess what,
    10 sugar factories.
    Tigress …….Yes we Can eat!! Anguaye fessee,trshkorkori
    Meles ………..You mother lovers, I wish I glue you all with sugar
    And Throw you somewhere. I hate filthy poor people

    4) I don’t know why I’m kinda dizzy, I had only
    Some fresh salad from Dire hushed to my palace
    Every morning.
    But, I want to tell you that our big
    friend with big big muscles told me, I need to buy
    4 B 777 freighter planes. Before They finish talking,
    I Said, thank you my dear, is that for free?
    They said, what free dud, angrily.During my stay
    There, I saw, buy one get one Free stuff.
    So, I suggested that to them. But,they grew ferrious.
    The guy at the other end said to me
    You don’t need IMF, world B, Millenium, Loans?
    You know , I was playing CHOLE z Adwa.
    Heck with it, loan to be paid in 25 years,
    we will not be around. Somebody is gone pay it.
    I said, bring it in.
    We might need it in ten or fifteen years. Who Knows.
    It is good for our trans fart and devil oment plan.
    Also to impress the damn diaspora. Most of all, that
    Nay Shabia hinchman uncle Issayas Ze Spaggeti mulcher,
    Is gone have atleast some kind of respect for me.Sucker!!!
    It must be him or me.


  31. This is what happens when you desturb the stable natural ecosistem by massive deforestation for monoculture.

  32. Master on

    N5.Judgment from above, Ethiopia is not Eritrea,your country is barren and drought-prone incuding that of your Tigrayan cousins.
    Dont mistake your country with Ethiopia.
    The other possibility is that you live in the US for too long and have adopted their prejudicies about foreign countries. If so wake up, all know that americans are stupid and their prejudicies count less and less in today’s world.

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